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Redgulls Comment of the Week: We Learned the Wrong Lessons from Weimar Germany

Big Brutha drops incredibly truth about the lesson from Weimar Germany:

This. A million times. My brother is a homosexual and an apostate. Nevertheless, he is my brother and as such I love and care for him. Therefore, I have warned him repeatedly that the day is coming when Americans will no longer tolerate the blatant degeneracy those like him are attempting to inflict on them. He views history as a ratchet that always turns Left. And it is. Until it isn’t. And when it stops turning homosexuals in the United States will hope that they can flee back to their closets and hide there but for far too many it will be too late and they will be driven out or, more likely, killed for what they have done and what they attempted to do. The sad thing is we have seen this movie play out before and we could have learned from it.

The Weimar Republic had exactly the same problem set. Filth and porn and degeneracy everywhere. And when they could not take any more the Normies became Nazis and tried to expunge it. Americans should have learned from this. And we did, except we derived exactly the wrong lessons.

The lesson we believed we were supposed to learn was: if you do not suppport everyone in their perversions you must be a Nazi and you should be shunned and shamed.

What we should have learned was: a society that allows the open and unapologetic celebration of moral degradation will eventually provoke and equal and opposite backlash. To prevent the backlash you have to tamp down society’s tendency to allow the proliferation of perversion by scrupulously keeping it out of the public square and the living rooms of Normies whose ardent wish is to avoid it.

America is going down the road of Weimar Germany.  Weimar Germany was a total and complete degenerate mess that was so evil and corrupt that the German people were forced to support the Nazis because they were the only ones who promised to end Clown World and were willing to fight to end it.  There is a huge backlash brewing against the degeneracy of the modern world.  The people engaging in degeneracy don’t see it and frankly they don’t care.  Let’s hope that the American people repent of their sins before regular Americans are forced to turn to somebody who promises to “take care” of the degeneracy issue.