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The Kathy Griffin Beheading of President Trump Shows that the Left Wants to Destroy Us

In an attempt to generate clicks, notice and more public appearances Kathy Griffin created a piece of performance art of her holding a severed head representing President Trump.  It is a sick play on ISIS propaganda where they hold up the severed heads of their victims whenever they capture them alive.  Kathy Griffin’s artwork is important because it shows that the American Left is continuing to ramp up the rhetoric against everybody who opposes them and it shows that the Left is in solidarity with Islam against YOU.

What we are seeing in the American political Left is they are using their Hollywood and artist friends to create propaganda that shows their intent for President Trump and the rest of his supporters.  Kathy Griffin’s image of her holding a severed head representing President Trump is propaganda for Antifa and other leftwing groups, just like how ISIS showing off severed head is designed to inspire other Muslims to kill.  The goal of this propaganda is to inspire Leftists to go and physically harm or even kill conservatives all over America.  In Kathy Griffin’s image of President Trump, Trump represents all of us.

What people put into art is what they value.  When we look at American art, pretty much all of it is violence, depraved, degenerate and disgusting.  Our art says that our culture is all of these negative things.  Our art is a mirror into our souls.  What does Kathy Griffin’s art say about the leftist soul?  It says that their souls are filled with rage, violence and a desire to kill anybody who they don’t like just like how ISIS is fill with violent people who are Hell bent on killing us.

Kathy Griffin’s art is interesting because it is similar to Marina Abramovich’s Spirit Cooking art?  Remember the whole Spirit Cooking thing that came out in the Podesta emails?  It was some sick stuff where we found out that huge chunks of our cultural and political elite play act worship for the Devil.  When you see the 2 pieces of “performance art” side by side, you have to draw the conclusion that these people are into some very sick stuff.

Kathy Griffin “performance art” of her decapitating President Trump is similar to what ISIS does.  ISIS loves to cut off people’s heads and post the images on the Internet.  The American Left loves to support Muslims.  Why is that?  On paper they are enemies because Muslims hate gays, hate drugs, hate degeneracy and hate modernity while leftists support all of these things.  But they are allies against Christians and traditionalists all over the West.  Why is that?  From Kathy Griffin’s art we can easily conclude that the Left allies with Islam in the hope that Islam will kill Christians and traditionalists for them.

The Right is learning to fight back using the Left’s tactics.  Right now thousands of rightists are emailing all of the places where Kathy Griffin is going to do public appearances and encouraging them to cancel her.  Thank heavens that the Right is learning to make sure that Leftists can’t make this kind of violent propaganda and expect to keep their cushy high paying jobs, just like the left tries to get anybody fired who doesn’t agree with their agenda.

The West is on the brink of a civil war.  All over the west Leftists are importing violent Muslims who love to kill Christians.  Leftists are committing political violence in large doses.  The media is cheering on both of these things.  The Left needs to cut out this bad behavior NOW before things spiral out of control.  The civilized leftists need to get their friends under control and tell them to stop acting like barbarian savages.  The Left is the dominant cultural and political force in the West and we have to play the game by their rules.  This means that the Right has to use the Left’s tactics.  This means that we have to punish people like Kathy Griffin and take away their means to earn an income.

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The Corrupt Media and Deep State Are Turning President Trump into a Rightist

The media and the Deep State are back at war with President Trump.  The Deep State and the media are conspiring to attempt a coup d’état.  It is tragic to see elements in the permanent American government attempt to overthrow the democratically elected president.  The Republicans have aligned with the Democrats and are helping to overthrow President Trump.  The plan is to use Robert Mueller to find something against President Trump and remove him from power.

The irony is President Trump is a very moderate president.  President Trump’s moderate agenda simply put is: renegotiate bad trade deals, bring back industrial jobs, expand domestic oil and mineral production, enforce American immigration laws, lower taxes to provide tax relief to the American people, ending the H1B visa scam and building a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.  That’s all President Trump wants to do.  It’s hardly a radical agenda.

However the corrupt American elite won’t allow any of that.  They are so greedy that they won’t allow even a slight bit of relief to average Americans who have suffered under the false song of Globalism for more than 20 years.  Corrupt Globalists would rather destroy the American government system which has lasted over 200 years instead of giving up any of the power they have seized over the last 20+ years.

President Trump wants to be a moderate American president who just wants to bring back basic good government, prosperity and the rule of law to America.  When we boiled his presidential candidacy down, that’s all his campaign really amounted to.  However as the American Deep State and its allies in the media become more and more aggressive and open with their plans to overthrow him.  Expect President Trump to move farther and farther to the right due to the collapse of the American political center.

The Alt Right and the emerging New Right often are disappointed that President Trump hasn’t been their dream of Augusto Pinochet reincarnated.  Many on the Alt Right and emerging New Right hoped that President Trump would start to drain the swamp on his first day in office by dropping members of the media, corrupt politicians and Deep State agents out of helicopters Pinochet style.  President Trump didn’t want to do that because he wanted to be a moderate civic nationalist president who brought back basic good government.

The American political center is gone and everybody will be choosing sides soon enough

What is happening right now in America is the political center is being destroyed.  The American left has moved so far left that they are forcing all Americans to choose between following them and their radical Communist agenda or moving to the Right and becoming a member of the New Right.  The Left, the media, the government and the Deep State has made President Trump their permanent enemy.  President Trump is being forced to become more rightist because he can’t move left and he can’t stay in the collapsed middle.  His only potential allies are on the Right, so he has to move toward them.

History often takes a life of its own and people have to move to follow along with the path that the forces of History have planned.  Powerful men believe that they are the ones who control the forces of History.  For example Globalists believe that history has ended and now they are in control of the world and they can chart the course humanity is going to take.  However History has a way of destroying the best laid plans of the elite.

In light of the current actions of the Deep State, the media and corrupt American politicians we can start to see President Trump’s actions over the last 4 months in context of the emerging conflict in Washington and we can make some general predictions of what we can expect will happen in America this summer and this fall.

From the actions of the Deep State we can see that President Trump giving positions of influence to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as offering an olive branch to the Deep State.  He was saying that he was willing to play ball with the media and the Deep State as long as they would allow Trump to bring back basic good government.  The Syria bombing was also an olive branch to the military industrial complex saying that he would play ball with them as long as they allowed President Trump to have a relatively sane foreign policy.

Over the last few weeks something happened between President Trump and the Deep State that forced President Trump to fire James Comey.  Did President Trump find out that Comey and the Deep State were planning on trying to overthrow him?  We probably never will know what forced President Trump’s hand on the Comey situation.

(Let’s hope President Trump can channel his inner Cersei Lannister to defeat the Globalists)

Now President Trump is in a battle to the death against the media, and the Deep State.  The media and the Deep State have shown that they will not stop their attacks until President Trump has been removed from office.  We know that many actors in the White House are loyal to the Deep State and plan to help to overthrow President Trump by leaking information and giving the media ammo to create their false narratives.

President Trump is now locked in a battle that he has to win.  The Deep State has made it perfectly clear that they plan to destroy President Trump as a man.  Not only is the Deep State planning on destroying President Trump, removing him from office and throwing him in jail but they plan also on destroying his family.  This means that they are going to take away his business and his family’s wealth.  For all of Donald Trump’s womanizing over the years and other bad behavior, he is a man who truly loves his family.  He is devoted to his children and grandchildren.  He’s not going to let them be destroyed financially and likely have his sons Erik and Don Jr. end up in jail.  Love for his family is going to force Trump to have to fight with everything that he has.

The Globalists believe that they can use a 4 pronged attack of media attacks, government insider leaks, political violence and an economic crash to overthrow President Trump.  That’s the plan.  It also is a recipe for civil war because as the political center collapses President Trump will become more of a Rightist.  As President Trump becomes more of a Rightist his supporters will become even more loyal and willing to back him more and more and take extreme measures to support him.  Look at what the head of the Coast Guard told President Trump:

Over the summer and the fall we can expect the Deep State’s attack against President Trump to ramp up.  Expect Antifa to make some sort of a comeback and Black Lives Matter or similar agitation groups to cause more chaos and violence.  Expect (((Wall Street))) to join in with the Globalists and the Deep State.  I suspect (((Wall Street))) and the Globalists will engineer some sort of stock market crash in the late summer or early fall.  The Federal Reserve has been aggressively raising interest rates since President Trump took office.  The last 2 stock market crashes in America have been a function of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

We are already seeing that President Trump’s supporters are willing to confront leftwing violence with their own brand of violence.  Just look at the Battle of Berkeley.  The economic crash that the elites have planned isn’t going to turn Trump’s supporters against him.  In the 2008 stock market crash the American people were willing to let everything crash and the government passed the bailout against our will.  9 years later the American economy hasn’t recovered despite what the media tries to tell us.  Americans lost their savings already and have nothing left to lose on (((Wall Street.)))  None of President Trump’s supporters are going to abandon him over the upcoming stock market crash.  In fact expect them to support him even more fervently when Trump refuses to bailout Wall Street.

The New Right and the Alt Right need to make sure to support President Trump to the max over the next several months.  He needs to know that as the political center collapses that we on the Right are here to receive him and protect him.  President Trump is going to need allies on the street in his upcoming no holds barred battle to the death against the Deep State and the media.  Remember if we lose the upcoming battle against the Deep State and media then we will never get another chance to have power in America ever again.  If the Left and the Cuckservative establishment get power back quickly then expect them to flood America with 10’s of millions of foreign invaders in a very short time.  Expect them to use all of their power to legally disenfranchise White men.  The upcoming battle between Trump and the Deep State is going to be a battle for all of the marbles and WE have to win it.

If you are in one of the coastal urban areas be prepared.  Make sure to have plenty of water and food stored up because a combination of an economic crisis mixed with Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence can shut down the food supply for a few weeks.  Make sure that you have ways that you can defend your home.  Make sure that you have a place to go outside of the big cities and suburbs.  Remember all of our favorite Trump memes from the election?  Well they may very well end up becoming true over the next 6 months to a year because History is going to force President Trump to move very far to the Right and force him to fight like no president has ever fought before.

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Red Pilled Americans Must Hold President Trump’s Feet to the Fire

After President Trump bombed Syria a lot of us red pilled Americans felt incredibly disillusioned.  We saw the bombing as the first step to another Middle Eastern war that would lead to more Muslim refugees in Europe and America which always leads to more terrorism and violence.  Many red pilled Americans are very upset with the Syria bombing because we know that shooting missiles is just the first step that’s consistently led to war in the Middle East.  Many people on the alt right/ red pilled Americans even said that they were finished with President Trump.

Many red pilled Americans and people on the alt right have gone so far as to say that President Trump is just as bad as Hillary Clinton and that he’s no better than Obama.  They often say that Trump is turning into just another NeoCon warmonger and that he’s breaking his domestic promises.  Stefan Molyneux went and did some research on what Trump has accomplished since becoming president.  It’s a good video and worth watching when you have about 2 hours of free time or time when you are doing busy office work and need a podcast to keep your mind occupied.

Let’s look at the things that we’ve gotten because Trump became president that we wouldn’t have gotten with Hillary as president.  We aren’t in WWIII with Russia YET.  This could change depending on what missteps President Trump takes in Syria but if Hillary had been president then this would have already happened.  We’ve gotten a conservative Supreme Court justice which never would have happened with Hillary Clinton.  Trump has been trying to institute sensible Muslim control but the out of control courts have blocked him.  Now that he has control over the Supreme Court he can start up sensible Muslim control again.

President Trump has taken border patrol off the lease and let them do their job.  Illegal border crossings are way down.  ICE is deporting everybody they get their hands on.  And more good news, President Trump is signing an executive order cracking down on the H1B visa scam.  On top of that, plans to build the wall are moving forward.  They are testing out wall protocols right now outside of San Diego.  Yes Paul Ryan is going to try to stop it, but Trump will be able to run him over easy enough.

Another big thing that President Trump has done which is good for red pilled Americans is he’s taken the gun away that Obama pointed at the churches all over America.  For example the Obama administration had a gun pointed at the Mormon Church’s head for 8 years.  To avoid being sued the Mormon Church had to walk a fine line of giving way to SJW’s attacking the church while avoiding compromising on its standards.  However now that Trump is president the Mormon Church is no longer bowing down to the SJW’s.  The Mormon Church just finished up its semi-annual General Conference and it was refreshing to see Mormon Church leaders speak freely again and be able to call out sin and degeneracy.  The Mormon Church never could have had a conference like its most recent one with Obama or Hillary as president.

There have been problems with President Trump’s agenda.  Healthcare reform was a mess.  Let’s face it, Trump could have done a better job on it, but he’s learning from that mistake and he’s starting to understand that he has to negotiate from the right and not from the center to get his agenda done.  There’s the foreign policy situation.  The Middle East situation can blow up anytime if President Trump lets the NeoCons have their way.  The North Korea situation can go either way.  It either can be the biggest mess of his presidency if North Korea fires its artillery at Seoul, South Korea or it can be a big success if Trump’s actions lead to China putting the screws to North Korea and forcing North Korea to behave like a good little puppet and give up its nuclear weapons.

On the Middle East situation, President Trump promised repeatedly that he would bomb the crap out of ISIS.  He never said that he wasn’t going to use the military.  For those of us on the alt right/ red pilled Americans this is a problem because we want the violence to stop.  We also know (((who))) is pushing President Trump to start another war in the Middle East.  If President Trump uses bombing as putative raids on Middle Easterners who get out of hand but avoids invading then this is something that we can live with.

Red pilled Americans and the alt right need to understand that our job is to push President Trump from the right.  We are a very small group of people but we have massive influence.  We punch way above our weight.  Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are very sympathetic to us.  We are growing in power and influence because we know how to defeat the SJW’s and the media.  They want us to take our ball and go home because us leaving the Trump coalition gives them free range to influence President Trump.

The job of Red pilled Americans in the Trump coalition is to keep pushing him right.  We have to raise bloody Hell when he does something that we perceive as a mistake.  For example on the Syria bombing we raised bloody Hell about it and we seem to have stopped him from escalating the situation further.  President Trump has shown that he is responsive to our concerns and demands.  No we aren’t going to get everything we want but that’s life.  The job of red pilled Americans is to hold President Trump’s feet to the fire and keep him on the right track.

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April 2017 LDS General Conference Quick Review

LDS General Conference came and went last weekend and it was a very interesting conference.  The general theme of conference was repentance.  You could see that the Apostles were very focused on calling the members of the church to repent of their sins.  Gone were the cute stories that the members made cute memes of and instead it was repeated calls for members of the church to repent.

The Apostles in LDS General Conference were particularly focused on calling SJW fake Mormons to repent.  The way that the talks would call the SJW fake Mormons to repent was they would say, “Heavenly Father loves everybody and we are inclusive but. . .,” then the LDS General Conference speaker would then talk about how if we don’t repent of our sins then Heavenly Father will hold them accountable for their bad behavior.  The narrative that LDS General Conference was establishing to the SJW fake Mormons was that being inclusive doesn’t mean that the LDS Church is going to allow the SJW fake Mormons to poz up the church.

For the last 8 years LDS General Conference has been nonstop the Apostles saying, “We are nice.  We love everybody.”  It was nauseating to see the leaders of the LDS Church act so weak in LDS General Conference and allow the SJW fake Mormons to establish a beachhead in the Mormon Community.  This was the first LDS General Conference since President Trump was elected and the general attitude in conference was completely different.  General Conference was direct and completely no nonsense.  Many red pill Mormons would have loved it for the Apostles to go full Common Filth on the SJW fake Mormons, but that’s just a bridge too far.  This last LDS General Conference was as direct as the Apostles can go while being mainstream public figures.

If you liked April 2017 LDS General Conference then thank President Trump.  Just by looking at the contrast from April 2017 General Conference and General Conference over the last 8 years we can see that the Obama Administration had a gun pointed at the head of the Mormon Church and was controlling what the LDS Church could say.  If Egg McMuffin, Jeff Flake or Mitt Romney had their way then Hillary Clinton would have been president and she would have kept the gun pointed at the head of the LDS Church.  We can see from April 2017 LDS General Conference that President Trump already has given the Mormon Church more freedom than it had for the last 8 years.

Mormons and Christians need to hold President Trump’s feet to the fire and put more pressure on him to repeal the Johnson Amendment.  The Johnson Amendment has put major restrictions on religious speech.  If we want more direct LDS General Conferences like April 2017 then we need to pressure President Trump to repeal the Johnson Amendment once and for all.

The only annoying thing that went on at General Conference was between sessions on TV there was a video about refugees and it was full of the usual narrative that frustrates us to an extreme level.  It takes about 6 to 8 months to produce a 45 minute to 1 hour video at a professional level.  This video was commissioned back when all the American elites were 100% convinced that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and the gun would still be pointed at the Church’s head.  I’d expect that in October 2017 General Conference there will be no mention of refugees or support of the 3rd World invasion of the west.

April 2017 LDS General Conference shows that the Apostles are aware of the threat that SJW fake Mormons are to the Mormon Community.  The Apostles are telling them that they need to get into line right now and stop their deviant behavior and rebellion.  The Obama Administration really did have a gun pointed at the head of the Mormon Church for the last 8 years and President Trump has freed the LDS Church from American government pressure.  Mormons need to thank President Trump for freeing the Apostles to stand up to SJW fake Mormons.  We also need to hold his feet to the fire and make President Trump go through with repealing the Johnson Amendment.

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Jeff Flake is a Mormon senator from Arizona who is a leading cuckservative

Is Jeff Flake an Embarrassment to Mormons All over America?

The leftist media loves to use Mormons as a tool to attack President Trump.  They believe that if they can get an LDS spokesman to attack Donald Trump then the attack carries more weight.  Egg McMuffin is able to stay in the news and on TV because (((the media))) loves to use him to attack the President.  However Cuck McFaggot isn’t the only Mormon who (((the media))) loves to put on TV to speak against President Trump.  Jeff Flake is becoming one of the so-called conservatives who loves to go on TV and bad mouth President Trump.

Jeff Flake is one of the senators from Arizona.  Arizona is an interesting state because it is one of the states suffering the most from the Mexican invasion.  At the same time it has 2 of the most cucky faux conservative senators in the whole nation: John McCain and Jeff Flake.  Nobody knows how John McCain goes about getting reelected every 6 years but sadly we do know how Jeff Flake gets reelected: by lots of great LDS people voting for him.

After getting reelected Jeff Flake always makes sure to attack other Republicans or even worse he never passes up a chance to attack Donald Trump.  For example, Cuck Flake said that President Trump’s Muslim ban is a bad thing but that it is constitutional.  Jeff Flake’s statement is perfect 1984 double speak because he knows that Trump’s ban is perfectly correct, it is very popular despite what (((the media))) says but he still wants to take a shot at Donald Trump to keep the media happy.

Jeff Flake has always been a leftist LARPing as a conservative.  He knows that the only way for him to have power is through his Mormon connections.  Mormons are overwhelmingly conservative.  The LDS people overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, despite what cucky Mormon elites like Jeff Flake, Egg McMuffin and Mitt Romney want us to believe.  Even in college Cuck Flake wrote in support of horrible Socialist 3rd World dictator Robert Mugabe:

The entire premise of Flake’s thesis, “Zimbabwe: Rhetoric vs. Reality,” (below) is that Mugabe really isn’t a Socialist and is “on the side of the West.”

“After a visit to the country with exposure to the amount of private enterprise and limited government interference in the economy, as well as recognizing the viable existence of a second party, one would clearly see that Zimbabwe is more on the side of the West,” Flake wrote.

Flake doubted that Mugabe really was a socialist. “What is the reason for Mugabe’s continuing lip service to socialism? Perhaps Mugabe never believed in following the socialist path at all,” he wrote. “Mugabe may have come to the conclusion that the socialist model of development is bankrupt in the African context.”

Flake continued arguing that “despite the Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, Zimbabwe has not moved towards a high degree of socialism under Mugabe.”

Has Jeff Flake ever given Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt?  No of course not.  He always assumes the worst in everything that President Trump does.  However ever since he was a student Cuck Flake was willing to overlook the bad behavior of non-White Socialist dictators who committed genocide against their White populations.  Jeff Flake’s actions show that he always will support anybody over his own people.

Jeff Flake relies on the wonderful Mormon people in Arizona to keep him in power.  Mormons are very trusting people because the Mormon community is a high trust community where everybody trusts everybody else and tries to support other Mormons.  Sadly the Mormon community is susceptible to scam artists abusing high trust Mormon society.  It’s why we have such a problem with MLM scams.

Corrupt politicians and wannabe politicians like Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and Egg McMuffin abuse their standing in the Mormon Church.  They know that Mormons support their own, so they use their membership in the LDS Church to advance their political goals.  Mormons tend to vote for other Mormons so these corrupt politicians know that they have a readymade set of voters just waiting to vote for them.

Sadly Mormons need to get a lot savvier about which LDS politicians they support.  Corrupt Mormons like Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and Egg McMuffin have shown that most of the leading LDS politicians are secret leftists wanting to push a cuckservative agenda.  Mormons need to make sure to avoid supporting embarrassments like Jeff Flake.

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Dear White People Shows that (((Hollywood))) Is Out of Touch with the Social Mood in America

Netflix is about to release a TV show named Dear White People.  The show is about all the ways that White people make minorities feel excluded or something.  It’s a standard lecture about how Whites are the problem in America and the rest of the world would be wonderful if Whites would stop screwing things up.  Of course Dear White People is completely out of step with the cultural mood in America.  White people are sick of being lectured to by (((certain people))).

The (((people who own the American media))) were completely unprepared for Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election.  (((They))) were 100% sure that Hillary Clinton would win the election.  It never dawned on (((them))) that President Trump could reach out to White unionized workers in the Rust Belt and form a new voter coalition.  They also couldn’t believe that there were enough White people left to carry the vote.  (((The media moguls))) commissioned shows like Dear White People assuming that Hillary Clinton would be the president.  The purpose of shows like Dear White People was to provide cover for Hillary’s plans to invade America with millions of invaders from all over the 3rd World.

Since (((media moguls))) don’t create (((politically correct))) content without releasing it, they figured that they might as well go ahead and release all the content that they commissioned back when they assumed that Crooked Hillary would be president and flooding America with 3rd Worlders.  It’s the same things with the Super Bowl ads.  Those ads were created months in advance to help Hillary advance her agenda of flooding America with all kinds of invaders from the 3rd World.

The irony of anti-White propaganda shows like Dear White People is Whites all over the western world are all out of White Guilt.  Even White women voted for President Trump.  White people don’t want to be lectured to anymore by (((certain people))) and their pet 3rd Worlders.

The name of the show Dear White People is interesting.  Every time that a Jew wants to lecture White people and act morally superior while not admitting that he’s from (((the Tribe))), the Jew always begins his lecture by saying, “Dear fellow white people.”  You can set your clock to it.  Whenever you read anything that starts with “Dear Fellow White People it’s going to be a Jew LARPing as a White guy lecturing Whites on something we do wrong.  It’s like (((they))) just want to give White people another lecture and makes Whites feel bad for wanting to keep the country that they settled and built.

The interesting thing about White people is we are very nice until we aren’t.  Once White people decide to stop being nice, then we do all kinds of crazy things.

When black people get angry they loot a few stores and steal hair extensions and hair weaves.  When Latin people get angry they lynch somebody.  When White people get really angry they destroy whole continents and exterminate whole races of people.  When it comes to the race of people who you really don’t want to make angry, it’s Whitey.

(((The creators of anti-White propaganda like Dear White People))) really need to consider whether or not they want to keep portraying White people as evil villains because White people might decide to become the villains and then you know the rest of the story.  The election of Donald Trump shows that White people don’t want to lose their country and are sick of being portrayed as the problem in America.  At some point Whitey is going to snap and then something like this is going to happen:

Is this what (((Chosen))) people and their pet 3rd Worlders want to happen?

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President Trump Just Wants What Mexico Already Has

Well it’s official, President Trump yesterday signed an executive order saying that America is going to build The Wall.  The Wall is happening.  Of course Mexico is complaining and saying that building The Wall is unfair and “racist.”  President Trump also announced that he plans to investigate voter fraud and of course leftists are up in arms over President Trump having the nerve to demand fair and free elections.  The leftists are claiming that having fair and free elections is racist against Mexicans.  The irony is Mexico has a border wall on its Southern border and has voter ID laws.  In terms of border security and fair elections American just wants what Mexico already has.

The Mexican government loves to call President Trump racist for moving ahead with building The Wall on the United States’ southern border with Mexico.  However what people don’t know is Mexico has a big, beautiful border wall on it’s southern border with Guatemala and Belize.  Who would have thought that the Mexican government would criticize President Trump for preparing to build what Mexico already has?

President Trump said that millions of illegal Mexicans voted in the 2016 Presidential Election and has called for an investigation into voter irregularities.  Leftists are calling President Trump’s call for an investigation into voting irregularities illegal and racist.  The irony again is Mexico has strict voter ID laws.  In Mexico you only can vote if you present your voter card.

How racist is the Mexican government for wanting to make sure that only registered living Mexican voters can vote in Mexican elections?  Yet again we see that President Trump simply wants things for America that Mexico already has.

Americans love to give Mexico crap for not being as advanced economically as America.  However in some major ways, Mexico is more advanced than America.  In terms of border security and elections Mexico is more advanced than America is.  When it comes to border security and voter ID laws America just wants what Mexico already has.

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8 Ways Utah Will Prosper Under a Donald Trump Presidency

It’s Inauguration Day!  Does it seem like the sun is shining a little bit brighter and don’t you feel 35% less oppressed already?  The Donald Trump presidency is here.  People in Utah want to know how a Donald Trump presidency will affect Utah.  Let’s take a look at how Utah will prosper under a Donald Trump presidency.

  1. Lots of construction and building in Utah. Donald Trump likes to build things.  He wants to rebuild America’s cities and modernize them.  He also plans to greatly expand and modernize America’s infrastructure.  Expect Salt Lake City and Provo to get several new big buildings and generally get modernized.  Look for big projects finally to happen such as the Green River nuclear power plant that people have talked about.
  2. Expect Donald Trump to open up Utah’s lands for mining and oil development. President Trump plans to get America out of the Middle East.  The way to get America out of the Middle East is to fully develop America’s oil and natural gas resources.  Utah is sitting on massive oil and gas reserves.  For decades the American government has greatly restricted Utah’s ability to develop its own resources.  The worst examples of the US Government hurting Utah were the Clinton Regime creating the Escalante Staircase National Monument and the Obama Regime creating the Bear’s Ear National Monument.  The purpose of creating these national monuments was to keep Utah from being able to develop its natural resources and punish Utahans for being conservative.  Expect a Trump presidency to reverse these abuses and open up Utah’s lands for economic development.
  3. No more Somali invaders popping up in Salt Lake City. Obama loved to send 3rd World invaders from Somalia and the Middle East to settle in Salt Lake City.  President Trump has promised to end this practice.  Expect many of these invaders to leave soon as they receive fewer and fewer gibsmedats from the federal government.
  4. Expect many tech businesses to set up operations in Salt Lake and Utah counties. President Trump has promised to end the H1B visa scam.  Once the tech industry can no longer mass import Asians to work in the tech industry they will have to hire Americans.  Instead of paying incredibly high rates of pay that it takes to hire tech workers in the Bay Area, expect Silicon Valley to open lots of offices in Utah County and Salt Lake County where they can hire good programmers at affordable rates.
  5. Expect President Trump to end the oppression of American ranchers. Expect the charges against the Cliven and Ammon Bundy to be quietly dropped in the first few months of a Trump administration.  Expect the ranchers to be able to live in peace for the next 4 or 8 years.
  6. Expect the American government to leave the Mormon Church in peace. The American government spent the last 8 years punishing the LDS Church for having the nerve to stand up to the gay mafia.  President Trump has shown that he is going to treat Mormons fairly.  He invited the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform at his Presidential Inauguration and he invited 2 members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles to attend the Inauguration.
  7. Expect SJW attacks on BYU to quietly stop during a Trump administration. During the Obama Regime every week we had to hear about how BYU was a rape factory that wasn’t feminist enough.  Expect these attacks to quietly go away as the people making up these stories no longer have the government to support them.
  8. Expect BYU football finally to get an invite to the BigXII Conference. BYU football has shown over the last few years that it can play a Power-5 schedule and be competitive.  The BigXII hasn’t invited BYU to join yet because SJW’s accused BYU of being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.  Now there isn’t government support for these types of attacks so expect the BigXII to give BYU an invite within the next year or 2.

The next 4 to 8 years are going to be a lot better for Utah than the last 8 years were.  Utah’s economy is in a position to boom under a Trump administration with many tech companies opening up business here.  Expect there to be a major construction and development boom all over Utah as many new and great building get built.  Expect the mining, oil and gas industries to boom in Utah as President Trump removes the boot from the face of Utahans.  President Trump will leave the Mormon Church in peace to prosper and grow.  Also expect BYU to have a great next 4 years.  When President Trump is up for reelection don’t expect any serious resistance to him from Utah because the people of Utah are going to prosper under a Donald Trump presidency.

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