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The Corrupt Media and Deep State Are Turning President Trump into a Rightist

The media and the Deep State are back at war with President Trump.  The Deep State and the media are conspiring to attempt a coup d’état.  It is tragic to see elements in the permanent American government attempt to overthrow the democratically elected president.  The Republicans have aligned with the Democrats and are helping to overthrow President Trump.  The plan is to use Robert Mueller to find something against President Trump and remove him from power.

The irony is President Trump is a very moderate president.  President Trump’s moderate agenda simply put is: renegotiate bad trade deals, bring back industrial jobs, expand domestic oil and mineral production, enforce American immigration laws, lower taxes to provide tax relief to the American people, ending the H1B visa scam and building a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.  That’s all President Trump wants to do.  It’s hardly a radical agenda.

However the corrupt American elite won’t allow any of that.  They are so greedy that they won’t allow even a slight bit of relief to average Americans who have suffered under the false song of Globalism for more than 20 years.  Corrupt Globalists would rather destroy the American government system which has lasted over 200 years instead of giving up any of the power they have seized over the last 20+ years.

President Trump wants to be a moderate American president who just wants to bring back basic good government, prosperity and the rule of law to America.  When we boiled his presidential candidacy down, that’s all his campaign really amounted to.  However as the American Deep State and its allies in the media become more and more aggressive and open with their plans to overthrow him.  Expect President Trump to move farther and farther to the right due to the collapse of the American political center.

The Alt Right and the emerging New Right often are disappointed that President Trump hasn’t been their dream of Augusto Pinochet reincarnated.  Many on the Alt Right and emerging New Right hoped that President Trump would start to drain the swamp on his first day in office by dropping members of the media, corrupt politicians and Deep State agents out of helicopters Pinochet style.  President Trump didn’t want to do that because he wanted to be a moderate civic nationalist president who brought back basic good government.

The American political center is gone and everybody will be choosing sides soon enough

What is happening right now in America is the political center is being destroyed.  The American left has moved so far left that they are forcing all Americans to choose between following them and their radical Communist agenda or moving to the Right and becoming a member of the New Right.  The Left, the media, the government and the Deep State has made President Trump their permanent enemy.  President Trump is being forced to become more rightist because he can’t move left and he can’t stay in the collapsed middle.  His only potential allies are on the Right, so he has to move toward them.

History often takes a life of its own and people have to move to follow along with the path that the forces of History have planned.  Powerful men believe that they are the ones who control the forces of History.  For example Globalists believe that history has ended and now they are in control of the world and they can chart the course humanity is going to take.  However History has a way of destroying the best laid plans of the elite.

In light of the current actions of the Deep State, the media and corrupt American politicians we can start to see President Trump’s actions over the last 4 months in context of the emerging conflict in Washington and we can make some general predictions of what we can expect will happen in America this summer and this fall.

From the actions of the Deep State we can see that President Trump giving positions of influence to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as offering an olive branch to the Deep State.  He was saying that he was willing to play ball with the media and the Deep State as long as they would allow Trump to bring back basic good government.  The Syria bombing was also an olive branch to the military industrial complex saying that he would play ball with them as long as they allowed President Trump to have a relatively sane foreign policy.

Over the last few weeks something happened between President Trump and the Deep State that forced President Trump to fire James Comey.  Did President Trump find out that Comey and the Deep State were planning on trying to overthrow him?  We probably never will know what forced President Trump’s hand on the Comey situation.

(Let’s hope President Trump can channel his inner Cersei Lannister to defeat the Globalists)

Now President Trump is in a battle to the death against the media, and the Deep State.  The media and the Deep State have shown that they will not stop their attacks until President Trump has been removed from office.  We know that many actors in the White House are loyal to the Deep State and plan to help to overthrow President Trump by leaking information and giving the media ammo to create their false narratives.

President Trump is now locked in a battle that he has to win.  The Deep State has made it perfectly clear that they plan to destroy President Trump as a man.  Not only is the Deep State planning on destroying President Trump, removing him from office and throwing him in jail but they plan also on destroying his family.  This means that they are going to take away his business and his family’s wealth.  For all of Donald Trump’s womanizing over the years and other bad behavior, he is a man who truly loves his family.  He is devoted to his children and grandchildren.  He’s not going to let them be destroyed financially and likely have his sons Erik and Don Jr. end up in jail.  Love for his family is going to force Trump to have to fight with everything that he has.

The Globalists believe that they can use a 4 pronged attack of media attacks, government insider leaks, political violence and an economic crash to overthrow President Trump.  That’s the plan.  It also is a recipe for civil war because as the political center collapses President Trump will become more of a Rightist.  As President Trump becomes more of a Rightist his supporters will become even more loyal and willing to back him more and more and take extreme measures to support him.  Look at what the head of the Coast Guard told President Trump:

Over the summer and the fall we can expect the Deep State’s attack against President Trump to ramp up.  Expect Antifa to make some sort of a comeback and Black Lives Matter or similar agitation groups to cause more chaos and violence.  Expect (((Wall Street))) to join in with the Globalists and the Deep State.  I suspect (((Wall Street))) and the Globalists will engineer some sort of stock market crash in the late summer or early fall.  The Federal Reserve has been aggressively raising interest rates since President Trump took office.  The last 2 stock market crashes in America have been a function of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

We are already seeing that President Trump’s supporters are willing to confront leftwing violence with their own brand of violence.  Just look at the Battle of Berkeley.  The economic crash that the elites have planned isn’t going to turn Trump’s supporters against him.  In the 2008 stock market crash the American people were willing to let everything crash and the government passed the bailout against our will.  9 years later the American economy hasn’t recovered despite what the media tries to tell us.  Americans lost their savings already and have nothing left to lose on (((Wall Street.)))  None of President Trump’s supporters are going to abandon him over the upcoming stock market crash.  In fact expect them to support him even more fervently when Trump refuses to bailout Wall Street.

The New Right and the Alt Right need to make sure to support President Trump to the max over the next several months.  He needs to know that as the political center collapses that we on the Right are here to receive him and protect him.  President Trump is going to need allies on the street in his upcoming no holds barred battle to the death against the Deep State and the media.  Remember if we lose the upcoming battle against the Deep State and media then we will never get another chance to have power in America ever again.  If the Left and the Cuckservative establishment get power back quickly then expect them to flood America with 10’s of millions of foreign invaders in a very short time.  Expect them to use all of their power to legally disenfranchise White men.  The upcoming battle between Trump and the Deep State is going to be a battle for all of the marbles and WE have to win it.

If you are in one of the coastal urban areas be prepared.  Make sure to have plenty of water and food stored up because a combination of an economic crisis mixed with Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence can shut down the food supply for a few weeks.  Make sure that you have ways that you can defend your home.  Make sure that you have a place to go outside of the big cities and suburbs.  Remember all of our favorite Trump memes from the election?  Well they may very well end up becoming true over the next 6 months to a year because History is going to force President Trump to move very far to the Right and force him to fight like no president has ever fought before.

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