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LDS.org Says that Working Mormons Must Be Careful at Work

A few months ago LDS.org released a video about being a religious believer in the modern workforce.  Working Mormons have to be very careful about their work relations these days and the Apostles want us to know our rights and dangers facing working Mormons.  The video is a little bit cheesy and has that 6th grade social engineering lecture feel to it, however there are some good lessons that tell what is on the Apostle’s mind and where they believe that the American culture war is going and what working Mormons have to do to stay out of trouble.

Here’s a link to the video.

The first mini story is about a guy showing up to work and having his cubicle covered in atheist propaganda.  Of course the atheist coworker treats it all as a good natured joke and not horrific bullying.  The second example is of a Mormon being kind of obnoxious trying to share the Gospel with one of his coworkers.  Then the video has the wise HR chick tell us all about the law and how both examples were cases of workers behaving badly.  The video then ends with the Mormon and the atheist who bullied him agreeing on a bunch of stuff and going off as friends.

When we get past the 6th grade social engineering lecture and the split the middle with everybody message; there’re a couple of big points that Mormon leaders are trying to get across to working Mormons.  The first point is working Mormons have legal recourse when they suffer abuse at work.  There’s a strong impression that working Mormons are one of the few groups who it is acceptable to bully and harass in public.  The LDS Church is telling us that we don’t have to accept abuse of our religious beliefs when we are at work.  The Mormon Church is telling us that we have legal recourse over being abused at work and we have a right not to be abused for our beliefs at work.

From this first part of the story we can conclude that lots of working Mormons are being abused at work.  I know that over the last few years I’ve had some bad experiences with coworkers because I’m traditionalist and LDS.  We know that in California HR departments have blacklisted Mormons and try to get their LDS workers to leave.  The Church is telling us that we have legal recourse if our coworkers refuse to stop abusing us at work.  Of course we know and most likely the church also knows that the courts won’t take our claims seriously and will find a way to allow people to abuse us.  We can see where things are going from the first example: religious persecution.

The second story is the example of a Mormon who can’t stop talking about the church.  This is the example of Mormons who take the whole “every member a missionary” thing way too far.  We all know members of the church who take things too far with the way they share the Gospel.  The LDS Church is telling members who like to share their testimony at work to cool things.  The Mormon Church is doing a good thing by working to get some of the over zealous members to cool their over sharing the Gospel act.

The other point that the Mormon Church is trying to get across in the second story is the work place isn’t an acceptable place to share our beliefs.  Let’s face it corporations are looking to fire religious believers.  They will use any tool necessary to get rid of us.  The Church is telling us that the workforce isn’t a good place to share our testimonies because atheists and SJW’s will use our testimonies to take away our jobs and destroy us financially.  The big take away from this story is all working Mormons need to be very careful when and where we share our testimonies with others.

Working Mormons need to get a lot savvier in our relations with the rest of the world.  This means that we have to understand that people hate us and want to make our lives miserable just because.  We also have to understand that the days of getting along with our coworkers and sharing our faith with them are over.  Now work is a place where we go, put our heads down, do our job and get out of there.  Our coworkers aren’t our friends.  They aren’t going to accept our differences and they will use any tool at their disposal to make our lives miserable.  Mormon Church leaders want us to be very careful how we act at work because we have to keep our jobs and this means that we have to be savvier in on the job.

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Mormon Leaders Are Spiritual Leaders who Can’t Help You Get a Date

One of the things many of us struggle with as Mormons is when LDS Church leaders give us advice or when they give us the will of the Lord.  Mormon Church leaders are spiritual leaders who know how to help us live the commandments.  It’s hard to know the line when it is acceptable to treat their words as advice and when they are giving us the will of the Lord.   It’s a really hard line and we can’t ignore the Apostles when they give us the word of the Lord.  However sometimes even the Apostles use General Conference to give advice on subject that they don’t understand and don’t have good council.  For example when it comes to helping LDS youth learn how to get dates Mormon Church leaders can’t help the vast majority of young men.  A few years ago President Ballard gave the men in Priesthood Session a big long lecture where he got everything wrong.  Let’s look at the list of things he got wrong:

  • He chastised LDS men for looking at too much porn. Studies have confirmed that in Utah the people watch less porn than the national average.  Yes everybody needs to watch less porn, but Mormons are trying harder to view less pr0n than non-Mormons.
  • He implies that only losers play video games. Reality is that all men like to play video games.  It’s just something men enjoy, even successful men.
  • Implied that LDS men place little interest in spiritual growth to hundreds of thousands of men who were sacrificing their Saturday night to hear the word of the Lord.
  • Says Mormon men shouldn’t use Tinder. The problem is Tinder is the most effective tool for LDS men to get dates in Utah and Idaho.  In Utah and Idaho if you want to get dates then you better be on Tinder.
  • Claims Institute class is the most effective place to meet girls. The problem is men go where the girls are.  It’s a fundamental truth of being a man.  If the girls were at Institute class, then men would be swarming Institute.
  • He implies that LDS men don’t want to date and marry. The truth is Mormon men are the men who want to date and marry most.  They don’t want to date or marry fat girls.
  • He tells men not to text girls but say that men should call girls instead. The problem is dating is a brutal crucible.  Men learn over the years what women respond positively to and what they don’t respond to positively.  If women wanted men to call instead of text, then girls would date men who called.  Men who called would get more dates than men who texted, thereby forcing all men to call.  If calling worked men would do it.
  • He says that LDS men are fearful of marriage for no reason. He doesn’t factor in the ugly truth that most Mormon men have seen or lived through horrific marriages.  LDS men are justifiably fearful of entering a bad marriage.

When we look at his talk he President Ballard got everything wrong.  When we take a step back from our religious beliefs it makes sense that he gets everything wrong because he is an old man who hasn’t lived through decayed American society.  He still acts like it is still 1964 and we hadn’t lost the Cultural Revolution.  He doesn’t understand that LDS men are the salt of the Earth working hard to live the Gospel in our corrupt age.  He doesn’t understand women.  He doesn’t know that when girls say, “Men don’t ask me out”, translates to, “Men who match my thousand point checklist don’t ask me out.”

While I’ve put President Ballard’s talk under a lot of scrutiny the purpose isn’t to imply that he isn’t an apostle of the Church isn’t true.  The purpose is to show what happens when Mormon Church leaders stray from being spiritual leaders who can help us obey the commandments but when they talk about things like modern dating they are far beyond their core competency.  If he wasn’t an apostle and a spiritual leader but just our grandfather we wouldn’t take what he has to say about the modern world and modern dating seriously.

Mormon Church leaders are spiritual leaders.  They know the scriptures well.  They know what it takes to help us to save our souls.  They know how to teach us about spiritual growth and the scriptures.  However when they go beyond dealing with being spiritual leaders we need to hold their advice to the same standard that we hold everybody else’s advice to: is it effective and does it hold up in the real world?

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Never Sleep with BYU Girls False Because Rape Hysteria Comes to BYU

The false rape hysteria is growing and growing.  Now BYU is getting into the mix.  Get this, due to public pressure BYU girls get “amnesty” for claiming that they were sexually assaulted.  Basically this means that BYU girls can sleep around and if they say that they were sexually assaulted then BYU can’t investigate them for Honor Code violations.

This amnesty covers getting drunk.  If a BYU girl gets caught drunk in violation of the Honor Code, then she can just claim that she was sexually assaulted and she is no longer responsible for getting drunk.  Basically any bad behavior a girl can do up at BYU, she can now get out any consequences for it just by claiming sexual assault.  Well done Mormon Church leaders, there’s not going to be any negative unintended consequences from this cucking, that’s for sure.

PUA’s It’s Time to Come to Provo

BYU girls are now no longer under any obligation even to pretend to live by the Honor Code.  All they have to do to get out of any possible Honor Code violations is say that they were sexually assaulted.  So if you are a PUA (pick up artist) then Provo, Utah is the place for you.  It has a wide variety of very cute college girls who haven’t gotten their fill of American slutting it up.  These are women who’ve been fairly tightly controlled but now are totally off the chain and they can slut it up all they want.  These girls are just waiting for the opportunity to get banged out by leading PUA’s.  Roosh’s next book can be Bang Provo.

LDS Men: Don’t Sleep with BYU Girls

Many LDS men fall into temptation.  Let’s face it, us men are hardwired to want to sin.  Satan is really good at getting us to sin and make mistakes.  A lot of good wholesome Mormon young men make mistakes in their dating lives.  It is an understandable thing that happens.

However you cannot risk having sex, or getting a blow job or even fooling around with a BYU girl.  BYU girls can use the threat of saying that you sexually assaulted them to manipulate you.  Say you make a mistake and accidentally have sex with a kind of crazy girl, if she wants to force you to keep on dating her, she can say that if you break up with her; then she will say that you sexually assaulted her.  If you fool around with your girlfriend and you two break up, she can say that every time you two fooled around it was sexual assault.  If rumors start flying about you and a girl, to protect herself, BYU girls can just run to the school and call it a sexual assault to protect herself.  There are a laundry list of ways in which BYU girls can ruin your life, your standing in the LDS Church and even possibly falsely send you to jail if you sleep with them.

A word for those who say, “They shouldn’t be violating the Law of Chastity.”

Yes it is true that young men and young women should obey the Law of Chastity.  Yes, they shouldn’t be having sexual relations outside of marriage.  This is all correct.  The thing that you are missing is that violating the Law of Chastity is a sin where the parties involved are the people who did it, their bishop and Heavenly Father.  It is up to Heavenly Father to forgive them with the guidance of their bishop.  It isn’t up to secular authorities to kick a young man out of school or send him to jail because he violated the Law of Chastity with a girl.

The second thing that you must remember is this law only applies to BYU girls.  BYU men still are responsible to obey the Honor Code.  What this ruling does is it effectively removes responsibility to obey the Law of Chastity from women and only LDS men are responsible to obey it.  Now LDS women have free range to slut it up all they want and they can just claim that they were sexually assaulted and magically their sin and guilt just disappears.  We are going to raise a generation of Mormon girls who have free reign to sleep around and also who are perfectly happy to lie about men in order to avoid responsibility for their actions.  The consequences from this are going to be disastrous.

A Word for Mormon Church Leaders

You Mormon Church leaders are just cucking it up nonstop.  This is the week where you are letting the leftists take over the church.  I know that you think that if you just give some minor things to them then they will leave the LDS Church in peace.  I’ve got news for you, that’s not how things work.

The feminists and the gay activists smell blood in the water.  They know that you Mormon Church leaders will cuck to them.  Jeez, just this week you guys have said that women don’t have to obey the Law of Chastity.  Oh I know that you will retort that Mormon girls and BYU girls in particular would never lie about something like sexual assault.  I’ve got news for you.  They will lie about it.  Then what are you going to do when you find out that they do?  You aren’t going to put the Honor Code restrictions back on them.  You aren’t going to let men and women have a sexual free for all in the Mormon Church.  You are just going to let the women sleep around while still trying to control the men.

How do you think that Mormon men are going to respond to your actions?  They are going to be angry that Mormon girls get to slut it up but they don’t get to be PUA’s.  They are going to feel like you are biased against them and completely unfair.  Expect lots of men who get accused of sexual assault up at BYU or BYU-I to leave the Mormon Church.  Good job, you are about to drive away even more men.


Mormon Church leaders are starting to embrace POZ.  They have just effectively said that Mormon girls no longer have responsibility to live the Law of Chastity.  Mormon Church leaders are pandering to feminists and homosexual activists.  They smell blood in the water and know that the Mormon Church will cave to their leftist demands.  I’ve been resisting saying it but it’s time to say it, NO TITHING MONEY FOR THE MORMON CHURCH UNTIL THEY STOP CAVING TO SJW’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s time for the vast majority of faithful Mormons to fight back and put pressure on Mormon Church leaders in the only place we can, the tithing box.

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