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LDS.org Says that Working Mormons Must Be Careful at Work

A few months ago LDS.org released a video about being a religious believer in the modern workforce.  Working Mormons have to be very careful about their work relations these days and the Apostles want us to know our rights and dangers facing working Mormons.  The video is a little bit cheesy and has that 6th grade social engineering lecture feel to it, however there are some good lessons that tell what is on the Apostle’s mind and where they believe that the American culture war is going and what working Mormons have to do to stay out of trouble.

Here’s a link to the video.

The first mini story is about a guy showing up to work and having his cubicle covered in atheist propaganda.  Of course the atheist coworker treats it all as a good natured joke and not horrific bullying.  The second example is of a Mormon being kind of obnoxious trying to share the Gospel with one of his coworkers.  Then the video has the wise HR chick tell us all about the law and how both examples were cases of workers behaving badly.  The video then ends with the Mormon and the atheist who bullied him agreeing on a bunch of stuff and going off as friends.

When we get past the 6th grade social engineering lecture and the split the middle with everybody message; there’re a couple of big points that Mormon leaders are trying to get across to working Mormons.  The first point is working Mormons have legal recourse when they suffer abuse at work.  There’s a strong impression that working Mormons are one of the few groups who it is acceptable to bully and harass in public.  The LDS Church is telling us that we don’t have to accept abuse of our religious beliefs when we are at work.  The Mormon Church is telling us that we have legal recourse over being abused at work and we have a right not to be abused for our beliefs at work.

From this first part of the story we can conclude that lots of working Mormons are being abused at work.  I know that over the last few years I’ve had some bad experiences with coworkers because I’m traditionalist and LDS.  We know that in California HR departments have blacklisted Mormons and try to get their LDS workers to leave.  The Church is telling us that we have legal recourse if our coworkers refuse to stop abusing us at work.  Of course we know and most likely the church also knows that the courts won’t take our claims seriously and will find a way to allow people to abuse us.  We can see where things are going from the first example: religious persecution.

The second story is the example of a Mormon who can’t stop talking about the church.  This is the example of Mormons who take the whole “every member a missionary” thing way too far.  We all know members of the church who take things too far with the way they share the Gospel.  The LDS Church is telling members who like to share their testimony at work to cool things.  The Mormon Church is doing a good thing by working to get some of the over zealous members to cool their over sharing the Gospel act.

The other point that the Mormon Church is trying to get across in the second story is the work place isn’t an acceptable place to share our beliefs.  Let’s face it corporations are looking to fire religious believers.  They will use any tool necessary to get rid of us.  The Church is telling us that the workforce isn’t a good place to share our testimonies because atheists and SJW’s will use our testimonies to take away our jobs and destroy us financially.  The big take away from this story is all working Mormons need to be very careful when and where we share our testimonies with others.

Working Mormons need to get a lot savvier in our relations with the rest of the world.  This means that we have to understand that people hate us and want to make our lives miserable just because.  We also have to understand that the days of getting along with our coworkers and sharing our faith with them are over.  Now work is a place where we go, put our heads down, do our job and get out of there.  Our coworkers aren’t our friends.  They aren’t going to accept our differences and they will use any tool at their disposal to make our lives miserable.  Mormon Church leaders want us to be very careful how we act at work because we have to keep our jobs and this means that we have to be savvier in on the job.

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SJW fake Mormons

Are Mormon Women Totally and Completely Out of Control?

One of the biggest problems that we have in Mormon culture is suburban Mormon women.  Sadly many of our influential Mormon women are out of control and are mimicking the worst degeneracy that we see outside of the LDS Church.

Redgulls reader Black Dog sent in this link to this disgusting article on lds.org.

Early one morning my adult son called to ask if he and his boyfriend could come to church with me. It caught me off guard. I knew my son had not been to church in a very long time and I excitedly said, “Yes!” Then my thoughts raced, wondering, “What would people think?”

Of course she is excited to show off her son’s boyfriend and show off how she is morally superior to the barbarians in her ward.  Now check out what kind of a family she raises:

Our congregation had always shown kindness to my daughter who did not fit the “Mormon mold” with her nose ring, gauges, and now expecting a baby.

This SJW fake Mormon woman raised a daughter who is one of those Millennials with a nose ring and those disgusting ear gauges who’s about to become a trashy single mother.  Sounds like the kind of “family” who is a major embarrassment to normalcy everywhere.  Why does this dysfunctional and degenerate family get to spout their SJW infiltration nonsense on LDS.org?  They get a platform because Mormon women are out of control and they like reading and promoting this degenerate nonsense.

Would they extend that same Christlike love toward my gay son? This was the ward he had grown up in, serving as the president of the deacons and teachers quorums as well as first assistant to the bishop in the priests quorum. And it’s the ward he delivered his mission homecoming report to. How would they perceive him now with a boyfriend? Would they slide over and make room for us on the pew? Would they stare and whisper when the sacrament bread and water was passed without them partaking? I was fine if those actions were directed at me, but the protective mother in me didn’t want those actions directed toward my children. More than anything right now, I wanted my children to feel welcomed and loved.

Notice how it’s all about her and her family.  She doesn’t care about the members of her ward.  It’s all about me me me me me me me.  She just cares that she and her dysfunctional family is warmly welcomed in the ward.  The article goes on and on with this dysfunctional woman lecturing all of us barbaric normal Mormons on how we need to be enlightened like her.

The article is sickening.  You can see that she thinks that it is so wonderful that her gay son wants to bring his boyfriend to church.  Does she ever wonder why her gay son and his boyfriend want to come to church?  Is it because they want to repent of their sins or is it because they want to turn the bathroom into a glory hole?

It is tragic that people in the Mormon Church marketing department are giving people like this a forum to spout their SJW infiltration nonsense.  Why are we glorifying a family where the daughter is a weirdo soon to be single mom and the son brings his boyfriend to church to do who knows what?

We have a big problem in the Mormon Church and it is that many Mormon women are totally and completely out of control.  It isn’t just leftist fake Mormons who are out of control.  Even the Relief Society is becoming watered down.  Check out the new purpose for the Relief Society that the Relief Society president Linda K. Burton recently announced:

Relief Society helps prepare women for the blessings of eternal life as they increase faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and His Atonement; strengthen individuals, families, and homes through ordinances and covenants; and work in unity to help those in need.

Compare the new purpose of the Relief Society with the old purpose:

To increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and seek out and help those in need.

The new purpose of the Relief Society no longer includes personal righteousness.  That’s right the Relief Society no longer is to help Mormon women to live righteously.  It’s tragic that Mormon Church leaders no longer believe that it is important to help Mormon women to live righteously.  The ugly truth we have is lots of Mormon women no longer want to have to be bothered to live righteously so they demanded that the Relief Society remove any mention of personal righteousness.

We can’t make Mormonism great again until Mormon women become great again.  We know that as a community’s women go the rest of the community soon will follow.  If Mormon Church leaders are going to remove the last restraints on Mormon women’s behavior then we can expect the rest of the church to stop putting any focus on obeying the commandments and living righteously.

Women naturally follow the strong horse and Mormon women are no different.  Women test men and Mormon women are no different.  When men are strong then women follow them.  When men are weak then women go looking for strong men to follow.  The only way to get Mormon women back into line is for LDS men to become a lot stronger and be willing to tell women NO.

Mormon men need to become stronger and more valiant.  One of the hardest things to do in the modern world is for average rank and file men to stand up to women and tell them NO.  Modern men are absolutely terrified of women and are afraid to refuse to cater to women’s whims.  Even the Quorum of the 12 Apostles struggles to stand up to Mormon women.

Mormon men need to become a lot mentally stronger and stand up to Mormon women.  This means that we have to be willing to stand up to them when they get angry.  Women get angry when they don’t get their way and this includes Mormon women.  The Quorum of the 12 Apostles has to accept that many Mormon women will be angry with them for having the nerve not to give in to their whims.  This is what it means to be leaders, making the hard but correct decisions that make people upset.

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LDS.org Tells Men to Do Choreplay: Red Pill Mormons Roll  their Eyes

Sometimes as red pill Mormons we have to suffer from Mormon Church leaders promoting things that we know are incorrect.  For example on LDS.org there was this article that told men that they have to engage in more Choreplay and that it will help them have a happy marriage:

“Partner involvement in housework and joint decision-making were predictive of greater [family] satisfaction,” Sister Forste said. “Family satisfaction depended on both partners contributing to decision-making and housework. In particular, we found that satisfaction was highest among men that reported greater involvement in childcare and household chores.”

Sounds really good, right?  If men do lots of choreplay around the house then marital happiness will go up.  Sounds like it makes sense.  After we always hear that women want men who make their lives easier.  So you would assume that men who do lots of choreplay would make for happier marriages.  Except the Scientific American says this:

Conventional wisdom suggests that women are drawn to men who help out around the house. Yet new research indicates that some divisions of labor may be sexier than others. A February paper in the American Sociological Review reported that married couples in which men take on a greater share of the dishes, laundry and other traditionally female chores had sex less often than average, which in this study was about five times a month. Yet couples in which men confined themselves largely to traditionally male chores such as yard work enjoyed sex more frequently than average. Taken to the extreme, men who performed all the traditionally female chores would have had sex 1.6 times less often than men who did none of them.

LDS.org is saying that if men do lots of choreplay then marital happiness will be higher.  The Scientific American says that if men do tons of choreplay then they won’t get laid.  Can men be happy in a marriage if they don’t get laid?  No of course not.  Who are we to believe the BYU: professor who is officially sanctioned by the church or the study that isn’t sanctioned by the LDS Church that says that men who do lots of household chores don’t get laid?

When we go to the experts like Rollo Tomassi who have a much deeper understanding of women and relationships than the BYU professor what does he say?  He says that doing lots of household chores won’t help improve men’s happiness in marriage.  When we weigh all the evidence it is safe to conclude that LDS.org’s article telling men to do lots of choreplay is out of line with what the real experts have to say.

One of the hardest things that all Mormons have to deal with is where is the line between advice that Mormon Church leaders give and commandments that we have to obey.  LDS.org’s article telling men to do lots of household chores is the popular feminist thing to say but it won’t help any men or women have happier marriages.  Our Mormon Church leaders are grappling with the same struggles to understand the world just like we are and are struggling to understand how the world really is.  Most of them believe the various Cultural Marxist narratives that were planted into our heads too.

For red pill Mormons we have to understand that in many ways we are more woke than our leaders.  This means that sometimes we have to accept that we are occasionally going to see nonsense like choreplay being promoted on LDS.org.  Sometimes we will even have to suffer through general conference talks that promote blue pill ideas that we know are false.  What we have to focus on is they are doing their best to help to guide us to live better lives even if they sell a blue pill view of the world.

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