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Redgulls Radio Episode 2 with Special Guest Rick Moser Firing the Boy Scouts

The second episode of Redgulls Radio is now available on Soundcloud.  We welcome special guest Rick Moser to Redgulls Radio.  Rick Moser has been featured on leading websites like ReturnofKings.com and he’s an expert in YSA issues.  In this episode we celebrate President Trump making the first step to #DraintheSwamp by firing corrupt FBI director James Comey.  We discuss the little known executive order where President Trump authorized Kris Kobach to lead a commission to investigate voter fraud.  Then we celebrate the LDS Church deciding to fire the Boy Scouts for the crime of attempting to bring clown world to innocent and wholesome youth.

In the making Mormonism great again segment we discuss the future of Mormon youth programs.  We look at possible avenues that Mormon Church leaders can take to create alternative programs for young men.  And finally we conclude Redgulls Radio by discussing the issues in the YSA program with Rick Moser.  We discuss some of the problems with the program and give general suggestions for young men and to a lesser extent young women to make the most of their time in the YSA program.

Unfortunately when I recorded this episode of Redgulls Radio I picked up an annoying audio sound in the background and I couldn’t find a program to wash it out.  What I believe happened was I turned up my microphone too loud and it picked up a lot of background noise on my end.  It also could have been due to the fact that we had 3 people on the discussion instead of two.  In the future if I had this kind of audio problem I would just toss out the episode but I want to get into the habit of making sure to publish a podcast every week and I want to make sure to work on speaking well.

This week we worked on not doubling back and repeating things that we previously discussed.  We did a pretty good job with that.  We also did a good job of cutting down on the “you knows” and “ums.”  By the end of the recording we were getting tired and we started to say more “you knows” and “ums.”  Speaking on a podcast is physically and mentally taxing and very much is a skill that you need to work on to master.

In the future we will figure out how to set up a download.  Right now on my hosting plan if I have it available for download it will raise my hosting costs just with 10 or 20 downloads, so I will have to find a site that will host Redgulls Radio and allow people to download it for free.