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5 Reasons that Explain Why Jason Chaffetz is Resigning from Congress

(((Jason Chaffetz))) has decided to resign from congress, plans to announce it soon and plans to be gone by June 30th 2017.  The timing of (((Jason Chaffetz’s))) announcement is interesting to say the least.  (((Chaffetz))) is saying that he’s suffering from some health problems from when he was a kid.  He’s also saying that he misses his wife and wants to spend more time with his family.  It’s the usual nonsense politicians say when they are forced to step down.

5 Potential Reasons Why (((Jason Chaffetz))) Is Resigning from Congress:

  1. He’s been cheating on his wife. A big power broker found out about it and he knows that if the scandal becomes public knowledge then his career is over and he can’t get a big money job in Utah.  Let’s face it, the people of Utah valley don’t want their politicians to be wife cheaters.  The general rule is whenever somebody important and powerful steps down saying that he wants to spend more time with his family, then it almost always is because he got caught cheating on his wife.  If I had to bet on the most likely reason why (((Jason Chaffetz))) is resigning from congress I would choose: got caught cheating on his wife.
  2. Local Utah County Republican party bosses found out that (((Jason Chaffetz))) isn’t Mormon but a ((())) who play acts as LDS so he can be run for political office in Utah County. The people of Utah County want a Mormon to be in congress from their congressional district.  Mormons in Utah County don’t want somebody who doesn’t share their religious beliefs to represent them in congress.  Does any Redgulls reader think that (((Jason Chaffetz’s))) conversion and baptism was out of real conversion to the Gospel and not a politically expedient activity so that he could run for congress?  If rich and powerful Mormons found out that (((Chaffetz))) isn’t a real Mormon but just an echo LARPing as a Mormon, they would be angry and they would make sure that he never got reelected to congress.  If (((Jason Chaffetz))) isn’t cheating on his wife then this is the next most likely reason why he’s resigning from congress.
  3. (((Chaffetz))) plans to run for Senate. This was the original plan.  (((Jason Chaffetz))) planned to run for the Senate in 2018 to take Orin Hatch’s seat.  Orin Hatch planned to retire in 2018 but President Trump convinced Hatch to run for Senate again.  If (((Chaffetz))) planned to run for Senate then he would want to make sure that he was still in the public sphere and on TV all the time pretending to be really serious.  He might try to run against Hatch but the people of Utah are pretty happy with Orin Hatch as their Senator so it’s hard to see them booting Hatch to get (((Chaffetz))).
  4. Caught up in the Trump/Deep State power struggle. One day (((Jason Chaffetz))) says that there’s nothing to the Trump/Russia allegations then the next day he says that we need to do an investigation.  So is (((Jason Chaffetz))) with the deep state or with the God Emperor?  Or is he out for himself?  Judging by his mixed messages (((Chaffetz))) has been playing both sides against the middle.  Did either President Trump or the Deep State decide that (((Chaffetz))) has to go and used knowledge of his dirty laundry to get rid of him?  I suspect that one of the sides in the coming war between Trump and the Deep State wanted (((Jason Chaffetz))) gone.
  5. He really wants to stay home and watch his kids play soccer.   Ok we all have to admit that that one is funny.

Realistically the Deep State or Trump got info on (((Jason Chaffetz))) and decided to threaten to use it to get rid of him.  I’m sure that he will try to stay in public life but I suspect that we will have forgotten about (((Jason Chaffetz))) within 5 years.

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Evan McMullin Tweets about ObamaGate Shows that He Is a Disingenuous Deep State Agent

ObamaGate is a growing scandal showing that President Obama was every bit as awful and scandalous as we feared and Evan McMullin has been helping to cover up ObamaGate.  Evan McMullin has been very busy on Twitter the last few days.  Egg McMuffin has been doing his standard issue talk talk talk while seamlessly shifting narratives as soon as facts on the ground indicate that he’s been either lying the whole time or he’s clueless and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Check out what Evan McMullin tweeted on April 1, of all days, un-ironically:

Here Egg McMuffin is saying that any moment now the CIA and the Democrats are going to prove that Russia and Trump hacked the election and it’s just a matter of time until all of Trump’s supposed lies come crashing down on him and the glorious forces of the Deep State haul him off to jail.  On April 1, April Fool’s Day, Egg McMuffin was saying that ObamaGate was a lie and that it was Trump and the Russians.

Then glorious Mike Cernovich broke the ObamaGate scandal wide open by revealing that it was Susan Rice, one of Obama’s main cronies, who was spying on Trump and his associates.  This is how Evan McMullin responded:

Quickly Egg McMuffin switched his narrative from “Trump is lying about being spied on” to “Well there must have been a good reason for the government to spy on Trump.”  Evan McMullin’s narrative shift on Trump was instant and seamless.  The fact that Egg McMuffin was able to quickly switch narratives shows that he knew that he and his Deep State friends were lying about Trump the whole time while helping to cover up the ObamaGate scandal and they are just doing it because Trump is a threat to the Deep State’s power.

Half an hour later Evan McMullin tweeted an absolutely damning tweet that shows that he is just a wannabe Fascist who only cares whether or not Deep State agents who he supports are illegally spying on American citizens:

Evan McMullin’s tweet boils down to “Illegally spying on American citizens is fine as long as we do it.  There’s nothing wrong with the police state as long as my Deep State friends and I are in charge.”

Redgulls has been at the forefront of exposing Evan McMullin as a fraud.  He constantly works to undermine the will of the American and the Mormon people.  He is a pure Deep State agent working to undermine President Trump.  His presidential campaign was only to depress Trump support and help Hillary Clinton win because she would have continued to allow the Deep State to start wars all over the world.  Evan McMullin is an embarrassment to Mormons everywhere and the LDS people need to shun him.

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