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Satan Uses Gossip to Divide People and Destroy Resistance to Tyranny

One of the best tools that Satan uses to drive people apart is gossip.  Gossip is a great tool to separate people, destroy in group cohesion and destroy trust between people.  The Alt Right is undergoing gossip attacks right now that show that somebody is trying to divide and the emerging New Right by using gossip to divide the movement.

Take a look at this picture:

These are two major figures in the emerging New Right: Kyle Chapman AKA “Based Stickman” and Brittany Pettibone.  You can see in the picture that Brittany Pettibone is wearing Kyle’s sweatshirt.  So of course infiltrators who want to divide and destroy the emerging New Right are running around spreading gossip about them.  The infiltrators are saying that they must be intimately involved because she is wearing his sweatshirt.  If this were true then it would be a big deal because Kyle is a married man with a baby and Brittany runs a podcast where she talks about traditional living.

Brittany Pettibone denies all allegations that she and Kyle Chapman are romantically involved:

The gossip attack on Kyle and Brittany is a perfect example of how infiltrators use rumors to destroy movements and destroy trust between people who should be allies.  Could the allegations against Kyle and Brittany be true?  Absolutely!  It wouldn’t be the first time and it wouldn’t be the last time where a cute traditional girl watched a man BE a total badass and decided that she needed his DNA ASAP.  It also wouldn’t be the first or the last time that a man who just finished kicking serious butt decided that he needed another woman for his harem and he deserved her because he just got done being a total and complete bad ass.  However the photos of Brittany and Kyle are of them in public around other people.  These aren’t photos of them alone.  The photos of them are in public at the Battle of Berkeley.

Gossip is a very destructive tool that Satan uses.  Spreading rumors works because it is very difficult to fight against.  If you ignore gossip then it spreads like a virus and people continue to spread it until it becomes established as truth.  If the victim of gossip responds to it quickly then people say, “Why are they responding to those rumors?  They rumors must be true.”  One of the worst things that being around people who spread rumors is when we hear rumors and gossip, it changes how we perceive the victim of the rumors.  Even if we know the rumors are lies, just by hearing them we change how we perceive the victim of the rumors.

In the Mormon Community gossip is one of the biggest reasons why the YSA program is so dysfunctional.  Rumor spreading destroys communities.  It keeps people divided and afraid of people because we don’t know who is going to go around and try to destroy our reputation.  Avoid all people who spread gossip because they are doing Satan’s work of keeping us isolated, weak and lonely and it serves to keep the evil and corrupt in power.

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