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Redgulls Radio Episode 2 with Special Guest Rick Moser Firing the Boy Scouts

The second episode of Redgulls Radio is now available on Soundcloud.  We welcome special guest Rick Moser to Redgulls Radio.  Rick Moser has been featured on leading websites like ReturnofKings.com and he’s an expert in YSA issues.  In this episode we celebrate President Trump making the first step to #DraintheSwamp by firing corrupt FBI director James Comey.  We discuss the little known executive order where President Trump authorized Kris Kobach to lead a commission to investigate voter fraud.  Then we celebrate the LDS Church deciding to fire the Boy Scouts for the crime of attempting to bring clown world to innocent and wholesome youth.

In the making Mormonism great again segment we discuss the future of Mormon youth programs.  We look at possible avenues that Mormon Church leaders can take to create alternative programs for young men.  And finally we conclude Redgulls Radio by discussing the issues in the YSA program with Rick Moser.  We discuss some of the problems with the program and give general suggestions for young men and to a lesser extent young women to make the most of their time in the YSA program.

Unfortunately when I recorded this episode of Redgulls Radio I picked up an annoying audio sound in the background and I couldn’t find a program to wash it out.  What I believe happened was I turned up my microphone too loud and it picked up a lot of background noise on my end.  It also could have been due to the fact that we had 3 people on the discussion instead of two.  In the future if I had this kind of audio problem I would just toss out the episode but I want to get into the habit of making sure to publish a podcast every week and I want to make sure to work on speaking well.

This week we worked on not doubling back and repeating things that we previously discussed.  We did a pretty good job with that.  We also did a good job of cutting down on the “you knows” and “ums.”  By the end of the recording we were getting tired and we started to say more “you knows” and “ums.”  Speaking on a podcast is physically and mentally taxing and very much is a skill that you need to work on to master.

In the future we will figure out how to set up a download.  Right now on my hosting plan if I have it available for download it will raise my hosting costs just with 10 or 20 downloads, so I will have to find a site that will host Redgulls Radio and allow people to download it for free.


Loss of Normalcy Leads to a Loss of Legitimacy

One of the best ways for any organization to lose its legitimacy is by becoming a place for the weirdos and losers to hang out.  Most people are normal or at least try to be normal.  Generally speaking normal people want to be around other normal people.  Whenever any organization embraces the weird or strange then it loses legitimacy in the eyes of normal people because normal people don’t want to be around weirdos.

Despite what (((the media))) tries to tell us, kids don’t like to be around weirdos.  Kids pick on each other mercilessly when they are in middle school and high school.  Whenever a kids sticks out like a sore thumb; he is a target and gets a lot of abuse at school.  Growing up young men and young women do everything possible to fit in with everybody else.  They don’t want to be involved in any groups that are perceived as weird and not normal.

By allowing trannies to join, the Boy Scouts showed that they are just another weird and creepy organization.  When any organization embraces being weird and creepy then it loses legitimacy in the eyes of the young men who are in the Boy Scouts.  Of course Mormon Church leadership will say that LDS scout troops don’t have trannies in their scout troops.  But this doesn’t matter because the whole brand of the Boy Scouts is tainted by the national organization’s loud announcement that it is a tranny friendly organization.  Are kids at the local middle school going to care about the distinction between tranny friendly scout troops and non tranny friendly scout troops?  No of course not, they are just going to pick on Mormon youth who participate in the Boy Scouts.

The Mormon Church needs to dump the Boy Scouts ASAP because being associated with the Boy Scouts taints the Mormon Church with the label of being weird.  Let’s face it any organization that associates with weirdo friendly organizations like the Boy Scouts is more likely to be perceived as being friendly to weirdos who nobody wants to associate with.  If the LDS Church continues to associate with the Boy Scouts then the Mormon Church will lose legitimacy in the eyes of its members and nonmembers because it is associated with the weirdos in the Boy Scouts.

Weirdos and youth who can’t fit in with the group tend to end up as Cultural Marxist losers.  The Mormon Church needs to protect its young men and women from leftwing organizations that teach Social Justice.  It’s time for the Mormon Church to protect its legitimacy ASAP and disassociate itself from the weirdos in the Boy Scouts.

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Boy Scouts Converged by SJW’s and Allows Trannies to Join

Remember a few years ago when Mormon Church leadership said that it supported gay kids joining the Boy Scouts, just as long as they didn’t have sex?  Remember when 1 year later the Boy Scouts announced that they were going to have gay Scout masters, but the LDS Church said nothing and allowed millions of young boys to be exposed to horny gay men on camping trips?  Well the latest outrage from the Boy Scouts came out and now trannies can be Boy Scouts.

Even the cuckservatives over at CuxNews know that the Boy Scouts is a dead leftist organization.  You know that an organization is just another converged leftist organization when even the cucks over at CuxNews say that it’s time for normal organizations to dump the Boy Scouts.  And you know what the tragedy is?  The Mormon Church could have stopped the destruction of the Boy Scouts.

LDS youth make up a huge membership of the Boy Scouts.  Mormon money is the majority of all money that the Boy Scouts has.  LDS volunteers are the majority of the volunteer hours that the Boy Scouts receives.  When the Boy Scouts were rumbling that they wanted to converge to the SJW singularity and allow gay kids to join; if Mormon Church leadership had taken a firm stance against the Boy Scouts with a promise that if the Boy Scouts cucked on gay scouts then the Mormon Church would cut off funding; then the Boy Scouts never would have cucked on gay kids joining.

Oh well, now the damage is done.  The Boy Scouts are just another cucked and SJW converged organization so now we need to ask LDS Church leadership the next question.  The next question is, “When are you going to dump the Boy Scouts and have a non poz’d organization for Mormon youth to join?”

For those of you who want to read some cucky double speak here’s the church’s response to the Boy Scouts becoming a tranny safe space.

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Mormon Church Leadership Goes Full Cuckservative and Bends over and Takes it from the Boy Scouts

Today LDS church leadership showed that they are part of the problem with maintaining civilization.  After last month’s humiliation from the Boy Scouts of America, whereby homosexuals now have access to boys on camping trips; our church leaders showed that they are more than happy to accept this latest humiliation.  By staying affiliated with the corrupt and degenerate Boy Scouts of America, Mormon Church leadership goes full cuckservative and bends over and takes it from the Boy Scouts.

Let’s take a look at the pathetic double speech our cuckservative leaders have to say:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints appreciates the positive contributions Scouting has made over the years to thousands of its young men and boys and to thousands of other youth. As leaders of the Church, we want the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to succeed in its historic mission to instill leadership skills and high moral standards in youth of all faiths and circumstances, thereby equipping them for greater success in life and valuable service to their country.

Despite what we tell ourselves, the Boy Scouts never was a great organization.  Mormons and people with OUR values made the Boy Scouts a great organization.  The organization wasn’t great.  A little bit of leftist pressure allowed the Boy Scouts to show its true colors and those colors are rainbow.  Now the Boy Scouts is just another leftist degenerate organization giving homosexuals access to boys on camping trips.

In the resolution adopted on July 27, 2015, and in subsequent verbal assurances to us, BSA has reiterated that it expects those who sponsor Scouting units (such as the Church) to appoint Scout leaders according to their religious and moral values “in word and deed and who will best inculcate the organization’s values through the Scouting program.” At this time, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will go forward as a chartering organization of BSA, and as in the past, will appoint Scout leaders and volunteers who uphold and exemplify Church doctrine, values, and standards.

These are the Boy Scouts’ values. I hope they aren’t our values.

Verbal assurances to us?  Don’t church leaders know that Social Justice Warriors always lie?  Jeez, you would think that after 50 years of the lies coming from these sick degenerates that normal people would stop believing the lies.

Way to cuck it up, LDS church leadership.  Just take it and accept the latest humiliation from our enemies.  That’s what cuckservatives do: accept the latest humiliation from people who hate them and pretend that the humiliation isn’t so bad.  What is even more tragic is, rank and file church members want to make a stand against humiliation and get rid of the Boy Scouts.  Church leadership won’t even lead and make a hard decision even when it is popular with the rank and file.

The Bible says that perilous times will come.  We live in these times.  We are members of a church who is committed to allowing our enemies to humiliate us and attack us and all our leaders can do is say, “please don’t hate me, I am nice.”  It is sad and pathetic to see.

Good News in The Culture War: 63% of Utah Mormons Want to Get Rid of the Boy Scouts


We don’t often get good news in the culture war.  After all, the culture war usually is one big long attack against normalcy and decency with the normal and decent pretending to like it.  In June, the Boy Scouts announced that they decided to allow gay men to be scout masters.  Normally when these kinds of horrific injustices come along, normal people have to pretend to like it and make stupid rationalizations why the injustice is just fine.  However this time we got good news in the culture war: 63% of Utah Mormons want to get rid of the Boy Scouts.

Why is this good news?  It’s simple really.  Members of the church decided they no longer want anything to do with the Boy Scouts.  Members of the church could have pretended to accept this latest humiliation from the gay mafia.  Church members could have continued to try to go along to get along, until a bunch of kids got molested.

Members of the church are saying ENOUGH.  As soon as the horrific decision from the Boy Scouts came down, members of the church simply stated, “we want nothing to do with the Boy Scouts.”  Our church is the largest supplier of Boy Scouts.  Where will the Boy Scouts get new members?  From all the liberal children in Northern California?  Nope, Northern California liberals don’t have children.  Because of the Boy Scouts’ decision, it is a dead organization.

Let’s be grateful that members of the LDS church are starting to grow a spine.  Corrupt and evil organizations like the Boy Scouts (yes the Boy Scouts is corrupt and evil because they want to give homosexuals easy access to young boys on camping trips.  Giving homosexuals easy access to boys on camping trips is the definition of evil) depend on normal decent people going along with their evilness.  Normal, decent people like most members of the church starting to grow a spine is good news in the culture war.


Social Justice Warriors Conquer the Boy Scouts

Remember a few years ago when LDS church declared that young men who are gay can join Scout troops as long as they don’t act on their tendencies?  Well that is no longer good enough for the Social Justice Warriors.  They are already planning their next attack.  Our so-called conservative leaders are already planning on folding before the fight even begins:

The national president of the Boy Scouts, Robert Gates, says the organization’s longstanding ban on participation by openly gay adults is no longer sustainable and is urging change in order to avert potentially destructive legal battles.

In a speech Thursday in Atlanta to the Scouts’ national annual meeting, Gates referred to recent moves by Scout councils in New York City and elsewhere to defy the ban.

“The status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained,” said Gates, a former U.S. secretary of defense.

Gates said no change in the policy would be made at the national meeting. But he raised the possibility of revising the policy at some point soon so that local Scout organizations could decide on their own whether to allow gays as leaders.

There you have it.  The leaders of the Boy Scouts wants to fold and allow gay Scout leaders.  Church leaders said that the Boy Scouts would never fold and allow gay Scout leaders.  Well, that lasted about 2 years.  Let’s hope that our church leaders will have some backbone and stop supporting the Boy Scouts.

These days so-called conservative leaders want to give up before the fight even begins.  Of course the courts are going to side with gay activists.  The courts always support them.  So what?  Our so-called conservative leaders at least need to make a real fight, instead of this give up thing they always do.  No wonder Social Justice Warriors always win, with leaders like the head of the Boy Scouts, how can the Social Justice Warriors lose?

We can see that the Boy Scouts has been totally taken over by Social Justice Warrior entryists.  They have taken over the Boy Scouts and are trying to remake it in their corrupt image.  The Mormon church needs to end its affiliation with the Boy Scouts before the corruption of the Boy Scouts seeps into our church.  Never forget that Social Justice Warriors always lie and never will be happy until they overrun all aspects of traditional society.  Mormons must never allow Social Justice Warriors to gain a foothold in our community or else they will destroy it from the inside out.