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The Far Cry 5 Trailer Shows that Leftists Hate Americans And Are Clueless about America

Every once in a while you get a perfect example not only of how much leftists hate normal Americans but also get to see how little SJW’s even know about life.  There’s a video game coming out named Far Cry 5 which is set in rural Montana where you have to kill Christians in some sort of White Nationalist sect or something.  But here’s the thing, check out the game’s cover.

When I first saw the Far Cry 5 image, I thought that these guys were the heroes who you got to play as.  Look at the preacher in the middle.  He’s in great shape, wearing a great suit, cool haircut, world class trimmed beard and cool sun glasses to go with it.  He looks like the guy who can walk into a Vegas nightclub and pull the hottest girls in the room off of the chump who’s buying all of them booze.  Then look at the people around him.  On our left of the main guy you’ve got the guy with the cool pistol wearing a super cool jacket, great watch, dark eyes with the perfect been there done that look.  You know that his girlfriend is super hot.  Then on the far left end you have the crazy cousins.  You know that those guys are a ton of fun and can liven up any room.

To the right of cool preacher guy you’ve got the group hanger on who has a manbun.  Obviously he’s just there to follow the group around, do the driving and pay for gasoline.  The girl on the end is way cuter than any Antifa chode or soy-man in the big cities ever gets to date and she’s on the end of the group trying to get noticed by any of the cool guys in the FAR CRY 5 group.  And then we wrap up the group with Mr. Celticman.  He’s got the dog tags, so he’s probably done serious time in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He looks like total and complete bad ass.  And his badassness is topped off by the big chain that he is holding, which is really a collar for a wolf that he tamed, raised and now keeps as a pet.  This guy keeps a huge wolf as a freaking pet.  Even better the wolf has a crusader cross and is ready for some serious Deus Vult action.

I consider myself a cool guy with great friends, but on our best day, my group is nowhere as cool as the Far Cry 5 guys.  And that gets at why the SJW’s in the computer game industry are so envious of these guys.  The gang in Far Cry 5 represents what every social group of men wishes they could be: confident, cool, decisive and fun.  Leftists are: ugly, boring, and annoying.  Who would you rather spend a weekend with your average Antifa pack or the Far Cry 5 guys?

The Far Cry 5 gang shows the hatred leftists have for America.  Look at all of the stuff on the game cover.  There’s the American flag, the Bible, apple pie, meat, dogs, steak and the list goes on and on.  The SJW’s are trying to associate what normal American love with being evil.  Who hates steak and apple pie?  Your average SJW does, that’s who.

You can also see the leftist plan for after the 2016 presidential election.  Video games are planned at least a year in advance of when they are released.  The leftists assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 presidential election.  Hillary Clinton was planning on declaring open season on White males, especially White Christian males.  In particular she had already attacked the Alt Right in that ridiculous speech she gave in August.  Look at the Far Cry 5 crew.  A lot of the guys look like Alt Right figures.  The preacher guy has Vox Day’s haircut from 15 years ago.  One of the crazy fun guys on the end has Pax Dickinson’s face.  The guy with the Deus Vult dog looks kind of like Ivan Throne, only with red hair.  The girl could be Tara McCarthy or Brittany Pettibone.  The whole Alt Right is in that photo.  It looks like the plan was to crack down on the Alt Right and try to throw us in jail or just have Asians in the FBI shoot us behind our homes.  Good thing Hillary lost.

Far Cry 5 shows that for SJW’s, Cultural Marxists, etc it really is all about how they hate regular Americans.  They hate our way of life.  They hate what we like.  They hate our friends and our communities.  What they really want to do is kill us like in a first person shooter.

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The Corrupt Media and Deep State Are Turning President Trump into a Rightist

The media and the Deep State are back at war with President Trump.  The Deep State and the media are conspiring to attempt a coup d’état.  It is tragic to see elements in the permanent American government attempt to overthrow the democratically elected president.  The Republicans have aligned with the Democrats and are helping to overthrow President Trump.  The plan is to use Robert Mueller to find something against President Trump and remove him from power.

The irony is President Trump is a very moderate president.  President Trump’s moderate agenda simply put is: renegotiate bad trade deals, bring back industrial jobs, expand domestic oil and mineral production, enforce American immigration laws, lower taxes to provide tax relief to the American people, ending the H1B visa scam and building a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.  That’s all President Trump wants to do.  It’s hardly a radical agenda.

However the corrupt American elite won’t allow any of that.  They are so greedy that they won’t allow even a slight bit of relief to average Americans who have suffered under the false song of Globalism for more than 20 years.  Corrupt Globalists would rather destroy the American government system which has lasted over 200 years instead of giving up any of the power they have seized over the last 20+ years.

President Trump wants to be a moderate American president who just wants to bring back basic good government, prosperity and the rule of law to America.  When we boiled his presidential candidacy down, that’s all his campaign really amounted to.  However as the American Deep State and its allies in the media become more and more aggressive and open with their plans to overthrow him.  Expect President Trump to move farther and farther to the right due to the collapse of the American political center.

The Alt Right and the emerging New Right often are disappointed that President Trump hasn’t been their dream of Augusto Pinochet reincarnated.  Many on the Alt Right and emerging New Right hoped that President Trump would start to drain the swamp on his first day in office by dropping members of the media, corrupt politicians and Deep State agents out of helicopters Pinochet style.  President Trump didn’t want to do that because he wanted to be a moderate civic nationalist president who brought back basic good government.

The American political center is gone and everybody will be choosing sides soon enough

What is happening right now in America is the political center is being destroyed.  The American left has moved so far left that they are forcing all Americans to choose between following them and their radical Communist agenda or moving to the Right and becoming a member of the New Right.  The Left, the media, the government and the Deep State has made President Trump their permanent enemy.  President Trump is being forced to become more rightist because he can’t move left and he can’t stay in the collapsed middle.  His only potential allies are on the Right, so he has to move toward them.

History often takes a life of its own and people have to move to follow along with the path that the forces of History have planned.  Powerful men believe that they are the ones who control the forces of History.  For example Globalists believe that history has ended and now they are in control of the world and they can chart the course humanity is going to take.  However History has a way of destroying the best laid plans of the elite.

In light of the current actions of the Deep State, the media and corrupt American politicians we can start to see President Trump’s actions over the last 4 months in context of the emerging conflict in Washington and we can make some general predictions of what we can expect will happen in America this summer and this fall.

From the actions of the Deep State we can see that President Trump giving positions of influence to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as offering an olive branch to the Deep State.  He was saying that he was willing to play ball with the media and the Deep State as long as they would allow Trump to bring back basic good government.  The Syria bombing was also an olive branch to the military industrial complex saying that he would play ball with them as long as they allowed President Trump to have a relatively sane foreign policy.

Over the last few weeks something happened between President Trump and the Deep State that forced President Trump to fire James Comey.  Did President Trump find out that Comey and the Deep State were planning on trying to overthrow him?  We probably never will know what forced President Trump’s hand on the Comey situation.

(Let’s hope President Trump can channel his inner Cersei Lannister to defeat the Globalists)

Now President Trump is in a battle to the death against the media, and the Deep State.  The media and the Deep State have shown that they will not stop their attacks until President Trump has been removed from office.  We know that many actors in the White House are loyal to the Deep State and plan to help to overthrow President Trump by leaking information and giving the media ammo to create their false narratives.

President Trump is now locked in a battle that he has to win.  The Deep State has made it perfectly clear that they plan to destroy President Trump as a man.  Not only is the Deep State planning on destroying President Trump, removing him from office and throwing him in jail but they plan also on destroying his family.  This means that they are going to take away his business and his family’s wealth.  For all of Donald Trump’s womanizing over the years and other bad behavior, he is a man who truly loves his family.  He is devoted to his children and grandchildren.  He’s not going to let them be destroyed financially and likely have his sons Erik and Don Jr. end up in jail.  Love for his family is going to force Trump to have to fight with everything that he has.

The Globalists believe that they can use a 4 pronged attack of media attacks, government insider leaks, political violence and an economic crash to overthrow President Trump.  That’s the plan.  It also is a recipe for civil war because as the political center collapses President Trump will become more of a Rightist.  As President Trump becomes more of a Rightist his supporters will become even more loyal and willing to back him more and more and take extreme measures to support him.  Look at what the head of the Coast Guard told President Trump:

Over the summer and the fall we can expect the Deep State’s attack against President Trump to ramp up.  Expect Antifa to make some sort of a comeback and Black Lives Matter or similar agitation groups to cause more chaos and violence.  Expect (((Wall Street))) to join in with the Globalists and the Deep State.  I suspect (((Wall Street))) and the Globalists will engineer some sort of stock market crash in the late summer or early fall.  The Federal Reserve has been aggressively raising interest rates since President Trump took office.  The last 2 stock market crashes in America have been a function of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

We are already seeing that President Trump’s supporters are willing to confront leftwing violence with their own brand of violence.  Just look at the Battle of Berkeley.  The economic crash that the elites have planned isn’t going to turn Trump’s supporters against him.  In the 2008 stock market crash the American people were willing to let everything crash and the government passed the bailout against our will.  9 years later the American economy hasn’t recovered despite what the media tries to tell us.  Americans lost their savings already and have nothing left to lose on (((Wall Street.)))  None of President Trump’s supporters are going to abandon him over the upcoming stock market crash.  In fact expect them to support him even more fervently when Trump refuses to bailout Wall Street.

The New Right and the Alt Right need to make sure to support President Trump to the max over the next several months.  He needs to know that as the political center collapses that we on the Right are here to receive him and protect him.  President Trump is going to need allies on the street in his upcoming no holds barred battle to the death against the Deep State and the media.  Remember if we lose the upcoming battle against the Deep State and media then we will never get another chance to have power in America ever again.  If the Left and the Cuckservative establishment get power back quickly then expect them to flood America with 10’s of millions of foreign invaders in a very short time.  Expect them to use all of their power to legally disenfranchise White men.  The upcoming battle between Trump and the Deep State is going to be a battle for all of the marbles and WE have to win it.

If you are in one of the coastal urban areas be prepared.  Make sure to have plenty of water and food stored up because a combination of an economic crisis mixed with Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence can shut down the food supply for a few weeks.  Make sure that you have ways that you can defend your home.  Make sure that you have a place to go outside of the big cities and suburbs.  Remember all of our favorite Trump memes from the election?  Well they may very well end up becoming true over the next 6 months to a year because History is going to force President Trump to move very far to the Right and force him to fight like no president has ever fought before.

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Red Pilled Americans Must Hold President Trump’s Feet to the Fire

After President Trump bombed Syria a lot of us red pilled Americans felt incredibly disillusioned.  We saw the bombing as the first step to another Middle Eastern war that would lead to more Muslim refugees in Europe and America which always leads to more terrorism and violence.  Many red pilled Americans are very upset with the Syria bombing because we know that shooting missiles is just the first step that’s consistently led to war in the Middle East.  Many people on the alt right/ red pilled Americans even said that they were finished with President Trump.

Many red pilled Americans and people on the alt right have gone so far as to say that President Trump is just as bad as Hillary Clinton and that he’s no better than Obama.  They often say that Trump is turning into just another NeoCon warmonger and that he’s breaking his domestic promises.  Stefan Molyneux went and did some research on what Trump has accomplished since becoming president.  It’s a good video and worth watching when you have about 2 hours of free time or time when you are doing busy office work and need a podcast to keep your mind occupied.

Let’s look at the things that we’ve gotten because Trump became president that we wouldn’t have gotten with Hillary as president.  We aren’t in WWIII with Russia YET.  This could change depending on what missteps President Trump takes in Syria but if Hillary had been president then this would have already happened.  We’ve gotten a conservative Supreme Court justice which never would have happened with Hillary Clinton.  Trump has been trying to institute sensible Muslim control but the out of control courts have blocked him.  Now that he has control over the Supreme Court he can start up sensible Muslim control again.

President Trump has taken border patrol off the lease and let them do their job.  Illegal border crossings are way down.  ICE is deporting everybody they get their hands on.  And more good news, President Trump is signing an executive order cracking down on the H1B visa scam.  On top of that, plans to build the wall are moving forward.  They are testing out wall protocols right now outside of San Diego.  Yes Paul Ryan is going to try to stop it, but Trump will be able to run him over easy enough.

Another big thing that President Trump has done which is good for red pilled Americans is he’s taken the gun away that Obama pointed at the churches all over America.  For example the Obama administration had a gun pointed at the Mormon Church’s head for 8 years.  To avoid being sued the Mormon Church had to walk a fine line of giving way to SJW’s attacking the church while avoiding compromising on its standards.  However now that Trump is president the Mormon Church is no longer bowing down to the SJW’s.  The Mormon Church just finished up its semi-annual General Conference and it was refreshing to see Mormon Church leaders speak freely again and be able to call out sin and degeneracy.  The Mormon Church never could have had a conference like its most recent one with Obama or Hillary as president.

There have been problems with President Trump’s agenda.  Healthcare reform was a mess.  Let’s face it, Trump could have done a better job on it, but he’s learning from that mistake and he’s starting to understand that he has to negotiate from the right and not from the center to get his agenda done.  There’s the foreign policy situation.  The Middle East situation can blow up anytime if President Trump lets the NeoCons have their way.  The North Korea situation can go either way.  It either can be the biggest mess of his presidency if North Korea fires its artillery at Seoul, South Korea or it can be a big success if Trump’s actions lead to China putting the screws to North Korea and forcing North Korea to behave like a good little puppet and give up its nuclear weapons.

On the Middle East situation, President Trump promised repeatedly that he would bomb the crap out of ISIS.  He never said that he wasn’t going to use the military.  For those of us on the alt right/ red pilled Americans this is a problem because we want the violence to stop.  We also know (((who))) is pushing President Trump to start another war in the Middle East.  If President Trump uses bombing as putative raids on Middle Easterners who get out of hand but avoids invading then this is something that we can live with.

Red pilled Americans and the alt right need to understand that our job is to push President Trump from the right.  We are a very small group of people but we have massive influence.  We punch way above our weight.  Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are very sympathetic to us.  We are growing in power and influence because we know how to defeat the SJW’s and the media.  They want us to take our ball and go home because us leaving the Trump coalition gives them free range to influence President Trump.

The job of Red pilled Americans in the Trump coalition is to keep pushing him right.  We have to raise bloody Hell when he does something that we perceive as a mistake.  For example on the Syria bombing we raised bloody Hell about it and we seem to have stopped him from escalating the situation further.  President Trump has shown that he is responsive to our concerns and demands.  No we aren’t going to get everything we want but that’s life.  The job of red pilled Americans is to hold President Trump’s feet to the fire and keep him on the right track.

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Milo Showed the Ugly Truths of the Gay Lifestyle in His Press Conference

Milo’s press conference was a great opportunity to look at what life is really like inside the gay community.  (((The media))) has done an excellent job of convincing all of us that the gay lifestyle is just like the straight lifestyle except more fabulous.  One of the big things that Milo did in his press conference was shine a light on how things really happen inside the gay community and allowed all of us a glimpse of the realities of the gay lifestyle.  Let’s watch Milo’s press conference and take a look at the truths that Milo explained about the homosexual community.

:20 Milo immediately refers to himself as a child abuse victim.  He admits that when he was 13 two men molested him and one of them was a priest.  Just how many sexual predators are in Christian churches these days?  Did his child abuse experience change his sexual identity?

:34 He says that his feelings on the experience are complicated because at the time he says that he didn’t consider it abuse.  You can see that when he talks about the incident he has a really hard time admitting that it was horrific abuse.  Looking backward you can see that he’s created a narrative in his head where he’s convinced himself that he wanted it.  This is standard behavior that many abuse victims do to protect themselves after going through a horrific experience.

:50 Milo starts to go through the list of destructive behaviors that he engaged in.  He lists alcohol abuse and “nihilistic partying.”  When he mentions “nihilistic partying” we can safely assumed that he means drug abuse and extreme sexual promiscuity.  His sense of humor was totally warped.  When did he become interested in “gallows humor?”  “Gallows humor” sounds like a sad coping mechanism for the horrors that he was living through.

3:14 He talks about how he shouldn’t have used the word “boy” because he says that in the gay community it refers to young men who are freshly legal.   Then he goes on to talk about how he was talking about how when he was 17 he was involved with a 29 year old.  (Note that in England age of consent is 16 so this was a legal activity, even if it is gross and degenerate).  He then talks about how older gay men can help younger gay men adjust to life as a gay man.

Here we see the internal contradictions in the gay lifestyle.  On one hand Milo admits that his abuse led him to excessive partying, alcohol abuse and probably drug abuse, but later he says that his relationship with an older man helped him.  Did it help him stop the excessive behavior?  Doesn’t seem to have helped him!

3:45 He says that many gay men know that having an older mentor help them get settled into the gay community, it is common and all gays know it.  Again it reeks of the way that many gays must go about justifying pederasty in their community.  There’s a reason why the term “boy toy” exists.

4:38 Talks about how in gay clubs and drag bars the people there make constant jokes (references) about priests sexually abusing young men.

6:31 Milo says that he’s never actually done anything wrong.  This is going to be a big statement from Milo in the future because if he has touched a minor who can’t consent it means either that Milo is a liar or worse he sees nothing wrong with pederasty.  Let’s hope and pray that Milo is telling the truth and that he’s never engaged in sexual contact with those who can’t legally consent to it.

13:25 Milo says that there isn’t much evidence linking pedophilia with the victims later becoming gay.  This is inaccurate.  There’s plenty of evidence that young men who are abused end up becoming gay.  Milo himself is a living example of this because he was abused, he created a narrative in his mind that he wanted it and went on to become a gay man.  You can see in this part that he is struggling with cognitive dissonance about his tragic life experience.

14:10 Milo talks about how he came out in drag for a speech to young Republicans and how he’s introducing Republicans to normal gays.  Not to criticize him but, if what he’s talked about in his press conference is normal for the gay community and the gay lifestyle then the gay community is every bit as messed up as evil rightwing homophobic bigots say it is.

A lot of people on the Alt Right wanted Milo to come out at his big press conference and talk about the ugly truths of the homosexual lifestyle.  The Alt Right hoped that he would come out and go full Common Filth on the media.  This was never going to happen because Milo identifies as a gay man.  Gays are his people and despite all their problems and the struggles he suffered as a gay man he was never going to completely turn his back on his people.

However in spite of being unwilling or unable to discuss the serious problems in the gay community by paying attention closely Milo’s press conference we can learn a lot of important truths about the gay community.

First: Milo’s press conference showed that it is incredibly common for older gay men to hook up with younger gay men; the younger man may or may not be legally able to consent to the relationship.

Second: We can learn that it takes massive amounts of time for young men to recover from being abused.  For example Milo admits that he was abused at age 13 and he didn’t really put his life back together until he was 30.  It took him 17 years to deal with what he went through.  He spent the majority of his youth suffering the consequences of what he went through.

Third: Gays openly talk about how many of them were abused by priests when they are all by themselves.  Is it heavily priests who are abusing these kids or are gays referring to all men who abused them as priests?  It really makes you think.  Are a high percentage of men who want to work with children and young men doing it to gain access to potential victims?  It’s really scary stuff.

Stephan Molyneux has a great discussion on everything Milo has said in many of his statements about the gay lifestyle:

Having Milo in the public sphere has shined a light into the realities of life in the gay community.  There’s a lot of lust in it for young men who can’t consent.  We can see that we really don’t want to encourage anybody to get involved in the gay lifestyle because it starts up a cycle of victim becomes the abuser.  We can see from Milo’s experience that we don’t want to give any known or suspected homosexual men any access to our children because the risks are just too high.

Milo talking about himself showed that when children and young men and women go through sexual trauma it scars them for life.  We must protect all of our children from having to go through what he went through.  Milo’s story shows that we must keep homosexuals away from our children even if it means that we end up rejecting good people who are homosexuals because we just can’t take the risk of letting in bad ones.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is a Case Study in Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner

The media finally decided to launch its big attack on Milo Yiannopoulos by pointing out some of his comments that he made in regards to how most gays get started in the homosexual lifestyle.  Redgulls was aware of these comments a year ago.  Redgulls opposes degeneracy and is aware that most people get mixed up in the homosexual lifestyle because of sexual trauma they experienced as children.  When I first heard Milo Yiannopoulos talk about how gays get started in the gay lifestyle young, I knew that he was describing sexual abuse he experienced.

If you go back and watch him talk about getting started, Milo Yiannopoulos was talking about how he created a narrative pretending that he wasn’t a victim of sexual abuse.  But if you watch carefully you can tell that he was talking about how he was abused even if he tries to pretend that he was into it at the time.  Milo’s lifestyle has been a trainwreck ever since he was a child because he went through a horrific experience that scarred him for life.  Redgulls is anti homosexual behavior because homosexuality is very much a cycle of violence where young children are groomed and victimized into the lifestyle and then they go on to become the abusers who damage children.

Famous Alt Right pundit Ricky Vaughn had a good commentary about the Milo Yiannopoulos situation.

The Milo Yiannopoulos case is why we must protect children from sexual predators because it damages them for life.  When young men get mixed up with the gay lifestyle they quickly believe that older men grooming and sexually exploiting young boys is completely normal.  The dirty secret of Milo’s statement on how it’s normal for gay men to have sex with 13 year old boys is this attitude is a standard belief in the gay community.

Let’s hope and pray that Milo Yiannopoulos has never sexually molested a young boy.  Milo says that he’s exposed pedophiles in the past and he opposes pedophilia.

How should red pill people on the Alt Right view the Milo Yiannopoulos situation?  First of all for a wide variety of reasons he was always going to be a questionable ally and friend.  It was only a matter of time before these statements came out to hurt him.  Milo has had a lot of struggles in his life.  Let’s hope that he can overcome what he’s gone through.  Let’s hope that these attacks on Milo force Milo Yiannopoulos to deal with the abuse that he went through.  Let’s pray hard that he hasn’t perpetuated the gay lifestyle cycle of violence on a new victim.

All of us on the Alt Right want the best and hope for the best for Milo Yiannopoulos.  This is what it means to hate the sin but love the sinner.  Hating the sin means that we are aware of the dangers of the gay lifestyle and want as few people as possible participating in it.  Loving the sinner means that we all want Milo Yiannopoulos to overcome what he has gone through.  Loving the sinner means that we hope and pray that he hasn’t molested a kid.  Let’s keep Milo in our prayers and pray that this attack thrown at him helps Milo to reflect on his life and repent of his sins.

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Spread Christmas Cheer and Mend the Alt Right Rift

It’s Christmas time and it’s that time of the year when (((certain people))) continue their never ending war on Christianity and Christians by trying to replace Merry Christmas with (((Happy Holidays))).  To celebrate Christmas the Alt Right needs to come together in the spirit of unity, restoring Merry Christmas and ending (((Happy Holidays))) once and for all.

Over the last month we’ve witnessed a schism in the Alt Right.  The 1488 White Nationalists in the group decided to make a stand and declare that the only way for people to be part of the Alt Right is to swear allegiance to the 1488 crowd.  Mike Cernovich declared the 1488 faction of the Alt Right controlled opposition.  I haven’t written on the subject because I don’t believe that it is a big deal.  For whatever reason people on the political right get into these in-fights, it’s just the nature of being on the political right.

One of things that the so-called Alt Light does is play-down the importance of the hard core 1488 crowd.  The Alt Light says that the hard core 1488 crowd is an embarrassment.  I believe that the Nazis were bad news and Adolf Hitler was the man who caused the most damage to the White race in the history of the world.  However the Nazi LARP’ers are a valuable group who provide real value to the struggle to save western civilization.  Here is a great example of the value that the Nazi LARP’ers provide:




In these tweets some obnoxious Jew is doing his annual anti-Christian/anti-Christmas rant while wanting special recognition for Israel.  Disgusting people like this anti-Christian Jew need to have a 1488er come in and tell him that the ovens are getting heated to a crispy 1488 degrees.  The 1488 crowd provides a valuable function of fighting back against the people who really do hate us.  They intimidate the (((people in the media))) who like to take pot shots against Christians.

Around Christmas we all have to deal with Jew hatred toward Christmas and Christians in general.  It is nice that there are some mean nasty evil people on our side who are willing to strike the fear of annoudah Shoah into the Jews attacking Christmas.  Nothing triggers my anti-Semitism quite like having to hear (((Happy Holidays))).  In the spirit of Christmas let’s put this whole Alt Light and 1488 in-fighting to bed.  We all want to restore western civilization and we all are on the same team.  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

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Matt Forney Gets Frustrated by 2016 Presidential Election and Wrote an Anti-Mormon Rant

Matt Forney is an author who I generally respect.  He has done a lot of good writing over the years and I’ve learned a lot from his work.  However a few weeks ago, Matt Forney wrote a ridiculous article that slandered the Mormon Church and the Mormon people.  He wrote it during the passion and the stress of the 2016 presidential election.  He was upset that idiotic Mormon elites like Mitt Romney and Evan McMullin were trying to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.  He didn’t know that the media was just trying to gaslight the Mormon people and non-Mormons by trying to make it appear that Trump was in danger of losing in Utah when in reality Trump was in no risk of losing Utah.  During the passion of the presidential campaign, it was inappropriate to respond because everybody was stressed out and worried that Crooked Hillary was going to be president.

Now that the 2016 Presidential election is over and we are all happy that we are going to Make America Great Again it is time to respond to Matt Forney’s ridiculous anti-Mormon article.  I hope that Matt Forney rethinks his attitude toward the Mormon people and treats us better in the future.

Boring Anti-Mormon Propaganda Rant

His article (which I’m not going to link to) is the standard basic anti-Mormon rant we all have heard since we were 9 years old.  His article reads like he went to some anti-Mormon atheist website and got all the standard boiler plate anti-Mormon propaganda.  His article had all the usual rants:

  • Joseph Smith made up his visions and the Book of Mormon without giving any reason why it is false. He fails to consider that Christianity is based on a lot of things that are impossible.  Why are the impossible things in Christianity true but not the Mormon story?  He never answers that question.
  • Joseph Smith was a scam artist robbing his own people.
  • Joseph Smith was a lecher who stole other men’s women.
  • The Mormon people couldn’t get along with anybody and the peaceful people of Missouri and Illinois rightfully drove them out of their states.
  • Joseph Smith was an evil political leader who shut down free speech and he was rightfully killed by a mob of freedom fighters.
  • The Mormon people were rebellious after they moved to Utah and started a war with the federal government.
  • The Mormon people murdered an innocent group of people at Mountain Meadow who were just crossing the desert to California.

Inconvenient Truths Matt Forney Forgets to Mention

Matt Forney leaves out the whole other side of the story in a disgusting disingenuous manner that really is sickening.  He never mentions:

  • The Book of Mormon accurately depicts American cultural decline and the mess that we currently are going through.
  • Joseph Smith never lived with nor sexually consummated any sexual relationship with women who were married to other men.
  • Christian history is full of various Christian groups not getting along and killing each other. From the time of the Reformation Protestants and Catholics were killing each other.  The European Wars of Religion were brutal where violence devolved to a point where Christians were committing cannibalism on each other.  The capstone of Protestant and Catholic conflict was the 30 Years War where Protestants and Catholics fought the bloodiest war in the history of the world up to that point and depopulated huge chunks of Germany, all over religion.
  • The people of Missouri couldn’t get along with anybody. A few years after they expelled the Mormon people, many of them tried to settle Kansas and ended up fighting a nasty mini-civil war against Northerners who also were trying to settle Kansas.  Bloody Kansas was the preview of the American Civil War.
  • The people of Missouri slaughtered innocent Mormon women and children in a disgusting massacre at Haun’s Mill. The Missouri People started the Mormon war and the Mormon people decided NOT to fight, but to leave in order to avoid more violence.
  • Northerners and Southerners couldn’t get along at all. 20 years after the disgusting people of Missouri expelled the Mormon people in the middle of a freezing Winter, Northerners and Southerners fought the bloodiest war in the history of the world up to that point: The American Civil War.  These people hated each other so much that they fought the most vicious war in the history of the world.
  • The man who ran the newspaper that Joseph Smith shut down was a serial adulterer, rumors were that he ran a bordello and helped women get 1800’s style abortions. Hardly a man of virtue.  No wonder he hated Mormons.  Matt Forney has been learning a lot from Common Filth.  (This is a good thing).  He should know that giving degenerates a voice is a bad thing.
  • After the death of Joseph Smith the Mormon people left Illinois so that they could live in peace. They fled to the middle of one of the most inhospitable and inaccessible deserts on Earth.  And guess what happened?  The people who oppressed Mormons followed them there too.
  • Matt Forney mentioned the Mountain Meadow Massacre but he didn’t tell you what really happened. He didn’t mention that the people passing through were from Missouri and they were telling the local Mormon population that they were going to come in and finish Governor Boggs’ order to exterminate the Mormon people once and for all.  They were challenging the local Mormons to do something about it, so the local Mormons did.  My ancestors participated in the Mountain Meadow Massacre to protect their land and their families.
  • The American government wouldn’t leave the Mormon people in peace. The American government started a war and forced the Mormon people to fight.  The Mormon people had nowhere else to flee to, so they had to fight.  After the Mormon people fought a guerilla war and WON, they were happy to make peace with the American government.  Do you notice a pattern here?  The Mormon people are always trying to live in peace but the government and many of the American people won’t leave us alone.  Sound familiar?

Let’s Talk about Polygamy

Matt Forney goes on to talk about the Mormon former practice of polygamy.  Yes, Joseph Smith was a lady’s man, so what?  You know who else is a lady’s man?  Donald Trump is.  The fact of the matter is that it takes an incredibly high energy, high-T man to take on the whole establishment.  Donald Trump took on the political establishment and right or wrong, Joseph Smith took on the religious establishment.  Men who are willing to take the heat by taking on the whole establishment have enough confidence that they are able to grab life by the pussy and attract women on a scale that the vast majority of men can only dream of.

Matt Forney then goes on to lament the fact that women were happy to share a strong man rather than have a beta cuck all to themselves.  That’s just an ugly red pill truth.  Matt Forney has years studying ugly truths and he should be at the point where he simply accepts this simple life truth.  The fact of the matter is that early Mormon women were all fortunate enough to all be able to have a strong man instead of a beta cuck.  Today Mormons have received great benefits from early Mormon women sharing strong men.

Due to polygamy Mormon men went through powerful competition where only the best of the best got to reproduce.  Mormon men are almost all descended from 2 generations of highly intense sexual competition.  Our polygamous past has made Mormon men and women a strongly cohesive social group and allowed us to resist cultural decay better than other groups.  When you come to Utah the first thing that you notice is the men are a lot more masculine than non-Mormon men in the rest of America.  It was polygamy that has allowed us to maintain our in-group cohesion and maintain our culture against the forces trying to destroy us.  The American government is still trying to destroy us and force poz down our throats.  We are the government’s #1 religious target and we’ve had to give ground to them, but we’ve given less ground than other churches under similar pressure.  I’m grateful for my great great great great grandmothers who demanded a strong man instead of some beta cuck.

Nationalism for Me But Not for You

Matt Forney then talked about his time going through the Mountain West and how it made him hate Mormons.  We don’t know what happened but it’s pretty safe to say that it had something to do with the local girls not giving him attention, Utah’s obscure drinking laws and Mormon economic in-group preferences.  He never considers the fact that Utah is OUR land and we share OUR land with non-Mormons.  We have a right to live how we want in OUR land.  Yes some of our actions are weird and annoying, but the fact of the matter is that how we live in OUR land is how we want to live.

The Mormon people are our own nation and the Mountain West is OUR land.  The Mormon people have always been happy to share OUR land with non-Mormons yet non-Mormons always want to criticize us for how we live in OUR land.  Matt Forney has studied nationalism but doesn’t want to give the Mormon people the same privileges that he wants for himself.

When it comes to dating Mormon girls if Matt Forney wants to date them, it’s simple.  There are these guys in white shirts who go from door to door.  All Matt Forney has to do is invite them into his house and meet with them.  They will invite him to church and if he goes, then the girls will be more than happy to meet him.  Then after a month or so all he has to do is put on white clothes and get dipped in water.  Afterward Mormon girls will be really happy to date him.  On top of that, the Mormon girls will be extra excited to date him after they find out about his bad boy past.  If Matt Forney wants to date Mormon girls, that’s all he has to do.

Matt Forney also seems angry that Mormons have a strong in-group preference and prefer to associate and do business with Mormons.  After dealing with Mormons you get used to things like having honest coworkers and employees who you can rely on.  You don’t want to do business with people who you can’t rely on.  After working with Mormons, you get to the point where you see that most non-Mormons are borderline unreliable and untrustworthy.  We don’t want to have to rely on them.  If Matt Forney wants to work around Mormon in-group preferences all he has to do is meet with the guys in the white shirts and get dipped in the water.  Once he joins OUR community, Matt Forney can get all the benefits of being in OUR group.  Mormon in-group preferences are open to everybody and all people have to do is join with us and show a willingness to live how we live.  That’s it!


Matt Forney is a good guy.  He was frustrated by embarrassments like Evan McMullin and Mitt Romney.  We all are sympathetic to his frustrations with those traitors.  In his frustration he went on a stupid rant due to incredibly high stress from the election.  Hopefully Matt Forney can appreciate that the Mormon people are wonderful people and the Alt Right’s best natural allies.

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Has Western Civilization Reached Peak Degeneracy?

One of the questions on my mind in the last few months is whether or not Western civilization has passed peak degeneracy?  Is Western Civilization still in cultural free fall or have we finally reached bottom?  There are great arguments on both sides of this issue.  Here are some of the arguments on both sides of this issue.

The pendulum always swings back

  1. The American divorce rate is starting to drop. Western civilization only will survive and thrive with a functional nuclear family.  In great news, last week a study came out that showed that the divorce rate in the United States is dropping.  While the rate drop is small, it is a sign that things are starting to move in the right direction.
  2. The rise of real resistance to the leftist narrative. For years the only resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative was the so-called conservative movement.  We now know that the “conservative” movement was just fake opposition run by pathetic cucks.  With the rise of the Alt Right we are starting to see real resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative.  Having real resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative shows that millions of Americans are sick of the degeneracy and are willing to stand up to it.
  3. The younger generation is getting uncucked. Americans 35 and younger had to grow up in the Cultural Marxist hell-hole that our boomer parents made for us.  We have no illusions about what kind of a life we can lead under Cultural Marxism.  We had to suffer the obnoxious feminist chicks with the blue hair and weird body piercings.  The younger generation knows that the promises of the Cultural Marxists are ugly lies.
  4. The left has become unhinged and looks completely ridiculous. All you have to do is turn on cable news for 5 minutes and see the rants of the talking heads.  They are calling regular Americans racists, sexists bigots.  They look completely laughable and look like pathetic losers.  When a regime falls, first its lies become so ridiculous that nobody believes them anymore.  The American left has reached the point where they look so ridiculous that nobody believes them anymore.  Studies conclude that only 6% of all Americans believe the media.
  5. People are turning off the Poztube. Americans are cutting the cord on cable TV.  TV has become so degenerate and disgusting that nobody wants to watch it anymore.  The Cultural Marxists even put their propaganda into sports and politicized it.  Now people are dropping ESPN like a bad habit.  Now instead of being propagandized by the Poztube, Americans are spending time with family and friends.

The degeneracy train has no brakes

  1. The decline and fall of the West always follows the same pattern. When in power leftists push their narrative far to the left.  For example in the Obama years, gay mockery of marriage is now the law of the land and trannies can creep out little girls in the bathroom.  Then when so-called conservatives get into power, they do nothing to reverse the slide.  The new steps of degeneracy are now culturally acceptable and then when leftists are back in power, they push their next form of degeneracy.  At the end of the Obama years, various magazines have written articles trying to humanize pedophiles.  If you know the drill then you can see where things are going from here.  Does anybody think that Donald Trump is going to push back against the rise of degeneracy?
  2. The American People didn’t vote to eliminate degeneracy. The American People voted to try to get their job back not to protect their children from Cultural Marxists in the school system.  Are there any signs that the American people in bulk are turning away from their sins?  It just takes listening to a few episodes of Common Filth Radio to see that Americans love their sin and degeneracy.
  3. The new American president has a very checkered past. Let’s face it, Donald Trump is not a model of personal virtue.  If lots of Americans follow his personal life model, then we can expect more adultery and more bad behavior from men and women in America.
  4. Church attendance is still falling. If Americans were serious about putting their sins behind them they would start attending church.  They would know that they need Christianity in their lives and they would seek it out on Sunday.
  5. Churches are going soft on sin. These days it seems like churches are going soft on sin.  Even the Mormon Church seems like it is getting ready to cuck on homosexual degeneracy.  If the American people were becoming less degenerate then the churches would not feel pressure to go soft on sin.


When we look at all the arguments for why America is about to turn away from sin and degeneracy we see that there is a strong case to be made that America has passed peak degeneracy and the people are going to repent and turn away from their sins.  At the same time we can make a really good case that America is in free fall and we just are in a slight pause while the leftists prepare the road for their next push of new sin and degeneracy.  Despite how I write sometimes, I believe that we have passed the worst of America’s cultural decline and we are now on the long upward climb away from the disgusting Hell that Western Civilization currently is in.

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2016 Presidential Election Winners and Losers

Wow what a Current Year!  2016 got off to an early start on that fateful June day when Donald Trump took that ride down the escalator at Trump Tower and declared that he was running for President of the United States.  At the start of the Current Year that ended on election night Cultural Marxists had total power over American culture and civilization.  They had just rammed gay marriage down the American people’s throats and they were running all kinds of tranny propaganda.  That was the whole Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner fiasco.

Now the 2016 Current Year ended with the rise of Donald Trump, the Alt Right and red pill truths taking control over America’s cultural narrative.  As the Current Year 2017 begins, let’s take a quick pause to stop and take a look back at the Mormons who were the biggest winners and losers from Current Year 2016.


  1. Red pill Mormons. We were the ones who supported President Trump from the beginning.  We were attacked and called all kinds of names.  We were told that we were the only Latter-Day Saints who like Donald Trump.  Well as it turns out we are the majority and most Mormons think like we do.  We were the ones who were right all along.  We are the ones who showed that we know where things are going and how to defeat Cultural Marxists and SJW’s.  We know their tricks and how to stand up to them.  We are now the though leaders in the Mormon community.
  2. Traditional Mormons. Degeneracy is out.  The Cultural Marxists have been trying to infiltrate the Mormon Church for years.  They finally had some success from 2014 to 2016.  But they got their small successes right when the cultural winds turned and are blowing against SJW’s and Cultural Marxists.  Now the vast majority of Mormons who are traditional are on the cultural ascendency and don’t have to bow down to SJW’s and Cultural Marxists.
  3. The Mormon people. We have won a major victory over Cultural Marxism.  We have bought ourselves a minimum 4 years of peace before the cultural war against us resumes.  We have a chance to strengthen ourselves and strengthen our leaders so that when the next round of attacks come we will be able to defeat our enemies.  We will be able to push President Trump to repeal the Johnson Amendment and allow all churches to have freedom of thought and action again.


  1. Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was desperate to be president of the United States.  He ran twice and failed both times.  He lost a very winnable 2012 election because he refused to call Barak Obama a dog eater.  After getting bullycided out of running in 2016 by Jeb Bush of all people, Mitt decided to undermine and attack Donald Trump every step of the way.  He gave that snarky anti-Trump lecture at the U.  He was one of the behind the scenes supporters of Cuck McMuffin.  He made sure to loudly denounce Trump in the “Grab Life by the Pussy” controversy and called on Trump to drop out so that he could run.  Now he wants back into the cool kids club now that Trump won.  Yeah that’s not going to happen.  The reality is Mitt acted like a passive aggressive loser with his sneak attacks.  Even when he did his pathetic attacks he couldn’t get anybody to go along with them.  Mitt Romney has lost his credibility and his influence.  He isn’t going to get it back.  Mitt Romney just needs to retire from public life.
  2. Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck has wasted all of his political credibility.  He went all in for Ted Cruz.  Normally conservative talk radio people don’t get too heavily involved with candidates in the primary process.  Most have preferred candidates but they don’t bash other candidates.  Beck didn’t do that.  He went full “Trump is literally Hitler.”  He then went on to support the #NeverTrump movement.  Later on he basically endorsed Crooked Hillary.  Now he’s saying nice things about Black Lives Matter.  He lost most of his following and his ratings totally tanked.  Late in the cycle he’s tried to rebrand himself as the conservative who loves leftists.  Now he has nothing but praise for Obama.  Now he goes on leftist TV shows and counter signals conservatives.  After the election he’s said that he is ready to support and give advice to President Trump.  Yeah, no thanks.  Glenn Beck has proven that he is nothing more than controlled opposition whose only goal is to get rich on the decline and fall of America.  With friends like Glenn Beck we don’t need enemies.
  3. Evan McMullin. Evan McMullin played his role as a shill for Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs and the CIA and he failed.  He had the full support of the Mormon elite and Mormon media.  Even with the weight of Mormon political leaders and Mormon media behind him, he still couldn’t get more than 14% of the Mormon vote.  Of the 14% of Mormons who voted 3rd party quite a few of them voted for Weed Bro Gary Johnson.  On top of that, he couldn’t stand up to one week of scrutiny.  It looks like there are questions about his sexuality and what’s he’s been up to the last 15 years or so.  What would we find out about him if we were to keep looking?  The good news is that we will never find out as he goes back to hiding inside the CIA.
  4. Cucky Mormon political leaders. Mike Lee, Jeff Flake, Gary Herbert and Mia Love all got into the #NeverTrump movement.  Mia Love even ran an ad where she talked about how she would be the one to stand up to President Hillary Clinton.  Now all of them are stuck in No Man’s Land.  Mike Lee’s brother was one of Trump’s finalists to be on the Supreme Court.  Now that just isn’t going to happen.  They all participated in Mitt Romney’s coup attempt against Trump in the “Grab Life by the Pussy” controversy and they all failed.  Now if they want to stay in office they have to do exactly what they are told or else President Trump will run somebody against them in the primaries and they have no leverage to get anything in return from President Trump.
  5. Cucky Mormon Church leaders. Have you wondered why it seems like the LDS Church is going soft on degeneracy?  Well that’s because lots of Mormon Church leaders had decided that we have to placate the gays and feminists who are agitating for power and influence.  These cucky Mormon Church leaders decided to get with “The Current Year” right when societal winds changed.  Now degeneracy is out.  Now people know that we can defeat the Cultural Marxists just by making fun of them and telling them to get lost.  Rank and file Mormons went against the Mormon political elite when they supported Donald Trump over Cuck McFaggot.  Now the Mormon people aren’t going to tolerate cucky Mormon Church leaders trying to turn over our church to SJW’s who are trying to destroy us.
  6. Mormon media. If you had to watch any of the Utah TV stations they were more anti-Trump than even CNN.  KSL which is owned by the Mormon Church constantly propagandized against Trump.  The Deseret News which is run by the LDS Church ran a full anti-Trump campaign.  Yes, these media companies did make the Mormon people skeptical of Donald Trump.  But they couldn’t stop the Mormon people from coming out to vote for President Trump.  The Mormon people didn’t go for the media gaslighting and didn’t believe the Mormon media.  Now the Mormon media doesn’t have any credibility left.  It’s going to be even worse for the Mormon media once President Trump governs responsibly and isn’t “literally Hitler.”


The 2016 Presidential Election came down to President Trump and the American People on one side and Hillary Clinton with the Globalist elite on the other.  In the Mormon community the battle lines were exactly the same with the exact same results.  Now the Mormon people are in a better position to have influence over the LDS elite and Mormon Church leaders.  The Mormon people can force them to stand against degeneracy and the SJW’s who are trying to take over the church.

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Glenn Beck is a Counter-Signaling Shill for Leftists

Glenn Beck’s TV and radio career is quite the sight to see.  He started off as this mild mannered clown guy who didn’t take himself too seriously.  Before long he was on TV writing on a chalk board trying to teach supposedly profound concepts to the American people.  After getting triggered by Donald Trump, Glenn Beck decided to through away his conservative reputation.  Now he is trying to rebrand himself as the so-called principled conservative who never passes up a chance to speak against anything Donald Trump says or does.

In this article Glenn Beck says that it was ridiculous for the FBI to reopen the Clinton Crime Family email case.  What was interesting was he made sure to hit every single one of the Democrat talking points that they want to establish to attempt to minimize the effect of the October surprise.

What we are seeing is Glenn Beck is starting to recognize that his career as a “true conservative” pundit with wide conservative support is done.  However he still wants to be in the public sphere and his only marketable asset is his name.  Now his plan is to be the conservative who always speaks out against the conservatives to give copy fodder to leftists to make them feel good about themselves.

One of the interesting questions about Glenn Beck is: was he always controlled opposition?  When you look at what he did in the late 00’s his whole routine was to point out the massive corruption and scams that progressives in America ran.  But then his response on how to stop it was to follow the Constitution, whatever that meant.  Realistically his opposition was on paper only.  He never actually accomplished anything.  At the same time his business model was selling overpriced gold to seniors and end of the world seeds.  The survival and renewal of a successful America was bad for business.  So I have to conclude that Glenn Beck knew that his role was to be the crazy conservative who threw lots of stuff at the wall and never did anything about it.

The future for Glenn Beck is to always speak against any conservatives who actually get anything done.  For example when Donald Trump is president and every time Trump gets something accomplished except Beck to say, “Well he didn’t follow the Constitution properly and it makes us look bad because he did it poorly.”  Expect a lot of complaints that Trump is an “authoritarian” whatever that means.  Beck is going to counter-signal everything that Trump does.

On a lighter note, Glenn Beck announced that he is going to put a stop to the evil Alt-Right.  He has information that the Alt-Right is paid for by Russia and we are Putin agents.  I’m a member of the Alt-Right and I have a question for Glenn Beck, “Where can I get my Putin bucks?”  I’m not a wealthy man and I could really use an infusion of cash from Russian FSB agents.

Does Glenn Beck really think that he can take on the Alt-Right with his chalk board?  The Alt-Right was able to make Hillary Clinton give her most anticipated campaign speech of the year about us.  The Alt-Right has been able to make the ADL do big write-ups about a green frog.  Does Glenn Beck really think that the Alt-Right is going to have any trouble dealing with him?

Glenn Beck’s face when we make America great again

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