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5 Reasons that Explain Why Jason Chaffetz is Resigning from Congress

(((Jason Chaffetz))) has decided to resign from congress, plans to announce it soon and plans to be gone by June 30th 2017.  The timing of (((Jason Chaffetz’s))) announcement is interesting to say the least.  (((Chaffetz))) is saying that he’s suffering from some health problems from when he was a kid.  He’s also saying that he misses his wife and wants to spend more time with his family.  It’s the usual nonsense politicians say when they are forced to step down.

5 Potential Reasons Why (((Jason Chaffetz))) Is Resigning from Congress:

  1. He’s been cheating on his wife. A big power broker found out about it and he knows that if the scandal becomes public knowledge then his career is over and he can’t get a big money job in Utah.  Let’s face it, the people of Utah valley don’t want their politicians to be wife cheaters.  The general rule is whenever somebody important and powerful steps down saying that he wants to spend more time with his family, then it almost always is because he got caught cheating on his wife.  If I had to bet on the most likely reason why (((Jason Chaffetz))) is resigning from congress I would choose: got caught cheating on his wife.
  2. Local Utah County Republican party bosses found out that (((Jason Chaffetz))) isn’t Mormon but a ((())) who play acts as LDS so he can be run for political office in Utah County. The people of Utah County want a Mormon to be in congress from their congressional district.  Mormons in Utah County don’t want somebody who doesn’t share their religious beliefs to represent them in congress.  Does any Redgulls reader think that (((Jason Chaffetz’s))) conversion and baptism was out of real conversion to the Gospel and not a politically expedient activity so that he could run for congress?  If rich and powerful Mormons found out that (((Chaffetz))) isn’t a real Mormon but just an echo LARPing as a Mormon, they would be angry and they would make sure that he never got reelected to congress.  If (((Jason Chaffetz))) isn’t cheating on his wife then this is the next most likely reason why he’s resigning from congress.
  3. (((Chaffetz))) plans to run for Senate. This was the original plan.  (((Jason Chaffetz))) planned to run for the Senate in 2018 to take Orin Hatch’s seat.  Orin Hatch planned to retire in 2018 but President Trump convinced Hatch to run for Senate again.  If (((Chaffetz))) planned to run for Senate then he would want to make sure that he was still in the public sphere and on TV all the time pretending to be really serious.  He might try to run against Hatch but the people of Utah are pretty happy with Orin Hatch as their Senator so it’s hard to see them booting Hatch to get (((Chaffetz))).
  4. Caught up in the Trump/Deep State power struggle. One day (((Jason Chaffetz))) says that there’s nothing to the Trump/Russia allegations then the next day he says that we need to do an investigation.  So is (((Jason Chaffetz))) with the deep state or with the God Emperor?  Or is he out for himself?  Judging by his mixed messages (((Chaffetz))) has been playing both sides against the middle.  Did either President Trump or the Deep State decide that (((Chaffetz))) has to go and used knowledge of his dirty laundry to get rid of him?  I suspect that one of the sides in the coming war between Trump and the Deep State wanted (((Jason Chaffetz))) gone.
  5. He really wants to stay home and watch his kids play soccer.   Ok we all have to admit that that one is funny.

Realistically the Deep State or Trump got info on (((Jason Chaffetz))) and decided to threaten to use it to get rid of him.  I’m sure that he will try to stay in public life but I suspect that we will have forgotten about (((Jason Chaffetz))) within 5 years.

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Utah County Tries to Close the Provo Ice Rink & Shows Why the Republican Party Is for Losers

A few weeks ago Utah County gave a text book example of why the Republican Party is the loser party and the Democrat Party is the winner party.  Utah County announced that it was going to end its partnership with the city of Provo to manage the Provo ice rink.  By announcing that Utah County was pulling out of its partnership with Provo, the Provo ice rink was in potential danger of closing.

The manger of the Provo ice rink knows how to manage social media and raise a big stink.  He sent out a mass email to everybody who’s ever been to the Provo ice rink and let everybody in Utah County know that Utah County wanted to close the ice rink.  The people of Provo and Utah County were properly outraged about having the local ice rink closed and it looks like Utah County is no longer planning on closing the Provo ice rink.

So how does Utah County threatening to close the Provo ice rink show why the Republican Party is the party of losers?  It’s simple really.  Communities need public properties to function.  In Utah the winters are long and cold.  People here like doing winter activities.  This means that Utah needs winter facilities.  The problem with things like the ice rink is they don’t get a ton of use in the summer months.  By definition facilities like ice rinks are destined to lose money.

The Republican Party loves to say that it is the party of “fiscal responsibility.”  Of course this is total and complete nonsense because Republicans love to waste money every bit as much as Democrats.  However Democrats like to give lots of money away to their voters.  Republicans like to waste money doing things like bombing brown people in the Middle East.  What Republicans like to do is resist spending money on things like having a nice city so that they have more money to spend bombing brown people in the Middle East.

Trying to close the Provo ice rink is typical Republican penny-wise pound-stupid behavior.  We all know that the reason why Utah County wanted to close the Provo ice rink is because they want to free up money so that they can give the county commissioners a raise or hire more of their nephews into crony jobs.  It’s also safe to assume that there’s at least one developer whispering to the Utah County Commissioners that it would be a lot more efficient for him to build condos where the Provo ice rink currently is.  The Republicans in Utah County are preaching “fiscal responsibility” when we all know that they want the extra money for themselves and to help out their rich real estate developer friends.

The Provo ice rink closing debacle shows why the Democrats are the winner party.  The Democrats promise that they are going to spend our nation into bankruptcy but at least they aren’t going to close the public facilities that we all use.  Voters have a choice; let the Republicans bankrupt America by starting never ending wars in the Middle East while closing all the nice things that make our community nice.  Or voters can vote Democrat and bankrupt America by giving money away to everybody but at least the local ice rink isn’t getting closed.  Most voters choose to vote Democrat because at least they get something out of America’s national bankruptcy.

The Republican Party needs to get a lot smarter about how they act.  Stop planning on closing all the local public facilities that the public actually uses.  Stop talking about “fiscal responsibility” while planning to start another war in the Middle East.  Tell the American people that the Republicans are going to keep the public facilities that everybody uses open and that the GOP isn’t going to waste trillions of dollars on more wars.  That’s how you build a voter coalition that will let the Republican Party be successful which by the way is how President Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

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President Trump Uses His Executive Power to Protect Christians & Defang the Johnson Amendment

For all of President Trump’s shortcomings he’s been outstanding with his executive orders.  In his continuing executive order victory tour President Trump went ahead and defanged the Johnson Amendment.  The Johnson Amendment was a bill signed by LBJ which took away all traditional Christian church’s rights to free speech.  The Johnson Amendment was a vile bill that allowed the United States federal government to monitor what Christian churches were allowed to teach.

Do you ever read LDS General Conference talks from the 1960’s and early 70’s?  They read like they were the discussion talking points at Alt Right meet ups.  Then one day LDS General Conference talks got really cucky and soft on sin and degeneracy.  What happened?  Well the US Federal Government started pointing a gun at the Apostles’ heads and told the Apostles that the Mormon Church would get sued if the Apostles kept up the “rightwing” rhetoric.

President Trump undid the Government’s power to police what religious institutions say and teach.  For Mormons this is incredibly good and important.  Now that the Johnson Amendment is gone the Quorum of the 12 Apostles has a lot more power and authority to protect the Mormon Church from SJW fake Mormons.  Now SJW fake Mormons can’t threaten law suits to amenable authority whenever their lifestyle gets called an abomination.  Now if the Apostles want to crack down on SJW fake Mormons and excommunicate more of their leaders, the SJW fake Mormons can’t sue because muh’ homophobic discrimination.  Getting rid of the horrific Johnson Amendment is a major step in protecting religious freedom in America.

In the 2016 Presidential campaign Redgulls strongly supported President Trump for 3 reasons: 1. Keep us out of WWIII with Russia (fingers crossed on this one but it looks like WWIII isn’t going to start). 2.  Build the wall and 3. Repeal the Johnson Amendment.  President Trump is having a hard time getting the cucks in congress to cough up the money for a border wall, even though they can find more than enough money for WWIII.  President Trump is going to have to find some other way to get money for his border wall without having to go through congress.

Pretty much every time President Trump signs an executive order it is a good thing.  He’s consistently worked to protect Americans from violent Muslim invaders.  He’s freed up the economy with his executive orders.  He’s taken away a lot of the H1B visa scam in his executive orders.  President Trump’s struggles as president pretty much all relate to his struggles with Paul Ryan and the cuckservative elements in congress.  Let’s all be grateful that President Trump has protected religious freedom in America by defanging the Johnson Amendment.

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Mormon Church Universities and Utah Dominate 100 Most Conservative Universities in America

When it comes to universities that promote traditional values, Mormon Church universities and Utah public universities are leading the way.  Of the 100 most conservative universities Utah and the Mormon Church universities take 6 of the top 100 spots and even better Utah and Mormon Church universities are 5 of the top 50 most conservative universities.

Here’s a list of the 100 most conservative universities in the United States:

Utah schools: Weber State University (83), SUU (43), Utah State University (28),

Mormon schools: BYU-H (35), BYU (4), BYU-I (2)

Congrats to BYU for coming in number 4 and BYU-I for coming in number 2.  The state of Utah in general did very well where all the major universities besides the University of Utah and UVU finished in the top 100.  One of the sad places where the University of Utah really needs to improve is in purging leftist elements at the “U.”  Sadly the leftists in Utah love to congregate at the “U,” and this isn’t going to change anytime soon.  What is really tragic is UVU isn’t in the top 100 most conservative universities in the United States.  What is going on at UVU?  UVU is in Utah County, gets funded by rich California Mormons who want their children to be able to attend university in Utah where they can get a traditional education.  The Mormons sending their kids to UVU aren’t getting good value for their money because they could send their kids to Utah State instead.

The Mormon Church is working hard to give Mormon youth a traditional college education.  The 3 universities in the BYU system: BYU, BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawaii are some of the highest ranked conservative universities in America and it shows that Mormon Church leaders want LDS youth to have a traditional college experience.  Yes, SJW fake Mormons are trying to take over BYU.  However for all of its problems BYU still is one of the best conservative universities in America and one of the few places where parents can send their children to receive a traditional education.

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8 Ways Utah Will Prosper Under a Donald Trump Presidency

It’s Inauguration Day!  Does it seem like the sun is shining a little bit brighter and don’t you feel 35% less oppressed already?  The Donald Trump presidency is here.  People in Utah want to know how a Donald Trump presidency will affect Utah.  Let’s take a look at how Utah will prosper under a Donald Trump presidency.

  1. Lots of construction and building in Utah. Donald Trump likes to build things.  He wants to rebuild America’s cities and modernize them.  He also plans to greatly expand and modernize America’s infrastructure.  Expect Salt Lake City and Provo to get several new big buildings and generally get modernized.  Look for big projects finally to happen such as the Green River nuclear power plant that people have talked about.
  2. Expect Donald Trump to open up Utah’s lands for mining and oil development. President Trump plans to get America out of the Middle East.  The way to get America out of the Middle East is to fully develop America’s oil and natural gas resources.  Utah is sitting on massive oil and gas reserves.  For decades the American government has greatly restricted Utah’s ability to develop its own resources.  The worst examples of the US Government hurting Utah were the Clinton Regime creating the Escalante Staircase National Monument and the Obama Regime creating the Bear’s Ear National Monument.  The purpose of creating these national monuments was to keep Utah from being able to develop its natural resources and punish Utahans for being conservative.  Expect a Trump presidency to reverse these abuses and open up Utah’s lands for economic development.
  3. No more Somali invaders popping up in Salt Lake City. Obama loved to send 3rd World invaders from Somalia and the Middle East to settle in Salt Lake City.  President Trump has promised to end this practice.  Expect many of these invaders to leave soon as they receive fewer and fewer gibsmedats from the federal government.
  4. Expect many tech businesses to set up operations in Salt Lake and Utah counties. President Trump has promised to end the H1B visa scam.  Once the tech industry can no longer mass import Asians to work in the tech industry they will have to hire Americans.  Instead of paying incredibly high rates of pay that it takes to hire tech workers in the Bay Area, expect Silicon Valley to open lots of offices in Utah County and Salt Lake County where they can hire good programmers at affordable rates.
  5. Expect President Trump to end the oppression of American ranchers. Expect the charges against the Cliven and Ammon Bundy to be quietly dropped in the first few months of a Trump administration.  Expect the ranchers to be able to live in peace for the next 4 or 8 years.
  6. Expect the American government to leave the Mormon Church in peace. The American government spent the last 8 years punishing the LDS Church for having the nerve to stand up to the gay mafia.  President Trump has shown that he is going to treat Mormons fairly.  He invited the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform at his Presidential Inauguration and he invited 2 members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles to attend the Inauguration.
  7. Expect SJW attacks on BYU to quietly stop during a Trump administration. During the Obama Regime every week we had to hear about how BYU was a rape factory that wasn’t feminist enough.  Expect these attacks to quietly go away as the people making up these stories no longer have the government to support them.
  8. Expect BYU football finally to get an invite to the BigXII Conference. BYU football has shown over the last few years that it can play a Power-5 schedule and be competitive.  The BigXII hasn’t invited BYU to join yet because SJW’s accused BYU of being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.  Now there isn’t government support for these types of attacks so expect the BigXII to give BYU an invite within the next year or 2.

The next 4 to 8 years are going to be a lot better for Utah than the last 8 years were.  Utah’s economy is in a position to boom under a Trump administration with many tech companies opening up business here.  Expect there to be a major construction and development boom all over Utah as many new and great building get built.  Expect the mining, oil and gas industries to boom in Utah as President Trump removes the boot from the face of Utahans.  President Trump will leave the Mormon Church in peace to prosper and grow.  Also expect BYU to have a great next 4 years.  When President Trump is up for reelection don’t expect any serious resistance to him from Utah because the people of Utah are going to prosper under a Donald Trump presidency.

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