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Leftwing Media Propaganda Radicalized James T. Hodgkinson and Encouraged Him to Commit Political Violence

Alexandria shooter James T. Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter who decided to buy a gun and attempt to massacre Republican congressmen and staffers during softball practice.  James T. Hodgkinson was a major consumer of leftwing media propaganda and was radicalized by the leftwing media.

James T. Hodgkinson believed in media likes lies like the Trump Russia false conspiracy that the leftwing media pushes in an attempt to radicalize American leftists.  American leftists like James T. Hodgkinson have been radicalized by leftwing media propaganda that glorifies in the murder of Republicans, like the Kathy Griffin incident.  James T. Hodgkinson was a member of radicalized leftwing Facebook groups that encouraged its members to commit political violence.

Leftwing advocates like the media have worked to radicalize American leftists and encouraged them to commit political violence.  Shakespeare in the Park featured a play that depicted the murder of President Trump.  Even radicalized leftwing politicians like Barak Obama have encouraged their followers to commit political violence.

All over the American political left we see Americans who have been radicalized by leftwing media propaganda that encourages their radical behavior.  We see the media give a pass to terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter.  The media gave favorable coverage to radical leftwing group Antifa when they started a riot in Berkeley because Antifa didn’t want moderate gay man Milo Yiannopoulos speaking in their city.  We’ve seen the media minimize the bad actions of radicalized left-wingers when they attack peaceful conservative political assemblies.  The media stood by Kathy Griffin when she held up a severed head representing a beheaded President Trump.

America is in a pre civil war already.  The American left has been radicalized by the media and now believes that they are justified in killing Americans who support President Trump.  Sadly this is the wave of the future because the left is now radicalized and believes that committing political violence against normal Americans is acceptable.

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Satan Uses Gossip to Divide People and Destroy Resistance to Tyranny

One of the best tools that Satan uses to drive people apart is gossip.  Gossip is a great tool to separate people, destroy in group cohesion and destroy trust between people.  The Alt Right is undergoing gossip attacks right now that show that somebody is trying to divide and the emerging New Right by using gossip to divide the movement.

Take a look at this picture:

These are two major figures in the emerging New Right: Kyle Chapman AKA “Based Stickman” and Brittany Pettibone.  You can see in the picture that Brittany Pettibone is wearing Kyle’s sweatshirt.  So of course infiltrators who want to divide and destroy the emerging New Right are running around spreading gossip about them.  The infiltrators are saying that they must be intimately involved because she is wearing his sweatshirt.  If this were true then it would be a big deal because Kyle is a married man with a baby and Brittany runs a podcast where she talks about traditional living.

Brittany Pettibone denies all allegations that she and Kyle Chapman are romantically involved:

The gossip attack on Kyle and Brittany is a perfect example of how infiltrators use rumors to destroy movements and destroy trust between people who should be allies.  Could the allegations against Kyle and Brittany be true?  Absolutely!  It wouldn’t be the first time and it wouldn’t be the last time where a cute traditional girl watched a man BE a total badass and decided that she needed his DNA ASAP.  It also wouldn’t be the first or the last time that a man who just finished kicking serious butt decided that he needed another woman for his harem and he deserved her because he just got done being a total and complete bad ass.  However the photos of Brittany and Kyle are of them in public around other people.  These aren’t photos of them alone.  The photos of them are in public at the Battle of Berkeley.

Gossip is a very destructive tool that Satan uses.  Spreading rumors works because it is very difficult to fight against.  If you ignore gossip then it spreads like a virus and people continue to spread it until it becomes established as truth.  If the victim of gossip responds to it quickly then people say, “Why are they responding to those rumors?  They rumors must be true.”  One of the worst things that being around people who spread rumors is when we hear rumors and gossip, it changes how we perceive the victim of the rumors.  Even if we know the rumors are lies, just by hearing them we change how we perceive the victim of the rumors.

In the Mormon Community gossip is one of the biggest reasons why the YSA program is so dysfunctional.  Rumor spreading destroys communities.  It keeps people divided and afraid of people because we don’t know who is going to go around and try to destroy our reputation.  Avoid all people who spread gossip because they are doing Satan’s work of keeping us isolated, weak and lonely and it serves to keep the evil and corrupt in power.

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My Body My Choice is Mockery of The Last Supper

Redgulls commenter Pringles writes: When a feminist says “It’s my body” to justify infanticide, she is (perhaps unconsciously) mocking Christ’s words at the Last Supper.  Feminism is Satan’s imitation of the Relief Society.  Let’s look at what Jesus said during The Last Supper where he instituted the sacrament.

13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his  friends.  (John 15:13).

19 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

20 Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.  (Luke 22:19-20).

26 And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.

27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;

28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.  (Matthew 26:26-28).

At The Last Supper Jesus talked about how he planned to sacrifice himself for others.  Jesus talked about how he planned to give his life for the salvation of the whole world and for his friends in particular.  Jesus’ actions were completely selfless.  At The Last Supper, Jesus established the sacrament to remind all of his followers of what Jesus did for them.

When we flip the Last Supper around and put it into Feminist terms we can see that my body my choice is the feminist sacramental creed of faith.  My body my choice boils down to “I’m going to kill my kid because raising it would be inconvenient for me.”  Feminism is an ideology based on pure selfishness.  Every tenant of Feminism boils down to women wanting benefits and privileges at the expense of children and men.

Feminists want to have unrestrained abortion rights because they don’t want to face the consequences of their sexual promiscuity.  Feminism loves abortion because unlimited abortion allows women to have as much promiscuous sex as they want without having to live with any negative consequences of their lifestyle.

My body my choice is the Feminist holy sacramental creed because it is pure unadulterated selfishness.  If there were a Feminist Jesus, when she established her selfish Gospel it would sound like my body my choice.  Here’s a redone verse from The Last Supper only in selfish feminist terms.

6 Greater self-love hath no Feminist than this, that a Feminist exterminate her own unborn child’s life for her convenience. (Feminism 3:16).

My body, my choice is mockery of The Last Supper.  During The Last Supper, Jesus said that he was going to sacrifice his life for his disciples.  When a Feminist talks about her body it always is in a selfish manner.  When a Feminist praises abortion she always praises her abortion privileges because it means that she can sacrifice her own child’s life so that she doesn’t have to be bothered to nurture anybody else.

Jesus gave his life so that we all might live.  My body my choice literally sucks the life out of unborn children so that Feminists can continue to sleep around with sketchy men.  My body my choice is the mirror opposite of Christ’s statements during The Last Supper.  (((Certain people))) hate Christianity and Christians in general.  (((They))) never pass up a chance to make a mockery of Christ and his teachings.  My body my choice is a slogan that was created with the purpose of being the exact opposite of what Jesus taught during The Last Supper.

Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists in general love abortion because it literally sucks the life out of the innocent.  Nothing is as innocent as a baby and abortion literally is infanticide.  Feminists love abortion because killing a baby is the most unholy thing you can do.  Murdering your unborn child literally initiates women into the feminist club.  It is almost like a religious ritual for them.  Abortion literally is the unholy sacrament to Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists.  My body my choice literally is the slogan feminists shout to show their loyalty to their death cult

Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists are evil people.  Their ideology is against everything that the Gospel of Jesus Christ stands for.  All followers of Christ must accept that we never can make a deal with Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists because they believe in the exact opposite of everything that we hold dear.  Either they will destroy us or we will remove their influence from our society.  If Feminists are willing to make sacrilege of The Last Supper then there is nothing that they won’t destroy.

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Just Be Yourself is Satan’s Prettiest Lie

Possibly Satan’s greatest pretty lie that so many people want to believe is just be yourself.  This is a particularly pernicious lie because it sounds calm, reassuring, good and godly.  Just be yourself sounds like the kind of thing that a really compassionate person would say to somebody who was just struggling a little bit.  It sounds like something that a true friend would tell you to encourage you to keep your spirits elevated.

The truth is just be yourself is the worst thing you can tell someone.  Imagine that a fat girl came to talk to you and asked you in good faith what she needed to do to make you desire her.  If you wanted to tell her the truth what would you tell her?  You would tell her that she needed to lose a lot of weight.  You would tell her that when she got her BMI down to about 19 or 20 then you would possibly be interested in her.  You wouldn’t tell her just be yourself because you don’t want her as a fat girl.  Of course we all know she wouldn’t want to hear your advice because losing all of that weight would require lots of effort and sacrifice.

People in the post modern world don’t want to put in a lot of effort or make real life sacrifices.  Fat girls don’t want to give up soda and cupcakes.  They just want to do Zumba dancing once or twice a week and pray that the occasional Zumba dance will suffice to make them desirable.  If Zumba dancing won’t make the average fat girl attractive (it won’t) then even worse she wants the world to change beauty standards to make her desirable and anybody who doesn’t desire a fat girl into a horrible human being.

At the same tie if a chump guy asks a girl what he can do to make girls like him, he puts her in a very difficult position.  Whenever a dork guy asks a girl what he can do to make girls like him he really is asking the girl, “What little insignificant thing can I do to make you desire me, as long as it doesn’t take too much effort?”  Girls naturally are very savvy with unspoken language.  They know the score and what the guy means by his question.

Women don’t really talk about what things they find attractive in men for a wide variety of reasons, but for the sake of this discussion let’s assume that this girl decides to say the truth about what she finds attractive in men.  She could tell the chump, “You need to learn better social skills.  You need to hire a fashion consultant and throw out all of your clothes and get a new wardrobe.  You need to be more socially dominant.  You need to work out and make yourself physically desirable.”  She could tell the chump these things.  But the chump wouldn’t want to hear it.

He doesn’t want to change how he lives.  He doesn’t really want to put in any real effort to make himself interesting and desirable.  He wants to believe in the pretty lie that he can be a dork and out there a hottie is waiting for a dork just like him.  He doesn’t want to accept the fact that he is not interesting and that no hotties want him.  He wants to believe that all he has to do to get the pretty girl is just be yourself.

This is why Satan’s pretty lie of just be yourself is so powerful.  It allows people not to face any of their shortcomings.  Fat girls don’t have to deal with the fact that they are fugly.  Chump men don’t have to deal with the fact that they are undesirable.  The person saying, just be yourself doesn’t have to deal with being perceived as being “not nice.”  Rampant use of this pretty lie allows most people to believe that they don’t have to change how they live in any way because they already are awesome.  It is the perfect excuse to stay below average and never put in any work to improve.

After hearing just be yourself people never ask, “Well who am I?”  If they asked themselves that question they might get a very unpleasant answer.  Fat girls would see that they were obese and disgusting.  Chump guys would see that they are undesirable and that they need to make wholesale changes on how they live their lives.  The truth is we are what we do.  If we are lazy, obese and have poor social skills, then we are lazy, obese and have poor social skills.  We aren’t unique little snowflakes and our uniqueness doesn’t shine through all of our bad attributes.

Satan knows that just be yourself is the best way for people to avoid making positive changes in their lives.  He knows this ugly truth, and he knows that if he can market the idea that we don’t have to improve ourselves; then people will almost always take the easy way out.  Satan knows that as long as people believe that they aren’t the problem in their own lives, then they will not make the changes necessary to live better lives.

One of the best ways for people to find joy and happiness is through personal progress.  When we take weaknesses and make them strong or at least decent we feel a sense of personal accomplishment.  We also feel good about ourselves because we improved and progressed.  One of the sad truths about just be yourself is just be yourself gives you justification not to improve.  If we don’t improve we stay stagnant.  If we are stagnant then we are unhappy and unfulfilled.  Satan knows that the statement just be yourself really means, “Stay the same and make yourself miserable and unfulfilled.”

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Dear White People Shows that (((Hollywood))) Is Out of Touch with the Social Mood in America

Netflix is about to release a TV show named Dear White People.  The show is about all the ways that White people make minorities feel excluded or something.  It’s a standard lecture about how Whites are the problem in America and the rest of the world would be wonderful if Whites would stop screwing things up.  Of course Dear White People is completely out of step with the cultural mood in America.  White people are sick of being lectured to by (((certain people))).

The (((people who own the American media))) were completely unprepared for Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election.  (((They))) were 100% sure that Hillary Clinton would win the election.  It never dawned on (((them))) that President Trump could reach out to White unionized workers in the Rust Belt and form a new voter coalition.  They also couldn’t believe that there were enough White people left to carry the vote.  (((The media moguls))) commissioned shows like Dear White People assuming that Hillary Clinton would be the president.  The purpose of shows like Dear White People was to provide cover for Hillary’s plans to invade America with millions of invaders from all over the 3rd World.

Since (((media moguls))) don’t create (((politically correct))) content without releasing it, they figured that they might as well go ahead and release all the content that they commissioned back when they assumed that Crooked Hillary would be president and flooding America with 3rd Worlders.  It’s the same things with the Super Bowl ads.  Those ads were created months in advance to help Hillary advance her agenda of flooding America with all kinds of invaders from the 3rd World.

The irony of anti-White propaganda shows like Dear White People is Whites all over the western world are all out of White Guilt.  Even White women voted for President Trump.  White people don’t want to be lectured to anymore by (((certain people))) and their pet 3rd Worlders.

The name of the show Dear White People is interesting.  Every time that a Jew wants to lecture White people and act morally superior while not admitting that he’s from (((the Tribe))), the Jew always begins his lecture by saying, “Dear fellow white people.”  You can set your clock to it.  Whenever you read anything that starts with “Dear Fellow White People it’s going to be a Jew LARPing as a White guy lecturing Whites on something we do wrong.  It’s like (((they))) just want to give White people another lecture and makes Whites feel bad for wanting to keep the country that they settled and built.

The interesting thing about White people is we are very nice until we aren’t.  Once White people decide to stop being nice, then we do all kinds of crazy things.

When black people get angry they loot a few stores and steal hair extensions and hair weaves.  When Latin people get angry they lynch somebody.  When White people get really angry they destroy whole continents and exterminate whole races of people.  When it comes to the race of people who you really don’t want to make angry, it’s Whitey.

(((The creators of anti-White propaganda like Dear White People))) really need to consider whether or not they want to keep portraying White people as evil villains because White people might decide to become the villains and then you know the rest of the story.  The election of Donald Trump shows that White people don’t want to lose their country and are sick of being portrayed as the problem in America.  At some point Whitey is going to snap and then something like this is going to happen:

Is this what (((Chosen))) people and their pet 3rd Worlders want to happen?

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Spirit Cooking Shows that All Mormons Must Vote Trump #SpiritCooking

If you are a Mormon in Utah who is still on the fence on whether or not you want to vote for Donald Trump because he said mean things, I highly recommend that you get on Twitter and look up #SpiritCooking.  Lots of Democrat operatives are heavily involved in Spirit Cooking and it is incredibly dangerous because Spirit Cooking is occult black magic.

Starting a few days ago rumors started to swirl around on Twitter and Reddit that Anthony Weiner had information about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation that indicated that they were involved in child sex trafficking rings.  Sounds too crazy to be true, right?  Well people on Reddit and /pol started digging into the Podesta emails on Wikileaks and they started finding a lot of strange stuff.  For example the Clinton Foundation pressured Hillary Clinton to help free Laura Silsby who was a woman who was arrested in Haiti for trying to abduct 33 children with the purpose of trafficking them:

Notice that Wikileaks itself retweeted this tweet which basically means that they believe that the information in it is accurate.  Then things got even more surreal.  People started combing through the Podesta emails and started entering in pedophile and child pr0n code words to see what came up.  The results were very disturbing to say the least.  Here’s enough of the code to get you started:

Here’s them talking about pasta (a small boy) and cheese (a small girl):

Here John Podesta references small Black children:

and here they are talking about “heating the pool” and how  7,9 and 11 year old kids are entertainment:

With all of this creepy stuff we still didn’t have the missing link that shows that yes these people are into the worst behavior possible.  Things still looked creepy but circumstantial.  Then last night Mike Cernovich got the big scoop from one of his readers that brings it all together:

I can’t say it strongly enough how important it is to read that Danger & Play article.  It shows how all of it fits together.  John Podesta was invited to a dinner hosted by Marina Abramovic who wrote a book on Spirit Cooking.  Spirit Cooking is mixing occult black magic with cooking.  Now we have the link that shows that yes many elite Democrats are involved with occultists.

It sounds too crazy to be true.  I get it.  As good wholesome Mormons we don’t want to believe it.  But, just look at the information.  It’s all there.  We know that Bill Clinton flew on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express,” to his private island 6 times without his Secret Service detail.  We know that Hillary flew on the “Lolita Express.”  We know that Hillary’s manager, John Podesta is involved in Spirit Cooking.  He even invited Marina Abramovic to Hillary’s big announcement where she announced her presidential run.  We know that there is tons of creepy code in the Podesta emails that refer to child sex trafficking.

Here’s a Pentagram that Marina Abramovic carved into her stomach:

Here’s one of the recipes that Marina Abramovic uses in her Spirit Cooking recipes:

Here’s a tweet of an email that John Podesta sent to Marina Abramovic talking about a wound on his hand that looks an awful lot like what he would do to himself in one of these Satanic rituals:

It isn’t just politicians who are participating in Spirit Cooking.  Here’s world famous rapper Jay-Z with Marina Abramovic:

Here’s Lady Gaga with Marina Abramovic at a dinner where they did Spirit Cooking:

Every Mormon has to understand that we aren’t dealing with a run of the mill election.  We are dealing with people who are practicing demonic occult worship and are engaged in child sex trafficking.  If we don’t all unite to stop these evil, wicked people then they will have total power.  Ask yourself if voting for Evan McMullin is really worth the risk of letting demonic occult worshippers into the White House?  After you decide to go and vote for the only man who can stop this, I highly recommend that you hug your children tight and feel grateful that you have them and they haven’t been harmed.  After hugging your children, as soon as you can get a babysitter who you trust go to the Temple and get away from the evil that is modern America.

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The Anthony Weiner Scandal Shows that It Doesn’t Affect You is a Lie

Whenever degenerates ever get called out on their disgusting behavior, they always respond by saying, “It doesn’t affect you.”  When degenerates say that their behavior doesn’t affect you they are trying to say that they have a right to engage in disgusting behavior and you don’t have a right to call them out.  But this isn’t true.  Everything we do affects us and affects others.  Let’s take a look at a good example of somebody whose degenerate behavior affected a lot of people: Anthony Weiner.

It doesn’t affect you and Anthony Weiner

Over the summer Anthony Weiner who has a long history of taking nude pictures of himself and sending them all over the Internet to random girls, got caught sending a picture of himself in a disgusting posture next to his sleeping 4 year old child to a 15 year old girl.  Yes, read all of that again.  That’s what really happened.

This was the 3rd time that he has gotten caught acting like a disgusting degenerate.  Every time Anthony Weiner got caught sending out a degenerate photo of himself his supporters would say, “Why do you care what he does with his sex life?  It doesn’t affect you!”  It was like clockwork that they would respond this way.  They always tried to act holier than thou and acted like you were an out of touch loser because you didn’t understand that everybody likes to send out dick pics all over the Internet.

What happened with Anthony Weiner after getting caught again sending out degenerate photos to a 15 year old girl?  Well the FBI decided to build a child porn case against Anthony Weiner.  Once the FBI had him at a point where he was going to jail to be raped, Anthony Weiner had to make a deal to save himself.  So what did he do?  He had a bunch of information stored about Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.  Anthony Weiner making a deal with the FBI most likely is what is going to put Donald Trump over the top and bring down the Clinton Crime Family

The Clinton’s have been notorious for years as total degenerates.  While President, Bill Clinton was notorious for seducing interns and even Elizabeth Hurley.  Hillary Clinton was rumored for years as a lesbian who was in a relationship with Huma Abedin, the woman who Anthony Weiner married.  They have been mired in scandals and mass corruption for years.  Whenever details about their sexcapades came up their supporters would always say that it doesn’t affect you.

Well their sexcapades were the least of their crimes.  We know from Wikileaks that the Clinton Crime Family was using their so-called charity the Clinton Foundation as a place where they would collect bribes and then give out political favors to their donors.  Their poor sexual behavior was always a leading indicator that they were behaving badly in far worse fashion and ripping off the American people.

The Clinton Crime Family always surrounded themselves with degenerates like Anthony Weiner.  They liked having sexual degenerates around because they were the kind of people who would help the Clinton Crime Family run their scams.  But here’s the thing, Anthony Weiner’s sexual degeneracy ended up bringing them down.  So Anthony Weiner’s bad sexual behavior did affect them.

It always affects you

Whenever a degenerate tries to tell you that it doesn’t affect you, throw the Anthony Weiner example back in their faces.  If people are degenerate in one area of their lives then they will be degenerate in other areas of their lives.  If you know that somebody is a degenerate in one aspect of their life, then you can expect them to do other bad behavior.  One way or another it always affects you.  Never let degenerates shame you by saying, “It doesn’t affect you!”

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America Reaches a New Low and Starts to Worship Satan

Remember about 4 years ago when some Yale students decided that they wanted to do a “Black Mass” for Satan?  Remember all of the (((lawyers))) who supported their “free speech” and told us that it wouldn’t lead anywhere?  Remember when these lawyers said, “It doesn’t affect you,” in their snarky and condescending tone?  Well it has.  Guess what Satanic temples are popping up all over the United States.  Recently a Satanic temple was opened in Salem, Mass where the so-called Salem witch trial happened, proving that we  really do need witch and Satanist trials.

Of course it isn’t just so-called adults who are getting into the whole Satanist thing, but (((of course))) children are being taught that it is cool to worship the Devil.

Isn’t it interesting how Christianity is forced out of schools and out of the public sphere but Satanism is being allowed and even encouraged in our public schools?  If anybody ever needs an example of why it is a sin for any parent to send their children to public schools, this is it.  It is also damning against the United States government because the U.S. government is forcing Christianity out of the public sphere and is allowing Satanism to take its place.  This is perfect evidence that our government is pure evil because it supports Satanism and fights against Christianity.

And what is the result of all this casual Satan worship?  Demonic possession of course!  The Catholic Church is having to call and ordain lots of priests to go around and perform exorcisms.  America is now so depraved and degenerate that we are literally summoning up demons from wherever they are.  How low can America go?

It’s ironic because even if God and Satan aren’t real, these people are still worshipping the essence of evil.  Satan represents destruction and doing bad to others.  There is nothing redeeming about worshipping the Devil even if he isn’t real.  Yet, these sick degenerates are still worshipping the Devil.  They are so far down the wicked path that they think that it is cool and edgy to worship the Price of Darkness.

As Mormons we have to understand that huge chunks of the American population are literally starting to worship Satan.  Satanism is being promoted and propped up by the government.  As Mormons we must accept that the United States government really is trying to destroy our belief in God.  There’s a reason why the government is trying to make it difficult for our church to survive and why it is supporting Satanism.  The reason is because our government is pure evil.  We have reached Book of Mormon levels of evil:

. . ., and they did not dwindle in unbelief, but they did willfully rebel against the gospel of Christ; and they did teach their children that they should not believe, even as their fathers, from the beginning, did dwindle.  (4 Nephi 1:38).

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CTR condom

Utah Planned Parenthood Released the CTR Condom to Get More Babies to Kill

Utah Planned Parenthood decided to try to humiliate Mormon youth by corrupting one of our most important symbols: CTR.  Utah Planned Parenthood distributed condoms with the CTR symbol on the back.  We can all agree that this is disgusting and offensive.  What is tragic is Planned Parenthood did this on purpose and successfully used it to their advantage.  Why did Planned Parenthood release their CTR condoms and what did Planned Parenthood get from it?

  • Utah Planned Parenthood was able to corrupt a popular Mormon image. How many Latter-Day Saint children grew up with a CTR ring?  With their disgusting release Planned Parenthood was able to corrupt this image.  Many Mormons revere the CTR symbol and Utah Planned Parenthood mocked something many of us hold dear to our hearts.  Now instead of being a symbol of doing the right thing and a reminder to obey the commandments, CTR is now associated with sexual degeneracy.  Many Mormons will feel ashamed over the CTR symbol.
  • Utah Planned Parenthood got free advertising for this. Everybody in Utah is mentioning it on the news and talking about it on the Internet.  Hey, I decided to talk about it and amplify their message.  Lots of LDS youth will see the outrage over the CTR Condom debacle and see their propaganda.  It will make many Latter-Day Saint youth curious about experimenting with sexual sin and some will fall into it due to this propaganda.
  • Utah Planned Parenthood’s CTR condom will create at least some small uptick in sexual promiscuity in the Mormon Community. Advertising works!  There will be teenagers who get curious about sleeping around from this marketing campaign.  Rhetoric works!  Telling people to be sexually promiscuous and getting the world to amplify the message is an effective tactic.

All leftist organizations want to destroy everything that is traditional and wholesome.  Utah Planned Parenthood is a leftist organization who makes most of its money from killing babies and selling the body parts.  One of the best ways to abort more babies is by having more teenagers and early 20 something’s engaging in sexual promiscuity.  Some of the people will fail to use the CTR condom and more single girls will get pregnant.  Many of them will get abortions and Utah Planned Parenthood will get to sell the body parts.

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The Pride of Gay Pride

The annual gay pride parade is coming up this weekend.  It’s ironic that the gay community names its annual public bacchanalia the “Pride” parade.  About 30 years ago Ezra Taft Benson was head of the Mormon church.  Ezra Taft Benson gave an important talk on pride.  Normally when Christian leaders get up to speak, it is Churchian nonsense.  This talk was different.  It may have been the last serious religious discussion any major Christian leader has given.  His talk is applicable to all people and is doubly applicable to the gay community.  As America bows itself down to the pride of the gay community, America will go the way of many previous civilizations.  Let’s look at some important parts of Ezra Taft Benson’s talk and how they relate to the gay lobby today:

The central feature of pride is enmity—enmity toward God and enmity toward our fellowmen. Enmity means “hatred toward, hostility to, or a state of opposition.” It is the power by which Satan wishes to reign over us.

Pride is essentially competitive in nature. We pit our will against God’s. When we direct our pride toward God, it is in the spirit of “my will and not thine be done.” As Paul said, they “seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.”  (Philip. 2.21).

Do gays hate Christians and normal people in general?  Let’s take a look at some pictures from their “Pride” parade:

Those don’t look like people who just want to be left alone free from Christian oppression

That looks a lot like mockery and hatred.  They really don’t pass up a chance to try to humiliate things that God fearing people hold sacred.  They try to corrupt the innocent and pure.  Look at how they try to get children involved in their lifestyle.

This is why they want gay scout masters

Just by looking at how they humiliate Christians and their beliefs, we know that they have a lot of hatred for Christians.  The way they try to force the young and innocent into their lifestyle shows their hatred for the young and innocent because the homosexual lifestyle is a difficult life, at best.  Their hatred for Christians, the young and innocent is their pride and sin manifesting itself.

Does the gay community accept that they are a small community, whose behavior is not good for the vast majority of society?  Do they keep their behavior to themselves?  Or do they try to make America participate in their sins?  I think we know the answer to that.


Our enmity toward God takes on many labels, such as rebellion, hard-heartedness, stiff-neckedness, unrepentant, puffed up, easily offended, and sign seekers. The proud wish God would agree with them. They aren’t interested in changing their opinions to agree with God’s.

Do gays accept that they cannot partake of all the privileges of society?  Do they accept that their actions have negative consequences for themselves and others?  No of course not.  They demand that the world change for them.  Their push for gay mockery of marriage is just an attempt for them to make the world change to suit their whims.

Another major portion of this very prevalent sin of pride is enmity toward our fellowmen. We are tempted daily to elevate ourselves above others and diminish them.
Right now the gay community and their supporters are enjoying rubbing Christians’ noses in the fact that they won a legal battle to redefine marriage into something it isn’t:


The government rubbing our noses in their degeneracy

The scriptures abound with evidences of the severe consequences of the sin of pride to individuals, groups, cities, and nations. 

In the future when archeologists are looking at the ruins of American civilization, they will talk about how the American people rejected God’s timeless wisdom for cheap philosophies of men.  The archeologists will ask themselves, “how could they have been so stupid?”

Homosexual pride and degeneracy sometimes make you sympathetic to ISIS. Hard to do.

The proud stand more in fear of men’s judgment than of God’s judgment.

The corporations lined up fast to show their support for the Supreme Court’s ruling.  You would think they were afraid of being labeled homophobic if they didn’t react positively enough, quickly enough and loudly enough.  Look at your Facebook friends.  How many of them added that stupid rainbow to their profile picture?  They really wanted the support and praise of their fellow man.  They didn’t care that God didn’t approve, but Heaven forbid if their BFF’s thought them homophobic.

When pride has a hold on our hearts, we lose our independence of the world and deliver our freedoms to the bondage of men’s judgment.

How many people even dare mention that they believe the Supreme Court’s decision is irresponsible and a sign of America’s decay?  Not many.  Now people just wait to see how the wind is blowing and what the media tells them to believe.  Pride is why Social Justice Warriors can say with a straight face that Bruce Jenner is heroic but Rachel Dolezal is a fraud.  The media told them, so their pride believed it.  After all they don’t want to be on “the wrong side of history.”

Our grandfathers died for this?

Selfishness is one of the more common faces of pride. “How everything affects me” is the center of all that matters—self-conceit, self-pity, worldly self-fulfillment, self-gratification, and self-seeking.

Gay mockery of marriage supporters ask normal people, “how does gays being able to marry negatively affect you?”  They think that they are being profound, when really they are just letting their rebellious, selfish and prideful attitude show.  Look at images of gay men attention whoring at various “Pride” parades.  Do they look humble, or is it all “look at me, I’m so special”

Pride results in secret combinations which are built up to get power, gain, and glory of the world.

Does anybody believe that American society isn’t corrupt?  Does anybody believe that its elites and their supporters don’t want power and praise from the world?  Look at how fast the big corporations added the gay rainbow to their corporate symbols:


Corrupt corporations wanted to show their support for degeneracy

The scriptures testify that the proud are easily offended and hold grudges. They withhold forgiveness to keep another in their debt and to justify their injured feelings.

Does anybody think that gays will stop being victims?  Even after they have total power, will they stop being poor oppressed victims?  It’s hard to imagine they would give up their victim status no matter how much power they have.  After all their perpetual victim status allows them to continue to push for more privileges for themselves.

Pride is the universal sin, the great vice. Yes, pride is the universal sin, the great vice.

Seeing the sick bacchanalia at “Pride” parades is bad enough.  What is really depressing is knowing that their behavior is just an outward manifestation of their far worse sin: pride.  They even make sure to name their parades after their deeper sin: “Pride.”