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#DearWhiteMormons Shows that SJW Fake Mormons Are Bringing Racial Strife to the LDS Community

Mormons are the nicest people in the world.  We’ve had to deal with decades of being called evil racists because blacks couldn’t have the Priesthood.  Then in 1978 President Spencer W. Kimball said that blacks could have the Priesthood and Mormons have spent the last 40 years trying to atone for their so-called racism.  The LDS people have bent over backward to be inclusive of blacks and other minorities.  But still that isn’t enough.  Now on Twitter there is #DearWhiteMormons which is black Mormons and their SJW fake Mormon allies lecturing Mormons on our White privilege.

Your humble web host decided to go and spread some inspiring words full of love of tolerance and love of diversity on #DearWhiteMormons:

It’s a simple message of love of the good White Mormons who sacrificed so much to give us the restored Gospel.  You would think that the wonderful diversity posting under #DearWhiteMormons would just love it.  After all they wouldn’t have the Gospel in their lives if it wasn’t for #DearWhiteMormons.  Surprisingly some retrograde forces opposed to progress decided to raise threats and attack this wonderful message of hope and love.

“TheHoodMormon” is opposed to love and diversity and even threatened me for daring to support love and the restored Gospel.  It is tragic that even the person who started #DearWhiteMormons would hold such backward views.

In all seriousness there’s a huge cottage industry coming up of black Mormons who are making a living of selling indulgences to White Mormons for the sin of being White.  The so-called Sistas in Zion sell White people products while lecturing us on whatever.  Right now the ugly truth about life is a lot of blacks try to extract money out of Whitey by calling Whitey some variation of racist and lecturing us on how to be better which always includes giving them more money.

Unfortunately the Mormon community is suffering from SJW fake Mormons trying to infiltrate the church.  SJW fake Mormons use Cultural Marxism as a tool to beat rank and file salt of the Earth Mormons over the head with.  SJW fake Mormons use things like #DearWhiteMormons to attempt to make us hate ourselves and make us willing to give up the Gospel.

One of life’s ugliest truths is Diversity + Proximity = War.  Why should the Mormon community be any different?  It’s starting to look like the Mormon Church’s objective of turning our 3rd World converts into good WASPs isn’t going to work.  Different people want different things and minorities love to extract gibs from Whitey.  White guilt things like #DearWhiteMormons are how a lot of minority Mormons are going to try to make a living.  What is the answer to this problem?  It’s simple, separate nations for separate people.

White people are all out of White guilt.  We just can’t afford it any more.  Our baby boomer parents and grandparents were wealthy enough to afford White guilt but they bankrupted America to pay for it.  Too bad that nobody told the SJW fake Mormons tweeting under #DearWhiteMormons that we are all out of White guilt and can’t afford it any more.

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Evan McMullin Wears a Wire and Spills the Goods on His GOP Comrades

The CIA is like the Hotel California, you can check out anytime you want but you can’t ever leave.  Redgulls’ favorite punching Evan McMullin is back in the news again poorly doing spy craft.  Remember that tape of GOP politicians having a private meeting and one of the GOP big shots saying that Putting was paying off President Trump?  Well it looks like Evan McMullin was recording it and he leaked it to the CIA’s propaganda outlet the Washington Post.

What’s even worse for the GOP big shots is Evan McMullin was sitting in lots of meetings with them over the last few years due to his role working for congress and they are afraid that he’s been taping them the whole time.    What kind of a fool believes a guy when he comes to you and says, “Hey I used to be a spy working for the CIA but I’m retired from that now and you can trust all of your deepest darkest secrets with me.”  Either he never was a spy working for the CIA which makes him a pathetic wannabe or he really was a spy for the CIA and do you really want to trust a spy with your secrets?

The American Deep State likes to pretend that they are these super competent people who are the only ones who can run America.  However what we see about them is all they know how to do is gather dirt on fools who are stupid enough to let them record their private conversations.  The only reason that the Deep State is able to gather so much power is because our politicians are foolish enough to let a spy into the room or they are foolish enough to go to the sex parties hosted by CIA front groups.

Evan McMullin has been trying to make the transition from spy to public figure.  He even was letting it be known that he plans to run for (((Jason Chaffetz’s))) former seat in congress.  But he’s still working for the CIA.  How can he make deals with powerful politicians behind closed doors when people are afraid that he’s taping their private conversations and going to pass it along to the Washington Post?  Evan McMullin taping the GOP private conversations shows that he’s a man who is loyal to the CIA and will always serve their interests.  He’s burned his bridges to the GOP elite by passing on their dirty laundry to the CIA and the press.  He didn’t learn the lesson that he’s only supposed to pass on dirt of certain people and not the people whose support he has to earn.

Watching post modern GOP internal politics is like watching a comedy version of Game of Thrones.  The Republican Party is completely disorganized and divided.  Every faction in the GOP is trying to undermine the other factions.  The whole GOP is ganging up on President Trump and trying to help the Democrats impeach and remove President Trump.  After that the GOP can’t even trust each other as the Evan McMullin case shows.  These people can’t even figure out how to make a political deal to defeat their enemies and increase their own power.  All they do is undermine each other and make themselves look comical.

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The James Comey Firing and Boomer Logic

I wasn’t going to talk about President Trump firing James Comey.  You can sum it up by saying, “Trump had a legislative victory last week and used his increased political capital to get rid of a corrupt FBI director who’s been working as a defense lawyer for corrupt Democrats.”  Then I had lunch with my boomer father and the James Comey firing taught me something about the mainstream Republican baby boomer mindset.

My dad and I were grabbing a burger for lunch at the Zoey Quinn burger joint and we got talking about the James Comey firing.  I mentioned that I was happy about it because well it’s just a good thing whenever the God Emperor does something, anything to drain the swamp.  My boomer father who is a good principled conservative, who buys every leftwing narrative while trying to be above it all dropped some of the world’s greatest boomer wisdom of all time.

My father said, “I thought that James Comey was a good FBI director because both the Democrats and the Republicans were mad at him.”  My jaw dropped to the floor.  My father has witnessed the last 60 years of the Cultural Marxist takeover of America.  He has watched the left, push and push and push until it has infiltrated and taken over every institution in America.

My father with good boomer conservative logic immediately decided to play split the middle.  He assumed that Cultural Marxists had some good ideas and traditionalists had some good ideas.  His logic immediately assumed that the Truth was somewhere in the middle of what Cultural Marxists and traditionalists said.

My father trying to split the middle over the James Comey firing shows why the boomer generation is the worst generation and why the boomer generation allowed Cultural Marxists to take over America.  The tacit the Cultural Marxists used to takeover America was to demand for something or criticize traditional America over something.  Traditional America would defend itself to try to tell the Cultural Marxists “NO.”  Then the baby boomers would come in and say, “Well the Cultural Marxists say . . ., and the traditionalists say . . .  How about we do something in the middle because the middle is the best way to go.”  After the boomers cucked to the Cultural Marxists, America would move to the Left.  Then the Cultural Marxists would move on to the next thing.  And the dace to the Left would continue, wash rinse repeat.

America fell to the Cultural Marxists because nice boomers decided to compromise and assume that the best course to take is the middle ground between 2 competing sides.  The James Comey firing was a good thing because he was actively working to undermine President Trump.  There was no middle ground between the Democrats who only care if somebody is helping to advance THEIR agenda and they DON’T CARE if James Comey is corrupt.  Compromising with Cultural Marxists always leads to them making more demands and taking over more of our society.

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Evan McMullin Tweets about ObamaGate Shows that He Is a Disingenuous Deep State Agent

ObamaGate is a growing scandal showing that President Obama was every bit as awful and scandalous as we feared and Evan McMullin has been helping to cover up ObamaGate.  Evan McMullin has been very busy on Twitter the last few days.  Egg McMuffin has been doing his standard issue talk talk talk while seamlessly shifting narratives as soon as facts on the ground indicate that he’s been either lying the whole time or he’s clueless and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Check out what Evan McMullin tweeted on April 1, of all days, un-ironically:

Here Egg McMuffin is saying that any moment now the CIA and the Democrats are going to prove that Russia and Trump hacked the election and it’s just a matter of time until all of Trump’s supposed lies come crashing down on him and the glorious forces of the Deep State haul him off to jail.  On April 1, April Fool’s Day, Egg McMuffin was saying that ObamaGate was a lie and that it was Trump and the Russians.

Then glorious Mike Cernovich broke the ObamaGate scandal wide open by revealing that it was Susan Rice, one of Obama’s main cronies, who was spying on Trump and his associates.  This is how Evan McMullin responded:

Quickly Egg McMuffin switched his narrative from “Trump is lying about being spied on” to “Well there must have been a good reason for the government to spy on Trump.”  Evan McMullin’s narrative shift on Trump was instant and seamless.  The fact that Egg McMuffin was able to quickly switch narratives shows that he knew that he and his Deep State friends were lying about Trump the whole time while helping to cover up the ObamaGate scandal and they are just doing it because Trump is a threat to the Deep State’s power.

Half an hour later Evan McMullin tweeted an absolutely damning tweet that shows that he is just a wannabe Fascist who only cares whether or not Deep State agents who he supports are illegally spying on American citizens:

Evan McMullin’s tweet boils down to “Illegally spying on American citizens is fine as long as we do it.  There’s nothing wrong with the police state as long as my Deep State friends and I are in charge.”

Redgulls has been at the forefront of exposing Evan McMullin as a fraud.  He constantly works to undermine the will of the American and the Mormon people.  He is a pure Deep State agent working to undermine President Trump.  His presidential campaign was only to depress Trump support and help Hillary Clinton win because she would have continued to allow the Deep State to start wars all over the world.  Evan McMullin is an embarrassment to Mormons everywhere and the LDS people need to shun him.

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Fake Mormons Use Nice as a Tool to Manipulate You

Fake Mormons, especially the leftist and cuckservative type love to use niceness as a tool to morally preen and act superior to you.  They set themselves up as nice and you as not nice.  As long as nice is the most important thing to be then it sets up a heads I win, tails you lose debate because you always are not nice.  Never let fake Mormons manipulate you into a false discussion based on niceness because you can’t ever win with them.

One of the techniques that fake Mormons use is to direct all conversation is to use nice as the judge of what wins a debate.  Their goal is to structure any argument so that whoever is nicest wins the debate.  For example in a discussion with cucked Mormon or leftist fake Mormons they will argue that whatever they want to do is the nicest thing and whatever you want is not nice.  Since the goal is to be nice and whoever is nicest wins, guess what?  The cucked Mormon or leftist fake Mormons wins the debate.  The discussion is rigged from the get go and if you play by their rules then you will lose.

When dealing with cucked Mormons or leftist fake Mormons the way to debate with them is to reject the rules of the game.  When some cucked Mormon says that we need to let all the “Syrian” refugees move to Provo, Utah because President Uctdorf was a refugee, instead of talking about how you want to help refugees too but you just want them to stay in their country; instead say “I don’t want nice Mormon girls gang raped by ISIS members.  Your fake Mormonism is going to get many nice Mormon girls raped.  You are a fake Mormon.”  They will be absolutely shocked and give some response of some sort which will say that you are mean and full of hate.  What you do is say, “You are a fake Mormon who wants nice Mormon girls raped.”  It will shock you how fast the cucked Mormon goes on the defensive.  He will then point out that very few of the “Syrian” refugees are violent ISIS members who like to rape.  At this point you know that you have him.  Respond to him by saying, “1 nice Mormon girl raped by Syrian refugees is too many and I won’t let Mormon girls be raped to satisfy your fake Mormonism.”  The cucked Mormon will be completely silent after this type of exchange acknowledging that he is one of the fake Mormons who want to act morally superior by appearing really nice.

Whenever leftist fake Mormons want to poz up the LDS Church by trying to get it more inclusive of gays respond by calling the liberal Mormons fake Mormons.  Just say, “Letting gays turn the temple into a gay bathhouse is fake Mormonism.  You are a fake Mormon.”  It will shock you how fast they go silent.

One of the most important lessons in rhetoric that we’ve learned since the election is to call anything that pushes leftwing narratives fake.  Fake news is a perfect example of how we’ve been able to destroy the media’s credibility.  Now whenever the media speaks everybody assumes that it is leftwing nonsense.  Nobody even bothers to pretend to believe it.

As red pill Mormons we know that we need to take back control over Mormon narratives.  Too often LDS Church leaders create cucky propaganda that obeys leftist narratives.  We need to establish that leftist fake Mormons will never take control over the LDS Church and converge it into another SJW organization.  One of the best ways to destroy their narratives is to call their beliefs fake Mormonism and that they are fake Mormons.  Calling leftists in general fake Americans works really well too.  Get out there and destroy leftist fake Mormon narratives by calling them fake Mormons and their beliefs fake Mormonism.

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James the Mormon Shows that LDS Culture is Marked for Destruction

Ayla over at discovered that popular LDS rapper James the Mormon is teaching LDS youth Cultural Marxism.

Later I decided to look this guy up. Did his influence go beyond rap music to promotion of bad ideas? Oh my, yes! A quick peak at his Twitter feed showed a man, whom while I believe him to be sincere in his faith, is a horrific influence for the Mormon community and youth.  He promotes Beyoncé to the youth saying she “runs the world” and “thank you for all that you do.” And what is it that Beyoncé does for our culture?  He regularly retweets an account called Jack the Jew which takes cheap shots at the President, calling him dumb and incompetent.  He is pro refugee (actually, economic migrants) and regularly tweets in support of bringing more refugees into our country despite the increase in terrorism, crime, rape, murder and disease.  He regularly tweets about his support of lowering modesty standards for women in the church urging them to show more skin and for other people not to judge this even though Mormon modesty standards are specifically tied to what the Lord has directly asked of us and not to Mormon culture.  He regularly shows himself and his friends going after and targeting white women for dates, using white women as status symbols and one of his fellow rappers is married to a white woman.  He promotes liberal sites like NPR who in turn promote illegal immigration and the changing of America’s  demographics.  Here I think he was trying to say the right thing but his emotional, anti white, blind spot shows. He features a news story of a white man who was driving down the street, being pulled from his car by black people and beaten severely while they yelled racist, anti white remarks at him. James’ reaction to this story is “no side is innocent.” Really? What exactly did this man who was beaten do? I would honestly like to know how he was NOT innocent.   In addition he promotes Shaun King, shown in the tweet above. Shaun King is a white man who pretends to be black, who promotes the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter who are responsible for multiple attacks on whites around the country, for rioting, theft, and vandalism and for actually killing police officers. After a Mormon rap concert do you want your child going on James’ Twitter and being exposed to Shaun King tweets and ideologies that promote the killing of police?

Basically James the Mormon promotes lowering Mormon standards while encouraging your daughter to date black men.  James the Mormon supports Black Lives Matter (of course).  Ayla didn’t mention it but James the Mormon also supports LGBT causes:

Ever since Prop 8 leftists have worked overtime to destroy the Mormon Church.  The best tool to destroy the Mormon Church is by demoralizing and destroying the youth.  If Mormon youth participate in post modern degeneracy then they will reject the Gospel.  Do you ever wonder why (((the music industry))) promotes degenerate rap music?  (((They))) do it because rap music makes being a degenerate loser seem cool.  Isn’t it amazing how this James the Mormon guy came out of nowhere over the last year and now is the most popular LDS performer?  (((Somebody))) is promoting him and helping him grow.  The goal is to encourage Mormon youth to lose interest in actually obeying the Gospel and to make the Mormon Church into just another ineffective and useless Protestant Church.

Mormons need to get a lot savvier quickly.  Whenever a Mormon artist who is unorthodox and different suddenly appears out of nowhere and becomes super popular we all need to treat him with extreme caution.  (((Somebody))) is promoting him and their agenda will almost always be to undermine Mormon Culture and Mormon standards.  The curious case of James the Mormon shows that leftists are working hard to undermine, demoralize and destroy Mormon youth.

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Are Cucky Mormon Church Actions Made Under Duress?

At Redgulls we give Mormon Church leadership a rough time on its cucky behavior.  However let’s have some compassion of our LDS Church leaders.  The SJW’s who spent the last 8 (24) years running the United States Federal government had marked the Mormon Church for destruction and had been constantly attacking the church.  Here’s a great example of how the US Government has been pointing a gun at the Mormon Church’s head:

With the Pentagon on the telephone, BYU president held his ground on the Honor Code

Before discussing moving Air Force ROTC commanders off the Brigham Young University campus, Air Force representatives wanted to ask BYU’s president one more time whether the school’s policy on the Honor Code had changed.

No, answered BYU President Kevin Worthen in a Dec. 15 conference call that was the result of a decision by an Air Force colonel five months earlier to not sign the Honor Code.

BYU Academic Vice President Brent Webb, according to minutes of the call quoting him, added that modifying the Honor Code “would fundamentally change who we are as a university.”

With that, all sides discussed moving Air Force ROTC Detachment 855 to Utah Valley University (UVU). BYU students can earn their officers commissions there.

Documents obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune show the discussions the Air Force and BYU had after Col. Timothy Hogan in July decided not to sign the campus’ Honor Code, which includes prohibitions against premarital sex, alcohol, coffee and tea.

Let’s look at what happened.  Some BYU student didn’t want to sign his Honor Code form.  BYU then said that he couldn’t attend the university.  Then he went and complained to the Air Force ROTC and magically this went all the way to the top of the United States Air Force.  It’s almost like SJW’s always run to amenable authority.  If you were a cynic you could easily conclude that this attack by the Air Force on BYU and the BYU Honor Code was a coordinated attack.  (Yes it was a coordinated attack).

How many cucky decisions the Mormon Church took over the last 8 years or so came from government agencies holding a gun to the church’s head?  It really makes you wonder.  Maybe the actions our Mormon Church leaders took were the smallest amounts that they could give up while maintaining the integrity of the LDS Church and keeping the government SJW’s some what placated.  Redgulls will continue to push back against cucky church policy because that’s what we do here.  At the same time always keep it in mind that our Mormon Church leaders have to make difficult decisions and often they are making cucky decisions under duress.

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The Mormon Girl Moroccan Refugee Story is Citizenship Shopping

(((The media))) is pushing their narrative that there are all these wonderful Muslims out there who we need to let into America because . . ., reasons or something.  One of the tales that they are using to try to gin up sympathy for flooding America with Muslim invaders is the story of a Mormon girl with a Moroccan “refugee.”  Even the cucky Deseret News is running with the Mormon girl loves wonderful Moroccan refugee narrative.  Redgulls likes to get at the heart of the matter of why a Mormon girl would turn her back on her people and fall in love with a random Moroccan guy.  So let’s take a look at what really is going on with this poor oppressed star crossed couple.

Carly Harris is the girl who (((the media))) says is the lovely little princess who magically fell in love with a random “refugee” from Morocco, except there isn’t a war going on there but I digress.  Anyway let’s have a look at her.

Yeah she’s not exactly a cute girl.  She’s not fat but that’s the best you can say.  Let’s get a closer look at her face

She’s got a wide face and it looks like it’s only going to get wider.  She looks like over the next 5 or 6 years, she’s going to balloon up and become a fattie with a horse face.  She’s semi attractive because she is still very young and has lots of youthful bloom but she isn’t going to be semi attractive for much longer.

This Mormon girl has some serious thunder thighs.  She could crush you with those things and ruin your Friday night.  (((The media))) is trying to shoot Carly Harris in the most flattering light possible and trying to make her look as cute as possible.  However even in their propaganda photos you can see that she’s not cute at all.

Now that we’ve established who is the Mormon Girl in love with the Moroccan “refugee” let’s take a look at him.

Surprise surprise, he’s a good looking tall dark and handsome guy who’s showing interest in the Mormon girl.  Suddenly this whole story makes total and complete sense.  We’ve got a good looking guy who’s looking to move out of his crappy North African country and he knows that the easiest way to do it is by marrying a Western girl.

The Mormon girl and the Moroccan “refugee” isn’t some modern day Romeo and Juliet story but it’s like those late middle age divorced British women who travel down to the Caribbean or to Tunisia on sex vacations.  The men in these countries have sex with old and gross British women to get money and gifts.  Sometimes you hear about old British women marrying one of these guys, bringing him to England and then he dumps her as soon as he gets citizenship.  I believe that the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love ended up marrying some sort of Muslim who as soon as he got his UK citizenship dumped her and ran off with a man.

Carly Harris if you end up reading this, here’s some brutal advice, that is well intended, will save you from horrific heartache or worse and nobody else will tell you.  This Moroccan guy just wants a visa to move to America or Europe.  He’s not in love with you.  He’s in love with what your citizenship status can do for him.  If you actually end up marrying him then as soon as he gets his US Green Card he’s going to stop treating you well.  As soon as he gets his citizenship, he’s going to dump you.  I’m sorry to say it but this love story you’ve force fed yourself is nothing more than a fantasy that you’ve invented in your mind.  (((The media))) is using you as a tool to advance their narrative, they know exactly what is going on with him and you and they are willing to let you destroy your life as long as it advances their narrative.  It’s painful to admit but he’s just using you to move to America and nothing more.

(((The media))) only cares about advancing their narrative.  They know that the Mormon girl Moroccan “refugee” story is nothing more than citizenship shopping by a North African who is preying on a clueless Mormon girl.  Let’s pray for Carly Harris and hope that she escapes from this situation with nothing more than a broken heart and a story to tell about how President Trump is mean and won’t let her marry a tall dark and handsome refugee.

Update: Redgulls reader Jules McLin speculates that the Moroccan will come out of the closet as soon as he gets his Green Card.  Looking at him, yeah there’s serious signs that he plays for the other team.  Good catch by Jules McLin.

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Jeff Flake is a Mormon senator from Arizona who is a leading cuckservative

Is Jeff Flake an Embarrassment to Mormons All over America?

The leftist media loves to use Mormons as a tool to attack President Trump.  They believe that if they can get an LDS spokesman to attack Donald Trump then the attack carries more weight.  Egg McMuffin is able to stay in the news and on TV because (((the media))) loves to use him to attack the President.  However Cuck McFaggot isn’t the only Mormon who (((the media))) loves to put on TV to speak against President Trump.  Jeff Flake is becoming one of the so-called conservatives who loves to go on TV and bad mouth President Trump.

Jeff Flake is one of the senators from Arizona.  Arizona is an interesting state because it is one of the states suffering the most from the Mexican invasion.  At the same time it has 2 of the most cucky faux conservative senators in the whole nation: John McCain and Jeff Flake.  Nobody knows how John McCain goes about getting reelected every 6 years but sadly we do know how Jeff Flake gets reelected: by lots of great LDS people voting for him.

After getting reelected Jeff Flake always makes sure to attack other Republicans or even worse he never passes up a chance to attack Donald Trump.  For example, Cuck Flake said that President Trump’s Muslim ban is a bad thing but that it is constitutional.  Jeff Flake’s statement is perfect 1984 double speak because he knows that Trump’s ban is perfectly correct, it is very popular despite what (((the media))) says but he still wants to take a shot at Donald Trump to keep the media happy.

Jeff Flake has always been a leftist LARPing as a conservative.  He knows that the only way for him to have power is through his Mormon connections.  Mormons are overwhelmingly conservative.  The LDS people overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, despite what cucky Mormon elites like Jeff Flake, Egg McMuffin and Mitt Romney want us to believe.  Even in college Cuck Flake wrote in support of horrible Socialist 3rd World dictator Robert Mugabe:

The entire premise of Flake’s thesis, “Zimbabwe: Rhetoric vs. Reality,” (below) is that Mugabe really isn’t a Socialist and is “on the side of the West.”

“After a visit to the country with exposure to the amount of private enterprise and limited government interference in the economy, as well as recognizing the viable existence of a second party, one would clearly see that Zimbabwe is more on the side of the West,” Flake wrote.

Flake doubted that Mugabe really was a socialist. “What is the reason for Mugabe’s continuing lip service to socialism? Perhaps Mugabe never believed in following the socialist path at all,” he wrote. “Mugabe may have come to the conclusion that the socialist model of development is bankrupt in the African context.”

Flake continued arguing that “despite the Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, Zimbabwe has not moved towards a high degree of socialism under Mugabe.”

Has Jeff Flake ever given Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt?  No of course not.  He always assumes the worst in everything that President Trump does.  However ever since he was a student Cuck Flake was willing to overlook the bad behavior of non-White Socialist dictators who committed genocide against their White populations.  Jeff Flake’s actions show that he always will support anybody over his own people.

Jeff Flake relies on the wonderful Mormon people in Arizona to keep him in power.  Mormons are very trusting people because the Mormon community is a high trust community where everybody trusts everybody else and tries to support other Mormons.  Sadly the Mormon community is susceptible to scam artists abusing high trust Mormon society.  It’s why we have such a problem with MLM scams.

Corrupt politicians and wannabe politicians like Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and Egg McMuffin abuse their standing in the Mormon Church.  They know that Mormons support their own, so they use their membership in the LDS Church to advance their political goals.  Mormons tend to vote for other Mormons so these corrupt politicians know that they have a readymade set of voters just waiting to vote for them.

Sadly Mormons need to get a lot savvier about which LDS politicians they support.  Corrupt Mormons like Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and Egg McMuffin have shown that most of the leading LDS politicians are secret leftists wanting to push a cuckservative agenda.  Mormons need to make sure to avoid supporting embarrassments like Jeff Flake.

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Evan McMullin has a 1,000 yard stare from years of sketchy activities

Evan McMullin is Helping the Deep State Undermine Donald Trump

During the buildup to the 2016 Presidential Election I opined that Evan McMullin was a CIA operative running to split Trump voters and give Hillary Clinton the win.  Since the election he has continued his attacks on President Trump in an almost laughable manner.  From the CIA leaks on General Flynn and the way Egg McMuffin is helping the CIA to undermine President Trump it is clear that Evan McMullin is working with the Deep State.

The Deep State is the word of the week.  It refers to the United States government bureaucracy, large corporations and the intelligence agencies who quietly run the United States government no matter who is the president.  This #DeepState likes its entrenched power structure and has no interest in sharing power.  From Evan McMullin’s work history on Infogalactic it is clear that he is knee deep in the Deep State based on his time doing: refugee resettlement, the CIA, Goldman Sachs, Wharton School of Business and working for congress.

When I speculated on Evan McMullin’s past I speculated that underneath his cucky appearance and pathetic wardrobe he was a serious guy who really did put in some hard time.  Well as it turns out, it looks like Egg McMuffin really was just a pathetic cubicle jockey hanging out in an office pretending to be James Bond.  (Although if it comes out later that he really did put in real undercover work and really was in some really dangerous situations I reserve the right to say that I was right.)


In spite of being a pathetic cubicle jockey working for the Deep State, Evan McMullin still is doing the will of his CIA masters.  Roosh had a really good video on the nature of the #DeepState and he talks about Evan McMullin a lot.

Roosh makes a great point that these men in the Deep State are just bureaucrats who want to protect their jobs and keep their bad behavior hidden from us.  Dealing with the entrenched government unaccountable bureaucracy is a big part of Donald Trump going about draining the swamp.  The #DeepState doesn’t want anybody shining a light on them, holding them accountable for what they do and taking their power away.  Expect the Deep State to resist President Trump hardest of any group including the Democrat Party.

The Deep State isn’t just groups like the CIA and corrupt large corporations like the media and Facebook.  It also is the cuckservatives who are part of the Deep State.  Here’s #1 cuckservative (((Bill Kristol))) professing his love for the Deep State:

The Deep State is made up of people like (((Bill Kristol))) and Evan McMullin who want to keep America dysfunctional, unaccountable and corrupt.  They want to profit, get rich and become powerful taking advantage of America’s decline and fall.  Let’s all support President Trump in his task of Draining the Swamp and holding the Deep State accountable for its corruption.

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