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Seek Friendship to Improve Your Life and Their Life

In the Current Year friendship is watered down.  In the modern world the modern meaning of friendship has come to mean:

  • Hangout together
  • No expectations
  • “Acceptance”
  • Get together to dull the boredom of daily life

What we see is friendship has come to mean people who we spend time with to dull boredom in our daily lives who don’t expect us to be interesting and provide value; while we don’t expect them to be interesting or to provide value.

In the not so recent past friendship meant a combination of:

  • Mutual support
  • Alliance building
  • Enjoyment of common activities
  • Loyalty

Aristotle defined friendship as the mutual recognition of each other’s excellence and sharing each other’s values.  Historically friendship had a deeper meaning than it has today.  People were bound to their friends and were very loyal to each other.  People tended to keep their friends for their lives.

Modern friendships are very watered down and meaningless for most people.  People aren’t bound to their friends and they tend to move from friends to friends based on whatever is convenient for them.  People drop their friends over minor matters.  If you ever try to help one of your friends to live a better life, you will probably find that your friend suddenly hates you and doesn’t want to “hangout” with you anymore.

One of the best ways to improve your life is by choosing better friends.  Seek out friends who you see excellence in their lives.  When you make friends with people who are excellent and live the kind of life you want to live; you will find that you enjoy them more and you have more in common with them.  You will find that you have a better bond with them and your relationship lasts longer.

Once you identify and make great friends, next it is important to maintain your relationship.  Make sure to help them out whenever they need your support.  This means that you will probably have to help them move furniture.  When your friends are between jobs you will have to help pass their résumés around town to help your friends find a job.  The good news is when you help them out; they will help you out just as much.

The general rule to having good friends is you have to give them value and they have to give you value.  When you keep this rule in mind you will be able to choose great friends and you will know what you have to do to maintain your friendship.  Modern losers want to rope people into modern friendships where people don’t provide value to the relationship.  Never let people rope you into modern pathetic friendships.  As long as you choose friends who you can recognize their value and excellence and as long as you provide them value; you will have great friendships.

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Virginity Rocks Guy Shows Us that Virtue Signaling Never Makes Your Life Better

(I’m going to rework and republish some of my favorite older Redgulls articles to share them with a wider audience).  One of the things that we often do in Mormon Culture is try to score brownie points and pats on the head for being good little Mormon boys and Mormons girls by virtue signaling in ridiculous ways.  One of the more annoying practices in Mormon Culture is trying to redefine our shortcomings into alternative forms of success.  It is very much a gamma male thing lots of Mormon guys do.  When it comes to using virtue signaling to create alternative forms of success Virginity Rocks guy takes the cake.  Check out the shirt Virginity Rocks guy was wearing:

The conservative version of virtue signaling to show how much of a special snowflake he is.

It’s a sad and depressing shirt for a man to wear around BYU-I.  We all know that the world tries to turn us into sexual degenerates who are obsessed with our cummies.  What makes Virginity Rocks guy’s shirt so tragic is he is playing into the world’s frame of “Hey you need to be out there having lots of promiscuous sex” by saying, “I’m not able to play your game, so I’m better than you.”  It’s a pure gamma male reaction where he tries to take a part of his life where he isn’t living up to how the world expects him to live and tries to redefine it as he’s really better in a secret way because . . ., reasons.

Virginity Rocks guy is trying to look like he’s superior and above it all but in reality he’s just humiliating himself.  I’m not going to show you his face but he has the typical smug look of a self righteous young man who thinks he is getting one over on the world.  However his very sad body language shows that underneath it all, he knows that nobody is buying what he’s selling.  Everything about Virginity Rocks virtue signally guy signals creepy, weird, self righteous chump.

This photo is depressing because Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is showing off that he is a pure gamma male that is playing by the world’s rules not Heavenly Father’s rules.  Heavenly Father wants us to obey the Law of Chastity because it is the best way for us to form happy marriages and live happy families.  The world wants us to be sexually promiscuous because that is the best way for men to get into bad relationships which make them miserable and the world wants women to be sexually promiscuous because promiscuity makes women unable to pair bond with their husbands which makes women miserable.   Wearing this shirt says that this young man plays by the world’s rules instead of playing by Heavenly Father’s rules.

By wearing his Virginity Rocks shirt this young man is acting just like how Jesus taught us to avoid acting in the Sermon on the Mount:

Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men.  Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.  But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.  (Matthew 6:1-4).

By wearing his Virginity Rocks shirt this young man is saying that he wants good boy bonus points for obeying the commandments.  He wants the praise from his fellow students instead of earning praise from Heavenly Father.  Heavenly Father wants us to obey the commandment in our private lives not try to turn living the commandments into an attempt to virtue signal.

This young man’s Virginity Rocks shirt shows that he is the kind of LDS man who we all hate having to spend time with.  He’s the kind of guy who never passes up a chance to virtue signal and show that he is better than you are.  You know the guy, we’ve all had to suffer having guys like him in our ward.  He’s just like the guy who makes you feel guilty for not visiting all the inactive members of the ward on your home teaching list.  Mormon men like him make attending our weekly church meeting into a brutal ordeal instead of a time to be in communion with Heavenly Father and our local LDS community.

Why are virtue signaling men like Virginity Rocks guy worthy of shame and ridicule? One of life’s ugliest truths is double standards exist.  A pretty girl who stays a virgin until she marries is a virtuous young woman.  She has limitless sexual options and chooses to avoid them.  However an unattractive man who women don’t want, don’t get bonus points for obeying the Law of Chastity.  Does anybody think this guy could seduce an attractive girl?  Of course not!  It would be funny to watch the attempt.

The second reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is worthy of shame is because he tries to make his failure in the dating market into an alternative form of victory.  He twists the meaning of the Law of Chastity from a code to keep us from having to deal with bad life consequences to a statement about him.  He tries to hold himself above life’s realities.  All men want to get laid but according to him, not him.   He wants a hot girl to see him in his Virginity Rocks shirt and say, “Wow he is morally superior.  He is different from all the other men that I meet.”  Of course we all know that he is just like the hordes of frustrated men in the world except he is too prideful to admit he struggles in the dating market.

The third reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is worthy of shame and contempt is because he acts just like the hypocrites who announce to the whole world that they are fasting and doing alms.  He wants public adulation for obeying commandments, which he can’t break anyway.  He wants praise for obeying the commandments.  I bet he gets all kinds of praise for his life choices but none of the praise he receives leads to dates with pretty girls.

Fourth we know that Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy would throw all of his supposed virtue away in a New York minute if he had the chance.  If we hired a really innocent looking prostitute to seduce him, and told her that she could take multiple evenings to seduce him but she only gets paid after she seduces him; how long would it take her to seduce him?  I bet she could seduce him on the first night.

The fifth reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling man is worthy of shame and contempt is because he is saying a lie.  Speaking as a recently married man, virginity doesn’t rock.  There’s nothing good and great about it.  Life is much better as a married man with a healthy sex life.  And everybody knows it.  He is trying to pass a lie on everybody else in the world and nobody is buying it.  It’s like those fat women wearing “hands off my pussy shirts.”

The feminist version of Virginity Rocks guy

Nobody is interested in grabbing them by the pussy and nobody wants Virginity Rocks virtue signally guy’s sex life.

The sixth and most important reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is worthy of shame and contempt is because he broadcasts his biggest sin on his sleeve.  His biggest sin is pride.  He markets himself to the world as if he doesn’t have to conform to life’s realities.  His shirt makes the statement that he is such a special unique snowflake that he doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature.  His shirt indicates that he believes that he deserves added benefits for obeying the Gospel because he is just so special.  More than that, his shirt makes the statement that his obedience is better than other young men’s obedience because he is just so special.  He blatantly displays a major case of special snowflake syndrome.  The pride on display with his shirt is truly sickening.

As a man, never announce to the world your struggles because nobody cares about your struggles.  If you find yourself struggling to get a date don’t tell anybody about it.  When you find yourself struggling with anything don’t make a public demonstration about it.  Don’t try to turn your struggles into an alternative form of success like Virginity Rocks virtue signaling man.  And please don’t brag about it.  It just makes you look like a pathetic loser.

Never behave like Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy.  If you obey God’s commandments do not go around demanding public rewards for your obedience.  Some people may give you a little bit of public praise but most people will give you private scorn.  Nobody likes a self righteous dolt who wants people to praise him for doing what he is supposed to do.  Virginity Rocks virtue signaling man is doing the religious conservative version of feminist men who wear vagina hats.  It’s just gross pathetic and laughable.

Liberal men doing their version of Virginity Rocks virtue signaling

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Judge People by their Actions

In life it is important to judge people.  Possibly the most abused scripture in the whole canon of scripture is “Judge not, least ye be judged.”  Every degenerate uses this scripture to tell us that we can’t hold him accountable for his bad actions.  However at the same time we know that we have to make decisions about people.  We also know that we are supposed to be careful about who and how we judge.  So how are we supposed to judge people?  We are supposed to judge people by their actions.  If we judge people by their actions then we can make good judgments about them.  Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Let’s say that you meet a girl who when you are around her, seems nice enough.  However when you try to set up a date with her she always is busy.  It doesn’t matter when it is or how far out in the future you try to set up the date, she always is busy.  Her actions are telling you that she doesn’t want to go out with you.  Most likely she isn’t interested in dating you.  It might be because she is one of these modern girls who books up every evening with all kinds of stuff.  Either she doesn’t want You or she doesn’t want ANYBODY.  Once you see that her action of always being too busy to date you means that she isn’t a potential dating prospect, you can judge that you better move on to a different prospect ASAP.

Let’s say that a new family moves into your ward and the husband is a super excited to serve kind of guy.  He says all the right stuff and is very high energy.  However whenever it comes time to do something when church leaders ask him to give up his time to serve, he suddenly can’t get away from work that weekend.  And if leaders keep asking him to serve, magically he doesn’t have the time, ever, then you can judge that he really isn’t interested in helping out but he just wants to virtue signal.

Let’s say you meet a girl who always complains that she is stuck dating lots of mean awful jerks.  When you suggest to her that maybe she should consider dating some men who aren’t jerks, she agrees with you.  However you notice that she continues only to date jerks and never nice men, you can conclude that she LIKES dating jerks and never will stop dating them.

When you judge people by their actions the thing you have to do is pay attention to what people do.  The general rule is people say whatever it takes to make themselves look good to others.  You find out what people are like based on what they do.  When you learn to judge people by their actions it becomes much easier to see people for who they are good or bad.  It makes your life a lot easier and the world makes more sense to you when you judge people by their actions.

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4 Reasons Why Mormon Men Must Display Their Status

One of life’s most important lessons is Mormon men must learn to display their social status properly.  For example let me tell you about some friends of mine.  These guys are all in their 30’s and all earn at least $100,000 a year.  However they are all kind of minimalists and don’t feel the need to buy lots of stuff.  Plus they don’t want to live alone, so what they’ve done is they’ve all moved into a modest house together where each guy takes a room to himself.  None of them dress particularly sharp.  They like their faded jeans and plaid shirts.

What’s even more depressing is how the girls in their YSA ward and stake treat them.  The girls in their local YSA call them “the lost boys.”  The girls see them as a bunch of pathetic losers who are going nowhere in life.  They just view them as men who haven’t progressed since college.  Mormon men must learn to display their status so that they don’t fall into the same trap as my friends.  These are the reasons why you must display your high status:

  1. Women don’t know what your income means. You could be earning $1,000,000 a year and have the tax return to prove it, but if you live like you are still in college women will think you are a poor man.  Even if you brought your tax returns to your dates and to your YSA ward, girls wouldn’t know what your income means.  Girls judge your economic status based on your status markers like your house, your car and your wardrobe.  If you dress like a million bucks girls will think you are high status.  If you dress as a poor man, women will assume you are poor.
  2. Women don’t want to live in poverty. As Mormon men we don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy.  We just need a bed, a computer and a nice TV and we are happy.  Women need lots of stuff to feel happy.  If she feels like you can’t provide her with all the extra comforts in life, she isn’t going to want to date you.
  3. Even if she knows that you have lots of money saved up, she still isn’t going to want to date you because she knows that getting you to provide a nice lifestyle is going to be like pulling teeth. She doesn’t want to get into a huge fight with you over buying new bed sheets.  If you live like you hate spending money, then she isn’t going to want to have marital conflict over buying new bed sheets.
  4. Women want to have fun. Most women live remarkably boring lives.  They kind of do the same thing over and over again.  They want a man who is going to bring fun and excitement to her life.  If you don’t use your money to have fun and live a good life then she isn’t going to want to build a life with you.  Women want their marriage to be better than their current boring life.  If you can’t show her more fun and excitement than she has now, she has no reason to start a relationship with you.

It is super important for all Mormon men to display their talent because it is the best way for you to show high status.  So go and get a great apartment today and upgrade your wardrobe today.

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6 Reasons to Date Bad Women

I have a friend who is cursed to be super smart.  He is a great poker player and is an absolute master of thinking 4 steps ahead.  One of his biggest problems is he plays out potential relationships in his head, realizes that it almost always will end badly and decides not to try.  He concludes that almost all girls are bad women for him and gives up.  It’s tragic because he needs more experience dating bad women so that he is able to attract, recognize, and keep a great woman.  He really needs to get in there and date some bad women.  Let’s take a look at why you want to date bad women.

  1. Bad women make you appreciate good women. If all women were wonderful and awesome, how could you pick from too many great women?  You couldn’t.  Here’s the thing.  If you don’t have experience dating bad women you won’t recognize good women.  The difference between good women and bad women is small and you need to know how to see the difference.
  2. Relationships with bad women end. You won’t be with a bad woman for long.  There is a famous saying that says, “It doesn’t matter how hot she is, somewhere there is a man sick of putting up with her $h!t.”  You need the experience of dating a beautiful woman who is so toxic you just want her gone.  It is really important for every man to have gotten so sick of a beautiful woman, you just want her out of your life.
  3. When you date bad women you become experienced. Women love an experienced man.  It almost doesn’t matter if his experiences are good or bad.  Women want a man who has been out in the world.  Dating is a big part of being there and doing that.  It makes you an experienced man to have some failed relationships.  Men who don’t have failed relationships don’t have relationships which brings us to point #4.
  4. Date bad women because it makes you into the kind of man who dates. One of America’s dirty secrets is the vast majority of American women are awful.  If you are in the dating market then you usually date bad women.  Men who refuse to date bad women, don’t date.  If you aren’t dating bad women then you aren’t dating.  When you date bad women you become an active participant in the dating market.  All women have a 6th sense about which men are actively dating and which men aren’t.  If you aren’t dating bad women, then all women know you aren’t dating.  Girls instinctively know never to date you if you aren’t dating.
  5. Dating is fun, even with bad women. Some of my best dating adventures were with bad women.  Of course I didn’t know they were bad women at the time.  If I didn’t date them, I would have lost out on tons of great life experiences.  With some of the girls I even knew they were a train wreck when I started dating them.  My life is better because I dated lots of bad women.
  6. Despite what you think you don’t know which women are good and which are bad. You can hold out for who you think is the best girl in the whole world and find out after 8 months of dating that she is awful.  One of life’s most important secrets is we really don’t know who is good and who isn’t.

Get out there and meet some bad women today.  Stop holding out only for a great woman!  Even if you meet her, she won’t want you because you won’t be interesting enough.  If you want to have a great dating life and eventually a great marriage then you need to date bad women today.

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Everything Your Father Never Taught You: The Latter-Day Saint’s Guide to Being a Successful Mormon Man is pleased to present the first red pill/neomasculine book written specifically for the Mormon Community.  Everything Your Father Never Taught You covers what a man needs to do to become the kind of man pretty women want to date.

In Everything Your Father Never Taught You, you will learn:

  • What women are like so you will never lament, “I just don’t understand women” ever again
  • The kind of men women want to date
  • Behaviors to avoid such as don’t be a gamma male and don’t be an orbiter
  • Positive lifestyle changes to make such as being in shape and having good social skills
  • How to ask a girl out on a date
  • My successful first and second date model I use on all my dates which keeps me out of the “friendzone” and allows me to date pretty girls
  • What to look for in a potential wife
  • Red flags on women that indicate women to avoid entering a serious relationship with

Everything Your Father Never Taught You gives you the tools you need to be a socially savvy Mormon man who is able to date pretty LDS girls and have a successful dating life.  This book is a serious book that doesn’t pull any punches and covers serious subject matter.  It deals with why looking at pornography is bad for you and why you want to avoid it.  It deals with the real dangers of violating the Law of Chastity.

All Latter-Day Saint men can benefit from reading Everything Your Father Never Taught You because let’s face it, most LDS fathers do a poor job of teaching their sons how to be good at being men.  Unfortunately Mormon Church leaders do an even worse job of helping young men get good at being men; as every young man who has ever attended EFY can testify.   Men as young as 16 years old will benefit from this book and even men who are older in their 30’s and 40’s can benefit for it.  It is a timeless book for all men who want to get better at being men.  There is a huge hole of masculine knowledge and wisdom in the Mormon Community and Everything Your Father Never Taught You begins to fill this gap.  Purchase it today at

Porn Addict German Mayor Hates Germany Wants German Women Punished

A German mayor who supports the invasion of Germany and the rape of German women watches BDSM porn on his computer at work.

Important work reading

This German mayor likes to watch dirty movies at work.  The German people must be happy with how he uses their tax dollars.  We can conclude from this mayor looking at dirty movies and images at work that he is a serious porn addict.  You can tell a lot about a man from how he looks.  What does this German mayor look like?

Soft man who can’t control himself from watching porn at work

You can see from his facial features that he is a soft man who desirable German women don’t want to date.  He has soft cheeks, a poorly defined chin, a general softness and weakness in his face in general.  When we look at his body he has a herby blue shirt with short sleeves.  He also wears khaki pleated pants, a leading indicator that he is a herb.  Just by looking at him we can tell that he hasn’t had a date with a desirable woman in years, despite being a fairly powerful man.  He must be angry and resent German women for rejecting him.  He displays his anger and resentment at German women by watching them humiliated in porn and by bringing in millions of Muslim men who will rape German women.

For a long time my attitude on pornography has been that it is a symptom of men struggling in the dating world, mixed with technology pumping things men naturally like straight into their heads.  When it comes to young men I believe we would be better off teaching young men how to run game than give them a shaming lecture about their habits.  However one of the things we are starting to notice about porn consumption is it changes people.  We are starting to see that men’s pornography habits change men and how they act.  We are starting to see that men’s sexual tastes change from consuming pornography.  It changes men into cuckolds.  Now we see that German’s watching BDSM porn are more likely to be disloyal to Germany and enjoy seeing German women raped.

In the case of this German Mayor his habits show that his consumption of BDSM porn of German women being “punished” makes him disloyal to Germany.  German women are being violently raped by Muslim invaders coming into Germany and playing their rape game: Taharrush.

It just makes sense that a man who would watch porn at work of his own nation’s women would support Muslims coming into Germany and raping German women.  He probably gets sexually excited thinking about German women getting raped in the street.

We are starting to see more and more evidence that pornography consumption makes men into cucks and makes them support invasion of their country and rape of their women.  It’s important to help men have better dating lives so they aren’t tempted into this vice.

Do All Mormons Have Similar Values?

In the LDS Church we assume that everybody has similar values because we attend the same church and proclaim belief in the same religious doctrine.  However when we look around our wards and stakes what do we see?  We see sloppy men, frumpy women, people with poor habits in general, homosexuals, etc.  When we look around at the actual types of members of the church and how they live their daily lives we conclude that the values they live by are different than the values we live by.

One of life’s most important lessons is people who do the same things we do and live their daily lives similar to how we live are people who have similar values.  For example when I see men who are in shape, dressed well and have a confident air to them; I know they live similar lives to me.  When I see men who dress poorly, are fat and have a defeated look to them, I know they live a very different life than I live.  When I look at men at church I can see which ones have the same daily life values as I do, just by how they dress and carry themselves.  I can also see the ones whose life values are different from mine and who have similar values.

It’s important to understand that just because we all share the same religious beliefs, doesn’t mean we all have similar values.  How we worship Heavenly Father on Sunday is a very small part of who we are.  As switched on men it is important to understand that many members of the church have very different values and they may resent us for our values.

Do you share anything in common with this guy?

Let’s face it below average people resent above average people for being better than them.  It’s one of life’s ugliest truths to understand that those who refuse to improve themselves resent those who do.  Envy is one of the most powerful human emotions.  The envious always look for opportunities to knock those above them down a notch or two.  If you are an above average LDS man, you have to accept that the men below you resent you.  It’s just an ugly fact about life, even in the church.

People with similar values are those who act similar to how we act in many aspects of our lives: physical, social, religious, etc.  As an improved LDS man you must seek out men who live their daily lives similar to how you live.  Find men who exercise, eat a proper diet, dress well, date cute girls etc.  These are the kinds of men who will make good friends and uplift you.  Avoid all the men whose daily lives show they have different values, even if they profess the same religious beliefs.

How to Identify Quality Friends

Last year my company released a new product.  When we demoed it to potential customers all the people watching the demo praised our produce and told us how much they liked it.  There was only one problem, nobody was buying it.  One day we demoed the product for one of our customers who also used one of our other products.  At the end of the demo our customer told us that our new product lacked important features potential customers of our new product demanded.  We found out from our customer that our new product was not viable in its current state.

Finding out that our product that we worked so hard on was commercially unviable was a major gut shot for us.  Tens of thousands of hours had gone into creating this product and getting it ready for the market.  After finding out that our product sucked we were all very disappointed and unhappy.  Some of the people in the room were unhappy with our customer for telling us the truth that our product sucked.  What they didn’t know was the customer who told us our product was commercially unviable was a quality friend.

When we think about who are quality friends and who aren’t quality friends, who was a better friend for our company; the people who praised our product even though they knew it sucked, or the customer who told us the truth about what our product lacked?  The customer who told us the truth was quality friend even though he told us things we didn’t like and made us feel bad.

Often people confuse who are our friends and who aren’t our friends.  These days people confuse friendship with telling us “nice” things we want to hear.  Let’s look at two examples of people and who are their friends and who aren’t their friends:

  1. Is a girl who tells her “BFF” that she should cut her hair short and stop worrying about her diet and she should just enjoy herself, a good friend or a bad friend? She’s a bad friend because she is telling her “BFF” things that will make her life miserable in the medium term and long term.
  2. Is a man who tells a fat girl that overeating and refusing to exercise enough and that her habits are ruining her life, a mean jerk or a good friend? He’s a good friend because he tells her the truth even if it isn’t something she wants to hear.

When we look at the world objectively we can see that those willing to tell us the truth are usually our best friends; even if they tell us things we don’t want to hear.  Most people will just tell us what we want to hear and won’t tell us anything we need to know.  However those people who are willing to tell us important and uncomfortable truths are most likely to be high quality friends.

A few months ago one of my friends moved into my house with me.  He is a gym warrior but he has bad dietary habits.  I have good dietary habits but I hate going to the gym.  By living together we have pushed each other to adopt the good habits of each other.  I’m going to the gym more and he’s eating better.  True high quality friends push us to do our best and refuse to accept our shortcomings.

Dating Is Like Football

This is a sample chapter from my currently untitled book designed to help LDS men live great lives.

I love football.  Football is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Starting the last week in August when college football starts I spend all weekend, every weekend sitting on my sofa watching football.  I divide my year into two parts.  There’s the good part, from September through January.  These are the months that have football.  Then we have a funeral every year on the first weekend in February called the Super Bowl.  While everybody else is happy during the Super Bowl I am sad because it is the last football game for almost 7 months.  From the second week in February until the end of August is the bad part of the year, the time with no football.

The reason football is so great is because it mimics life.  You can learn everything you need to know about life just by watching football.  If you want to learn how to be successful in life just watch how winning teams go about winning in football.

There are two ways to win in football.  The first way to win is get a superstar quarterback.  Superstar quarterbacks go by the name of Montana, Young, Favre, Manning, Brady and Rogers.  And that’s about it.  There are rarely more than 2 or 3 superstar quarterbacks in the NFL at one time.  You only get one of these guys by luck.  There are lots of really good quarterbacks who people think are superstars, but they aren’t.  These guys go by the name of Roethlisberger, Rivers, Aikman, Marino, Brees, Luck, etc.  These guys are really good and put up big numbers, but if the team around them is only so so, they will not single handedly carry their team to success like the superstar quarterback.  Right now in the NFL there are only 2 superstar quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers.  Even Peyton Manning, due to old age, has dropped off significantly.  It’s incredibly hard to get a superstar quarterback and you can’t count on your team having one.

The other way to win at football is to build a great defense, get a good quarterback and never turn the ball over.  In football, teams win and lose based on which team turns the ball over.  Fumbling the football and throwing interceptions kill teams.  As a general rule, the team with the fewest turnovers wins.  The other way to make sure your teams wins is to defend the Red Zone.  The Red Zone is the last 20 yards from the 20 yard line to the goal line.  If you can force the other team to kick field goals instead of scoring touchdowns, you increase your odds of winning dramatically.  Winning in football comes down to not turning the ball over, forcing turnovers and defending the Red Zone.

In football, great defense trumps great offense.  In the Super Bowl the #1 offense has played the #1 defense 6 times and the #1 defense has won 5 of those games.  Even the best quarterbacks get flustered and struggle against the top defenses.  Do you ever want to watch Tom Brady look like a mere mortal?  Have him play against a great defense and the defense will make him have a difficult day.  Even Tom Brady, who has won 4 Super Bowls and played in two others, wins the Super Bowl in years when his team’s defense is particularly good.  Great quarterbacks are extremely rare and the vast majority of football teams won’t have one.  The best way to win in football is with a great defense.  Let’s look at how two of the best football coaches: Kyle Whittingham and Jim Harbaugh go about winning football games.

Kyle Whittingham is a treasure for the state of Utah.  He has guided Utah into the Pac 12 conference where the Utah Utes play against power programs like USC, Stanford and Oregon every week.  Utah is still a small state and despite what Utah and especially BYU fans believe, their football programs are not highly prestigious.  Not having a lot of program prestige means your program will struggle to attract the best players.  Because Utah and BYU aren’t highly prestigious, the best in state high school players leave the state.  Utah still has a bit of negative social stigma in the rest of America and struggles to recruit top high school football players to Salt Lake City.  One of Whittingham’s biggest struggles is filling out a roster with enough elite players to field a winning team in an elite conference.

What Whittingham does is he takes most of his best players and moves them to defense.  Utah is able to recruit enough talent to field a top defense every year.  After he puts his best players on defense he works on having a strong offensive line so he can have a strong running game.  Whittingham’s strategy is to force turnovers and run the ball on offense.  He figures that if his teams can play great defense, hold the ball on offense and don’t turn the ball over, he can usually field a winning team.

If Whittingham balanced out his team by keeping more of his top players on offense and weakening his defense what would happen is the offense would score a little bit more, but the defense would give up A LOT more points.  Instead of having one great part of his team and one so so part of his team, his team would have two below average parts and his teams would LOSE a lot more.  Instead of fielding a competitive team every year his team would be uncompetitive and he would get fired within 3 years.

What is interesting is when you look at Utah since moving to the Pac12 Utah’s winning and losing seasons always follow the turnover pattern.  In Utah’s first year in the Pac12, Utah was able to field a team that went to a bowl game, but lost most of its Pac12 games.  Utah’s quarterback got injured and the backup had to play most of the games.  Overall this was a good season.  In Utah’s second year in the Pac12, Utah’s quarterback got injured, his backup was poor and they finished the season playing a freshman quarterback.  The team won 5 games.  The quarterbacks kept turning the ball over and putting the defense in bad positions.  Utah’s 3rd season in the Pac12 Utah played a sophomore quarterback who turned the ball over a lot and got injured halfway through the season.  Utah’s turnovers crippled the team and the team only won 5 games.

In Utah’s 4th season in the Pac 12, Utah’s quarterback turned the ball over much less.  He didn’t produce a ton, but he stopped turning the ball over.  Utah found an NFL level running back and the defense had a lot of really good players.  Utah ended up winning 9 games that year and it was a really good season.  In Utah’s 5th season in the Pac 12 Utah had a great defense, an NFL running back and a great offensive line.  Utah had a lot of great wins and finished the season with 10 wins.  This was one of the great years in Utah football history.  Utah very easily could have won even more, except their quarterback turned the ball over too much costing Utah 2 games.  Utah’s NFL running back got injured at the end of the season putting too much focus on the quarterback and exposing his weaknesses.

Jim Harbaugh wins in the same manner only he is better at offense, making him possibly the best coach in all of football.  Harbaugh has a reputation for being an offensive genius but he wins with great defense.  Harbaugh’s teams always plays great defense, run the ball incredibly well, never turn the ball over and he runs a sophisticated offense.  Harbaugh wins big at every level of football because his teams play perfect football.

At the start of the 2015 college football season Utah played Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan team.  The game was one of the great games of the whole season.  Utah and Michigan both played killer defense.  They both made the other offenses struggle to score.  The difference in the game was Utah’s NFL running back was able to score when Utah was able to get into the Red Zone.  Utah was able to defend the Red Zone and forced 3 big turnovers.  Both teams ground each other into the ground and showed they both were two of the top teams in the whole country.

The 2016 Super Bowl was a case study in defense.  Denver came into the Super Bowl with the #1 defense in the NFL.  Denver won all year on the strength of its defense.  Denver’s offense was led by Peyton Manning.  Manning had been a superstar quarterback for many years.  However in the 2015-2016 season age finally caught up with Manning.  He was no longer able to throw the ball downfield.  Frankly due to his age and physical limitations, Manning was a below average quarterback.

Carolina came into the 2016 Super Bowl flying high.  Carolina had a high flying offense led by Cam Newton, the NFL MVP.  Carolina also brought a great defense.  Carolina’s defense was famous for stopping all offenses they faced, constantly giving their offense great field position allowing Carolina’s offense to quickly wear down the opposing defense.

The 2016 Super Bowl was a matchup between two great defenses.  The hype was all about the quarterbacks: Manning vs. Newton, but the game would be decided based on the defenses.  Carolina was the favorite because their offense looked stronger than Denver’s offense.  The game was a defensive slugfest.  Denver’s offense had less than 200 yards all game.  However Denver’s defense was able to force two big fumbles one of which Denver returned for a touchdown and the other gave Denver a very short field allowing Denver to score another touchdown.  The whole Super Bowl was a case study on defense wins championships and turnovers kill.  In spite of losing Carolina’s defense was every bit as dominant as Denver’s defense only they scored points with their defense.

In football the general rule is you win if you don’t beat yourself by turning the ball over and you force the other team to turn the ball over.  The best way to win is NOT to lose.  It’s funny because coaches get criticized a lot for playing not to lose, but playing not to lose is the best way to win.  Go figure.  Of course in college football and the NFL it’s a lot harder than it sounds because there are lots of very smart coaches and very elite athletes working extra hard to make you beat yourself and lose.

Football is great because it is just like life.  In life most people fail because they beat themselves.  Girls who overeat beat themselves because they make themselves obese and ugly.  Overeating and becoming fat damages girls’ lives because a lot of a girl’s ability to find and attract a man comes from how she looks.  Having a good man in their lives is the best way for women to find happiness and win at life.  By damaging their looks fat girls make their lives much harder and ultimately their obesity ruins their lives.  A girl overeating and making herself fat is a perfect case study in how people beat themselves in life.

Let’s take a look at a good example of how many men ruin their lives.  Men who spend all their free time watching TV and playing video games beat themselves.  To attract a desirable woman a man has to have lots of achievements and hobbies to attract a good woman.  If a man spends all his time playing video games and watching TV he won’t develop himself.  He won’t exercise enough, getting fat.  He won’t do interesting things, won’t have interesting things to talk about and he won’t even be in position to meet girls.  By playing too much video games and watching too much TV a man beats himself in life and makes his life horrible.

The modern world loves to teach us to beat ourselves in the game of life.  The modern world tells us to eat too much, don’t exercise, watch TV all the time, worship celebrities, engage in degenerate behavior, etc.  Look at a horrible trend in the modern world: fat acceptance.  The modern world tells us that being fat is just as good as being fit.  The world tells us we are all beautiful at any size.  Of course it’s all nonsense.  Being fat makes us unhealthy and unable to enjoy life.  It makes us unappealing to the opposite sex.  If we do what the world tells us to do we will end up with miserable lives.  We will defeat ourselves and end up losing in life.

In life if you want to have a great life you have two choices.  You can either be born super good looking, from a very rich family and have fame, this is the life equivalent of being a superstar quarterback.  Or you can win by working hard, improving yourself and not screwing up.  If you are reading this book, you aren’t like real life version of a superstar quarterback.  Even men who have everything often struggle to live great lives.  Many of them end up addicted to high end drugs and wasting all their money on hedonistic pleasure.  You are better off building your life through effort and achievement.  This is winning by defense.  In real life winning with defense is better.

If you want to have a successful life what you need to do is look at everything that holds you back.  Do you play too many video games?  Does your college major set you up for a life of crappy jobs?  Do you overeat?  Do you dress poorly?  Do you have bad social skills?  These things are like turnovers in football.  If you do these things too much it will beat you and you will lose making you have a bad life.  To quickly improve your life, stop doing these things.

While you stop doing the things that defeat you, you need to start doing things that make your life better.  Doing these things is like playing great defense and having a competent offence.  Do you exercise enough?  Do you do interesting activities to give you something interesting to talk about?  Do you improve your social skills?  Improving these skills is like playing defense and avoiding turnovers.

The way to win in life is to stop doing things that make you lose and start doing things that make you win.  Your dating life is just one part of your life and it follows all parts of your life.  Do the things that let you have a good dating life and stop doing things that make you have a bad dating life.  Dating is just like football because if your dating life sucks it is probably because you are doing things that make your dating life suck.  Stop doing these things, do things that make your dating life good and your life will get better.  Stop defeating yourself and your life will improve.

In football there are really smart and talented people working extra hard to make you beat yourself.  In real life the only person standing between you and the life you want to live is you.  Most of the people telling you to live a bad life are cheap marketers who make money off of your misery.  They aren’t nearly as scary as a 250 pound NFL linebacker.  All you have to do is start doing the things that make your life better and avoid the things that make your life worse.