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The Kathy Griffin Beheading of President Trump Shows that the Left Wants to Destroy Us

In an attempt to generate clicks, notice and more public appearances Kathy Griffin created a piece of performance art of her holding a severed head representing President Trump.  It is a sick play on ISIS propaganda where they hold up the severed heads of their victims whenever they capture them alive.  Kathy Griffin’s artwork is important because it shows that the American Left is continuing to ramp up the rhetoric against everybody who opposes them and it shows that the Left is in solidarity with Islam against YOU.

What we are seeing in the American political Left is they are using their Hollywood and artist friends to create propaganda that shows their intent for President Trump and the rest of his supporters.  Kathy Griffin’s image of her holding a severed head representing President Trump is propaganda for Antifa and other leftwing groups, just like how ISIS showing off severed head is designed to inspire other Muslims to kill.  The goal of this propaganda is to inspire Leftists to go and physically harm or even kill conservatives all over America.  In Kathy Griffin’s image of President Trump, Trump represents all of us.

What people put into art is what they value.  When we look at American art, pretty much all of it is violence, depraved, degenerate and disgusting.  Our art says that our culture is all of these negative things.  Our art is a mirror into our souls.  What does Kathy Griffin’s art say about the leftist soul?  It says that their souls are filled with rage, violence and a desire to kill anybody who they don’t like just like how ISIS is fill with violent people who are Hell bent on killing us.

Kathy Griffin’s art is interesting because it is similar to Marina Abramovich’s Spirit Cooking art?  Remember the whole Spirit Cooking thing that came out in the Podesta emails?  It was some sick stuff where we found out that huge chunks of our cultural and political elite play act worship for the Devil.  When you see the 2 pieces of “performance art” side by side, you have to draw the conclusion that these people are into some very sick stuff.

Kathy Griffin “performance art” of her decapitating President Trump is similar to what ISIS does.  ISIS loves to cut off people’s heads and post the images on the Internet.  The American Left loves to support Muslims.  Why is that?  On paper they are enemies because Muslims hate gays, hate drugs, hate degeneracy and hate modernity while leftists support all of these things.  But they are allies against Christians and traditionalists all over the West.  Why is that?  From Kathy Griffin’s art we can easily conclude that the Left allies with Islam in the hope that Islam will kill Christians and traditionalists for them.

The Right is learning to fight back using the Left’s tactics.  Right now thousands of rightists are emailing all of the places where Kathy Griffin is going to do public appearances and encouraging them to cancel her.  Thank heavens that the Right is learning to make sure that Leftists can’t make this kind of violent propaganda and expect to keep their cushy high paying jobs, just like the left tries to get anybody fired who doesn’t agree with their agenda.

The West is on the brink of a civil war.  All over the west Leftists are importing violent Muslims who love to kill Christians.  Leftists are committing political violence in large doses.  The media is cheering on both of these things.  The Left needs to cut out this bad behavior NOW before things spiral out of control.  The civilized leftists need to get their friends under control and tell them to stop acting like barbarian savages.  The Left is the dominant cultural and political force in the West and we have to play the game by their rules.  This means that the Right has to use the Left’s tactics.  This means that we have to punish people like Kathy Griffin and take away their means to earn an income.

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The Rauda Athif Murder Shows that the West Needs to Stay Out of the Middle East and Keep the Middle East Out of the West

A Muslim girl from the Maldives was murdered by her fellow co-religionists for the horrific crime of being pretty.  Radical Muslims from Bangladesh murdered Rauda Athif because she appeared on a magazine cover.  It’s typical Muslim behavior to see a cute girl on a magazine cover and decide that it’s a good idea to murder her because no burka or something.


What probably happened was some student at Rauda Athif’s university saw some of her modeling photos which are very tame.  Since he saw that she was beautiful and not covered head to toe in a burka, the sex obsessed Muslim man who the Koran doesn’t demand that he show any sexual restraint; decided that he wanted to have sex with her.  When Rauda Athif resisted his pathetic advances that amounted to him saying fiki-fiki, the Muslim got angry at being rejected and he did what Muslims do when their pride takes a hit: he murdered Rauda Athif.

The Rauda Athif murder is a text book example of why having Muslims living in the west is a bad idea.  Muslim men are obsessed with sex.  They consume far more pornography that western men consume, which is shocking.  They have a massive sense of self entitlement.  When Muslims don’t get their way, their damaged pride forces them to strike out in anger with violence.  Islam enables the worst human behavior in men.

One of the things that make Islam so disgusting and evil is the way that it treats women.  On one hand Muslim men obsess over pretty women to a level even porn addicted westerners struggle to understand.  The Koran says that Muslims can take Christian women as sex slaves to fulfill their sexual desires with.  At the same time supposedly good women must be covered from head to toe because Muslim men can’t be expected to control their behavior.

Islam is just plain bad news.  How can we let Muslims settle in the west when their values are completely the opposite of the best western values?  We can’t make people adopt our values when they don’t want to adopt them.  America has spent Trillions of dollars in the Middle East and Muslim world trying to make it adopt our values but they don’t want it.  Muslims have their values and they aren’t like our values.  It’s time to admit that Muslims will never be like us and that having Muslims in our nations is a bad idea.  It also is time to admit that western governments playing Game of Thrones in the Middle East is a really bad idea and we just need to stay far away from them and we need to keep them far away for us.  Are you listening President Trump?

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Irish Subversive Tries to Compare Sharia Law to the Stake High Council

I swear (((certain people))) love to put an Irish face on their attempts to undermine the American nation.  Today’s example is an Irish man lecturing Americans on why we need to obey the Zeroth Amendment and let the whole third world move here.  He says that we have to let Muslims move to America because Sharia Law is just like the Mormon stake high council.

You really have to read this guy’s logic.  If a Muslim wrote it we would all instantly identify it as pure Taqiya.  Let’s just have a look at some of his great logic.

Much of the fear of Muslims is based completely on misinformation and a gigantic blind spot about what freedom of religion really means. Sharī’ah Law is at the top of many people’s concerns.

What people ignore is that as with all the other religious legal systems which I describe below, operating in the US today, you can always opt out of whatever religious system you object to by simply turning to the US court system.

The same applies with Sharia Law, as with all the other formal, semi-formal, and merely customary religious legal systems which are currently operating in the US. Shaker religious law said members couldn’t procreate or have sex at all. They aren’t around now, but any Shaker who objected simply left the church and the church law.

You know, except of course if you decided that you didn’t want to be a Shaker anymore, you got to go and get married.  If you decide that if you don’t want to be a Muslim anymore then they cut your head off.  It’s just a slight difference between getting to date and marry vs. getting your head cut off for leaving the church.  Islam is like the Hotel California, “You can check out any time you want but you can’t ever leave.”  For some reason of some sort this guy fails to mention that part of Sharia Law.

This guy conveniently fails to mention that in the Middle East the secular courts are the same as Sharia Law courts.  How convenient.  It’s like how in Utah the stake high council is the same as the state law courts.  Oh wait . . ., never mind.

Mormons (JCLDS) similarly have strict rules which amount to another legal system which they impose on members who voluntarily accept them.

You know those hard core stake high council laws where if you rape a girl and she can’t provide 4 witnesses saying that you raped her then the rest of the stake comes out and stones her to death.  Oh wait, that’s what they do in Islam.  Maybe he means that the stake high council orders sluttly Mormon girls stoned to death.  That must be it, oh wait, that’s what Sharia Law does.  Never mind!

Notice how this disingenuous Irish liberal talks about how the high council is voluntary but he completely fails to mention that Sharia Law isn’t voluntary.  You know why Muslims want Sharia Law in America, so they can form rape gangs and rape all the White girls without having to worry about the courts throwing them into jail.

Interestingly, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, and in their day even Shakers didn’t and don’t want to make others follow their religious laws, although many Christians do.

Check out how he pretends that Sharia Law doesn’t want to impose itself on others.  That’s why Muslims aren’t agitating for all courts in the west to allow for Sharia, because they want to handle their problems internally.  Or Islam could just be trying to impose its will on the west.  We have example after example of nations adopting Sharia Law and it becoming the law of the land.  This disingenuous Irish liberal pretends that Sharia Law taking over is just like the local Mormon stake high council only bigger and better.

This is what Sharia Law courts are really like.

At some point in time we are all going to have to deal with the Irish Question.  (((Certain people))) love to put an Irish face on their attempts to undermine civilization.  The Hart-Cellar Act is a perfect example of (((certain people))) using the Irish to take the fall for (((their))) bad actions.

As Mormons we all need to get savvy about Islam right now.  We never must accept the narrative that what Islam does is in anyway just like the local stake high council.  The stake high council tells you that you are being really bad and tells you that you can’t take the sacrament for 6 months and you have to read the Miracle of Forgiveness because your Saturday night got out of control.  Sharia Law courts stone women to death for the same Saturday night that got out of control.  Sharia Law is nothing like the stake high council and this disingenuous Irish man knows it but he doesn’t want anybody to notice.

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Taqiya is the Muslim Practice of Lying to You to Spread Islam

You’ve probably never heard the word Taqiya but you need to understand it.  Do you ever wonder why your Muslim neighbor is a great guy but there’s so much Islamic violence?  Why do all Muslims say that Islam is peaceful, especially the ones who are affiliated with terrorist organizations?  Do you ever wonder why right after a big Islamic terror attack all Muslims chirp in unison that, “Terrorists don’t represent Islam?”  Do you hear these things from Muslims and then when you look at a map of the current wars the overwhelming majority are where Islam borders non-Muslims you feel confused?  You feel confused by the difference between what Muslims say and what they do because Muslims practice Taqiya.

The (((New York Times))) recently published this piece of Taqiya.

Taqiya is the Islamic practice of using deceit on all non Muslims in order to advance the growth of Islam.  Taqiya boils down to Muslims are allowed and even encouraged to lie to non Muslims.  This is the problem with living around Muslims because you don’t know which ones you can trust because Taqiyya says that your Muslim neighbor can lie to you.    Taqiyya is why you can’t ever trust Muslims because they are allowed to lie to you.

You can see Taqiya in your daily life.  Whenever there is a terrorist attack or ISIS starts going wild cutting people’s heads off, all your local Muslims will say that the terrorists don’t represent Islam or they will say that ISIS is false Muslims.  The best Taqiyya is when CAIR who is affiliated with the leading Islamic terrorist organization: the Muslim Brotherhood, starts talking about how Muslims reject terrorism.  We all know that they are lying but leftists and gullible religious authorities want to fall for it.

All Christian churches need to get a lot savvier about Islam and Taqiya.  All major Christian Churches struggle to understand the concept of Taqiyya.  Look at how the Pope never passes up a chance to say nice things about Muslims.  Look at how the Mormon Church always praises Muslims, it’s downright pathetic.  Many Protestant denominations never pass up a chance to praise Islam.  All Christian religious leaders are totally clueless about Taquiya and Islam.


Religious authorities are clueless about Islam because Christian religious leaders go to interfaith conferences to “build a dialog and understanding” with different religions.  The local Muslim Imam always goes to these things and he’s always on his best behavior.  The Imam makes sure to say good things about Islam and talk about how Islam is peaceful.  The naïve Christians believe everything he says because he seems like a great guy.  The Christian leaders don’t understand that the Imam is just practicing Taqiya.

The only way to look at Islam and Muslims is to look at what they have done because due to Taqiya you can’t trust anything that a Muslim says.  Historically the way that Muslims take over a nation is a few Muslims move in and say that they just want peace and that Islam is peaceful and wonderful.  Then more and more Muslims move in and then the violence starts.  Once the violence starts then the Muslims start to agitate for special privileges and areas for themselves.  As the Muslim population grows and grows, the violence continues to ratchet up and eventually the Muslims demand total control.  We are seeing this play out in London, where Muslims have taken control over the city and in Paris where Muslims are fighting to take control over the city.

Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Mormon religious leaders need to learn that Muslims always practice Taqiya, even the great Imam at the interfaith conference.  It’s shocking how few religious authorities actually know anything about Islam beyond what the Imam says at the interfaith conference.  If Christian leaders don’t get wise about Taqiya NOW, then the Islamic invasion of the West will continue until the Muslims launch their war of conquest.

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5 Reasons Why Leftists Double Down on Islam

One of the most shocking things going on in western culture is how the leftist and Globalist narrative continues to relentlessly double down on Islam.  Every time a Muslim drives through a Christmas market killing a bunch of people or every time a Muslim blows up a building, Globalist and leftist scum immediately rush to defend Islam and warn normal westerners against creating a backlash against the poor oppressed Muslims.

Leftists and Cultural Marxists double down on Islam so bad that even BYU girls are going around LARPing as Muslim women.  So what is going on?  Why are Globalists and leftists so Hell bent on forcing Islam down the throats of western society?  Let’s look at 5 reasons why leftists double down on Islam:

  1. SJW’s always double down. It’s the second law of SJW’s.  To a large extent doubling down on their latest insanity is just what they do.  They never back down from what they have done and they always continue their madness.
  2. They want us to believe that there’s no turning back. Leftists believe that the world is nonstop leftist progress to Marxist utopia and if we just defeat the evil White Christian males then the world will become perfect. Leftists brought Muslims to the west as part of their coalition to destroy White Christian males.  Now that the Muslims are out of control, leftists don’t want us to believe that we can undue their plans.  After all it’s the Current Year.
  3. Leftists have a winning mindset.  In politics leftists have been winning for 100 years straight.  They’ve won so much the freaking women’s bathroom was given to them.  One of the things that make them so strong is they stand by their political allies and don’t rush to throw them under the bus like cuckservatives do.  Islam is part of the leftist Coalition of the Fringes.  Leftists stand by their coalition members.  Because Islam is in the Coalition of the Fringes, leftists will stand by Muslims no matter how many westerners they kill.
  4. Leftists don’t want normal westerners thinking that they can turn back the clock. If normal westerners stop Muslims from invading their nations then westerners could get other ideas like: ending gay marriage, ending feminism, restoring Christianity, restoring the family, ending no fault divorce, etc.  Leftists have used the slippery slope to institute their agenda for 100 years.  They correctly fear that if we can stop them and undue just one of their pet projects then we can slowly but surely undue everything they have done.
  5. Leftists can’t lose once. If any part of their agenda gets overturned then the rest of their leftist world comes crashing down like a house of cards.  The only reason why we fear leftists is because they have all the power and nobody dares to stand up to their agenda.  Donald Trump showed that the left can be defeated just by refusing to play by their rules.  If all normal westerners stop playing by the Left’s rules then their whole house of cards collapses on itself.

Expect western leftists to continue to double down on Islam.  They aren’t going to throw Islam under the bus.  If leftists start to refuse to support members of the Coalition of the Fringes, expect other groups to begin to defect from the group.  If leftists lose on allowing the Muslim invasion to continue then expect other leftist projects to fall and be reversed.  Normal westerners have the Left and Globalists in a real bad position because leftists have to double down on Islam.  Normal westerners have leftists and the Globalists in a horrible position where they have to defend radical Islamic terror and make themselves look like sellouts.

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Shocking Video Shows Why Everybody Must Join the Alt Right

Do you ever wonder why the Alt Right is so important?  Do you need something to show to your friends that shows the evils of mass third world migration?  Watch the video “How to convert people to the Alt Right in 30 seconds below:


What the Alt Right believes

The #AltRight believes that White Europeans have a right to our own homelands and a right to strong borders.  We know that if we let the masses of self entitled Third Worldlers come here then they will overrun our nations.

The Alt Right sees the damage that mass migration already has caused in Germany where violent gangs of Muslim so-called refugees perform mass gang rapes on German girls for fun on New Year’s Eve.  The Alt Right knows that Sweden is now the rape capitol of the world and we will not let it happen here in America.

When the original Globalist elites wanted to increase their power they built the Tower of Babel but God confounded them, changed the language and separated the people.  Separate nations are ordained by God and are a right of all separate peoples, including Whites of European descent.

White people have a right to their own nations in Europe and North America.  It is our land.  We settled it, fought for it, built it up and made it our home.  We have no obligation to allow violent mobs of conquering Muslims from the Middle East and Africa to come to our lands, rape our women and live at our expense.


All Americans have no obligation to the Third World hordes who want to come to our country, take massive amounts of welfare, commit massive amounts of crime, destroy our communities, take our jobs and generally speaking take our homelands.  Resist the Globalist elite who want them for foot soldiers in their seizing power over our nations.  Join the Alt Right today.

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The Fruit of Islam

Islam is on the march again.  Apologists for Islam and its prophet Muhammad say that Islam is peaceful. However we need to look at the fruit of Islam to be able to see if it is peaceful or not.  Jesus taught us that there would be many false prophets.  He taught us that we would be able to determine if they are a true or false prophet based on what they do:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.  (Matthew 7:15-20).

If we want to know if somebody was a prophet or not, we have to look at their accomplishments.  The results of their teachings tell us whether or not somebody is or isn’t a true prophet.  Let’s take a look at the founder of Islam, Muhammad.  Let’s see the fruits of his preaching.

At the start of Muhammad’s preaching he had very few converts.  It was only after he fled to Media with his few followers that he began to have success.  The reason why he started to have success was because suddenly he received revelations in the Koran that taught Muhammad that Islam could spread by the sword.  Muhammad became a warlord.  His gospel became the gospel of convert or be enslaved.  After his victories his soldiers would behead his defeated enemies while he watched WITH HIS 9 YEAR OLD WIFE.

In Muhammad’s Koran victorious Muslim soldiers are allowed to take captured non Muslim girls as sex slaves.  Muhammad took many sex slaves.  His favorite concubine was an Egyptian Christian girl he captured in a raid.  Muslim men are taught that all non Muslim girls are fair game for them to do with as they please.

In territory where the non-Muslim population gave up without a fight Muhammad put painful restrictions on them.  Non-Muslims had to pay the Jizya which was a harsh tax on them.  Non-Muslims were declared Dhimmi which legally relegated them to 3 rate legal status and took their citizen rights away from them.  Non-Muslims were forbidden to build new churches and were not allowed to renovate their current churches making it so their religious beliefs would die away with time.  The fruit of Islam in Mohammad’s time was violence and slavery.

These were the things that Mohammad did.  However some people will say that Islam didn’t continue that way or that Islam was great but it got hijacked by radicals.  However when we look at history, we see that Islam operates in the same way.  Let’s look at the fruit of Islam after Muhammad’s death.

Right after Mohammad’s death his followers continued with his gospel.  They invaded all over the world.  Conquered people either could join Islam, be enslaved, be murdered or give up without a fight and be relegated to a 3rd rate citizen status.  In 100 years after Muhammad’s death, Muslim warriors conquered all the way from Afghanistan to Spain using the same methods.  Muslim pirates in the Mediterrean Sea enslaved so many people that they wiped out huge populations.  The slave markets of the Middle East were full of European women enslaved by Muslim pirates.

Muslims started to use captured slave children from Christian nations in their armies.  In Egypt the local Muslim Sultan captured Christian boys from Europe, force converted them to Islam and made them into his army.  These were the Mameluks.  Eventually they rose up and seized power in Egypt.  The Ottoman Turks would take the best boys from Southern Europe, enslave them, force convert them to Islam and make them into the Sutlan’s private army.  These were the Janissaries.  They were some of the most fanatical warriors and helped the Ottoman Empire conquer all the way to Austria.  Christian parents were so afraid of the Ottomans taking their children away that many Christians would maim their own kids to protect them.  The Ottomans would go through Christian villages and take the most beautiful girls and force them into sex slavery back in Turkey.  Muslim raiders would raid into Russia looking for girls to enslave and take back to the Ottoman sex markets.  Christians in the Ottoman Empire were forced to live as Dhimmi and they had to pay the Jizya tax.  Not only were their children taken from them, but they had to pay for the privilege.  The fruit of Islam after the time of Muhammad was violence and slavery.

Now let’s look at what Islam does today.  In ISIS controlled territory non-Muslim girls as young as 8 years old are kidnapped away from their families and sold as sex slaves to ISIS soldiers.  In territories that ISIS conquers Christians are made into 3rd class citizens and have to pay the Jizya tax or else they are murdered.  In Europe the Muslim immigrants see the Christian girls as fresh meat for their sexual urges, just like their ancestors in the Middle East.  Some people will say that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam.  However the leader of ISIS Abu Baka Al-Baghdadi has a PHD in Islamic studies.  He knows Islam better than anybody.  The fruit of Islam today is violence and sexual exploitation, just like it’s always been in Islamic history.

Mormon Church leaders need to pay attention to the Savior’s teachings.  Jesus taught us how to identify false prophets.  We must judge them based on the results.  The results of Muhammad’s teachings have been war and slavery.  The fruit of Islam was the same in Muhammad’s day, in the time of his first followers, in the time of the Mameluks, in the time of the Ottomans and today.  Nothing ever changes with Islam.  The best way to judge Islam isn’t by the PC things some local Imam says, but to look at Islam’s real history.  The fruit of Islam is Islam is the Great and Abominable church Nephi saw in his vision.  When we judge Islam by the results we must conclude that Muhammad was a false prophet who brought chaos, slavery and death to billions of people.

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Reading the Koran

One of the things you always hear is “Islam is the religion of peace.”  At the same time, let’s face it you see a lot of Muslims committing a lot of violence screaming “Allah Akbar.”  We constantly hear that we are supposed to ignore Muslims committing violence because they’ve “hijacked the religion.”  I decided to find out for myself once and for all what Islam is really like.  I decided to read the Koran.  I decided to see what Islam says for itself.  One of the best ways to see what people believe is by looking at their sacred texts.  I learned that the Koran was like the Doctrine and Covenants for Muslims and was the revealed word of Allah.  This is what I learned from reading the Koran.

Reading the Koran the first thing that jumps out is the structure of the book.  First of all the book is structured from the longest chapters first to the shortest chapters last.  There’s no time order to the book.  The second thing that jumps out at you is there is NO moral guidance in the book.  There is nothing in the book about how Allah expects us to live in our daily lives.

There are constant references and praise of violence and warfare.  While reading the Koran, there are whole chapters dedicated to dividing up the spoils of war and how to pass around girls as sex slaves.  The Koran explicitly states that the best Muslims are those who wage Jihad.  Jihad is defined as Holy War to advance Islam.  You hear from Islamic apologists that Jihad is a spiritual struggle, but when you read the actual words about Jihad, it is clear that Jihad is war for conquest.  When you read the exact words, it’s clear that Jihad is military conquest.

The other thing about the Koran that jumps out is how it rewrites Biblical history.  The Koran changes Jesus from the Son of God, to some guy and states that he wasn’t resurrected from the dead.  Many other characters from the Old Testament also were changed.  There is no mention of Islamic doctrine in the Koran.  It doesn’t say when to pray or how to pray.  It doesn’t lay out anything about how Muslims are supposed to live besides support for Jihad.

One of the things people say about the Koran is you can’t understand it unless you are guided in your study by an Islamic scholar.  This is nonsense.  The reason Islamic apologists say you have to study under the guidance of an Islamic scholar is because to fall for Islam you need a propagandist to explain away everything you read with your own eyes.

Every Mormon who has questions about the evilness of Islam should read the Koran.  After reading the Koran’s support for sex slavery and violent Jihad you can easily conclude that Islam is the Great and Abominable Church.