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Alternative Hypothesis: Worldwide Total Fertility Collapses in the 21st Century

We always hear that by the end of the 21st Century, Africa is going to have 4 Billion people and the people are going to flood out of Africa and overwhelm the rest of the world. But what if instead of African total fertility going through the roof the opposite happens?  Is there a possibility that instead of Sub-Saharan population going through the roof, Sub-Saharan total fertility collapses like the rest of the world?

Lots of people worry that the African population is blowing up and going through the roof and will continue to explode.  I personally suspect that there is something to this theory and as long as we keep feeding the Africans, they are going to continue to over reproduce.  However I want to explore an alternative hypothesis that is just as scary as the 4 Billion Africans scenario.  In this scenario World Wide total fertility completely collapses.

I started to wonder about the possibility of worldwide fertility collapse in the 21st Century when I saw this chart:

The reason this chart on worldwide total fertility is interesting is because it shows that fertility rates in Latin America and Asia are falling rapidly.  Brazil’s TFR is basically the same as the United States.  Mexico’s total fertility is slightly above the United States.  When we look over in Asia, India’s TFR is only slightly higher than America’s and the only countries in Asia with high TFR’s are Indonesia and the Philippines.

When we look at Sub-Saharan Africa’s 2016 TFR the numbers are through the roof.  Nobody is denying that the fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa is massive.  At first glance it looks like that massive African fertility is going to overwhelm the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look at what world wide total fertility was back in 1950.  Here’s worldwide total fertility back in 1950:

It wasn’t more than 20 or 30 years ago when Latin American fertility rates were through the roof.  It wasn’t that long ago that Middle Eastern fertility was trough the roof.  But now it’s collapsed.  What if western technology and later western culture is responsible for a massive spike in total fertility and later on in a collapse in total fertility?

Here’s how western technology and later western culture leads to a spike in total fertility and later in a collapse in TFR.  What happens is first some random crappy country somewhere in the world gets western agriculture, cheap food and most importantly western medicine which means that more and more poor people around the world are able to feed more and more children and on top of if western medicine ensures that many of these children survive childhood.  This causes a massive baby boom which blows up TFR.  And this is what you see on a total fertility chart from 1950.

As whichever random crappy country gets more and more western technology, western culture comes along with it.  After the poor people get western medicine and western food the locals get: western TV, birth control, abortion, Internet and Internet pr0n.  As western culture seeps into the poor country that used to have a traditional culture, the locals adopt western degeneracy and then total fertility collapses.

But you say that black people are different due to their different racial characteristics?  This is a valid point and very well could be true.  Let’s also look at a couple of cases that indicate that Sub-Saharan Africa is going to follow the rest of the world.  First of all, there are lots of black people in Brazil.  Brazilians like to have sex and yet, Brazilian TFR is down there with the United States and Europe.  Let’s also look at Honduras and Nicaragua.  There are lots of black people in these nations and their TFR is falling.  And the final piece of evidence is South Africa.  South Africa has the lowest TFR in Sub-Saharan Africa and it’s been the most westernized nation in Africa for nearly a century.

Here’s what a worldwide total fertility collapse in the 21st Century could look like:

The possibility that worldwide total fertility could collapse in the 21st Century is an interesting theory and it is every bit as likely to happen as the 4 Billion hungry Africans theory.  Western Civilization has built a popular and corrupt culture that is excellent at convincing billions of people all over the world that they would rather distract themselves endlessly instead of having children.  Do we really think that low IQ Africans are going to be able to resist the degeneracy and distraction of decayed western culture?

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Islamic Terror Attacks Like the Manchester Bombing Won’t End Until the West Repents

There was another happening last night in Manchester, England by our friends in the “Religion of Peace.”  This time the target was a pop concert that looks of teenage girls were attending.  We’ve witnessed the same patter repeatedly in Europe over the last decade.  There’s been so many of these Muslim terrorist attacks that they all blend into each other.  Everybody knows that when Muslims move into your country people and places start blowing up.  So here’s the question, why can’t Europeans and Americans deal with the Muslim problem?

It’s simple really America and Europe can’t deal with the Muslim invasion because the American and European people are too wicked and degenerate to be able to resist the invasion.  In the Book of Mormon we learn:

5 But, behold, the judgments of God will overtake the wicked; and it is by the wicked that the wicked are punished; for it is the wicked that stir up the hearts of the children of men unto bloodshed.  (Mormon 5:5).

The fact of the matter is that it’s our fault that terrorist attacks like the Manchester attack happen.  The American people and European people are so wicked and weak that we can’t resist the invasion and we won’t be able to push back against Islam until we get our house into order first.

Just look at the evil sins the West pushes:

  • Gay mockery of marriage
  • Encouraging innocent and clueless boys to chop their dicks off by teaching them that they are “transgendered”
  • The breakup and destruction of the nuclear family
  • Endless wars all over the world where we bomb random brown people
  • More than 50 Million babies murdered in the United States by children’s own mothers
  • And the list goes on and on

If American’s and Europeans want terrorist attacks like the Manchester bombing to end then we need to repent of the evil that we allow and encourage in our civilization.  As the leftists and feminists like to lecture men: it’s on us.

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America’s Open Borders Policy is Creating a Mormon Brain Drain in Latin America

I have a confession to make.  I hope that you can handle it because it is a little bit shocking.  Ready, here we go.  Mrs. Johnson is from Mexico.  So how did I end up married to a Mexican?  Because she’s a great woman, that’s why.  However the really interesting question is why did Mrs. Johnson marry me?  Simply put the Mormon brain drain in Latin America is a huge part of why she married me.  Let me explain.

What happened is most of the middle class and upper class Mormons in Mrs. Johnson’s city came to college in the United States.  Lots of Mormon young men in her ward and stake ended up at BYU and other church schools.  Mormon Church leadership likes to bring LDS youth to college in Utah because BYU is a good university plus there’s the theoretical benefit of showing our Latin/Hispanic brothers how we do things in Utah and hopefully they take some of our WASP culture back to where they are from.  It’s a really good idea on paper that doesn’t work in the real world.

What ends up happening is Hispanic Mormons come here, get a good education and then they get affirmative action hired to work for American multinational corporations.  American multinational corporations love to hire Hispanic Mormons from BYU because these guys have more or less WASP values, they work hard, they don’t complain, they are motivated to do well, etc.  And there’s the added bonus of they check the minority hiring box and the multinational corporations can put these guys on their magazine covers to show how diverse their workforce is.  The result is a Mormon brain drain in Latin America.

When I was single I would use the Internet for dating.  I ended up chatting a lot with Middle Class Latin Mormon girls who were on the site because all the middle class and upper middle class Mormon men had left.  Girls like to stay close to their families and Mormon girls have an even higher preference to stay close to home.  All girls don’t want to marry a man from a lower economic level than they already are in.  In Latin America the consequences for girls of marrying down the economic ladder can be the difference from a comfortable life and living in abject poverty.  It’s not like here in the West where a woman marrying down the economic ladder is the difference between spending a week in Hawaii every year and camping in Teton National Park.  The Mormon brain drain in Latin America causes major problems for Latin Mormon girls and is holding the church there back because so many of the future church leaders in these countries leave.

The Latin Mormon brain drain and the struggle many Latin Mormon girls have to find a LDS husband is a side effect of America’s open borders policy.  These girls are legitimate victims of the United States’ immigration policies.  It is robbing the Mormon Church of many of its future church leaders in Latin America because so many of them end up immigrating to the United States.

The Mormon brain drain in Latin America is a tough problem and there really isn’t a good solution for it right now.  The LDS Church can encourage its members to stay in their own countries but the benefits of moving to the United States are huge for these upper class people who can get affirmative action jobs at the multinational corporations.  Also they get away from the crime down there so upper class Latin Mormons usually will ignore this council.

The Mormon Church could open up a couple of universities in Latin America to be like the BYU for its Latin members.  This would be a potentially good option but it would be a lot of money, there may or may not be enough members to attend and the LDS Church could end up hemorrhaging money subsidizing living costs for its poorer members who ended up attending.  At some point in time the Mormon Church will have to open up at least 1 university in Latin America to service its Latin members but that time probably isn’t yet.

I highly recommend that red pill single Mormon men take advantage of the Mormon brain drain in Latin America.  If you can use the internet to meet some of these women it can be a great way to find a good woman who will make a good wife.  If you feel like an adventure living in Latin America for a while you will have a good selection of middle class Latin Mormon girls who will be excited that somebody new and interesting showed up in town.

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Neo-Cons Say Muh’ Weapons of Mass Destruction and Try to Start WWIII with Russia

America’s most despised internal enemy the (((Neo-cons))) are at it again trying to start WWIII with Russia.  This week there was a supposed chemical weapons attack in Syria supposedly by the Assad regime against the Syrian rebels.  The media was out in full forces with pictures of poor oppressed dead Syrians in the streets and telling us that we need to remove Syrian President Bashar Assad ASAP because muh’ weapons of mass destruction.

The timing of the supposed weapons of mass destruction attack supposedly by Assad is highly suspicious.  First of all, Assad is winning the war.  With help from his Russian and Iranian allies his supporters are wiping the floor with ISIS and other radical Islamic rebels.  Why would he do something like use weapons of mass destruction when all he has to do is continue to rely on his superior forces and keep doing what he’s been doing?  If he keeps doing what he’s been doing then he will win.  It just makes no sense at all.

The second interesting coincidence with this supposed weapons of mass destruction attack is just last weekend President Trump announced that regime change in Syria is off the table and he’s willing to accept that Assad is going to continue to be the president of Syria.  Then magically 2 days later there’s a weapons of mass destruction attack in Syria supposedly by the Assad regime?   That timing is awfully strange.  Now suddenly President Trump is saying that he’s had a change of heart on the Syria situation and that he’s considering all options.   Is President Trump suddenly considering getting involved in another war in the Middle East?

If President Trump gets us involved in another war in the Middle East it will destroy his presidency and destroy all the support that he’s built up.  Americans are sick and tired of starting wars in the Middle East.  When we toppled Saddam Hussein we destabilized the whole region and created a never ending war in Iraq that is still going on.  When we casually toppled the Mumar Quadaffi regime in Libya it led to half of Africa deciding that it was a good time to move to Europe and get on welfare.  When our friend Egg McMuffin and his CIA friends decided to overthrow the Syrian government it led to the creation of ISIS and the massive refugee invasion of Europe and to a lesser extent of the Americas.  There’s freaking Middle Eastern “refugees” in Mexico.  Haven’t we had enough wars in the Middle East and enough problems dealing with the unforeseen fallout?

The American people are sick and tired of the never ending wars in the Middle East and the incessant bombing of brown people in crappy 3rd World countries.  American fathers and mothers are tired of sending their sons to die in the Middle East so that we can have more “refugees” here.  If President Trump goes to war in Syria he will lose all of his popular support and be left to the vengeance of the leftists and (((Neo-cons))) who hate him.

There’s an even bigger reason why President Trump can’t go to war in Syria and that’s Russia.  Russia has declared itself allied with the Assad regime and will not let the western powers overthrow it.  If the United States starts a war in Syria then we will be in effect declaring war on Russia which will kick off WWIII.  America hasn’t fought against a foreign enemy that could strike and hit the American homelands since 1812.  Russia has thousands of missiles that can hit targets in the United States.  If President Trump gets us into WWIII the American people will suffer the full ravages of a total war, which they never have suffered.

Utah will be one of the first places that the Russians attack.  There’s that NSA facility in Lehi, Utah where the government tracks the whole internet.  That is a major high priority for the Russian government.  So if war starts in Syria, it can get very warm and toasty in Utah County really quickly.  Under no circumstances should anybody want war with Syria and Russia, especially the people of Utah.

Personally I believe that President Trump will do the right thing and keep us out of war in Syria.  He’s a bright guy and when the chips have been down he’s consistently been on the right side of things.  Back in 2013 when the (((Neo-cons))) were doing the muh weapons of mass destruction thing, President Trump knew that it was all BS and was against intervening then.  He’s got to know that it’s the same crap.  At least I hope so anyway.  I also suspect that Trump is using this crisis as a way of tracking down more hidden leakers and otherwise unreliable people in his administration.  He consistently feeds his subordinates random information to see who leaks it, so I suspect that he’s doing some of that right now.

However risking WWIII with Russia over muh weapons of mass destruction, is just too much.  The stakes are too high and we can’t risk not getting our voices out there and making sure that President Trump knows that we are opposed to starting WWII with Russia because muh weapons of mass destruction.  We can’t rely on the idea that he’s playing 4D Chess on this one.  We have to assume that he’s seriously compromising and possibly cucking on this issue because we can’t get into WWIII.  We have to make our voices heard and make sure that President Trump knows in no uncertain terms that we will not accept another war in the Middle East, especially one that likely will lead to WWIII.

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Most Hispanic Mormons Are Loyal to their Race & Aren’t Proto-WASPS

As Mormons we all want to believe that as we baptize and convert more and more Hispanic Mormons they will become just like White Mormon WASPS from Utah.  This just isn’t the case.  Hispanics and Latinos have their own race, culture and society.  First and foremost Hispanic Mormons are loyal to their own people and aren’t loyal to WASP Mormon culture.

One of the things that many Hispanic Mormons believe is they have a right to occupy all of North America because they believe that the Book of Mormon says that God ordained all of North America to the descendents of the Lamanites, i.e., themselves.  Mormon Hispanics believe this and believe that they are the chosen people ordained to occupy and possess the United States.  You will notice that this belief of many Hispanic Mormons perfectly dovetails with the beliefs of La Raza.

La Raza is short for La Raza Cosmica which translates to the Cosmic Race.  Basically La Raza believes that Hispanics are a perfect mixture of all the races and because they are the perfect mix of races then they are the best race and have a right to occupy and re-conquer the United States.  Of course this is total nonsense.  When you travel in Mexico one of the things that jumps out is just how racially segregated it is.  The upper class is 100% White.  The middle classes are people who are mostly White and can pass for White people who have great suntans.  The lower classes always have really dark skin and Native American facial features.  The vast majority of the Mexicans who come to the United States come from the lower class in Mexico because basically the upper class people there are kicking out their lower class.

Many Hispanic Mormons look at the Book of Mormon as justification for the ideology of La Raza Cosmica.  The dirty secret of what we’ve done in the Mormon Church is we’ve converted a huge population of people who have a different political ideology with a completely different worldview than WASP Mormons have.  As long as Hispanic Mormons are willing to stay in their homelands and improve them then there isn’t a problem.  However as more and more Latinos move to America and join the Mormon Church what happens next?  They aren’t going to become good WASPS because they have their own culture and nation.  Hispanic Mormons are going to stay Hispanic.  Are we going to change Mormon culture, LDS policy and Mormon practice to accommodate them?

There is a group of Hispanics in the United States who want to live like American WASPS.  About 1/3 of Hispanics voted for President Trump.  About 2/3’s of Hispanics are on government assistance.  From these 2 facts it is easy to see that Hispanics who aren’t on welfare want to be part of White America.  Realistically, we should expect that 1/3 of Hispanic Mormons support traditional White American values and want to be like us.

As Mormons it is crucial to understand that most Hispanic Mormons have different values than we do.  It’s fine that they have their own values and desires.  That’s what separate nations are for.  However it is insane to assume that Hispanic Mormons are going to become like the WASP Mormons in Utah just because they are members of the LDS Church.

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Expectations for a Donald Trump Presidency

Now that Donald Trump is elected and is starting to put his cabinet together, people are wondering what we can expect from a Trump presidency.  The best way to analyze what we can expect from a Trump presidency is by looking at mandatory minimum expectations, things we would like to do but he might have to compromise on and really nice things that may or may not happen.

Mandatory minimum expectations

  1. No WWIII! Let’s start with the most basic.  If we have WWIII with Russia then many American cities will be bombed and many will be nuked.  This was the worst thing that could have happened with Hillary Clinton as President.  Under no circumstances can we allow Trump to get us into WWIII.
  2. Enforce federal immigration law by using mandatory E-Verify and no welfare for illegal aliens. Americans are demanding that Trump enforce the law and end the immigration invasion.  If Trump fails on this then he will have failed the people who voted for him and he won’t be reelected.
  3. End the H1B visa scam. Young men are struggling to get middle class jobs out of college because large corporations import workers from India and Asia which keeps college graduates from getting hired and keeps men from getting raises.  Trump promised to end the H1B visa scam in his original policy paper on immigration.  Trump has to end this scam or else he won’t be reelected.
  4. Repeal and replace Obamacare. Obamacare is a plague that is bankrupting the American people.  Obamacare has to go, now.
  5. Conservative Supreme Court justices. Donald Trump’s first action as president will be to appoint a new Supreme Court justice.  Trump gave a great list of potential judges and he promises to appoint one of them.  Trump will have a chance to appoint 3 or 4 judges to the court and he has a chance to completely remake the court.
  6. Build the Wall. Everybody wants a border wall.  He promised the wall.  He likes to build things so I expect him to get the wall built.
  7. No Middle East immigration. He promised the Muslim ban.  The Muslim ban is an idea whose time has come.  I fully expect Donald Trump to ban immigration from “at risk” countries or some other code words that mean Muslim countries.
  8. Repeal the Johnson Amendment. Donald Trump promised all Christian churches that he would repeal the Johnson Amendment.  The Johnson Amendment forbids churches from having First Amendment rights.  Trump promised Christians that he would repeal this amendment.  Christians came out in bulk to support Trump.  He must come through on this promise.

Things we would like Donald Trump to do but he might have to compromise

  1. Lock up Hillary Clinton. I’m sure that Donald Trump would like to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her crimes.  However when we think about power politics Donald Trump might have to do a deal with her and the Democrat elite to prevent war or chaos.  Rumors are that the mass anti-Trump protests are funded by George Soros to force Trump to do some sort of a deal with Obama and Hillary.  So Trump might have to do a deal with them to prevent chaos.
  2. Break up media and tech monopolies. The media has lied nonstop about Donald Trump.  Silicon Valley has worked nonstop to make Trump lose.  These corrupt business monopolies need to be broken up.  However there are so many things that Donald Trump absolutely must do before he can go after the media and Silicon Valley.  He may or may not have the political capital to do this.
  3. Stop giving federal funds to California. California receives $40 Billion per year to cover for California’s ridiculous spending problems.  California has promised to resist Trump’s plans.  We all would like Trump to cut off California.  But he might have to keep California at least somewhat placated because he needs to keep the peace.
  4. Allow businesses abroad to repatriate funds from abroad. Trump would like to do a deal with large corporations who have $2 Trillion abroad.  However the businesses may not want to pay a tax on this money.  After all they can keep using it abroad and not have to pay any taxes on it.
  5. Massive oil development in America. Donald Trump promises to open up America’s oil and mineral wealth fully.  I believe that he will do this.  However he might not be able to get this done but I’m confident that he will do it.
  6. Get America out of the Middle East. If Donald Trump can open up America’s oil wealth then we can get out of the Middle East finally.  However there are lots of (((Neo-Cons))) who want to keep us there.  There will be lots of pressure to keep Trump involved in the Middle East.  I can’t imagine Trump increasing our presence there but he might not completely get us out of the Middle East
  7. End the 3rd World invasion of Europe and support nationalist parties in Europe. Trump would like to help nationalist governments rise in Europe but he use the United States government to change governments in Europe.
  8. Re-negociate trade deals. This is high on Donald Trump’s to do list.  He wants to do this.  However will he be able to get it done?  Fixing the immigration crisis and ending the H1B visa scam will go a long way to fixing the American economy.  Will he even need to re-negociate these trade deals?  I think that he gets this done but I could see it being harder than he thinks it is to get done.

Really nice things that may or may not happen

  1. Tax relief. Donald Trump promises massive tax relief but the Democrats will resist it to the max.  Plus the Republicans are going to insist that the tax relief only go to their Billionaire friends.  Tax relief may or may not happen but if he gets the economy going again then Americans may not feel the tax burden as much.
  2. Programs to inspire middle class family formation. Will he get his child care package passed?  Maybe, maybe not.
  3. School reform. The Democrats aren’t going to give up their power of propagandizing the youth.  They know the power of controlling the schools.  They are going to fight tooth and nail to keep control over schools.
  4. Apportion Electoral College Votes by congressional district. This is a long term project that members of the Alt Right have decided to start.  The goal is to take away the power of the big blue states like California.  I don’t think that Trump will touch this but it is good to have a big end goal.
  5. Breakup major child sex rings. From the John Podesta emails, spirit cooking and Comet Pizza, there is plenty of evidence that the United States government is knee deep in child molestation and child sex trafficking.  Looking at things that Donald Trump has said over the years, it is clear that he knows what these people are up to.  However how do you clean up this mess when huge chunks of the ruling elite are knee deep in it?  It’s just a tough problem that he probably won’t be able to do too much about, unfortunately.
  6. Break up (((Hollywood))) child sex rings. It’s an open secret that (((Hollywood))) sexually exploits children.  Nobody is doubting this.  It would be nice for Trump to turn the Justice Department loose on these degenerates but most likely the Justice Department is going to be tied up doing other things.
  7. California secedes from the United States. Everybody wants this to happen.  Nobody in America likes Californians and nobody in California likes Americans.  We all would like to get rid of California.  But here’s the thing.  It has great natural beauty.  It is a huge chunk of the Pacific Coast where we trade with Asia.  California has too many things that the rest of America needs so we are kind of stuck with California.  We all would like to have a divorce of some sort but we are just too stuck together.


We all need to focus on the things that Donald Trump absolutely must do.  He must end the invasion of America.  He must make sure that the Supreme Court stays conservative and he better keep us out of WWIII.  Then there are a bunch of things that we would really like him to do which we think he can do several of them.  Most hopefully of this group is to re-negociate trade deals to be favorable to the American people.  Then there are things that we would like him to do but that probably won’t happen.  Things like getting rid of California fall into this group.

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Shocking Video Shows Why Everybody Must Join the Alt Right

Do you ever wonder why the Alt Right is so important?  Do you need something to show to your friends that shows the evils of mass third world migration?  Watch the video “How to convert people to the Alt Right in 30 seconds below:


What the Alt Right believes

The #AltRight believes that White Europeans have a right to our own homelands and a right to strong borders.  We know that if we let the masses of self entitled Third Worldlers come here then they will overrun our nations.

The Alt Right sees the damage that mass migration already has caused in Germany where violent gangs of Muslim so-called refugees perform mass gang rapes on German girls for fun on New Year’s Eve.  The Alt Right knows that Sweden is now the rape capitol of the world and we will not let it happen here in America.

When the original Globalist elites wanted to increase their power they built the Tower of Babel but God confounded them, changed the language and separated the people.  Separate nations are ordained by God and are a right of all separate peoples, including Whites of European descent.

White people have a right to their own nations in Europe and North America.  It is our land.  We settled it, fought for it, built it up and made it our home.  We have no obligation to allow violent mobs of conquering Muslims from the Middle East and Africa to come to our lands, rape our women and live at our expense.


All Americans have no obligation to the Third World hordes who want to come to our country, take massive amounts of welfare, commit massive amounts of crime, destroy our communities, take our jobs and generally speaking take our homelands.  Resist the Globalist elite who want them for foot soldiers in their seizing power over our nations.  Join the Alt Right today.

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My Interview with Julian Langness Owner of

Recently I interviewed Julian Langess who writes at the website  He writes about the Muslim invasion of Europe and how it is leading to a civil war there.  He is from Idaho and likes Mormons and the LDS Church a lot.  He’s an interesting man with a lot to say.  Here’s my interview with him.

Jeffrey:  What can you tell us about

Julian: is a website I started for a few different purposes. The tagline of the site is “Tracking the burgeoning war in Europe, and the culture, heritage, and traditions we are fighting for”. Its meant to track what’s going on ‘On The Ground’ in Europe, keeping up with the news, while also analyzing it and trying to predict what will happen next. In this capacity it is definitely not a neutral observer, in that it is fully on the side of those who want to preserve Europe, rather than transform (or better yet, murder) the continent and its cultures through mass immigration from the Middle-East and its attendant consequences.

At the same time the site also serves to highlight and analyze European and Anglo-Saxon culture. It services as a repository for a lot of the writings I publish on other sites, as well as drawing people to my book, Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s journey Through Modernity, which is about my travels in Europe in the 2000’s, my experiences with Muslims (and Europeans), and how that shaped my outlook on politics and the future of Europe and what we as Europeans must do in response.

Jeffrey:  What can you tell us about yourself without self doxing?

Julian:  Sure. My parents were both left-wing anthropologists who taught at UCLA. They moved us up to Idaho (where my dad was originally from) when I was 5 though, and I had the chance to grow up in a very conservative, hard-scrabble, working class logging town. It was an upbringing I am quite thankful for because the dichotomy of it allowed for a lot of diverse experiences and influences that I wouldn’t have had without that combination of rural right-wing community and liberal intellectual parents. So that while I had lots of opportunities to test myself; by getting in fights, jumping off cliffs into rivers, going hunting, etc, I also had my parent’s influence where I developed an intense auto-didacticism, a love of learning, and a really broad exposure to lots of different cultures and belief systems, etc.

Jeffrey: In your notes in Fistfights with Muslims in Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity you mention that you altered the timeline and altered where events took place.  Can you elaborate on where the events took place and where they happened?

Julian: In real life the events were the same, the only difference is about 50% of the fights in the book were transposed to Europe from other fights I was in in other places, in addition to the other 50%, which were real-life fights in Europe that are written about directly in the book (although in some cases with the cities changed, etc).

In reality during my early and mid-twenties I really underwent a couple expanded journeys of ‘consciousness’: one with masculinity and violence and the other with Europe and race and culture. The one with masculinity basically involved a period of about 5 years where I would just purposefully allow myself to get in fights. Most of this time was in Seattle but also in the ones with Muslims in Europe and ones in other places as well. Just like in the book I didn’t go up and instigate fights with random people, but whenever someone else began to instigate one with me I would always reciprocate in kind. And, just as in the book, I attribute this to what was a desire- which I wouldn’t have been able to articulate at the time- to figure out just what masculinity meant, to find sacrality in life, to find meaning in the existential decay of the modern world, etc. At the same time, this overlapped with the other journey in which travelling in Europe really shook me into an outlook which is much more culturally and racially ‘conscious’ (although not ‘racist’, if that word still has any meaning), very focused on traditional values and traditional codes of manhood, and very purposefully trying to live a life defined by these codes. So these two ‘journeys’, which in real life overlapped by about 40%, mostly while I was in Europe, are, in the book, overlapped 100%, just for the sake of the narrative and making the book flow better, etc.

Jeffrey:  You have written about the LDS Church in both your book and for Counter-Currents, can you explain your relationship to the Church and your interest in it?

Julian:  Definitely. Growing up in rural north Idaho about 20% of the community was LDS. A lot of my best friends growing up were LDS, and a lot of the guys I spend the most time with as an adult are LDS as well. I have always considered myself an “honorary Mormon” and “philo-Mormonite”. At a few points I have even wished I was Mormon.

The reasons for this should be readily apparent to your Mormon readers. Mormons have amazing values, they work hard, they have great big beautiful families, they lead lives of meaning and sacrality, they value masculinity (although I know some Mormon men would disagree with this statement), and they are also, very visibly, the last redoubt of real ‘European’ culture in America.

There were also a lot of polygamous Mormons in the area I grew up in, and my only bones of contention with the Church would be that I think they do a disservice by not more openly embracing that period of their history, which I view as fascinating and in many ways romantic (in the same way that things like pirates are ‘romantic’ I mean).  I also think the Church has rather too forcefully embraced multiculturalism in the last 30 years since they admitted blacks to the priesthood in the early 80’s and began doing missions to non-white areas of the globe.  Overall though I love Mormons and love the Mormon Church and think that as more and more young Americans and Europeans reject liberalism and decadence, there is a ton they can learn from the LDS Community.

Jeffrey:  What are your goals for the future, both for and in other areas?

Julian:  The goals for are to keep publishing more articles, begin doing podcasts, and continue to coordinate and help the fight in Europe. Things are really starting to deteriorate in countries like Germany and Sweden, and as those societies destabilize more and more and 4th Generation Warfare becomes more of a reality on the ground, I think our community’s involvement will organically germinate into something bigger and bigger. If anyone is interested or wants to help, they can come read and comment on articles, email me at with questions or thoughts, or read and review the book on Amazon- the more reviews we get the higher the book appears in the search results and the more people can be exposed to the truths about Europe it outlines.

Jeffrey:  Thanks for your time.  I recommend everybody check your site out.  I wish you lots of success with your site and hope you can help wake people up.

Julian:  Thanks.  We are going to save Europe.

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Black African Projects Lawless Africa onto Cologne

It’s amazing how SJW’s always project.  Take a look at how this SJW from Africa projects his society’s failures onto Western Civilization.

How to deal with the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne and Hamburg

Let’s just keep sticking up for the women. As far as being a black man of African descent goes, the racists in Germany and elsewhere hate us anyway.


Musa Okwonga.  That name doesn’t sound very German.  What would he know about the White man’s experience?  Not a lot.

For any woman, the sight must have been terrifying.

You think?

On New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne, groups of drunk and aggressive men

What kind of men?  Was it Same Hyde?  Or was it a different kind of men?  Maybe like these guys:

surrounded them in the town centre, groping and mugging them.

AND RAPING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The estimates are that there were between 500 to 1,000 attackers, and the early indications are that their efforts were co-ordinated.

So you are admitting that these men planned a gang rape of German women as their way of celebrating the new current year.

A minister described these events as a “completely new dimension of crime”. According to Wolfgang Albers, the police president, “sexual crimes took place on a huge scale”. He continued: “The crimes were committed by a group of people who from appearance were largely from the north African or Arab world.”

The volume of sexual violence against women worldwide is extraordinary: it is horrifying, heartbreaking, and finally it is enraging. Whether women are in public or in the supposed safety of their own homes, the offences committed against them are off the scale.

To quote the United NationsIt is estimated that 35 per cent of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives. However, some national studies show that up to 70 per cent of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime“. (My italics.)

Here’s the thing Mr. Musa Okwonga, before Europe was culturally enriched by Muslims from the Middle East and Africa women weren’t gang raped on New Year’s Even walking down the street.  We know that gang rape is just the way things are done in your part of the world.  We get it.  We really do.  But before people like you came to Europe these kinds of things didn’t happen unless there was a war going on.

The Cologne assaults, then, did not occur in isolation,

You’re right, they happened in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin and all across Germany.  Oh wait, that’s not what you meant.

but as a particularly severe eruption of a situation which, in global terms, has always been volcanic.

These sorts of things didn’t happen unless a World War was going on until your people got to Europe.  Dare I say it, but the reason you are living in Europe is to get away from what daily life is like in your homeland?  Why do you support bringing your homeland’s disfunction to Europe?

If that sounds dramatic, then so be it: after all, the statistics and the eye-witness accounts are stark enough. . .,

In the ensuing conversation, there is a very real danger that the women assaulted will disappear from view, quickly buried beneath a tug-of-words between the Right and the Left.

That’s because the left controls the Narrative.  If this story gets buried and it will, that’s because it doesn’t fit the Narrative.

In fact, it has already happening. So let us reiterate the facts. Scores of women were set upon by up to a thousand men in a public place. 

They were assaulted by Muslim men coming to Germany, masking as refugees, but really coming to rape and cause chaos.  Let’s be clear.  It wasn’t run of the mill German men gang raping the girls.  It was Muslim men.  Get your facts straight.

Ninety of them made complaints to police. There were also sexual assaults of a similar fashion in Hamburg on the same night. The level of entitlement that these men felt towards the bodies of their victims is appalling.

Muslim men treat women like dirt.  You are acting like it is all men.  Your disingenuousness is not surprising in the least.  You aren’t fooling anybody.

These events are proving particularly controversial because the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has within the last 12 months admitted something like a million refugees from Africa and the Arab world – the same demographic dominant among the young men who carried out these assaults.

Yes, she is directly responsible for allowing those women to be raped by the so called refugees she brought in.

Merkel’s policy is therefore being blamed by many for the influx of sex attackers.

It should be.  After all she made it happen.

On a point of accuracy, it must be noted that many of these attackers were already known to the police, and were not drawn from the recently-arrived refugees.

Bullshit.  These guys have been committing crime in Germany since the day they arrived.  Stop lying to us.  We don’t believe you.

However, that’s not going to stop this conversation being dominated by the issue of race,

Well yeah.  It was Muslim men from the Middle East doing it.  They are famous for raping anything from women to men to freaking goats for Heavens sake.

so we may as well go there. In racial terms, Germany is not particularly diverse,

No, Germany is for Germans.  Africa is for Africans.  If Germans want to experience African culture, they can take a vacation to Africa.

and the majority of the black and Arab people you seetend to be working-class.

These guys aren’t working class.  The working class people I know don’t go around town gang raping girls.  The technical term to describe these refugees is criminal scum from the Middle East.

There are all sorts of economic reasons for that, one being that those arriving from Africa and the Middle East find it very difficult to get papers or work once they are here.

So if we just gave them all jobs, they would stop gang raping.  Is that the point you are trying to make?  Do you really believe that?  Do you know how dumb that makes you sound?  Repeating something you heard a college professor say, doesn’t make you smart.

In Berlin, where I live, the overwhelming majority of black men you see every day are poor, homeless, or selling drugs by Görlitzer Bahnhof or Warschauer Strasse, two of the city’s busier train stations.


And when I say the overwhelming majority, I would say something like 80 per cent, if not more.

So you admit that 80% of the blacks in Berlin are drug dealer scum.  Whey shouldn’t we deport them?  An 80% rate of people in your city being drug dealer scum seems like a really good reason to deport all of them, especially the good ones’ who make excuses for the 80%

And, at the risk of sounding uncharitable, I don’t think that as many people as I would like are concerned with the socio-economic nuances of why these black men are so poor.

No we aren’t.  It’s not our problem their countries are a train wreck.  Maybe if they made something of themselves instead of dealing drugs their countries wouldn’t be train wrecks.  We are so tried of the so called socio-economic excuses for why scum act like scum.

I think that there is instead a tendency, more widespread that many people might like to acknowledge, to regard black men as inherently untrustworthy or criminal.

You said it.  I didn’t.  You just said 80% of the black guys in Berlin deal drugs.  I just want to remind you of what you wrote.

I say this partly because of my own experiences in the city, and from speaking to several other friends who are non-white. A friend from West Africa, when visiting the city, found it so difficult to secure an Airbnb apartment that he had to ask someone to do it on his behalf.

You might not have noticed this but I did.  What your friend did was dishonest.  You just chastised Whites for noticing that blacks are dishonest and then you talk about something dishonest your friend did.  Do you even notice what you write?

The stories of black people struggling to find rooms and flats in the city are legion – not that it is easy to rent in Berlin anyway, given the popularity of this place, but the tales of discrimination do all start to stack up after a while.

You just said that 80% of them are criminal drug dealers.  You might not notice this but, normal people don’t like to rent to drug dealers.  If your odds of getting a drug dealer are 80% then guess what, nobody is going to rent to them.

More mundanely, I am struck by how often – even on the most crowded of trains – white Berliners will leave a space next to me, somehow fearing the prospect of sitting next to a male of African appearance.

You just said that 80% of the blacks in Berlin are drug dealers.  Do you think that might not play a small part in why people don’t want to sit next to you?  Do you think maybe they noticed something?  Germans are very good at pattern recognition.  I notice a pattern.  And most people on the train do too.

And if that sounds paranoid, then it was only something I first noticed when a sympathetic white man, shaking his head with bemused laughter, pointed it out to me.

So it was some do gooder leftist who pointed out the pattern.  You seem like a bright guy.  You probably don’t like sitting next to your country men on the train either.

For those who might think that I am being overly sensitive, I will say that I am merely stating facts. I love this city, and life here is well worth dealing with these inconveniences.

Why do you love Berlin?  That’s right, it isn’t disfunctional.  I think there’s a lesson there.  You know, if you want to keep Berlin nice, I highly recommend you lead the charge to deport these refugees ASAP so you can stay in a nice city.

But these instances have made me realise that the cultural expectations of black men in some parts of Germany arealready dangerously low. And now we have these attacks in Cologne, one of the worst incidents of its nature that I can recall. 

Pattern recognition.  These sorts of things don’t happen unless there are lots of immigrants hanging around on New Year’s Eve looking for women to rape.

So, what to do with all of this analysis? Well, it is actually simple. Let’s just keep sticking up for the women.

I agree.  Let’s deport all the immigrants.  Oh wait that isn’t what you meant.

As far as being a black man of African descent goes, the racists in Germany and elsewhere hate us anyway.

How can you stand living in a country where the people hate you?  Wouldn’t you rather live in a country where you could be just like everybody else.

They thought we were rapists and perverts and other assorted forms of sex attacker the second they set eyes on us.

And your country men and Middle Easterners proved them right.

They don’t care about the women who were attacked in Cologne and Hamburg, except to prove the point that we are the animals that they always thought – or hoped – we were.

Bullshit!  We really do care about our women.  Stop with your African projection.  We know that in your countries you treat women like disposable dirt.  But we don’t here.  There’s a reason why white women are the most privileged people on Earth.

I don’t think that women have ever felt particularly comfortable walking through crowds of drunk and aggressive men at night, regardless of the race of those men.

This might shock you, but these kinds of things didn’t happen in Europe before the Middle East moved in.  Where I live these kinds of things don’t happen.  There aren’t mobs of a thousand men looking for women to RAPE where I live.  And I want to keep it that way.

But groups of young men of North African and Arab origin, whatever their intentions, will most likely endure more trepidation from women than before.

Stop playing the victim card.  It’s old.  1,000 foreigners planned a mass gang rape on New Year’s Eve.  That’s a fact.  Before your people showed up these things didn’t happen.  Just because they are normal where you are from doesn’t mean they were normal in Europe.

So here’s what I propose we do. Why don’t we just start with the premise that it is a woman’s fundamental right, wherever she is in the world, to walk the streets and not be groped? 

I agree and let’s deport all the men who go around gang raping.  Oh wait, that isn’t what you mean is it?

And why don’t we see this as a perfect moment for men, regardless of our ethnic backgrounds, to get genuinely angry about the treatment of women in public spaces:

I am angry.  That’s why I want to deport all the invaders who are raping our women.

to reject with fury the suggestion that we are somehow conditioned by society forever to treat women as objects, condemned by our uncontrollable sexual desires to lunge at them as they walk past?

Well that’s what Middle Easterners have a reputation for and they lived up to it perfectly.  Us Europeans are very good at pattern recognition.  We notice what Middle Easterners are doing.  Do we have your permission to deport them?

Let’s do our best to challenge the rampant misogyny that has gone on worldwide for far too long,

Can we please deport those who practice barbaric practices like gang rape and mass drug dealing please?  Do we have your holy permission for it?

and reject whatever lessons of sexist repression we may have been taught.

What does this even mean?  Stop with the stupid world salad you learned from some Marxist professor.

Because women are tired of telling us about this, and exhausted of fighting a battle that for too long has gone overlooked.

The battle wasn’t in Europe until lawless Africans and Middle Easterners showed up in our countries.  Stop projecting your society’s failure onto western civilization.


Islam is the Great and Abominable Church

Throughout Mormon history there has been a lot of confusion about the concept of the Great and Abominable Church.  Early Mormon authorities argued nonsense like the Catholic Church was the Great and Abominable Church.  James E. Talmage even went so far as to write the ridiculous book, “The Great Apostasy” which is just a sad 19th Century Protestant rant against the Catholic Church.  One of the problems of early Mormon history was our leaders did not have a strong understanding of history.  LDS church leaders still don’t know history, but that’s another issue.  Their historical religious knowledge was limited to the Reformation and the 30 Years War.  Early Mormon leaders had no understanding of a war that had been raging for over a thousand years: the war of Islam against everybody else.  When we look at 1 Nephi Chapter 13, when the Angel described the Great and Abominable Church, the Angel described Islam.  1 Nephi 13: 1-9 accurately demonstrates that Islam is the Great and Abominable Church.

And it came to pass that I saw among the nations of the Gentiles the formation of a great church.

And the angel said unto me: Behold the formation of a church which is most abominable above all other churches, which slayeth the saints of God, yea, and tortureth them and bindeth them down, and yoketh them with a yoke of iron, and bringeth them down into captivity.  (1 Nephi 13:4-5).

Islam burst out of the Arabian Peninsula sometime around 650 AD.  In 100 years Islam conquered all the way from Afghanistan in the East all the way to southern France in the west.  The march of Islam was unprecedented in world history.  Only Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan conquered as fast and as far as Islam did in the 7th and 8th Centuries.  Only Islam was able to hold onto their massive gains.

In verse 5 the Angel lists the elements of the Great and Abominable Church.  The elements are:

  1. Slays the saints.
  2. Tortures the Saints.
  3. Binds them down.
  4. Yokes them with a yoke of iron.
  5. Brings them down into captivity.

Islam matches all of these elements perfectly.  Islam’s wars of conquest attacked Syria, Egypt, North Africa, Anatolia, Spain, France and Italy.  All of these nations were 100% Christian in the 7th and early 8th Centuries.  When you read the accounts of the Muslim invasions of these nations, the conquerors wrote about vast amounts of the infidels they murdered.  Muslim pirates would sail on the Mediterranean Sea.  They would attack isolated villages and cities, kill all the men and take the women and children as slaves to be sold into sexual slavery in Muslim lands.  In their wars in the West, they universally attacked Christians.  Muslim pirates murdered and enslaved so many Christian they depopulated the Mediterranean Basin and destroyed the economy for hundreds of years.  The saints are followers of Jesus Christ.  Islam killed far more followers of Jesus Christ than the Romans or any other civilization in history.

The second element is tortures the saints.  Just watch ISIS videos of Jihadists beheading their captives.  They are following the example of Muhammad who according to Muslims lived the perfect life.  Muhammad loved to behead his enemies while his 9 year old wife Aisha looked on.  On the day the United States Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in America; ISIS dropped two gays off of a building, videotaped it and posted it up on social media with the hash tag #gravitywins.  This is torture.  While torturing gays certainly isn’t part of torturing the Saints, the torture of gays represents what Islam does to non Muslims when they get the chance.  Islam has a 1,400 year history of torturing its enemies for sport.

The third element of the Great and Abominable Church is binds them down.  Muslims consider all non Muslims: kafirs.  Kafirs are considered non humans and do not have the same rights as Muslims.  Muslims are allowed to steal from the kafir without receiving condemnation from Allah.  If you are a non Muslim living in Islamic countries your legal status is Dhimi.  A Dhimi is not even a third class citizen.  You do not have legal rights and protections under Islamic law.  Muslims can steal from you, take your property and you have no legal recourse.  Muslims are allowed to abuse non Muslims.  In Islamic lands, non Muslims are bound down by the law.

The fourth element of the Great and Abominable Church is: yokes then with a yoke of iron.  If you want to practice Christianity in Islamic lands, you must pay the Jizya which is a tax set on all non Muslims.  You are forced to pay Muslims for them not to kill and enslave you.  Muslims still demand the Jizya today.  Paying the Jizya is being yoked down with a yoke of iron because if non Muslims don’t pay up, they get killed.

The fifth element of the Great and Abominable Church is brings them down into captivity.  Islam has a 1,400 year of enslaving its victims.  Muslim pirates depopulated the Mediterranean Basin enslaving women and children for Islamic slave markets.  When the Ottoman Turks were expanding in Anatolia and the Balkans, they would go into Christian villages and take the most beautiful girls for the various harems of the Ottoman elites.  They would take the strongest boys, enslave them, indoctrinate them into Islam and trained them as the personal slave army of the Sultan.  These were the Janissaries the most fearsome soldiers in Islam.  They were also slaves, stolen from their families.  Muslim history is the history of slavery.

Russia shares a border many thousands of miles with Islamic countries.  For over a thousand years, every year Muslims would invade the Russian Steppe and enslave peasant Russian girls for the slave markets of the Middle East.  Tartar invaders were still enslaving Russian girls well into the 19th Century.

Saudi Arabia didn’t officially abolish the slave trade until the 1960’s but you still can acquire slaves in Saudi Arabia today.  Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam and if Saudi Arabia practices slavery then slavery is considered acceptable behavior in Islam.

And it came to pass that I beheld this great and abominable church; and I saw the devil that he was the founder of it.  (1 Nephi 13:6).

The definition of the Muslim faith is “submission to the will of Allah.”  To the Muslim, submission means submitting yourself as a slave to his master.  In Islamic theology Allah views the whole world as his slaves.  In Islam, Allah is the largest slave master of them all.  Think about that.  Who is the biggest wannabe slave master of them all?  Who wanted to enslave the whole world to him since before the foundation of the world?  Who rebelled against Heavenly Father himself because Heavenly Father would not allow him to enslave the whole human population?  That’s right, Satan.  Satan is the founder of Islam.

And I also saw gold, and silver, and silks, and scarlets, and finetwined linen, and all manner of precious clothing; and I saw many harlots.  (1 Nephi 13:7).

In Islam’s wars of conquest and expansion it is always about rapine and plunder.  Muslim conquerors come for gold silver and everything precious they can carry away.  Muslims love to rape women and the lands they conquer.  Muslims are trying to conquer Sweden and Sweden is the rape capital of Europe.  They love to take beautiful women away from their families and turn them into harlot slaves.  Raping Swedish women is just part of the process of turning them into their harlots.  The Angel is accurately predicting the actions of good faithful Muslims.

And the angel spake unto me, saying: Behold the gold, and the silver, and the silks, and the scarlets, and the fine-twined linen, and the precious clothing, and the harlots, are the desires of this great and abominable church.  (1 Nephi 13:8).

I’ve read the Koran cover to cover.  The Koran has a whole chapter dedicated to how to spilt up the spoils of war.  Besides the chapter on the spoils there are many other references to how the faithful will receive the spoils of war.  Plundering non Muslims is official Islamic doctrine.  In Islam it is one of the great goals of the religion to plunder the kafir.

And also for the praise of the world do they destroy the saints of God, and bring them down into captivity.  (1 Nephi 13:9).

The Koran saves the highest praise for those who wage Jihad against the Kafir.  The best Muslims are the Paris attackers and the San Bernadino attackers.  Jihad is Islamic doctrine and Jihadists are the best Muslims.  Muslims who attack us are considered the best of the best Muslims.  Don’t believe the lies Muslims tell us.  To each other they praise Jihad against us the kafirs.  They praise the Jihadists who enslave kafirs.

When you look at the elements of the Great and Abominable Church, Islam satisfies all the elements of the Great and Abominable Church.  We must conclude that Islam is the Great and Abominable Church and Satan is the head of Islam.  Let’s be grateful to great men like Pelayo, Charles Martel and Vlad Dracula who were willing to fight and resist Islam.  Without these great men, all of western civilization would have fallen to Islam.  Never forget, Islam is the Great and Abominable Church and Satan sits at the head of Islam.