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14 Words Girl Shows that Women Go Where the Desirable Men Are

Recently some guy found the Tinder profile of a pretty girl who gave the 14 Words in her profile along with a statement that she was only looking for serious dating and had no interest in nude photos or any other form of degeneracy.

A lot of people wondered if 14 Words Girl was serious by putting the 14 Words in her profile or if she was just doing it to gather White Nationalist beta orbiters.  Some people even went so far as to argue that the girl is a “trap” which with the extreme Alt Right/ White Nationalist crowd is a legitimate question.  My personal opinion is that she is a girl and not a “trap.”

What I think is going on is this girl knew that her profile would fairly quickly get spotted by Alt Right men in her city and quickly passed around the Internet.  She’s a smart girl and figures that sooner rather than later the Alt Right would track her down and she instantly would become the dream girl for every White American male under the age of 30.  She probably is a girl who knows that the best place to find and attract masculine men is on the political Right and she figured out how to vastly increase her dating options.

My colleague Rick Moser talked about the Laci Green situation where she made a video saying that she was interested in learning about red pill ideas.  I don’t believe for 1 second that she is serious about giving up her SJW lifestyle.  She’s just making too much money to go back on what has gotten her to where she is now.  What I think is going on with Laci Green is she is dating a rightwing masculine man.  Women naturally want to follow men.  Since her boyfriend has some red pill beliefs then in Laci Green’s mind red pill ideas can’t be that bad because her sexy BF is a right winger and she would never be in a relationship with an evil man.

Women naturally are very clever.  Women instinctively want to follow the strong horse.  Women also know which way the cultural and political winds are blowing and know to follow the winds.  Why are so many women sympathetic to Islam?  It’s because lots of women these days feel it in their gut that Islam is the strong horse so they feel like they better get good with Islam.  The same thing is happening with 14 Words Girl and to a lesser extent with Laci Green.  These girls feel like men on the political right are the emerging strong horse in America.  14 Words Girl wants to make sure that she gets the first pick of the best masculine men on the Right.  If my theory is correct and Laci Green is dating a right winger then the reason why she showed sympathy to red pill ideas is because she feels like her right wing boyfriend is the strong horse and she wants to keep her strong horse.

One of the ways to know that your movement is growing and becoming strong is when pretty girls like 14 Words Girl show up and want to get into the club.  As the Alt Right/ New Right grows expect more and more pretty girls to want to join the club.  After the upcoming Antifa riots get put down by Based Stickman and his merry band, expect lots of pretty girls wanting to meet and date men in the Alt Right/ New Right: hint, hint.

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The American Girls Dressed Up As Fake Las Vegas Showgirls Outside the Bellagio

Mrs. Johnson and I decided to take a road trip to Southern California and the Southwest.  We stopped for a couple of nights in Las Vegas because Vegas.  We were walking down by the Bellagio Fountain and there were all of these people in popular costumes who you could pay some cash and take your picture with them.  You could take your picture with Pikachu, Dark Vader, Spiderman, etc.  There also was a pair of American girls dressed up as Las Vegas Showgirls with the high heels, skimpy outfit and that huge palm leaf decoration going over their head.

Most of the people in costumes were hustling to get people to notice them and want to take a picture with them.  Dark Vader was looking scary and he had the breathing thing going to give it the authentic look.  Pikachu was waving to the few kids around and making sure to get in front of all nerdy type people.  Everybody was busting their butts to get their photo taken and earn their keep, except the girls dressed as Las Vegas Showgirls.

The American girls dressed up as Las Vegas showgirls were just staring at their cell phones looking distracted and uninterested.  There they were looking hot and sexy with their eye balls glued to their phones while they were on the job.  They looked so many girls in night clubs these days.  You know the look?  Girls dressed to the max, sitting or standing in a tight circle with their girl friends, not letting anyone talk to them and taking the occasional selfie.  Any American man who’s been to a night club within the last 7 years knows the look only too well.

How were they going to get men to be brave enough to want a picture with them?  Tons of men have suffered major blowouts from American women who couldn’t get out of their phones long enough to pay them even a minimum amount of social courtesy.  Those girls dressed up as Las Vegas showgirls were looking like the lead up to bad meeting girls experiences so many American men have suffered over the years.  What man is going to walk up to one of those girls dressed up like Las Vegas showgirls and say, hey can I pay you $5 for a photo?  How horrible of a rejection would it be for men to go up to girls who in theory are working, offer to give them work and then have the girls not bother to respond?

The girls outside the Bellagio dressed as Las Vegas showgirls who couldn’t be bothered to get out of their phones is a great example of the self entitled nature many American women have.  These girls were working and they didn’t feel that they had to put in any effort into their jobs.  Either those girls or the guy who they work for were paying the Bellagio or (more likely) some member of the mafia for the right to work on that corner.  Did those girls care that they had a job to do and that if somebody didn’t get their rent, then there would be big problems for them?  Did those girls care that for them to be successful and to earn a ton of money on that spot, what they needed to do was be very friendly with everybody and especially welcoming to the men.  The American girls dressed up as Las Vegas showgirls had the horrible American woman attribute of having no interest or concern about men even on a business level.

It’s a tragic social commentary to see how so many American women can’t even pretend to treat men well, even when it’s literally their job to pretend to treat men well.  It’s sad to see women who are so deeply connected to their cell phones that they can’t even focus on their incredibly simple jobs and life tasks.  It really makes you wonder just how lower American women can go.

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Men Who Make America Great Again Do It Better

Hey ladies, want to heat your sex life up to pleasure levels that shouldn’t be possible?  Well I’ve got the secret recipe.  There’s all these men out there wearing red hats that say Make America Great Again.  These men are sexual tyrannosaurs who are all powerful in the sack.  Witness example A:

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Some slutty Canadian girl went on vacation to San Diego and while she was on vacation she decided that she needed to get laid ASAP.  After getting on Tinder and doing some swipe rights she matched up with a man and set up a date with him.  On the date he ran flawless game and took her home.  She had a night of mind blowing sex where she admitted that she’s slept with a lot of guys and he’s in the top 5.  At the end of the night she found out that he wants to Make America Great Again and decided that she didn’t want to go for another ride on his Make America Great Again train.

To make things even better he is one of our glorious shit lords who hangs out on /pol and put in great work meme’ing Donald Trump into the White House.  It just goes to show that men who work to Make America Great Again, do it better.

Over the last 18 months millions of American men have learned how to be the kind of men who women want to sleep with from the master himself.  Here’s what one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives had to say about his sexual prowess:

Ladies, when you go looking for a real man to date, the best men to look for are men who go around town wearing a Make America Great Again hat.  These men have learned important lessons on what it takes to satisfy and please women.  They know that making America great again isn’t just about saving western civilization, fixing the American economy and rebuilding America.  Making America Great Again is also about being a master in the bedroom.

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Most Testimonies in Fast and Testimony Meeting Are Empty Virtue Signaling

One of the biggest problems lots of Mormon women face is fast and testimony meeting.  Every month all these perfect wonderful people get up and talk about all the blessings they received from Heavenly Father.  People talk about how much they love the Gospel and they just seem like the most perfect and wonderful people in the whole world who live perfect lives.  Here’s a dirty secret the vast majority of testimonies in fast and testimony meeting are empty virtue signaling.

What is virtue signaling?

Virtue signaling is people loudly parroting what the cultural narrative wants them to say.  For example if you are in Berkeley, California you virtue signal by loudly declaring that gays are the most moral and upright people on the planet and straight White men are evil rapists ruining the world.  In the Mormon community our cultural narrative is that our lives are perfect and wonderful because of all the blessings Heavenly Father gave us.  So when people in fast and testimony meeting virtue signal they repeat our cultural narrative.

This is why you hear things like, “I would be very ungrateful to my Heavenly Father if I didn’t get up and thank him for all my blessings” in fast and testimony meeting.  These people are loudly showing their support for our cultural narrative and doing a pubic affirmation of faith.  Believe me, Heavenly Father isn’t personally intervening in their lives making it wonderful.

Why it is important to recognize virtue signaling in fast and testimony meeting

Women struggle to recognize narrative.  When women hear a narrative they believe it.  This is why (((the media))) is so powerful.  Women make up over half of the population and they believe narratives.  It’s the same in the church.  Women believe narratives they hear.

When Mormon women hear narratives about how everybody else’s life is perfect, they believe it.  They also know that their life isn’t perfect.  They don’t feel like Heavenly Father is making great things happen for them.  They conclude that they must be doing something wrong because they aren’t getting all these magical blessings from Heavenly Father.

When women feel like they aren’t as good as other families, they feel bad.  Lots of women get really sad and depressed over having to hear how everybody else is perfect in fast and testimony meeting.  When we hear about high female depression rates in the Mormon Church a big part of it is because so many of them feel like they don’t match up to our cultural narrative.

How to confront virtue signaling in fast and testimony meeting

Narratives and virtue signaling aren’t going away.  Mankind has been making cultural narratives since the dawn of time.  They aren’t going away.  If we get rid of the Mormon Church’s current cultural narratives new ones will appear.  Who’s to say that the next batch of cultural narratives will be any better?  In reality they most likely will be a lot worse.  We will never live in a world without cultural narratives.

The best way to handle virtue signaling is to recognize it for what it is.  It is a public affirmation of faith and belief in the program.  Is it really so bad that these people are getting up in church and declaring that they believe that Heavenly Father is helping them get through life?  No it really isn’t.

The next thing to do is not take their virtue signaling so seriously.  It’s virtue signaling, nothing more and nothing less.  It can be annoying to hear and deal with but it isn’t hurting our lives.  It is just annoying us for half an hour on Sunday, once a month.  We can handle hearing it.

If you are married and your wife is feeling down because she believes that everybody else is more righteous and better than her, just tell her what is going on.  Explain the concept of virtue signaling and tell her that their lives aren’t any better than hers.  It all just empty rhetoric and your wife doesn’t need to take is seriously.

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The Portrait of an American Gold Digger

I was at a party last week and got talking with a couple of girls.  They had been gossiping with each other about some guy who had been dating one of their friends.  Noticing their gossiping I decided to have some fun with them.  I teased them about their gossiping and got them to spill the beans that they didn’t like the guy because he was a “nice guy.”  I decided to have some more fun with them and I asked them what they found attractive in a man?

Make her 10 years older, Invisiline braces and a rotten attitude

The answer I got from the prettier of the girls was shocking.  She made the sign of rubbing her fingers together in the universal symbol of money.  I was amazed to see her outright declare that she demanded a man with money to buy her stuff take care of her.  Her admitting that she is a gold digger to a complete stranger was horrifying. She was a good looking girl, but she was in her 30’s and she had those Invisiline braces that you can see if you pay attention.  In an attempt to hide my shock and to see how far I could get her to go I asked her another pointed question.

I said, “That’s cool.  You are well within your rights to want a man who has money.  I only have one question.  There are very few men with money and what would make them choose you over any other women?  What something special do you bring to the table?”  She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “what every girl brings.”  Implying that by marrying her you get to have sex with her.  I said, “Yes that is great, but every girl brings that.  What do you bring special to a man in exchange for his money?”  She looked at me and said, “marriage isn’t an exchange.”  I asked her and her friend if they had been married and both responded that they had.  Then they arrogantly walked off.

What was interesting about gold digger girl was how she didn’t consider at all what she had to bring to a man with money to get him to marry her.  She just expected him to give her money.  When you think about most gold diggers they are conscious that they better give their targets hot crazy sex, be better looking than other girls and be able to keep them entertained while dressed.  A successful gold digger knows exactly what she needs to bring to the table to get the money.

One of the things that is tragic about modern America is how American gold digger girls, are so self entitled they don’t even bother to bring value.  If you are looking to get a gold digger girl, make sure to get one who is at least interesting enough to pretend she wants something more than money and make sure she is younger, hotter, tighter than the 30 something pathetic gold digger I ran into.



Dating by Its Proper Name

On my working vacation to Utah I noticed a very interesting thing.  First of all I was standing in line at Chipotle and I overheard two men talking.  Before my mind drifted off back into my cell phone, I noticed that their conversation was interesting and important so I continued to listen in.  One of the men was married and the other was single.  The single guy was complaining about some girl rejecting him.  He talked about how he was “dating” a girl.  He said that they had been dating for 3 months.  He continued to say that she didn’t want to kiss him or become his girlfriend.

My mind was spinning and I felt dizzy by the logic trap the single chump was talking about.  I was asking myself, “How can you be dating a girl for 3 months and never kissed her?”  It just didn’t make sense.  As I looked at him, I saw it.  He was just some chump orbiting around a hot girl.  He thought that by buying her lots of dinners he was wooing her and convincing her that he would make a perfect boyfriend.  I saw that he was just a standard chump beta orbiter.

Later that day I was talking with my cousin who attends BYU.  He is good friends with one of the big stars on BYU’s football team.  One of the things my cousin told me about is when he talks with attractive girls and they find out he is friends with the BYU star, the girls say, “I dated him.”  My cousin then asks his BYU star friend what dating so and so hot girl is like.  The BYU friend always says, “I went out with her once and hooked up with her.  That’s it.”

Listening around Provo, I noticed several other instances of guys and girls both abusing the term “dating.”  Girls use the word dating to imply that some guy who hooked up with them once or twice really likes them and wants to keep them.  Guys use the word dating to imply they are intimate with a girl when in reality they are only buying dinner without intimacy.  The way the word “dating” is abused in Provo is a great example of guys and girls being unwilling to see the nature of their dating lives.  Guys don’t want to accept that girls they pine for only see them as a source of free food.  Girls don’t want to accept that they men they fool around with only see them as spinning plates.

Men accept things for what they really are.  If a girl doesn’t want to be physically intimate with you after you buy her dinner, you aren’t dating her.  You are just an orbiter only good for free food.  Girls, if he only wants to bring you over to fool around but never buys you dinner or lets you meet his friends, you are just a plate he’s spinning.

My 1st Date with a Birth Control Victim

Last week I went on a boring first date with a girl who is a birth control victim.  Milo wrote an interesting article a few days ago about the dangers of birth control.  I went out with a pretty girl who is a member of the church.  I met her online and one of the things that I noticed about her was that she was thin, but she appeared to have a bit of a spare tire hanging around her belly.  It was weird because everything about her signaled she was very cute, yet she had this random spare tire.  I wondered if it wasn’t just a girl who was a little bit clueless on how to photo herself.

When I got to the date and met her, she looked great.  She had a really pretty face, nice long hair, nice long legs, and really nice butt.  Everything looked great, except she had that damn spare tire around her mid section.  As we got talking she confessed that she was recently divorced.  Reading Milo’s article about birth control made everything click.  Her spare tire is a result of increased abdominal fat from birth control consumption.

On the date she and I just had no chemistry.  I couldn’t get her to banter and play.  The whole date just kind of devolved into some kind of boring job interview.  I wasn’t even trying to initiate physical intimacy, I was just trying to get her to smile and tease a little bit.  She just had no natural sexiness to her and no ability to flirt.  Milo’s article showed birth control makes women unsexy.  This girl definitely showed serious signs of loss of sexuality resulting from birth control consumption.

Milo showed this graph which indicates there probably is linkage between birth control consumption and divorce.

The girl I went out with showed physical and emotional signs of birth control side effects.  She also is divorced.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Anyway this date is a great example of how science tends to back up the hateful views of bigoted religious fools who don’t know it’s the current year.  Ladies be very careful when it comes to consuming birth control it could ruin your life.


Girls Know Being Fat Makes Them Gross

I was on a 10 day working vacation in Utah and decided to fire up Tinder to try to find some quick short term dating options.  One of the things that quickly jumped out at me was the way the vast majority of the girls would manipulate the camera.  Most of the girls on Tinder were FAT, but they so desperately wanted to get lots of Tinder matches.  They used every body contortion and manipulation possible.  Lots of them posted photos of themselves with their cuter friends, trying to trick you into swiping right, hoping it’s the cute friend.  They would take photos of themselves where half of their bodies were cut out of the frame, as if that would confuse us.  They would do extreme close ups on their faces to try to look sort of cute.  Any man who has spent any time on Tinder knows all the tricks unattractive girls use to get men to swipe right.  This isn’t new information.  The thing that jumps out at me from this incident is girls know being fat makes them gross.

When you take a step back for a second it is revolutionary to realize all women’s talk about body positivity and beauty at any size is empty rhetoric.  They know it’s all nonsense.  Deep down every chubster knows she is just an unappealing woman who no man with options wants.  Fat women know they aren’t fooling anybody.  They know being fat makes them gross.

It’s important for men to know that girls know being fat makes them gross.  Once you know that girls know, it is a lot easier to resist propaganda telling men all women are beautiful no matter how gross they look.  In the Mormon community some local church leaders have started to tell confused men they should give that really sweet fat girl a chance.  Once you know that she knows that she looks like a gross disgusting cow, you can easier reject that laughably bad advice.  Girls know being fat makes them look gross, so don’t you forget it either.

The Way Europe will Expel the Muslim Invasion

Muslims are invading Europe.  Look at the hordes of Muslims marching into Europe right now:

This is what an invading army looks like

All this group needs is a leader on a horse and everybody carrying weapons and this group would look just like a medieval army on the warpath.  Many fear that the Muslim invasion will wipe out Europe.  Everybody sees that this in an army, it is full of young men and there are no women or children.  The plan of these so called migrants is to settle in Europe, get on welfare and then bring the rest of the extended family over from wherever.  When we hear about 1,000,000 immigrants, it really means 10,000,000 after they bring over their wives, kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.  If this migration goes unchecked it has the potential to turn Europe into a real life Muslim caliphate out of a Tom Kratman novel.  However I believe that the Islamic invasion will be stopped and reversed.  Here is what I believe is the way Europe will expel the Muslim invasion.

Europe will expel the Muslim invasion because of European women.  Women are creatures totally and completely ruled by their feelings.  Women are primarily controlled by two main feelings, the desire to feel “good” and the desire to AVOID feeling fear.  Women love the idea of diversity because it makes them feel good about themselves.  Women love to parrot lines like, “diversity is our strength” and “we are a global community” and “somebody should help those poor starving children.”  All of these slogans make women feel good, that they are good people and that they are on the right side of history.  In order to feel good about themselves, women vote for politicians who put diversity into public policy and we get the mess we are currently in.  Women love diversity when it doesn’t affect them because it gives them warm fuzzy feelings and makes them feel good about themselves.

At the exact same time when women see the real consequences of diversity they feel fear.  As soon as the consequences of diversity happen, women want the feeling of fear gone.  Women hate feeling fear.  Most men are relatively big and strong.  Most of us have no physical fear.  For women it is the exact opposite.  Very few women are physically strong enough to defend themselves from an attacker.  Women hate the feeling of being in personal danger.  More than anything else women desire to avoid the feeling of fear.  The desire to avoid feeling fear is far more powerful than the desire to feel good about themselves.

The fear the video captures in the women’s voices is real and other women will understand it.  When women need something done, who do they turn to?  Men.

Over the last 60 years or so, western civilization has turned most men into a bunch of pathetic beta male white knights who worship women and can’t tell women no.  Look at White Nationalist propaganda.  It is full of worship of white women.  They hold white women up almost as goddesses.  They very much have white women up on huge pedestals.  Yet, the reason demographics are against whites and so called “white genocide” happens is because white women don’t want to have sex with average run of the mill white men they come into contact with.

Women know that when they need something done, they can turn to their beta male orbiters, ask them to take care of the problem and they will take care of it.  Just watch how quickly a mob of nice attentive young men appears every time a semi cute girl moves and need free movers.  After taking the red pill, it is sad and pathetic to see.  Women know they can use their beta orbiters to take care of any problems they face.

What happens when European women feel fear when they walk down the street due to Muslims hanging out everywhere?  Simple, they get their beta orbiters to deal with the problem.  Once a large amount of European women feel fear walking down the street, they will want the source of the fear removed.  Once European women recognize that the source of the fear comes from Muslim men in their cities, European women will want them removed by hook or crook.  Women know they can get their beta orbiters to take care of most tasks for them.  Is it too much of a stretch to think that modern women won’t use their beta orbiters to take care of the Muslims invading Europe?

Women are already starting to shout for somebody to take care of the problem.  Look at this statement from Margot Wallstrom, Sweden’s Foreign Minister:

Margot Wallstrom has said that Sweden cannot cope with taking in refugees at its current level, without it affecting services.

She says that Stockholm will now have to pressure the European Union in a bid to force other member states to share the burden of those coming from the Middle East, mainly Syria.

She is saying that somebody else needs to take in all these migrants because Sweden can’t.  It is her way of saying, “hey men please deal with this problem for me.”  Next after she realizes that other European countries won’t take the invaders to allow her to keep her warm and fuzzy feelings, her feelings of fear will kick in.  And then things will get interesting.

The process of European women telling European beta males to take care of the problem is already starting.  Look at the results, Europeans are attacking the invaders, burning down refugee centers and attacking politicians.  6 months ago, who would have thought that Swedish men and German men would attack Muslims invading Europe?  As the crisis continues women will shriek louder and louder and the beta males will become more and more aggressive towards the invaders.  European women will demand that their beta orbiters “do something” about the Islamic invasion and their beta orbiters will be more than happy to remove European women’s source of fear once and for all.

LDS Women Need Feminine Accomplishments that Give them Confidence

I was reading this post that dealt with why are LDS women leaving the church.  When we think about it, the reason women are leaving the church is because they are unhappy in the Mormon community.  There are a wide variety of reasons for that, but the biggest reason they are unhappy is because many of them are failing at being women.  They are failing at being women and are looking for somebody to blame for their failure.  They end up blaming the LDS church.  They don’t have any real feminine accomplishments and feel low on personal confidence and achievement.  Mormon women need personal confidence just like men.  The difference is LDS women need feminine accomplishments that give them confidence, not masculine accomplishments

When we think about men, we all know that for men to be successful, they must have confidence.  Personal confidence comes from having real life achievements of real world value that others recognize as being valuable.  We all understand that getting really good at Call of Duty does not give men real confidence because being good at Call of Duty  is not an important and valuable masculine skill.  Men need achievements like having a successful career, being in good physical shape, having interesting hobbies , etc.

What the world doesn’t understand is women also need personal confidence.  On one hand, we tell women that they are all wonderful just the way they are.  However, deep down everybody knows that it is just empty rhetoric men say to stay in women’s good graces.  Think about what women have to live through. . ., everyday they are praised and told how “awesome” they are just for being women.  They don’t have to actually DO anything to earn praise and recognition.  They get praised just for having a vag.  However deep down most American women know that the praise they receive is empty rhetoric and it pains them because they don’t have any real accomplishments worthy of the praise they receive.

The world wants women to earn masculine achievements which are opposed to women’s biology and nature.  Masculine achievements do not give women feminine confidence.  Even after racking up a whole bunch of masculine achievements most women skill feel unconfident as women.  Getting a college degree or giving a PowerPoint presentation are not valuable feminine accomplishments.  They don’t confer any feminine accomplishment or confidence.  The vast majority of women don’t have confidence in themselves as women because they don’t have any feminine accomplishments.  At best they have a bunch of masculine accomplishments that leave them feeling hollow and unsatisfied.  The real skills women need are the skills that have real value to the world: feminine skills.

Women need to learn feminine skills.  Feminine confidence comes from having real achievements that fit with women’s biology and their true nature, not what our Cultural Marxist culture tells women to do.  Feminine skills that give women confidence are: learning how to dress properly, how to physically present themselves, how to cook, how to maintain a household, how to seduce men into desiring them, how to carry on a conversation, etc.  These are the real feminine skills that women need to possess to have real confidence.  Successfully learning feminine skills and having feminine accomplishments gives women the confidence necessary to have real self esteem, not the fake self esteem the world wants to pump into women.

If the LDS church wants its women to feel happier and families to strengthen, then the church needs to do its part to help women to gain real feminine confidence through real feminine achievement.  The Mormon church needs to show women what things women need to do to be successful as women and explain that through real feminine accomplishment women can confidence, self esteem and most importantly happiness. LDS women need feminine accomplishments that give them confidence.