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Why Are Feminists Enamored By Radical Islam?

When you take the red pill, sometimes small little facts of life click, and make you see things in a totally new way. One of the biggest red pill truths is femininsts love radical Islam.  Radical Islam is similar to how the Nazi’s blended the far left and the far right.  Always in public school, I had been been taught that Nazis were simply radical conservative extremists, along with all Fascists, but this wasn’t true.

The truth, which they don’t teach you in school, is that the National Socialists took elements of Germany’s traditional Right, including a centuries-old desire to unify Germany, and melded this with a radical Left ideology–an ideology which was very similar to the Marxism of Soviet Russia.

Muslim extremists are the Nazis of today, and likewise we don’t realize the melding of Left and Right that is going on. Occasionally, glimpses peek through the mainstream media’s gatekeepers. But few can fully answer, what motivates these terrorists? Why do they hate us? Is it our fault?

People who have escaped the extremist regions tell a much different story than what the media portrays. We imagine captive women who hide behind veils and are beaten if they dare speak a word. But then we see the prominent role of women in many of the terrorist attacks–the women who led the Paris attacks, the woman who radicalized the San Bernadino attacker, etc. If you look at specific cases of terrorism, the role of women are actually not very conservative.

A few years ago, Sarah El Deeb of the Associated Press exposed the true role of women in radical Islam. Instead of sordid stories of child brides and rape, she told the story of “a paid honeymoon in caliphate’s heart.” A couple meets online and enjoys a romantic honeymoon eating ice cream and dining at restaurants.

Wait. So are you telling me they are progressive? They can safely scroll through online matches like girls do here? They have “a generous welfare system” for women? Couples receive “$500 when they marry to help them start a family”?

A new picture opens up. The social engineering in radical Islam actually resembles Soviet Russia more than it does Christianity or traditional European culture, with state efforts to increase reproduction and promote social stability. Maybe young men join ISIS because they see macho bad-boys fighting against big powers, changing the world–much like Antifa and other Leftist groups behave–and it is an easy ways to procure a bride and be respected as a man.

Did I hear that right, ISIS has a welfare program? Yes. How progressive of radical Islam.  Many Leftists here are attracted by the same kind of thing, like the monthly allowance for groceries, dependency on the state, and ‘public assistance’ for the ‘poor.’ New York Post reports women receive $25 per month per child, plus a $400 bonus up front to be a mother and $500 to receive a partner.

Suddenly it is not such a mystery why ISIS women do not seem concerned that their sons and husbands are out killing themselves. You would think they would want to stop the men from killing themselves if they love them. But it’s government money. That’s what it comes down to. A Western woman in ISIS wrote, ““U dnt hav 2 pay 4 ANYTHING if u r wife of a shaheed,” the Post reports.

But most of all, I think the women of ISIS are attracted to the brutal and strong caliphate that radical Islam offers, a beast that they can follow. I think this applies to the “strong-willed” women more than anyone. They are attracted by a strong brutal ideology, which is what Socialism is. I guarantee, if you talk to any of the women of ISIS, they will tell you their strict ideology is liberating for women. They will use the same words feminists use.

This also explains why feminists in the United States rail endlessly against Christian expectations for women to dress nicely yet have not a word to say about women in the Middle East who are banned from driving and are not allowed to reveal their faces in public. Why don’t feminists ever talk about the ISIS mistreatment of women? Why? They respect the movement’s brutal ideology, that’s why.  Feminists love the strong hand and radical Islam provides it.

The only thing they have to reconcile the pieces of traditional culture that get melded in. But the National Socialists could handle that. So can today’s feminists.

Now, there is enormous danger in cherry-picking pieces of traditional culture and plastering them to an untraditional ideology, as both ISIS and Leftists do. It quickly leads to extremism. Modernism brought the dangerous ideology of Social Justice many decades ago, and now today, post-Modernism is today’s effort to meld pieces of traditional culture with it–with the accompanying movements such as Deconstructionalism to help.

So we see the same kind of dynamic in today’s Left.

Feminists are very discriminating about the women they defend. They have nothing to say about the rape gangs, mutilation, and sexual slavery in radical Islam controled areas. Likewise, women in ISIS don’t care much about the rape and mutilation so rampant in their culture. They also have little to say about men and boys who die and fall victim to the wiles of progressive culture in America. But they sure do complain about the toxic masculinity among Western Christians, echoing the same words as Karl Marx and Osama Bin Laden.

Homosexual Lifestyle Awareness Month: Lesbian Relationships Are the Most Violent #Pride2017

One of the narratives that our Cultural Marxist masters like to tell us is lesbian  relationships are every bit as good if not better than normal relationships.  Well this is another fake narrative that our Cultural Marxist masters are trying to tell us that is completely the opposite of reality.  In fact lesbian and female bisexuals are the people most likely to suffer from domestic abuse.  Let’s take a look at some of the horrifying data that shows the ugly reality of lesbian relationships.

According to the CDC, hardly a conservative group, 44% of lesbians are either raped, suffer domestic violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner.  It’s even worse for bi-sexual women where 61% of them suffer the same things.  Let that sink in for a few seconds.  Nearly half of lesbians suffer domestic abuse or rape in their relationships with women.  And more than half of bisexual women suffer the same things.  How is this a healthy lifestyle that we want to encourage for any woman?  The Truth is lesbian relationships are synonymous with being beaten up by their domestic partner.

We always hear that women need safe spaces to keep them safe from the evil men out there.  Well when we look at the real actual data we learn that the safest place for women is in the safety of a committed marriage to a man.  The least safe space for women is lesbian relationships.  If your 12 year old daughter tries to tell you that she is a lesbian, you want to discourage her from becoming a real actual lesbian because if she gets into a domestic relationship with a woman then she has a very high likelihood of becoming a domestic abuse victim.  Common Filth had the best analysis of lesbian relationships?

(((The media))) will never tell anybody the truth about what lesbian relationships are really like because it doesn’t fit with their narrative.  Everybody needs to learn the Truth about lesbian domestic relationships so that women know that living as woman and woman is very likely going to end up with her having to call the police to protect her from her domestic partner.

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Would Western Women Support Mass 3rd World Immigration if Hot Girls Were Arriving?

Seeing western women standing at train stations with their “Refugees Welcome” signs has to be one of the most triggering images on Earth.

so effing triggering

These women are rolling out the red carpet for foreign men who practice a violent religion that allows for the rape of non-Muslim women but would they be out there welcoming hot girls from Russia and Colombia?

This has to be one of the best tweets I’ve seen:

One of the reasons why so many western women roll out the red carpet for the refugees is because they want to increase their potential dating options.  These girls are raised on Cultural Marxist propaganda that says that we are all the same and these girls believe that the foreign invaders will be just like the nice guy beta males who shower them with attention and favors.  Welcoming refugees is a way for many western women to increase their supply of potential dating options.

European men struggle under the foreign invasion because: more poor people means more taxes working White men have to pay, more violence which means that eventually European men are going to have to fight the invaders and having more men chasing the same number of single women makes it that much harder for European men to get dates and to marry.

What would happen if the shoe was on the other foot?  How would western women respond if instead of the invaders being single men from the Middle East and Africa they were hot sexy girls from Russia and Colombia?  Would western women be waiting at the train station with their “Refugees Welcome” signs for hot sexy women who would instantly become their competition in the dating market?  No of course not.  Western women would be demanding a big wall with Russia and would be demanding that European governments sink the ships bringing over the pretty girls from Colombia.

Western women are women and they do things that they feel are in their best interest.  If they feel like bringing in a lot of violent men from the Middle East gives them better dating options then European women will welcome the invaders.  If the invaders were hot sexy women from Russia and Colombia then European women would demand measures that even the most extreme elements of the Alt Right wouldn’t want to do.

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Laci Green Will Only Find Peace If She Stops Blaming Mormonism

Conservatives are talking about a radical feminist named Laci Green who is supposedly opening herself to red pill ideas. Some are optimistic that she might even be converted. Leftists are freaking out over it.

But let’s not kid ourselves. I doubt Laci Green is really going to even have a real discussion about red pill ideas. Why? She makes too much money with her radical feminism, including an MTV show. Why would she jeopardize that?

It seems from Laci Green’s red pill video like she isn’t really open to it, as she gives no specific examples of what she will talk about. She only spews vitriol towards anything specifically red-pilled.

Laci Green says she may be open to new ideas, but then she bitterly recalls her Mormon upbringing.

“I used to be Mormon, pretty intensely so. You know, when I was twelve years old, there were adults telling me that my ‘spiritual destiny is to be perpetually pregnant.’ Cute, right?”

No, no they didn’t, Laci. That’s not true. Mormons don’t tell their kids that it is their destiny to be pregnant.

This is a histrionic line that ex-Mormon feminists frequently use, a strawman caricature of the Mormon traditional lifestyle. Laci Green clearly does not know much about Mormon doctrine.

The truth about Mormonism is we believe men and women can be sealed eternally and go on after death with that same relationship. Posterity is a blessing to marriage, so this post-death relationship probably involves procreation of some kind. Laci equates this with being “perpetually pregnant.”

This reveals Laci Green’s disdain for traditional family and motherhood. Is it coincidence that she published this video near Mother’s Day?

Laci Green started out as a atheist propagandist. But then she removed her videos about leaving Mormonism and becoming atheist, and she focused on being a “public sex educator.” Why? Because this issue is the crux of why she left Mormonism and she can’t get past it. She is stuck on sex.

Through all her many videos, hours and hours of explaining and analysis, Laci Green has yet to come to a realistic conclusion about sex. She complains that men in Congress make decisions about her body with abortion laws. Yet she also advocates for “gay rights.” Doesn’t the supreme court decision allow government to define personal relationships, just the kind of thing you were railing against?

Feminists don’t see the contradiction here because their analysis is so facile and short-sighted. You see this in Laci Green’s red-pill video. She speaks of getting two sides of an argument like it is some kind of grand new revelation. Laci Green prides herself in deep analysis. She gets about two steps into the critical thinking process that the rest of us learned in elementary school.

The fact is, Laci Green needs to confront her deep-rooted issue with sex and Mormonism before she can move on with her life.

How It Started

Laci Green makes no secret that it started with masturbation at a young age. She says she resents the Mormon church because she started masturbating and felt bad about it because she was Mormon. “In my early teens, I was overcome with shame and guilt and anger–anger at myself.” She then launches into justification about masturbation and why it helped her.

Then things become more serious. In another video, Laci Green mentions “my first boyfriend sexually assaulted me, and when I went to my friends for help they called me a slut.”

That’s quite a leap. Rape by her first boyfriend is a lot more serious than some masturbation. When it comes to your youth, why not discuss the shame, guilt, and anger from the rape? This is something I urge Laci Green to explore objectively. It sounds like there is a lot more to all this.

According to Roosh, Laci Green suffered with depression, thoughts of suicide, weight problems, and cutting herself. Her early experiences obviously hurt her, and all these youtube videos and hatred for the Mormon church over a little masturbation don’t seem to be helping. All this “sex positive” lecturing isn’t helping.

How Laci Green Can Heal

If Laci Green is truly serious about a positive two-way discussion, here are my suggestions:

Step #1: Get away from the crazy Berkeley feminist crowd. Stop working for pernicious corporations like MTV. Escape the bubble. Find traditional friends that you can have frank discussions with.

Step #2: Actually study traditional “gender roles” in society, marriage, and personal sexual development. Don’t get your information from MTV or Berkeley professors. Get both sides of the argument and consider what the scriptures have to say about it, even if you don’t believe in the scriptures.

There is a reason why the nuclear family has worked for thousands of years while “progressive” societies have fallen, one by one. There is a reason why societies and individuals thrive when they abide by “gender roles.”

Laci Green’s refusal to study traditional sexual roles prevent her from achieving a serious conclusion. I should also add, a steady of healthy masculinity is necessary. It is crazy that feminists revile clean-cut nice Mormon boys as “toxic.”

Step #3: Develop your spirituality, independent of friends and organizations. Ex-Mormons almost always point at judgmental friends for becoming atheist.

They “made” me anti-religious.

This dependence on other people’s approval, this lack of Stoicism, shows that Laci Green never had the wherewithal to develop strength. She needs to stop blaming her friends, stop blaming her family, stop blaming the church, and pursue spiritual development for herself before involving anyone else.

Step #4: Admit that it was wrong to masturbate. I know, an outrageous suggestion. You probably felt immense shame after you did it, especially if you considered yourself a devout Mormon.

But there’s nothing wrong with touching yourself! Why was masturbation wrong?

Well, it really isn’t that big of deal. The rape is an immensely bigger deal, so it’s weird that Laci Green got so caught up with the masturbation.

The reason masturbation is an issue is because it led you on a path that put you where you are today, with the layers and layers of justification and rebellion, guilt and shame. It is a problem because it pointed you away from traditional marriage. It was a small splinter that festered.

Sins are sins because of where they lead you. You did not hurt anybody by it, as far as any third-party observer is concerned, but it affected you in a way that led to depression, self-loathing, and sexual unhealthiness. It’s like a little kid who steals a candy bar from a store and beats herself up over it. You went on to blame the store for all the shame you felt and make a career out of justifying your actions. A happy family is very difficult to achieve and masturbation got in the way, because something small became a mountain when you denied that it was a problem.

Step #5: Value motherhood. As a defense against the shame of these early experiences, you revile the notion that normal motherhood brings great happiness. That’s because you have no hope of achieving it.

This will require a logical understanding of why motherhood is important to you individually and to society, and a spiritual inkling of how motherhood helps you grow. The hardest part will be emotionally, however. Years of emotional band-aids and justification have put you in a place that few people get away from. This will require an advanced understand of repentance as a tool for healing and improving.

Step #6: Repeat these steps whenever you get stuck. Try as many times as needed from the beginning. Try to stop blaming yourself or others.

I think it is nice that Laci Green says she is open to considering red-pill ideas. This will help in step #2 as she gains a better understanding of marriage and sexuality. Whether she follows through or this is just virtue signaling remains to be seen. If she doesn’t it is not because she didn’t try. This is a very hard place to turn back from.

Laci Green needs to embark on all of these steps in order to recover from feminism.

SJW fake Mormons

Are Mormon Women Totally and Completely Out of Control?

One of the biggest problems that we have in Mormon culture is suburban Mormon women.  Sadly many of our influential Mormon women are out of control and are mimicking the worst degeneracy that we see outside of the LDS Church.

Redgulls reader Black Dog sent in this link to this disgusting article on

Early one morning my adult son called to ask if he and his boyfriend could come to church with me. It caught me off guard. I knew my son had not been to church in a very long time and I excitedly said, “Yes!” Then my thoughts raced, wondering, “What would people think?”

Of course she is excited to show off her son’s boyfriend and show off how she is morally superior to the barbarians in her ward.  Now check out what kind of a family she raises:

Our congregation had always shown kindness to my daughter who did not fit the “Mormon mold” with her nose ring, gauges, and now expecting a baby.

This SJW fake Mormon woman raised a daughter who is one of those Millennials with a nose ring and those disgusting ear gauges who’s about to become a trashy single mother.  Sounds like the kind of “family” who is a major embarrassment to normalcy everywhere.  Why does this dysfunctional and degenerate family get to spout their SJW infiltration nonsense on  They get a platform because Mormon women are out of control and they like reading and promoting this degenerate nonsense.

Would they extend that same Christlike love toward my gay son? This was the ward he had grown up in, serving as the president of the deacons and teachers quorums as well as first assistant to the bishop in the priests quorum. And it’s the ward he delivered his mission homecoming report to. How would they perceive him now with a boyfriend? Would they slide over and make room for us on the pew? Would they stare and whisper when the sacrament bread and water was passed without them partaking? I was fine if those actions were directed at me, but the protective mother in me didn’t want those actions directed toward my children. More than anything right now, I wanted my children to feel welcomed and loved.

Notice how it’s all about her and her family.  She doesn’t care about the members of her ward.  It’s all about me me me me me me me.  She just cares that she and her dysfunctional family is warmly welcomed in the ward.  The article goes on and on with this dysfunctional woman lecturing all of us barbaric normal Mormons on how we need to be enlightened like her.

The article is sickening.  You can see that she thinks that it is so wonderful that her gay son wants to bring his boyfriend to church.  Does she ever wonder why her gay son and his boyfriend want to come to church?  Is it because they want to repent of their sins or is it because they want to turn the bathroom into a glory hole?

It is tragic that people in the Mormon Church marketing department are giving people like this a forum to spout their SJW infiltration nonsense.  Why are we glorifying a family where the daughter is a weirdo soon to be single mom and the son brings his boyfriend to church to do who knows what?

We have a big problem in the Mormon Church and it is that many Mormon women are totally and completely out of control.  It isn’t just leftist fake Mormons who are out of control.  Even the Relief Society is becoming watered down.  Check out the new purpose for the Relief Society that the Relief Society president Linda K. Burton recently announced:

Relief Society helps prepare women for the blessings of eternal life as they increase faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and His Atonement; strengthen individuals, families, and homes through ordinances and covenants; and work in unity to help those in need.

Compare the new purpose of the Relief Society with the old purpose:

To increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and seek out and help those in need.

The new purpose of the Relief Society no longer includes personal righteousness.  That’s right the Relief Society no longer is to help Mormon women to live righteously.  It’s tragic that Mormon Church leaders no longer believe that it is important to help Mormon women to live righteously.  The ugly truth we have is lots of Mormon women no longer want to have to be bothered to live righteously so they demanded that the Relief Society remove any mention of personal righteousness.

We can’t make Mormonism great again until Mormon women become great again.  We know that as a community’s women go the rest of the community soon will follow.  If Mormon Church leaders are going to remove the last restraints on Mormon women’s behavior then we can expect the rest of the church to stop putting any focus on obeying the commandments and living righteously.

Women naturally follow the strong horse and Mormon women are no different.  Women test men and Mormon women are no different.  When men are strong then women follow them.  When men are weak then women go looking for strong men to follow.  The only way to get Mormon women back into line is for LDS men to become a lot stronger and be willing to tell women NO.

Mormon men need to become stronger and more valiant.  One of the hardest things to do in the modern world is for average rank and file men to stand up to women and tell them NO.  Modern men are absolutely terrified of women and are afraid to refuse to cater to women’s whims.  Even the Quorum of the 12 Apostles struggles to stand up to Mormon women.

Mormon men need to become a lot mentally stronger and stand up to Mormon women.  This means that we have to be willing to stand up to them when they get angry.  Women get angry when they don’t get their way and this includes Mormon women.  The Quorum of the 12 Apostles has to accept that many Mormon women will be angry with them for having the nerve not to give in to their whims.  This is what it means to be leaders, making the hard but correct decisions that make people upset.

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Mormon Leaders Need to Follow Common Filth’s Council and Ignore Sodomite Orders

Common Filth convincingly argues that White people are the biggest supporters of homosexuals in the whole world.  He calls White people the eternal homophiles.  White people and White women in particular worship homosexuals and they can’t stand having to see gays suffer the consequences of their actions.  Even Mormon leaders feel like they have to pander to White women who are obsessed with their pet homosexuals.  Even White suburban Mormons worship gays and resent Mormon leaders for having the nerve to enforce even minimum standards of behavior on homosexuals.

In an attempt to placate suburban Mormon women Mormon leaders had to commission this disgusting video:

We know from Mormon Leaks that Mormon leaders are aware of the real reasons why people leave the LDS Church: hint it’s the poz and degeneracy.

Mormon leaders commissioned this disgusting video in an attempt to soothe White suburban Mormon moms who spend all day watching reruns of degenerate TV shows like Will and Grace.  Mormon leaders are terrified of suburban Mormon women because suburban Mormon women are the ones who usually decide whether or not the family attends church on Sunday.  The Apostles fear that if the Mormon Church is perceived as being not nice then many LDS moms will leave the church.

Mormon leaders need to get a lot savvier about women.  White women worship homosexuals as a form of shit test that they run on the rest of the men in their lives and in society in general.  White women want to see that their men are strong enough to stand up to sodomites.  After all if western men aren’t mentally strong enough to stand up to sodomites then they aren’t strong enough to stand up to the Deep State or to Islam.  When women give men shit tests, women want to lose them.  Suburban Mormon women are begging for Mormon leaders to stand up to them.  Yes they would rage for a few days or weeks and complain about losing the shit test but then they would get into line because that’s how women operate.

Women follow the strong horse.  In the wars to come western women need to figure out which men to follow.  Do they support weak White men who can’t even ignore sodomite orders or do they support strong Muslim men who through gays off of rooftops?  It’s a valid concern that women have and if western men can’t be the strong horse then we can’t expect western women to be loyal to us.  Refusing to ignore sodomite orders is failing a massive shit test that western women are throwing at us.

Mormon leaders can regain respect from suburban Mormon women by showing strength and ignoring sodomite orders.  Next time the Mormon Church needs to release a video on the gay issue, the church needs to release one showing the downside of the gay lifestyle and why we don’t encourage anybody to get into it.  That will show suburban Mormon women strength and will drive away the worst of them but help the vast majority of suburban Mormon women to get back into line and respect their men.

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My Body My Choice is Mockery of The Last Supper

Redgulls commenter Pringles writes: When a feminist says “It’s my body” to justify infanticide, she is (perhaps unconsciously) mocking Christ’s words at the Last Supper.  Feminism is Satan’s imitation of the Relief Society.  Let’s look at what Jesus said during The Last Supper where he instituted the sacrament.

13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his  friends.  (John 15:13).

19 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

20 Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.  (Luke 22:19-20).

26 And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.

27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;

28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.  (Matthew 26:26-28).

At The Last Supper Jesus talked about how he planned to sacrifice himself for others.  Jesus talked about how he planned to give his life for the salvation of the whole world and for his friends in particular.  Jesus’ actions were completely selfless.  At The Last Supper, Jesus established the sacrament to remind all of his followers of what Jesus did for them.

When we flip the Last Supper around and put it into Feminist terms we can see that my body my choice is the feminist sacramental creed of faith.  My body my choice boils down to “I’m going to kill my kid because raising it would be inconvenient for me.”  Feminism is an ideology based on pure selfishness.  Every tenant of Feminism boils down to women wanting benefits and privileges at the expense of children and men.

Feminists want to have unrestrained abortion rights because they don’t want to face the consequences of their sexual promiscuity.  Feminism loves abortion because unlimited abortion allows women to have as much promiscuous sex as they want without having to live with any negative consequences of their lifestyle.

My body my choice is the Feminist holy sacramental creed because it is pure unadulterated selfishness.  If there were a Feminist Jesus, when she established her selfish Gospel it would sound like my body my choice.  Here’s a redone verse from The Last Supper only in selfish feminist terms.

6 Greater self-love hath no Feminist than this, that a Feminist exterminate her own unborn child’s life for her convenience. (Feminism 3:16).

My body, my choice is mockery of The Last Supper.  During The Last Supper, Jesus said that he was going to sacrifice his life for his disciples.  When a Feminist talks about her body it always is in a selfish manner.  When a Feminist praises abortion she always praises her abortion privileges because it means that she can sacrifice her own child’s life so that she doesn’t have to be bothered to nurture anybody else.

Jesus gave his life so that we all might live.  My body my choice literally sucks the life out of unborn children so that Feminists can continue to sleep around with sketchy men.  My body my choice is the mirror opposite of Christ’s statements during The Last Supper.  (((Certain people))) hate Christianity and Christians in general.  (((They))) never pass up a chance to make a mockery of Christ and his teachings.  My body my choice is a slogan that was created with the purpose of being the exact opposite of what Jesus taught during The Last Supper.

Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists in general love abortion because it literally sucks the life out of the innocent.  Nothing is as innocent as a baby and abortion literally is infanticide.  Feminists love abortion because killing a baby is the most unholy thing you can do.  Murdering your unborn child literally initiates women into the feminist club.  It is almost like a religious ritual for them.  Abortion literally is the unholy sacrament to Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists.  My body my choice literally is the slogan feminists shout to show their loyalty to their death cult

Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists are evil people.  Their ideology is against everything that the Gospel of Jesus Christ stands for.  All followers of Christ must accept that we never can make a deal with Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists because they believe in the exact opposite of everything that we hold dear.  Either they will destroy us or we will remove their influence from our society.  If Feminists are willing to make sacrilege of The Last Supper then there is nothing that they won’t destroy.

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Mormon Church Lowers Missionary Work Standards to Accommodate Mormon Girls

Just a few short years after the Mormon Church lowered the age the Mormon girls can serve as missionaries AND the LDS Church started to encourage all Mormon girls to serve as missionaries; the church had to change Mormon missionary work schedules and make them flexible.  That’s right after encouraging all Mormon girls to go on missions, Mormon missionaries no longer have to work as hard.  Check out the narrative from the article:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this week announced changes are coming to the daily schedules of full-time missionaries to improve the health and productivity of the missionaries.

LDS missionaries serving around the world will be able to work with their mission presidents to customize their schedules for safety, cultural, health, productivity and other needs, according to a statement issued Wednesday by LDS church officials.

Of course the article tries to frame these changes in terms of the missionaries can work later in places like Spain or work earlier in places like Africa, but we all know that’s nonsense.  The missionaries have been working late in Spain for at least 20 years.  The missionaries have always been able to work as early as they needed to.  So what changed to encourage the Mormon Church to change its missionary policies?  Well of course encouraging Mormon girls to serve as missionaries in bulk would force the LDS Church to change its missionary policies.

Serving as a Mormon missionary always was a man’s job.  Always when people thought of the missionaries everybody thought of 2 young men.  Serving as a Mormon missionary was a way for LDS young men to come of age.  It always was a masculine duty.  One of the lessons of the second half of the 20th Century is whenever women enter a man’s field in bulk then performance standards crumble and the field loses its prestige.

Seeing the Mormon Church change the missionary workday to accommodate women shows that standards for Mormon missionaries is starting to crumble.   Over the next decade expect serving as a Mormon missionary to lose a lot of its prestige and fewer and fewer Mormon men choosing to serve as missionaries.  It’s tragic that Mormon Church leadership decided to follow the Current Year and encourage Mormon girls to serve as missionaries and destroy the prestige of serving as a missionary for Mormon men.

P.S.  Here’s what I wrote in my diary a few years ago on the subject of Mormon girls serving as missionaries.  My diary eventually became

A few years ago Mormon Church leaders lowered the ages which women could serve as missionaries from 21 to 19.  The Church also started to put a lot more pressure on Mormon girls to serve as missionaries.  The reason most likely was a combination of wanting our young women to learn the Gospel better and to stay out of the hook up culture from the ages of 19 to 21.  Both of these are admirable policies and we shouldn’t dismiss them.  However there are several huge problems with the policy of lowering the age Mormon girls can serve as missionaries.  Let’s take a look at some of these problems.

  • By pushing most Mormon girls to serve as missionaries it takes away 20% of their best years to find a man to marry and have a family with. Women need to marry before they are 30 because after 30 their chances of marrying decrease dramatically.  When you factor in the time preparing, serving and getting back into life it is over 2 total years.  This is 20% of a girl’s best dating and marriage years gone forever
  • It makes it harder for Mormon girls to date and marry when they return home. Instead of being a cute 19 year old girl at BYU or UVU, instead they are 21 years old.  Suddenly the young men in their lower division courses are the same age as them or even younger than they are.  Girls aren’t going to be interested in them so suddenly being in college is less effective for them to date and marry.
  • Having Mormon girls serve as missionaries takes away the status return missionary young men have. Women desire men based on their status.  Women want to marry up.  Women want to marry a man who has more status than she has.  Before when fewer young women served as missionaries most Mormon girls perceived young men who were return missionaries as being high status.  For most young LDS men, being a RM was the only piece of status they had.  And it was enough for most of them to marry.  There’s a reason why we used to hear about the 21 year old RM and the 18 year old college freshmen.  She was at school and she saw his RM status as being desirable.  Now girls don’t see a young LDS man being an RM as making him higher status because all the girls have been there and done that.
  • Lowering the age from 21 to 19 and encouraging all Mormon girls to go on missions, especially the cute ones increases fraternization among the missionaries. Let’s face it, back in the day most of the girls who served as missionaries were less than attractive.  They also were 2 years older than most of the young men.  The fact that most of the girls weren’t cute and older kept the young men from being very interested in the girls.  Now tons of cute 19 year old girls are in the mission field.  The young 18 year old men are more likely to sexually notice the cute Mormon girls serving as missionaries.  Also being 19 instead of 21 means that the young men and women will be closer in age and more likely to fraternize together which can lead to other issues, if you know what I mean.
  • Having many of the young faithful Mormon girls away serving missions messes with the dating market. At places like BYU young men who just got home from their missions are finding fewer and fewer girls in the age range who would be interested in dating them because so many have gone on missions.  It is making it harder for RM’s to find girls to date and marry because there are fewer of them around right now.

Was it necessary for the Mormon Church to lower the age for Mormon girls to serve as missionaries from 21 to 19?  Maybe.  It is very possible that having Mormon girls out on missions instead of on dates is protecting them from disobeying the commandments.  Hopefully having them know Gospel doctrine better will help them resist the temptations of the modern world.  It is very possible that the benefits out weigh the costs.  Still it is an interesting issue to think about and you can see how our Church leaders have to make difficult decisions without clear answers sometimes.

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The Portrait of an American Gold Digger

I was at a party last week and got talking with a couple of girls.  They had been gossiping with each other about some guy who had been dating one of their friends.  Noticing their gossiping I decided to have some fun with them.  I teased them about their gossiping and got them to spill the beans that they didn’t like the guy because he was a “nice guy.”  I decided to have some more fun with them and I asked them what they found attractive in a man?

Make her 10 years older, Invisiline braces and a rotten attitude

The answer I got from the prettier of the girls was shocking.  She made the sign of rubbing her fingers together in the universal symbol of money.  I was amazed to see her outright declare that she demanded a man with money to buy her stuff take care of her.  Her admitting that she is a gold digger to a complete stranger was horrifying. She was a good looking girl, but she was in her 30’s and she had those Invisiline braces that you can see if you pay attention.  In an attempt to hide my shock and to see how far I could get her to go I asked her another pointed question.

I said, “That’s cool.  You are well within your rights to want a man who has money.  I only have one question.  There are very few men with money and what would make them choose you over any other women?  What something special do you bring to the table?”  She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “what every girl brings.”  Implying that by marrying her you get to have sex with her.  I said, “Yes that is great, but every girl brings that.  What do you bring special to a man in exchange for his money?”  She looked at me and said, “marriage isn’t an exchange.”  I asked her and her friend if they had been married and both responded that they had.  Then they arrogantly walked off.

What was interesting about gold digger girl was how she didn’t consider at all what she had to bring to a man with money to get him to marry her.  She just expected him to give her money.  When you think about most gold diggers they are conscious that they better give their targets hot crazy sex, be better looking than other girls and be able to keep them entertained while dressed.  A successful gold digger knows exactly what she needs to bring to the table to get the money.

One of the things that is tragic about modern America is how American gold digger girls, are so self entitled they don’t even bother to bring value.  If you are looking to get a gold digger girl, make sure to get one who is at least interesting enough to pretend she wants something more than money and make sure she is younger, hotter, tighter than the 30 something pathetic gold digger I ran into.



Did the Provo Daily Herald Lie About Normal Men?

The Provo Daily Herald published an article claiming  men who want to improve themselves and live better lives are rapists.  They take a satire piece by Roosh and manipulate it to make ridiculous claims about men who want to improve themselves.

Even worse, degenerates in the Provo area have organized a protest against men who want to improve themselves and live traditional lives.  When you look at the list of men and women who are planning on attending the protest, it is everybody in Utah County with blue hair.  The protest against normal men is made up of gay marriage activists, LGBT supporters and socialists who want to destroy America.  The activists protesting against normal men are Social Justice Warriors.

We have learned that social justice warriors always lie.  The media is supporting these disgusting Social Justice Warriors.  Many members of the media are Social Justice Warriors.  We have watched countless times when the media lied and slandered honest decent Americans.  Do you believe that now the media is suddenly telling you the truth when they tell a farfetched story about normal men raping?  No of course not. The media always lies.  The types of people showing up at the protest are the kinds of people who attack the family, the LDS Church and traditional American values.  When these kinds of people protest they always protest against decency.  The media loves to support them and advance their agenda.

There is a real rape crisis going on in Europe today with millions of immigrants from Muslim countries terrorizing European women.  On New Years Eve thousands of Muslims sexually assaulted women in the streets of Cologne.  None of these Social Justice Warriors said a word against the Muslims who attacked innocent women.  The activists protesting against normal men, want to bring real rape culture to America by importing millions of Muslims who come from a culture that supports rape and violence.  At the same time they slander men who just want to live better lives.

The Provo Daily Herald was irresponsible for posting a misleading and inaccurate article lying about men who want to improve themselves.  We encourage the Provo Daily Herald and all Utahans to learn the truth and retract this shameful article.

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