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Gay Marriage is Fake Marriage #Pride2017

I used to call gay marriage: gay mockery of marriage because we all know that the purpose of gay marriage is to stick it to churches and to demoralize regular Americans who are just trying to live a decent life.  Over the years I’ve learned that gay marriage really is fake marriage.  Gay marriage waters down the meaning of marriage to the point that marriage and family is meaningless.

Traditionally marriage meant (and still means) the union of a man and a woman in an exclusive intimate relationship for the purposes of creating, raising and protecting the next generation of human life.  Even before the rise of Christianity this was the official purpose of marriage.  Of course the elites would use marriages to form alliances and to ensure that their power continued for another generation.  But even with them, the purpose was to create, raise and protect the next king or the next duke or the next earl.

What does gay marriage even mean?  It is something about 2 men or women want to be together for a period of time and want tax benefits to go along with it.  Where’s the looking toward the next generation of human life?  It’s not there.  Gay marriage is all about being convenient and beneficial to the gay or lesbian couple.  Either marriage is about creating, protecting and raising the next generation of humanity or it’s something else.  Because there’s nothing about the next generation in gay marriages then we know that gay marriage is fake marriage.

What is gay marriage is fake marriage even like?  Let’s take a look at the data of gay fake marriage.  Only 4.5% of men in gay marriages say that they have complete sexual fidelity.  Normal marraige demands complete sexual fidelity and while many people are unfaithful to their marriage at least in normal marriage there’s an expectation of sexual fidelity.  In other words they all have open marriages where they sleep with whoever they want.  71% of all gay marriages end within 7 years.  In other words gay marraiges are naturally short term.  In theory real marriage is for at least life.  When we look at gay marriges are really like they have nothing in common with real marriage.

Marriage is the only way to consistently create, protect and raise the next generation of humanity so that the next generation is able to succeed consistently in life.  Children raised by single parents struggle in life.  Children raised in homosexual relationships have even more struggles in life.

How can gay marriage even be real if the outcome is messed up kids?  Because the kids are completely messed up we know that gay marriage is fake marriage.

Don’t let people try to confuse you with rhetoric about how marriage is all about love.  Marriage is all about humanity and creating, protecting and raising the next generation of humanity.  Gay marriage is fake marriage because it doesn’t do anything to create, protect and raise the next generation of humanity.  The dysfunctional children of gay marriages show that gay marriage is fake marriage.

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Homosexuality Awareness Month: Open Homosexuality Harms Male Friendship

It’s June which means that it’s that month when Twitter assaults us with #LoveWins and we have to suffer nonstop praise for homosexuals.  Redgulls is a website that loves to destroy Cultural Marxist narratives and one of the biggest Cultural Marxist lies is the lie that open homosexuality is good for society.  During June, Redgulls will publish articles that demonstrate ways that open homosexuality harms regular Americans. First of all homosexuality harms regular masculine friendships.

In the Current Year men are afraid to be friends with other men.  The reason why men are afraid to have masculine friendships and show that they care about other men is because men are afraid that showing care and interest for other men will be construed as homosexual desire.  Why do men these days say “no homo” whenever they say that they like and care for another man?  It’s because open homosexuality being in our faces makes all men afraid to show interest, care and concern for other men out of fear of being labeled gay.

When men are afraid that any interest that they show to another man will come across as homosexual desire, then it places barriers between masculine relationships.  If men can’t form bonds of real strong friendship then they can’t form strong links with other men.  This makes it harder for men to form communities, to help each other, etc and men are isolated and lonely.

It’s harder for men to form strong friendships with other men when there is open homosexuality because men don’t know which men are straight and which are gay.  TV propaganda portrays nearly half of all men on TV as gay.  Men see this propaganda and believe that half of all men are gay.  Because men believe TV’s propaganda about the number of homosexual men in society, men believe that when a man shows interest in them it is because he is sexually interested in them.  It’s tragic but true.  When men believe that whenever another man shows interest in him it is a sign that he wants to sleep with him, it makes men put up defensive shields and keep other men away.  Men don’t know who they can be friends with and it makes them distrusting and makes them struggle to bond with other men.

We need friends of the same sex.  We relate best to other men.  Women need their girl friends and men need strong male friendships.  Sometimes you need someone who you can have a serious conversation with who just understands you.  Open homosexuality makes it extremely difficult to have other men to have relationships with.

Whenever somebody tries to tell you the lie that open homosexuality doesn’t affect you, just point out that open homosexuality makes it incredibly difficult for men and women to form strong relationships with members of the same sex and makes everybody miserable.  After all it’s the truth.

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Leftists Change the Meaning Bullying to Mean Normal Americans Dared to Stand Up to a Leftist

One of the greatest tragedies of recent years is how the Left has completely ruined the concept of bullying.  There are lots of young men and women who really are bullied and abused in school and these kids legitimately suffer.  However Leftists have taken the word bullying and twisted it to mean, “A conservative had the nerve to stand up to me.”

Case in point on how Leftists have abused the word bullying is the Katy Griffin press conference.  Kathy Griffin published a video of her holding up a beheaded President Trump because she wants ratings.  America’s conservatives are sick and tired of letting leftists bully us by attacking and putting down our leaders, so we fought back.  We called all of Kathy Griffin’s sponsors and got her fired from a bunch of stuff.

President Trump’s family also wasn’t amused by Kathy Griffin making a video of her holding up a severed head representing their father and they took to Twitter to let Kathy Griffin know all about it.  So what did she do when she saw that she was going to have to face negative consequences for her vicious and uncalled for attack on President Trump?  Well she called a press conference and said that the Trump family was bullying her for her art.

Yes, you read that right.  Kathy Griffin made a horrific video of her acting like and ISIS member holding up a severed head representing the President and when she got called out on it, she claimed that she is a victim of bullying.  It’s a perfect example of the bully cries out in pain as it strikes you.

If you ever want a perfect example of how Leftists destroy everything in their path look no further than how the Left has destroyed the word bullying.  It used to mean a kid who was getting picked on, beaten up and generally abused at school.  Now bullying means that, normal Americans stood up to a Leftist.  It’s amazing how Leftists love to verbally bully Americans but as soon as normal Americans stand up for themselves Leftists claim that they are the victims of bullying.

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Gays Want Us Out of Their Bedroom but Won’t Get Out of Our Living Room

For years the gay mafia has told us that they want us out of their bedroom.  They said that their private lives are private.  Most normal people agree with the concept that we don’t want to go snooping around each other’s private lives.  The problem with the gays wanting privacy in the bedroom was they didn’t keep their end of the bargain which was to stay out of our living room.

The agreement between gays and normal Americans was normal Americans wouldn’t play morality police and would let gays do what they wanted behind closed doors and gays promised that they would stay out of our living rooms by letting us live in peace.

However as soon as the gays got out from under the boot of the morality police, what did gays do?  They started to create mass propaganda to recruit normal Americans to get interested in the gay lifestyle.  Normal Americans don’t like the homosexual lifestyle because we find their behavior disgusting.  Normal Americans don’t want gays in their living room.

Examples of gays pushing their lifestyle into our living room:

  • TV and media. How often do we have to suffer seeing the gay lifestyle glorified on television?  Every time Mrs. Johnson turns on the TV there is some show on portraying homosexuals as being better than you are.  Americans believe that 30% of all Americans are gay because there are so many gays on TV.
  • TV ads. These days it seems like half of all ads have a gay guy on them who is more sophisticated than you are.  The other half of TV ads feature a cute White girl dating a black man.  Seeing TV ads with homosexuals portrayed as being better than you gets really old.
  • Gay marriage. Now we are told that gay mockery of marriage is more pure and wholesome than a Mormon family with 4 kids where the parents are happy and faithful to each other.
  • Let them bake cake. Normal Americans are angry with homosexuals who have gone out of their way to ruin the lives of Americans who don’t actively support the gay lifestyle.  Hundreds of millions of Americans were angered when the gay mafia and their media allies ruined the lives of the pizza shop owners in Indiana and the Christian bakers in Oregon for their unwillingness to cater gay marriages.
  • Gay invasion of the churches. Church going Americans go to church as a way of getting away from the degeneracy and the culture war they live within their daily lives.  Now even churches are having to deal with the homosexual issue.  Even the LDS Church has to suffer with homosexuals trying to infiltrate the church.
  • Gay pride parades. Every June normal Americans have to suffer the annual humiliation of having their city have a gay pride parade where gays throw their life style in our face.  We have to watch them whip each other while wearing strange leather.  What is even worse is they get a bunch of allied children in the party with them.  (We all know that these kids are pizza, if you know what I mean).  Seeing the media glorify the local gay pride parade makes normal American’s blood boil.

What is even worse is the homosexual movement isn’t satisfied with how much power and influence they have now, they are pushing for more normalization of other deviant lifestyles.

Examples of gays pushing more degeneracy into our living room:

  • Fake women in the women’s bathroom creeping out our 12 year old daughters. As soon as gay marriage was codified into law the homosexual community started pushing for “trans” rights.  Now we have fake women wandering around the women’s bathroom.
  • 31 flavors of gender. Now “science” is saying that there’s something like 70 variations of gender.  Of course this is all nonsense.  How many boys are going to chop their dicks off because the homosexual movement refused to stay out of our living room and refused to continue  to push their ideology into our living room?
  • Ever since the beginning of the gay movement the holy grail for them has been to normalize pedophilia.  After gay mockery of marriage was the law, the homosexual allies in the media started to push to normalize pedophilia.  Normal Americans don’t want their kids raped.  This makes normal Americans very angry because gays are about to try to normalize pedophilia by bringing it into our living room.


The cultural winds have shifted.  Due to the Americans getting tired of having homosexuals refusing to get out of our living room, the wave of the future is normal Americans driving homosexuals out of public life.  Traditional Americans bargained in good faith with homosexuals.  The bargain was normal Americans would stay out of gays’ bedrooms and gays agreed to stay out of our living room.  However the gays were bargaining in bad faith and planned to invade our living room.  Because gays bargained in bad faith traditional Americans have a right to expel homosexuals and their supporters from public life.

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Why Is The Media Afraid Of Mormon Mothers?

This week, we witnessed a coordinated strike against a strong Mormon woman, Alya at Nordic Sunrise, who frequently talks about motherhood and women’s issues.  The media loves to attack Mormon mothers who are happy living traditional lives.

A radical extremist male at Buzzeed smeared her as a racist, and then announced to the world that the church had censored her profile.

Censorship of Mormon mothers is okay when the males at Buzzfeed do it.

The feeding frenzy spread to other losers in the media, including News Corp and Daily Mail. The Salt Lake Tribune incorrectly reported that the “church disagrees” with Ayla’s beliefs, which they incorrectly report include: “Mormonism is doomed if it continues to celebrate racial and ethnic diversity, to support refugees and immigrant families, and to debase Western” culture.

Actually, Mormon mothers like Ayla have always celebrated diversity, but the Left’s narrative spins the word completely around. Instead of a world of unique cultures in different locations, the Left’s definition of “diversity” is lawless immigration and globalism, a world where you see the same culture wherever you go.

The Salt Lake Tribune hate-site then warns that a Mormon group on Facebook wants illegal aliens deported.

Enforce our country’s laws? How racist!

Depriving Mormon Mothers Of Their Rights

The phony racism narrative covers up the Left’s real agenda. Think about it. Why did they lock onto Ayla? Why are they smearing Mormon mothers?

One thing that interested me was that media attacked Ayla for creating a picture book for her children (now erased from their articles). Why is that a bad thing? What is racist about that? The thing these trolls fear most is losing control over the children. They fear strong Mormon mothers raising children instead of television, public school teachers, and hip-hop culture.

Ayla provides a road map to empower Mormon mothers to raise successful chlidren. She discusses important family bonding activities like church, camping, and games. She explains how to develop virtues in children, such as talents, appreciation for heritage, and righteous living. Children raised in this kind of traditional environment–insulated from the media’s narrative–can easily debunk fake news.

She shows us how to raise chlidren free from corporate-government control.

One important thing about Ayla is that she does this in a positive, cheerful way. Other well-meaning Mormon mothers warn us about SJW propaganda in Disney movies, but Ayla stands out because she provides a healthy alternative path. She uses elegant logic. Many of us focus on avoiding the media-corporate machine–which is great–but Ayla is out replacing it. This makes her much more dangerous than the typical blogger who complains about gay themes in kid’s movies.

Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, New York Post… these are all sick dinosaurs sinking into the muck, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they viciously lash out at independent, free women.

SJWs Oppress All Women

Looking through Ayla’s twitter feed, I see all kinds of violent threats and lewd attacks from Leftist males. Of course Twitter allows this abuse. Misogyny against Mormon mothers is okay when Leftists do it, after all.

The moment women, or any class, step off the plantation and start questioning our consumer-driven liberal culture, the hipster males with effeminate jeans and smug expressions start to display the most “toxic masculinity” imaginable.

When Ayla promoted diversity and declared “EVERYONE has a place in God’s choir”, a tolerant anti-Mormon SJW gave a sexually graphic response: “You had me eat chocolate laxatives so that I would release the dragon on your face. Call me!”

This is the kind of abuse males on the Left are throwing at Ayla all day, simply because she provides a roadmap for women to be strong Mormon mothers. This is the true face of Democrat males, disgusting abusers.

This kind of bigotry from Left threatens all women and it pervades all facets of our society. If a woman disagrees with compulsory welfare in a college class, the teacher berates her. If Mormon mothers want to put their child in a healthy charter school instead of a Socialist-brainwashing public school, the government persecutes them . If a woman discusses healthy diets and attractive modest clothing, her Leftist friends bully her for “body shaming.” If  the President happens to be conservative, Leftists throw nonstop abuse and harassment at his daughter.

American culture forces women into a consumer-driven culture of victimization, hyper-sexuality, and robotic propagation of their narratives. They are compelled to spend 10 hours per day in a cubicle instead of at home with their families.

The smears and censorship of traditional Mormon mothers like Ayla place all women in a corral and destroys their basic freedoms.

Winter Is Coming For Traditional Mormons

This attack on Mormon mothers serves as a wake up call for all of us. The elitists are cracking down on religoius freedom and independent thought. How can we prepare for further onslaught?

  • Attack The Media

One reason Donald Trump became president was because he did not put up with degrading propaganda in the media. He also did not freak out about it. He correctly recognized that the media was his “opposition party,” and methodically hit them back. He called them failing losers, enemies of the people, haters, and scumbags.

Traditionalists need to be doing this right now on behalf of Ayla and all victims of the Leftist propagandists.

When a journalist emails you for a comment, replay with a calm explanation of how evil they are as people. Immediately set to work with a blockbuster expose of that newspaper so that it is ready when their hit piece is published.  Gather opposition research on the media and quickly hit them back.  Drive them into the ground.

  • Prepare Past Statements

Consider that the propagandists will take anything they can out of context to attack you, so consider everything everything you have said on social media and personal blogs. They will especially go for satire and sarcastic statements because they can twist those easier. Focus on how they might take quotes out of context to fit their narratives, such as portraying racism or feminism.

  • Organize A Tribe

You need to have a community of associates and close friends to help you. No person can go through the crucible of Leftist attacks alone. You need friends to emotionally support you. You may need financial help, if the Leftists send threats to your home and family or try to get you fired from your job.

These attacks are great ways for conservatives to band together, to work through differences in order to achieve a common goal, the expulsion of Socialism and revival of Western Culture.

Finally, do not freak out when they come after you. Things will be fine. Just be ready, and use the experience to help build this community. The attacks are just beginning. We stand with Ayla and refuse to put up with the hateful bullies in the media any longer.

Making Mormonism Great Again: Lectures Don’t Work

When I was a kid I had to suffer the indignity of attending public school.  In middle school and high school I got bad grades.  Every quarter after getting my report card, my father would give me a huge lecture on my poor school performance.  He would tell me that I “needed to show some responsibility!!!”  His lectures didn’t work because I hated school.  Why did I hate school?  Well I received abuse at school every day and I lived in fear there.

I didn’t know how to handle the ritualistic abuse all young men receive and how to defend myself from it.  Even worse my parents knew I was suffering abuse and everything they told me to do only made the abuse worse.  Because I was in so much fear at school I wouldn’t work hard or try.  I just wanted to think as little about school when I was away from school.  My time in school was pure agony.  Of course my parents didn’t notice nor care that the reason why I performed so poorly at school was because I was miserable there.

They only thing my father did was take me aside every quarter and tell me that I would end up a failure in life if I didn’t get my grades up.  I heard all about how I would end up poor and working in crappy jobs if I didn’t get my middle school grades up.  Of course I would just sit there and pretend to listen to his lecture while counting down the minutes until my dad talked himself to sleep and I could go play video games.

One of the interesting things that goes on in the Mormon culture is our leaders love to lecture us on everything we do wrong.  Look at this talk by President Ballard.  It is just a big long lecture, telling men they need to be better.  You can tell what happened.  President Ballard was talking with his granddaughters and their friends.  He asked them if they dated and the girls told him that they didn’t.  When he asked them why they didn’t date the girls said, “Guys don’t ask us out.”  After his granddaughters told him a bunch of womanese about the dating market, President Ballard decided that he would tell the men to get their act together.  He then got up in General Conference Priesthood Session and gave the men a big lecture on how they need to be better.

Did President Ballard find out why men aren’t asking his granddaughters out?  Did he investigate further?  No he didn’t.  He just gave a big long lecture.  It’s like my parents, they didn’t find out why I was struggling and what they could do to help to fix my problems.  All President Ballard did with his lecture was make a bunch of good young men feel bad about themselves and made a bunch of young men sitting on the fence tune out.  His lecture accomplished nothing.

Lecturing people doesn’t work.  In the real world you can’t shame people into behaving how you want.  When people who should be doing well are underperforming, there usually are other reasons why they are underperforming.  All a lecture does is ruin your moral authority making you look uncaring and uninterested.  Lectures don’t work, if you want somebody to perform “better” then get to the root problem and help fix it.  Let’s make Mormonism great again and stop giving people stupid long winded lectures.

The Reasons Why LDS Young Men Leave the Church

My father who is his ward’s bishop faces a huge problem: the majority of the youth in the ward are apostatizing from the church, especially the young men.  By the time they are juniors and seniors in high school, the young men don’t want anything to do with the church.  With these young men it isn’t the whole teenage rebellion thing where they just want to get into trouble and then grow out of it.  No, these kids hate hate hate the church.  My father has no idea why these kids have such a burning hatred of the church.  Let’s look at why these kids hate the church so much and look at the reasons why LDS young men leave the church.

Reason #1: these kids attend a upper middle class high school in California.  In California, Mormons are public enemy Number 1.  Children are taught to hate religion and religious people.  Not only that, in public schools teachers never pass up a chance to attack religion and the religious.  They always have something snarky to say about Christianity.  By the time the youth in my father’s ward reach high school age, they have a decade of daily anti-Christian and anti-Mormon propaganda running in their heads.

Reason #2: these young men don’t respect their fathers.  The fathers of these young men spend 12 hours a day working, then they spend their evenings on church service.  The fathers are pure brow beaten beta males who are boring and uninteresting.  On weekends, the fathers drag their sons out on church service projects or to other unappealing church activities.  By the time these young men are 16 years old, they want to be the opposite of what their fathers are.

Reason #3: the young women in my father’s ward are fat and unattractive.  At every church activity the young men attend, all of the girls are fat and unattractive.  Young men have no interest in unattractive women.  Because the young men are exposed to unattractive women, the young men believe that their future dating lives will consist of dating fatties and unattractive women.  No man desires a dating life of fatties and unattractive women.  The young men in my father’s ward see that if they stay in the church, their Mormon dating options are limited to women they don’t want.  In their minds, they have to leave the church to have hopes of a decent dating life.

Reason #4: Mormon church leaders won’t tell these young men the truth about the world.  No Mormon church leader talks about how atheists have much higher rates of depression than believers.  No church leader talks about how school teachers are just government propaganda speakers trying to create more leftist voters.  Mormon church leaders won’t talk about how the feminists attacking the family are just ugly, lonely women who are trying to make all other women as miserable as they are.

Reason #5: Mormon church leaders don’t understand that they are in a literal WAR against the people trying to demoralize our youth.  In war there are 3 levels: the physical level, above the physical is the intellectual and above the intellectual is the moral level.  All our church leaders do is tell the kids to read the scriptures and pray about it.  This is telling the youth to focus on the intellectual level.  You can’t win a war on the intellectual level if you lose on the moral level.  However our church leaders are giving up the moral level in this war to our enemies.  All of the anti-Christian and anti-Mormon propaganda hits our young men on the moral level.  After years of propaganda against the church many young men don’t want to believe any more.  They have been so demoralized against the church that telling the youth to read the scriptures and to pray about it is useless.

Reason #6: LDS church activities aren’t a lot of fun.  Let’s face it, the vast majority of Mormon youth activities aren’t a lot of fun.  First of all the church is associated with the Boy Scouts.  The Boy Scouts now is a gay recruiting tool, but even worse the Boy Scouts just isn’t very much fun.  The Boy Scouts is the only organization on Earth that can turn a week hanging out in the mountains into pure agony.  Even worse, most of the social activities that go on in the church just plain are boring and not fun.  Young men questioning their faith don’t want to stay shackled to a group that offers them fat women and boring socializing.

Reason #7: lots of LDS young men get bullied at church.  Lots of young men in the church get picked on at church.  It’s a taboo subject but it is true.  Young men who get bullied by their peers, don’t want to go places where they receive abuse.  After years of having their Sundays ruined from bullying at church, lots of young men develop a very hostile attitude toward the church.  And who can blame them?  People don’t want to go places where they receive abuse.

When LDS youth have to face constant anti-Mormon propaganda at school, then confront the reality that staying in the church means they will have to date unattractive women while having suffer uninteresting youth activities, where many of them receive abuse; it’s no wonder why so many young men apostatize from the church.  When we take a step back and look at Mormon youth objectively, it is a miracle any of them stay interested in the church.

Jujitsu Protects Your Son from Mormon Bullies

Lots of LDS youth get bullied at church.  It’s one of those taboo subjects that we don’t want to talk about but it’s rampant with youth.  Let’s face it, lots of Mormon young men and women have a brutal time of it in the church’s youth organizations.  This is a problem that isn’t going away and if you have children you must accept that at some point in time it could be your child who gets abuse at church.  We can’t change how other people operate, but we can give children the skills necessary to protect themselves from bullies at church.  The best way for your son to stay safe from bullies at church is by letting him learn self defense.  Jujitsu protects your son from Mormon bullies best.

Most LDS parents go about protecting their children in the worst way possible.  When most Mormon parents find out that their kids get picked on at church they try to get the children who are the bullies to stop acting like bullies.  Their plan of action is doomed to failure because children who bully are bad children.  Having some discussion about it and maybe a lecture from a church leader won’t do anything about it.

The best way for Mormon parents to protect their children is to allow their children to protect themselves.  As a parent you can’t teach the rest of the world to be “nice” and not be “mean” because free will exists and many people use their free will to behave badly.  However, you can give your children the tools necessary to make sure that they don’t end up as victims.

Do these kids get picked on at church?

If you ever find out that kids at church or school or wherever are picking on your son, instead of calling the bishop and trying to get him to stop bullies at church from picking on your son. . ., take your son to the local Brazilian Jujitsu gym and sign him up for some muai-tai classes and jujitsu classes.  After a few months of training regularly, your son will be able to defend himself from bullies at church.  Your son might have to make a demonstration on one of the bullies picking on him, but that’s ok.  It’s always good to give an example to the others.

Bullying these kids doesn’t look like fun

We cannot control how other people treat us and treat our loved ones.  We can control how we react to how others treat us and our loved ones.  Unfortunately the bullying problem isn’t going away, so the only thing we can do is prepare our loved ones so that they can defend themselves.