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Why Vegans Hate Organized Religion

The vegetarian arguments against eating meat are the same arguments that SJWs use against organized religion. I realized this while watching a debate involving Roaming Millennial.

Now, to be clear, I’m talking about the smug SJW narcissists who shove their veganism in our faces, not those who practice it as part of their religion. There’s a big difference.

In the debate, an angry SJW named Vegan Gains said it is better to be vegan because eating meat causes suffering. We all contain a sense of moral agency and should avoid causing pain, he said.

Veganism Is Rooted In Marxism

Well, what makes animal suffering a bad thing?

Ask this to an environmentalist and they will explode. How could you even ask that!?? Okay sure, common sense tells us it is wrong to torture rats, but is the brief pain a slaughtered animal feels really bad?

The vegan answer is implied when Vegan Gains equates mistreatment of animals with mistreatment of mentally disabled people. He actually compares the “stabbing” of a cow with the stabbing of the mentally disabled.

Justice prevents us from mistreating other humans, so it should prevent us from mistreating animals as well, right? So everything is equal. The SJW cult of equality knows no bounds! Now are we going to have to add horses and pigs to the uni-sex bathroom labels?

But wait, then Vegan Gains says it’s not murder for animals to kill other animals because humans have a higher sense of moral agency. So not everything is equal after all. Why should we apply justice equally to animals that do not contain our sense of moral agency?

Let’s look at what Vegan Gains mean by “moral agency.” In Marxist language this is like “class consciousness.” Karl Marx taught that classes evolve through emancipation of group consciousness, and that more evolved classes have a responsibility to advance the lower classes for everyone’s benefit. It is the evolved class’s role to keep production equal and prevent exploitation of labor.

Leftists have a different definition of moral agency than do we on the traditional Right. To us, moral agency is our ability to make free choices and accept personal responsibility for the consequences. There is nothing in our moral agency to prevent us from slaughtering animals for food.

But to the Socialist Left, moral agency is the individual’s responsibility to fall in line with or influence society’s definition of right or wrong. It is wrong to slaughter animals because the predator/prey relationship exploits their labor and unbalances production, just like the boss/worker relationship hinders the factory worker, or how raising children instead of “working” hinders a woman’s potential.

Marxists look at a field of grazing cattle and see a class that is working hard so that humans can benefit from their labor. We are “exploiting” the labor of animals. This is what makes eating them wrong.

This is the key to seeing Leftist veganism for what it is. It is the Marxist ideology saturating their brains to the point of silliness. Is it evil to ride a horse now?

Vegans Cause Suffering

Like the good Socialists they are, some SJW vegans go completely off the rails and violently attack meat-eaters. They burn barns, drive spikes into trees, and throw acid onto women who wear fur coats.

Vegans and vegetarians cause suffering in other ways. I saw this a couple weeks ago in a documentary about elephants. American camera crews who film nature documentaries have a policy of not getting involved in the animal life that they are filming. In this documentary, a baby elephant got separated from his mother and died of starvation in the harsh desert.

The policy of not intruding in wild animal life is rooted in the same ideology that prevents vegans from eating meat. It prevents people from helping animals.

Universal Salvation

“We should avoid eating meat because it causes pain.”

Isn’t this what Socialists say about religion? Christianity causes pain. We start wars, make people guilty about their human nature, cause social division, etc. Just look at all the horror stories on the Ex-Mormon Reddit. Girls are shamed if they dress like skanks. The horror!

Why can’t we be like Communist North Korea where they have marijuana in every home and nobody feels pain?

In ancient times, religions even executed animals on sacrificial altars and believed that this redeemed them of their moral wrongs. Not only did we prey on animals for physical nourishment but for structural moral nourishment as well.

Yes, animals feel some pain when we slaughter them for food. Yes, the horse works and feels strain when we ride it. Yes, we exploit labor. This is the nature of the world we live in.

Religion causes suffering. It is true. Many Christians feel shame for breaking commandments or for not practicing acceptable standards of behavior. We believe this is normal and appropriate.

Normal people recognize that some things are more important than avoiding pain. Normal people watch Lion King and learn that all species prey on other species. Normal people recognize that we do not feel an equal sense of justice to other animal species.

Pain is a necessary part of growing to emulate godliness. God Himself was sacrificed and felt pain for the physical and moral redemption of all creation. The top of the hierarchy, God, performed the greatest labor for others and felt the greatest pain.

But as we have seen, the issue is really about equality of labor and class consciousness, which is also what leads Marxists to attack Christianity. Christians believe in meritocracy and pursue a hierarchal structure where some people end up being “exploited.” Social Marxists hate Christians for creating an un-equal society of winners and losers rather than an everybody-wins (aka everybody-loses) society.

Marxists believe in universal salvation, and thus follow the Plan of Satan. Satan hated God’s plan where people excelled according to the merit of their behavior. He wants to force people to practice behavior that he decided was good, where nobody could sin, where everybody is perfectly equal.

Vegans, and environmentalists in general, elevate themselves to the position of God in the same way as Satan. Rather than just being good custodians for nature, they seek Satan’s universal salvation, and of course they want to be the one in charge.


I noticed in this debate the vegan appealed to Scientism. He went on and on about scientific studies that showed meat is unhealthy. He became angry and called Roaming Millennial an idiot for not having multiple scientific studies at her fingertips. Isn’t this what Socialists always do?

Unfortunately, the angry vegan railroaded over Roaming Millennial like she was Marco Rubio. No traditionalist should put up with that. Never let them treat you like that.

The angry vegan said we don’t need to eat meat because we can get all the nutrition we need other ways. Isn’t this also something that Socialists say about religion? Organized religion is an outdated institution and we can get all the benefits, like social structure and charitable redistribution, without the unhealthy elements–such as patriarchy, moral standards, and happy families.

But the Marxist/Satanic ideology that vegans follow turns us into atomized robots. You can see this in the visage of vegans themselves, all these docile hipsters. We need hardened conquerors. Elimination of predators creates a society of only prey.

The West is crumbling because of this ideology of mindless robots. To fight Islamic terrorism, London doesn’t need fragile vegetarians, equalized pieces of a machine. It needs men who cause pain in the West, men who hunt.

Defense against Atheism: A Loser Atheist Has to Date Ugly Feminists

Have you ever seen a group of loser Atheists hanging out in public?  Have you ever seen photos of an atheism conference?  The thing that jumps out about atheists is they all look like a bunch of pathetic losers who don’t have any friends.  Atheism is an ideology for losers and we need to let kids know that experimenting with atheism leads to being a loser atheist.

Atheists end up like these guys and that’s a bad thing

An atheist convention is the place where losers who can’t get dates go to act like they are better than you because they can’t get dates.  Atheists are pure secret king gamma males who nobody likes because they make everybody’s life miserable.  Atheism is for ugly people who complain about their lot in life.  Atheists are the kind of people who would rather complain about society’s standards instead of getting a haircut, putting down the fork and hitting the gym.

This is your dating life on atheism

Let’s compare and contrast you average loser atheist with Christians.  The fact of the matter is the average Christian is more attractive, better presented and healthier than the average loser atheist.  Why is this?  Christians are better looking because they are better than atheists.  It’s really just that simple.  Atheism is an ideology for losers who don’t have any friends.

Modestly dressed these Orthodox girls look cute and sweet

Mormons are having a hard time keeping the youth from getting mixed up with Cultural Marxism and Atheism.  For example a few years ago there was this kid in my father’s ward who got mixed up with atheism.  He read some atheist blogs and thought that he was smarter than his youth leaders.  Quickly he started recruiting the other youth in the ward into his atheist cult and before long all these kids left the church.  My father’s ward leaders didn’t know how to handle this loser atheist and he was able to run wild.  Not so ironically they all look terrible and they smell bad.  It’s amazing how getting mixed up in atheism leads to people smelling bad.

Even latina atheists are gross looking.

Atheism is a growing problem.  It is a very seductive ideology that allows people to justify their sins while acting intellectually superior to those who believe in God.  Atheism is a problem that isn’t going away, so Mormon Church leaders need to know how to deal with young secret king atheists popping up in their wards.

You’re stuck hanging out with these people if you become a loser atheist

Defeating atheism is very much a war of ideas just like the war in Heaven.  The best way to win wars is demoralize your enemies until they no longer even want to bother resisting you.  The best way to discourage Mormon youth from getting mixed up with Cultural Marxism and atheism is by showing LDS youth who they will have to spend the rest of their lives with if they decide to go the loser atheist route.  Let’s face it, atheists are ugly losers who smell bad who nobody likes being around.  They ruin every social gathering with their smug attitude and bad smell.  Nobody wants to spend time around atheists.

The best way to keep Mormon youth from getting mixed up with loser atheism is by showing them what atheist women look like.  Let’s face it loser atheist women are fat, ugly, feminists who are liable to file a false rape charge any second now.  No Mormon youth wants to spend his adult years having to hang around fat, ugly atheist girls who are likely to have him thrown in jail due to a false rape accusation.

Compare and contrast loser atheist women with Christian women.  Christian women always are far cuter on average than average atheist women.  What kind of women does a young man want to spend time around?  Of course he wants to be around cute girls.   So there you have it. It’s a simple choice really.  Young LDS men can spend their time around cute Mormon girls or they can spend their time around ugly loser atheist girls.

Some Mormon leaders believe that it is wrong to frame the debate between being LDS and being atheist as a matter of faith and belief.  They say that instead of showing loser atheist girls and pretty Christian girls what we should do is help these young men gain a testimony of the Gospel and a strong testimony of Christ.  That’s all well and good but it isn’t going to work.  The fact of the matter is people believe what they want to believe and loser atheist kids want to NOT believe in Christ.  We have to shatter their desire for unbelief and the best way to do it is make them feel like a loser atheist who is going to be stuck dating ugly girls for the rest of their lives if they stay atheist, which is true by the way.

The war for young men’s and women’s souls is very much a war.  In war you use every tool at your disposal and you fight ugly.  The best way to win is make your enemy feel so demoralized that he feels that his struggle is pointless and that he’s going to lose anyway so he might as well not fight.  Making kids flirting with atheism feel like loser atheists is the best way to make them feel demoralized for their experimentation with this disgusting ideology.  Fight to win and remind atheists what they are: losers.

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Apostate Mormons Leave the LDS Church Because They Are Obsessed with Cummies

Every once in a while we get a glimpse what apostate Mormons are really like.  Apostate Mormons like to say that they left the church because of some doctrinal thing or Joseph Smith or polygamy or something.  But the reality is apostate Mormons usually leave the church because it’s something in their personal life.  Today’s example of apostate Mormons in action comes from a degenerate chode who is into polyamory.

I was Mormon my entire life, Mormon missionary, married a Mormon girl, both families intensely Mormon. For multiple reasons, I left Mormonism about a year ago. One of the more weighty reasons was because of their stance and views regarding homosexuality and how they treat LGBT people.

My wife and I started exploring polyamory 3-4 years ago.

First these apostate Mormons got interested in polyamory.  Then they apostatized because the LDS Church doesn’t want homosexuals molesting kids on Boy Scouts camping trips.  It’s amazing how homosexuals have become a justification for everybody else’s sexual depravity.  I swear White people worship homosexuals because if gays are ok then their preferred forms of degeneracy must be ok too.

Degenerates want to justify everybody else’s sins so that their sins seem small and insignificant by comparison.  Whenever you hear about more and more people supporting the degeneracy of the week it is because they know that their sins pale in comparison and they feel better about themselves.  After all if Heaven forbid, pedophilia becomes accepted one day then everybody else’s vices and sins seem like they are just fine by comparison.  Whenever apostate Mormons talk about how the Mormon Church is un-accepting it is because they hate being held to standards.

The first year was mostly mental exploration. For us, it came from a place of feeling really confident in our relationship, and our ability that love was not a limited resource, even if time was.

So at first they were just looking at group sex porn.  Or was the wife cheating on him and he wanted to pretend that he was ok with it?  I very much doubt that he was some kind of player because if he had lots of game then he wouldn’t have bothered to get married.  He would have just spun plates and nailed lots of girls.  My bet is this couple watched lots of porn together and eventually decided to act on what they watched.

Then we felt comfortable enough to explore intimate and sexual relationships with others. Polyamory including multiple romantic relationships (not just sex) really seems to resonate with our emotional make-up and has so far been a great enriching aspect to our marriage.

So they started to date other people.  How do they have time to have a relationship with others?  It eats up a ton of time to fire up Tinder and line up dates.    This guy talks like he and his wife have this wonderful life but you can tell that it’s all B.S.  Couples that have a good relationship are out exploring the world, or having kids or being involved with their community.  This couple did none of that.  They just went and looked for other people to get their cummies with.  That doesn’t sound like a happy relationship.

To the point, it’s becoming somewhat painful for us to not share that aspect of our life with our very Mormon families.

Probably because they know that their families wouldn’t invite them over for Thanksgiving and Christmas anymore because they don’t want to be around a couple of degenerate weirdos who are obsessed with cummies.

Our closest friends know. My current girlfriend is very polyamorous as well. And came out to her family. That was a mixed bag of awesome, and bad. Her family is significantly more liberally minded for the most part.

When men talk about polyamory they are sleeping with women like this

When this guy talks about his new girlfriend don’t you get vision of a fat girl who is a total slut?  Mrs. Johnson loves to watch the show Say Yes to the Dress.  One of the ads on its channel is for this show named My Big Fat Fabulous Life.  The girl on that show is a fat disgusting degenerate who tries to pretend that she is really fun but she’s just a drag on everybody around her.  The show struggles to hide how much of a drag she is on everybody in her life but it still seeps through.  You know this new girlfriend and her liberally minded family are a bunch of fat degenerates.

It was really amazing to be able to live out loud, meet her sister, and her mother, and to be openly polyamorous. It’s something I crave, and from what I can tell, my wife craves to be able to be openly polyamorous.

I bet his wife craves being able to be openly polyamorous because she can bring around men who are better than the current perma-chode who she is currently married to, until she dumps him in a few years.

Yet all three of us are pretty terrified about how our very Mormon families will react.

Well they already know that you are a weirdo loser.  Don’t kid yourself; they know that you are a pathetic cuck.  They probably know from the weird Facebook photos you post that you are hanging out with a creepy fat girl and doing who knows what.

And we’ve currently decided to wait to come out until more time has passed between my leaving Mormonism.

This sentence is a big deal because it shows the mindset of Mormons who apostatize.  Notice that he doesn’t want to tell his family that he’s a degenerate freak who’s totally and completely obsessed with cummies.  He wants them to find out about it later.  From this sentence we can see how he’s gone apostate.  First he got involved in degenerate behavior and then he apostatized from the Mormon Church.  What he told his family was that he no longer believed in LDS Church doctrine and policy.  He framed apostatizing from the church as being about supposed poor treatment of gays and probably something about no longer believing in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.

However what really happened was this guy and his soon to be ex-wife started doing stuff like going to swingers clubs and hanging out with other weirdos.  They didn’t want to tell their family that they were weirdos so they put the blame on the Mormon Church.  When we hear that somebody apostatized from the Mormon Church the apostate usually tells us about Mormon doctrinal problems or something about Mormon history.  But the real reason always is extreme bad behavior in their private life.

Also, my wife is currently employed by her non-Mormon conservative step-brother. And we’re concerned about possible financial fallout because of his conservative demeanor and his close proximity to his very Mormon mother.

His wife’s mother is divorced and is married to a non-Mormon.  I highly doubt that her family life was stable.  This statement is a leading indicator that this couple getting mixed up in polyamory started with the wife wanting to continue to sleep around.  Let’s face it girls from broken homes are more likely to be unable to bond with their husbands and they often mimic their mother’s bad behavior.  Again we don’t know what happened maybe it was the father who broke up the family.  But whatever went on in his soon to be ex-wife’s family they were a total and complete train wreck.

I realize we could be trumping up these fears. But again they could be very real.

Yeah right.  We know that her family is a train wreck.  Polyamory is just the first stop before she announces that she is dumping her cuck husband.

I go to see a therapist on a weekly basis and have been discussing these issues with her. She seems just supportive of me self-determining.

And he’s in (((therapy))).  Why is nobody surprised that this guy has to go talk to a (((therapist))) every week?  Notice that the (((therapist))) supports him getting involved in a degenerate lifestyle.  His wife’s family is split up and her mother married a non-Mormon.  She’s involved in polyamory and he’s into it to . . ., aaaannnnddd he’s in (((therapy))).  Does anybody think that this guy is happy?  And that gets at the heart of the matter.  This guy is trying to chase happiness through his cummies and blatantly failing miserably at it.  He blames the Mormon Church for not supporting him in his quest to find happiness through cummies.

And from the videos and articles I’ve read from you, it seems that you have a nuanced feeling about when the appropriate time is to come out. And I apologize for any offensive language I’ve used in describing these things. I feel like I am waking up from a lot of years of being asleep as a practicing Mormon.

He hates the LDS Church for reminding him that wickedness never was happiness.

And there are a lot of mind fucks I’m experiencing. Hence the struggle with when is the right time to make our families aware of how ok we are with polyamory. We want to be genuinely poly, not just using it as an excuse to explore our sexuality. Because multiple committed loving relationships really seems to work for us.

Oh yeah forcing your family and friends to wallow in your obsession with cummies is going to make everybody happy.  He has no interest in his family’s happiness.  He says that multiple committed relationships are working for him.  Then why is he in (((therapy)))?

I suppose in some ways it’s very ironic that a former Mormon is fretting about when and how to tell his Mormon family, given their strong past with polygamy. But of course, polyamory and Mormon polygamy are two completely different beasts. One was patriarchal, and domineering, while the other is about honesty, facing fears, and sharing love. And of course, Mormons from my experience have no problem with huge amounts of cognitive dissonance, and hypocrisy.

Of course he’s going to blame his problems on the LDS Church.  When you read through his letter you can see that’s he’s very far from a happy man with a great life.  His life is a total train wreck, he and his wife’s relationships are a mess, but it’s the Mormon Church’s fault.  It’s amazing how Mormon apostates always say that the Mormon Church is hypocritical.  To leftists and degenerates the only sin in the Current Year is the sin of hypocrisy.  This guy whose life is a total mess calls out the Mormon Church for the sin of hypocrisy for daring to have standards in the Current Year.  It’s amazing how degenerates always call anybody who tries to enforce a minimal level of standards hypocrites.  Never forget that the charge of hypocrisy is the only sin that degenerates obsessed with cummies recognize.

Thanks for being a loud advocate and setting a good example for those of us still trying to figure out how to share our voice.

Ex-Mormon Lovingly Discloses Exciting Relationships

Oh yeah, his relationship with a fat slut and his wife cheating on him while he’s in (((therapy))) sounds really exciting.  Can’t wait for the divorce papers to come in.

Apostate Mormons are boring and repetitive.  Apostate Mormons always accuse the Mormon Church of hypocrisy because Mormons have standards of behavior even if we don’t always live up to them.  Apostate Mormons love to attack the Mormon Church for so-called bad treatment of homosexuals because if homosexual behavior isn’t so bad then your run of the mill apostate Mormons’ sins aren’t so bad by comparison.  Whenever you hear Mormon apostates rant about some problem in LDS history or something about how Mormons treat homosexuals badly, you can safely assume that the apostate is doing something weird, probably with fat girls just like this Mormon apostate couple.

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Defense against Atheism: Bullied Children Become Atheists

(This is the first article in a 3 part series looking at reasons why young men and women leave the Mormon Church.)  When I was a kid, my ward was an out of control ward where the kids were downright awful.  There was out of control bullying and picking on going on.  When we all graduated from high school there was a divide that happened.  The kids who were the aggressors all went on missions and stayed faithful to the church.  The vast majority of the kids who got picked on and bullied ended up leaving the church and several of them became hard core atheists.  The kids who were victims of bullies had a higher chance of getting mixed up with atheism.

When you look at atheists what do you see?  The general rule when you look at atheists is feminist fat girls and dorky guys who can’t get a date.  How did they get that way?  They didn’t know how to fit in as kids and were bullied and picked on for not fitting in.  They end up as the dregs of their middle school and high school.  Generally speaking the dregs of society are the ones who end up getting mixed up with atheism.  Young men and young women who struggle to fit in as children are far more likely to end up becoming atheists than young men and women who fit in just fine.  The kids who have a rough childhood filled with getting picked on and bullied are the ones who are more likely to lose their faith and become atheists.

Do you know of a captain of the football team who went on to get mixed up with atheism?  No of course not.  Do you know a dorky science kid who doesn’t have many friends who becomes an atheist?  Yeah, I bet that you know lots of young men like this.  Do you know a really pretty girl with lots of friends who goes atheist?  No of course not.  Do you know a fat girl with weird body piercings and blue hair who got mixed up in atheism?  I bet you do.

The best way for all of us to protect our children and inspire them not to get mixed up with atheism is to make sure that they fit in as children.  If we allow our children to get picked on and bullied as children then they are at a greater risk of losing their faith.  The dirty secret in the Mormon Church is most of the young men and young women who lose their faith are the kids who get bullied at church and the kids who don’t have friends at church.  You rarely see the cool kids in your ward and stake leave the church and become atheists.

All Mormon parents must make sure that their kids have friends at church or else their children are at risk of losing their faith and becoming atheists.  If your kid gets picked on and bullied at church or at church activities then your child is at a higher risk of becoming an atheist.  Don’t let your kid get bullied or picked on at church or else your kid may very well come home one day telling you that he is an atheist who doesn’t believe in the “Sky Fairy.”

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Defense against Atheism Atheists Always Try to Ruin the Party

Now that we are in the process of making America great again, people are going around saying Merry Christmas.  It’s amazing to see how well people react to hearing Merry Christmas.  They feel this sense of relief and happiness that they no longer have to suffer hearing (((Happy Holidays))).  This Christmas season is like a big party with Christmas cheer going all around.   However (((certain people))) and atheists are miserable by seeing normal people happy, so what do atheists do?  Well of course they go around saying that the source of everybody’s happiness is stupid.

Normal humans like it when they see other people happy.  It warms our souls to see pure expressions of joy and happiness.  But atheists aren’t normal well adjusted human beings or they wouldn’t be atheists.  This is the thing about atheism.  It is an ideology for people who want to be miserable.  You know that obnoxious guy who nobody invited to the party, who showed up anyway and then talked about how everybody was lame?  Yeah that guy.  That’s what atheism teaches people to do.

If atheists just didn’t believe in God but were normal human beings, how would they act?  They would say, “These Christmas lights are great.  It is a great and happy time of the year when everybody gets together with their family and friends.  It’s just a great time of the year.”  But that isn’t what atheism teaches people to do.  Atheism teaches atheists that they need to spoil the fun.  Atheism teaches its victims that they can’t have a good time like everybody else.

When young men and women get mixed up with atheism they immediately become sore losers who want to rain on everybody’s parade.  Protecting young men and women from atheists is important because if they get mixed up in atheism they will become miserable, have crappy lives and even worse become the people who always ruin the party.

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Defense Against Atheism: Satanists Worship Reason, Science and Enlightenment

One of the disgusting truths about atheism is that atheism is perfectly happy to associate with Satanism and Satanism is perfectly happy to associate with atheism.  Check out this school in Portland, Oregon that now has a Satan after school club.

Rezz kindly explained to the Oregonian it’s not that the members of the Satanic Temple are truly Satanists, worshiping some sort of spiritual or supernatural entity of the dark side. Rather, he went on, most are simply atheists who view Satan “as an allegory for free thought,” the newspaper said.

The club is solely to foster in its participants a sense of “benevolence and empathy for everybody,” Rezz said. . .,

By comparison, the Satanic Temple touts its mission, on its own website, as “facilitate[ing] the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty.” The Satanic Temple also promises to “undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will.”

Isn’t it interesting how the Satan club wants to support things like rationality, science, enlightenment and humanism?  Isn’t it interesting that atheism allegedly supports these things too?  Isn’t it ironic that atheism and Satanism mutually support each other?

We’ve learned earlier that Atheism isn’t a dis-belief in God, but it actively teaches people to dis-believe in God.  You would think that for an atheist to be intellectually consistent that atheists would also reject Satan as an object of superstition and irrationality.  But atheists don’t do that.  Atheists are perfectly happy to associate with Satan.

Why is it that atheism is a rejection of God and an embrace of Satan?  If there isn’t a God, then there isn’t a Devil.  Even to think of the question is to understand the answer.  Atheism doesn’t reject God because they don’t believe in him, but Atheism rejects God because they hate him.  Atheists hate the concept that they will be held responsible for how they behave.  They hate the idea that there are standards for behavior and they aren’t living up to any of those standards for behavior.

Atheists like Satan because Satan is the nicest person in the whole universe.  If you want to be an ugly fat feminist girl who has a toxic personality, Satan is happy to support you.  If you want to be a loser, living in his mom’s basement, spending all day looking at porn, playing video games and smoking pot then Satan will tell you that you are a great man and people should accept you just like he does.  Run the list of every bad behavior that all do.  Who is happy to support all of it?  Satan is.  It’s like Al Pacino said in the Devil’s Advocate, “I’m the great humanist.”

So there you have it, atheism is nothing more than a love of sin and a love of the one who loves sin.  Atheism is a rejection of all standards of behavior and a rejection of consequences.  All their words like rationality and science are just empty rhetoric because if they believed in these things they would laugh just as hard at Satan as they do at God.

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Defense against Atheism: Christianity is Progress

The most annoying narrative to come from atheism is that the ancient world was this wonderful place before Christianity came in a screwed things up.  Annoying atheists like Carl Sagan constantly pushed this annoying narrative.  But here’s the thing, their narrative is totally false.  The ancient world was a disgusting place.  Possibly the most horrific common practice of the ancient world was child exposure.

Exposure was when parents of new born babies would take their babies and leave then in the street or out in the country side to starve and die.  Often these abandoned children would be eaten alive by wild dogs or other animals.  The practice was so common that often gutters and sewers would clog up with the remains of exposed babies.  Parents would leave a baby exposed if it was a girl or it was possibly unhealthy or if the parents decided that they didn’t want to raise it.

Early Christians saw the abhorrent practice of exposure and hated it.  One of the ways early Christians would get new members was they would go around to places where people would leave exposed babies, rescue them, try to save their life and then raise them.  It was Christians who went around saving babies who nobody else wanted.  In Ephesus pagans literally would leave their children on a trash heap.  How degenerate and evil is that?

Here’s my question to atheists, how can a culture be advanced and rational when they leave their unwanted children on a trash heap?  If you are an atheist do you really want to defend a world where parents just leave their unwanted children on a trash heap?  All Mormon youth need to understand that this is the world that atheists want to impose on us.  Atheism wants to create a world where children are murdered because they are inconvenient.

You don’t believe me?  Well let’s take a look at a country that was never Christian and now officially practices atheism: China.  In China women practice sex selective abortion.  When atheist Chinese women find out that they are about to have a daughter, they immediate go and abort it, just for being a girl.  It’s even worse for really poor Chinese girl babies.  Guess what really poor Chinese women do right after they give birth to a baby girl?  That’s right they take it out and leave it exposed to die.  The Chinese who were never Christian and are now atheist still practice the ancient degenerate practice of exposure.

Things are so bad now in China that the few Christians who are in the country have created drop boxes in their churches so that people can leave babies they don’t want in the church instead of leaving it exposed to die.  Even in a place like China it is the Christians who are willing to sacrifice themselves for children who aren’t even their own.  The atheists in China would rather leave their own babies outside to be eaten by wild dogs instead of having to sacrifice for them.

It was Christianity who ended horrific practices like exposure.  Atheism was happy to allow exposure and atheism continues to celebrate barbaric practices like exposure.  Every Mormon youth needs to know that it was the so-called rational pagans who left their own children on trash heaps to die in the hot sun or be eaten by wild dogs.  The rational pagans and atheists of the ancient world were perfectly happy to let wild animals eat their own children.

Atheists like to hide their evil actions.  They want LDS youth to believe that atheists are good moral people and followers of God are the savages.  But their constant support for exposing babies shows that atheists are liars.  Every place where the people practice atheism or paganism quickly devolves to parents feeding their children to wild dogs.  Mormon youth leaders must drill it into LDS youth’s heads that we are the enlightened ones and atheism is barbarism that feeds its own children to wild dogs.

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Atheism is a Religion to Teach People to Reject God

Atheists like to act like they are rational and smarter than all of us followers of Jesus Christ.  However when you look at the history of atheism we find out that historically atheism always has been about teaching people to rebel against God and to teach people that they must not believe in God.

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When we learn the history of the word atheism we learn that it always has been about preaching a Gospel of active disbelief in God.  Their whole, “we are smart and rational” thing is just their propaganda.  They aren’t rationally sitting back and looking at the evidence and concluding that there is not God.  No what atheists do is preach their Gospel of no-God.  Atheism is a religion!

For Mormons it is important to understand that atheists aren’t arguing for their beliefs in good faith.  They aren’t rational disinterested people who are just looking for the truth.  They are missionaries of a competing church.  They are looking to demoralize all followers of Christ and make us feel ashamed of our belief in Christ.

It is important never to give atheists a voice in our community because they will just use it to propagandize against us.  As Mormons we need to teach our children that atheism is a religion that teaches people not to believe in God.  We must drill it into our kids’ heads that atheism isn’t a bunch of smart rational people looking at the world objectively but it is a group of religious fanatics trying to bring people into their church.  As we see atheism for what it really is it is easier to resist the preaching of its atheist missionaries.

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Atheism is for Hostile Jerks Who Nobody Likes

One of the important truths about atheism is that it’s for mean people.  Atheists never pass up a chance to be mean to random people.  Check out this story.

Long story short a teenage girl got interested in atheism, she even got her Christian mom to buy her a Carl Sagan book bashing religion for Christmas.  She got on Reddit and talked about how she loved being and atheist.  Then all the autistic atheists started to be low grade jerks to her.  After spending time hanging out on atheist Reddit, the girl decided that she didn’t like atheism and decided to become a Christian.

The important truth about atheists is they are jerks.  It would be one thing if they just said that they didn’t believe in God and left everybody alone to believe in what they wanted to believe it, but they don’t do that.  When people get mixed up with atheism they pick up a fanatical zeal that only the most obnoxious religious fanatics can ever hope to match.  The general rule is people become atheists because they want to be different than everybody else.  They want to act better than everybody else and they usually have bad social skills.

Check out what atheists do at atheism fairs.  They make fun of Christian symbols and try to attack Christian beliefs.  Their get togethers are just opportunities to make fun of people who believe in God.  Except they never make fun of Muslims for some reason.  Just kidding we know that they don’t make fun of Muslims because they know that Muslims will cut their heads off.

Atheism is an evil ideology designed by mean, nasty people who nobody likes.  Young men and women who get mixed up with atheists will end up having to be around mean and awful people.  Avoid atheists like the plague because they either will make you unhappy or they will make you into a mean, hostile jerk.

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The Pride of Gay Pride

The annual gay pride parade is coming up this weekend.  It’s ironic that the gay community names its annual public bacchanalia the “Pride” parade.  About 30 years ago Ezra Taft Benson was head of the Mormon church.  Ezra Taft Benson gave an important talk on pride.  Normally when Christian leaders get up to speak, it is Churchian nonsense.  This talk was different.  It may have been the last serious religious discussion any major Christian leader has given.  His talk is applicable to all people and is doubly applicable to the gay community.  As America bows itself down to the pride of the gay community, America will go the way of many previous civilizations.  Let’s look at some important parts of Ezra Taft Benson’s talk and how they relate to the gay lobby today:

The central feature of pride is enmity—enmity toward God and enmity toward our fellowmen. Enmity means “hatred toward, hostility to, or a state of opposition.” It is the power by which Satan wishes to reign over us.

Pride is essentially competitive in nature. We pit our will against God’s. When we direct our pride toward God, it is in the spirit of “my will and not thine be done.” As Paul said, they “seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.”  (Philip. 2.21).

Do gays hate Christians and normal people in general?  Let’s take a look at some pictures from their “Pride” parade:

Those don’t look like people who just want to be left alone free from Christian oppression

That looks a lot like mockery and hatred.  They really don’t pass up a chance to try to humiliate things that God fearing people hold sacred.  They try to corrupt the innocent and pure.  Look at how they try to get children involved in their lifestyle.

This is why they want gay scout masters

Just by looking at how they humiliate Christians and their beliefs, we know that they have a lot of hatred for Christians.  The way they try to force the young and innocent into their lifestyle shows their hatred for the young and innocent because the homosexual lifestyle is a difficult life, at best.  Their hatred for Christians, the young and innocent is their pride and sin manifesting itself.

Does the gay community accept that they are a small community, whose behavior is not good for the vast majority of society?  Do they keep their behavior to themselves?  Or do they try to make America participate in their sins?  I think we know the answer to that.


Our enmity toward God takes on many labels, such as rebellion, hard-heartedness, stiff-neckedness, unrepentant, puffed up, easily offended, and sign seekers. The proud wish God would agree with them. They aren’t interested in changing their opinions to agree with God’s.

Do gays accept that they cannot partake of all the privileges of society?  Do they accept that their actions have negative consequences for themselves and others?  No of course not.  They demand that the world change for them.  Their push for gay mockery of marriage is just an attempt for them to make the world change to suit their whims.

Another major portion of this very prevalent sin of pride is enmity toward our fellowmen. We are tempted daily to elevate ourselves above others and diminish them.
Right now the gay community and their supporters are enjoying rubbing Christians’ noses in the fact that they won a legal battle to redefine marriage into something it isn’t:


The government rubbing our noses in their degeneracy

The scriptures abound with evidences of the severe consequences of the sin of pride to individuals, groups, cities, and nations. 

In the future when archeologists are looking at the ruins of American civilization, they will talk about how the American people rejected God’s timeless wisdom for cheap philosophies of men.  The archeologists will ask themselves, “how could they have been so stupid?”

Homosexual pride and degeneracy sometimes make you sympathetic to ISIS. Hard to do.

The proud stand more in fear of men’s judgment than of God’s judgment.

The corporations lined up fast to show their support for the Supreme Court’s ruling.  You would think they were afraid of being labeled homophobic if they didn’t react positively enough, quickly enough and loudly enough.  Look at your Facebook friends.  How many of them added that stupid rainbow to their profile picture?  They really wanted the support and praise of their fellow man.  They didn’t care that God didn’t approve, but Heaven forbid if their BFF’s thought them homophobic.

When pride has a hold on our hearts, we lose our independence of the world and deliver our freedoms to the bondage of men’s judgment.

How many people even dare mention that they believe the Supreme Court’s decision is irresponsible and a sign of America’s decay?  Not many.  Now people just wait to see how the wind is blowing and what the media tells them to believe.  Pride is why Social Justice Warriors can say with a straight face that Bruce Jenner is heroic but Rachel Dolezal is a fraud.  The media told them, so their pride believed it.  After all they don’t want to be on “the wrong side of history.”

Our grandfathers died for this?

Selfishness is one of the more common faces of pride. “How everything affects me” is the center of all that matters—self-conceit, self-pity, worldly self-fulfillment, self-gratification, and self-seeking.

Gay mockery of marriage supporters ask normal people, “how does gays being able to marry negatively affect you?”  They think that they are being profound, when really they are just letting their rebellious, selfish and prideful attitude show.  Look at images of gay men attention whoring at various “Pride” parades.  Do they look humble, or is it all “look at me, I’m so special”

Pride results in secret combinations which are built up to get power, gain, and glory of the world.

Does anybody believe that American society isn’t corrupt?  Does anybody believe that its elites and their supporters don’t want power and praise from the world?  Look at how fast the big corporations added the gay rainbow to their corporate symbols:


Corrupt corporations wanted to show their support for degeneracy

The scriptures testify that the proud are easily offended and hold grudges. They withhold forgiveness to keep another in their debt and to justify their injured feelings.

Does anybody think that gays will stop being victims?  Even after they have total power, will they stop being poor oppressed victims?  It’s hard to imagine they would give up their victim status no matter how much power they have.  After all their perpetual victim status allows them to continue to push for more privileges for themselves.

Pride is the universal sin, the great vice. Yes, pride is the universal sin, the great vice.

Seeing the sick bacchanalia at “Pride” parades is bad enough.  What is really depressing is knowing that their behavior is just an outward manifestation of their far worse sin: pride.  They even make sure to name their parades after their deeper sin: “Pride.”