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The Olsen Twins Show that Wickedness Never Was Happiness

The Olsen Twins were popping up on people’s Faceberg feeds recently and boy have they aged poorly.  Their faces are a living example that wickedness never was happiness because their lifestyle took a major toll on them.  Every once in a while you get to see a picture that pulls the mask off of the degeneracy that our Cultural Marxist masters want for us and shows us the destruction their lifestyle has in store for us.  The damaged and haunted faces of the Olsen Twins are a perfect demonstration that wickedness never was happiness.

I’m not going to lie I never followed the Olsen Twins so I have no idea which one is which.  Both of these girls aged poorly and show vast battle scars from their lives in (((Hollywood))).  The twin on the right looks less destroyed than the one on the left.  The poor Olsen Twin on the left looks like she’s had her soul sucked out of her by ghouls.  I really feel bad for the Olsen Twin on the left because her eyes show infinite sadness and pain.

The Olsen Twin on the right has a massive thousand cock stare and looks like she’s been run through the sexual wringer and been passed around by (((Hollywood))) elites and other rich playboys.  She looks like she’s been a long time on the Hollywood party scene and is showing the wear and tear that women suffer when they engage in lots of sexual degeneracy.  She certainly looks like she now understands that wickedness never was happiness but she has no way to undue what she has done to her life.

If you showed a random person this photo of the Olsen Twins but didn’t say who they were or tell them that these girls were(are) rich and famous what would a random person say about these girls?  The random person would conclude that these girls were former Eastern European sex slaves who escaped from the bordello where they were chained up.  Just by looking at their faces most people would not want to live the lives that the Olsen Twins led.

The modern world is hard on women because they are encouraged to live wicked lives and wickedness never was happiness.  The degenerate lifestyle that elites want western women to live leads to looking destroyed and defeated.  When we ignore Heavenly Father’s commandments and live how the world wants us to live we inevitably will have the same soulless and defeated looks on our faces just like the Olsen Twins have.

. . ., Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness.  (Alma 41:10).

The Olsen Twins are a living example of the crucial life truth that engaging in sin leads to misery.  Those girls look absolutely miserable and their eyes show their agony.  We don’t know what kind if any abuse they went through as children (who are we kidding we know that they most likely were pimped out as little girls) but we know that they had some serious party years in their teens and 20’s.  Their eyes and bodies show the effects of whatever they did and what was done to them and we can see that their lifestyle made them miserable.  The Olsen Twins look like men who return from war with PTSD.  The Olsen Twins are a walking example that wickedness never was happiness.

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President Trump Bombs Syria the Day After

Well President Trump bombed Syria because dead children on Television or something.  We are all angry and upset by this foolish attack because we all know how the game plays out.  First it starts with random missile strikes against a Middle Eastern country.  Then the next thing that gets pushed for is a “no fly zone” where the United States uses its air force to destroy the random Middle Eastern government’s ability to fight against so-called moderate rebels.  Then after the “no fly zone” the United States starts to bomb the ground troops of the random Middle Eastern country’s government.  If after all of those actions the ‘random Middle Eastern Country’s government isn’t overthrown then the United States puts “boots on the ground” i.e., invades the random Middle Eastern country.

We’ve seen this game played out repeatedly in the Middle East.  We watched it happened twice in Iraq and ended up with the United States fighting a long war there with thousands of Americans dead and tens of thousands maimed.  We watched it play out in Afghanistan where we are still there 15 years later.  This game is going on in Yemen where we are mixed up in some war there that we never hear about.  We watched it play out in Libya where we used our airpower to overthrow Quadafffffffi and kicked off the massive African invasion of Europe because Q’addddaafi was the guy who was keeping the African invasion at bay.  Now we are watching this game play out in Syria.

The United States government has wanted to get involved in the war in Syria since at least 2011.  Egg McMuffin and his CIA friends have been knee deep in helping to arm and fund the “rebels” there.  They tired the so called weapons of mass destruction thing in 2013 and a man named Donald Trump took to Twitter and pointed out how getting involved in Syria was a stupid idea.

You know who thought yesterday’s missile attack on Syria was a great idea?  The freaking Turks!  You know them, the people who are encouraging the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe.

The Turks are some of the people leading the push for WWIII like when a random Turkish security officer murdered the Russian ambassador in a museum.  Those people think that yesterday’s bombing attack was a great idea.  You know (((who))) else thinks yesterday’s bombing was a great idea?  To ask is to answer if you know what I mean.

I’ve read that maybe this attack wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.  I read that the Trump Administration gave Russia advanced warning of the strike so that they could get their people out.  I’ve read that this base was in the middle of nowhere and affected nothing.  I’ve read that Trump did this attack to get leverage over China and Russia in his meetings with them in the next few weeks.  I’ve read that he allowed the (((Neo-cons))) to do this so that they would be exposed once it comes out that the original gas attack was a false flag attack.  I’ve read that Trump did this attack to show that he isn’t a Putin puppet and put the Russian hacking narrative to bed.  Maybe some of these theories are true.

The problem with hoping that President Trump is playing 4D chess on this strike is that we’ve been here before.  We all heard that George W. Bush had a master plan and that one day we would see it.  Well what happened?  There was no master plan.  When it comes right down to it the United States government is all out of “trust us, we know what we are doing” credit.  This goes for President Trump too.  Maybe there’s some overarching super secret grand plan where things are different, but I doubt it.  Here’s some black pill pr0n for you if you think that President Trump has some 4D chess grand strategy and this isn’t the usual song and dance:

Even worse, Syria isn’t some isolated nation without powerful friends.  Syria is backed up by Russia and China.  Both of these countries have said that regime change in Syria is off the table.  I’ve heard some places that Russia’s military is very strong right now and other places I’ve heard that Russia’s military is in the crapper.  Who knows the truth?  China has been spending a fortune on its military.  Do we really want to risk WWIII to find out how good their militaries are?

President Trump needs to get his act together right now.  This means stop listening to (((Neo-cons))) like his son in law Jared Kushner.  This means stop listening to his crying daughter who demands blood every time dead children show up on the TV screen.  This means stop it with the bombing and the escalating warfare rhetoric.  Right now things aren’t so bad that they can’t be reversed if President Trump cuts out the madness.  However we’ve seen this dance before and we know how the game plays out.  All of us on the Alt Right need to push hard against President Trump and let him know that we elected him to stop this madness and if he keeps it up he’s going to be a one term president.

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BasedStickMan Shows that Leftist Governments Are at War with You

The Trump support rally in Berkeley on March 4th was attacked by Antifa terrorists against peaceful President Trump supporters.  Many of the peaceful Trump supporters knew that Antifa were going to attack them.  BasedStickMan was one of the men who were prepared to defend the right of peaceful President Trump supporters to peacefully assemble.

When Antifa attacked the peaceful Trump supporters BasedStickMan helped to defend their basic constitutional rights of the Trump supporters.  What happened next was shocking but something that we should have expected.  The Berkeley police arrested BasedStickMan and charged him with 6 felony charges.  Fortunately was able to hold a fundraiser for him and help him get bailed out of jail.

During the Milo riot Berkeley police allowed Antifa to riot, burn huge chunks of their city, attack Milo’s fans and beat them within an inch of their lives.  However when Donald Trump supporters had the nerve to defend themselves then suddenly the Berkeley police jumped into action and arrested Trump supporters like BasedStickMan.

Leftist controlled cities like Berkeley and Leftist controlled states like California are perfectly happy to let radical leftwing groups like Antifa riot and cause mass destruction.  However leftwing controlled cities and states will crack down on any and all traditional groups that assemble.  Even worse leftwing cities and states will allow violent leftwing groups like Antifa and Black Brigades to attack and physically harm traditional groups that attempt to peacefully assemble.  When brave men like BasedStickMan stand up to violent thugs like Black Brigades and Antifa then leftwing cities and states will bring down the full force of the Law on them.

Leftists view violence as another tool to use to advance their agenda.  To Leftist governments there’s no hypocrisy for them to allow radical leftwing group like Black Brigades and Antifa to riot freely while cracking down on traditionalists who want to peacefully assemble and defend their rights.  To Cultural Marxists the only thing that matters is who whom.  Who is doing the actions and whom does it benefit?

Valiant men like BasedStickMan who defend traditionalists in leftwing hellholes like California must expect that they will be arrested and prosecuted.  Some of them even will become martyrs for our cause.  Let’s all be grateful for the sacrifice of BasedStickMan and many more who are putting their lives on the line to protect our rights to peacefully assemble in the face of leftwing city and state governments that are at war with us.

BasedStickMan is going to need financial support to help him pay for a legal defense.  Click here to help fund BasedStickMan’s legal defense.

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Milo Showed the Ugly Truths of the Gay Lifestyle in His Press Conference

Milo’s press conference was a great opportunity to look at what life is really like inside the gay community.  (((The media))) has done an excellent job of convincing all of us that the gay lifestyle is just like the straight lifestyle except more fabulous.  One of the big things that Milo did in his press conference was shine a light on how things really happen inside the gay community and allowed all of us a glimpse of the realities of the gay lifestyle.  Let’s watch Milo’s press conference and take a look at the truths that Milo explained about the homosexual community.

:20 Milo immediately refers to himself as a child abuse victim.  He admits that when he was 13 two men molested him and one of them was a priest.  Just how many sexual predators are in Christian churches these days?  Did his child abuse experience change his sexual identity?

:34 He says that his feelings on the experience are complicated because at the time he says that he didn’t consider it abuse.  You can see that when he talks about the incident he has a really hard time admitting that it was horrific abuse.  Looking backward you can see that he’s created a narrative in his head where he’s convinced himself that he wanted it.  This is standard behavior that many abuse victims do to protect themselves after going through a horrific experience.

:50 Milo starts to go through the list of destructive behaviors that he engaged in.  He lists alcohol abuse and “nihilistic partying.”  When he mentions “nihilistic partying” we can safely assumed that he means drug abuse and extreme sexual promiscuity.  His sense of humor was totally warped.  When did he become interested in “gallows humor?”  “Gallows humor” sounds like a sad coping mechanism for the horrors that he was living through.

3:14 He talks about how he shouldn’t have used the word “boy” because he says that in the gay community it refers to young men who are freshly legal.   Then he goes on to talk about how he was talking about how when he was 17 he was involved with a 29 year old.  (Note that in England age of consent is 16 so this was a legal activity, even if it is gross and degenerate).  He then talks about how older gay men can help younger gay men adjust to life as a gay man.

Here we see the internal contradictions in the gay lifestyle.  On one hand Milo admits that his abuse led him to excessive partying, alcohol abuse and probably drug abuse, but later he says that his relationship with an older man helped him.  Did it help him stop the excessive behavior?  Doesn’t seem to have helped him!

3:45 He says that many gay men know that having an older mentor help them get settled into the gay community, it is common and all gays know it.  Again it reeks of the way that many gays must go about justifying pederasty in their community.  There’s a reason why the term “boy toy” exists.

4:38 Talks about how in gay clubs and drag bars the people there make constant jokes (references) about priests sexually abusing young men.

6:31 Milo says that he’s never actually done anything wrong.  This is going to be a big statement from Milo in the future because if he has touched a minor who can’t consent it means either that Milo is a liar or worse he sees nothing wrong with pederasty.  Let’s hope and pray that Milo is telling the truth and that he’s never engaged in sexual contact with those who can’t legally consent to it.

13:25 Milo says that there isn’t much evidence linking pedophilia with the victims later becoming gay.  This is inaccurate.  There’s plenty of evidence that young men who are abused end up becoming gay.  Milo himself is a living example of this because he was abused, he created a narrative in his mind that he wanted it and went on to become a gay man.  You can see in this part that he is struggling with cognitive dissonance about his tragic life experience.

14:10 Milo talks about how he came out in drag for a speech to young Republicans and how he’s introducing Republicans to normal gays.  Not to criticize him but, if what he’s talked about in his press conference is normal for the gay community and the gay lifestyle then the gay community is every bit as messed up as evil rightwing homophobic bigots say it is.

A lot of people on the Alt Right wanted Milo to come out at his big press conference and talk about the ugly truths of the homosexual lifestyle.  The Alt Right hoped that he would come out and go full Common Filth on the media.  This was never going to happen because Milo identifies as a gay man.  Gays are his people and despite all their problems and the struggles he suffered as a gay man he was never going to completely turn his back on his people.

However in spite of being unwilling or unable to discuss the serious problems in the gay community by paying attention closely Milo’s press conference we can learn a lot of important truths about the gay community.

First: Milo’s press conference showed that it is incredibly common for older gay men to hook up with younger gay men; the younger man may or may not be legally able to consent to the relationship.

Second: We can learn that it takes massive amounts of time for young men to recover from being abused.  For example Milo admits that he was abused at age 13 and he didn’t really put his life back together until he was 30.  It took him 17 years to deal with what he went through.  He spent the majority of his youth suffering the consequences of what he went through.

Third: Gays openly talk about how many of them were abused by priests when they are all by themselves.  Is it heavily priests who are abusing these kids or are gays referring to all men who abused them as priests?  It really makes you think.  Are a high percentage of men who want to work with children and young men doing it to gain access to potential victims?  It’s really scary stuff.

Stephan Molyneux has a great discussion on everything Milo has said in many of his statements about the gay lifestyle:

Having Milo in the public sphere has shined a light into the realities of life in the gay community.  There’s a lot of lust in it for young men who can’t consent.  We can see that we really don’t want to encourage anybody to get involved in the gay lifestyle because it starts up a cycle of victim becomes the abuser.  We can see from Milo’s experience that we don’t want to give any known or suspected homosexual men any access to our children because the risks are just too high.

Milo talking about himself showed that when children and young men and women go through sexual trauma it scars them for life.  We must protect all of our children from having to go through what he went through.  Milo’s story shows that we must keep homosexuals away from our children even if it means that we end up rejecting good people who are homosexuals because we just can’t take the risk of letting in bad ones.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is a Case Study in Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner

The media finally decided to launch its big attack on Milo Yiannopoulos by pointing out some of his comments that he made in regards to how most gays get started in the homosexual lifestyle.  Redgulls was aware of these comments a year ago.  Redgulls opposes degeneracy and is aware that most people get mixed up in the homosexual lifestyle because of sexual trauma they experienced as children.  When I first heard Milo Yiannopoulos talk about how gays get started in the gay lifestyle young, I knew that he was describing sexual abuse he experienced.

If you go back and watch him talk about getting started, Milo Yiannopoulos was talking about how he created a narrative pretending that he wasn’t a victim of sexual abuse.  But if you watch carefully you can tell that he was talking about how he was abused even if he tries to pretend that he was into it at the time.  Milo’s lifestyle has been a trainwreck ever since he was a child because he went through a horrific experience that scarred him for life.  Redgulls is anti homosexual behavior because homosexuality is very much a cycle of violence where young children are groomed and victimized into the lifestyle and then they go on to become the abusers who damage children.

Famous Alt Right pundit Ricky Vaughn had a good commentary about the Milo Yiannopoulos situation.

The Milo Yiannopoulos case is why we must protect children from sexual predators because it damages them for life.  When young men get mixed up with the gay lifestyle they quickly believe that older men grooming and sexually exploiting young boys is completely normal.  The dirty secret of Milo’s statement on how it’s normal for gay men to have sex with 13 year old boys is this attitude is a standard belief in the gay community.

Let’s hope and pray that Milo Yiannopoulos has never sexually molested a young boy.  Milo says that he’s exposed pedophiles in the past and he opposes pedophilia.

How should red pill people on the Alt Right view the Milo Yiannopoulos situation?  First of all for a wide variety of reasons he was always going to be a questionable ally and friend.  It was only a matter of time before these statements came out to hurt him.  Milo has had a lot of struggles in his life.  Let’s hope that he can overcome what he’s gone through.  Let’s hope that these attacks on Milo force Milo Yiannopoulos to deal with the abuse that he went through.  Let’s pray hard that he hasn’t perpetuated the gay lifestyle cycle of violence on a new victim.

All of us on the Alt Right want the best and hope for the best for Milo Yiannopoulos.  This is what it means to hate the sin but love the sinner.  Hating the sin means that we are aware of the dangers of the gay lifestyle and want as few people as possible participating in it.  Loving the sinner means that we all want Milo Yiannopoulos to overcome what he has gone through.  Loving the sinner means that we hope and pray that he hasn’t molested a kid.  Let’s keep Milo in our prayers and pray that this attack thrown at him helps Milo to reflect on his life and repent of his sins.

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Forget the 9th Circuit Court Let’s Destroy the Left’s Ability to Wage Lawfare

A lot of people on the Alt Right are upset by the 9th Circuit Court’s lawfare actions upholding the activist judge up in Washington’s actions that overturned President Trump’s travel ban.  A lot of people are talking about the need to break up the 9th Circuit Court and how we need to get Trump’s appointment to the Supreme Court approved so we can get this ruling overturned.  However one of the things that President Trump has taught us over the last few years is we need to think bigger.  What President Trump needs to do is find a way to destroy the Left’s ability to wage lawfare.

Lawfare is a tool that Leftists use to ensure that the Right can never push back against the Left’s Cultural Marxist agenda.  Whenever the Right does something that the Left doesn’t like then thousands of Leftist lawyers start to file legal actions until one or more of them end up in front of an activist judge who will overrule the Right’s desire and there are many activist judges.  Once the activist judge makes his ruling it ends up in the appeals court where there are more leftist judges who will support the actions.  Then you have to go to the Supreme Court where at best you have a 50/50 shot of overcoming the leftwing lower judges.  The Left can do this lawfare to infinity.

And here’s the thing, lawfare is just a tool only the Left can use against the Right.  The Right can’t use lawfare because even so-called conservative lawyers will naturally drift leftward.  The reason why we can’t just nominate so-called “original intent” lawyers is because the legal profession always has a globalist/elitist slant to it.  Even poor lawyers who work as public defenders earning 40K a year consider themselves above regular Americans.  Just by going to law school and passing the bar makes all lawyers feel like they are part of the  cutting edge ruling elite, no matter how poor and pathetic they are.  This is why you see so many so-called conservative judges drift leftward over the years.  They drift left because they naturally consider themselves part of the Globalist elite and better than rank and file Americans.

Instead of figuring out how to win his legal battles in the Supreme Court, President Trump needs to figure out a way to destroy permanently destroy the Left’s ability to wage lawfare.  The first thing that President Trump, the AltRight and all red pill Americans need to do is delegitimize the legal profession in the eyes of Americans.  Even conservatives need to realize that the legal profession isn’t legitimate but it’s just a tool to wage lawfare.  Getting judges who believe in ‘muh Constitution isn’t going to help us because no matter who Trump appoints, the judges will drift left based on the nature of their profession.

To defeat the Left’s ability to wage lawfare, conservatives have to take the red pill on the law.  Even rank and file conservatives need to get over their fascination with the Constitution.  The reality of life is the Constitution is dead and we can’t bring it back or replace it until the Left decides to obey it and that just isn’t going to happen.

The most important thing to do is get rank and file conservatives to take the red pill on the Law and the Constitution.  Once regular White Americans realize that the Law and the Constitution are just tools the Left uses to wage lawfare on regular Americans we can begin to work on the real problem which is defeating the Left once and for all.  Ending the Left’s ability to wage lawfare will be a big blow to the Left and bring us one step closer to defeating the Left.

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Boy Scouts Converged by SJW’s and Allows Trannies to Join

Remember a few years ago when Mormon Church leadership said that it supported gay kids joining the Boy Scouts, just as long as they didn’t have sex?  Remember when 1 year later the Boy Scouts announced that they were going to have gay Scout masters, but the LDS Church said nothing and allowed millions of young boys to be exposed to horny gay men on camping trips?  Well the latest outrage from the Boy Scouts came out and now trannies can be Boy Scouts.

Even the cuckservatives over at CuxNews know that the Boy Scouts is a dead leftist organization.  You know that an organization is just another converged leftist organization when even the cucks over at CuxNews say that it’s time for normal organizations to dump the Boy Scouts.  And you know what the tragedy is?  The Mormon Church could have stopped the destruction of the Boy Scouts.

LDS youth make up a huge membership of the Boy Scouts.  Mormon money is the majority of all money that the Boy Scouts has.  LDS volunteers are the majority of the volunteer hours that the Boy Scouts receives.  When the Boy Scouts were rumbling that they wanted to converge to the SJW singularity and allow gay kids to join; if Mormon Church leadership had taken a firm stance against the Boy Scouts with a promise that if the Boy Scouts cucked on gay scouts then the Mormon Church would cut off funding; then the Boy Scouts never would have cucked on gay kids joining.

Oh well, now the damage is done.  The Boy Scouts are just another cucked and SJW converged organization so now we need to ask LDS Church leadership the next question.  The next question is, “When are you going to dump the Boy Scouts and have a non poz’d organization for Mormon youth to join?”

For those of you who want to read some cucky double speak here’s the church’s response to the Boy Scouts becoming a tranny safe space.

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Cultural Marxist TV Ads Show that American Media Elites Are Out of Touch with Reality

Does it seem like every TV ad came right out of the Cultural Marxist playbook?  The American media elites completely missed the rise of Donald Trump and assumed that Crooked Hillary Clinton would win the presidency.  The most hilarious way that the American media elites missed the rise of nationalism and how the American people are sick of being preached to is 2016 (((Holiday season))) TV ads.  Let’s look at some of the ads on TV right now that show how the American media elites are out of touch with any-and-all forms of reality on the ground in America.

The most annoying TV ad is the “old friends” Amazon advertisement.  This is the ad with some old Catholic priest of some sort hanging out with his best friend who (((of course))) is a Muslim Imam.  They end up sending each other knee pads for all the kneeling in pray that they do.  It is supposed to be some Christian ad for Amazon to signal that it is friendly to religion.  Of course all this ad did was show how out of touch from reality American media elites at Amazon are.  From this ad you can tell that Amazon was completely convinced that Hillary Clinton was a shoe in to win the presidency and they wanted to rub all of the evil Christian White men’s noses in the fact that Somalia was going to continue to move to the United States.


The next truly revolting ad of the year was this Coke ad where they play America the beautiful but they sing it in a bunch of random languages that we’ve never heard of and none of the people in the ad are White.  Everybody is some sort of Latin, Middle Eastern or Black.  They didn’t even bother to put any White women in the advertisement.  It’s just a big slap in the face to the evil White Christian males telling us that random people from the 3rd World moving to America is the wave of the future and daring us to do something about it.  Well we voted for Donald Trump.  That’s what we did.

The American media elites had no clue how sick of their Cultural Marxism we all are.  They were not ready in the slightest for what happened on November 8th.  They had already shot all their (((Holiday season))) ads before the election of Donald Trump and they had to run them anyway.  The good news about the next batch of ads Madison Avenue is going to push on us to sell us stuff is next year the ads will be a lot more discrete.  Expect the Mad Men to market to us using things like patriotism, cultural rebirth and a general end to White woman/black man families in every TV ad.  As we reflect on 2016 let’s be grateful that Trump won because next year we won’t have to turn the TV off during every commercial break.  Let’s also be grateful that Trump won because I couldn’t take another year of Cultural Marxist TV commercials.

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Miserable Fat Girls Love to Talk about Their Jobs

I saw a great example of one of Satan’s great successes in the modern world this year.  I was trolling a single adult ward looking for new girls to meet.  One of the things that I like to do is after sacrament meeting go and sit down and read in a well travelled part of the building.  That way lots of people can see me and I can see most people.  I do this because I am visiting a new ward to meet new people and not to attend Sunday School.  While I was sitting in the room minding my own business a miserable fat girl in her mid 20’s came over and sat fairly close nearby.  I don’t like fat people so under no circumstances was I going to talk with her.  However some guy that she knew did start to talk with her.  I was close enough to listen in on their conversation.

The guy and the miserable fat girl didn’t have anything interesting going on in either of their lives so like most modern people they started to talk about their jobs.  The fat girl started to talk about how much she just loved her job.  She talked about how she spent so much time there and that she was so happy to work really long hours.  The guy asked her what she did and she said that she was a tax-accountant.  My uncle and his son are CPA’s.  They work to earn money.  Neither of them would ever say that they just loved their jobs.  In fact my uncle hates working.  On the last day of vacation, my uncle literally cries about having to go back to work the following day and he is 65 years old.

Needless to say I know that accounting is not an exciting job, it is mostly boring, monotonous and requires a high level of skill to do well.  And yet, this miserable fat girl talked about her job as if she was in love with it.  Literally.  She talked about her job as if her job was her boyfriend.  And this gets at the heart of the matter.

When unmarried women start working in fields that require a high skill level, they tend to dive right in to these jobs.  Because these jobs require a lot of hours and a lot of effort, girls tend to heavily invest themselves into their jobs.  For various reason these miserable fat girls social lives tend towards boringness.  Many miserable fat girls choose to replace their boyfriends, or worse, their desire for a boyfriend, with their jobs.  These miserable fat girls replace their relationships with their jobs and their jobs become their dating relationships.

Having so many miserable fat girls  so heavily invested in their jobs is bad for civilization.  I saw a study somewhere that said that 40% of all women who earn Master’s Degrees fail to have children.  Think about that an incredibly high percentage of women with very high education levels are not reproducing.

Again this gets back to Satan’s desire to ruin the world.  Satan knows that women have a natural need to serve.  Even from the beginning in the Garden of Eden, God appointed the role of woman as “helpmeet.”  Which means that she is hardwired/ordained to support and to serve.  So if she can’t support and serve a husband and a family, she still has this need to serve.  So she starts to support and serve her job.  By changing the narrative, Satan rewired a large amount of women away from supporting their families and towards supporting rich men that they will never marry.  As a result Satan has fewer smart people from good families that he has to confront.

Has Western Civilization Reached Peak Degeneracy?

One of the questions on my mind in the last few months is whether or not Western civilization has passed peak degeneracy?  Is Western Civilization still in cultural free fall or have we finally reached bottom?  There are great arguments on both sides of this issue.  Here are some of the arguments on both sides of this issue.

The pendulum always swings back

  1. The American divorce rate is starting to drop. Western civilization only will survive and thrive with a functional nuclear family.  In great news, last week a study came out that showed that the divorce rate in the United States is dropping.  While the rate drop is small, it is a sign that things are starting to move in the right direction.
  2. The rise of real resistance to the leftist narrative. For years the only resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative was the so-called conservative movement.  We now know that the “conservative” movement was just fake opposition run by pathetic cucks.  With the rise of the Alt Right we are starting to see real resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative.  Having real resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative shows that millions of Americans are sick of the degeneracy and are willing to stand up to it.
  3. The younger generation is getting uncucked. Americans 35 and younger had to grow up in the Cultural Marxist hell-hole that our boomer parents made for us.  We have no illusions about what kind of a life we can lead under Cultural Marxism.  We had to suffer the obnoxious feminist chicks with the blue hair and weird body piercings.  The younger generation knows that the promises of the Cultural Marxists are ugly lies.
  4. The left has become unhinged and looks completely ridiculous. All you have to do is turn on cable news for 5 minutes and see the rants of the talking heads.  They are calling regular Americans racists, sexists bigots.  They look completely laughable and look like pathetic losers.  When a regime falls, first its lies become so ridiculous that nobody believes them anymore.  The American left has reached the point where they look so ridiculous that nobody believes them anymore.  Studies conclude that only 6% of all Americans believe the media.
  5. People are turning off the Poztube. Americans are cutting the cord on cable TV.  TV has become so degenerate and disgusting that nobody wants to watch it anymore.  The Cultural Marxists even put their propaganda into sports and politicized it.  Now people are dropping ESPN like a bad habit.  Now instead of being propagandized by the Poztube, Americans are spending time with family and friends.

The degeneracy train has no brakes

  1. The decline and fall of the West always follows the same pattern. When in power leftists push their narrative far to the left.  For example in the Obama years, gay mockery of marriage is now the law of the land and trannies can creep out little girls in the bathroom.  Then when so-called conservatives get into power, they do nothing to reverse the slide.  The new steps of degeneracy are now culturally acceptable and then when leftists are back in power, they push their next form of degeneracy.  At the end of the Obama years, various magazines have written articles trying to humanize pedophiles.  If you know the drill then you can see where things are going from here.  Does anybody think that Donald Trump is going to push back against the rise of degeneracy?
  2. The American People didn’t vote to eliminate degeneracy. The American People voted to try to get their job back not to protect their children from Cultural Marxists in the school system.  Are there any signs that the American people in bulk are turning away from their sins?  It just takes listening to a few episodes of Common Filth Radio to see that Americans love their sin and degeneracy.
  3. The new American president has a very checkered past. Let’s face it, Donald Trump is not a model of personal virtue.  If lots of Americans follow his personal life model, then we can expect more adultery and more bad behavior from men and women in America.
  4. Church attendance is still falling. If Americans were serious about putting their sins behind them they would start attending church.  They would know that they need Christianity in their lives and they would seek it out on Sunday.
  5. Churches are going soft on sin. These days it seems like churches are going soft on sin.  Even the Mormon Church seems like it is getting ready to cuck on homosexual degeneracy.  If the American people were becoming less degenerate then the churches would not feel pressure to go soft on sin.


When we look at all the arguments for why America is about to turn away from sin and degeneracy we see that there is a strong case to be made that America has passed peak degeneracy and the people are going to repent and turn away from their sins.  At the same time we can make a really good case that America is in free fall and we just are in a slight pause while the leftists prepare the road for their next push of new sin and degeneracy.  Despite how I write sometimes, I believe that we have passed the worst of America’s cultural decline and we are now on the long upward climb away from the disgusting Hell that Western Civilization currently is in.

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