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The Far Cry 5 Trailer Shows that Leftists Hate Americans And Are Clueless about America

Every once in a while you get a perfect example not only of how much leftists hate normal Americans but also get to see how little SJW’s even know about life.  There’s a video game coming out named Far Cry 5 which is set in rural Montana where you have to kill Christians in some sort of White Nationalist sect or something.  But here’s the thing, check out the game’s cover.

When I first saw the Far Cry 5 image, I thought that these guys were the heroes who you got to play as.  Look at the preacher in the middle.  He’s in great shape, wearing a great suit, cool haircut, world class trimmed beard and cool sun glasses to go with it.  He looks like the guy who can walk into a Vegas nightclub and pull the hottest girls in the room off of the chump who’s buying all of them booze.  Then look at the people around him.  On our left of the main guy you’ve got the guy with the cool pistol wearing a super cool jacket, great watch, dark eyes with the perfect been there done that look.  You know that his girlfriend is super hot.  Then on the far left end you have the crazy cousins.  You know that those guys are a ton of fun and can liven up any room.

To the right of cool preacher guy you’ve got the group hanger on who has a manbun.  Obviously he’s just there to follow the group around, do the driving and pay for gasoline.  The girl on the end is way cuter than any Antifa chode or soy-man in the big cities ever gets to date and she’s on the end of the group trying to get noticed by any of the cool guys in the FAR CRY 5 group.  And then we wrap up the group with Mr. Celticman.  He’s got the dog tags, so he’s probably done serious time in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He looks like total and complete bad ass.  And his badassness is topped off by the big chain that he is holding, which is really a collar for a wolf that he tamed, raised and now keeps as a pet.  This guy keeps a huge wolf as a freaking pet.  Even better the wolf has a crusader cross and is ready for some serious Deus Vult action.

I consider myself a cool guy with great friends, but on our best day, my group is nowhere as cool as the Far Cry 5 guys.  And that gets at why the SJW’s in the computer game industry are so envious of these guys.  The gang in Far Cry 5 represents what every social group of men wishes they could be: confident, cool, decisive and fun.  Leftists are: ugly, boring, and annoying.  Who would you rather spend a weekend with your average Antifa pack or the Far Cry 5 guys?

The Far Cry 5 gang shows the hatred leftists have for America.  Look at all of the stuff on the game cover.  There’s the American flag, the Bible, apple pie, meat, dogs, steak and the list goes on and on.  The SJW’s are trying to associate what normal American love with being evil.  Who hates steak and apple pie?  Your average SJW does, that’s who.

You can also see the leftist plan for after the 2016 presidential election.  Video games are planned at least a year in advance of when they are released.  The leftists assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 presidential election.  Hillary Clinton was planning on declaring open season on White males, especially White Christian males.  In particular she had already attacked the Alt Right in that ridiculous speech she gave in August.  Look at the Far Cry 5 crew.  A lot of the guys look like Alt Right figures.  The preacher guy has Vox Day’s haircut from 15 years ago.  One of the crazy fun guys on the end has Pax Dickinson’s face.  The guy with the Deus Vult dog looks kind of like Ivan Throne, only with red hair.  The girl could be Tara McCarthy or Brittany Pettibone.  The whole Alt Right is in that photo.  It looks like the plan was to crack down on the Alt Right and try to throw us in jail or just have Asians in the FBI shoot us behind our homes.  Good thing Hillary lost.

Far Cry 5 shows that for SJW’s, Cultural Marxists, etc it really is all about how they hate regular Americans.  They hate our way of life.  They hate what we like.  They hate our friends and our communities.  What they really want to do is kill us like in a first person shooter.

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Jealous Tony Schwarz Stabs President Trump In The Back

Why does Tony Schwarz, the co-author of Art of the Deal, hate Donald Trump?

Is it because President Trump is a strong masculine leader? Is it because he is Christian? (Tony Schwarz’s mother is Jewish.) Is it because Trump is a traditionalist who loves America? Is it because Trump is White?

Tony Schwarz recently attacked Trump on CNN, in very broad, high-school level terms. “He lacks the qualities you generally see in someone as they mature, as they grow more secure. He lacks empathy—the ability to really connect with other people—self-awareness, and, above all, a conscience.”

Tony Schwarz tries, and fails, to talk like some kind of therapist. He probably gets this language from his wife, who is a psychoanalyst. But he has no clue what he is talking about.

What is this really about?

Tony Schwarz Son Of A Radical Feminist

Tony Schwarz may not have seen much of his father, Irving Schwartz. Irving flew on weekends between New York and Cincinatti where he worked at a medical school earning money for the family, because Tony’s mother insisted on living in New York to pursue her own pet feminist causes.

This is very telling, as Schwarz projects his own early family situation onto Trump, “Yeah, it goes to his very early childhood… you can’t grow up in a healthy way if you lack love from a parent, and the only parent that he valued was his father. His father overpowered his mother as well.”

Well, compared to Tony Schwarz’s father, Trump’s father was definitely overpowering. Pretty much any guy is overpowering compared to that. But Trump had a father around, a man to teach him and connect with him. He had that important element to help him mature. Has Schwarz matured?

Tony’s mother was a radical feminist who wrote:

  • “How to Go to Work When Your Husband Is Against It, Your Children Aren’t Old Enough and There’s Nothing You Can Do Anyhow.”
  • “Breaking With Tradition: Women and Work, the New Facts of Life”
  • “The Armchair Activist: Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Fight the Radical Right

In New York, she created the Catylist Foundation to get more women in the “workplace.” It promotes “organizational innovation, with proven, measurable results in recruitment, development, and advancement of all women, including diverse women.” Catylist seeks to “benefit women across a range of dimensions, such as race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion…”

By benefit and develop, they mean put women in a cubicle in front of a computer.

Why Tony Schwarz Uses Vague Attacks

Schwarz learned from his mistakes. He learned to use vague attacks with sophistic language that he learned from his wife, because that is less likely to end up helping Trump.

Tony Schwarz’s relationship to Trump started with a 1985 article he wrote about Trump’s efforts to vacate low-paying tenants from his buildings near Central Park. He called Trump “fumbling and bumbling.” But according to the New Yorker, “to Schwartz’s amazement, Trump loved the article.”

Why did Trump like Schwarz’s criticism? Because Tony Schwarz actually took an in-depth analysis and provided constructive criticism, full of examples and concrete numbers. He actually showed both sides of the issue. His 5-page piece was actually good journalism, the kind of thing you would never see in the media today. It ended up making Trump look good.

The final sentences portray Trump very well.

“‘All my life, I did everything myself, from the smallest deals to the biggest deals,’ he says, ‘This time, I chose to rely on ‘experts.’ If I’d gone into the building myself, it would have been pleasant. I would have arrived at a satisfactory conclusion with the tenants, and they would have been my best friends. I should have done that. But you know what? I’m glad I didn’t. Because now the building is worth so much more.'”

That is Trump. Yep, that’s him. Tony Schwarz could easily take that final paragraph and write a Pulitzer-worthy article about Trump’s struggles with the “experts” today. Trump finds himself relying on Washington Insiders and professional politicians, who leak classified information and smear him every chance they get.

But Schwarz doesn’t write this interesting article. Apparently he himself is one of the experts that Trump trusted and who ended up letting him down.

But will Trump win again in the end? Maybe Schwarz will only end up helping President Trump, even with these vague attacks. I think most people watch this clip on CNN and conclude that Schwarz is a jealous little man.

More Than Anti-Masculinity?

It makes sense why Tony Schwarz would resent Trump’s strong masculinity. His ‘pinned tweet’ is the claim that he “wrote” Trump’s book, as if he is some brilliant sidekick who worked in the shadows and deserves all the fame and recognition that came to Trump.

Most journalists hate Trump’s masculinity, because they themselves are weak and easily controlled; they are the sons of feminist Socialists.

It is interesting to see Tony Schwarz project his own issues onto Trump. As another example, he tells the New Yorker, “Of course he’s in it for the money.” But then Schwarz says he accepted the job of ghostwriter for the money. “I was overly worried about money… I thought money would keep me safe and secure—or that was my rationalization.”

Most journalists also hate Trump because of his race and religion. The New Yorker gets caught up, as many other journalists do, in the fact that Trump’s book claims that he is Swedish in origin when really he is German. Why is this an issue for so many Leftists?

What about religion? Would they be attacking Trump if he were an Islamic-leaning atheist like Obama? Tony Schwarz goes out of his way to portray Trump as a man who believes in nothing but money and fame, a man without conscience or morals. (((Is there some religious resentment behind this?)))

The New Yorker says Tony Schwarz is a “lifelong liberal… He had grown up in a bourgeois, intellectual family in Manhattan, and had attended élite private schools…” Boureois?

Well, with Marxist language like that, I think this answers the (((religion))) question.

The Pointlessness of Pointing Out Liberal Hypocrisy

Conservatives always think that pointing out liberal hypocrisy will defeat the left once and for all.  We see a never ending attempt to frame the left as the real racists.  Many red pill people call this DR3 which is short for Dems R’ Real Racists.  We see leftist hypocrisy in everything they do such as how the Democrats are against foreign wars when Republicans are in power but are silent on foreign wars when the Democrats are in power.  Yes it’s hypocritical what the left does, but here’s the thing pointing it out liberal hypocrisy is totally useless and points.

Pointing out liberal hypocrisy is pointless and useless because nobody cares about leftist hypocrisy least of all leftists.  Leftists only care about having power and getting more of it.  They argue for whatever advances their agenda at the moment.  If liberals are in power and their president decides to bomb a random Middle Eastern nation, then that is fine to leftists.  After all bombing and destroying random Middle Eastern nations creates a refugee crisis which forces more angry brown people into western country which to a leftist is good because it means more leftist voters and more people on welfare.

However leftists are opposed to foreign wars when Republicans are in power because wars are unpopular.  Nobody wants their son to go off to some random crappy country in the Middle East, go shooting brown people, to fight to make the world safe for . . ., nobody knows.  Democrats oppose foreign wars when they aren’t in power because it is a great way for them to get back into power.

Liberal hypocrisy is how leftists establish themselves in power and get back into power and they know it.  Leftists only care about power, exercising it and getting more of it.  Whenever leftists debate they always debate in bad faith because they only want more power and what gets leftists more power today is different than what gets leftists power yesterday.  For example let’s look at the 60’s and 70’s.

In the 1960’s leftists pushed nonstop for more and more free speech.  They said that they had a right to free speech to promote their degenerate ideology.  You can see liberal hypocrisy and how they don’t care about it best on college campuses.  In the 1960’s liberal college students marched for more free speech so that they could use college campuses to spread their ideology.  Now that leftists have total control over the universities they push for safe spaces and work nonstop to end all speech that is against their narrative.  And they know what they are doing.

Pointing out liberal hypocrisy is destined to fail because they know that they are hypocrites and they just don’t care.  They only care about power and what will get them more power.  When conservatives point out liberal hypocrisy, liberals laugh at them for being stupid.  After all when conservatives point out liberal hypocrisy all it does is confirm to leftists that conservatives don’t know the name of the game: power.

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Utah State Legislators Pass Utah S.B. 185 to Project Utah Youth from Dangerous Pornographers

Let’s give some serious ccccrrrrreeeeeeeedddddddiiiitttt to Utah State legislators who are working hard to defend Utah youth from dangerous (((pornographers))) by passing Utah S.B. 185.  Utah S.B. 185 grants a legal cause of action for minors who are injured by pornography.  Let’s praise Keven Stratton of Orem who sponsored this bill for working hard to defend young men and women in Utah from vile pornographers who poison the minds of millions of young men and women every year.  Utah state legislators have passed a very important bill.  Here’s some of what Utah S.B. 185 does:

The bill creates a civil action against pornography distributors and others for mental or physical damage to minors.

But SB185 would also offer immunity to those distributors who make a good-faith effort to verify a viewer’s age and prominently display a content warning about the dangers of pornographic material.

The bill is a sequel to a resolution last year that declared pornography to be a “public health crisis.”

Some of the negative side effects of pornography consumption include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of confidence for young men
  • Erectile dysfunction for men as young as 15
  • Normalization of extreme sexual acts like anal sex
  • Expectation that normal women perform like porn stars
  • Rewiring of brain chemistry to view women exclusively as objects of sexual pleasure
  • Creating an artificial feeling of sexual satisfaction due to watching women perform sex acts
  • Loss of ability to enjoy normal sexual activity due to frequent masturbation while watching porn

Looking at pornography is like taking heroin and is every bit as destructive and harmful to young men.  Utah state legislators are doing a great job of recognizing the damage that (((pornography))) causes young men and women and is taking the first step in protecting Utah’s youth from this horrific disease.  Over the coming years millions of young men and women are going to have to go through therapy and other treatments for the damage they suffered due to the actions of (((pornographers))) and their helpers in Silicon Valley and Utah S.B. 185 gives men the first legal cause of action to hold (((pornographers))) accountable for their destructive acts.  Let’s praise Utah state legislators for passing Utah S.B. 185 and taking this first step in holding the men who are destroying our youth accountable for their actions.

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The Attack on Milo Shows that NeverTrump is Part of the Deep State

The guys over at /pol/ found out about the planned attack on Milo a day before it happenedThe attack on Milo was a coordinated attack by cuckservatives in the NeverTrump movement along with leftists over at CNN.  Some Twitter handle named the Reagan Battalion which is NeverTrump and supported Egg McMuffin launched the attack.  Out of nowhere CNN magically picked up the link from the Reagan Battalion and magically decided to follow it.  The coordination of the attack on Milo shouldn’t surprise us because cuckservatives in the NeverTrump movement are Deep State operatives just like CNN.

The Reagan Battalion is made up of pundits from the old NeverTrump movement.  The Reagan Battalion follows leading cuckservatives like Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, (((Bill Kristol))) David French and Redgulls’ favorite CIA operative Evan McMullin.  What is even more shocking is the way that the so-called Reagan Battalion went about getting their attack out there.

The NeverTrump people over at the Reagan Battalion were able to place their attack on Milo immediately on CNN.  Have you ever heard of CNN giving favorable coverage to a conservative?  No of course not.  The only time that CNN gives favorable coverage to conservatives is when they are attacking other conservatives.  But we shouldn’t be surprised by the actions of CNN and NeverTrump because they both work for the Deep State.

One of the ugliest truths about the so-called principled conservative movement is that it is part of the leftwing Cultural Marxist establishment.  All the NeverTrump so-called principled conservatives like Glenn Beck actively worked to elect Hillary Clinton by trying to drive a wedge between Donald Trump and mainstream conservative voters.  They showed that they would rather have had Hillary Clinton as president instead of Donald Trump.

The dirtiest secret of the so-called principled conservative movement is they part of the Deep State like CNN.  Their job is to give fake opposition to the Left and to demoralize the Right from trying to resist the Cultural Marxist takeover of America.  For example let’s look at the example of Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck’s whole routine is to point out all the horrible things that the Cultural Marxists on the Left do and then make the Left seem all powerful and invincible.  His job is to make you believe that we are all doomed and you better buy the end of the world seeds that he is selling while you watch America be flooded by violent Muslims.

Besides being a triggered secret king Gamma male who was envious of Donald Trump, the biggest reason why Glenn Beck hated Donald Trump so much was because that was what the Deep State wanted him to do.  Glenn Beck knows that his job as a Deep State operative is to demoralize regular Americans into believing that we are doomed, the Left is invincible and we might as well just go ahead and buy end of the world seeds.

The NeverTrump operatives were able to coordinate their attack on Milo with CNN so well because they both are not so secretly on the side of the Globalists in the Deep State.  Leading cuckservatives like Glenn Beck and Egg McMuffin are even worse than CNN because their job is to make the Left seem invincible and that we can’t stop them because ‘muh Constitution or something.

Whenever you hear cuckservatives like Glenn Beck or Evan McMullin lament that we can’t push back against the Leftists who have taken over America, remember that they are just Deep State operatives whose job it is to demoralize you and make you believe that we can’t Make America Great Again.  I recommend that you ignore all pundits who were part of the NeverTrump movement because they have shown to be agents of the Deep State and they know that their job is to make you believe that resistance is futile.

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Leftists Always Act in Bad Faith

An important corollary to SJW’s Always Lie is Leftists Always Act in Bad Faith.

Do you remember back in the Bush years?  Remember how leftists always complained that the Bush Administration was trampling on the Constitution and they always praised leftist judges who overturned everything Bush did?  Remember how Camp Gitmo was the most embarrassing thing in America?  Do you remember back to the Obama years when Obama kept corrupt Bush laws like the Patriot Act and Obama never closed Camp Gitmo?  Remember how the courts gave rulings that struck down Obama’s Executive Orders but Obama ignored them and leftists either praised Obama for standing up to rightwing judges or they just remained silent?

Remember how back during the Obama years whenever states tried to use “States Rights” to resist the Obama regime, the left always said, “Federal law trumps state law?”  We are barely 3 weeks into the Trump Administration and what are the leftists back talking about?  They are back talking about how states rights matter and the President has to follow the law because some leftist judge said something.  It’s amazing how they can just jump back and forth between arguments without any care for truth or consistency.  That is because leftists always act in bad faith.  Every debate argument or talking point is in bad faith.

If you ever want to see a great example of how leftists always act in bad faith here’s what to do.  Whenever you catch some leftist ranting about President Trump’s “Muslim ban” point out that the American left has spent the last 8 years oppressing Christians and you really aren’t interesting in hearing their crocodile tears on the subject.  Then leftist will then respond by saying, “When were Christians ever oppressed?”  Then go ahead and give a big long list of things like the Oregon bakers and the Indiana pizza parlor among others whose lives were ruined due to supporting real marriage.  The leftist will just respond by saying something along the lines of, “White Christians aren’t oppressed.”

You will see that they don’t have any interest in a real debate or learning the truth because leftists always act in bad faith.  They just want to push their narrative and they will use the argument of the week to push it.  Whenever leftists debate or do anything it always is in bad faith.  Whenever you are in a business or social setting with leftists never forget that leftists always act in bad faith.  If a leftist gets a chance he will sabotage your relationship with your wife or girlfriend.  In a business setting a leftist will use lawfare to rob you or get out of the agreement.  Never forget this.

Accepting that leftists always act in bad faith is a major part of taking the red pill because it tells you that all interactions with leftists are dangerous.  It doesn’t matter if your relationships with leftists are social, business or religious at any time a leftist can and will turn on you.  He will lie to advance his agenda and you can’t rely on leftists.  Never forget that leftists are manipulative snakes and leftists always act in bad faith.

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Leftist LDS Youth Leave the Church because of their Cultural Marxist Ideology

(This is the third part of’s series on why LDS youth end up leaving the Mormon Church).  America is a hyper political country.  Just living our daily life now is a political act.  Cultural Marxists have gone so far as to politicize things like pizza parlors and bakeries.  If you are a Christian baker and your local Cultural Marxist finds out that you have bad opinions then you can lose your business and have your life destroyed as a family in Oregon found out.  Cultural Marxists targeted all religious organizations that don’t support their agenda for destruction.  And here’s the thing, the Mormon Church doesn’t support the left’s agenda. According to Cultural Marxist logic, the LDS Church needs to be destroyed because the church doesn’t support leftism.

So what happens when a Mormon youth decides that he is a leftist?  Well he has to make a decision.  Is his religious faith more important to him than his political ideology?  If his leftwing politics matter more to him than his religious faith then either he will leave the Mormon Church or he will become one of those obnoxious leftwing Mormons who always are trying to poz up the LDS Church.  Cultural Marxism/political leftism is very much a religion so when a Mormon kid decides to become a leftist it very much is like converting to a different religious faith.

Let’s look at some charts about political ideology and religious belief:

If you become a Democrat you and your friends don’t go to church

Democrats don’t value organized religion

Your religion is your politics and your politics is your religion

no absolute standards only obedience to the narrative

These charts tell us that people who adopt a leftist political ideology change their religious faith from Christianity to leftism.  So whenever a Mormon kid decides that he’s going to be a Democrat, then he’s very likely going to leave the Mormon Church.  It’s just that simple.  The days of saying, “I love my Mormon faith, I just don’t want big corporations sending my job overseas and I want the government to protect my job, so I’m voting Democrat” are long gone.  Today the Democrat Part is the party of Muslims invaders, radical homosexuals, single moms, rich billionaires and corrupt government workers.  The days of Democrats protecting the little guy are long gone.  Mormon kids who adopt a leftist political ideology very likely will leave the church or become an annoying leftist Mormon who tries to poz up the church because that’s just the way these things go.

Cultural Marxists know that their political ideology is a religion and that they are seeking converts.  They have turned public schools into nothing more than leftist political indoctrination centers.  All universities have become nothing more than leftwing recruiting grounds.  They use all forms of the mainstream media as nothing more than tools to turn young men and women into leftists.

When Mormon youth attend public schools and consume media propaganda from the mainstream media they are increasing their risk of converting into leftists.  All Mormon parents must be aware that when they turn their children over to public schools, universities and the mainstream media it is like turning our kids over to missionaries from leftist cults.

Mormon Church leaders can do a lot to help to protect Mormon children from public schools by creating a LDS school system and using the church’s media arm to create non-leftist media entertainment for LDS kids.  This is the best long term solution to protect Mormon kids from Cultural Marxist indoctrination.

Part 1

Part 2

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Globalists Demand that Mormon Church Leadership Invite More Muslim Invaders to America

Remember over the summer when all the Globalists were saying nice things about the Mormon Church?  It was a blatant attempt by the globalist alliance of Cultural Marxists and cuckservatives to give Hillary another state to win.  The whole presidential run of Cuck McFaggot Evan McMullin was nothing more than an attempt to divide Mormons against President Trump.  Thankfully rank and file Mormons were smart enough to see through the Globalists plans and overwhelmingly voted to support President Trump despite cuck Mormons like Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake and Cuck McFaggot working to undermine the God Emperor.

Well the Globalists are starting their first attempted counter attack against the God Emperor and they are looking for some cuckservatives to align with them in an attempt to split President Trump’s coalition.  So who are the Globalists first looking to turn against President Trump?  That’s right; the Globalists want to use the Mormon Church to fight against President Trump.

Where is the Mormon Church on Trump? History demands their leadership

It should be surprising then that leaders of the LDS Church have not yet provided an immediate response to President Trump’s executive orders regarding immigrants and refugees from Muslim nations. Mormon officials should be leading the opposition to these actions.

The Globalists at the Washington Post are begging the Mormon Church to sell out its members and help to bring more Muslim invaders to America.  The article reads like, “Hey Mormons disavow president Trump and his America first policies and then we will say nice things about your church; at least until we want to call you bigots for not letting gays have orgies in the Temple.”

It’s amazing to see that the Globalists are so desperate for potential allies to attack President Trump that they are even willing to occasionally say nice things about the LDS Church.  Of course we all know that the Washington Post and the Globalists just want to use Mormons as a tool to attack President Trump and nothing more.  We are still their sworn enemies.

As Mormons we all need to be aware of the actions of Globalists and Cultural Marxists.  They aren’t our friends.  They don’t respect us.  They just want to use Mormons as a rhetorical club to use to beat up President Trump.

If the Mormon Church were to come out and attack President Trump for having the nerve to protect Americans from violent Muslims then the consequences would be disastrous.  The Mormon Church would show that we don’t support Western Civilization.  Coming out in support of the Muslim invasion would show that we are happy to invite a violent religion that is incompatible with Western values to take over our nation.  The Cultural Marxists still would oppose us until we turn the Temple into a gay bathhouse.

Fortunately it looks like Mormon Church leadership knows the game.  On Saturday the church released a very milquetoast statement that basically said that the LDS Church is going to stay out of this mess.

Something all red pill Mormons can do is show our support for President Trump’s actions.  When we show that we support President Trump and his actions to defend Americans, Mormon Church leadership feels supported and knows that there’s little pressure from rank and file Mormons to cuck on the Muslim invasion issue.

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Gay Mafia Prepares its Next Attack on the Mormon Church

Every Mormon needs to be grateful that the American people elected Donald Trump president of the United States because the next attack on the Mormon Church is here.  Right on schedule, radical gay activists are attacking the Mormon Church and trying to get the United States government to remove the church’s tax-exempt status.  All Mormon Church leaders’ efforts to play nice with the gay mafia were for naught.  The gay mafia only will be happy when they have turned the temple into a gay bathhouse.

Every Mormon must understand that gay activists will never stop their attacks on the LDS Church.  The LDS Church is their enemy and they will never stop until they have completely destroyed the church.  We cannot make peace with them.  Being “nice” with them won’t make them rethink their views of us.  The gay mafia is like the Terminator.  Either you destroy it or it will destroy you.

Mormon Church leadership needs to get a lot smarter about all homosexuals in and around the Mormon Community.  Constant experience with them has shown that they are NOT our friends.  The one’s who pretend to be Mormon are only in the church to work to undermine it from the inside out.  The ones who were part of the church but left because “not inclusive” only want to have a tool to bash the Mormon Church.

The homosexual community is a very united group who work to advance and support each other.  This is why the homosexual community is often referred to as the gay mafia.  All Mormons need to accept that homosexuals are gay first and anything else second.  Look at how gay-Mormons refer to themselves.  They are gay first and Mormon second.  If they have to choose between their gay identity or their supposed LDS religious beliefs they always will choose their gayness, every single time.

All Mormons need to keep gays and the gay mafia as far away from the Mormon Community as possible.  We cannot allow them into our church, our social group or our community because they only want to destroy the LDS Community from the inside out.

This is what the gay lifestyle is really like

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5 Reasons Why Leftists Double Down on Islam

One of the most shocking things going on in western culture is how the leftist and Globalist narrative continues to relentlessly double down on Islam.  Every time a Muslim drives through a Christmas market killing a bunch of people or every time a Muslim blows up a building, Globalist and leftist scum immediately rush to defend Islam and warn normal westerners against creating a backlash against the poor oppressed Muslims.

Leftists and Cultural Marxists double down on Islam so bad that even BYU girls are going around LARPing as Muslim women.  So what is going on?  Why are Globalists and leftists so Hell bent on forcing Islam down the throats of western society?  Let’s look at 5 reasons why leftists double down on Islam:

  1. SJW’s always double down. It’s the second law of SJW’s.  To a large extent doubling down on their latest insanity is just what they do.  They never back down from what they have done and they always continue their madness.
  2. They want us to believe that there’s no turning back. Leftists believe that the world is nonstop leftist progress to Marxist utopia and if we just defeat the evil White Christian males then the world will become perfect. Leftists brought Muslims to the west as part of their coalition to destroy White Christian males.  Now that the Muslims are out of control, leftists don’t want us to believe that we can undue their plans.  After all it’s the Current Year.
  3. Leftists have a winning mindset.  In politics leftists have been winning for 100 years straight.  They’ve won so much the freaking women’s bathroom was given to them.  One of the things that make them so strong is they stand by their political allies and don’t rush to throw them under the bus like cuckservatives do.  Islam is part of the leftist Coalition of the Fringes.  Leftists stand by their coalition members.  Because Islam is in the Coalition of the Fringes, leftists will stand by Muslims no matter how many westerners they kill.
  4. Leftists don’t want normal westerners thinking that they can turn back the clock. If normal westerners stop Muslims from invading their nations then westerners could get other ideas like: ending gay marriage, ending feminism, restoring Christianity, restoring the family, ending no fault divorce, etc.  Leftists have used the slippery slope to institute their agenda for 100 years.  They correctly fear that if we can stop them and undue just one of their pet projects then we can slowly but surely undue everything they have done.
  5. Leftists can’t lose once. If any part of their agenda gets overturned then the rest of their leftist world comes crashing down like a house of cards.  The only reason why we fear leftists is because they have all the power and nobody dares to stand up to their agenda.  Donald Trump showed that the left can be defeated just by refusing to play by their rules.  If all normal westerners stop playing by the Left’s rules then their whole house of cards collapses on itself.

Expect western leftists to continue to double down on Islam.  They aren’t going to throw Islam under the bus.  If leftists start to refuse to support members of the Coalition of the Fringes, expect other groups to begin to defect from the group.  If leftists lose on allowing the Muslim invasion to continue then expect other leftist projects to fall and be reversed.  Normal westerners have the Left and Globalists in a real bad position because leftists have to double down on Islam.  Normal westerners have leftists and the Globalists in a horrible position where they have to defend radical Islamic terror and make themselves look like sellouts.

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