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Thank You Common Filth for Defending BYUI

BYUI was in the news this week because it had the nerve to enforce standards and fired a SJW fake Mormon for abusing her position as a glorified TA to attempt to undermine the Proclamation on the Family.  Of course when (((the media))) got wind of BYUI having the nerve to enforce Mormon standards of behavior they went into a feeding frenzy.  Common Filth makes excellent Youtube videos and he had the guts to help to defend the Mormon people from attacks on our standards.

Every single day Americans lose their jobs for having the nerve to state that marriage only is between a man and a woman.  Does (((the media))) care when a Mormon man loses his job because he donated $50 to support Prop 8?  If anything (((the media))) celebrates it.  Common Filth hit at the heart of the matter.  Cultural Marxists will fight tooth and nail to advance their agenda that undermines the family and civilization because that’s what they do.

There really isn’t a ton interesting to say about the SJW fake Mormon who got fired from BYUI.  SJW fake Mormons try to undermine the commandments: news at 11.  We’ve seen this type of a thing going around the Mormon Church nonstop since 2008.  The fact of the matter is (((the media))) will give a big platform to any fake Mormons who want to use the fact that they were baptized into the LDS Church as a hammer to bash the Mormon Church over the head with.  These people are boring, repetitive and frankly there aren’t that many of them.  The only reason why we even believe that these people are a problem is because (((the media))) gives them a massive platform.

Thank you my friend Common Filth for speaking out on this issue.  You have a lot of Mormon followers and I get frequent emails from readers that talk about how they decided to get their lives back on track after listening to your videos.

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So-Called Intellectuals Build their Identity Around Being “Smart” and They Love to Undermine Society

Last Sunday an apostate fake Mormon blog asked its readers to share their stories explaining why they became liberal fake Mormons.  I decided to share my blue-pill testimony with them and this is what I wrote:

When I was young I was always picked last for kickball. When I kicked the ball the girls could catch it easily. Then when I got older, I started to read lots of science fiction. I learned from great moral thinkers like Isaac Asimov that we could build a better world if the smartest people were in charge. People always told me that I was smart, so I knew that I needed to be in charge.

However I realized that the stupid jocks wouldn’t let me lead them. I knew that their morality was wrong. However I knew that I was smart and that I was destined for greatness. One time in high school I got partnered for a science project with the prettiest girl in my high school. She was really nice to me the whole time we were group partners. I knew that she could see my greatness so as a demonstration of my greatness I did her part of the project for her. She was really thankful. After we finished the project, I worked up the courage to ask her out, she said that she’d love to but she’s just too busy. Then she told me that one day I would make a girl really happy.

At church I noticed that I never got the best callings. Everybody told me how smart I was, but they wouldn’t give me the best callings. I wondered what could be so wrong with these people. As I read more and more, I found on the internet a whole community of Mormons who also were really smart but the Mormon Church wouldn’t put in charge. From talking with them, I realized that it was the Mormon Church who was holding on to these Patriarchal outdated rules, that were keeping better people like me from being in charge. I realized that the commandments were just a tool from keeping the smartest people like me from being in charge and that’s when I realized that I’m a liberal Mormon.

For some reason that we can’t understand my blue pill story ended up getting caught in their moderation filter.  It’s a good troll that hits at the heart of why people become liberal fake Mormons and still pretend to be members of the church.  It has gamma delusion and obsession of the one thing that your average liberal gets praised for as a child, the beta orbiting while telling himself that he’s ultimately going to get the super hottie who “gets” him, the obsession with science fiction novels based on worlds where the smart people rule and the quest to find a community that recognizes how “smart” they are.

I got thinking about 2 Nephi 9:28 which says:

28 O that cunning plan of the evil one! O the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of men! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsel of God, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves, wherefore, their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish.

God is smarter than we are and understands humanity better than we do.  Heavenly Father knows people who say that they are “smart,” “educated,” and “intellectual” almost always are low status people who say that they are smart because that’s the only thing that they can get easy praise for.  They weren’t the kids playing on the football team and they weren’t dating cheerleaders.  The only thing that they could tell themselves was that they were smart unlike those dumb jocks.

Before long being smart and “intellectual” become the identity of many low status men and women.  Once being smart becomes their identity, not only do they have to make themselves seem smart, but they also have to attempt to make normal people seen stupid.  Its pure gamma-male secret king morality.  They have to set up a world where the gamma-male intellectual is smarter and better and other people need to recognize their greatness.

When the secret king personality type builds his identity around being smart and intellectual, he has to demonstrate how smart he is.  One of the ways that the intellectual demonstrates his superior intelligence is by undermining traditional living.  He looks at how normal people live and hates it because the intellectual is an outcast in a normal sane world.  Normal people don’t like spending time around a gamma male secret king intellectual.

Intellectuals try to undermine normal traditional society because normal society rejected them and their secret king fantasies.  Every time intellectual secret kings have to face normal society, it makes them realize that they are outcasts who the cheerleaders didn’t want to date.  Intellectuals want to live in Clown World because if everybody is a weirdo freak then they feel normal by comparison.

In 2 Nephi 9:28 Heavenly Father condemned the educated because he knows that people who build their identity around being smart almost always are low status people who want to undermine society in an attempt to feel good about themselves.  Heavenly Father wants well read people who have had a good education.  However Heavenly Father opposes secret king gamma male intellectuals who get their identity from being smart because they attempt to undermine society.

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SJW fake Mormons

A Liberal Mormon is a Fake Mormon

Often Mormons get asked, “Are there liberal Mormons?  Is it ok to be a liberal Mormon?”  Is a liberal Mormon a fake Mormon?  What do liberal Mormons believe and can they be Mormons in good standing or are they just undermining quasi apostates trying to drag marginal members onto dark paths?

Back 60 or 70 years ago when the Democrat Party was the party of the working man, then yes, you could be a liberal Mormon.  But then something tragic happened.  Cultural Marxists took over the Democrat Party and turned the Democrat Party into the party that advocates for Clown World.

Even back in the 1970’s President Harold B. Lee said that we couldn’t be liberal and a Mormon.

Back in the early 1970’s we weren’t in Clown World at all.  Yes, there was the breakup of the family caused by leading cuckservative California Governor Ronald Reagan signing the first national no fault divorce law and the hippies were pushing for mass sexual promiscuity.  Nevertheless, the vast majority of rank and file Democrats and even the party leaders opposed these things.  By today’ standards, the Democrat Party was far to the right of today’s Republican Party.

Nevertheless the Democrat Party went along with the liberal agenda, no matter how insane it was.  Now what do liberals and the Democrat Party stand for?  They stand for creepy transsexuals creeping out your daughter in a bathroom stall.  Liberalism and the Democrat Party have become completely taken over by Cultural Marxists.  There’s no support for Joe Schmoe regular America left in the Democrat Party.  Now it’s the party of “Bake my fucking wedding cake your evil Christian bigot or else I will sue you into the ground.”

You can’t be a liberal Mormon today because if you are a liberal you believe that gay marriage is a fundamental right which is in opposition to the Proclamation on the Family.  You can’t be a liberal Mormon today because if you are a liberal then you believe that everybody should be smoking Marijuana.  You can’t be a liberal Mormon because today liberals believe that the whole Third World has a right to come to America and collect YOUR money in the form of welfare payments.  You can’t be a liberal Mormon because liberals believe that there are 31 flavors of gender but Boyd K. Packer said this:

There’s no meeting of the minds possible with people who believe that there’s 31 flavors of gender and gays should be able to turn the Temple into a gay bathhouse.

If you don’t believe that you can’t be a liberal Mormon in good standing with the church, let’s look at what so called liberal Mormons Tweet.  ByDegenerateConsent is the official landing page of official liberal Mormons.  Let’s see what they tweet:


These are tweets by the official liberal Mormons.  As you can see there’s no middle ground between what the official liberal Mormons advocate for and what the Apostles say.

Official liberal Mormons even support apostate Mormons who’ve been excommunicated from the faith because they are better than ‘muh racists:

Of course they call Brigham Young an evil racist.  ByFakeMormonConsent would rather support apostates rather than Brigham Young.  Liberal Mormons think that the Law of Chastity needs to go:

(Here’s the archive of the girl saying that the Law of Chastity needs to go.)

(Here’s the archive to that tweet)

The Apostles oppose the teaching of liberal Mormons when it comes to sleeping around:

Your average liberal Mormon like the fake Mormons at ByDegenerateConsent believes that the Law of Chastity needs to go, that Mormons need to start smoking pot, that excommunicated apostates are better than Brigham Young and children should attend gay pride parades.  There’s no compromising with BySatan’sConsent’s position.  Their views are completely against everything the Apostles support.  There’s no way to bridge the gap between God’s commandments which the Quorum of the 12 Apostles teach us and what your average liberal Mormon supports.

Yes it’s true, you can’t be a liberal Mormon who is living in line with Heavenly Father’s commandments.  Liberalism has been taken over by Cultural Maxism and anybody who still claims to be a liberal Mormon, is nothing more than a Cultural Marxist trying to undermine the Mormon Church.

Harold B. Lee said that you couldn’t be a liberal Mormon nearly 50 years ago and liberalism has only gotten a million times worse since then.  So-called liberal Mormons like those at ByJohnDehlin’sConsent repeat the Cultural Marxist narrative.  The only thing we can conclude is there is no such thing as a liberal Mormon.  A liberal Mormon is a fake Mormon.

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4 Progressive Ways To Eliminate Democrat Voters

1. Build Walls Around San Francisco, L.A., and New York

Angry Californians were talking about seceding from the United States because of President Trump’s election. Unfortunately, the hissy-fit has subsided and they gave up. But what an interesting idea! Make these three Leftist strongholds sovereign nations and encourage Leftists in Portland, Chicago, and Detroit to move into them. They get the benefit of our military defense and resources, and we get the benefits of tariffing their imports and not having them vote.  We can get rid of a lot of Democrat voters by walling off these cities.

2. Execute Drug Offenders

This is not outside of the realm of possibility either, as drugs come from terrorist groups, and drug dealers are therefore guilty of treason. When it comes to the war on drugs, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has shown that it does not work to be luke-warm about it. Either go hard or legalize all drugs. The Philippines decided to brutally execute or imprison drug offenders, and lo and behold, now they enjoy the most drug-free society in many years. They also enjoy a Leftist-free society, as 99% of Leftists are hooked on drugs. Win win.  Nobody like druggies and many Democrat voters are druggies.

3. Only Allow Taxpayers To Vote

America was built on the idea of no taxation without representation. Yet many millions of deadbeat Leftists mooch off the government and vote for leaders who will leech ever more from the producers. We have become a society of moochers and producers. People are brainwashed to think every person deserves a vote, but this is not how America was founded, and logically it makes no sense. Why should some hippie bimbo in San Francisco get the same vote as a hardworking father of five in Iowa? Return to the original system where only landowners get to vote for political representation. We have a progressive tax system, why not a progressive voting system?

4. Eliminate Civil Courts

If somebody injured you they should pay to make it right, right? Well, take a look at the lawsuit industry today and you can see how that sounds nice in theory but does not work in practice. The lawsuit industry today rewards the rich and punishes the poor. What if we just got rid of lawsuits? If somebody rips you off, they get tried in a criminal court and go to jail. No check in the mail for you. Sorry. Maybe you think that isn’t fair, but it persuades people to stop screwing over other people, while with civil courts it’s a matter of getting a good lawyer and maybe paying out a small settlement. Naturally, the criminal courts will have to change to accommodate this, but think of the benefits! No family courts and no frivolous lawsuits.

The biggest problem with civil courts is they enable Democrat voters. We have a kind of automatic judicial review in this country, where anytime leftists don’t like a law, they sue and pick a leftist judge that they know will overturn it. We saw this with Proposition 8. Voters approved an amendment to the state constitution and it got overturned by activist leftist judges, due to a lawsuit. Democracy is pretty much dead in America, as these un-elected judges get to decide what laws they like or don’t like. If we just eliminated this tyrannical judicial review, Democrat voters would have to take their vote back to the ballot box like the rest of us.

Radical Homosexual Activists Fail to Infiltrate Provo 4th of July Parade

Remember back in the day when nothing happened on 4th of July?  Those were the days.  This year even the Provo 4th of July Parade was in the news because radical homosexual activists tried to infiltrate the parade to spread their disgusting propaganda.  The city of Provo had to stop radical homosexual activists from marching in the Provo 4th of July Parade.

This is how the homosexual movement treats Christians

The radical homosexual activist group Encircle just formed in Provo 6 months ago to push the homosexual agenda in Utah County.  Of course they want to force their lifestyle on regular people in Provo.  They wanted to march in the Provo 4th of July Parade so that they can force Mormons to watch them acting out their lifestyle.

This is what radical homosexual activist group Encircle wants to do to your kids.

The city of Provo was very intelligent how they handled the radical homosexual activist group named Encircle.  What the City of Provo did was originally tell radical homosexual activist group Encircle that they  could march in the Provo 4th of July Parade then at the last minute Provo told the radical homosexual activist group Encircle that they couldn’t march in the parade.  The Provo city fathers waited until the middle of the night before the parade so that Encircle couldn’t run to (((the media))) and their SJW allies.  By the time radical homosexual activist group was about to get in touch with (((the media))) and their SJW allies, the Provo 4th of July Parade was already over and they couldn’t blackmail Provo.

This is what radical homosexual activist group Encircle wanted to make your kids watch at the Provo 4th of July Parade

One of the best ways to deal with leftists is pull the rug out from under them at the last minute so that they can’t run to their (((media))) allies to frame the situation to make you look bad.  Let’s all give the City of Provo a big round or applause for protecting Utah County children from having to watch homosexual propaganda in the Provo 4th of July Parade.

Congrats Provo and Mormons for standing up to the power of the gay mafia

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CNN Blackmail Shows that Leftists Are Pathetic Bullies #CNNBlackmail

CNN just can’t stop imploding right before our eyes.  Just when you think CNN can’t get any worse, well CNN just goes ahead and lowers the bar even lower.  The CNN blackmail situation is just the latest and greates act of self immolation by (((the media))).  CNN was triggered by this tweet:

CNN was so upset by President Trump’s tweet that they went out and tracked down the man who created the original meme and in pure Soviet fashion forced him to issue an apology and a disavowal of everything he ever posted to the internet.  Then the fools over at CNN went ahead and bragged about it on the Internet.  Now the whole internet is up in arms over the CNN blackmail controversy.

4Chan, 8Chan, /pol, the whole New Right and even rational leftists are incredibly angry at CNN for the CNN Blackmail incident because everybody posts memes on the Internet.  The Trump body slamming CNN wasn’t even a vicious meme.  This nothing website gets far worse comments and private messages than what CNN received from the Trump meme.

4Chan has declared war on CNN over the CNN blackmail situation and is beginning to dox the addresses and phone numbers of all CNN’s on air personalities.  CNN and its big shots have no idea who big of trouble they are in because CNN made the media war personal.

The CNN black mail controversy also gives us deeper insight to the mind set of leftists.  Leftists are just passive aggressive bullies who pick on and abuse anybody who is weaker than they are.  CNN can’t retaliate against President Trump or his family for the Tweet they didn’t like because President Trump can fight back and protect himself.  So what does CNN do?  They go after the little guy who doesn’t have a massive platform and threaten to ruin his life.  It’s just like in high school where some scrawny kid is mad at the star quarterback, so he goes and beats up the quarterback’s 8 year old little brother.

The CNN blackmail situation is just another example that Leftists are bad humans.  These people hate all of us.  They want to ruin our lives by doxing us and making our beliefs illegal.  They will try to us the law against us.  Leftists have become the lowest humans on the planet and if they get power again anytime soon then they are going to try to kill all of us.  CNN delenda est!

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The Savannah Coming Out Testimony Shows Fake Mormon and Media Collusion against the Mormon People

The Savannah coming out testimony is going viral in the news and I’ve been asked to comment on it.  El Rojo and I talked about it for 10 minutes in my weekly podcast.  Listen to it here.  Discussion of the Savannah coming out testimony starts at 19:19.  Here are my thoughts on the Savannah coming out testimony situation for our rank and file Mormon friends and non-Mormon friends.

Who started taking Savannah to Pride Parades

The Savannah coming out testimony is a setup.  The setup is fake Mormons and prideful homosexuals are using a 12 year old girl to attempt to undermine  the Mormon Church.  In the LDS Church you are not allowed to take video, audio (with baby blessings being the 1 exception) or photos in sacrament meeting.  Anybody who was taking video of Savannah’s “testimony” was doing it against official Mormon Church policy.  Just having the video and audio shows that Savannah’s parents were acting in violation of Mormon Church policy.  Why were they doing this?

The Savannah coming out testimony violated Mormon Church practice.  Once a month in the Mormon Church we have a church meeting called fast and testimony meeting.  Members of the church are supposed to fast for 24 hours and we have a special sacrament meeting where we share our testimonies of the Gospel.  During fast and testimony meeting Mormons are instructed only to testify of: their belief in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the veracity of the Book of Mormon, the veracity that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the True Church and the current Prophet and Apostles are true and living prophets and Apostles and that’s it.

In fast and testimony meeting Mormons aren’t even supposed to give prepared remarks that were written down.  You are not allowed to say things against official Mormon Church policy in fast and testimony meeting and in the Savannah coming out testimony she violated Mormon Church policy because she advocated for homosexual marriage and homosexual relations which the Mormon Church condemns. The Savannah coming out testimony violates all Mormon Church rules on fast and testimony meeting.  The bishop allowed Savannah to speak for a while but once he realized that it was just political propaganda, he correctly shut down the Savannah coming out testimony.

The Savannah coming out testimony violated official Mormon doctrine.  The Proclamation on the Family is the official Mormon stance on homosexuality and gay marriage.  It explicitly states that marriage is only between a man and a woman and that’s it.  It also explicitly says that there are only 2 genders: man and woman.  Official Mormon Doctrine is the Law of Chastity which says that only men and women who are married are supposed to engage in sexual activity.  Homosexuality violates the Law of Chastity.  In the Savannah coming out testimony this confused girl stated that her personal beliefs and intended actions which were contrary to official Mormon Doctrine which you are not allowed to do.  The bishop was correct to shut off Savannah’s microphone because she was making statements and intents of action in violation of Mormon Doctrine.

The purpose of making video of the Savannah coming out testimony was to create a viral video that (((the media))) would run with in an attempt to make the LDS Church look bad.  The video went semi-viral in the Mormon Community and now it’s been picked up by (((the media))) and SJW’s are running with it.  Personally I don’t know why they think that this video makes the Mormon Church look bad because nobody in their right mind thinks that a 12 year old girl can even decide her sexual orientation.

The Savannah coming out testimony shows that it is absolutely pointless to try to get along with the homosexual community.  Ever since LDS Church members bankrolled Prop 8 in California, the homosexual community has decided to destroy the Mormon Church.  Ever since Prop 8 the Mormon Church has tried to mend bridges with the gay community.  Mormon Church leaders have bent over backwards to get along with the homosexual community by doing lots of outreach to them.  The Mormon Church has created marketing materials towards the gay community saying that we are accepting and tolerant and blah, blah, blah.  And what has the Mormon Church gotten for its outreach?  Just more and more attacks on us and attempts to undermine our religion.  What’s the point of trying to get along with people who want to undermine our religion and way of life?

There’s even more on the rumor mill about the Savannah coming out testimony.  Rumor has it that Savannah’s mother has been a problem Mormon and there’s even word out that she’s been previously excommunicated from the Mormon Church.  It’s really hard to get excommunicated from the LDS Church.  Pretty much the only thing you can do to get excommunicated from the Mormon Church is to declare yourself in rebellion of official Mormon Doctrine and encourage others to rebel against official Mormon practice, so draw your own conclusions.

Let’s be real about the Savannah coming out testimony for a second.  She’s a 12 year old girl.  She doesn’t know what it means to be a lesbian.  She probably still thinks that boys have cooties and since she doesn’t want to marry a boy with cooties, then she’s a lesbian.  Her parents have been taking her to Pride Parades and indoctrinating her with homosexual propaganda.  The ugly truth of the Savannah coming out testimony is that her parents put her up to it and they encouraged her into believing that she’s a lesbian.

How does a 12 year old girl like Savannah even believe that she’s a lesbian?  Of course there’s the constant media propaganda telling kids to adopt homosexuality or lesbianism.  But the reality is her parents are SJW fake Mormons.  It was her fake Mormon parents who talked to her about lesbianism.  It was her SJW fake Mormon parents who took her to “Pride Parades.”  And who knows what other behaviors her SJW fake Mormon parents encouraged her to try, if you know what I mean.


The real villains in the Savannah coming out testimony are her fake Mormon parents.  Who knows what kind of deviant behavior they’ve introduced a 12 year old girl into experimenting with?  We know that they introduced her into supporting the homosexual lifestyle by taking her to “Pride Parades.”  We know that they encouraged her into making that political speech in church and they even wrote it and videoed it.  As Mormons we aren’t supposed to make final judgments about people, but if they don’t seriously change I see fire and brimstone in Savannah’s parents’ future.

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.  (Matthew 18:6).

This is how parents are supposed to treat their children with respect to the gay agenda

The fact of the matter is the Savannah coming out testimony never should have happened.  God ordains families to protect the innocence of children.  Savannah’s fake Mormon parents gave her homosexual propaganda and took her to gay pride parades.  They used their daughter to make a political statement and encouraged her into a lifestyle that at best is very difficult and not the best way to live our lives.  Savannah’s parents failed to protect their daughter and one day will be held accountable for what they did.

Here’s the full audio of the Savanah coming out testimony for you to download and listen to:

12 Year Old Girl Comes Out in Fast and Testimony Meeting

It’s sickening how her parents wrote homosexual propaganda wrapped up in 12 year old girl language.

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The Cultural Marxist Left is Preparing to Declare Christianity a Hate Group

Do you ever wonder why Mormon Church leaders are starting to talk a lot about religious freedom?  Why did the LDS Church make a video about religious freedom in the workforce?  Well because the Left is preparing to declare Christianity a hate group.  Don’t believe me?  Last week Bernie Sanders said that Christians shouldn’t be able to be in public life because Christianity is discriminatory towards Islam.  Yes you read that right.  The Left has thrown in with Islam, feminism and every other form of anti-Christians sentiment.

In another example of the Left preparing to declare Christianity a hate group, the SPLC declared that the Family Research Council is a hate group.  The Family Research Council is just a traditionalist group that believes hateful things like marriage is between a man and a woman and believes that there are only 2 genders.  In the Current Year saying that marriage is only between a man and a woman is hate, just like saying that there are only 2 genders is hate.  Declaring groups like the Family Research Council hate groups helps to set the stage for the left to declare all Christianity a hate group.

When the Left gets back into power, they are going to purge all Christians from public life.  The left is going to declare Christianity a hate group.  After they declare Christianity a hate group then employers will be incentivized to fire all of the Christian workers and only hire people who openly say that they either aren’t Christian or practice some other religion.  The left believes that Christians are responsible for blocking progress toward their Cultural Marxist utopia and when they get back into power, they plan to once and for all destroy their main enemy.

(((Bernie Sanders))) saying that Christians shouldn’t be allowed to work in the American government shows the plan of the Left.  The Left has passed hate speech laws all over America.  They’ve declared that supporting traditional Christian beliefs is hate.  The Left telegraphs what they plan to do next and their plan for when they get back into power is once and for all declare Christianity a hate group.

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‘By Common Consent’ Blog Mocks First Lady Trump Over Bloody-Head Photo

Leftists lined up to defend Kathy Griffin’s demented photo of a mock beheading of President Trump.  The apostate Mormons at the website ByCommonConsent joined in on the verbal abuse.  Most Leftists dismissed the ISIS-inspired portrayal as a harmless gimmick. You Trump supporters are so sensitive. It was just a joke!

Well, one thing the media didn’t report is that Kathy was wearing something very similar to Melania Trump’s signature dress that she wore at the second presidential debate. It was pretty much an image of Melania holding her own husband’s bloody head. This is why Melania Trump found it especially disturbing:

“When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

After these comments,  fringe-Mormon SJW site ByCommonConsent  jumped in and started mocking First Lady Melania. The site posted her full statement on Twitter alongside a modeling photo of Melania playfully twisted jewelry with a fork, as if to say, “Whose mental health is questionable per their photo opportunities?”

Even the readers of fringe site  ByCommonConsent  were appalled by this nasty attack. But instead of apologizing or even making excuses–maybe that it was an attempt at humor–they doubled down:

Wow. So much for “common consent!” I don’t think LDS members consent to this kind of nasty hatred, this implicit support for political violence. For all their virtue signaling about women’s rights and sensitivity to women’s issues, we see how fringe site  ByCommonConsent feels about women in power.  The apostate Mormons at the fringe leftist website ByCommonConsent is a nasty group who love to bully those who they disagree with.  ByCommonConsent is a perfect example of how leftists are creating a culture of political with every nasty Tweet they make.

Jana Riess

5 Nazi Tactics Jana Riess Uses To Defend Racism

Nobody should be shocked to see Jana Riess of Religion News Service misrepresent a Mormon’s conservative views and call them racist.

Today, as I read Jana Riess’s snark towards Ayla, aka A Purposeful Wife, something about it got under my skin.  I critically dissected Jana Riess’s rhetoric, and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach when I realized that I had read this kind of rhetoric before: in history books about Nazi propaganda.

#1 Divide The Population With Race Distinctions

It all started with a hashtag #DearWhiteMormons in which fake Mormons complained about white people in the church. Jana Riessperformed some real mental gymnastics to defend this blatant racism.

She says they were just giving “Mormons of color an opportunity to share their experiences.” Uh huh. As she introduced #DearWhiteMormons, she related a couple innocuous posts and incorrectly claimed that this is what people were outraged against. Oh but they were just saying how they were “treated or judged” by whites! That’s not what I saw, Jana.

Actually, this racist hashtag follows Nazi rhetoric by dividing the population of the church by race and introducing competition. This is something Jana Riess applauds:

“The tenor of some of these tweets from white Mormons was that golly, gosh, and darn it, race just does not exist as a category in white Mormons’ minds! If blacks or Latinos bring it up, they are creating divisions and barriers where none exist. We’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, people; can’t we just get along? Stop playing the victim already.”

They weren’t just bringing up their identity, Jana. Nobody is outraged when that happens. They were attacking another group of people based on race. This is known as racism.

“But it wasn’t long before some white Mormons appeared to feel threatened by the hashtag.” No Jana, people just don’t like racism.

Nazis likewise divided the population by races and discussed how some races were treated and judged. Nazis would have been blogging under the hashtag #DearJews.

In his book Ten Responses to Jewish Lackeys, Nazi propagandist Kurt Eitzen said “a Jew always remains a Jew” even if he is baptized Christian. The race is his identity, not his religion. This argument led to discussions about racial injustice against Germans from Jews.

Eitzen rejected the argument that “everything with a human face is equal.” The Hitler Youth’s handbook likewise rejected the teaching that “all men are equal before God” as backwards Christian doctrine. We need more “racial thinking,” the handbook taught.

The Mormon Right teaches that we should be unified as a church rather than complaining about other races.

Jana Riess says people who want to get past racial thinking are “often the same folks who perpetuate white culture.” I don’t see any difference between this statement and the Nazi logic that the German Christians who didn’t want to look through a racial lens were pushing a Jewish agenda.

Apostate blog By Common Consent spreads Jana Riess’s article

#2 Group By Race Rather Than Beliefs

Hitler called Jews a race rather than a religion, “…the Jewish religion is nothing other than a doctrine to preserve the Jewish race.”

Jana Riess approaches the Mormon Right in a similar way. She equates the “Mormon Right” with white “racists.” She defines us by the labels “white supremacy”, “#whiteculture”, and “#saveeurope.” Rather than talk about conservative Mormons’ conservative views, she assumes we must all be white and we must be spreading our beliefs in order to stop our racial “coming extermination.”

Nazi propagandist Von Moltke said, “In resisting all government attempts to nationalize them, the Jews build a state within the state.” They said Jews were being racist when they were expressing outrage about racist division.

Jana Riess and the fake Mormon bloggers try to alienate the Mormon Right as a separate group in the church as well. Jana points out that Ayla held a conference this weekend (actually it wasn’t this weekend, Jana), and complains, “A dozen is small, but it’s a dozen Mormon racists too many.”

#3 Stoke Historical Racial Resentment

In regard to how the German government treated Jews, Eitzen quoted propagandist Rosenburg, “gradually the rights [Jews] stole from the Germans in politics and culture have been restored.”

Germans were just bringing social justice to the disenchranchized minority… what’s the problem, right Jana?

Eitzen said a few hungry Jews were nothing compared to the “many millions of German families that the Jew murdered over the course of centuries through wars, revolutions, and civil strife.”

Jana Riess says white Mormons want to “sweep under the rug” the “experiences” of minorities and the “privileges” that whites enjoy. This stokes the same kind of racial resentment that the Nazis whipped up. We also read about this kind of racial resentment in the Book of Mormon, that the Lamanites held for the Nephites.

#4 Make The Issue About Competing Reproduction Rates

Jana Riess very cleverly claims A Purposeful Wife wants more white children to “counteract the growth of minority races.” When has she ever said that? Ayla never said that. What she said is all races and groups should pursue a healthy reproduction rate. Her call for more white reproduction has nothing to do with other races.

Jana thus slyly introduces the question of competing reproduction rates among races. The Nazis also put emphasis on the reproduction rate of other races.

Jews at the time had a very low birth rate, 16 to 1000 people compared to 41 to 1000 Germans. “Far too few babies were being born to maintain the Jewish population.”

Whites in the United States are in a similar situation. This isn’t an opinion, it is fact. More whites are dying than are being born. The white population in America today is in the same reproductive position as Jews in Nazi Germany.

Despite this, German propaganda “depicting how the prolific Slav nations would cause the German people to be overrun.” The Mormon Right is not on the side that worries about being overrun. They are the side that recognizes the fact that a certain race has an unsustainable birth rate.

Apostle Elder Uchtdorf responds to anti-Mormon racism on Twitter

#5 Tie Race To Cross-Generational Injustice

Do bloggers on the Mormon Right complain about racial injustices a hundred years ago? No. Only if a racist Leftist brings up an incorrect narrative, maybe the Mormon Right will point out that the ancient slave trade ran through Turkey. But mainstreams Mormons do not hold racial resentment.

Jana Riess on the other hand blames Brigham Young and Bruce R. McKonkie for our sins of the past. She says the church needs to repudiate the “kind of injustice” that began with them and continues today among conservatives.

“I call upon our church to speak out against this kind of injustice… But the church has also never fully repudiated racist statements from earlier leaders like Bruce R. McConkie, Mark E. Peterson, and Brigham Young.”

Compare this with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, “…with such terrible justice that the sins of the fathers are avenged down to the tenth generation. But this applies only to profanation of the blood and the race.”

Hitler was talking about preserving racial purity while Jana is talking about keeping minorities pure of “white culture and history as normative.” She connects race with a continual injustice in society.

She attaches the label “white supremacy” to Ayla, Wife with a Purpose, for simply resisting racial attacks against white people. This says a lot more about Jana than it does Ayla.

What is Jana Riess’s belief when it comes to race? Why does she bitterly insist on sowing division and resentment?