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Redgulls Guide to Dating Mormon Asian Girls

When I was single, I dated several Mormon Asian girls for various periods of time.  As a happily married man I have to drop my knowledge and wisdom of the dating market before I lose it.  Lots of men these days get a case of the Yellow Fever and want to know about dating Asian girls.  Here’s what I learned from my experience dating Mormon Asian girls.  My guide isn’t so much about how to meet, attract and seduce Mormon Asian girls.  You can find that information elsewhere.  My guide is about what to expect with Asian girls on and after the first date.

Dating Asian girls is a good way for socially inexpereinced men to get success in the dating market.  In America men just starting out in the dating game are forced to date unattractive and overweight American women.  Average American men who don’t have much experience and success in the American dating market can date Asian girls as a way to get experience dating women who actually look like women.  Dating Mormon Asian girls can be a great way for you to get your feet wet in the dating market.  So what do you need to know about Mormon Asian girls before you dive into the Asian girls dating market?

Shame Culture

Asians have a different sense of right and wrong than westerners.  Even Mormon Asian girls have the Asian sense of right and wrong.  In Asian culture, they have a shame culture while in the west we have a guilt culture.  Very briefly in guilt culture we believe that there are a series of rules that we are expected to obey.  When we violate these rules we feel bad.  We feel bad because we feel like we violated a rule.  In guilt culture we feel like we are supposed to obey the rules because they are there and the rules exist to be obeyed.

In shame culture, the rules exist to let people know that if you get caught violating one of the rules, then people will look down on you.  Now here’s the thing in shame culture, if you don’t get caught breaking the rules, then you can do whatever you want.  In shame culture you haven’t sinned until somebody catches you.  Even many Mormon Asian girls believe that the commandments are a series of actions that if people find out you are breaking the rules then people will look down on you.

Implications of Shame Culture on Mormon Asian Girls

She looks really cute wholesome and innocent but can you really be sure?

  1. Status Uber Alles. If there’s a public perception that knowledge of dating you lowers her status, then a Mormon Asian girl will never publicly date you, no matter how much she likes you.  If the gossip monster gets to her then she won’t go out with you.  If there’s a Mormon Asian girl in your ward who you want to go out with, then you better make sure that she feels confident that her relationship with you will stay secret.
  2. The Law of Chastity only exists if others know that she is sleeping with somebody. Don’t be shocked to find out that the cute innocent Mormon Asian girl in your YSA ward is perfectly willing to push sexual boundaries well beyond where Heavenly Father set them.  If you fall into temptation with her, don’t be surprised to find out that she is still going to ward temple night, and giving her testimony in fast and testimony meeting.  After all in her mind if nobody found out about it, then it wasn’t a sin.
  3. Truth is whatever raises her status in the group. A lie is just something that makes her look bad to others, Truth is something that makes her look good to others.  Just let the implications of that sink in.

Upside from Dating Mormon Asian Girls

We’ve talked about some serious pitfalls when it comes to dating Mormon Asian girls because you need to be savvy about them.  However there are lots of potential benefits to dating Asian women.  Let’s look at some advantages from dating Asian women.

  1. Mormon Asian girls generally are in better physical shape than American girls. Nobody wants to date a fatty.  Dating fat women leads to all kinds of health problems in your future kids.
  2. Asian women perceive White men as having higher status than Asian men. In general western men are higher status than Asian men.  Also Asian men are incredibly beta.  Asian men are so beta that your average BYU dork is a major alpha male by comparison.
  3. Generally speaking western men are taller than Asian men. Women like taller men.  If you are taller than your dating market competition then you are a big step ahead in the dating game.
  4. On average western men are “bigger” than Asian men. We all know that size matters.  We like to pretend that it doesn’t but it does.  Even nice sweet Mormon Asian girls want a man who is “bigger” than run of the mill Asian men.

What to Expect with Asian Women

  1. She isn’t going to want anybody to know what she is up to.  She doesn’t know if dating you is going to make her look good or bad, so she isn’t going to tell anybody.  You have to make sure to protect her secrecy and not tell anybody either.
  2. Expect her to work to get onto your good side early. Mormon Asian girls are a lot socially savvier than their American competition.  They know how to make men like them and they know what men want.  The start of a dating relationship with an Asian girl is always awesome, whether or not it stays that way is another issue.
  3. When you bring an Mormon Asian girl to meet your family or friends, expect her to bring gifts and trinkets to your family or friends. Asians are savvy about how to get on people’s good side and want to put their best foot forward.
  4. With Asian women their layers of secrecy and manners help to always make them look really good at the start of a relationship. It only is after months of being with them that you find out their real character.  As Mormon Asian girls have more and more time in a relationship with you, they will reveal more and more of their character.  Watch for red flags early in the relationship because they may very well be their true character shining through.  Don’t run off and marry an Asian girl after 2 weeks because she’s the best woman you’ve ever met, even if it seems true at the time.  The side of her that you are seeing may very well be the best girl who you’ve ever met, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the side of her you will be living with.
  5. Mormon Asian girls like money and will expect you to spend money on them. All Asians like money.  At first it might just be stuff in the normal dating process.  However it can quickly escalate to them demanding shopping trips and vacations from you.  A good Asian woman keeps her money demands to reasonable levels.  Watch out if after 2 to 3 months of dating her money demands start to go up.


Dating Mormon Asian girls can be a great way to improve your dating options and increase your confidence.  Generally you can date Asian girls 2 to 3 points higher than the ranking of White girls.  For example if you can only successfully date White girls who are 4’s and 5’s, you should be able to successfully date Asian girls who rank anywhere from a 6 to an 8 and probably closer to the 8 than the 6.  Beware that Asians have different morality standards than Western women.  This includes Mormon Asian Girls.  Before you get into a serious relationship with a Mormon Asian girl take 4 to 5 months to make sure that her private life actions are acceptable to you.  If you get an opportunity to date a Mormon Asian girl, I recommend you do it.  Just be careful and don’t rush into anything and be careful behind closed doors.

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Men Must Take Charge When Surrounded By Women

This last weekend, I took some time off to relax in Long Beach. As I proceeded toward the hot tub, I noticed a group of college-age kids loudly gabbing at the hotel pool. There were three blonde girls and one guy, but by their body-language I could tell that the guy was not having any luck.

None of the girls faced toward the guy or gave him much attention. He was large, dark and friendly, but he looked out of shape and his shoulders slumped. He had a pleased grin on his face but his eyes looked lost. Two blonde girls in slim bikinis were lying on the poolside, facing each other, and the pudgier girl stood inside the pool facing them.

Soon, the guy looked over toward me and meekly suggested that they go to the jacuzzi–as if in hopes that closer proximity to me would help him.

I felt bad for the guy. He was successful enough in getting into a jacuzzi with three attractive girls. You got to give him that. But he was the kind of guy that girls feel safe around but do not feel excited by. He was their comfort blanket.

I wish there was something I could do to help the kid out. Not long ago I was clueless like him. I know exactly how it feels. But any interjection would have turned attention toward me and defeated the purpose. I was waiting for my wife so that I could spend a nice afternoon with her. So I sat back and observed.

I’m the kind of guy who quietly sits back in groups of people, so I understand where he’s coming from. But quietly fading into the background will never get you anywhere in a group of girls. Whether it’s friends, romantic prospects, business dealings, or elderly relatives, a man must talk when he is surrounded by women, even if it is remarks about the weather. It is crucial to say something frequently to remind them that you are an animate being.

The only time I saw movement from this poor guy was when the blonde girls asked him to fetch their bag of chips from the table. “Yes, go, slave,” one girl playfully taunted as he acquiescenced the command.

His first mistake was entering the jacuzzi without drinks or food to begin with. Today’s breed of narcissistic American women require food or drink to be in their mouth constantly. Many carry around water bottles and coffee straws because it gives them childlike comfort. He would have done well to jaunt quickly inside for some drinks without being asked. It would have set the mood and distracted them from their natural insecurities.

But what do you do when you forget, and a girl playfully orders you to fetch her bag of chips? Even if it is playful, it is a game that does not serve his interests. He will never get anywhere by being submissive.

I think the best thing is to go get the chips, but to take charge of the situation. Do you want anything from inside? Hold on, let me go get a strawberry daiquiri. Turn it around as much as possible to where you are in charge of who gets food and when, and speak as many words as possible, without becoming garrulous. Shift the playfulness to something else.

The blondest girl went off on a humorous tirade about her crazy German grandmother. I wanted to flip over my table and scream at the guy, “How much better a situation do you need??” It was practically the perfect invitation for him to game them. “Oh yeah, I heard about Germans….” “So you are half-German then?” “Do you see her much anymore?” “Which city is she from? I’ve been to…” Continue with the rest of the GALNUC method.

But he stayed silent. The blonde opposite him got sick of her talking and tried to change the subject. Both got frustrated.

I thought back to some time ago when I went to Long Beach for the birthday party of a friend of a friend. I found myself the only guy in a room with over a dozen girls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in any, but I thought at least it would be an opportunity to work on my communication skills. Within an hour, they were crowding around me in a semicircle, like devout pilgrims around a street preacher.

They eagerly awaited their chance to put in their sentence or two, to hear my reaction, and then receive sweet social confirmation as the discussion bounced along to someone else. It didn’t take much. I just had to say interesting things and sound like I knew what I was talking about. If someone didn’t say anything for a while I might ask them a question to pull them in, like an English teacher with a class discussion. But certain girls were I obviously favored.

Stunned by how natural and easy it was, I decided that the key when it comes to a group of girls is to just talk a lot and put on an air of authority. The rest takes care of itself.

Now, when it comes to game, all this is for naught if you fail to get one-on-one with one of the girls. You’ve got to know how to transition from the group game to the one-on-one game. You suddenly need to become personable, attentive, and playful. If another girl, resentful at being scorned, tries to cock-block, you need to gently let her down or distract her with food. “Didn’t somebody bring muffins in the kitchen?” Make the chosen girl feel special yet not sad for the girls who didn’t make the cut.

Again, this is a principle that I have found works for any kind of female social gathering, not just romance. The quiet guy who stands at the back and submissively follows orders is the creep. He makes women nervous. The guy who is always talking and interacting, with humorous interjections and interesting experiences, even if he is overly loud and raucous, is enjoyable.

Make sure to consider this in business with female bosses or clients, at church, at school, or among friends. Most importantly, don’t clue them in that this is what you are doing.

Pretty Girls Have to Act Mean to Keep Chumps Away

Do you ever wonder why it seems like all pretty girls are nasty bitches?  Does it seem like every time you try to talk to pretty girls they are kind of low grade mean and hostile to you?  I know that sometimes I feel this way.  However I’ve learned a very important truth that explains why so many pretty girls are forced to act nasty to men they meet.

When kind, sweet girls are really nice to men who they don’t know and don’t have interest in, the same thing always happens.  Every freaking time, the guy she was nice to, decides that she is really interested in him and he decides that he wants to date her.  Most average men don’t know how to run game.  They don’t understand that they must ask a girl out on a date and if she always is unavailable it means that she isn’t interested.  What average men do is they add her on Faceberg.  Then they “like” all of her photos.  Then they try to have never ending text conversations with the girl who was nice to them.  When pretty girls are kind to most of the average men they date, their cell phone literally never stops buzzing with some perma-chode trying to find out about their day and telling them that they look pretty.  After a very short time being kind to average men becomes a huge burden for pretty girls.

Over time lots of girls learn that they need to place big barriers to average men approaching them and trying to give them attention.  Many pretty girls learn that they need to throw an immediate shit test at most men they meet.  The test they choose to use is by being a little bit nasty to them.  They do this because average men will be scared off and give up easily.  This way they are able to use a little bit of bitchiness to keep men they don’t want away.

The biggest tragic side effect of girls having to act mean and hostile to keep undesirable men away is often it turns girls into legitimate mean girls.  Years of girls having to act like bitches eventually turns them into nasty mean girls.

As a man it is important to understand that just because a girl treats you halfway decently, it doesn’t mean that she wants to date you.  Also if a girl doesn’t treat you well right from the get go, it doesn’t mean that she has no interest in you.  You need to make sure to ramble for a while to try to generate interest in you.  If she shows you a little interest, try to set up some sort of a date.  If she isn’t interested in a date with you, then drop her.  Leave her in peace so that she isn’t forced to act like a bitch to keep mean she doesn’t want away.

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Reason 6,000,000 Why the Law of Chastity Exists Mattress Girl AKA Emma Sulkowicz

So you are wondering if obeying the Law of Chastity is for you.  You’ve been watching lots of TV and (((the media))) makes sexual promiscuity look so much fun and portrays people who aren’t sexually promiscuous as boring losers.  What if I told you that the Law of Chastity was for your protection from crazy women who can ruin your life even before it gets started?  Let’s take a look at Mattress Girl AKA (((Emma Sulkowicz))).

Here’s her Tinder profile:

She looks fun.  She tells you that she’s poly, so immediately the idea of having a 3some with her and her hot girl friend runs through your mind.  You’ve seen more porn than you should have, we’ve all seen too much porn after all.  Why not swipe right on (((Emma Sulkowicz)))?  Maybe you will get lucky and get to violate the Law of Chastity with her.

She says that she’s an artist, so you go and look up some of her artwork and what you find really excites you and makes you want to break the Law of Chastity with her.

She even likes being tied up and whipped by older men.

Wow she just looks like lots of fun and like the kind of girl who you would like to break the Law of Chastity with.  Even better, she’s not quite hot enough to attract the best men, so you think that you have a pretty good shot of her swiping right on you and you getting to have exciting adventures in bed breaking the Law of Chastity with (((Emma Sulkowicz))).

What if I told you the story of a man who did get to break the Law of Chastity with (((Emma Sulkowicz)))?  At her college she was having a fling with this guy and she begged him to come over one night to give her anal sex.  Sounds too good to be true right?  That should like your fantasy, after all you’ve seen too much porn and in porn (((they))) always make anal sex seem super cool and glamorous.  Well this guy came over and gave it to her good and hard right in the pooper.

What happened was a few weeks later (((Emma Sulkowicz))) decided that she wanted to date this guy but he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her.  So what did she do?  She went to her university’s campus police and said that he raped her.  The young man was questioned and he had to hire a lawyer to defend him.  Luckily this young man had Facebook messages saved from (((Emma Sulkowicz))) that proved that their incident wasn’t rape.  Eventually the campus police dropped the charges against him.

But that didn’t stop (((Emma Sulkowicz))) from going after this man.  She decided to make a public scene and she carried the mattress that she claimed that he raped her on with her all over campus for a whole year.  In this way she ruined his reputation and has made it impossible for him to lead a good life.  Forever he is remembered as the guy who raped Mattress Girl.

Satan wants all of us to believe that hedonism and sin is one big fun party.  But the reality is violating the Law of Chastity comes with all kinds of risks that we never hear about because they go against Satan’s narrative.  Right now American women love to accuse men falsely of rape.  If you shag some random skank, she can just accuse you of rape and then it’s just your word against hers.  You could end up in jail over a weekend hookup.  How bad would that suck?  If you attend college with the girl you violate the Law of Chastity with and she goes to the campus police, then you are in big danger there.  The campus police don’t have the same level of evidence required.  Lots of men have been expelled from their university over a false rape accusation.  How awful would that be to lose years of your life plus you have a mark on your record that makes it nearly impossible to get into another university?

Heavenly Father gives us commandments to protect us and keep us out of danger.  Satan lies and tells us that the Law of Chastity exists to keep us from having fun.  However is it really fun to have to face a false rape allegation?  No it isn’t.  The Law of Chastity exists to protect us from crazy women who will ruin our lives because they feel slighted and rejected.

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America’s Open Borders Policy is Creating a Mormon Brain Drain in Latin America

I have a confession to make.  I hope that you can handle it because it is a little bit shocking.  Ready, here we go.  Mrs. Johnson is from Mexico.  So how did I end up married to a Mexican?  Because she’s a great woman, that’s why.  However the really interesting question is why did Mrs. Johnson marry me?  Simply put the Mormon brain drain in Latin America is a huge part of why she married me.  Let me explain.

What happened is most of the middle class and upper class Mormons in Mrs. Johnson’s city came to college in the United States.  Lots of Mormon young men in her ward and stake ended up at BYU and other church schools.  Mormon Church leadership likes to bring LDS youth to college in Utah because BYU is a good university plus there’s the theoretical benefit of showing our Latin/Hispanic brothers how we do things in Utah and hopefully they take some of our WASP culture back to where they are from.  It’s a really good idea on paper that doesn’t work in the real world.

What ends up happening is Hispanic Mormons come here, get a good education and then they get affirmative action hired to work for American multinational corporations.  American multinational corporations love to hire Hispanic Mormons from BYU because these guys have more or less WASP values, they work hard, they don’t complain, they are motivated to do well, etc.  And there’s the added bonus of they check the minority hiring box and the multinational corporations can put these guys on their magazine covers to show how diverse their workforce is.  The result is a Mormon brain drain in Latin America.

When I was single I would use the Internet for dating.  I ended up chatting a lot with Middle Class Latin Mormon girls who were on the site because all the middle class and upper middle class Mormon men had left.  Girls like to stay close to their families and Mormon girls have an even higher preference to stay close to home.  All girls don’t want to marry a man from a lower economic level than they already are in.  In Latin America the consequences for girls of marrying down the economic ladder can be the difference from a comfortable life and living in abject poverty.  It’s not like here in the West where a woman marrying down the economic ladder is the difference between spending a week in Hawaii every year and camping in Teton National Park.  The Mormon brain drain in Latin America causes major problems for Latin Mormon girls and is holding the church there back because so many of the future church leaders in these countries leave.

The Latin Mormon brain drain and the struggle many Latin Mormon girls have to find a LDS husband is a side effect of America’s open borders policy.  These girls are legitimate victims of the United States’ immigration policies.  It is robbing the Mormon Church of many of its future church leaders in Latin America because so many of them end up immigrating to the United States.

The Mormon brain drain in Latin America is a tough problem and there really isn’t a good solution for it right now.  The LDS Church can encourage its members to stay in their own countries but the benefits of moving to the United States are huge for these upper class people who can get affirmative action jobs at the multinational corporations.  Also they get away from the crime down there so upper class Latin Mormons usually will ignore this council.

The Mormon Church could open up a couple of universities in Latin America to be like the BYU for its Latin members.  This would be a potentially good option but it would be a lot of money, there may or may not be enough members to attend and the LDS Church could end up hemorrhaging money subsidizing living costs for its poorer members who ended up attending.  At some point in time the Mormon Church will have to open up at least 1 university in Latin America to service its Latin members but that time probably isn’t yet.

I highly recommend that red pill single Mormon men take advantage of the Mormon brain drain in Latin America.  If you can use the internet to meet some of these women it can be a great way to find a good woman who will make a good wife.  If you feel like an adventure living in Latin America for a while you will have a good selection of middle class Latin Mormon girls who will be excited that somebody new and interesting showed up in town.

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6 Ways To Get Girls At Church Dances

It looks like something out of a nature documentary. But church dances can actually be prime ground to get girls’ phone numbers.

A casual observer, if unacquainted with the social norms, will have no clue what is going on. But subtle intricacies flourish in a scene of single people floundering around on a gymnasium dance floor.

The concept is simple. A bunch of single people get together and dance to popular but tasteful music. In the 1950’s, it was simple to show up to such an event and leave with a girl on your arm. But today everything is hugely complicated.

With Mormons, the ritual is so bizarre it takes at least five dances before even a Mormon has any idea what to do. It takes a lot of work to get anything out of it. But if you follow a few concepts, church dances can be a great starting point for meeting and dating women.

Greet Everybody You Know

One of the biggest problems with guys at church is that they are quiet and diffident. In any kind of dance atmosphere it is the loud jock, the exciting tough guy who attracts attention. As far as church goes, this means a guy who storms into the room and hi-fives every guy he knows.

Prior to the dance, I typically make inquiries to find out which of my friends are going. I try to show up with them. When I arrive, I scan the crowd for faces I know and I say hi. Throughout the dance I throw friendly lines to people coming and going: “Hey, how’s it going?” “Have a good night” even if I don’t know them.

Does this mean you chat up every girl you see? Of course not. There are always those guys who asks all the sidelined “sweet spirits” to dance because they think it will impress the hot girl to see how nice he is. This is not the point. I’m talking about appearing dominant of everyone—guy, girl, attractive, ugly. Chances are this does not come naturally. But just work on it.

Church dances typically segregate by local single’s groups because everybody is too shy to mingle outside of the people they know. If people can see that you are friendly with lots of people and easily approachable it will be much easier to talk to girls you never met before.

Show Unrealistic Amounts Of Fun

Girls will notice a guy who is having the time of his life. How do you look like you are having fun? It’s like school. How do you behave in a class you really enjoy? You sit front and center. You speak up all the time. You stay till the end. These are traits that will likewise imply that you enjoy the dance.

Establish a dominant space front and center, right across from the DJ. Whoop and holler and make grand dancing motions, as if you don’t care if anyone ridicules you. Smile and invite others to dance wildly with you. If a girl joins with you, acknowledge that she is in your dance group now—a handshake, a few words—and then continue dancing.

There have been dances where I didn’t know anybody, so I just went in the middle and tried to have lots of fun. People joined me or pulled me into their group and introduced themselves. I find you can’t really pull this off if you are on the edge of the dance floor. You also can’t be glancing around nervously in hopes that you will see someone you recognize and no longer be alone.

Church music is typically played by amateurs at a low volume and under an uncomfortable level of lighting. It is difficult to get into it, but after 15 minutes of feeling ridiculous hopefully it will stop feeling awkward.

It is important to look like you are having a blast, because the girls probably feel a lot more awkward about it than you do. They hate being looked at and ridiculed a lot more than you do. They are only there because a couple friends went. If it were just them, there would be no fun happening at all. They will gladly follow a guy who elevates the spirit of the party, even if it appears a bit clownish.

Dress To Impress

Gauge what the standard level of dress is for people at dances in your area and dress two levels above that. Put on some nice smelling cologne and a good pair of shoes.

Hopefully you are in shape and wearing clothes that fit your muscular arms. It is moments like these when being in shape counts for double, because your entire body will be the focus of girls’ judgement as you dance.

Don’t worry about your skill level of dancing. There is always going to be those guys who act like they are professionals and request swing songs so that the guys who don’t know swing will be at a disadvantage of picking partners. Don’t worry about all that. If you can keep a beat and have a basic idea of what to do, it does no good to appear like some dance star. Your focus is to get girls, not to be a professional dancer.

Make Your Move

I remember dances at BYU university where as soon as a slow song came on, the pretty girls were scooped up within seconds. Guys gravitated toward the pretty girls, like toreros in a bull-leaping competition, and counted every micro-second until the beat slowed down to get the girl.

I thought that was pretty pathetic, because these guys have a mindset that slow dances are the only opportunity to attract a girl.

Unless there is a girl right next to me that I really want to dance with when a slow song comes on, I like to wait a little while to pick someone. It is more poignant for a girl if the clock is ticking, she still isn’t getting a request, and then you show up. That places you in a better position. It makes you a valuable man.

When it comes to getting a girl’s phone number, slow songs are actually a weak opportunity because the girl feels pressure. It is best to approach the whole slow dance thing very casually unless it is a girl you are dating.

A better time to make a move is during normal dance time or as the event is wrapping up. In the midst of conversation, steer the topic toward some other event that is coming up, and simply say “Let me get your phone number. I’ll give you a text beforehand.”

That’s it. Now is not the time to impress the girl or get to know her in some drawn-out discussion. Just collect a phone number and move on.

Simple Conversation

Dances are not the place to discuss philosophy. Music is blaring and people are focused on having fun, not being intelligent. Keep it all very light and short.

“What do you think of that song?” “Nice necklace.” The hardest part, of course, is striking up a chat with a total stranger. Do not make it a big deal.

The first thing to be mindful of is body language and see indicators of interest. Where is her position turned? She needs to be aware you are there before you can approach her. Is she looking at you? If not, is her face at least turned toward you with the eyes looking down? Those are cues to say an opener. Make jokes and turn everything into a joke if you can.

Conversation is only 1% of the game, especially in a dance atmosphere. What matters is your physical touch.

First, you show presence in your hi-fives and handshakes with the other men. Maybe pull them in for a hug if they are within your group. If an invidious guy is moving in on a girl you want, use physical maneuvers to deal with it. Get between him and the girl—but in a playful way. Again, this probably does not come naturally to you, but it is just typically what works.

Rather than chat with the girl right away, use touch. Start by respectfully getting in her personal space. Make eye contact, give a friendly smile, and motion to invite her to match your dance movements. If you are feeling bold, give a light grab on the inside of the arm and then leave her group for a while.

I have a friend who likes to move rapidly from group to group. Rather than stay in one dance group over 5 minutes, he gives a quick word or brush of the arm as he wanders brazenly over to another group where maybe he knows one or two people, and greets them with a quick word or brush of the arm. He circulates through all the groups several times and always greets and departs with a quick word and physical touch.

Focus On Business First

You are there to have fun, and by all appearances you are dancing and having the time of your life with all of your buddies, but don’t forget that the whole purpose is to collect phone numbers.

Even if you are dancing with a girl in your own congregation and you could just look up her number on a list, ask for it anyway. Get as many numbers from desirable girls that you can and try until you get them.

The fun you are having is working to this end. You may get sidetracked with a girl that you aren’t interested in that much, or a buddy who occupies your time with something. Or maybe someone is blocking you from approaching a girl you want. Put on a big smile, dance dominantly, and scheme what your next move will be.

I find dances work best if you don’t go very far getting to know anyone. It is just a brief introduction. So once you get introduced, move on.

If you go to a dance expecting to meet girls and have fun without doing any work, you are going to be disappointed. Expect to stand around and be bored. You have to go out of your comfort zone and boldly throw yourself out there. But if do, it will be a great way to meet new girls and get a good Mormon girlfriend.

Will Redgulls Lead to More Marriages than a High End Mormon Matchmaker?

A high end Mormon matchmaker service boasts that they’ve helped 100 people get married over the last 7 years.  Sounds good right?  Well not really.  That’s about 15 marriages a year of young of relatively young people, right at the time when most people marry.  How many of these people would have found somebody anyway without using a high end and expensive matchmaker?  Want a more effective way to allow YOU to meet the women who YOU want and not desperate women looking for any man?  Here’s the way to do it.  Read this book: Everything Your Father Never Taught You.

When you pay $9.99 to read Everything Your Father Never Taught You, you learn what makes women tick and how to become the kind of man who gets to date the kind of women YOU want to date.  When you pay for an expensive Mormon matchmaker you pay at least $9.99 a month for the matchmaker to set you up with somebody who you didn’t choose.  In one year of using an expensive Mormon matchmaker you will spend at least $120 and won’t have learned anything to help you get the kind of women who you want and you won’t be dating the women you choose.  You will be dating the people the Mormon matchmaker chooses.

Mormon girls can spend nearly $120 per year on an expensive Mormon Matchmaker without learning what they can do to get to date the kind of men they want; or they can spend $9.99 one time on the book Marry the Man of Your Dreams and learn exactly what they need to do to get to date and marry the men they want.  It’s a simple calculation.  Mormon girls can pay $9.99 a month forever and get set up with men who they didn’t choose or they can pay $9.99 one time to read Marry the Man of Your Dreams and learn what to do to date the men who they want.

Using an expensive Mormon matchmaker is pointless and borderline useless if you don’t know what you have to do to make yourself desirable to the opposite sex.  Once you know what you need to do to be desirable to the opposite sex then you don’t need to pay to use an expensive matchmaker forever.  Let’s see if men who buy Everything Your Father Never Taught You and women who buy Marry the Man of Your Dreams can have more than 100 weddings over the next 7 years.

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How to Make YSA Ward Hopping Work for You

Outside of Utah and Idaho, every LDS man struggles to find enough Mormon girls to date.  The average YSA ward has a limited supply of desirable women and all the men in the ward try to get the attention of the few cute girls.  Mormon Church leaders want us to attend exclusively the YSA ward that we are assigned to.  However the problem with only attending the YSA ward we are assigned to is we greatly limit our Mormon dating and socializing options.  Outside of Utah and Idaho, ward hopping is crucial because we all have to ward hop to get enough Mormon dating and socializing options.

Over the years as a Mormon single adult I developed a program I used for ward hopping.  Here’s what I did to ward hop:

Standard ward hopping program

  1. Create a list of all the YSA wards in your area. Spend some time on Google and Facebook doing some research on Mormon single adult wards in your metropolitan area.  About an hour of research will help you to get the names of various YSA wards in your city, their address and meeting times.
  2. After you have a list of the YSA wards in your city the next thing to do is choose which wards you plan to attend first. Most people do ward hopping wrong.  When ward hopping what most LDS men do is they visit a new ward, identify the cute girls and go and talk to the new girls in a valiant effort to date them.  The problem with this strategy is Mormon girls have their social defenses up really high at church on Sundays.  They don’t like to flirt with new men in front of their girlfriends and beta orbiters.  When you are properly ward hopping the thing that you want to do is establish yourself in the YSA ward’s community and meet the girls naturally as part of becoming a member of the group.
  3. First focus on all the YSA wards that are nearest to you. It is easiest to visit and establish yourself in YSA wards that are close to where you live.  You want to establish your presence in wards closest to you because it will be easiest for you to attend activities, date girls and be part of the community if you live nearby.
  4. When you go ward hopping to a new ward, make sure to verify that the ward you visit has at least a few cute girls attending the ward. One of the things that went on in the LDS church over the last 15 years was the church created far too many YSA wards.  Most YSA wards don’t have enough men and women attending.  When you visit a new YSA ward and find that it is a struggling ward lacking interesting people then don’t go back to that ward.  It is incredibly important to avoid wards that don’t interest you.  It is critical not to waste time on wards that aren’t interesting and don’t have interesting people.  Only visit wards ONCE that have nothing to offer.  Don’t go back to YSA wards that don’t interest you.
  5. Make sure to identify wards that have at least a few girls that interest you. You want to go ward hopping at wards that have at least a few good potential dating prospects.
  6. When you attend a new YSA ward don’t be in too big of a rush to meet the pretty girls. Most men who go ward hopping rush to talk to all of the pretty girls and they end up coming across as try-hard douche-bags.  Of course if a pretty girl is eyeing you up, go and talk with her.  What you want to do is meet the pretty girls very casually.  Think Roosh’s seminal book Day Bang.  When ward hopping try to meet pretty girls just as part of meeting people in the ward.
  7. When you go ward hopping, identify the influential people in the ward. These could be the pretty girls who everybody kisses up to.  These could be the cool men in the ward who have lots of friends and influence in their YSA ward.  Pay lots of attention to identify the movers and shakers in every new YSA ward you visit.  Work really hard to get on the good side of the movers and shakers in any ward you visit in your ward hopping adventures.
  8. After you identify a YSA ward that you want to continue to visit, join the ward’s Facebook group. Every YSA ward has its own Facebook group that announces all ward activities and social gatherings.  You can stay aware of what is going on in lots of YSA wards just by being a member of their Facebook groups.
  9. When ward hopping, you want to attend ward activities of every ward you are currently visiting 2 times every month. After you join the ward’s Facebook page, keep an eye out for social gatherings that interest you.  You can attend church service or you can go to FHE, or to a mid week social gathering or go to a ward activity.  When you attend ward activities you establish your presence and casually meet the cute girls and get to be friends with the cool men in the ward.
  10. After a month or 6 weeks of visiting a new YSA ward you should know most of the relevant people in the ward. After a month or 6 weeks you must have talked with all of the pretty girls in the ward at least once or twice. You also need to make sure to meet all of the cool men in the ward and hopefully you made a new friend or two.  After spending 6 weeks visiting a new YSA ward you are ready to continue ward hopping and look for a new ward or continue to attending the ward you’ve recently been visiting.
  11. If you decide to continue your ward hopping, plot the locations of all YSA wards reasonably close to you and if applicable to you plot the location of any mid-singles wards on a map starting with the wards nearest to you. First visit the wards closest to you and later visit wards farther from you. In the wards that you find interesting, spend enough time in these wards to get to know all the cute girls and cool men.  Over time you will build up a contact list of cute Mormon girls who you know and you will get to meet all of the cool Mormon guys in your city or region.
  12. Eventually you will find that 1 YSA ward in your city or metropolitan area serves as the main single adult ward for your area. For example in the San Francisco Bay Area this ward is the Stanford YSA ward, in Southern California the main single adult ward is the Huntington Beach ward. It is important to identify the most popular ward and attend it regularly because the strongest ward in your city will get the most visitors and have the most people moving into the ward.  Once you identify your city’s most popular YSA ward it makes sense to consider moving into the most popular ward.

Limits of the usefulness of ward hopping

  • Outside of Utah, you can visit all the YSA wards in your metropolitan area, meet all the pretty Mormon girls and get to know all of the cool men in 18 months or less. After you’ve either dated or tried to date all the pretty Mormon girls in your city or metropolitan area, what do you do next?  After about 2 years of using my ward hopping strategy in my area I was looking at a map of YSA wards that I hadn’t visited and wondered if I should drive 2 hours to visit new YSA wards.
  • As you go ward hopping farther and farther from your house what you find is you can’t really attend very many activities or get to meet the cool men in the YSA ward you are visiting. At some distance from your house, ward hopping becomes: go to a new ward, look for pretty girls, instantly talk with the pretty girls and hope to instantly connect with them.  At some driving distance from your home you become forced to be another douche-bag trolling for instant interest from 1 of the cute girls in the ward.
  • Ward hopping is ineffective in the jungles of suburbia in Utah along the Wasatch Front because most local LDS single adults there don’t really participate in their YSA ward.   In suburban Utah most members of the church have their long time LDS friends.  They don’t need to attend their local YSA ward because they don’t need to.

Ward hopping is most effective

  • Ward hopping is most effective in California, Arizona, Nevada, etc. YSA wards have the best attendance outside of Utah and Idaho because they are the focal point for single Mormons.  Single Mormons outside of Utah have to be involved in the YSA program because the YSA program is how Mormons outside of Utah meet.
  • You can also use ward hopping at BYU and BYUI. For example at BYU and BYUI it makes sense to have a presence in 2 or 3 YSA wards close to where you live plus the ward you are assigned to.  At BYU and BYUI if you regularly visit your ward plus 2 or 3 other wards then you will know everybody and know the local goings on around you.  You would be well connected and in a position to be able to meet all of the cute Mormon girls in your local area.

Importance of ward hopping for LDS men

  • It’s incredibly hard to meet girls in your local YSA ward. For some reason Mormon girls don’t like to date men in their YSA ward.  LDS men must expand their dating pool as much as possible and this means doing at least some ward hopping.
  • Modern men must grab life by the pussy. This means having a plan of action to take charge of your dating life.  Ward hopping with a solid plan of action is an important part of grabbing life by the pussy.
  • Ward hopping provides you with clarity about your life situation.  If you spend 2 years ward hopping to every YSA ward in your city and you’ve dated or tried to date all the Mormons girls in your city who interest you then you know that if you want to continue to date Mormon girls you need to move to a different city.  After my time ward hopping, I realized that I needed to move away from my city and move to a place with more Mormon girls to date.  Ward hopping can tell you when you need to relocate to a different city or different state.


LDS men outside of Utah and Idaho need to learn how to do ward hopping because it is the best way to expand your Mormon socializing and dating options.  Have a plan to ward hop effectively and get out there and expand your dating options this week.

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Flirt to Convert for the Red Pill Mormon

One of the prettiest lies that many LDS men tell themselves is Mormon girls are better than non-Mormon girls.  One of the bitterest parts of Mormon men taking the red pill is learning that Mormon girls really aren’t all that much better than non-LDS girls.  After learning that Mormon girls are human beings too and not the perfect angels we wish they were, many LDS men wonder if they wouldn’t be better served dating non-LDS women.  Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s for red pill Mormon men to date non-Mormon girls.

Pros of dating non-LDS women

  • Wider selection of women. Mormons make up at most 2% of the American population and even less of the world population.  There are 50x as many non-LDS women as there are Mormon girls.  By adding non-Mormon girls to your list of potential dating options you can greatly expand the amount of dates you go on and greatly increase the chances of meeting at least 1 girl who you connect with really well.
  • Non-Mormon girls won’t punish you for your vices. Have you ever looked at pr0n?  Did you drink alcohol in the past?  Do you occasionally drink a cup of coffee?  Are you afraid that if a local Mormon girl finds out about these things then it will ruin your reputation in the whole local Mormon Community?  Good news, non-Mormon women won’t give you a hard time for any of these vices.  They won’t see the big deal in these actions that you do/did.  They will just think that it is part of being a normal red blooded man and not punish you for having a few vices.
  • If you get into a real relationship with a non-Mormon girl and things progress to the point where you two are seriously considering a serious relationship, then she will be very interested in following you and joining the Mormon Church. Often converts to the LDS faith become the strongest members of the church.  If you use flirt to convert with your future wife, then she may very well become an incredibly strong member of the church.

Cons of dating Non-Mormon women

  • Non-Mormon girls have very different dating expectations. Even non-LDS good girls expect your relationship to become sexual sooner rather than later.  Non-Mormon girls expect you to try to have sex with them by the 3rd or 4th date.  If you don’t try to seduce a non-Mormon girl then very often they will feel like you aren’t interested in them and they won’t feel comfortable dating you.  Either you have to make them feel like you care for them without getting naked with them or you have to violate the Law of Chastity with them.  You may not be able to keep your temple recommend and consistently date non-Mormon girls.
  • If you get into a serious relationship with a non-Mormon girl and she decides to convert does she have a testimony of the Gospel? Of course at first she’s only getting baptized because of you and that’s fine.  However the real issue is will she teach your children Mormon values?  If she raises your kids to be worldly and hedonistic then you are making it hard for your children to stay faithful to the Gospel.
  • Are you going to lose your testimony of the Gospel once you start dating non-Mormon girls? Lots of men end up following women.  If/when you start to date non-Mormon girls you may start engaging in non church approved activities.  If you start to do things that your bishop disapproves of then you may very well try to justify your actions by saying that you no longer believe in the Gospel as a way to justify your new lifestyle.  It’s important not to lose your faith no matter what happens in your dating life.

Recommendations for red pill Mormon men for dating non-LDS women

After taking the red pill it makes sense for LDS men to dabble at least a little bit in dating non-Mormon girls.  Flirt to convert can be an effective dating strategy.  It is good to gain a broader perspective on the available women in your dating market.  If you’ve haven’t violated the Law of Chastity then you may end up violating the commandments.  Be very careful when you get super turned on it is very easy to violate the Law of Chastity.  Dating non-LDS girls will allow you to greatly expand your dating options and possibly allow you to get into a relationship with a good woman.  Adding non-Mormon girls to your dating life can be a very good thing to help you have a better dating life but if you aren’t careful it can get you into trouble.

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LDS Dating Website Reviews

Since I’m tying the knot soon, I’m going to dump as much dating knowledge that I’ve got because I no longer need to keep my tactics secret.  I’m going to start by giving a LDS dating website review.  I’m also going to include my general tactics for these sites because I no longer care if every man out there uses them because I’m not going to need them anymore.  Over my 30’s I used 3 LDS dating websites with various levels of success.  After I moved to Utah I also used Tinder to get dates because in Utah everybody is on Tinder, so I figured that I might as well be there too.  I used, and  Here’s how each of these sites worked for me. is a pay dating website that I used a ton in 2012.  I was able to get a lot of first dates in 2012 and over time I got 2 girlfriends from using  By 2013 I my response rate dropped too low so I stopped using the site.  I started using it again in late 2014 and was able to get a few first dates.  After I moved to Utah I stopped using it because I could just use Tinder to get dates.

When you search for girls on LDSPlanet to date, you want to set your preferred body type to “Athletic” and “Slender.”  All the girls of every other body type are completely obese.  If you are outside of Utah, you can expect that you are going to be driving for at least 3 hours to go on first dates.  For example when I was in California I had dates with girls in San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and I even drove to meet up with a girl who was in Los Angeles.  In my defense the girl in LA was really cute and we ended up dating for about 3 months before I decided that it was just too far to keep seeing her.

The most interesting girls who you meet on are foreign girls.  I was able to chat with cute LDS girls from all over the world.  I would chat with girls from Japan, South America and even a few in Europe.  The problem would be after a while of chatting with them was I would either have to fly halfway across the world just for a first date or not go see the girls I was chatting with.  I don’t have that kind of money or time so I couldn’t travel all over the World for a first date.  The problem became the girls and I would just kind of chat in a never ending circle that never went anywhere.

What I did a couple of times was when I was chatting with a girl in a city that I wanted to visit was I would plan a week of touring there.  For example I went to Brazil a few years ago to see Iguazu Falls.  I had been chatting with a girl in Rio de Janeiro.  Magically I decided to stop for a few days in Rio and I needed a tour guide.  She agreed to show me around and we had a fun few days in Rio.  Things didn’t really go anywhere after that because there really wasn’t a way to continue to see each other but it still was a good experience.

Another time I was chatting with a girl who lived near a major western European capital.  I decided to visit her city and we spent a few days together.  She later came to BYU to study but she started dating a guy right after she got to Provo and I never got to see her again.  Generally speaking meeting up with foreign girls becomes having her take you touring around her city for a few days, a few days of hooking up and chatting some more online.

When I first moved back to Utah I used to send out a few messages to local girls but didn’t get much response.  It seemed like most of the women there were divorced/single moms and I have a strict no dating single moms rule.  Besides I was able to get better matches on Tinder in Utah than on gives you a lot of fields to use to create a big profile.  You can upload up to 30 photos to your profile.  You can’t have any group photos on your profile image and you can’t post any indecent photos.  On your cover image, you want to post a photo of you wearing a suit and looking good.  Men always look their best wearing a suit and most men don’t post photos in the profile pics.  The other photo that you want to have in your profile is having a photo of you holding or playing with one of your nieces and nephews.  On a Mormon dating website, girls are looking for a man who is “husband material.”  They want at least some confirmation that you are interested in a real relationship.  Give the girls what they want to see by showing your impulse to be a father.  With the rest of the photos you want to show that you are a fun man who always is up to something fun.  Have some travel photos, some sports photos, etc.

On your profile you want to make sure that your profile indicates that you are a fun guy who always is having a great time.  Make sure that you use all the space in the profile sections to let girls see what a fun and great guy you are.  Most men don’t do a really good job of this and it hurts their profile.  I’m not that great at talking about myself, so what I did was I asked my cousin who is really good at writing LDS dating website profiles to write me a profile.

When you give your personal details make sure to portray yourself in the best light possible and if you have to feel free to extend the truth if necessary.  If you make $60,000 a year, feel free to tell the girls that you make $100,000 a year because girls don’t know the difference.  The only thing that they know is they want a man who “makes 6 figures.”  Just let the girls see what they want to see.  You aren’t lying you are just letting girls know that you have a good job with a future.  On your height tell girls that you are about 2 inches taller than you are.  If you are 5’8 then tell girls that you are 5’10.  If you are 5’9 tell girls that you are 6 feet tall.  On height what girls are asking for is they want to know if you are taller than they are or not.  They don’t know the difference between 5’9 and 6’0.  Show them what they want to see 6’0 and $100,000.

On, what most men do is when they want a girl to notice them they do one of two things.  On, there’s a button call the “flirt” button where when you look at a girl’s profile you can send her a “flirt” message.  Girls hate it when you send them a “flirt” message, don’t do it.  What other men do is they write out some huge 5 paragraph message that is more like a love letter.  These don’t work either because they make the guys who write them look like a desperate chump.

The thing to do when you message girls on and all other dating websites is you want to create a 3 or 4 sentence template message that you can use to mass message girls.  You want to put some effort into your template message and make it pretty good and impactful.  You want your template message to:

  • Introduce yourself in the first sentence.
  • Say that you think that her profile is interesting.
  • Say that she seems like an interesting girl.
  • Call to action most likely an invite to chat soon.

You could use something like this as an example template message.  “Hi, I’m (name).  I liked your profile because you seem to really enjoy life.  You seem like you are an interesting girl because you like to have fun.  Let’s chat soon.”  You want to use a template message because you don’t want to over invest in any particular girl online and using a template keeps you from putting much effort into any girl in particular but instead focus on making a quality template that all girls will like.

After you create your template message then go through the list of girls who you find cute and send each of them the message using copy and paste.  You have to understand that most of the girls either didn’t pay to use, no longer use it or only check it every week or so.  She may very well never see your message or not be able to respond to your message.  The general rule is you should expect a 5% to 15% response rate to your template message due to not all the girls still using the site, not paying and having access to send messages and you not being their bag.

Overall can be a useful tool.  I don’t think that it makes sense to use it if you are in Utah or Idaho because you can get more dates and better dates using Tinder.  However it makes sense to use it if you are living outside of Utah.  You can use it to get dates if you are willing to drive for a while or you can use it to get dates to go with your travel plans. is a pay Mormon dating website I used for a while in 2013.  It is a huge site and it seems like everybody uses it.  For example when I looked at my local area all the local girls used it.  I recognized every girl from my YSA ward and the surrounding wards.  It had a big selection of girls to message.

The problem with the site was everybody was there.  If all of the girls from the local YSA ward were there then all of the men were there too.  And that was the problem.  There were so many people using the site that I never got any traction.  I messaged all the girls who were on the site but I only got a handful of responses and I was never able to get beyond 2 or 3 messages with the girls who responded.  I didn’t get any dates out of

I don’t know what my problem on the site was.  I don’t know if it was because there were so many men there that the girls got super picky and only responded the best of the best.  It might have been that all the men messaged the pretty girls and the girls couldn’t sort through all their messages and my message got lost in the shuffle.  For being a pay site I didn’t get enough out of it to justify continuing to use it.  I don’t know how it is now but from my past experience I would hesitate to pay to use it for more than a month or two without getting positive results. is a FREE website that operates kind of like Tinder.  You do the swipe right or left thing on your computer.  This is a fairly big site and a lot of people use it.  There are several problems with the site.  First of all it is kind buggy and sometimes it just doesn’t run very well and can be frustrating.  The other big problem is that it doesn’t have a cell phone app which makes girls less likely to use it.  Girls prefer to do stuff on their phones instead of on computers so the lack of a phone app limits how long girls are willing to use the site.

I started using the site when it first started in 2014.  I didn’t have much success at first using the site.  It took me nearly a year to get a first date and I would have quit a long time before I got a date except that the site is FREE so why not spend 5 minutes a day using the site.  Ultimately the site worked really well for me because I matched with my wife on it, so it can work.

The way that girls use is they register to use the site because it’s free and convenient.  They use it for about 3 days before they get creeped out by the cringe worthy messages they get from overly thirsty men.  For example with my wife, I matched with her the first day she was using the site but she stopped using the site after a few days because she just couldn’t stand the desperate messages.

When you create a profile you want to follow the same tactics as with  Let girls know that you earn $100,000 and you are 6 feet tall.  This will help you improve your match rate and help you get more interest from the girls who are there.  Online dating is a meat market where the girls have lots of options.  They only want men who match their template so make sure to fill their template.  That’s the secret for having success on a LDS dating website.a

Before I matched with Mrs. Johnson I worked out a pretty good system to be able to get occasional dates off  What I would do is just send a simple first message to any girl who I matched with saying, “Hi, (her name).  I’m Jeffrey.”  Usually by the time I message a girl, she’s already stopped using the site, so she isn’t going to respond.  However if she responds, she says something like, “Hi Jeffrey.”

After she responds, I know that she’s still using the site so I know that time is short and I’ve got to get her thinking that I am a cool guy and most importantly NOT a desperate, thirsty chump.  What I next would say is, “I’m (say something fun that I’m doing or just finished doing).  I was great because . . ., What are you doing?”  The general rule was I would just try to chat with her until she asked me a question.  Once she asked me a question I would say, “You seem like an interesting girl, let’s chat on Facebook.”

It is incredibly important to stop chatting on and get her on any other messaging platform ASAP because she is going to stop using soon and you won’t be able to keep talking with her.  Once I applied this system I was able to get a first date every 2 or 3 months or so.

I ended up chatting with several cute foreign girls there and ended up with the same problem that I had on where I was endlessly chatting with random foreign girls. is a good tool to use to meet foreign girls.

Despite all of its problems is a dating tool worth using.  It’s free and lots of girls cycle through it.  It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes a day to do your daily swipes so it is certainly worth setting up a profile on it and doing some swiping while you are sitting on the toilet or bored at work.  And it can get you anywhere from 3 to 5 additional first dates every year.  That doesn’t sound like a lot but over 3 or 4 years that can add up.


Using a LDS dating website is kind of hit or miss.  There isn’t one LDS dating website that can be completely useful all the time.  Despite its problems it makes sense to get and use and profile.  When it comes to using a pay LDS dating website make sure to choose a site that gets you results.  You probably want to use the site for 4 months or so and then drop it for a year or so and use it later when the people using it have changed.

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