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Diablo Valley College Professor Eric Clanton Indoctrinates Students With Marxism

Diablo Valley College in California is under fire over one of their teachers, Eric Clanton. Internet sleuths claim he attacked peaceful Trump supporters with a bike lock.  Diablo Valley College’s student newspaper reported he is not currently teaching, but confirmed that he indeed “was scheduled to return to work for the summer semester.” The school complained that he is the “subject of 4chan harassment” and that the claims of violence are “based on an unsubstantiated allegation from unknown sources.”

Also, an alleged friend of Clanton’s denied the allegations of violence.

Marxist Agitators

I do not know whether Eric Clanton is the culprit or not, but while investigating I uncovered a lot of disturbing information about schools in this area. It paints a very grim picture of Marxist indoctrination in California schools.

The SFSU academic profile for Clanton listed Marxism and Environmental Virtue Ethics as his interests. An OKCupid dating profile that the sleuths associate with Clanton states: “I spend a lot of time thinking about REVOLUTION”

A video is going around of a lecture about “creative forms of resistance.” It is unconfirmed who is giving this lecture or where.

As a feeder school for UC Berkeley, these allegations fit into a troubling pattern of extreme Marxism that leads to violence and suppression of free speech. A Berkeley teacher got caught instigating violence. A middle school teacher at Berkeley city got caught instigating violence. Berkeley’s school newspaper is supporting violence.

As for what is being taught at DVC, I found only a couple lectures online. But they contain some very disturbing Marxist ideology.

Indoctrination Of Sexual Degeneracy

The title of this lecture by family therapist Grace Pacheco is: “Polyamory and Conscious Non-Monogamy in Couple’s of Color Diablo Valley College DVC.” The giggly woman makes some very racist generalizations that would provoke outrage in other contexts, such as that Baptists grow up in “the hood” while Whites have supportive parents.

“Polyamory is another marginalized culture, because the Untied States was built on Christian values–one man, one woman together, only like that…. It’s really an ethical and responsible way to be.”

Ethical huh?

“Non-monogamy rejects religious rules put in place by Christian slave owners, settlers, and Conquistadors. You know, the theory is that, actually, if we look back, yeah maybe I grew up Christian, you know, in an Evangelical church, maybe in the hood in a Baptist church. It’s basically saying, ‘Wait a second, why am I believing this stuff? But my ancestors–this isn’t really my religion, so I’m going to reject that.’

‘Catholicism–I mean I was always like this in church, but isn’t that like the slave-owners’ religion?’ Okay, so this is where it’s rebellion, it’s revolution, of being polyamorous.

So basically it is a deliberate reflection on how we can actively challenge patriarchy, meaning no longer man owns me. I am not his “chick.” We’re partners on the same playing field.”

Partners? I think a better word would be “comrade.” This is Marxist ideology, after all. Marxism is rebellion against private ownership and removal of personal responsibilities, which are an evil product of Christianity and men. Her narrative about romance portrays traditional marriage somehow as ownership and somehow related to slavery. She portrays relationships as an economic commodity that one person should not be responsible for.

This is sexual Marxism.

“And then also, it rejects the racism able-ism and power and balance in relationships. So, like I said, polyamory is not a fetish.”

As a product of Marxist society, relationships now must conform into its societal rules of class. Relationships are now defined by class.

Diablo Valley College’s Libraray twitter stream

Diablo Valley College’s Newspaper twitter stream

This ideology becomes incredibly convoluted, as everybody wants to be an oppressed class and get away from the undesirable classes, like White and male. Suddenly there are hundreds, thousands, of classes that we have to juggle. Add multiple partners on top of that, and the formula for “privilege” becomes quite complex, like I imagine tax returns will be in another hundred years.

She shows a complex double-wheel graph of class distinctions:

“So, this is areas of privilege, powerlessness, oppression, and internationality… So, in every single area you can be privileged or you can be like totally oppressed and not privileged….

Candice and Mike both identify as Black. JP is a White man. Okay, we’ve got a problem there. We’ve got a power differential, right, to bring in a person with that much power in the world? Now, Mike has no privilege in–I’m going to say no–it’s just what it is–being a Black male. However, as religious, he identified as Christian which is considered an advantageous religion. Okay, he’s not Black Muslim–that would be harder, meaning more oppression.”

So they break up. The end.

Indoctrination Of Racial Marxism

This lecture from the “Diablo Valley College Speaker Series” is titled “Race, Equity, Justice, and Education.”

The logic here is just as simplistic and twisted. He focuses on equity of output for schools according to race classes. People of a certain race don’t graduate college as much, therefore the problem must lie with the schools. There must be some ingrained injustice in the school institution, as race is a class and all classes are equal. He does not even admit the possibility of another reason, such as class culture or parents.

This follows the Marxist tactic of defining the individual in terms of their class. Marxists seek equity of outcome for all classes through cultural institutions such as college. He says the lack of Black graduates is a problem because we need to “increase America’s economic output.” Not because of the individuals, not because of morality, but because of economic output.

This is classic Marxist ideology. It is a zero sum fallacy. If some class performs better, that means another class is oppressed. If some people receive racism, that means other races are unjustly privileged. Although, it seems to be Whites who are privileged even though Asians perform better… because there are a variety of Asian races… and not Whites, apparently? This guy is all over the place.

The lack of women in the federal Senate must be because of sexism. They can play this game all day, cherry-pick inequalities that naturally occur while ignoring others. What about the lack of Whites in the NBA? What about the lack of Mormons in San Francisco? Marxists pick any fragment of evidence they can to push a narrative of class inequality.

By defining people in terms of class instead of individuals, the Marxists destroy a merit-based economy and personal agency. Suddenly we are lowering the standards for certain people to graduate college. Suddenly certain people get free handouts. By coddling the “minorities,” Marxists only enslave them in a cylce of dependency, because they no longer have personal agency.

This racist rhetoric is not confined to the lecture hall. It bleeds out into the college structure itself.

A local CBS News report declares students need teachers of their own race. They interview almost entire Black students, even though the school’s demographics are only 5% Black and 24% Hispanic.

This is the same narrative that leads to racial segregation in some schools. Marxists push racism and divide by race, oppressing Whites in the name of “equity.” Racial representation becomes a much higher representation of faculty than students of that minority class.

Accreditation In Jeopardy Due To Inept Leadership

After the City College of San Franisco lost its accreditation as a college, Diablo Valley college found itself next on the chopping block.

The commission had previously sanctioned Diablo’s accreditation because the school “had not resolved recommendations made by a visiting team, which involved decision making roles, curriculum and college wide planning within a two year time frame.”

The 2009 report pointed out that the college needed a “uniform process of program review which includes direct evidence of student learning and is used to inform and influence planning and resource allocation and leads to improvement in programs and services.” It found the school lacked “a timely, systematic review and efficient procedures for course and program approval with adequate technology and staff support.” It demanded better communication across organizations “by promoting transparent decision making, honest dialogue and widespread dissemination of internal college documents.”

Apparently these issues did get resolved with the accreditation board, but it just goes to show where the school’s priorities lie. It still has a low faculty to student ratio, which is certainly much more important to learning than the race of the instructors.

I am also curious why the school is allowed accreditation and receives federal tax dollars even though it shelters illegal aliens.

NorCal after the 2016 Trumpslide

I had a work emergency that forced Mrs. Johnson and I to spend two weeks out In NorCal.  I suspect that a few of my coworkers were part of the Antifa groups that attacked the Milo rally in Berkeley.  So when I talk about NorCal leftists, the leftists I deal with are the Antifa supporting types.  Of course all leftists support Antifa just some leftists are smart enough to pretend that they don’t support political violence.

The first thing I noticed about NorCal is the place is hyper political and the leftists never pass up a chance to attack anything that a conservative does.  For example on my first day in the office one of my coworkers right before a major work meeting went on a rant about how Trump is a madman due to Trump’s executive orders.  You just notice that the leftists feel completely free to express their views and they know that non leftists can’t say anything back at them.

At the same time that they feel completely free to put down all non leftists and their political views, NorCal leftists are completely demoralized.  They really feel like the rest of America has turned its back on them.  That’s where #CalExit is coming from.  #CalExit is the expression of NorCal leftists that they are afraid that they never will have power in America again.  It’s strange because in many ways the demographic trends still support the Left.  You would think that they would treat the 2016 like a normal lost election, but they aren’t.  Maybe they’ve turned NorCal into such a safe space for themselves that they can’t even contemplate ever losing a political battle.

NorCal SJW’s always debate in bad faith.  For example one time one of my coworkers was ranting about Trump’s so called Muslim ban and he started to say that America has separation of church and state and because of separation of church and state we have to let Islam invade and conquer America.  I decided to respond and I said, “Well you leftists spent the last 8 years oppressing Christians so we really aren’t interested in hearing about you wanting separation of church and state to defend your Muslim terrorist friends.”  My coworker said, “When were Christians ever oppressed.”  I then went on a talked about the Oregon bakers, the Indiana pizza joint, Brendan Eich and California’s well known ban on all supporters of Prop 8.  As soon as I finished my list my coworker immediately retorted, “Christians aren’t oppressed and who cares about them?”  It was amazing to see how my coworker didn’t care about intellectual consistency, but only about advancing their agenda.  It’s a powerful lesson to have reinforced that leftists only care about advancing their agenda and have no interest at all in truth.

It is brutally hard to be religious, traditional or conservative in NorCal.  The Milo riot showed that conservatives are targets.  The locals were fine with the Milo riot and they thought that it was funny and borderline in good fun.  It really is open season on conservatives there.  If you are a Mormon then it is just brutal living there.  My conservative family and friends have to develop an ability not to notice the amount of crap and abuse they take from their coworkers, neighbors and even “friends” on a daily basis.  It’s absolutely brutal.

NorCal can be really seductive.  It had been raining a lot before Mrs. Johnson and I got there.  Then it cleared up and was fairly warm with the hills being a beautiful shade of green.  The food there is incredibly good.  Even in mid level suburbs there are tons of great places to eat.  When you see the green hills, sunny skies and great food, it is very easy to want to be there.  You can really see why so many people are willing to put up with the ridiculously high prices and oppressive culture because there are nice side benefits of being in NorCal.

After seeing the way that the people in NorCal responded to the Milo riot, I’m convinced that as long as leftists have control over their blue states and places like Berkeley then there will continue to be political violence in these places.  I would recommend that all conservatives and Mormons leave California ASAP because the violence isn’t going to end and they are going to crank up oppression of conservatives even higher over the next few years.  It’s already really bad in NorCal and things are only going to get worse.

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12 Ways that the San Francisco Bay Area Warps Common Filth

I’m a big fan of Common Filth.  He does a great job of exposing post-modern degeneracy and even more importantly he goes a great job of calling people to repentance.  We need more people like Common Filth calling the wicked to repentance.  These days when people on the Alt Right listen to Common Filth they feel like CF is exclusively attacking White people and not talking about anybody else’s sins.  Recently it seems like Common Filth Radio has a dark feel to it because CF feels beaten down by the degeneracy around him.  Many people are starting to comment on the tone that CF has taken on his show.  People on the Alt Right need to understand that Common Filth’s worldview is warped because he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, literally the most poz’d place on Earth.

From listening to Common Filth Radio and some of his stories he’s told about his hometown, I’m pretty sure that he lives about 4 exits up the freeway from where I grew up so I understand what he suffers on a daily basis living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Alt Right must understand that when CF talks about the sins of White people he is talking about behavior he witnesses in Bay Area residents on a daily basis.  Here’s what living in the San Francisco Bay Area is like for followers of Christ.  I can’t speak for somebody else, so this list is how living in the Bay Area affected me.

Sufferings followers of Christ suffer everyday in the San Francisco Bay Area

  1. Most White people who move to NorCal move there for the poz and degeneracy. The San Francisco Bay Area is the poz capital of the world.  The only reason to move to the Bay Area is to get in on the degeneracy and poz.  Normal family oriented people don’t move to NorCal.  The trend is a White family sells their Bay Area house to either a minority clan or to a rich degenerate who wants to live a degenerate life.
  2. People who live in the San Francisco Bay Area think that people who LARP Devil worship are cool and fun. Look at that fire that hit Oakland 2 weeks ago.  Look at the photos of that place.  They are creepy and satanic.  Here’s the thing, people in the Bay Area find that stuff normal and trendy.  They aren’t disgusted by it in the slightest.  For example if you were to show the various Spirit Cooking and creepy Comet Pizza photos to Bay Area residents, they wouldn’t bat an eye.  They honestly would think that those photos are completely normal and acceptable.
  3. The gays in the San Francisco Bay Area are all powerful. There really is a gay mafia and these people are all powerful in the Bay Area.  They can do whatever they want and they will rub their lifestyle in your face 24/7/365.  Whenever you are out in public you might run into a random gay pride parade just because it is Wednesday afternoon.  The gays aren’t discreet with their lifestyle at all.
  4. The media in the San Francisco Bay Area panders to the gay mafia. Every local news cast will have half of their nightly news stories being a variation of “Today our glorious gays defeated the evil Christians again.”  Homosexuality is praised to the moon in the local media and Christians are framed as the worst degenerates on Earth.
  5. The few families in the San Francisco Bay Area explicitly raise their children to hate Christianity and Christians. Most kids in the Bay Area hate Christians and followers of Christ are outcasts from the time they attend elementary school because of their faith in Christ.
  6. School teachers hate Christians and they use their position to push atheism and anti-Christian thought. Every history teacher will spend all year highlighting every bad thing that a Christian ever did, while hiding the bad behavior of every other world religion.  Every science teacher turns every science lesson into a Christian bashing session.  Every day Christian students get verbally beat up by their teachers for their faith in Christ.
  7. Teachers treat their Christian students as their enemies. At my high school the Mormon families always volunteered to help the music program.  For nearly 20 years when the music teacher needed help, the Mormon families lined up to help him out.  And here’s the thing, the music teacher was flaming gay but the Mormons didn’t care.  They still helped him out.  In 2008 during Prop 8, this music teacher started to publicly bad mouth all of his Mormon students and attack them.  It didn’t matter that Mormons had supported him for 20 years.  Once he didn’t get whatever he wanted he turned Mormons into his personal enemies.
  8. In the San Francisco Bay Area all Christians are discriminated against. In 2008 after Prop 8, the gay mafia created a list of all donors to Prop 8.  All HR departments check that list.  If your name is on that list, you will never get hired and you will be the first person let go in the next round of corporate downsizing.  My name is on that list and I can’t get a corporate job in the Bay Area.  The Prop 8 list is how Brendan Eich got fired from Mozilla.
  9. In the San Francisco Bay Area the White people make themselves ugly. In NorCal you will go days or even weeks between spotting a cute girl.  There are lots of girls who could be cute but they disfigure themselves in one way or another.  If you want to date in the Bay Area then you are stuck trolling after Asian girls because the White girls all made themselves gross looking.
  10. White homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area have worked out a real good scam for themselves. They have high salary jobs but even with their jobs, they can’t really afford their houses.  However due to limited amounts of housing in the Bay Area housing prices go up, a lot.  Common Filth’s hometown used to be town where cops and other middle class White families lived.  Over the last 20 years or so, due to the rise in property values their home values have sky rocketed.  What happens is public employees push for ridiculously high salaries and pensions while their houses go way up in value.  When government workers retire, they sell their house which went way up in value, they keep the pension and they buy a mansion out of state and live like a member of the elite.  It’s a total scam and Common Filth had to witness it for his whole life.
  11. Another big scam that goes on in the San Francisco Bay Area is the H1B visa scam. Lots of people love the H1B visa scam in the Bay Area. Here’s the way it works.  We all know that big Silicon Valley loves the scam because they don’t have to hire White people who demand things like raises and being able to go home to their family.  However there is another group of people who like the H1B visa scam just as much as big Silicon Valley: homeowners.  The only way that H1B visa people can live in the Bay Area is they live 3 or 4 complete families to a small townhome.  For example a few years ago I was living in a townhome.  All of my neighbors were from India or some other South East Asian country.  They would have full clans living in these 1600 square foot townhouses.  Homeowners love the H1B visa scam because the mass influx of Asian H1B visa holders means that their property value always goes up and there always will be a buyer for their property within 2 weeks of listing it.
  12. The economy of Silicon Valley really exists to distribute porn. We all want to pretend that all of our new technology benefits humanity but the reality is that the vast majority of technology exists to distribute porn. It’s a very dirty secret but everybody in the Bay Area helps peddle smut to the American and world population.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the most disgusting place on Earth.  It is occupied by the worst White filth in the whole world.  Common Filth lives in the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.  Common Filth lives in a degeneracy bubble and after living there, it starts to feel like the whole world is like the San Francisco Bay Area.

When people listen to Common Filth Radio they have to understand that he lives in an incredibly evil place.  The evilness of the Bay Area affects how he sees the world.  When people listen to Common Filth they have to have compassion on him and accept that he’s doing an incredibly hard task, which is calling Bay Area people to repentance.  The only thing that possibly can get through to them is the most graphic description of their degeneracy and sinful nature.

Recommendations for Common Filth to deal with living in the San Francisco Bay Area

  1. Common Filth needs to move out of the Bay Area. Move to a city that is a lot more traditional and sane than NorCal.  There are lots of cities in the interior of the United States that are a lot more sane and normal than NorCal.  As soon as he is able, Common Filth needs to escape the San Francisco Bay Area
  2. Common Filth needs breaks from the insanity that is the San Francisco Bay Area. Even in California there are places that are sane and normal.  California north of Sacramento is normal.  In the mountains above Redding, there are great places to visit.  Visit these places, see the great natural scenery and be around normal sane people.
  3. Common Filth needs to understand that there is great beauty too. CF understands the sinful nature of the world very well.  What he also needs to understand is there are great things in the world too.  There are lots of great people who are resisting evil and living great lives. Christ already won the war against sin and evil.  The Devil just goes around fooling people and making them think that the war isn’t over yet.  In spite of all the evil we have to confront on a daily basis, the world is a great place and sometimes we all have to take a big step back and see the good in the world too.  God is smarter than we are and he is smarter than the Devil.  Have faith that God knows what he is doing.  Enjoy God’s greatest creation: this Earth and all of us and have faith that he will save the righteous.


People on the Alt Right need to be compassionate on Common Filth.  He is in a really nasty place full of sin and degeneracy.  He lives in a place where evil is praised and good is attacked on a daily basis.  When his show gets really dark we are seeing the despair that he has to live with.  Common Filth will be much happier when he gets away from the poz and gets to a sane location.

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Why I Support Donald Trump

I live in California.  I grew up here and it is my home.  I have also witnessed what leftists have done to California over the last 30+ years.  Let me tell you why I support Donald Trump.

This is what a First Lady should look like

When I was a child in the 80’s I got to see the last of great California.  In the 1950’s and 60’s California was paradise on Earth.  California has the best weather anywhere on Earth.  It has some of the absolute best outdoor places on Earth.  California had a booming economy and lots of land where average Americans could have a really nice middle class lifestyle and live great lives.

In the 1960’s the leftists moved in.  They mostly settled in Hollywood and San Francisco.  They were loud and obnoxious.  They settled so heavily in and around San Francisco that the Bay Area quickly became ground zero for leftism in the whole bloody world.  However the people everywhere else in California mostly rejected the nonsense of the leftists in the Bay Area.  Still the leftists pushed through some of their leftist agenda when normal people weren’t paying attention.

When I was a child in the 1980’s California was still a wonderful place.  It was still a red state that voted for Reagan and Bush Senior in the 80’s.  However lots and lots of Mexicans were moving in.  Then Reagan gave all the illegals amnesty in 1986.  By 1992 California was a blue state.  California became a pure leftist state in only 6 years after all the Mexicans got amnesty.

As California became a bigger and bigger blue state the leftists in Northern California exercised more and more power.  By the early 2000’s they were doing gay marriage.  San Francisco’s mayor one day decided to change the marriage application to accomodate gays.  Normal Californians were able to shortly stop gay marriage with Prop 8 in 2008.  However this was overturned quickly.

By 2010 California had become completely overpopulated through immigration.  Mexicans have colonized huge parts of California and it is Mexico.  I used to tell an ex-girlfriend that I worked in a Mexican ghetto.  Half of all welfare recipients in America live in California.  In my lifetime California has gone from being the economic engine of America to being its welfare capital.  Now when you think of California you think of gay hipsters working for some social media company or fat Mexicans on welfare.

California even imported tons of Indians and Asians.  Even the middle class suburbs became overrun with foreigners.  The problem with importing tons of Asians is three-fold.  First of all they come in and compete with Americans for jobs.  They accept lower wages and don’t demand raises, which makes employers happy.  Second when they get into management positions they only hire members of their race.  If you get an Indian manager, get your resume ready because you will get laid off soon and replaced with his cousin from Bombay.  Having Asians competing for middle class jobs makes Americans poorer and makes it harder for them to live good lives.

The third problem with Asian immigration is Asians drive up the cost of rent.  Asians are happy to live in big suburban houses with lots of family members.  You will see Indian or Chinese families where grandma and grandpa live in the house, 4 or their children with their spouses and 8 of their grandchildren in the same house.  All 8 of the adult children work at different jobs and take separate cars.  They all pool their money that allows them to live in upper middle class suburbs.  The way they live greatly increases the cost of living because they drive up the cost of rent making it impossible for European Americans to purchase homes at affordable prices.  Because of the way they live, Asians are huge contributors to the massive traffic congestion on California roads making everybody’s commute long and miserable.

Massive immigration has allowed rich leftists in Northern California and Hollywood to dominate California.  Massive immigration has given them massive power to put their Cultural Marxist agenda into practice.  California is the most heavily taxed state in America.  Leftists are able to exercise their hate against Mormons and Christians to the max.  There is a database that has all the donor information for Prop 8 supporters in California.  My name is on that list for my nothing $50 contribution.  All California HR departments check that list.  If your name is on that list you can’t get hired at California corporations.

All the nasty lesbians in Northern California have put their feminists dreams into practice.  When you think of California girls you think of sexy girls on a beach, right?  Yeah not so much.  In Northern California the girls are full of feminist indoctrination and man hate.  Overwhelmingly they have blue hair, are fat and have disgusting attitudes.  Northern California is the worst dating market in America for men.  Southern California is not much better.  There are still some sexy beach girls, but now its mostly fat Mexican girls waddling around SoCal.  Leftists have destroyed California’s women.

Leftists make it impossible for normal Americans to have any kind of a happy life with massive taxation, a degenerate culture, job discrimination, low wages due to Asian immigration, high cost of living due to immigration and nasty commutes.  Leftists have taken California which should be paradise on Earth and they have turned it into a living Hell.

Why am I talking about the decline and fall of California as I get into talking about why it is so important to vote for Donald Trump?  It’s simple really.  Only 1 thing stands between leftists and their ability to turn all of America into one big massive California sized Hellhole.  That’s Texas.  If Texas ever goes blue, then it’s all over and normal people will no longer have the ability to have any kind of a decent life in America.  Right now normal Americans can escape California and live somewhere sane.  Mormons can move to Utah or Idaho.  Other Californians move to places like Colorado, but often bring their leftism with them.  Conservative Californians often move to Texas.  If Texas turns blue, there will be nowhere for normal Americans to live because leftists will make all of America into one big California.

Leftists are working hard to turn Texas into a blue state.  They are flooding it with Mexicans.  They are pushing hard for amnesty.  Once they’ve flooded Texas with enough immigrants to turn it blue, its game over for America.  Texas might already be at the tipping point to turn blue, it might just need its illegals to get amnesty.  We really don’t know.  It happened in California in only 6 years.

In parts of Texas where Mexican immigration has turned cities blue leftist public officials have attacked Christians.  The mayor of Houston declared some Christian churches hate groups.  Once leftists have total power in Texas they will do the same thing in the whole state.  If Texas falls to leftists, and it will with enough immigration, America will never vote for a non hardened leftist again.

Donald Trump is the only candidate running for president who clearly and directly says, “Either we have a country or we don’t.”  He is the only candidate who clearly says that we will build a wall, deport the illegal Mexicans and get rid of H1B visas that bring in the Indians and Chinese to drive down middle class wages and drive up rent.  Donald Trump may or may not be telling us the truth.  Donald Trump might be lying to us.  But so what?  He’s our only chance to save what little can be saved of America.

Look at the alternatives to Donald Trump.  Ted Cruz talks about how he would like to build a wall.  However he uses tons of legalese and jargon to make it sound like he supports it, but if you look closely you can see he has no intention of building the wall.  The way he uses jargon when he talks about immigration shows he is just telling us what we want to hear without actually committing to it.  We won’t even get into “Gang of 8” Marco Rubio.

The Great Wall of Trump will be Yuuuge

Donald Trump is the only candidate who says, “We will build a wall.”  He doesn’t use jargon.  He doesn’t qualify his statements.  I believe Donald Trump when he talks on immigration because he speaks plainly and doesn’t qualify anything he says.  If Donald Trump betrays us, he won’t have any legalese to hide behind to protect him from the mob.  Donald Trump has burned his bridges to the political establishment and they won’t support him if he loses support from the People.  Donald Trump has to fulfill his promise to build the wall or else the elites will turn him over to us for justice.  Donald Trump is the best candidate for United States president because he is the only one who might stop the leftists from turning Texas into a blue state.