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A Truthful Review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You

Kindle Customer wrote a truthful review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You:

I always hated the saying that women are complicated or a mystery because they are people. It sounds like a lie. This book confirmed things I knew and explained everything I was still trying to figure out.
Anyone wanting to become “Chad” and avoid “Giselle” should read this.

Thank you to Kindle Customer for writing a truthful review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You.  When people who read my books write honest reviews it helps to grow Redgulls because it helps improve Everything Your Father Never Taught You in Amazon’s search ratings.  SJW’s leave dishonest fake reviews because many people never look past the book rating and if they see a low star book rating they reject the book.  The other reason why SJW’s leave fake reviews is because books with low star ratings get punished on Amazon’s ratings system and are less likely to appear on people’s Amazon book searches.  Whenever people write a truthful review of a product that they bought on Amazon then they help to improve that product’s rating which helps more people to find it.

I am very grateful to Kindle Customer for writing a truthful review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You.

An excellent review of Marry the Man of Your Dreams

Nome de Plume writes and excellent review of Marry the Man of Your Dreams:

The truth hurts, at least at first, until its healing power can be felt afterwards. Whenever there is a knee-jerk negative reaction, like the earlier negative review, it means someone heard an inconvenient truth but whose pride cannot bear it yet. The book’s advice is entirely on point; the only flaw is the need of better editing to reduce redundancy.

Thank you Nome de Plume for leaving an excellent review of Marry the Man of Your Dreams.  Writing Marry the Man of your Dreams was a difficult task.  It was difficult because I knew that whenever the vast majority of post modern American women read it, they would be angry.  This includes Mormon girls.  Post modern American women don’t like the message of Marry the Man of Your Dreams because post modern women hate the idea that they have to do anything to attract a good man.

I knew that many people would unfairly savage Marry the Man of Your Dreams because of its message.  I am especially grateful whenever anybody leaves an excellent review of Marry the Man of Your Dreams because it let’s me know that the negative reviews come from the usual suspects and not because the books sucks.

An Honest Review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You

Nome de Plume made an honest review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You:

Most of this rather scientific (in the true sense of experience and sense) book was like “Deja Vu all over again” as the observations of how things work for men are true. This book is a rare form of actual wisdom, delivered in a no-nonsense manner, albeit in need of editing some redundancies out. The hostile reviews on here show no in-depth understand or evaluation of the book, only an emotionally defensive tone and unthinking reaction. Perhaps from women who do not understand men’s lives and cannot see outside the bubble. This, my children, is how the average (“Blue Pill”) people react to truth. “True Wit is Nature to advantage dress’d/What oft was thought, but ne’er so well express’d”

Thank you Nome de Plume for leaving an honest review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You.  SJW’s love to attempt to silence dissent by leaving fake reviews of books and products that they oppose.  We can fight back against SJW fake reviews by leaving honest reviews on products that we like and when the producer of the product shares our values.

I am very grateful to Nome de Plume for leaving an honest review of Everything Your Father Never Taught You.  I feel very happy to know that my writing has helped people to understand the world better and helped people learn how to navigate the post modern world.


SJW Fake Americans Leave Fake Reviews on Jeffrey Johnson’s Books

One of the few negative side effects of running a traditional website and publishing books is whenever a SJW stumbles onto xir gets triggered and decides to strike back usually by leaving fake reviews on my books.  Sometimes xir leaves negative comments on the site which we promptly delete so that Redgulls readers don’t have to suffer their SJW nonsense.  However usually what SJW’s do when they stumble onto Redgulls is they click on the link to my book Everything Your Father Never Taught You and they leave a negative 1 Star Review.

Fake reviews are a big problem because they hurt our ability to reach out to young LDS men who are struggling to get dates and have a good social life.  Possibly the most effective way to help young men to take the red pill is through showing them the Truth about how to get dates and become the kind of man who girls want to date.  Fake reviews discourage men who haven’t taken the red pill from reading Everything Your Father Never Taught You and taking their first steps on their red pill journey.

Here’s what you can do to help Redgulls deal with the fake reviews problem:

SJW’s always lie and one of the ways that they lie and hurt their political enemies is by leaving fake reviews on  I appreciate YOUR help in helping to fight against fake reviews made against Everything Your Father Never Taught You and Marry the Man of Your Dreams.

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Book Review: An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon

A few weeks ago Mrs. Johnson decided that she got sick of living in my bachelor pad and decided to redecorate the house to make it more of a family house.  She dragged me to the local LDS bookstore to buy a painting of Christ and other inspiring paintings and prints to hang over the TV.  While she was choosing inspiring LDS paintings I cruised through the discount books section and picked up a couple of LDS books.  One of the books I picked up was an archeology book about the Book of Mormon.   An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon is the best of the Latter Day-Saint books that attempts to demonstrate archeological evidence for the Book of Mormon.  John L. Sorenson was a professor with many years experience doing archeology in Mesoamerica and understands the culture of the ancient people there.

John L. Sorenson makes a strong archeological case for the Book of Mormon in An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon and he explains the context of the Book of Mormon’s power struggles.  Not only does An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon excellently deal with the background of why things happened, John L. Sorenson drops major red pill truths about life.

4 Major Things An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon Gets Right

  1. An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon sets the main Nephite and Lamanite homelands in the mountains of Mesoamerica.  I’ve travelled through that part of the world and the thing that jumps out is how freaking hot it is in the lowlands.  The weather in the mountains is a lot cooler.  People in the lowlands in Mesoamerica don’t like to wear much clothing because it’s so freaking hot.  The Book of Mormon talks about how the Nephites wore clothing.  There’s no way that people would want to wear tons of clothing if they were living in the lowlands in that part of the world.
  2.  Gets the city population size right.  We think of ancient cities as these massive places like Rome or Constantinople with populations of several hundred thousand people.  However most big cities in the ancient world had populations between 25,000 and 50,000 people.  In An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon, John L. Sorenson shows that the most likely places for Zarahemla and the Land of Nephi had about 20,000 people in the cities and a total population of 100,000 in the whole Land of Zarahemla and the Land of Nephi each.
  3. Sorenson gets the importance of land pressure right. This is a really big deal because people had to spread out constantly to find new land to settle.  Land pressure forced people in the ancient world into competition and eventually violence.  Lots of the conflict and dissention of the Book of Mormon comes from different groups fighting over control of the land.
  4. Lehi and his followers were able to set themselves up as the ruling elite of Mesoamerica because the Jaredite elite killed itself off. Sorenson doesn’t state it explicitly but he argues that many of the Jaredite people didn’t die in the final wars of the Jaredites but the Jaredite elites did massacre each other.  After the Jaredite elite killed itself off, Lehi and his followers showed up and were able to establish themselves as the new political elite.

3 Major Red Pill Truths John L. Sorenson Drops in An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon

  1. In An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon, John L. Sorenson discusses how Diversity + Proximity = War. The Nephites had so many dissentions with the people of Zarahemla because the Nephites were an imported group of elites ruling over a foreign nation.  Many of the Nephite dissentions came from people who lost their power and influence due to Mosiah and his followers ruling over the people of Zarahemla.
  2. The people from Mesoamerica move around constantly. The Aztecs originally were from the South West of the United States who migrated to present day Mexico City.  Historically the people from Southern Mexico moved all over.  John L. Sorenson wrote An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon from California in the early 1980’s when people from southern Mexico were mass migrating to California and settling there.  When Sorenson writes about the people of Mesoamerica moving around he made a few points about how their moving to the United States would cause chaos here.  30 years later, people from Southern Mexico have totally taken over California and driven out most of the White people.
  3. The biggest red pill discussion in all of An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon was when John L. Sorenson wrote about secret combinations and secret societies. Sorenson wrote that as civilizations grow and become more complex, secret societies form.  His discussion on secret societies and why they rise reads like what Pleasureman wrote about SCALE.


An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon is a really good book.  It is an entertaining read and will hold your interest.  It reads fast and is very interesting.  It is good for members of the Mormon Church with a testimony of the Gospel who want to know more about the Book of Mormon.  It also is a good tool to use to retort to people who say that there’s no archeological evidence for the Book of Mormon.  You could use this book with teenager kids who ask in good faith whether or not there’s archeological evidence for the Book of Mormon.  Pick up a copy of An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon today because it is an enlightening book well worth reading.

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Read the first neomasculine book written for Mormons today


Book Review: How to Deal with Narcissists

Anonymous Conservative wrote the ground breaking classic The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics.  Many people don’t know that he wrote an equally important book How to Deal with Narcissists which helps normal people manage relationships with narcissists.

The main lesson from How to Deal with Narcissists is narcissists are evil people.  They don’t feel happiness or joy.  They aren’t people who are just having a bad day.  They aren’t people who are just going through a rough patch in their lives.  Narcissists are evil nasty people who sabotage people’s lives including their own if it will make other people miserable.  Narcissists want you to fail in life and they will sabotage your plans in an attempt to make other people miserable.

The second big take away from How to Deal with Narcissists is narcissists are completely destructive.  Dumb narcissists end up poor and isolated.  They can’t get along with people and their self sabotaging nature means that they can’t hold down a job or get any kind of a promotion.  They end up alone without any friends or support group.  Smart narcissists can use their powers of sabotage to undermine people around them and rise through the chaos.  A lot of our politicians are smart narcissists who have successfully used the narcissism to rise in the world.  This is why even after getting lots of power, many politicians end up doing something stupid that makes them lose everything.  It is the nature of their narcissistic personality to sabotage and they eventually sabotage themselves.

According to How to Deal with Narcissists the best way to deal with narcissists is to get them out of our lives and stay far away from them.  It doesn’t matter if our father or our mother is a narcissist we need to get them out of our lives.  They are destructive people who are more than happy to sabotage even their loved ones.  If we don’t get away from narcissists then they will drag us down into their failure and misery.  Narcissists are like vampires and they will suck the life blood out of us if we give them a chance.

If you know that somebody is a narcissist and you have to spend time with them, then How to Deal with Narcissists recommends that you give them an Amygdale Hijack.  Basically when you tell them an ugly truth about life, their views or about their life, it triggers them.  What you can’t do is start a fight with them, but if you stay calm and repeat the thing that triggers them it will make them physically ill.

For example right now in my life I’m having to deal with a narcissist.  I’m getting married next week and my fiancée’s fat narcissist friend from college invited herself to stay with the soon to be Mrs. Johnson and “help” her get ready for the big day.  Of course the fat friend is doing everything to undermine the wedding and make the soon to be Mrs. Johnson miserable.  One of the things that I’ve noticed is whenever Mrs. Johnson and I kiss it absolutely triggers the fat narcissistic friend.  So as a way of fighting back, I’m ramping up the obnoxious lovey-dovey stuff up to 11 just to make the narcissistic friend miserable.  That’s how I’m fighting back against the narcissist I’m currently dealing with.

I recommend that everybody read How to Deal with Narcissists because we all have to deal with narcissists in our lives.  America mass produces narcissists and they can make our lives miserable so we all need to deal with them.  Check out How to Deal with Narcissists today.

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Read the first neomasculine book written for Mormons today


Book Review: Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding

Recently I read the book Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding.  This was a difficult book to do a review on and I battled back and forth whether or not to discuss it because Joseph Smith’s polygamy is a subject many if not most Mormons can’t handle.  If you’ve taken the red pill Joseph Smith’s Polygamy will be very interesting to you.  The author is a member of the LDS Church and writes on Joseph Smith’s marriages.

Joseph Smith’s polygamy starts by giving a doctrinal explanation of polygamy.  It is mostly basic stuff you hear all the time in seminary class and Institute class.  After the author gets through going over the doctrine of polygamy the book gets into dealing with the history of Joseph Smith’s polygamy.

The first interesting story is the story of the Angel with a Sword.  Joseph Smith said that he was commanded by an angel on multiple occasions to enter into plural marriages.  Joseph said that first he didn’t want to but eventually the angel returned and in the vision he was holding a sword, implying that Joseph would die if he didn’t take on more wives.

In his life Joseph Smith engaged in 3 kinds of plural marriages.  The first kind was marriage for Time Only.  These were marriages to women that would only last for this life but not be valid in the life to come.  The second type of plural marriages Joseph Smith entered was marriages for All Eternity Only.  These were marriages only in the life to come and not valid in this life.  The third kind of plural marriages he engaged in are marriages for Time and All Eternity These were marriages for this life and the life to come.

One of the questions and accusations about Joseph Smith is that he engaged in polyandry.  Polyandry is a woman having more than 1 husband.  This accusation comes from the fact that Joseph Smith engaged in marriages with married women who were legally married to non-Mormon men.  In these marriages they were only for Eternity and not for this life.  He never sexually consummated these marriages.  So did he engage in polyandry?  Not really but, it looks weird to outsiders for sure.

After the Mormon Church moved from New York to Kirtland, Ohio one of the big accusations non members made against the church was that Mormons were engaging in polygamy.  Joseph Smith and other church leaders denied these accusations.  Anti-Mormons even claimed that Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon being tarred and feathered in 1832 were over polygamy.  It seems that the United Order was a part of the accusations of polygamy against the church.  The early Saint’s were commanded to “have all things in common” and it appears that some of them took it to mean that they were even to share each other’s sex partners.

However it seems that this accusation against the United Order wasn’t a unique criticism against the church.  The author talks about how there many groups were experimenting with “having all things in common” and that included partner swapping for them.  The “interesting” things going on during the Second Great Awakening sounds like an interesting thing for me to read about for future study.

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding then gets into the interesting part of the book: Joseph’s wives.  The first of his wives who get talked about is a girl named Fanny Alger.  Joseph married her in 1835 or 1836 when she was 18 or 19 years old.  Fanny and her family were faithful members of the church and she was a housekeeper in the Smith home. Oh and by the way, she was really cute.  Joseph asked for her parents’ permission to marry her and they agreed to it.

Where the Fanny Alger story gets really interesting is the barn incident.  One night Emma Smith heard some sounds in the barn and went out to investigate.  She looked through a hole in the wall and saw Joseph and Fanny together.  The author says that Emma didn’t say what she saw and that it could have been the ceremony, but then he goes on to admit that most likely Emma saw Joseph nailing Fanny.  After the barn incident Emma went into a rage and kicked Fanny out of the house.  Joseph and Fanny never had a child together, her family stayed faithful to the church and she eventually married a guy who wasn’t a member and had a big family.

The barn incident was a big story in Kirtland.  Oliver Cowdery thought that it was adultery and lots of people talked about it.  All throughout the 1830’s there were stories and rumors of Joseph Smith’s polygamy and sexual practices.  They overwhelmingly come from anti-Mormon sources but there seems to be enough smoke to conclude that there was something to them.  After the church moved to Nauvoo, Joseph Smith taught the Quorum of the 12 about polygamy.  Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball were the first to get polygamous wives.

One of the interesting things in Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding was how Joseph Smith learned how to run game on women he married.  He developed a set routine where first he would go over to a woman’s house and while there he would teach the doctrine of Eternal Marriage.  After teaching Eternal Marriage he would teach about Plural Marriage.  Then he would ask the girl to marry him due to Heavenly Father’s commandment.  I think of Joseph’s actions as Religious Leader Game.

One of the things about Joseph Smith’s polygamy was that it was responsible for driving away many of his closest allies.  Oliver Cowdery did not follow the rest of the church to Missouri and Nauvoo after the Fanny Alger incident.  Joseph Smith tried to marry Sidney Rigdon’s 19 year old daughter Nancy and soon after that incident Sidney Rigdon moved away from Nauvoo.

Emma Smith was not a fan of Joseph’s polygamy.  She was livid over the Fanny Alger incident and drove her away.  Over the years she came to some sort of an understanding about polygamy but she still didn’t like it.  Emma Smith participated in several polygamous sealings.  However a nasty pattern emerged where she would accept a plural wife, have her move in, abuse her, drive her away and repeat the pattern.  It seems like it was some sort of nasty game Joseph and Emma played together.  It goes a long way toward explaining why after Joseph’s death nobody cared for Emma and just abandoned her in Nauvoo.

So how do we reconcile Joseph Smith’s questionable sexual actions with the fact that he was a prophet of God called to restore the true and living church?  The first thing to understand is Joseph Smith was an apex alpha male.  In terms of personality and mental strength he was like this guy:


It takes a man with incredibly high amounts of testosterone and self confidence to say that he was called by God, release a new book of scripture, create a whole new religion and be willing to die over what he knows to be true.  A man like that will have incredibly high personal confidence and will be nearly irresistible to women.  It’s no surprise that many of the women he married were considered highly attractive.  An apex alpha male like Joseph Smith will have an incredibly high sex drive AND the ability to fulfill his sexual needs.  When you think about Joseph Smith and the kind of man he had to be in order to restore the Gospel it makes sense that Heavenly Father would allow polygamy because it was the only way to thread the eye of the needle on an apex alpha male and his sexual desires.

Who would I recommend Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding to?  If you have a strong testimony of the Gospel and a red pill mindset it is a great book.  It allows you to gain a nuanced view of Joseph Smith and a greater understanding of our history, even the not pleasant parts.  It gives us a good understanding that Joseph Smith brought some of the early persecutions of the church on himself and our church.  I wouldn’t recommend Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding to Mormons who got on the internet and found out that Joseph Smith had many wives and are now questioning their testimony.  It will only makes their questions worse and damage their faith.  Overall Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding is a good book and adds to our knowledge of Mormon history.

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MormonGame Reviews Everything Your Father Never Taught You

The great Rick Moser recently reviewed Everything Your Father Never Taught You on his website  I would like to thank Rick for his excellent review because Everything Your Never Taught You is the most important book for Mormon young men to learn how to meet and date Mormon girls.

Red Gulls put out a book about dating and attracting women, which is aimed specifically for Mormon men.

At a lengthy 322 pages, Everything Your Father Never Taught You covers a vast number of dating subjects that affect the dating lives of LDS men. He discusses important differences that men need to understand about women, chiefly the fear women experience due to their smaller physical size.

The need for protection drives much of the behavior that men find perplexing about women. A man can influence women by appearing like a strong protector, and by influencing the women’s feelings. Appeals to positive emotions get men remarkably far. Just look at the TV they watch, crap that is wrapped in a warm glowly frame. I enjoy that Redgulls relates this to the protection that women desire from the government which often replaces a good husband.

Read the rest there.

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Mini Book Review: The Afrikaners Biography of a People

Since before April 2016 General Conference Mormon Church leadership has been railing on about the poor refugees all over the world, especially “Syrian” refugees.  I decided to do some reading on a current group of oppressed people who are being slaughtered in their homeland: The Boers.  The Boers are descendents of Dutch settlers in South Africa.  I started reading The Afrikaners Biography of a People by Hermann Giliomee.  It is a big 700 page monster book that goes into huge detail.  I’m only 130 pages in but I’ve already learned a lot of important lessons from this book

The biggest thing I learned so far was Dutch settlers were buying slaves from other parts of Africa and even from Malaysia as soon as they started settling around modern day Cape Town.  Very quickly the slave and former slave population was larger than the European population.  You can see how the landowners were greedy for cheap labor.  Of course it was impossible for the Dutch settlers to foresee the rise of things like mass democracy, Cultural Marxism and international pressure that would force their descendents to give away the land they settled and made wealthy but it doesn’t matter.  They should have raised their own cattle and maintained their own farms.

The most applicable lesson to modern Americans and Mormons is cheap labor destroys nations.  Landholders and businessmen will always look to maximize profit no matter the long-term cost.  They will try to run the wage level down to zero if they can do it.  As Mormons we must recognize that if we keep importing more and more people into America we will have two problems.  First of all, we will ruin our standard of living by driving down wages and driving up the cost of living.  Landlords love immigration because it artificially raises the rent level.  Just look at Northern California, small townhouses sell for $700,000.  The people who buy them are Indian immigrants or other Asian immigrants who live 2 or 3 families in a 3 bedroom townhome.  Having 5 or 6 people working is the only thing allowing all of them to afford artificially high Northern California prices.  Northern California is one of the few places where people earning more than $100,000 a year are poor.

The second problem caused by mass immigration is the native population loses their land and country.  When you go to the San Francisco Bay Area, the thing that jumps out is there aren’t any White people there anymore.  It is all Asians, Indians and Mexicans.  The White people who settled and turned the Bay Area into paradise on Earth are gone.  It is no longer their home.  The Bay Area is a perfect comparison to the Boers.  The Boers wanted unlimited cheap labor and lost their country.  In the Bay Area the White settlers wanted cheap computer programmers and cheap gardeners and they no longer get to live in NorCal.

If Mormons want to keep their Utah homeland they have to accept that they can’t have cheap gardeners and cheap computer programmers.  It will not take much immigration to turn Utah into a place our ancestors would not recognize.  Parts of Salt Lake already are turning into places our ancestors would not recognize.  Let’s recognize the choices our ancestors made when they settled Utah and not give our land away to people who had nothing to do with building Utah.  Let’s not make the mistakes the Boers made.