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7 Lessons Of Warfare Against The Left, From Carl von Clausewitz

In 1833, Carl von Clausewitz published Vom Kriege, one of the most important and influential books of all time on warfare.

It is useful for us today to study war tactics from Clausewitz, from the scriptures, and other books of wisdom, as we are fighting a rhetorical war against the Left. Our war is with words and ideas, not physical violence, but the rules are still the same.

I don’t think it is by accident that the alt-right and Donald Trump movement started with Gamergate. Games teach us strategy and military tactics. Rather than complain about how much time kids spend on games, parents should encourage it and direct the knowledge and talent that they derive towards defense of virtue and traditional culture.

1. War Is Political Movement

“War is not merely a political act but a real political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse, a carrying out of the same by other means.”

Most of us have heard this quote at some point. It’s all about politics. And what is the root of politics? Clausewitz calls war “a kind of business competition on a great scale.” It’s all about the money.

Keep this in mind the next time someone dismisses a news event or Democrat policy as “just politics,” because politics is a vast landscape, and its most severe tool is a thing called war. Any kind of warfare, be it business, international, trade, religious, civil, colonial–comes down to politics. We therefore need to be political.

2. Disarm The Enemy

“If our opponent is to be made to comply with our will, we must place him in a situation which is more oppressive to him than the sacrifice which we demand; but the disadvantages of this position must naturally not be of a transitory nature, at least in appearance, otherwise the enemy, instead of yielding, will hold out.”

This is what is meant by disarm. The enemy must lose their freedom long-term, and it must not be too difficult for us to enforce. This is why Democrats seek to dismantle the 2nd amendment, but also why the government takes away control of children from parents, removes religion from schools, censors us on Twitter, etc.

The idea of taking away parent’s rights and censorship are unpalatable to the Right, but it is time to admit we need to disarm the enemy? Why allow the enemy to carry shields and swords? Maybe we need to take away kids from Leftists who encourage them to become gay or transsexual? Maybe we need to deport to Mexico the immigration lawyers and activist judges who usurp President Trump’s immigration policies? Maybe we need to throw Leftists in prison for agitating assassination or street violence?

Stop allowing the Leftists to arm themselves with swords, just because you value your own sword!

3. Always Be On The Defense

“The aggressor always pretends to be peace-loving because he would like to achieve his conquests without bloodshed… Therefore, aggression must be presented as a defensive reaction by the aggressor nation.”

President Trump recently declared we fight “for Family, for Freedom, for Country and for God.”

Everybody is just defending themselves. We defend ourselves from the Left and they defend themselves from the Right. Look at their Reddit forums, all they do is complain about how invective we are for praying in our private homes and teaching our children good moral standards.

Playing a good defense is very difficult, which is why Clausewitz cautions that it is “harmful” to leave it up “to purely military judgement.” That’s where you get wackos like John McCain pushing for war with Russia, Syria, and anyone else he can think of. That’s where you get stuck in a morass like Iraq. A well-formed military is an absolute necessity, but it takes a wise leader whose end goal is peace.

“Every defensive, according to its strength, will seek to change to the offensive.” The only advantage to an offensive move is if it is a sneak attack, says Clausewitz.

The saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense,” but I don’t think this is really true. Everybody is sick of smelly hipsters screaming in the streets, and I do not care to hang a large sign around my neck and march around Planned Parenthood.

The opposite is true. Ireland was conquered through the construction of defensive castles. We should build castles in areas of prime importance on the internet, and push to make inroads and then rally into defensive zones.

4. Match The Enemy’s Tactics & Advancements

“If the enemy should choose the method of the great decision by arms, our own method must on that account be changed against our will to a similar one.”

This is the story of the Cold War: America made an atomic bomb. Soviet Union made an atomic bomb. America made a hydrogen bomb. Soviet Union made a hydrogen bomb.  It is existentially crucial to copy or exceed the enemy’s military technology.

This is where the Right is at a severe disadvantage. The Left has pretty much all social media companies. They have all traditional media companies. They have Google, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon… we can, and should, try to match these oligarchs with conservative-minded companies. But it is going to take a lot of time.

What do underdogs do when facing a hopelessly powerful foe? Think Vietnam War. Maybe we can’t create companies as powerful as Amazon, but we can change our methods to match theirs. When CNN called us “fake news” what happened? We banded together and absolutely crushed them.

We feel unease when we stoop to the nasty level of Leftists. Many Mormons are turned off at the idea of trolling. Well, war is a nasty business.

5. Destroy The Enemy Completely With Ruthless Fury

“The ruthless use of force who shrinks from no amount of bloodshed must gain an advantage if his opponent does not do the same.”

I learned this lesson in middle school when I went to a wrestling tournament. I was wrestling a kid for the gold medal who I knew I could beat. He was weaker and less well trained. But he had a crowd of adults cheering him on, and I had nobody. Near the end of the match, the kid started to cry, and this took me back. I certainly wasn’t invested enough in this game that I was going to cry about it. But I was distracted long enough, and the kid beat me and won the medal.

I learned that I must never relent in battle. Never slacken if the enemy weeps or cries for mercy. Often in the church, we feel sympathy for those crying the cries of the damned, and so we open ourselves up to infiltration in our schools and churches.

This is the case, I believe, with Laci Green. It is is a tragic story, but there is no getting around the fact that she is spreading evil propaganda and making many lives unhappy. If she expresses regret and seeks repentance, we will happily reach out for her, but otherwise I will not be distracted by her cries and open myself up to defeat.

Lots of church members and other conservatives shrink from the battle and even resent those of us wiling to jump in. But Clausewitz said, “there is only one means: combat.” The War in Heaven is ongoing, and either you sit in church praying or you go out and fight the good fight, and actually make a difference. That being said, the vast majority of an army in war never sees combat. They provide logistics, ship support, and check the opponent on the chess board.

As I watch documentaries about the Vietnam War, I am always appalled by the United State’s refusal to apply necessary force. They allowed the Ho Chi Min trail to flow. They allowed China to ship supplies. No wonder they lost. “War and peace are ideas which fundamentally can have no gradations.”

It is actually a positive sign that America is still stuck on half-hearted efforts and never finishes the job. Why? Because these leaders are Leftists, and Leftists fight us the same way. This is a big weak point for them.

Strike terror into their hearts! We are told that in Zion, “the terror of the Lord also shall be there.” The wicked will say, “Let us not go up to battle against Zion, for the inhabitants of Zion are terrible; wherefore we cannot stand.”

Do people say this about Utah? I’d say many in Utah are about as terrible as Ned Flander. But actually, if you look at what Leftists are saying about Mormons on social media, the word “terrible” is quite common. They do think we are terrible. Many want to stay away from Utah.

I want to be more terrible. I want them to really fear us.

6. See As Much Of The Battlefield As Possible

“War is the province of chance. In no other sphere of human activity must such a margin be left for this intruder. It increases the uncertainty of every circumstance and deranges the course of events.”

Napoleon was a genius for his ability to discern what was going on at the battlefield and behind enemy lines. Be even he, according to Victor Hugo, did no foresee events and weather circumstances which undid him at Waterloo.

The enemy knows it is hard to fight when you can’t see, and this is why they form into “secret combinations.” Secret Facebook groups. Antifa mobs. Shadowy George Soros groups. The Right is constantly punching at shadow puppets.

This where prayer and sober pondering come in. We can gain foresight if we study the lessons of history in the scriptures and apply them to our situations. The current prophets are able to predict impending crises on behalf of the church because they embrace their priesthood mantle and apply themselves in a righteous manner.

Milo’s alt-light group are good allies and effective in the fight against the Left, because they spend their nights dancing at sexual parties instead of soberly seeking clear vision. President Trump will achieve very few of his objectives as long as Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka Trump are partying the night away with George Soros.

7. Do Not Seek Revenge

“An act of violence which anyone commits upon us by order of his superior will excite in us the desire to retaliate and be revenged on him sooner than on the superior power at whose command the act was done.”

The challenge of keeping our virtue while matching the enemy’s advancement often comes down to a feeling of vengeance. We can’t make this a personal battle, which is why it is useful to treat it all as a kind of game.

Let me be clear. When I go after fake Mormons in the media or anti-Mormon blogs, it is not because they attacked me or someone in my crew. I did not go after bitter Jana because I felt anger about what she said about anyone on my side. It was a tactical defense maneuver.

Emotions can rage over the internet, and we are only human. Try to keep an eternal perspective that everyone is a child of God and deserves the dignity of being treated as such. We revile their evil behavior but love them as brothers and sisters, after all.

3 Reasons Why President Trump Attacked Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski on Twitter

President Trump has been on Twitter again telling the MSNBC power couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski exactly what they are and the cuckservatives are up in arms over it.  Here’s the Tweets:

Unlike cuckservative fools, Redgulls is smart enough to know that President Trump is very smart and super savvy.  When President Trump gets on Twitter and Tweets out something ridiculous, he’s always doing it for a planned reason.  President Trump doesn’t make mistakes on Twitter and he doesn’t attack people for no good reason.  So President Trump attacked Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski in a planned attack for a good reason.  Let’s look at 3 reasons why President Trump attacked Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski.

  1. It’s a shot across the bow of MSNBC. President Trump, his Alt-Light and Alt-Right allies completely destroyed CNN’s credibility.  It’s going to be 20 years before anybody in the United States takes anything CNN says seriously.  President Trump’s tweets attacking Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski are sending a message to MSNBC that they need to stop lying about him and start treating him fairly or else he is going to turn the whole New Right’s guns at MSNBC.  President Trump knows that MSNBC is a leftist news organization.  They never are going to support him, but at least they can criticize him fairly without resorting to outright lies.
  2. President Trump is Signaling to his Alt-Light and Alt-Right allies that it is time for them to turn their guns on MSNBC. The coalition of the New Right has been merciless in destroying CNN’s credibility.  Well the job on CNN is done and now it’s time to move on to the next target.  There’s nothing people like Mike Cernovich love to do more than take down #FakeNews organizations.  These guys thoroughly enjoyed feasting on CNN.  They are really going to like tearing MSNBC a new one.
  3. Media Delenda Est. The whole media conspired against President Trump.  They are the servants of the Deep State and the ones who are responsible to create narratives to undermine President Trump.  They also are the weakest link in the Deep State alliance against President Trump because the American people hate the media.  CNN is discredited.  Nobody believes the Washington Post or the New York Times anymore.  Nobody watches network news anymore, so who cares about them?  MSNBC is the leftist commentary channel.  They need to be reigned in and their propagandizing kept to appropriate minimums or be destroyed.  Trump is in a death match with the Deep State and defeating the media is a mandatory step in getting the Deep State under control.

President Trump’s Twitter attack on Joe Scarborough and Mike Brezinski was an important moment in Trump’s battle against the Deep State and the media.  The media must be defeated and CNN has been taken out of the game so now it’s time to go after MSNBC.  President Trump’s attack on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski signals his next target in his war with the media and it’s a warning to MSNBC that they need to treat President Trump fairly or they are going to suffer the same fate as CNN.

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The Corrupt Media and Deep State Are Turning President Trump into a Rightist

The media and the Deep State are back at war with President Trump.  The Deep State and the media are conspiring to attempt a coup d’état.  It is tragic to see elements in the permanent American government attempt to overthrow the democratically elected president.  The Republicans have aligned with the Democrats and are helping to overthrow President Trump.  The plan is to use Robert Mueller to find something against President Trump and remove him from power.

The irony is President Trump is a very moderate president.  President Trump’s moderate agenda simply put is: renegotiate bad trade deals, bring back industrial jobs, expand domestic oil and mineral production, enforce American immigration laws, lower taxes to provide tax relief to the American people, ending the H1B visa scam and building a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.  That’s all President Trump wants to do.  It’s hardly a radical agenda.

However the corrupt American elite won’t allow any of that.  They are so greedy that they won’t allow even a slight bit of relief to average Americans who have suffered under the false song of Globalism for more than 20 years.  Corrupt Globalists would rather destroy the American government system which has lasted over 200 years instead of giving up any of the power they have seized over the last 20+ years.

President Trump wants to be a moderate American president who just wants to bring back basic good government, prosperity and the rule of law to America.  When we boiled his presidential candidacy down, that’s all his campaign really amounted to.  However as the American Deep State and its allies in the media become more and more aggressive and open with their plans to overthrow him.  Expect President Trump to move farther and farther to the right due to the collapse of the American political center.

The Alt Right and the emerging New Right often are disappointed that President Trump hasn’t been their dream of Augusto Pinochet reincarnated.  Many on the Alt Right and emerging New Right hoped that President Trump would start to drain the swamp on his first day in office by dropping members of the media, corrupt politicians and Deep State agents out of helicopters Pinochet style.  President Trump didn’t want to do that because he wanted to be a moderate civic nationalist president who brought back basic good government.

The American political center is gone and everybody will be choosing sides soon enough

What is happening right now in America is the political center is being destroyed.  The American left has moved so far left that they are forcing all Americans to choose between following them and their radical Communist agenda or moving to the Right and becoming a member of the New Right.  The Left, the media, the government and the Deep State has made President Trump their permanent enemy.  President Trump is being forced to become more rightist because he can’t move left and he can’t stay in the collapsed middle.  His only potential allies are on the Right, so he has to move toward them.

History often takes a life of its own and people have to move to follow along with the path that the forces of History have planned.  Powerful men believe that they are the ones who control the forces of History.  For example Globalists believe that history has ended and now they are in control of the world and they can chart the course humanity is going to take.  However History has a way of destroying the best laid plans of the elite.

In light of the current actions of the Deep State, the media and corrupt American politicians we can start to see President Trump’s actions over the last 4 months in context of the emerging conflict in Washington and we can make some general predictions of what we can expect will happen in America this summer and this fall.

From the actions of the Deep State we can see that President Trump giving positions of influence to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as offering an olive branch to the Deep State.  He was saying that he was willing to play ball with the media and the Deep State as long as they would allow Trump to bring back basic good government.  The Syria bombing was also an olive branch to the military industrial complex saying that he would play ball with them as long as they allowed President Trump to have a relatively sane foreign policy.

Over the last few weeks something happened between President Trump and the Deep State that forced President Trump to fire James Comey.  Did President Trump find out that Comey and the Deep State were planning on trying to overthrow him?  We probably never will know what forced President Trump’s hand on the Comey situation.

(Let’s hope President Trump can channel his inner Cersei Lannister to defeat the Globalists)

Now President Trump is in a battle to the death against the media, and the Deep State.  The media and the Deep State have shown that they will not stop their attacks until President Trump has been removed from office.  We know that many actors in the White House are loyal to the Deep State and plan to help to overthrow President Trump by leaking information and giving the media ammo to create their false narratives.

President Trump is now locked in a battle that he has to win.  The Deep State has made it perfectly clear that they plan to destroy President Trump as a man.  Not only is the Deep State planning on destroying President Trump, removing him from office and throwing him in jail but they plan also on destroying his family.  This means that they are going to take away his business and his family’s wealth.  For all of Donald Trump’s womanizing over the years and other bad behavior, he is a man who truly loves his family.  He is devoted to his children and grandchildren.  He’s not going to let them be destroyed financially and likely have his sons Erik and Don Jr. end up in jail.  Love for his family is going to force Trump to have to fight with everything that he has.

The Globalists believe that they can use a 4 pronged attack of media attacks, government insider leaks, political violence and an economic crash to overthrow President Trump.  That’s the plan.  It also is a recipe for civil war because as the political center collapses President Trump will become more of a Rightist.  As President Trump becomes more of a Rightist his supporters will become even more loyal and willing to back him more and more and take extreme measures to support him.  Look at what the head of the Coast Guard told President Trump:

Over the summer and the fall we can expect the Deep State’s attack against President Trump to ramp up.  Expect Antifa to make some sort of a comeback and Black Lives Matter or similar agitation groups to cause more chaos and violence.  Expect (((Wall Street))) to join in with the Globalists and the Deep State.  I suspect (((Wall Street))) and the Globalists will engineer some sort of stock market crash in the late summer or early fall.  The Federal Reserve has been aggressively raising interest rates since President Trump took office.  The last 2 stock market crashes in America have been a function of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

We are already seeing that President Trump’s supporters are willing to confront leftwing violence with their own brand of violence.  Just look at the Battle of Berkeley.  The economic crash that the elites have planned isn’t going to turn Trump’s supporters against him.  In the 2008 stock market crash the American people were willing to let everything crash and the government passed the bailout against our will.  9 years later the American economy hasn’t recovered despite what the media tries to tell us.  Americans lost their savings already and have nothing left to lose on (((Wall Street.)))  None of President Trump’s supporters are going to abandon him over the upcoming stock market crash.  In fact expect them to support him even more fervently when Trump refuses to bailout Wall Street.

The New Right and the Alt Right need to make sure to support President Trump to the max over the next several months.  He needs to know that as the political center collapses that we on the Right are here to receive him and protect him.  President Trump is going to need allies on the street in his upcoming no holds barred battle to the death against the Deep State and the media.  Remember if we lose the upcoming battle against the Deep State and media then we will never get another chance to have power in America ever again.  If the Left and the Cuckservative establishment get power back quickly then expect them to flood America with 10’s of millions of foreign invaders in a very short time.  Expect them to use all of their power to legally disenfranchise White men.  The upcoming battle between Trump and the Deep State is going to be a battle for all of the marbles and WE have to win it.

If you are in one of the coastal urban areas be prepared.  Make sure to have plenty of water and food stored up because a combination of an economic crisis mixed with Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence can shut down the food supply for a few weeks.  Make sure that you have ways that you can defend your home.  Make sure that you have a place to go outside of the big cities and suburbs.  Remember all of our favorite Trump memes from the election?  Well they may very well end up becoming true over the next 6 months to a year because History is going to force President Trump to move very far to the Right and force him to fight like no president has ever fought before.

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Redgulls Comment of the Week: We Learned the Wrong Lessons from Weimar Germany

Big Brutha drops incredibly truth about the lesson from Weimar Germany:

This. A million times. My brother is a homosexual and an apostate. Nevertheless, he is my brother and as such I love and care for him. Therefore, I have warned him repeatedly that the day is coming when Americans will no longer tolerate the blatant degeneracy those like him are attempting to inflict on them. He views history as a ratchet that always turns Left. And it is. Until it isn’t. And when it stops turning homosexuals in the United States will hope that they can flee back to their closets and hide there but for far too many it will be too late and they will be driven out or, more likely, killed for what they have done and what they attempted to do. The sad thing is we have seen this movie play out before and we could have learned from it.

The Weimar Republic had exactly the same problem set. Filth and porn and degeneracy everywhere. And when they could not take any more the Normies became Nazis and tried to expunge it. Americans should have learned from this. And we did, except we derived exactly the wrong lessons.

The lesson we believed we were supposed to learn was: if you do not suppport everyone in their perversions you must be a Nazi and you should be shunned and shamed.

What we should have learned was: a society that allows the open and unapologetic celebration of moral degradation will eventually provoke and equal and opposite backlash. To prevent the backlash you have to tamp down society’s tendency to allow the proliferation of perversion by scrupulously keeping it out of the public square and the living rooms of Normies whose ardent wish is to avoid it.

America is going down the road of Weimar Germany.  Weimar Germany was a total and complete degenerate mess that was so evil and corrupt that the German people were forced to support the Nazis because they were the only ones who promised to end Clown World and were willing to fight to end it.  There is a huge backlash brewing against the degeneracy of the modern world.  The people engaging in degeneracy don’t see it and frankly they don’t care.  Let’s hope that the American people repent of their sins before regular Americans are forced to turn to somebody who promises to “take care” of the degeneracy issue.

Red Pilled Americans Must Hold President Trump’s Feet to the Fire

After President Trump bombed Syria a lot of us red pilled Americans felt incredibly disillusioned.  We saw the bombing as the first step to another Middle Eastern war that would lead to more Muslim refugees in Europe and America which always leads to more terrorism and violence.  Many red pilled Americans are very upset with the Syria bombing because we know that shooting missiles is just the first step that’s consistently led to war in the Middle East.  Many people on the alt right/ red pilled Americans even said that they were finished with President Trump.

Many red pilled Americans and people on the alt right have gone so far as to say that President Trump is just as bad as Hillary Clinton and that he’s no better than Obama.  They often say that Trump is turning into just another NeoCon warmonger and that he’s breaking his domestic promises.  Stefan Molyneux went and did some research on what Trump has accomplished since becoming president.  It’s a good video and worth watching when you have about 2 hours of free time or time when you are doing busy office work and need a podcast to keep your mind occupied.

Let’s look at the things that we’ve gotten because Trump became president that we wouldn’t have gotten with Hillary as president.  We aren’t in WWIII with Russia YET.  This could change depending on what missteps President Trump takes in Syria but if Hillary had been president then this would have already happened.  We’ve gotten a conservative Supreme Court justice which never would have happened with Hillary Clinton.  Trump has been trying to institute sensible Muslim control but the out of control courts have blocked him.  Now that he has control over the Supreme Court he can start up sensible Muslim control again.

President Trump has taken border patrol off the lease and let them do their job.  Illegal border crossings are way down.  ICE is deporting everybody they get their hands on.  And more good news, President Trump is signing an executive order cracking down on the H1B visa scam.  On top of that, plans to build the wall are moving forward.  They are testing out wall protocols right now outside of San Diego.  Yes Paul Ryan is going to try to stop it, but Trump will be able to run him over easy enough.

Another big thing that President Trump has done which is good for red pilled Americans is he’s taken the gun away that Obama pointed at the churches all over America.  For example the Obama administration had a gun pointed at the Mormon Church’s head for 8 years.  To avoid being sued the Mormon Church had to walk a fine line of giving way to SJW’s attacking the church while avoiding compromising on its standards.  However now that Trump is president the Mormon Church is no longer bowing down to the SJW’s.  The Mormon Church just finished up its semi-annual General Conference and it was refreshing to see Mormon Church leaders speak freely again and be able to call out sin and degeneracy.  The Mormon Church never could have had a conference like its most recent one with Obama or Hillary as president.

There have been problems with President Trump’s agenda.  Healthcare reform was a mess.  Let’s face it, Trump could have done a better job on it, but he’s learning from that mistake and he’s starting to understand that he has to negotiate from the right and not from the center to get his agenda done.  There’s the foreign policy situation.  The Middle East situation can blow up anytime if President Trump lets the NeoCons have their way.  The North Korea situation can go either way.  It either can be the biggest mess of his presidency if North Korea fires its artillery at Seoul, South Korea or it can be a big success if Trump’s actions lead to China putting the screws to North Korea and forcing North Korea to behave like a good little puppet and give up its nuclear weapons.

On the Middle East situation, President Trump promised repeatedly that he would bomb the crap out of ISIS.  He never said that he wasn’t going to use the military.  For those of us on the alt right/ red pilled Americans this is a problem because we want the violence to stop.  We also know (((who))) is pushing President Trump to start another war in the Middle East.  If President Trump uses bombing as putative raids on Middle Easterners who get out of hand but avoids invading then this is something that we can live with.

Red pilled Americans and the alt right need to understand that our job is to push President Trump from the right.  We are a very small group of people but we have massive influence.  We punch way above our weight.  Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are very sympathetic to us.  We are growing in power and influence because we know how to defeat the SJW’s and the media.  They want us to take our ball and go home because us leaving the Trump coalition gives them free range to influence President Trump.

The job of Red pilled Americans in the Trump coalition is to keep pushing him right.  We have to raise bloody Hell when he does something that we perceive as a mistake.  For example on the Syria bombing we raised bloody Hell about it and we seem to have stopped him from escalating the situation further.  President Trump has shown that he is responsive to our concerns and demands.  No we aren’t going to get everything we want but that’s life.  The job of red pilled Americans is to hold President Trump’s feet to the fire and keep him on the right track.

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Red Pill Americans Are Outside the American Mainstream Because They Don’t Want to Bomb Brown People

One of the hardest things red pill Americans have to deal with is we are different than the average American.  Red pill Americans have different values and are appalled by things that the American people enjoy.  The biggest way where red pill Americans differ from the mainstream American people is regular Americans love to bomb brown people in the Middle East.  Watch this discussion between Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell.

Bill Mitchell is your basic Republican who is a supporter of President Trump and backs him 100000% no matter what President Trump does.  Watch how fast Bill Mitchell descends into repeating Globalist talking points and how America has to do something because bombing brown people in the Middle East leads to peace just like it has every other time America bombed brown people in the Middle East.  Bill Mitchell’s views are completely in line with how mainstream Republicans and most moderates believe.  When Bill Mitchell and Stefan Molyneux debate, Molyneux is the one outside of the American mainstream.

The American people love war.  They love to watch it live on TV.  The American people get off on watching videos of American Navy ships launching cruise missiles at random sites in the Middle East.  Look how President Trump’s approval numbers immediately shot up after he fired some cruise missiles at an empty airfield in Syria.

If President Trump launched the attack on the empty airfield in Syria to gain leverage in his negotiations with Russia and China then it makes sense to do this.  If his actions showed China that he is resolute in dealing with chemical and other weapons of mass destruction and allowed him to make a deal with China to allow CHINA to go in and affect regime change in North Korea then we all support President Trump’s actions.

You are a racists, sexist, homophobe if you oppose starting WWIII

However if last week’s missile strike on Syria is just the opening act in the usual dance that leads to another war in the Middle East then all red pill Americas oppose President Trump’s actions.  However if President Trump’s actions lead to another war live on TV, then expect the American people to back him 1000%.  It’ a sad and tragic irony that the anti-racist American people support a war that will kill hundreds of thousands of their sainted brown people while the evil racists oppose a war that will lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of brown people.  Red pill Americans have a lot of work to do to teach the American people that the best way to deal with Islamic terror is to stop inviting them to live in our nations after we get done bombing them.

Here’s some potential good news.  It looks like President Trump isn’t going to listen to war hungry baby boomers and his (((NeoCon))) allies.

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The Wikileaks Vault 7 Drop on the CIA Shows that Its Alex Jones’ World and We are Just Living in It

Wikileaks launched the first drop in its Vault 7 information dump dealing with CIA spying capabilities.  So far the information that we have learned more or less is confirmation that pretty much everything Alex Jones has said is more or less accurate.  Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

So far we’ve learned from the Vault 7 drop that the CIA has tools that it can add to any hack that leave a trail indicating that the Russians did it.  This means that whenever the Democrats and the media say that Russians hacked the election, what it really means is “The CIA really did it.”

This is a leading indicator that the attempt to link President Trump to the Russians in some nefarious plot that doesn’t make any sense is pure CIA fan fiction.

We’ve learned from the Vault 7 drop that the CIA can listen in on you through all of your smart technology.  Do you like your iPhone or your smart TV?  Well bad news those things can listen in on you and record everything you do.  Remember when Alex Jones would go off on crazy rants about how your smart phone could listen in on you and your television could spy on you and none of us believed him?  I loved those days too.  Vault 7 has shown us that its Alex Jones’ world and we are just living in it.  I’m not willing to say 9/11 was an inside job but who knows what’s going to come out next?

Vault 7 taught us that Barack Obama loved to through money at the CIA.  He gave the CIA $100,000,000,000.  That’s one hundred freaking BILLION dollars.  The CIA loved how he made it rain at Langley.

Vault 7 taught us that Obama is spying on all of us.  It isn’t just Angela Merkel who he was listening in on but it was everybody and he lied about it the whole time.

Vault 7 confirms that our government really is at war with all of us.  Our government is planning on spying on all of us.  The reason why the Deep State is at war with President Trump is because he isn’t one of them.  The American Deep State led by the CIA is incredibly corrupt and President Trump needs to destroy its power ASAP before it destroys him and all of us.

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BasedStickMan Shows that Leftist Governments Are at War with You

The Trump support rally in Berkeley on March 4th was attacked by Antifa terrorists against peaceful President Trump supporters.  Many of the peaceful Trump supporters knew that Antifa were going to attack them.  BasedStickMan was one of the men who were prepared to defend the right of peaceful President Trump supporters to peacefully assemble.

When Antifa attacked the peaceful Trump supporters BasedStickMan helped to defend their basic constitutional rights of the Trump supporters.  What happened next was shocking but something that we should have expected.  The Berkeley police arrested BasedStickMan and charged him with 6 felony charges.  Fortunately was able to hold a fundraiser for him and help him get bailed out of jail.

During the Milo riot Berkeley police allowed Antifa to riot, burn huge chunks of their city, attack Milo’s fans and beat them within an inch of their lives.  However when Donald Trump supporters had the nerve to defend themselves then suddenly the Berkeley police jumped into action and arrested Trump supporters like BasedStickMan.

Leftist controlled cities like Berkeley and Leftist controlled states like California are perfectly happy to let radical leftwing groups like Antifa riot and cause mass destruction.  However leftwing controlled cities and states will crack down on any and all traditional groups that assemble.  Even worse leftwing cities and states will allow violent leftwing groups like Antifa and Black Brigades to attack and physically harm traditional groups that attempt to peacefully assemble.  When brave men like BasedStickMan stand up to violent thugs like Black Brigades and Antifa then leftwing cities and states will bring down the full force of the Law on them.

Leftists view violence as another tool to use to advance their agenda.  To Leftist governments there’s no hypocrisy for them to allow radical leftwing group like Black Brigades and Antifa to riot freely while cracking down on traditionalists who want to peacefully assemble and defend their rights.  To Cultural Marxists the only thing that matters is who whom.  Who is doing the actions and whom does it benefit?

Valiant men like BasedStickMan who defend traditionalists in leftwing hellholes like California must expect that they will be arrested and prosecuted.  Some of them even will become martyrs for our cause.  Let’s all be grateful for the sacrifice of BasedStickMan and many more who are putting their lives on the line to protect our rights to peacefully assemble in the face of leftwing city and state governments that are at war with us.

BasedStickMan is going to need financial support to help him pay for a legal defense.  Click here to help fund BasedStickMan’s legal defense.

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Red Dreher Loves the Benedict Option and giving up

The Benedict Option is for Losers who Couldn’t Conserve the Women’s Bathroom

Conservatives have a 60 year track record of uninterrupted and unmitigated failure.  Conservatism is so pathetic they couldn’t conserve the women’s bathroom.  Now conservatives like Rod Dreher want to create a frame work to justify turning over all of America to the Left without a fight.  Rod Dreher coined the term the Benedict Option in honor of Pope Benedict who retired from the Papacy in order to turn the Catholic Church over to a Communist SJW.  Now leading cuckservatives like Rod Dreher want to apply the Benedict Option to all of America.  The Benedict Option amounts to saying that all Mormons, Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals should withdraw from public life into small isolated enclaves and let the Left takeover and crash the West because ‘muh monasteries.

The Benedict Option is Sesame Street for Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Mormon adults

Conservatism is an ideology for losers.  Have one look at Rod Dreher.  Has he ever left his house to do any physical labor?  He’s a weak man.  He looks weak in the body and he’s weak in the head.  Yes, he’s smart but what does he use his intelligence for?  He uses his high IQ to create justifications for giving all of Western Civilization over to the Cultural Marxists by inventing nonsense like the Benedict Option.

Are cuckservatives so foolish and pathetic that they honestly think that they can apply the Benedict Option and withdraw from society?  The Cultural Marxists want to take over and control every aspect of our society.  This means that the Cultural Marxists aren’t going to let us home school our kids.  They aren’t going to let us keep our churches.  The Obama administration attacked the Mormon Church for 8 years straight.

The Benedict Option is destined to fail just like all cuckservative projects because conservatives always lose.  Conservatism is so pathetic it couldn’t conserve the women’s bathroom.  Even if all conservatives applied the Benedict Option and withdrew from society how would that leave society?  It would leave the Cultural Marxists in total and complete control.  They would have total and free reign.  Cultural Marxists hate Christians and would use their unlimited power to destroy us.  What kind of followers of Christ would we be if we just left America in the hands of people who want to destroy the Church?

Rod Dreher won’t make a stand. They used to call fleeing before the battle cowardice, now they call it the Benedict Option

Cuckservatives like Rod Dreher only want to lose with dignity and they attack anybody who doesn’t want to give our country over to Cultural Marxists.  Look at the letter he published by a kid who is appalled that the kids at his high school don’t want to turn America over to Somali refugees and Guatemalans.  Notice how he and the kid refer to the heroic young men as racists and sexists.

Young men these days don’t get their news and wisdom from Leftists or cucks like Rod Dreher

Young White men have grown up in a world where the Cultural Marxists have spent the last 16 years running wild and they don’t like it.  They don’t want the Benedict Option.  They want their country back and cucks like Rod Dreher think that’s “not nice” or something.  Cuckservatives like Rod Dreher are just like Cultural Marxists because they only want to destroy the historic American nation and their tool is to call them racists, sexist, homophobic bigot.

Cuckservative losers love to attack the God Emperor by pointing out that he wants to win.  They talk about how God Emperor Trump needs to be nice and not focused on winning because winning while being mean is bad or something.  There’s nothing more that a cuckservative likes to do than lose with dignity.

Captain Moroni knew that the Benedict Option was stupid

All Mormons must reject losers like Rod Dreher and nonsense like the Benedict Option.  In the Book of Mormon we learn that Captain Moroni was one of the most righteous men in the history of the world and if all men were like Captain Moroni then Satan would have no power.

17 Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.  (Alma 48:17).

What did Captain Moroni do?  He fought like Hell to defend his people.  Did he apply the Benedict Option and let the Zoramites have power thinking that if he just gave up then something good would magically happen.  Did he let Amalickiah take over the Nephite nation?  Did he let the Kingmen take over?  No he resisted all of these wicked people and he defeated all of them.  Heavenly Father wants men who fight like Hell to defeat evil.

This is what a zero tolerance policy for leftist takeovers of your country looks like

Rod Dreher markets himself as some sort of great Christian.  He never passes up a chance to point out that the God Emperor is a sinner who likes hot girls.  The dirty secret is President Trump is a far more righteous man than Rod Dreher is.  President Trump has taken on the Cultural Marxists and is in the process of defeating them.  On Judgment Day which man is Heavenly Father more likely to show mercy to: the man who fights to oppose the Leftists destruction of civilization who sleeps with hot girls or the man who can’t get laid and turns America over to the Left by applying the Benedict Option?

The God Emperor is fighting so that your kids can live in a peaceful and prosperous America. Rod Dreher is practicing the Benedict Option so that your 12 year old daughter has to see creepy men in the women’s bathroom

The dirty secret about men like Rod Dreher is they are just part of the leftist takeover of America.  Cucks like Rod Dreher know that their job is to undermine resistance to the Leftist takeover by demoralizing Christians and Mormons.  The purpose of the Benedict Option is to demoralize Mormons, Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals and give them an excuse avoid resisting the Cultural Marxist takeover.

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Using 4GW to End Antifa Political Violence

The American Left is in the process of embracing political violence against their enemies.  Leftwing political violence must be stopped ASAP because it is only a matter of time before the right is forced to adopt similar measures and we don’t want to escalate the violence because increasing political violence will destroy all of us eventually.  President Trump and Secretary Sessions need to crack down on the rising 4GW situation beginning to rise in America.

4GW is a response to the collapse of authority of the State.  The State refers to the whole government apparatus all the way from the president down to the police.  For a long time the State has had a monopoly on violence and only the State could legally use violence within its sovereign boundaries.

What we are seeing now is American government starting to lose its monopoly on violence.  It started when the Black Lives Matter group/organization was allowed to burn cities like Ferguson, Mo to the ground and Baltimore.  Then Black Lives Matter started to attack police officers and still the American Government did nothing to stop Black Lives Matter.  Now Antifa groups are running wild in the blue states and attacking all conservatives.  These groups were able to operate and destroy freely because the Obama Administration supported their actions and was able to use the conflict to ramp up black voter turnout.

Even worse the American left is embracing political violence and justifying it.  We can see that the American left has accepted political violence and is willing to use it in a 4GW manner.  This has to stop before everybody begins to use political violence and America descends into a civil war.

The 2 best ways to win a 4GW are for: 1. The State to reassert its authority and monopoly on violence and 2. For one side to decide that it no longer wants to fight.  Right now the American left has no desire to ramp down the political violence so negotiating with them won’t give us a positive response.

From a 4GW perspective the best way for President Trump and Secretary Sessions to defeat the rising 4GW elements on the American left is to aggressively reassert the American Government’s monopoly on violence.  This means that all left wing political violence needs to be stopped ASAP.  Here’s a series of steps that the Trump Administration can take to combat 4GW elements on the American left:

  1. Cut off all federal funds to cities that allow violent riots to happen. If a city like Berkeley allows Antifa to riot, then the city no longer can receive federal funds.  Cutting off the money will harm these cities because they depend on federal funds to operate.  Cutting of the money will make it difficult for these left wing cities to pass out the gibsmedats that their citizens demand.
  2. Cut off all federal funds to states that allow repeated Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence. It’s in the big blue states where these violent left wing groups operate.  Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter know that the governments of the blue states support their actions.  If left wing violence continues in California, New York, Illinois, Oregon or Washington without these states taking serious actions to end Antifa violence, then President Trump must cut off all federal funding to these states.  All of the big blue states are bankrupt and only stay afloat due to massive cash injections from the Federal Government.  If these states won’t crack down on political violence then they have to face life in bankruptcy and their left wing voters have to adjust to a life without government gibsmedats.
  3. President Trump needs to use the National Guard to protect conservatives whenever they want to assemble. We know that Antifa and Black Lives Matter track conservative meetings.  Whenever there is a big political rally or a speech by a famous conservative, then the National Guard needs to protect these meet ups.  Having the National Guard protect conservatives shows that the government is willing to protect all of its citizens.  Right now Antifa attacks conservatives because it knows that nobody will protect conservatives.  Having the government protect conservatives is important because it takes away the need for conservative groups to organize for self defense.  It also works to stop pushing rank and file conservatives farther and farther to the right.  If the American government refuses to protect its conservative citizens, American conservatives will eventually be pushed into the arms of the Nazi types who will fight to defend them.
  4. President Trump and Secretary Sessions need to push for mandatory prison sentences for people who participate in riots and other forms of political violence. These Antifa groups need to see that they will be doing hard time in pound-me-in-the-ass-prison for their violence.  No more of them getting a slap on the wrist from a friendly leftwing judge or leftwing state.  The Trump Administration needs to force them to be in jail with the diversity criminals who they love so much.
  5. The Trump Administration needs to go after the foundations and the big donors who finance Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We know that George Soros finances a lot of Antifa activities and that he finances Black Lives Matter.  The Trump Administration needs to use the law to make it difficult for George Soros and men like him to finance radical leftwing groups.  If possible the Justice Department needs to use the RICO Statutes to arrest and jail the financiers of leftwing 4GW violence.

All of these actions which the Trump Administration can take to protect Americans from increasing leftwing political violence will reestablish the monopoly of violence that the State has.  It reestablishes the authority of the American government by punishing rouge cities and states.  Protecting conservatives who just want to associate with other conservatives will reestablish the moral authority of the US Government by showing that it protects all of its citizens no matter their political values.  Punishing Antifa rioters with hard prison sentences will make them think twice before they decide to attack their political rivals.

The only way to end the rising 4GW in the United States is for the American government to crack down on these violent groups and the states that allow it to go on.  If the Trump Administration doesn’t crack down on Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the violence continues then expect rightwing groups to eventually mirror the actions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  American political violence needs to be stopped ASAP before it spirals out of control.

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