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7 Lessons Of Warfare Against The Left, From Carl von Clausewitz

In 1833, Carl von Clausewitz published Vom Kriege, one of the most important and influential books of all time on warfare.

It is useful for us today to study war tactics from Clausewitz, from the scriptures, and other books of wisdom, as we are fighting a rhetorical war against the Left. Our war is with words and ideas, not physical violence, but the rules are still the same.

I don’t think it is by accident that the alt-right and Donald Trump movement started with Gamergate. Games teach us strategy and military tactics. Rather than complain about how much time kids spend on games, parents should encourage it and direct the knowledge and talent that they derive towards defense of virtue and traditional culture.

1. War Is Political Movement

“War is not merely a political act but a real political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse, a carrying out of the same by other means.”

Most of us have heard this quote at some point. It’s all about politics. And what is the root of politics? Clausewitz calls war “a kind of business competition on a great scale.” It’s all about the money.

Keep this in mind the next time someone dismisses a news event or Democrat policy as “just politics,” because politics is a vast landscape, and its most severe tool is a thing called war. Any kind of warfare, be it business, international, trade, religious, civil, colonial–comes down to politics. We therefore need to be political.

2. Disarm The Enemy

“If our opponent is to be made to comply with our will, we must place him in a situation which is more oppressive to him than the sacrifice which we demand; but the disadvantages of this position must naturally not be of a transitory nature, at least in appearance, otherwise the enemy, instead of yielding, will hold out.”

This is what is meant by disarm. The enemy must lose their freedom long-term, and it must not be too difficult for us to enforce. This is why Democrats seek to dismantle the 2nd amendment, but also why the government takes away control of children from parents, removes religion from schools, censors us on Twitter, etc.

The idea of taking away parent’s rights and censorship are unpalatable to the Right, but it is time to admit we need to disarm the enemy? Why allow the enemy to carry shields and swords? Maybe we need to take away kids from Leftists who encourage them to become gay or transsexual? Maybe we need to deport to Mexico the immigration lawyers and activist judges who usurp President Trump’s immigration policies? Maybe we need to throw Leftists in prison for agitating assassination or street violence?

Stop allowing the Leftists to arm themselves with swords, just because you value your own sword!

3. Always Be On The Defense

“The aggressor always pretends to be peace-loving because he would like to achieve his conquests without bloodshed… Therefore, aggression must be presented as a defensive reaction by the aggressor nation.”

President Trump recently declared we fight “for Family, for Freedom, for Country and for God.”

Everybody is just defending themselves. We defend ourselves from the Left and they defend themselves from the Right. Look at their Reddit forums, all they do is complain about how invective we are for praying in our private homes and teaching our children good moral standards.

Playing a good defense is very difficult, which is why Clausewitz cautions that it is “harmful” to leave it up “to purely military judgement.” That’s where you get wackos like John McCain pushing for war with Russia, Syria, and anyone else he can think of. That’s where you get stuck in a morass like Iraq. A well-formed military is an absolute necessity, but it takes a wise leader whose end goal is peace.

“Every defensive, according to its strength, will seek to change to the offensive.” The only advantage to an offensive move is if it is a sneak attack, says Clausewitz.

The saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense,” but I don’t think this is really true. Everybody is sick of smelly hipsters screaming in the streets, and I do not care to hang a large sign around my neck and march around Planned Parenthood.

The opposite is true. Ireland was conquered through the construction of defensive castles. We should build castles in areas of prime importance on the internet, and push to make inroads and then rally into defensive zones.

4. Match The Enemy’s Tactics & Advancements

“If the enemy should choose the method of the great decision by arms, our own method must on that account be changed against our will to a similar one.”

This is the story of the Cold War: America made an atomic bomb. Soviet Union made an atomic bomb. America made a hydrogen bomb. Soviet Union made a hydrogen bomb.  It is existentially crucial to copy or exceed the enemy’s military technology.

This is where the Right is at a severe disadvantage. The Left has pretty much all social media companies. They have all traditional media companies. They have Google, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon… we can, and should, try to match these oligarchs with conservative-minded companies. But it is going to take a lot of time.

What do underdogs do when facing a hopelessly powerful foe? Think Vietnam War. Maybe we can’t create companies as powerful as Amazon, but we can change our methods to match theirs. When CNN called us “fake news” what happened? We banded together and absolutely crushed them.

We feel unease when we stoop to the nasty level of Leftists. Many Mormons are turned off at the idea of trolling. Well, war is a nasty business.

5. Destroy The Enemy Completely With Ruthless Fury

“The ruthless use of force who shrinks from no amount of bloodshed must gain an advantage if his opponent does not do the same.”

I learned this lesson in middle school when I went to a wrestling tournament. I was wrestling a kid for the gold medal who I knew I could beat. He was weaker and less well trained. But he had a crowd of adults cheering him on, and I had nobody. Near the end of the match, the kid started to cry, and this took me back. I certainly wasn’t invested enough in this game that I was going to cry about it. But I was distracted long enough, and the kid beat me and won the medal.

I learned that I must never relent in battle. Never slacken if the enemy weeps or cries for mercy. Often in the church, we feel sympathy for those crying the cries of the damned, and so we open ourselves up to infiltration in our schools and churches.

This is the case, I believe, with Laci Green. It is is a tragic story, but there is no getting around the fact that she is spreading evil propaganda and making many lives unhappy. If she expresses regret and seeks repentance, we will happily reach out for her, but otherwise I will not be distracted by her cries and open myself up to defeat.

Lots of church members and other conservatives shrink from the battle and even resent those of us wiling to jump in. But Clausewitz said, “there is only one means: combat.” The War in Heaven is ongoing, and either you sit in church praying or you go out and fight the good fight, and actually make a difference. That being said, the vast majority of an army in war never sees combat. They provide logistics, ship support, and check the opponent on the chess board.

As I watch documentaries about the Vietnam War, I am always appalled by the United State’s refusal to apply necessary force. They allowed the Ho Chi Min trail to flow. They allowed China to ship supplies. No wonder they lost. “War and peace are ideas which fundamentally can have no gradations.”

It is actually a positive sign that America is still stuck on half-hearted efforts and never finishes the job. Why? Because these leaders are Leftists, and Leftists fight us the same way. This is a big weak point for them.

Strike terror into their hearts! We are told that in Zion, “the terror of the Lord also shall be there.” The wicked will say, “Let us not go up to battle against Zion, for the inhabitants of Zion are terrible; wherefore we cannot stand.”

Do people say this about Utah? I’d say many in Utah are about as terrible as Ned Flander. But actually, if you look at what Leftists are saying about Mormons on social media, the word “terrible” is quite common. They do think we are terrible. Many want to stay away from Utah.

I want to be more terrible. I want them to really fear us.

6. See As Much Of The Battlefield As Possible

“War is the province of chance. In no other sphere of human activity must such a margin be left for this intruder. It increases the uncertainty of every circumstance and deranges the course of events.”

Napoleon was a genius for his ability to discern what was going on at the battlefield and behind enemy lines. Be even he, according to Victor Hugo, did no foresee events and weather circumstances which undid him at Waterloo.

The enemy knows it is hard to fight when you can’t see, and this is why they form into “secret combinations.” Secret Facebook groups. Antifa mobs. Shadowy George Soros groups. The Right is constantly punching at shadow puppets.

This where prayer and sober pondering come in. We can gain foresight if we study the lessons of history in the scriptures and apply them to our situations. The current prophets are able to predict impending crises on behalf of the church because they embrace their priesthood mantle and apply themselves in a righteous manner.

Milo’s alt-light group are good allies and effective in the fight against the Left, because they spend their nights dancing at sexual parties instead of soberly seeking clear vision. President Trump will achieve very few of his objectives as long as Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka Trump are partying the night away with George Soros.

7. Do Not Seek Revenge

“An act of violence which anyone commits upon us by order of his superior will excite in us the desire to retaliate and be revenged on him sooner than on the superior power at whose command the act was done.”

The challenge of keeping our virtue while matching the enemy’s advancement often comes down to a feeling of vengeance. We can’t make this a personal battle, which is why it is useful to treat it all as a kind of game.

Let me be clear. When I go after fake Mormons in the media or anti-Mormon blogs, it is not because they attacked me or someone in my crew. I did not go after bitter Jana because I felt anger about what she said about anyone on my side. It was a tactical defense maneuver.

Emotions can rage over the internet, and we are only human. Try to keep an eternal perspective that everyone is a child of God and deserves the dignity of being treated as such. We revile their evil behavior but love them as brothers and sisters, after all.

Why Are Feminists Enamored By Radical Islam?

When you take the red pill, sometimes small little facts of life click, and make you see things in a totally new way. One of the biggest red pill truths is femininsts love radical Islam.  Radical Islam is similar to how the Nazi’s blended the far left and the far right.  Always in public school, I had been been taught that Nazis were simply radical conservative extremists, along with all Fascists, but this wasn’t true.

The truth, which they don’t teach you in school, is that the National Socialists took elements of Germany’s traditional Right, including a centuries-old desire to unify Germany, and melded this with a radical Left ideology–an ideology which was very similar to the Marxism of Soviet Russia.

Muslim extremists are the Nazis of today, and likewise we don’t realize the melding of Left and Right that is going on. Occasionally, glimpses peek through the mainstream media’s gatekeepers. But few can fully answer, what motivates these terrorists? Why do they hate us? Is it our fault?

People who have escaped the extremist regions tell a much different story than what the media portrays. We imagine captive women who hide behind veils and are beaten if they dare speak a word. But then we see the prominent role of women in many of the terrorist attacks–the women who led the Paris attacks, the woman who radicalized the San Bernadino attacker, etc. If you look at specific cases of terrorism, the role of women are actually not very conservative.

A few years ago, Sarah El Deeb of the Associated Press exposed the true role of women in radical Islam. Instead of sordid stories of child brides and rape, she told the story of “a paid honeymoon in caliphate’s heart.” A couple meets online and enjoys a romantic honeymoon eating ice cream and dining at restaurants.

Wait. So are you telling me they are progressive? They can safely scroll through online matches like girls do here? They have “a generous welfare system” for women? Couples receive “$500 when they marry to help them start a family”?

A new picture opens up. The social engineering in radical Islam actually resembles Soviet Russia more than it does Christianity or traditional European culture, with state efforts to increase reproduction and promote social stability. Maybe young men join ISIS because they see macho bad-boys fighting against big powers, changing the world–much like Antifa and other Leftist groups behave–and it is an easy ways to procure a bride and be respected as a man.

Did I hear that right, ISIS has a welfare program? Yes. How progressive of radical Islam.  Many Leftists here are attracted by the same kind of thing, like the monthly allowance for groceries, dependency on the state, and ‘public assistance’ for the ‘poor.’ New York Post reports women receive $25 per month per child, plus a $400 bonus up front to be a mother and $500 to receive a partner.

Suddenly it is not such a mystery why ISIS women do not seem concerned that their sons and husbands are out killing themselves. You would think they would want to stop the men from killing themselves if they love them. But it’s government money. That’s what it comes down to. A Western woman in ISIS wrote, ““U dnt hav 2 pay 4 ANYTHING if u r wife of a shaheed,” the Post reports.

But most of all, I think the women of ISIS are attracted to the brutal and strong caliphate that radical Islam offers, a beast that they can follow. I think this applies to the “strong-willed” women more than anyone. They are attracted by a strong brutal ideology, which is what Socialism is. I guarantee, if you talk to any of the women of ISIS, they will tell you their strict ideology is liberating for women. They will use the same words feminists use.

This also explains why feminists in the United States rail endlessly against Christian expectations for women to dress nicely yet have not a word to say about women in the Middle East who are banned from driving and are not allowed to reveal their faces in public. Why don’t feminists ever talk about the ISIS mistreatment of women? Why? They respect the movement’s brutal ideology, that’s why.  Feminists love the strong hand and radical Islam provides it.

The only thing they have to reconcile the pieces of traditional culture that get melded in. But the National Socialists could handle that. So can today’s feminists.

Now, there is enormous danger in cherry-picking pieces of traditional culture and plastering them to an untraditional ideology, as both ISIS and Leftists do. It quickly leads to extremism. Modernism brought the dangerous ideology of Social Justice many decades ago, and now today, post-Modernism is today’s effort to meld pieces of traditional culture with it–with the accompanying movements such as Deconstructionalism to help.

So we see the same kind of dynamic in today’s Left.

Feminists are very discriminating about the women they defend. They have nothing to say about the rape gangs, mutilation, and sexual slavery in radical Islam controled areas. Likewise, women in ISIS don’t care much about the rape and mutilation so rampant in their culture. They also have little to say about men and boys who die and fall victim to the wiles of progressive culture in America. But they sure do complain about the toxic masculinity among Western Christians, echoing the same words as Karl Marx and Osama Bin Laden.

4 Progressive Ways To Eliminate Democrat Voters

1. Build Walls Around San Francisco, L.A., and New York

Angry Californians were talking about seceding from the United States because of President Trump’s election. Unfortunately, the hissy-fit has subsided and they gave up. But what an interesting idea! Make these three Leftist strongholds sovereign nations and encourage Leftists in Portland, Chicago, and Detroit to move into them. They get the benefit of our military defense and resources, and we get the benefits of tariffing their imports and not having them vote.  We can get rid of a lot of Democrat voters by walling off these cities.

2. Execute Drug Offenders

This is not outside of the realm of possibility either, as drugs come from terrorist groups, and drug dealers are therefore guilty of treason. When it comes to the war on drugs, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has shown that it does not work to be luke-warm about it. Either go hard or legalize all drugs. The Philippines decided to brutally execute or imprison drug offenders, and lo and behold, now they enjoy the most drug-free society in many years. They also enjoy a Leftist-free society, as 99% of Leftists are hooked on drugs. Win win.  Nobody like druggies and many Democrat voters are druggies.

3. Only Allow Taxpayers To Vote

America was built on the idea of no taxation without representation. Yet many millions of deadbeat Leftists mooch off the government and vote for leaders who will leech ever more from the producers. We have become a society of moochers and producers. People are brainwashed to think every person deserves a vote, but this is not how America was founded, and logically it makes no sense. Why should some hippie bimbo in San Francisco get the same vote as a hardworking father of five in Iowa? Return to the original system where only landowners get to vote for political representation. We have a progressive tax system, why not a progressive voting system?

4. Eliminate Civil Courts

If somebody injured you they should pay to make it right, right? Well, take a look at the lawsuit industry today and you can see how that sounds nice in theory but does not work in practice. The lawsuit industry today rewards the rich and punishes the poor. What if we just got rid of lawsuits? If somebody rips you off, they get tried in a criminal court and go to jail. No check in the mail for you. Sorry. Maybe you think that isn’t fair, but it persuades people to stop screwing over other people, while with civil courts it’s a matter of getting a good lawyer and maybe paying out a small settlement. Naturally, the criminal courts will have to change to accommodate this, but think of the benefits! No family courts and no frivolous lawsuits.

The biggest problem with civil courts is they enable Democrat voters. We have a kind of automatic judicial review in this country, where anytime leftists don’t like a law, they sue and pick a leftist judge that they know will overturn it. We saw this with Proposition 8. Voters approved an amendment to the state constitution and it got overturned by activist leftist judges, due to a lawsuit. Democracy is pretty much dead in America, as these un-elected judges get to decide what laws they like or don’t like. If we just eliminated this tyrannical judicial review, Democrat voters would have to take their vote back to the ballot box like the rest of us.

Men Must Take Charge When Surrounded By Women

This last weekend, I took some time off to relax in Long Beach. As I proceeded toward the hot tub, I noticed a group of college-age kids loudly gabbing at the hotel pool. There were three blonde girls and one guy, but by their body-language I could tell that the guy was not having any luck.

None of the girls faced toward the guy or gave him much attention. He was large, dark and friendly, but he looked out of shape and his shoulders slumped. He had a pleased grin on his face but his eyes looked lost. Two blonde girls in slim bikinis were lying on the poolside, facing each other, and the pudgier girl stood inside the pool facing them.

Soon, the guy looked over toward me and meekly suggested that they go to the jacuzzi–as if in hopes that closer proximity to me would help him.

I felt bad for the guy. He was successful enough in getting into a jacuzzi with three attractive girls. You got to give him that. But he was the kind of guy that girls feel safe around but do not feel excited by. He was their comfort blanket.

I wish there was something I could do to help the kid out. Not long ago I was clueless like him. I know exactly how it feels. But any interjection would have turned attention toward me and defeated the purpose. I was waiting for my wife so that I could spend a nice afternoon with her. So I sat back and observed.

I’m the kind of guy who quietly sits back in groups of people, so I understand where he’s coming from. But quietly fading into the background will never get you anywhere in a group of girls. Whether it’s friends, romantic prospects, business dealings, or elderly relatives, a man must talk when he is surrounded by women, even if it is remarks about the weather. It is crucial to say something frequently to remind them that you are an animate being.

The only time I saw movement from this poor guy was when the blonde girls asked him to fetch their bag of chips from the table. “Yes, go, slave,” one girl playfully taunted as he acquiescenced the command.

His first mistake was entering the jacuzzi without drinks or food to begin with. Today’s breed of narcissistic American women require food or drink to be in their mouth constantly. Many carry around water bottles and coffee straws because it gives them childlike comfort. He would have done well to jaunt quickly inside for some drinks without being asked. It would have set the mood and distracted them from their natural insecurities.

But what do you do when you forget, and a girl playfully orders you to fetch her bag of chips? Even if it is playful, it is a game that does not serve his interests. He will never get anywhere by being submissive.

I think the best thing is to go get the chips, but to take charge of the situation. Do you want anything from inside? Hold on, let me go get a strawberry daiquiri. Turn it around as much as possible to where you are in charge of who gets food and when, and speak as many words as possible, without becoming garrulous. Shift the playfulness to something else.

The blondest girl went off on a humorous tirade about her crazy German grandmother. I wanted to flip over my table and scream at the guy, “How much better a situation do you need??” It was practically the perfect invitation for him to game them. “Oh yeah, I heard about Germans….” “So you are half-German then?” “Do you see her much anymore?” “Which city is she from? I’ve been to…” Continue with the rest of the GALNUC method.

But he stayed silent. The blonde opposite him got sick of her talking and tried to change the subject. Both got frustrated.

I thought back to some time ago when I went to Long Beach for the birthday party of a friend of a friend. I found myself the only guy in a room with over a dozen girls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in any, but I thought at least it would be an opportunity to work on my communication skills. Within an hour, they were crowding around me in a semicircle, like devout pilgrims around a street preacher.

They eagerly awaited their chance to put in their sentence or two, to hear my reaction, and then receive sweet social confirmation as the discussion bounced along to someone else. It didn’t take much. I just had to say interesting things and sound like I knew what I was talking about. If someone didn’t say anything for a while I might ask them a question to pull them in, like an English teacher with a class discussion. But certain girls were I obviously favored.

Stunned by how natural and easy it was, I decided that the key when it comes to a group of girls is to just talk a lot and put on an air of authority. The rest takes care of itself.

Now, when it comes to game, all this is for naught if you fail to get one-on-one with one of the girls. You’ve got to know how to transition from the group game to the one-on-one game. You suddenly need to become personable, attentive, and playful. If another girl, resentful at being scorned, tries to cock-block, you need to gently let her down or distract her with food. “Didn’t somebody bring muffins in the kitchen?” Make the chosen girl feel special yet not sad for the girls who didn’t make the cut.

Again, this is a principle that I have found works for any kind of female social gathering, not just romance. The quiet guy who stands at the back and submissively follows orders is the creep. He makes women nervous. The guy who is always talking and interacting, with humorous interjections and interesting experiences, even if he is overly loud and raucous, is enjoyable.

Make sure to consider this in business with female bosses or clients, at church, at school, or among friends. Most importantly, don’t clue them in that this is what you are doing.

How To Deal With Parents That Pressure You To Be Gay/ Transexual

Parents sometimes try to live out experiences in their children. They pressure their children to be cheerleaders or star football quarterbacks, glamorous roles that they regret missing out on when they were in school. Parents also sometimes like to signal pride to their buddies, about how progressive and hip they are because of their star son or daughter.  Many parents even go so far as to encourage their children to be homosexual or transexual.

But these days, the trend is for “progressive” parents to pressure their children to change genders, be homosexual, transexual or at the very least become bisexual or genderfluid.

Every day, radical Leftists eat up thousands of blog articles telling them about gender norms, and they dream of the day they can announce to their friends at Starbucks that they are compassionately easing a child through the process of gender reassignment–shielding ze or zer from all the hatred of Christian yokels, and contributing to a more equitable society.

If you are one of these children caught up in the current year’s sick trend, and if you feel like your parents are pressuring you to be homosexual or transexual and make a choice that you are not comfortable with, this article is for you.

Being Homosexual/ Transexual Will Ruin Your Life

It is never a good thing to be pressured into something you don’t feel 100% is right. But when it comes to “gender” identity, the consequences will almost certainly ruin your life.

One of the first attempts at gender reassignment, in 1965, was hailed as a modern marvel of science. A botched circumcision led to a mutilated penis for young David Reimer, and rather than attempt reconstruction, the doctor attempted to turn the boy into a girl. It was a total failure for all involved. Over the years, it completely destroyed the family.

These days, when Leftists want to modify gender, they announce that deep inside they were “always this way.” Socialists treat “gender” as a mere construct of a person’s plumbing. If you don’t like your gender or feel like you were “born wrong,” simply change the plumbing.

But this is a dangerous lie. Reccently, scientists discovered that at least 1/3 of men and women’s genes are different. They uncovered 6,500 genes that manifest differently according to sex. (See study here.)

Men and women are very different. They have evolved on divergent evolutionary paths for millions of years. There is a reason why almost half of transsexuals have attempted suicide. People simply are not made to live contrary to such an intrinsic part of their human identity. Leftists believe a big lie that human identity is like a machine, while the truth is human identity is static and spiritually eternal.

Recognize How Popular Culture Brainwashes You

That is a lot to take in, I understand. Every second, every day, the media, schools, and popular culture teach you that personal identity is programmed. But it turns out those fringe Christians were right. Gender and sexuality are eternal properties created by God.

This is difficult for many to admit because of the pervasive narrative against it in Western culture. Until a mere couple decades ago, the word “sex” referred to man or woman. Nobody said gender. They said the “male sex” or “female sex.” The word “gender” referred to grammatical qualities of nouns.

But the feminists didn’t like that. They changed the definition of sex to refer to sexual intercourse. They changed gender to refer to man and woman, and removed male and female qualities completely from grammatical structure. By doing so, they manipulated our consciousness away from qualities that divide men and women except for our plumbing, the physical devices for copulation which can by changed through surgery.

Thus, the feminists manipulated us into disbelieving that there are any differences except for the parts we use for copulation. Every time you say the words “male,” “female,” or “sex” in today’s popular usage, you are compounding the brainwashing. You are telling yourself that you are a machine, not human.

Karl Marx sought to eliminate traditional relationships in order to turn individuals into economic producers, who identify with their class. So with sex identity finally erased from our language, Marxists went on to demand personal relationships conform to their societal rules. Did you think Prop 8 was about equality? No, it was about government defining marriage, controlling personal relationships.

Now, teachers are now commonly teaching kids that personal relationships must conform to class identity and promote economic production and social justice. The brainwashing is thick and the justifications are convoluted.

Your parents probably started the brainwashing early on. Maybe they taught you that you don’t need a man, or woman. Maybe they encouraged you to try on a dress for silly fun, even though you are a boy. Maybe they censored talk of “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” and only spoke of “partners.” Maybe they talked about attractive physical qualities of people the same sex as you.  No matter how they did it, they encouraged you to be homosexual or transexual.

Embrace Sexist Stereotypes

There is a lot to undo. Just the fact that you are reading this right now shows unbelievable fortitude. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to reject a constant voice that has whispered lies in your ear since birth. What living creature has the courage, the sheer force of will, to take off the rose-colored glasses and confront the cold dark truth?

It will be difficult to delve into classic books that promote traditional sex roles, like the bible and Greek philosophy, but that is the next step. As you read, your super-ego will scream outrage. But it’s not fair that men usually were in charge! Just push through it. Read classic literature. Watch movies and TV shows from before 1968. Try to understand why traditional culture has allowed civilizations to thrive while decadent cultures similar to today’s West quickly toppled.

The pervasive media tells you masculine and feminine qualities are evil and oppressive. But you will recognize the value of of these qualities, and you will gain a new understanding of what “fair” actually means. Maybe it is fair for men to be in charge? Maybe fair doesn’t mean everybody is exactly the same? Maybe it is fair for women to be at home with the kids while her man is out working a job to provide for the family?

If you are a man, lift weights at the gym and play sports. If you are a woman, learn how to sew and cook. You will feel enriched by living such stereotypes, because such behavior is not a social construct, but an artistic manifestation of your human identity. Like brush strokes on a canvas, each traditional masculine or feminine activity will lead to discovery and bring you closer to your inner human ideal.

Your Leftist parents will obviously be disappointed.

Maybe you will need to lift weights or sew in secret. That’s fine. You don’t need to hit them with it until you are ready for the confrontation.

Like the passive-aggressive betas that they probably are, your parents will likely say, “That’s nice, if that’s your choice,” and then take away your phone and car keys. They may withhold affection and stop giving you encouragement for your life goals. Be ready for the consequences of your honesty.

Look For Spiritual Aid

One of the hardest realizations in life is to learn that nobody cares about what is best for you except you. People are nice, and family love each other, but we do not live in a world of gummy bears and ice cream. Your parents only encourage you to be “open-minded” and “free-thinking” because they want to feel progressive and cool, like good 21st century parents that they see in every San Francisco sitcom, not because they actually have your interests in mind.

Same goes for the government. The Supreme Court did not dictate gay marriage because they feel compassion for America’s citizens, but because they want control over societal norms and institutions of relationships.

Everyone must confront this realization. We all must accept this, as it is human nature, and the belief that parents or government is taking care of us is a complete illusion. Ultimately, you need to look out for yourself and not rely on anyone else, or you will just get used and thrown away.

Part of the anxiety of separating from parents is the shame of letting them down, making them disappointed. But this is something we all must confront. We all need to be the rebellious teenager who discovers what is best for himself. Become independent–not just independent of parents, but of our oppressive Western culture.

This does not mean you are alone. Love is still a powerful thing, and you can still receive love and give love to your parents. They are still your parents, even if you disagree about certain things. A mature person is able to disagree with people about fundamental beliefs and still love them.

You probably hate organized religion, like all the good Milenials who have been programmed by the media to hate religion. But there is a very powerful tool for gaining independence in spirituality. Seeking and discovering spiritual truth is a powerful tool to gain confidence and to not feel alone.

Start with simple prayers. Read a little bit of scripture. You will find that it liberates your free will, as free will is usually replaced by popular culture’s values, which are crutches of dependency. Discard that dependency, and reach to an unseen spiritual being who actually does have your best interest in mind. Look for angels.

Hate Social Justice Ideology

Your new spiritual knowledge will help you reach out to your parents compassionately. They are just trying to be parents. Don’t be angry with them. Almost everybody is fooled by our perverse popular culture these days.

Leftists hate people who do not fall in line with their Marxist ideology. They hate Trump for being pro-American, so they destroy anyone associated with him, one by one. But in Christianity, it is the other way around. We are different. We love the sinner but hate the sin.

It is perfectly natural to feel utter disgust for the Marxist ideology that led your parents to ruin your life. It is important to understand how the tentacles of this ideology poison your life in other ways than just this. In what other ways does this unholy doctrine lead you astray, onto broad paths? It is never too late.

Enmity is a gift from God that prevents the angels of the devil from taking over our bodies. It is natural and good for us to be repulsed by perversions and physical vices, and it is good to remove ourselves from anyone who puts us on that path. Remove yourself from media, friends, teachers, family, and anything that is pressuring you away from your divine identity. Do not budge an inch. Do not give in to the shaming and bullying.

But it is not good to harbor personal hatred or resentment for loved ones. Part of believing that humans characteristics are eternal, that we are not machines with interchangeable parts, is respect for the eternal welfare of every person’s soul. You can measure your true acceptance of your divine identity by how you are able to love the SJWs close to you who seek to destroy you. Still love them and embrace them as your family.

I wish you the best on your difficult path. Take joy in the small victories and push yourself through the challenges. Do not hesitate to contact us here at RedGulls and ask for help or words of encouragement. It is a remarkable journey you are on, and I promise it will always be worth it.

Why Vegans Hate Organized Religion

The vegetarian arguments against eating meat are the same arguments that SJWs use against organized religion. I realized this while watching a debate involving Roaming Millennial.

Now, to be clear, I’m talking about the smug SJW narcissists who shove their veganism in our faces, not those who practice it as part of their religion. There’s a big difference.

In the debate, an angry SJW named Vegan Gains said it is better to be vegan because eating meat causes suffering. We all contain a sense of moral agency and should avoid causing pain, he said.

Veganism Is Rooted In Marxism

Well, what makes animal suffering a bad thing?

Ask this to an environmentalist and they will explode. How could you even ask that!?? Okay sure, common sense tells us it is wrong to torture rats, but is the brief pain a slaughtered animal feels really bad?

The vegan answer is implied when Vegan Gains equates mistreatment of animals with mistreatment of mentally disabled people. He actually compares the “stabbing” of a cow with the stabbing of the mentally disabled.

Justice prevents us from mistreating other humans, so it should prevent us from mistreating animals as well, right? So everything is equal. The SJW cult of equality knows no bounds! Now are we going to have to add horses and pigs to the uni-sex bathroom labels?

But wait, then Vegan Gains says it’s not murder for animals to kill other animals because humans have a higher sense of moral agency. So not everything is equal after all. Why should we apply justice equally to animals that do not contain our sense of moral agency?

Let’s look at what Vegan Gains mean by “moral agency.” In Marxist language this is like “class consciousness.” Karl Marx taught that classes evolve through emancipation of group consciousness, and that more evolved classes have a responsibility to advance the lower classes for everyone’s benefit. It is the evolved class’s role to keep production equal and prevent exploitation of labor.

Leftists have a different definition of moral agency than do we on the traditional Right. To us, moral agency is our ability to make free choices and accept personal responsibility for the consequences. There is nothing in our moral agency to prevent us from slaughtering animals for food.

But to the Socialist Left, moral agency is the individual’s responsibility to fall in line with or influence society’s definition of right or wrong. It is wrong to slaughter animals because the predator/prey relationship exploits their labor and unbalances production, just like the boss/worker relationship hinders the factory worker, or how raising children instead of “working” hinders a woman’s potential.

Marxists look at a field of grazing cattle and see a class that is working hard so that humans can benefit from their labor. We are “exploiting” the labor of animals. This is what makes eating them wrong.

This is the key to seeing Leftist veganism for what it is. It is the Marxist ideology saturating their brains to the point of silliness. Is it evil to ride a horse now?

Vegans Cause Suffering

Like the good Socialists they are, some SJW vegans go completely off the rails and violently attack meat-eaters. They burn barns, drive spikes into trees, and throw acid onto women who wear fur coats.

Vegans and vegetarians cause suffering in other ways. I saw this a couple weeks ago in a documentary about elephants. American camera crews who film nature documentaries have a policy of not getting involved in the animal life that they are filming. In this documentary, a baby elephant got separated from his mother and died of starvation in the harsh desert.

The policy of not intruding in wild animal life is rooted in the same ideology that prevents vegans from eating meat. It prevents people from helping animals.

Universal Salvation

“We should avoid eating meat because it causes pain.”

Isn’t this what Socialists say about religion? Christianity causes pain. We start wars, make people guilty about their human nature, cause social division, etc. Just look at all the horror stories on the Ex-Mormon Reddit. Girls are shamed if they dress like skanks. The horror!

Why can’t we be like Communist North Korea where they have marijuana in every home and nobody feels pain?

In ancient times, religions even executed animals on sacrificial altars and believed that this redeemed them of their moral wrongs. Not only did we prey on animals for physical nourishment but for structural moral nourishment as well.

Yes, animals feel some pain when we slaughter them for food. Yes, the horse works and feels strain when we ride it. Yes, we exploit labor. This is the nature of the world we live in.

Religion causes suffering. It is true. Many Christians feel shame for breaking commandments or for not practicing acceptable standards of behavior. We believe this is normal and appropriate.

Normal people recognize that some things are more important than avoiding pain. Normal people watch Lion King and learn that all species prey on other species. Normal people recognize that we do not feel an equal sense of justice to other animal species.

Pain is a necessary part of growing to emulate godliness. God Himself was sacrificed and felt pain for the physical and moral redemption of all creation. The top of the hierarchy, God, performed the greatest labor for others and felt the greatest pain.

But as we have seen, the issue is really about equality of labor and class consciousness, which is also what leads Marxists to attack Christianity. Christians believe in meritocracy and pursue a hierarchal structure where some people end up being “exploited.” Social Marxists hate Christians for creating an un-equal society of winners and losers rather than an everybody-wins (aka everybody-loses) society.

Marxists believe in universal salvation, and thus follow the Plan of Satan. Satan hated God’s plan where people excelled according to the merit of their behavior. He wants to force people to practice behavior that he decided was good, where nobody could sin, where everybody is perfectly equal.

Vegans, and environmentalists in general, elevate themselves to the position of God in the same way as Satan. Rather than just being good custodians for nature, they seek Satan’s universal salvation, and of course they want to be the one in charge.


I noticed in this debate the vegan appealed to Scientism. He went on and on about scientific studies that showed meat is unhealthy. He became angry and called Roaming Millennial an idiot for not having multiple scientific studies at her fingertips. Isn’t this what Socialists always do?

Unfortunately, the angry vegan railroaded over Roaming Millennial like she was Marco Rubio. No traditionalist should put up with that. Never let them treat you like that.

The angry vegan said we don’t need to eat meat because we can get all the nutrition we need other ways. Isn’t this also something that Socialists say about religion? Organized religion is an outdated institution and we can get all the benefits, like social structure and charitable redistribution, without the unhealthy elements–such as patriarchy, moral standards, and happy families.

But the Marxist/Satanic ideology that vegans follow turns us into atomized robots. You can see this in the visage of vegans themselves, all these docile hipsters. We need hardened conquerors. Elimination of predators creates a society of only prey.

The West is crumbling because of this ideology of mindless robots. To fight Islamic terrorism, London doesn’t need fragile vegetarians, equalized pieces of a machine. It needs men who cause pain in the West, men who hunt.

Book of Mormon DNA Evidence Proves Joseph Smith Correct About Ancient America

Book of Mormon DNA evidence is the Holy Grail for Mormons and Anti-Mormons alike.  CES Letter claims: “DNA analysis has concluded that Native American Indians do not originate from the Middle East or from Israelites but rather from Asia.”

CES Letter is basically the handbook of anti-Mormons. It has everything anti-Mormon needs to attack the church. But CES Letter gives no evidence or explanation when it comes to DNA and the Book of Mormon DNA evidence. It presents this as a self-evident argument, as if the science is settled.

Is the science settled?

Newsweek says evidence “proves” the Bering Strait theory–that Pre-Columbian natives of North and South America only are descended from Asians who traveled over the Bering Strait. Wikipedia does not even bother mentioning any other ideas where American ancestors may have originated. The co-author of a 2014 article in Nature boasts that it is “the final shovelful of dirt” on the hypothesis.

Simple-minded atheists treat science as the be-all-end-all truth, yet they are curiously quick to jump to conclusions and ignore the complexities of science. The evidence actually finds evidence for a large number of ancient immigration into America. If you look at these complexities, you actually find Book of Mormon DNA evidence to support the Book of Mormon model.

Middle Eastern DNA In North America

CES Letter ridicules the LDS church for pulling back on their claim that Lamanites were the “principal ancestors” of the “American Indians.”

They point to Joseph Smith’s Wentworth Letter:

In this important and interesting book the history of ancient America is unfolded, from its first settlement by a colony that came from the Tower of Babel at the confusion of languages to the beginning of the fifth century of the Christian era.

We are informed by these records that America in ancient times has been inhabited by two distinct races of people… The Jaredites were destroyed about the time that the Israelites came from Jerusalem, who succeeded them in the inheritance of the country. The principal nation of the second race fell in battle towards the close of the fourth century. The remnant are the Indians that now inhabit this country.

CES Letter says America was inhabited prior to the Tower of Babel, so this must be incorrect. But actually, DNA evidence does show this is correct.

1830 map of United States

Hg “x” haplogroup shows up in ancient Middle East and North America, exactly where Lehi originated and where Joseph Smith lived. When Joseph Smith wrote “this country” was he referring to Mexico, or Brazil, or the plains that hadn’t been added to the United States yet? No, he was referring to New England.

Wikipedia erased this map of DNA distribution from their Settlement of the Americas page, for some strange reason:

Why did Wikipedia remove this map from their page on Ancient America Settlement?

Hg “x” accounts for a quarter or the mtDNA of the Algonquian people in North America, but does not show up in South America or East Asia until later. It was rather isolated in the Middle East (including among Jews) and North America. Scientists note that the difference between haplogroup X in America and Middle East indicates “an early origin ‘likely at the very beginning of their expansion and spread from the Near East.’

Well, that’s what the Tower of Babel was, the very beginning of expansion from the Near East. The upper East Coast is a suitable spot for the Jaradites from what we read of them.

Scientists conclude Asia was “not intermediate between Native American clades and that of Europeans” for this DNA. So how did they get there? Scientists say early peoples somehow traveled over the Bering Strait without leaving DNA traces for many thousands of miles. But the sea-faring model of the Jaradites makes much more sense.

And yes, this haplogroup could be the oldest DNA in this area of North America.

There is the question of timing. Theologists date the Tower of Babel to 2,500 B.C. and scientists say Hg “x” was introduced much earlier than that. But the reliability of radioactive dating and what we assume about the time table of the bible is a totally different issue. Fact is, the DNA is there.

The famous Kennewick Man, a set of ancient American bones which shocked scientists because they looked more like Patrick Stewart than Clovis people, was found to have genetic similaries to western Europe, and the haplogroup X2a

The other haplogroup that we find in both the Middle East and North America is less conclusive: Haplogroup R.

Wikipedia erased the Haplogroup R map from their page as well, and on their Haplogroup R page they replaced it with an image that omits North and South America. But before Wikipedia’s revisions, here is what the map showed:

This shows a far-spread genetic marker across Europe, West Asia, and North America, with spots showing up many other places. The oldest remains of R are found are “mal’ta boy” in Siberia.

DNA evidence shows plenty of other groups. As Newsweek notes, there are also human remains found in America from before the Clovis people traveled over the Bering Strait. Where did they come from?

One important study, largely ignored, found African DNA in pre-Columbian America–“Indigenous Mexican- African admixture occurred prior to the European discovery of America. The date for the African skeletons indicate that there were several waves of West Africans who probably introduced African haplotypes into the Americas. The 25,000 Malians who sailed to America in 1310 probably had a major influence on the exchange of African genes in the Americas.”

DNA indicates a variety of immigration events to America, including from the Middle East.

Why Don’t Modern Indians Have Israelite DNA?

So we have Book of Mormon DNA evidence for the Jaradites. Oh, but what about the Nephites? If the Nephites came from Israel, why don’t modern Native Americans have Israelite DNA?

Maybe because the Nephites got killed off? Remember that? Joseph Smith said the principal ancestors fell in battle and left today’s American ancestors with “remnants,” the Lamanites.

The Book of Mormon says the Lamanites developed a dark skin that was different than the Nephites. How did that happen? Well, either their DNA mutated or they interbred with other civilizations–civilizations that apparently came over the Bering strait. Either way, the Book of Mormon tells us the Lamanites had Israelite original genetics bred out. So it’s no wonder that we don’t see archaeological genetic similarities when it comes to the descendants of Lehi.

This was not the case for the Jaradites. Their civilization of millions collapsed in a great final battle, but there is no indication that everybody got wiped out.

Imagine a family of Israelites shows up in a totally foreign land and looks totally different than everyone else. Imagine that some of this group interbreeds with the natives and tries to kill off the other part of the group. It would not be hard for the Lamanites to visually identify Nephites and wipe them out. So the Israelite DNA got wiped out. Simple as that.

Why Haven’t We Found Israelite DNA In Archaeology?

Oh, but shouldn’t we at least find some Israelite DNA in buried remains?

Well that depends how many buried remains scientists have sampled. It would take many thousands of samples from all over North and South America to reliably give us an idea. How many samples are scientists using?

For one study, a few dozen

Nope. Sorry. It’s going to take a lot more digging to come across Nephite DNA markers. If you look closely at the map of DNA samples you see that there are zero samples from the great plains, where Joseph Smith came across some bones that he said was a general among the Nephites. Zero samples. Maybe try digging around Ohio?

There is only one sample on the Yucatan Peninsula, where many Mormons place the Book of Mormon civilization. Just one. It is 12,000 years old, far outside the time frame of the Book of Mormon, and found at the bottom of a water pit where no Israelite would ever bury his dead.

The Nephites and Lamanites were fanatical about burying their dead, so their remains won’t be found except by widespread excavation. Even if remains are found, Israelites did not embalm their dead like the Egyptians did, so the DNA might not be preserved.

So the reason Nephite DNA has not been found by archaeologists is because they have not come across evidence that is likely to prove or disprove the Nephite model.

There are other studies that use more local samples. One study of the Mayan populations found a “complex demographic history” with all kinds of gene flow. Yet they found “founder events in the different ethnic groups or relative isolation.” Isolated communities.

Another study found that lots of DNA markers simply got wiped out, exactly like the Book of Mormon indicates:

While that doesn’t necessarily mean that the genetic diversity of the pre-Columbian era has been completely wiped out – other lineages not traced in this study may exist… But the find demonstrates what the researchers bluntly term the ‘high extinction rate’ for indigenous American people.

The best evidence for Nephite DNA is found in a study on Cherokee Indians. John Adair wrote in the 18th century that some Cherokees were known to speak a kind of Jewish language. A recent study found an ancient Cherokee princess with Jewish DNA, or rather DNA markers from Middle Eastern-North Africa. This branch of Cherokee is “genetically more likely to be Jewish than the typical American Jew of European ancestry.”

One very important part of this study is that the Cherokee experienced the same kind of complex gene flow and isolation as the Mayans. In fact, Cherokee communities “often carried Maya DNA.” So perhaps some of the Nephites who moved north mixed with these Cherokee communities.

Book of Mormon DNA Evidence Is Poor Either Way

Archaeology is very shaky science to begin with, and when you add to that the difficulty of mapping DNA–sporatic mutations, poor preservation, few samples, post-Columbian DNA mixture–it becomes a nightmare.

The title of this article is misleading. I did that on purpose, to ridicule the anti-Mormons who think DNA evidence proves anything. Book of Mormon DNA evidence doesn’t prove the Book of Mormon model. It doesn’t disprove it. Archeological DNA can’t prove anything either way.

All we know is some skeleton with similar genetics to another skeleton somehow ended up somewhere. That doesn’t tell us much.

The science of human origin locations is rapidly changing. Just last week an important study came out that found humans originated in Europe, not Africa. Maybe next year a study will find humans originated in Australia? In Missouri?

Actually I am glad that we do not have more Book of Mormon DNA Evidence either way. The Catholic church has all of their ancient relics that supposedly provide physical proof of bible stories. They tried to definitely reconcile science and religion, and it didn’t end well. Because what is the purpose of faith? Flimsy scientific evidence is just superstition.

If a scientist dug up Laban’s sword and a rock with the inscription “Hi! My name is Nephi and I wrote the Book of Mormon,” we would descend into a narrative of physical evidence and the role of faith would diminish. The LDS church has always been careful to never provide physical objects as “proof” of Mormon claims, never to give us relics. I think this keeps our belief in the Book of Mormon grounded on faith.

To look at a tiny sample of ancient bones as the basis for your belief in the Book of Mormon, either way, is a stunning display of superstition.

‘By Common Consent’ Blog Mocks First Lady Trump Over Bloody-Head Photo

Leftists lined up to defend Kathy Griffin’s demented photo of a mock beheading of President Trump.  The apostate Mormons at the website ByCommonConsent joined in on the verbal abuse.  Most Leftists dismissed the ISIS-inspired portrayal as a harmless gimmick. You Trump supporters are so sensitive. It was just a joke!

Well, one thing the media didn’t report is that Kathy was wearing something very similar to Melania Trump’s signature dress that she wore at the second presidential debate. It was pretty much an image of Melania holding her own husband’s bloody head. This is why Melania Trump found it especially disturbing:

“When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

After these comments,  fringe-Mormon SJW site ByCommonConsent  jumped in and started mocking First Lady Melania. The site posted her full statement on Twitter alongside a modeling photo of Melania playfully twisted jewelry with a fork, as if to say, “Whose mental health is questionable per their photo opportunities?”

Even the readers of fringe site  ByCommonConsent  were appalled by this nasty attack. But instead of apologizing or even making excuses–maybe that it was an attempt at humor–they doubled down:

Wow. So much for “common consent!” I don’t think LDS members consent to this kind of nasty hatred, this implicit support for political violence. For all their virtue signaling about women’s rights and sensitivity to women’s issues, we see how fringe site  ByCommonConsent feels about women in power.  The apostate Mormons at the fringe leftist website ByCommonConsent is a nasty group who love to bully those who they disagree with.  ByCommonConsent is a perfect example of how leftists are creating a culture of political with every nasty Tweet they make.

Jana Riess

5 Nazi Tactics Jana Riess Uses To Defend Racism

Nobody should be shocked to see Jana Riess of Religion News Service misrepresent a Mormon’s conservative views and call them racist.

Today, as I read Jana Riess’s snark towards Ayla, aka A Purposeful Wife, something about it got under my skin.  I critically dissected Jana Riess’s rhetoric, and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach when I realized that I had read this kind of rhetoric before: in history books about Nazi propaganda.

#1 Divide The Population With Race Distinctions

It all started with a hashtag #DearWhiteMormons in which fake Mormons complained about white people in the church. Jana Riessperformed some real mental gymnastics to defend this blatant racism.

She says they were just giving “Mormons of color an opportunity to share their experiences.” Uh huh. As she introduced #DearWhiteMormons, she related a couple innocuous posts and incorrectly claimed that this is what people were outraged against. Oh but they were just saying how they were “treated or judged” by whites! That’s not what I saw, Jana.

Actually, this racist hashtag follows Nazi rhetoric by dividing the population of the church by race and introducing competition. This is something Jana Riess applauds:

“The tenor of some of these tweets from white Mormons was that golly, gosh, and darn it, race just does not exist as a category in white Mormons’ minds! If blacks or Latinos bring it up, they are creating divisions and barriers where none exist. We’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, people; can’t we just get along? Stop playing the victim already.”

They weren’t just bringing up their identity, Jana. Nobody is outraged when that happens. They were attacking another group of people based on race. This is known as racism.

“But it wasn’t long before some white Mormons appeared to feel threatened by the hashtag.” No Jana, people just don’t like racism.

Nazis likewise divided the population by races and discussed how some races were treated and judged. Nazis would have been blogging under the hashtag #DearJews.

In his book Ten Responses to Jewish Lackeys, Nazi propagandist Kurt Eitzen said “a Jew always remains a Jew” even if he is baptized Christian. The race is his identity, not his religion. This argument led to discussions about racial injustice against Germans from Jews.

Eitzen rejected the argument that “everything with a human face is equal.” The Hitler Youth’s handbook likewise rejected the teaching that “all men are equal before God” as backwards Christian doctrine. We need more “racial thinking,” the handbook taught.

The Mormon Right teaches that we should be unified as a church rather than complaining about other races.

Jana Riess says people who want to get past racial thinking are “often the same folks who perpetuate white culture.” I don’t see any difference between this statement and the Nazi logic that the German Christians who didn’t want to look through a racial lens were pushing a Jewish agenda.

Apostate blog By Common Consent spreads Jana Riess’s article

#2 Group By Race Rather Than Beliefs

Hitler called Jews a race rather than a religion, “…the Jewish religion is nothing other than a doctrine to preserve the Jewish race.”

Jana Riess approaches the Mormon Right in a similar way. She equates the “Mormon Right” with white “racists.” She defines us by the labels “white supremacy”, “#whiteculture”, and “#saveeurope.” Rather than talk about conservative Mormons’ conservative views, she assumes we must all be white and we must be spreading our beliefs in order to stop our racial “coming extermination.”

Nazi propagandist Von Moltke said, “In resisting all government attempts to nationalize them, the Jews build a state within the state.” They said Jews were being racist when they were expressing outrage about racist division.

Jana Riess and the fake Mormon bloggers try to alienate the Mormon Right as a separate group in the church as well. Jana points out that Ayla held a conference this weekend (actually it wasn’t this weekend, Jana), and complains, “A dozen is small, but it’s a dozen Mormon racists too many.”

#3 Stoke Historical Racial Resentment

In regard to how the German government treated Jews, Eitzen quoted propagandist Rosenburg, “gradually the rights [Jews] stole from the Germans in politics and culture have been restored.”

Germans were just bringing social justice to the disenchranchized minority… what’s the problem, right Jana?

Eitzen said a few hungry Jews were nothing compared to the “many millions of German families that the Jew murdered over the course of centuries through wars, revolutions, and civil strife.”

Jana Riess says white Mormons want to “sweep under the rug” the “experiences” of minorities and the “privileges” that whites enjoy. This stokes the same kind of racial resentment that the Nazis whipped up. We also read about this kind of racial resentment in the Book of Mormon, that the Lamanites held for the Nephites.

#4 Make The Issue About Competing Reproduction Rates

Jana Riess very cleverly claims A Purposeful Wife wants more white children to “counteract the growth of minority races.” When has she ever said that? Ayla never said that. What she said is all races and groups should pursue a healthy reproduction rate. Her call for more white reproduction has nothing to do with other races.

Jana thus slyly introduces the question of competing reproduction rates among races. The Nazis also put emphasis on the reproduction rate of other races.

Jews at the time had a very low birth rate, 16 to 1000 people compared to 41 to 1000 Germans. “Far too few babies were being born to maintain the Jewish population.”

Whites in the United States are in a similar situation. This isn’t an opinion, it is fact. More whites are dying than are being born. The white population in America today is in the same reproductive position as Jews in Nazi Germany.

Despite this, German propaganda “depicting how the prolific Slav nations would cause the German people to be overrun.” The Mormon Right is not on the side that worries about being overrun. They are the side that recognizes the fact that a certain race has an unsustainable birth rate.

Apostle Elder Uchtdorf responds to anti-Mormon racism on Twitter

#5 Tie Race To Cross-Generational Injustice

Do bloggers on the Mormon Right complain about racial injustices a hundred years ago? No. Only if a racist Leftist brings up an incorrect narrative, maybe the Mormon Right will point out that the ancient slave trade ran through Turkey. But mainstreams Mormons do not hold racial resentment.

Jana Riess on the other hand blames Brigham Young and Bruce R. McKonkie for our sins of the past. She says the church needs to repudiate the “kind of injustice” that began with them and continues today among conservatives.

“I call upon our church to speak out against this kind of injustice… But the church has also never fully repudiated racist statements from earlier leaders like Bruce R. McConkie, Mark E. Peterson, and Brigham Young.”

Compare this with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, “…with such terrible justice that the sins of the fathers are avenged down to the tenth generation. But this applies only to profanation of the blood and the race.”

Hitler was talking about preserving racial purity while Jana is talking about keeping minorities pure of “white culture and history as normative.” She connects race with a continual injustice in society.

She attaches the label “white supremacy” to Ayla, Wife with a Purpose, for simply resisting racial attacks against white people. This says a lot more about Jana than it does Ayla.

What is Jana Riess’s belief when it comes to race? Why does she bitterly insist on sowing division and resentment?

Laci Green Will Only Find Peace If She Stops Blaming Mormonism

Conservatives are talking about a radical feminist named Laci Green who is supposedly opening herself to red pill ideas. Some are optimistic that she might even be converted. Leftists are freaking out over it.

But let’s not kid ourselves. I doubt Laci Green is really going to even have a real discussion about red pill ideas. Why? She makes too much money with her radical feminism, including an MTV show. Why would she jeopardize that?

It seems from Laci Green’s red pill video like she isn’t really open to it, as she gives no specific examples of what she will talk about. She only spews vitriol towards anything specifically red-pilled.

Laci Green says she may be open to new ideas, but then she bitterly recalls her Mormon upbringing.

“I used to be Mormon, pretty intensely so. You know, when I was twelve years old, there were adults telling me that my ‘spiritual destiny is to be perpetually pregnant.’ Cute, right?”

No, no they didn’t, Laci. That’s not true. Mormons don’t tell their kids that it is their destiny to be pregnant.

This is a histrionic line that ex-Mormon feminists frequently use, a strawman caricature of the Mormon traditional lifestyle. Laci Green clearly does not know much about Mormon doctrine.

The truth about Mormonism is we believe men and women can be sealed eternally and go on after death with that same relationship. Posterity is a blessing to marriage, so this post-death relationship probably involves procreation of some kind. Laci equates this with being “perpetually pregnant.”

This reveals Laci Green’s disdain for traditional family and motherhood. Is it coincidence that she published this video near Mother’s Day?

Laci Green started out as a atheist propagandist. But then she removed her videos about leaving Mormonism and becoming atheist, and she focused on being a “public sex educator.” Why? Because this issue is the crux of why she left Mormonism and she can’t get past it. She is stuck on sex.

Through all her many videos, hours and hours of explaining and analysis, Laci Green has yet to come to a realistic conclusion about sex. She complains that men in Congress make decisions about her body with abortion laws. Yet she also advocates for “gay rights.” Doesn’t the supreme court decision allow government to define personal relationships, just the kind of thing you were railing against?

Feminists don’t see the contradiction here because their analysis is so facile and short-sighted. You see this in Laci Green’s red-pill video. She speaks of getting two sides of an argument like it is some kind of grand new revelation. Laci Green prides herself in deep analysis. She gets about two steps into the critical thinking process that the rest of us learned in elementary school.

The fact is, Laci Green needs to confront her deep-rooted issue with sex and Mormonism before she can move on with her life.

How It Started

Laci Green makes no secret that it started with masturbation at a young age. She says she resents the Mormon church because she started masturbating and felt bad about it because she was Mormon. “In my early teens, I was overcome with shame and guilt and anger–anger at myself.” She then launches into justification about masturbation and why it helped her.

Then things become more serious. In another video, Laci Green mentions “my first boyfriend sexually assaulted me, and when I went to my friends for help they called me a slut.”

That’s quite a leap. Rape by her first boyfriend is a lot more serious than some masturbation. When it comes to your youth, why not discuss the shame, guilt, and anger from the rape? This is something I urge Laci Green to explore objectively. It sounds like there is a lot more to all this.

According to Roosh, Laci Green suffered with depression, thoughts of suicide, weight problems, and cutting herself. Her early experiences obviously hurt her, and all these youtube videos and hatred for the Mormon church over a little masturbation don’t seem to be helping. All this “sex positive” lecturing isn’t helping.

How Laci Green Can Heal

If Laci Green is truly serious about a positive two-way discussion, here are my suggestions:

Step #1: Get away from the crazy Berkeley feminist crowd. Stop working for pernicious corporations like MTV. Escape the bubble. Find traditional friends that you can have frank discussions with.

Step #2: Actually study traditional “gender roles” in society, marriage, and personal sexual development. Don’t get your information from MTV or Berkeley professors. Get both sides of the argument and consider what the scriptures have to say about it, even if you don’t believe in the scriptures.

There is a reason why the nuclear family has worked for thousands of years while “progressive” societies have fallen, one by one. There is a reason why societies and individuals thrive when they abide by “gender roles.”

Laci Green’s refusal to study traditional sexual roles prevent her from achieving a serious conclusion. I should also add, a steady of healthy masculinity is necessary. It is crazy that feminists revile clean-cut nice Mormon boys as “toxic.”

Step #3: Develop your spirituality, independent of friends and organizations. Ex-Mormons almost always point at judgmental friends for becoming atheist.

They “made” me anti-religious.

This dependence on other people’s approval, this lack of Stoicism, shows that Laci Green never had the wherewithal to develop strength. She needs to stop blaming her friends, stop blaming her family, stop blaming the church, and pursue spiritual development for herself before involving anyone else.

Step #4: Admit that it was wrong to masturbate. I know, an outrageous suggestion. You probably felt immense shame after you did it, especially if you considered yourself a devout Mormon.

But there’s nothing wrong with touching yourself! Why was masturbation wrong?

Well, it really isn’t that big of deal. The rape is an immensely bigger deal, so it’s weird that Laci Green got so caught up with the masturbation.

The reason masturbation is an issue is because it led you on a path that put you where you are today, with the layers and layers of justification and rebellion, guilt and shame. It is a problem because it pointed you away from traditional marriage. It was a small splinter that festered.

Sins are sins because of where they lead you. You did not hurt anybody by it, as far as any third-party observer is concerned, but it affected you in a way that led to depression, self-loathing, and sexual unhealthiness. It’s like a little kid who steals a candy bar from a store and beats herself up over it. You went on to blame the store for all the shame you felt and make a career out of justifying your actions. A happy family is very difficult to achieve and masturbation got in the way, because something small became a mountain when you denied that it was a problem.

Step #5: Value motherhood. As a defense against the shame of these early experiences, you revile the notion that normal motherhood brings great happiness. That’s because you have no hope of achieving it.

This will require a logical understanding of why motherhood is important to you individually and to society, and a spiritual inkling of how motherhood helps you grow. The hardest part will be emotionally, however. Years of emotional band-aids and justification have put you in a place that few people get away from. This will require an advanced understand of repentance as a tool for healing and improving.

Step #6: Repeat these steps whenever you get stuck. Try as many times as needed from the beginning. Try to stop blaming yourself or others.

I think it is nice that Laci Green says she is open to considering red-pill ideas. This will help in step #2 as she gains a better understanding of marriage and sexuality. Whether she follows through or this is just virtue signaling remains to be seen. If she doesn’t it is not because she didn’t try. This is a very hard place to turn back from.

Laci Green needs to embark on all of these steps in order to recover from feminism.