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Laci Green Will Only Find Peace If She Stops Blaming Mormonism

Conservatives are talking about a radical feminist named Laci Green who is supposedly opening herself to red pill ideas. Some are optimistic that she might even be converted. Leftists are freaking out over it.

But let’s not kid ourselves. I doubt Laci Green is really going to even have a real discussion about red pill ideas. Why? She makes too much money with her radical feminism, including an MTV show. Why would she jeopardize that?

It seems from Laci Green’s red pill video like she isn’t really open to it, as she gives no specific examples of what she will talk about. She only spews vitriol towards anything specifically red-pilled.

Laci Green says she may be open to new ideas, but then she bitterly recalls her Mormon upbringing.

“I used to be Mormon, pretty intensely so. You know, when I was twelve years old, there were adults telling me that my ‘spiritual destiny is to be perpetually pregnant.’ Cute, right?”

No, no they didn’t, Laci. That’s not true. Mormons don’t tell their kids that it is their destiny to be pregnant.

This is a histrionic line that ex-Mormon feminists frequently use, a strawman caricature of the Mormon traditional lifestyle. Laci Green clearly does not know much about Mormon doctrine.

The truth about Mormonism is we believe men and women can be sealed eternally and go on after death with that same relationship. Posterity is a blessing to marriage, so this post-death relationship probably involves procreation of some kind. Laci equates this with being “perpetually pregnant.”

This reveals Laci Green’s disdain for traditional family and motherhood. Is it coincidence that she published this video near Mother’s Day?

Laci Green started out as a atheist propagandist. But then she removed her videos about leaving Mormonism and becoming atheist, and she focused on being a “public sex educator.” Why? Because this issue is the crux of why she left Mormonism and she can’t get past it. She is stuck on sex.

Through all her many videos, hours and hours of explaining and analysis, Laci Green has yet to come to a realistic conclusion about sex. She complains that men in Congress make decisions about her body with abortion laws. Yet she also advocates for “gay rights.” Doesn’t the supreme court decision allow government to define personal relationships, just the kind of thing you were railing against?

Feminists don’t see the contradiction here because their analysis is so facile and short-sighted. You see this in Laci Green’s red-pill video. She speaks of getting two sides of an argument like it is some kind of grand new revelation. Laci Green prides herself in deep analysis. She gets about two steps into the critical thinking process that the rest of us learned in elementary school.

The fact is, Laci Green needs to confront her deep-rooted issue with sex and Mormonism before she can move on with her life.

How It Started

Laci Green makes no secret that it started with masturbation at a young age. She says she resents the Mormon church because she started masturbating and felt bad about it because she was Mormon. “In my early teens, I was overcome with shame and guilt and anger–anger at myself.” She then launches into justification about masturbation and why it helped her.

Then things become more serious. In another video, Laci Green mentions “my first boyfriend sexually assaulted me, and when I went to my friends for help they called me a slut.”

That’s quite a leap. Rape by her first boyfriend is a lot more serious than some masturbation. When it comes to your youth, why not discuss the shame, guilt, and anger from the rape? This is something I urge Laci Green to explore objectively. It sounds like there is a lot more to all this.

According to Roosh, Laci Green suffered with depression, thoughts of suicide, weight problems, and cutting herself. Her early experiences obviously hurt her, and all these youtube videos and hatred for the Mormon church over a little masturbation don’t seem to be helping. All this “sex positive” lecturing isn’t helping.

How Laci Green Can Heal

If Laci Green is truly serious about a positive two-way discussion, here are my suggestions:

Step #1: Get away from the crazy Berkeley feminist crowd. Stop working for pernicious corporations like MTV. Escape the bubble. Find traditional friends that you can have frank discussions with.

Step #2: Actually study traditional “gender roles” in society, marriage, and personal sexual development. Don’t get your information from MTV or Berkeley professors. Get both sides of the argument and consider what the scriptures have to say about it, even if you don’t believe in the scriptures.

There is a reason why the nuclear family has worked for thousands of years while “progressive” societies have fallen, one by one. There is a reason why societies and individuals thrive when they abide by “gender roles.”

Laci Green’s refusal to study traditional sexual roles prevent her from achieving a serious conclusion. I should also add, a steady of healthy masculinity is necessary. It is crazy that feminists revile clean-cut nice Mormon boys as “toxic.”

Step #3: Develop your spirituality, independent of friends and organizations. Ex-Mormons almost always point at judgmental friends for becoming atheist.

They “made” me anti-religious.

This dependence on other people’s approval, this lack of Stoicism, shows that Laci Green never had the wherewithal to develop strength. She needs to stop blaming her friends, stop blaming her family, stop blaming the church, and pursue spiritual development for herself before involving anyone else.

Step #4: Admit that it was wrong to masturbate. I know, an outrageous suggestion. You probably felt immense shame after you did it, especially if you considered yourself a devout Mormon.

But there’s nothing wrong with touching yourself! Why was masturbation wrong?

Well, it really isn’t that big of deal. The rape is an immensely bigger deal, so it’s weird that Laci Green got so caught up with the masturbation.

The reason masturbation is an issue is because it led you on a path that put you where you are today, with the layers and layers of justification and rebellion, guilt and shame. It is a problem because it pointed you away from traditional marriage. It was a small splinter that festered.

Sins are sins because of where they lead you. You did not hurt anybody by it, as far as any third-party observer is concerned, but it affected you in a way that led to depression, self-loathing, and sexual unhealthiness. It’s like a little kid who steals a candy bar from a store and beats herself up over it. You went on to blame the store for all the shame you felt and make a career out of justifying your actions. A happy family is very difficult to achieve and masturbation got in the way, because something small became a mountain when you denied that it was a problem.

Step #5: Value motherhood. As a defense against the shame of these early experiences, you revile the notion that normal motherhood brings great happiness. That’s because you have no hope of achieving it.

This will require a logical understanding of why motherhood is important to you individually and to society, and a spiritual inkling of how motherhood helps you grow. The hardest part will be emotionally, however. Years of emotional band-aids and justification have put you in a place that few people get away from. This will require an advanced understand of repentance as a tool for healing and improving.

Step #6: Repeat these steps whenever you get stuck. Try as many times as needed from the beginning. Try to stop blaming yourself or others.

I think it is nice that Laci Green says she is open to considering red-pill ideas. This will help in step #2 as she gains a better understanding of marriage and sexuality. Whether she follows through or this is just virtue signaling remains to be seen. If she doesn’t it is not because she didn’t try. This is a very hard place to turn back from.

Laci Green needs to embark on all of these steps in order to recover from feminism.

Jealous Tony Schwarz Stabs President Trump In The Back

Why does Tony Schwarz, the co-author of Art of the Deal, hate Donald Trump?

Is it because President Trump is a strong masculine leader? Is it because he is Christian? (Tony Schwarz’s mother is Jewish.) Is it because Trump is a traditionalist who loves America? Is it because Trump is White?

Tony Schwarz recently attacked Trump on CNN, in very broad, high-school level terms. “He lacks the qualities you generally see in someone as they mature, as they grow more secure. He lacks empathy—the ability to really connect with other people—self-awareness, and, above all, a conscience.”

Tony Schwarz tries, and fails, to talk like some kind of therapist. He probably gets this language from his wife, who is a psychoanalyst. But he has no clue what he is talking about.

What is this really about?

Tony Schwarz Son Of A Radical Feminist

Tony Schwarz may not have seen much of his father, Irving Schwartz. Irving flew on weekends between New York and Cincinatti where he worked at a medical school earning money for the family, because Tony’s mother insisted on living in New York to pursue her own pet feminist causes.

This is very telling, as Schwarz projects his own early family situation onto Trump, “Yeah, it goes to his very early childhood… you can’t grow up in a healthy way if you lack love from a parent, and the only parent that he valued was his father. His father overpowered his mother as well.”

Well, compared to Tony Schwarz’s father, Trump’s father was definitely overpowering. Pretty much any guy is overpowering compared to that. But Trump had a father around, a man to teach him and connect with him. He had that important element to help him mature. Has Schwarz matured?

Tony’s mother was a radical feminist who wrote:

  • “How to Go to Work When Your Husband Is Against It, Your Children Aren’t Old Enough and There’s Nothing You Can Do Anyhow.”
  • “Breaking With Tradition: Women and Work, the New Facts of Life”
  • “The Armchair Activist: Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Fight the Radical Right

In New York, she created the Catylist Foundation to get more women in the “workplace.” It promotes “organizational innovation, with proven, measurable results in recruitment, development, and advancement of all women, including diverse women.” Catylist seeks to “benefit women across a range of dimensions, such as race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion…”

By benefit and develop, they mean put women in a cubicle in front of a computer.

Why Tony Schwarz Uses Vague Attacks

Schwarz learned from his mistakes. He learned to use vague attacks with sophistic language that he learned from his wife, because that is less likely to end up helping Trump.

Tony Schwarz’s relationship to Trump started with a 1985 article he wrote about Trump’s efforts to vacate low-paying tenants from his buildings near Central Park. He called Trump “fumbling and bumbling.” But according to the New Yorker, “to Schwartz’s amazement, Trump loved the article.”

Why did Trump like Schwarz’s criticism? Because Tony Schwarz actually took an in-depth analysis and provided constructive criticism, full of examples and concrete numbers. He actually showed both sides of the issue. His 5-page piece was actually good journalism, the kind of thing you would never see in the media today. It ended up making Trump look good.

The final sentences portray Trump very well.

“‘All my life, I did everything myself, from the smallest deals to the biggest deals,’ he says, ‘This time, I chose to rely on ‘experts.’ If I’d gone into the building myself, it would have been pleasant. I would have arrived at a satisfactory conclusion with the tenants, and they would have been my best friends. I should have done that. But you know what? I’m glad I didn’t. Because now the building is worth so much more.'”

That is Trump. Yep, that’s him. Tony Schwarz could easily take that final paragraph and write a Pulitzer-worthy article about Trump’s struggles with the “experts” today. Trump finds himself relying on Washington Insiders and professional politicians, who leak classified information and smear him every chance they get.

But Schwarz doesn’t write this interesting article. Apparently he himself is one of the experts that Trump trusted and who ended up letting him down.

But will Trump win again in the end? Maybe Schwarz will only end up helping President Trump, even with these vague attacks. I think most people watch this clip on CNN and conclude that Schwarz is a jealous little man.

More Than Anti-Masculinity?

It makes sense why Tony Schwarz would resent Trump’s strong masculinity. His ‘pinned tweet’ is the claim that he “wrote” Trump’s book, as if he is some brilliant sidekick who worked in the shadows and deserves all the fame and recognition that came to Trump.

Most journalists hate Trump’s masculinity, because they themselves are weak and easily controlled; they are the sons of feminist Socialists.

It is interesting to see Tony Schwarz project his own issues onto Trump. As another example, he tells the New Yorker, “Of course he’s in it for the money.” But then Schwarz says he accepted the job of ghostwriter for the money. “I was overly worried about money… I thought money would keep me safe and secure—or that was my rationalization.”

Most journalists also hate Trump because of his race and religion. The New Yorker gets caught up, as many other journalists do, in the fact that Trump’s book claims that he is Swedish in origin when really he is German. Why is this an issue for so many Leftists?

What about religion? Would they be attacking Trump if he were an Islamic-leaning atheist like Obama? Tony Schwarz goes out of his way to portray Trump as a man who believes in nothing but money and fame, a man without conscience or morals. (((Is there some religious resentment behind this?)))

The New Yorker says Tony Schwarz is a “lifelong liberal… He had grown up in a bourgeois, intellectual family in Manhattan, and had attended élite private schools…” Boureois?

Well, with Marxist language like that, I think this answers the (((religion))) question.

Mormon Right: Repeal & Replace Social Justice

Right now, Republicans are struggling with the health care issue.

Democrats are obstructing them from repealing Obamacare, so instead they are trying to tweak it into something better. Wise conservatives understand that this will never work. It is not enough to change Obamacare. You don’t get good fruit from a bad tree, no matter how much you tweak it.

Republicans have been complaining about Obamacare for almost a decade and people are sick of hearing about it. The only victory will be to repeal and replace.

The same holds true for any Leftist institution. Gone are the days when Kent Clark could make the world better by writing a newspaper column. All news media is Socialist propaganda now. It is fake news, and we will never fix it by complaining about the New York Times or by supporting Fox News. We need to repeal and replace the media entirely.

We need to repeal and replace the public school system. We need to repeal and replace technology corporations such as Facebook and Microsoft. We need expel corrupt SJW institutions and build up a Mormon replacement.

I grew up listening to FHE lessons about the Millennial last days, when all the world would be at war and Mormons would create a refuge that righteous people would flock towards, and which the wicked would be too afraid to battle against.

I imagined a great world war full of bloodshed and invading armies. But why can’t that apply to us now? The world is certainly at war, after all, even if it isn’t a militaristic war.

There is a cold war, of Marxism encroaching on all corners of the globe.

We are the refuge for the twelve tribes, and Marxists are afraid to attack us head on. They softly infiltrate, if possible; but otherwise leave us be.

Ultimately, Western culture is in decline and will soon fail. All the data indicates this. We all feel the cultural decline. I don’t think the fall of Western culture will be a catastrophic war or Russian invasion. It will be like a flame that slowly snuffs out.

This gives Mormons the opportunity to build a righteous culture from the ruins, as prophesied. But I think we should not wait for things to get worse before we build up our apocapyptic refuge. We should start building it now.

Our focus is not on preserving culture, but on replacing it with new culture.

Rules For The Mormon Right
Basics For Blogging
#1 Strengthen Institutions For Traditional Culture
#2 Repeal & Replace Socialism With Constitutional Principles
#3 Convert Hearts, Minds, And Spirits To Divine Justice
#4 Demand Educational Independence
#5 Gather Israel By Crushing Globalism
#6 Escape The Cycle Of Consumerism
#7 Separate Science, Religion & Mythology
#8 Pursue Excellence Through Gender Roles & Personal Health
#9 Join Other Productive Movements That Help Our Cause
#10 Discredit SJW Infiltrators In The Bloggernacle
#11 Talk About Culture Rather Than Race
#12 Repel Media Attacks By Being Anti-Fragile
#13 Never Talk To The Media
#14 Promote Art That Liberates People From Vices
#15 Normalize Constant Prayer In Society

This is something the church is doing, and SJWs are taking notice. The church is building housing developments, shopping malls, agricultural production, colleges, and media empires. These economic and cultural institutions stand on their own, apart from mainstream culture.

Each LDS member can contribute, following the law of consecration, to become part of this parallel economic network.

Anybody who abides by our traditional principles is invited to be part of it. Yes, go to our college. Watch our TV stations. Shop at our malls. The Mormon network needs to grow until we get to the point that Mormon colleges are the world’s best and Mormon cattle are the most healthy. We also need to keep it separate.

Where do we build Zion, and what is the highway that leads to it?

Well, consider what new invention we have that makes it possible, what new thing the world was waiting for before this gathering could possibly happen, that delivers the gospel to the farthest and most cut-off corners of the globe?

The internet.

The internet is the great new platform that both facilitates the gathering and drives division and warfare on a scale not seen since the Tower of Babel. It is a power that we are only beginning to understand, and the Mormon Right are pioneering how to use it to reach the farthest corners of the globe and empower the twelve tribes.

The Satanic ideology of Social Justice is like a field of weeds that we need to pull up in order to find the wheat. Have we even begun to recognize how pugnaciously deep those weeds have grown in our culture? How do we begin to repeal Socialism from our lives?

SJW Ideology Is The Same As Babylon

Unchanging Ideology – Leftists appear to adapt to modern circumstances. They talk about progressiveness and the future, as if they innovating and changing the future. But the truth is they are more backwards than anyone. Their narrative and morality are always changing, but their ideology never changes. They have the same retrograde ideology going back to the Soviet Union, to ancient Babylon, and even to the Pre-existence.

In the chart above, I consider the important points of Satan’s Pre-mortal plan and compare that to evil societies in history.

Rebellion – The key feature is rebellion against God’s plan. Unfortunately, some Mormons teach us that in the Pre-mortal council God the Father asked for plans and chose the best. This is false doctrine. The truth is God always had His plan, and Satan conjured up his own plan, un-asked for.

It strikes me that Babylonian mythology is a lot like Israel’s theology of the Pre-mortal plan, except that in their etiological version of events, Lucifer won and Jehovah lost. Personal agency was conquered and a plan of compassionate slavery was instituted.

There may not be mythology behind 19th century Communism, but this concept of overthrowing the natural order and instituting compassionate slavery is definitely there.

“It is not a question of accepting some kind of preordained plan either related to Divine intervention or some kind of teleology but it is clear that the laws of evolution inherent in nature do in fact determine the development from simple forms of life to more complex forms.”

Today’s version of Communism, known as Social Justice, carries on this strategy of rebellion, which they consider evolution. They label it Progressivism, and rather than bloody revolution, they agitate for social change.

Universal Salvation – Ancient Babylonians prayed for salvation in a manner different than Christians do. Jesus said not to pray “as the heathens do.” Take a look at this Babylonian prayer:

“I gathered the bought people who had become slaves and who had been distributed among the foreign riff-raff, and counted them once again as Babylonians. I returned their looted possessions, provided the naked with clothing, and let them take the road to Babylon. I encouraged them to resettle the city, build houses, plant orchards, and dig canals. I restored their interrupted privileged status. I wrote the tablet of their exemptions.”

Babylonians listed all of the social justice they brought to people as reasons for the gods to bless them. Here, he says he spread Babylonia to foreign lands, which rightfully ought to be Babylonians, much like Tibet rightfully belongs to China. He redistributed wealth to the disenfranchised. He resettled people in cities with urban projects, and gave entitlements to poor classes of people.

I imagine Obama’s prayers at night are not much different.

Another Babylonian prayer:

“May my kingship be sustaining to the people forever like the plant of life so that I may shepherd their populace in truth and justice.”

SJWs consider themselves privileged, and much like super-heroes they feel it is their duty to be shepherds to the dumb public and distribute justice. Saints, on the other hand, do not consider themselves plants of life; Christ is. Saints do not consider themselves shepherds; Christ is the shepherd and we are stewards only. Justice is not ours to create, but belongs to God.

Social Justice is even more apparent in this prayer:

“They were afflicted by thieving and murdering. They were stealing from the poor and giving to the mighty; there was oppression and the taking of bribes in the city. Every day, without ceasing, they stole goods from each other… the lord of the lands plotted evilly to scatter the land and the people.”

The lord of the lands was thieving the people, until Babylon came and stole from the rich to give to the poor? Sounds like the plot of every blockbuster movie from the last five years.

Another prayer:

“I established anew the remission of debts of the wronged citizens of Babylon, people entitled to the privileged status and freedom guaranteed by the gods Anu and Enlil… May he allow my hands to grasp the righteous scepter that enlarges the land and the fierce staff that humbles the unsubmissive.”

Compulsion – We see that the Babylonian concept of salvation and sin was much different than in Christianity, but is much the same as modern Socialism. Much like Socialism, they “believed that only such absolute submission could restore peaceful life and prosperity.” Submission to a totalitarian regime that makes all your decisions for you. When a person sins “he is not sure himself what his sin is… the prayer itself states that there is no human way of knowing what the specific sin against the gods is.”

By the time of Nebuchadnezzar, sin isn’t even mentioned. Why even discuss things in terms of sin? The later Babylonian “does not refer to an absolution of his sin nor to redemption but concerns his long life and the security of his kingship.”

This is the same kind of submission that we see under Communism, and the class consciousness of today’s Social Justice.

The need to submit to universal salvation drove Babylon to invade Israel so that they too can enjoy the rightful “privileges” of their truth and justice.

We see the same underlying ideology for communal ownership. Debase the rich and raise the poor! Class consciousness lives on today as SJWs destroy meritocracy and enforce an intolerant movement that bans and censors anyone who disagrees with them.

Infiltration – President Benson warned of Communist infiltrators in all cultural institutions of America, including the LDS church:

“Yes, within the Church today there are tares among the wheat and wolves within the flock. As President Clark stated, ‘The ravening wolves are amongst us, from our own membership, and they, more than… We should be careful of them.’

The wolves amongst our flock are more numerous and devious today than when President Clark made this statement.

President McKay has said that ‘the Church is little, if at all, injured by persecution and calumnies from ignorant, misinformed or malicious enemies. A greater hindrance to its progress comes from faultfinders, shirkers, commandment-breakers, and apostate cliques within its own ecclesiastical and quorum groups.’

Not only are there apostates within our midst, but there are also apostate doctrines that are sometimes taught in our classes and from our pulpits and that appear in our publications. And these apostate precepts of men cause our people to stumble…

They want us to be in the world and of it. They want us to be popular with the worldly even though a prophet has said that this is impossible, for all hell would then want to join us… They do not feel the Church is progressive enough—they say that it should embrace the social and socialist gospel of apostate Christendom… They attack the Church for not being in the forefront of the so-called ‘civil rights movement.’ They are embarrassed over some Church doctrine, and as Lehi foretold, the scoffing of the world over this and other matters will cause some of them to be ashamed and they shall fall away.”

Unfortunately, we see lots of Socialists infiltrators pouring into Mormon schools and media. The challenge with parallel institutions is infiltration. The Mormon Right needs to champion this parallel network and flush out infiltration. Attack the Socialist infiltrators like you would a war-time spy.

As we look for Socialist infiltrators, it is important not to point fingers at anyone who disagrees with our conservative opinions. It is specifically those who sow shame for being Mormon and who instill SJW politics.

Strength Through Merit

Regarding the law of sacrifice, God explained to Cain that he will be rewarded if he does good, but if he does evil he gets punished. Hatred for this concept is what drove Cain to make a pact with Satan and adopt a Social Justice ideology.

The very concept of class consciousness in Marxism denies meritocracy. They believe that the individual is only as good as the class that he belongs to, and that social politics is the beginning of salvation:

“It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.” -G.V. Plekhanov

Sociology In Lehi’s Dream – We Mormons have a much better understanding from Lehi’s vision of the tree of life. It starts out with an individual, Lehi, picking the holy fruit after wallowing through darkness and depression. Then the fruit is distributed on a family basis, as some of his family decide to join him. Then culture groups struggle on a prescribed path toward the fruit. The struggle for salvation occurs on all social levels: individual, family, and social.

Mette Harrison on Religion News Service incorrectly claims that Laman and Lemuel were lured by the great and spacious building in Lehi’s dream. This is false doctrine.

The mist of darkness and spacious building did not appear until after Laman and Lemuel ditched Lehi’s family. It is important to point out this falsehood because Mette’s version generalizes the struggle of Lehi and his family as the same as the multitudes that struggled through the mist of darkness.

The mist of darkness and rod of iron applies to the social level of struggle to salvation. After they ate of the holy fruit, some turned to the great and spacious building out of shame. These challenges and divine resources appear on a social level.

Laman and Lemuel also had different experiences because they belonged to different generations. Lehi wandered alone in darkness, was abandoned by an angel, and then found the tree after earnest prayer. Laman and Lemuel were invited to the tree by their father but walked away. Future generations were given an iron rod, were seduced by the great and spacious building, and dealt with a mist of darkness. Each experience was different over time.

Then, Mette concludes, “Nothing is a permanent barrier to our own happiness except for our own choices.” Um, what about that dividing gulf? Wasn’t there a huge gulf in Lehi’s dream that divided the righteous from the wicked? Isn’t that what justice is, the permanent barrier to our happiness if we refuse to repent?

Yes, people are always able to repent and continue their path to the tree of life–that option is always available no matter what. But salvation is not universal to those who simply declare themselves saved in the name of Jesus and don’t do the good works. It is not just a matter of deciding you are saved. You have got to do the works, reject the Socialist apostasy spoken of by modern prophets, and accept divine justice and mercy.

Mormon Network: Today’s Rod Of Iron

Zion will “spread herself and become very glorious, very great, and very terrible.” She will enlarge a tent and “strengthen thy stakes.”

The Mormon Right’s internet platform and the parallel cultural institutions that are currently in development will thus serve the function of the iron rod. They will lead the multitudes to the tree of life.

Our parallel network will break the cycle of corruption that flows through institutions of modern culture. As far as science goes, corporations pressure educational institutions to only give out grants to scientists who push narratives that are good for their products. This is why there is a lot of fake science.

They tell us to stop eating butter with saturated fat because science proves it is unhealthy. Instead, eat this cheap cereal filled with sugar and carbs that make you fat.

Public schools indoctrinate the masses to mindlessly believe anyone the media says is a scientist, like Bill Nye. The advertising monopoly in the media further indoctrinates the Socialist ideology to get you to buy their addictive, unhealthy products. After that, you need to buy this supplement to lose weight. You need to watch this TV show that makes you feel good about yourself. The cycle of consumerism continues, and the people wallow in governmental and corporate control.

A parallel network that is totally independent of these mainstream institutions can blow the consumerism cycle wide open. Imagine a local grocery store that sells you fresh, healthy produce and meat. The Mormon Right will make it happen.

Temple – The culture needs to be centered on the holy temple. We have an important media device that no one else has, the temple, to guide our construction of Western culture. This needs to be our symbol and it needs to pervade our culture.

It keeps holiness physical and real. It establishes a hierarchy that supports meritocracy instead of the “equality” of Satan’s ideology. It addresses salvation on the level of the individual, family, and society.

Most importantly, the temple gives us a perfect model to weed out the false worldly ideas of sin, repentance, and redemption. The shame culture melts away and we find true redemption at the temple.

We need to be open-minded about what our new culture will look like. Do not look back to the degenerate Leftist narrative. We need to carefully look at every piece of the old Western culture and rethink elements that we just assumed were positive. What flaw in the system allowed infiltration and corruption? What opportunity is there for a more theocratic, liberating structure?

The virility of the new culture will be judged by our reproduction rate, which is already well above that of various classes in our falling Western culture.

Stop Falling Into Their Narrative – Satan’s plan invades our American culture to a greater degree than ever, thanks to Social Justice. Our very conceptions and perceptions are dominated by Social Justice.

The way we reason–grammar, logic, rhetoric–have become horribly corrupted. Grammar-Nazis, who tore gendered nouns out of our dictionary, who replaced the sexes with “genders,” and who fill our brains will double-speak, prevent us from even thinking in a healthy way. Schools and pervasive media fill us with logical fallacies and punish us for thinking in a truly logical way. Finally, our rhetoric is so contentious, intolerant, and hateful that divine truth is not allowed to shine for what it is.

The Marxist strategy for agitation is all about pointing out contradiction. They look at the LDS church history and point out a contradiction between the racist priesthood ban and the virtue of inclusiveness. But good Marxist propaganda not only spins contradictions as hypocrisies, they also use it to bolster their rebellious ideology as an alternative.

Contradiction works either specific to general or general to specific. For example, the specific issue of the federal marijuana ban is spun by Marxists as a contradiction with people’s personal freedom to do what they want. This contradiction is spun as a class struggle, of the upper class preventing the lower class from enjoying marijuana, and thus pointing to Commmunist class consciousness.

The new-found freedom to smoke marijuana all you want further leads to baked brains and hopeless addictions, which is why North Koreans have marijuana in every home (which the media will never tell you.)

This is how Satanic propaganda operates. Let’s look at one more Babylonian prayer:

“I restored the interrupted privileged status that had fallen into disuse. I wrote anew the tablet of their exemptions. I opened roads for them in all directions so that they could establish an important position by having commercial relations with all countries. I restored order to the disturbances at Kish and made light shine forth for the confused people.”

Globalism. Social justice. Class consciousness. It is all there. The Babylonian saw a contradiction, “interrupted privilege”, and agitated for change. He saw people confused and intervened with his superior philosophies of men.

Divine propaganda is much different, and should never operate with this kind of narrative. Divine propaganda starts with the temple, the shining light on the hill. This is divine light. It teaches plain and simple truths through the mouths of the unlearned and weak, by the power of the Spirit. It is not contentious, divisive, or seeking to remove people’s existing faith, but offers timeless traditional principles as solutions to life’s problems.

Restore The Constitution

In his very important book Republic, Plato describes why pure democracy is destined to fail, because it supports a meritless system and Socialistic anacyclosis, and how a constitutional republic will keep a nation on track.

His description of kyklos, a cycle of revolutions that nations undergo, resemble the pride cycle and cyle of dispensations that we talk about in the church.

He said the cycle of social breakdown can be prevented and peace upheld if a nation’s virtuous constitution remains intact. He said we must:

  • Avoid changing the constitution as much as possible. Every minor change adds up.
  • Shorten term limits for rulers. **cough, Nancy Pelosi**
  • Face up constantly to external threats
  • Combine the best elements of polity, aristocracy, and monarchy
  • Banish any individual who gains too much power **George Soros, cough**
  • Prevent judges & magistrates from getting monetary rewards
  • Large middle class
  • Most important: Improve education & cultural awareness

This applies to individuals, families, and tribes in the church as well as the nation. We must avoid changing our foundational precepts at all cost, even if journalists think our precepts are sexist. We must must remove money interests from our leaders and bolster a large middle class.

This is why church leaders are so urgent about saliently upholding America’s constitution. We should do the same on a local level as we expel Social Justice form our LDS spaces.

We are not at war with any culture, creed, or nation. If they leave us alone we will leave them alone. We simply stand as a refuge for the disaffected and shine the light of our temple as a beacon of truth. We refuse to be corrupted by worldly doctrines and we expel any corruption that enters.

Next time, we will convert Hearts, minds, and spirits To Divine Justice.

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How BYU Should Remake Saturday’s Warrior As A TV Series

In 1973, a college drama play called Saturday’s Warrior shocked Mormon audiences with controversial conservative politics and speculative Mormon theology.

Saturday’s Warrior also provided some of the best music in modern times. A music scholar recently told me that Lex de Azevedo’s score is by far the most original and well-composed music that we have in the church.

Unfortunately, all of the productions of Saturday’s Warrior are pretty bad. The 1989 BYU movie is goofy and childish. The stage plays I have seen were stunted and melodramatic. This play has not gotten the treatment that it deserves.

But the LDS church really has a goldmine in Saturday’s Warrior. If they approach it carefully and boldly, this could be more popular than Studio C.

Saturday’s Warrior: Gritty Drama Series

There are so many stories and the subjects are so complex in Saturday’s Warrior, it is pointless to make this just one movie. It’s like Game of Thrones. Saturday’s Warrior needs to be at least a 5-part series to fit everything in.

And plus, you already have a theme song for the beginning. Saturday’s Warrior is practically set up to be a TV show.

The other main problem, I think, is the childish approach. In an effort to be funny, the directors created Jar Jar Binks-like characters and Sesame Street songs. This is exactly the wrong approach for this kind of story.

Saturday’s Warrior is about a young man who pressures his mother to get an abortion, who gets punched by his father, who runs away from home with a bunch of losers, and who returns when his twin dies. It’s dark. It’s twisted.

I say, embrace the dark themes. Show the depraved world for what it is and contrast the World with the peace and happiness of the gospel.

Here is how my modern version of Saturday’s Warrior would go:

Episode 1: Wait For Me

Wally romantically proposes to Shelley at an airport. Shelly says yes. Wally is leaving for the MTC for his mission. Wally asks Shelly to wait for him until he gets back, and Shelly immediately balks. Wally starts to freak out but composes himself and decides his mission is what is most important right now. This leads Shelly to promise to wait for him. Wally has a little game with women, and this will help him on his mission.

Shelly’s brother Jimmy is at school. “That was a pretty impressive production your family put on,” his friend Mack tells him. “What?” Jimmy replies. Mack plays a Youtube video with Jimmy and his family starting to sing a really dorky song “We’ve all got daddy’s nose.” Jimmy is horrified: “How did you find that!?” The video spreads across school and everyone makes fun of Jimmy.

In English class, the androgynous teacher is preaching Marxist propaganda about over-population, attacking Christianity and White people. An attractive girl named Heather leans over and makes fun of Jimmy, but then she starts to flirt with him. Somebody in the class mentions Jimmy’s video in the discussion about over-population. The teacher starts a discussion about personal responsibility in limiting the amount of children people bear and why it is great that the traditional definition of family is fracturing. Heather asks Jimmy if the urge to procreate runs in the family.

Jimmy gets home and we are introduced to his parents and siblings. The family is fairly dysfunctional and the parents don’t really know what they are doing. But it is funny, like Married With Children. Ernie makes fun of Shelly for being so entranced by Wally. Benji has simmering jealousies of his older brother Jimmy. Alice is obsessed with Disney even though she is cornering her teenage years. The mother is stressed out and the dad sarcastically dismisses all the nonsense from the kids. In the final scene, Ernie catches Shelly texting another boy and setting up a date.

Episode 2: Line Upon Line

In a hazy white glow that suggests pre-earth life, Todd and Shelly are discussing the challenges of their upcoming life situation. Shelly will be born into a good family in Utah and Todd will be born to a divorced woman addicted to pain killers in Los Angeles. They promise that they will find each other, and Todd sings Sailing On.

Jimmy and his twin sister Pam are walking to school, talking about life and touching on deep topics. Pam has a prosthetic leg. Jimmy suggests that he doesn’t believe in God and Pam just listens. Pam says she regrets that she can’t be a dancer. Jimmy suggests that she could dance even with one leg–it would make her a hit on Facebook–but Pam rolls her eyes.

At school, Jimmy is hanging out with Mack. Mack talks about Spring Break at his uncle’s house in Southern California and invites Jimmy. “It will be a helluva time,” he tells Jimmy. Jimmy asks Mack if he thinks there is a God, and Mack gives the typical atheist talking points. He says Mormons are ruining the world by opposing abortion and gay marriage. Heather walks by and flirts. She says she’s going.

On his mission, Wally is reading a letter from Shelley and gets the feeling that she is not devoted to him. His red-pilled companion gives a long-winded explanation of AWALT (all women are like that). Shelley is at home writing a letter to Wally whilst setting up a date with a guy named Peter.  She starts to mention Peter but decides against it and starts the letter over. Alice thinks the whole thing is terribly romantic, and the song Dear John plays in the background.

Flashback to Jimmy getting picked on at church. Mom and dad look the other way. Flashforward: Jimmy gets home late and mom asks where he’s been. He ignores her. Benji is yelling at Ernie about something, telling him to disappear, and dad whimsically wonders how it would be if each of the children disappeared, whether it would make things better or worse. Jimmy replies, “I don’t care who disappears as long as you don’t make any more.” Dad loses his temper and they start yelling back and forth.

Jimmy is talking to Pam and lets out his doubts, basically all the stuff you read on the ex-Mormon Reddit. He brings up Mack’s points about the church’s racist history and intolerance. Pam doesn’t know how to answer, but sings Line Upon Line.

Episode 3: Paper Dream

In pre-earth life, Jimmy and his siblings are talking about upcoming life. Each character is very happy and eager. Jimmy promises to help everyone, as he will be the oldest. The youngest, Emily, is worried that she won’t get her turn to be born, and Jimmy promises to do everything he can to give her the chance.

Shelley is preparing invitations to her wedding with Peter. Alice is still going on about how romantic it is, but Shelley starts having doubts. She thinks maybe she is only doubting because Peter isn’t very attractive. Todd starts singing Feelings Of Forever, an quicker version with a strong beat, like a Bollywood music video.

Wally transfers to Ventura County, where he can barely see the Hollywood sign from his apartment, and he meets his new companion Harold Green. He casually mentions that he just got a letter that said his girlfriend got engaged to another man.  Harold tries to cheer him up and shows him around, kinda like the story in Best Two Years. Wally keeps getting more depressed, however, and Harold sings a gospel-style Humble Way with a hard-core group of missionary men.

Jimmy is now a depressed teenager. He puts out a marijuana cigarette before he arrives home and proceeds to his room. Dad intercepts him. “We never have family home evening,” he says, “but today being Jimmy’s birthday…” They bring out a birthday cake and each sibling gives a gift. Pam gives him a sword she got at some pawn shop, and calls him a Saturday Warrior. Jimmy almost is pleased, and then mom tells him she is pregnant. Jimmy is instantly furious, as she is almost 40 years old and already has health complications. Her reply that God will protect her only makes him more furious. Dad starts losing his temper and Jimmy blurts out “All you have ever done with your life is drop a litter, because that’s all you are, a bitch.” Dad punches him and they fight. Jimmy grabs his things and leaves home for good.

Wally gets turned down by some hot girls. He jokes that it’s now the story of his life. He declares that there can’t possibly be someone in Ventura County willing to receive the gospel. Todd is sitting in the background, a hipster art student with a big messy beard. He is sketching and sings Paper Dream.

Episode 4: Point Zero

Wally and Harold Green are loudly preaching in a park from a soap box. Wally, exhausted, sits on a bench next to Todd and strikes up a conversation. Wally says he is going home in a few weeks and Todd replies that he just got out of jail. Heavy silence. Harold is giving a goofy sermon in the background. Wally starts to deliver a discussion but Todd says he is not interested. “Well, you are a free man now,” Wally says and gets up. “I don’t know what freedom is,” Todd replies. “It’s knowing who you are.” Todd, intrigued, invites them over.

In pre-earth life, Emily and Jimmy are watching Pam dance around. She looks forward to dancing when she gets a body. They joke about what they will do if certain scenarios happen in life. Jim asks what Emily would do if he gets so depressed that he wants to kill himself. Emily gets serious and says she would die for him.

Jimmy is partying with his friends in Southern California. A band plays Summer Of Fair Weather punk style. He tells people how happy he is free from that cult of Mormonism. He is obviously having a sexual relationship with Heather and doing plenty of drugs. His assurance increases when gets a text from Pam that mom is at the hospital due to complications with the pregnancy. Mack, who has come out as gay, takes him to a hippy group session where they do drugs to have crazy spiritual experiences. The song Voices plays during his trip.

Mack has a bad trip and dies before paramedics arrive. Jimmy is upset and runs into Todd on the way back to Mack’s uncle’s place. Todd red-pills him about the degenerate party lifestyle. He says he lived this way for twenty years and wishes he had come from a traditional large family. Jimmy argues his mom could die at any moment because she refuses to get an abortion. Todd replies that his mom was a crazy feminist who wanted to abort him but it didn’t work. He goes off about feminism, egalitarianism, and homosexuality.

Jimmy is sitting nervously at a house party. A thunder storm is approaching. The camera slowly zooms on Jimmy and his phone abruptly rings. A text says to call mom. He calls and tells her he is relieved that she is alright. He says he is missing home, and mom quietly interrupts. “Jimmy, Pam passed away last night.” Jim keeps going as if he hadn’t heard. “Jim, Pam is dead.” Jimmy drops the phone and his face blanks. The camera zooms out as he has a total nervous breakdown. The main theme plays as we see in slow-motion Pam greet people in heaven, and then mom collapse in the hospital and doctors rush over. A doctor tells dad “If we extract the fetus at this stage, there is a 10% chance of severe complications. If we proceed to delivery, there is a 90% chance the baby will be still-born and 40% chance your wife will die.” Emily is on the floor hysterically sobbing, “I want to go to this family. I want to go. I want to go.”

The song Brace Me Up, Nirvanna style, begins as Jimmy is walking down the street of the city, pouring rain. His friends come to pick him up. Heather is in the car, but now she has nasty tattoes, blue hair, and nose piercings. She orders him stridently to get ito the car. This cuts between flashbacks of his siblings singing Pulling Together. and Pam urging him to go home. Jimmy stands on a high bridge and looks as if he is going to jump.

A church bell rings as the family enters the room of Pam’s funeral. Abrupt end.

Episode 5: Forever

Piano plays Didn’t We Love Him as flashbacks of Jimmy’s baptism and family cut between shots of him approaching the front door. Dad opens the door and Jimmy looks at him guilty. Dad runs down the yard and hugs him, and they cry together.

Shelley greets Walley at the airport. Walley is shocked and hurridly tells her about all his experiences. She looks extra long at a photo of Todd. Walley turns gloomy and mentions that he is sick with some terminal disease, but that he was the best convert you could imagine. The rest of the episode is about Walley and Shelley making up. Instead of ending up together with Todd, Todd dies without ever having met Shelley, and she marries Walley, kind of like the twist at the end of Star Child.

Final scene – In one single shot: Rain hits the window and we see the family all at home relaxing. Mom becomes more and more uncomfortable until she starts screaming. It is too painful to lift her so they call 911. Everybody is in a panic and she is bleeding on the floor. Paramedics arrive and additional police. Mom is screaming loudly and outside is thundering and there is utter cacophany. Then the most terrifying and awe-inspiring moment in life, she delivers the baby. For a moment complete silence. Then the baby screams and the main theme forcefully plays. Final shots of family members holding the baby, dressed in white in a heavenly glow except they are at home. All the family members are there and smiling, including Pam.

Final shot is the home lit up like a temple upon a dark rainy cityscape.

Mormon Right: Build Traditional Culture

As we Mormons blog, we can narrow our focus so it that directs toward Mormon ideas. Cooking recipes could include messages about the Word of Wisdom. A photography site could include photos of idealic families.  Part of our job as Mormon bloggers is to build traditional culture.

In all that I do, whether on blogs or personal social media, I ask myself, how will this build traditional culture?

Build Traditional Culture Categories Of Influences

Family – The biggest influence on culture is the family. The church wisely came down with a hammer on gay marriage, and now we Mormons are known as the world’s biggest defenders of traditional family, which is a good position for us to be in.

In hindsight, I think the church could have focused the narrative more on government control over personal relationships.

“Marriage equality” is nothing more than government control over personal relationships, after all, a practice that began with the government’s crusade against Mormon polygamy.

Our government controls relationships in order to force egalitarianism–what they call equality–rather than promote social health. It is very important to promote moral relationships for the rearing of children, but more important than that is to avoid Socialistic governmental interference over relationships.

Marxists have always understood that family is the number one influence on culture, and that is why they do everything they can to tear it down.

School – Children idolize their teachers. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, except right now the public school system is infested with nasty Socialists.

Children are beaten down with endless indoctrination and worthless busy-work.

Schools pump children with six hours of daily indoctrination, through shaming, peer presure, logical fallacies, appeal to emotion, and appeal to pride.

Rules For The Mormon Right
Basics For Blogging
#1 Strengthen Institutions For Traditional Culture
#2 Repeal & Replace Socialism With Constitutional Principles
#3 Convert Hearts, Minds, And Spirits To Divine Justice
#4 Demand Educational Independence
#5 Gather Israel By Crushing Globalism
#6 Escape The Cycle Of Consumerism
#7 Separate Science, Religion & Mythology
#8 Pursue Excellence Through Gender Roles & Personal Health
#9 Join Other Productive Movements That Help Our Cause
#10 Discredit SJW Infiltrators In The Bloggernacle
#11 Talk About Culture Rather Than Race
#12 Repel Media Attacks By Being Anti-Fragile
#13 Never Talk To The Media
#14 Promote Art That Liberates People From Vices
#15 Normalize Constant Prayer In Society

They are given copious homework that does nothing to teach them useful knowledge, but eats up important time for pondering, bonding, and playing.

By the time they graduate college there is no hope for these children. We need to focus on new educational institutions.

Media – The media is a complicated issue due to rapidly improving technology. But it is safe to say is that the mainstream media is nothing more than poisonous propaganda for Socialist corporations, one hundred percent. We need to focus on literacy of media so that we could avoid Socialist propaganda and use media to promote healthy culture.

Other cultural generators include science, art, social conscience, sports, churches, social media, economics, and politics. Each of us has some talent and interest that fits into these categories which we can use to build traditional culture.

How To Build Traditional Culture

There are six capacities that build  traditional culture. Consider how to approach your talents in these six ways:

  • Create art
  • Ponder creative forces
  • Explain repeated phenomena (science)
  • Judgement based on values
  • Values span generations
  • Idealize love

Art – Even if you aren’t good at things like painting, art could include basically anything; as art is just a means to communicate useful things. Consider where beauty lies in what you do, whether it be politics or parenting tips. Cultural Marxists have totally destroyed popular art (even at BYU), but true art is still abundant to be found.

Creation – In the temple, we pay close attention to the Creation. Why? We are all little creators and in everything we do. We mimic the grand creation. We have a design process. If all of our boats are sailing in the same direction, each individual will have a massive impact. Look at the stars like the ancients of old and ponder how you can be like the grand Creator today.

Science – America is dominated by a cult religion that cloaks itself in a scientist’s garb and insists that it isn’t a religion. It thinks it is above being a religion. Just look at the Bill Nye The Science Guy’s mental breakdown. Remember, science is not a means to truth, but is a means to build a model that is useful for some technology. Science is crucial for building culture, but only in its proper place.

Values – Leftists are always telling us not to judge, and then when it comes to our values, these Leftists are more intolerant than anyone. We know that. The assault on our values gets worse every day. We are at the point, why should we apologize or attempt to defend our values or explain why we are judgmental? Divine justice is a chasm that divides the righteous from the wicked. We call out wickedness for what it is, that’s enough. Never be ashamed of your traditional values. How do your talents fit into your cultural values?

Inter-Generational – There is a weird taboo about old people and young people hanging out. Ever notice that? Old movies show wise elders who mentor the younger generation, like Daddy Warbucks and red-haired Annie. But today that is “creepy.” I think Marxists understand the importance of passing down culture to the younger generation, and they do everything they can to discourage us from doing it.

Idealize Love – Leftist consider compulsory welfare to be “charity.” It is hard for us to fathom just how twisted their sense of love is, but we need to realize that they are nothing like us. Plenty of Leftists are nice and decent, but the fundamental ideology of compulsion destroys any godly justice and compassion. The best way to restore their lost sense of love is to exemplify charity, and then rationally explain how godly justice and mercy is superior.

We all need to instill personal virtue and contribute to a healthy culture. Our contribution does not need to be a huge groundbreaking thing. It could be as simple, a quick blog or Youtube video.

As I was watching Bob Ross the other day, I noticed that he infused positive spiritual messages in his presentations. His charming traditional presentation put him on top above thousands of other art presenters, and makes him still beloved today because his work helped to build traditional culture. Some of his messages were simple but quite profound. Each of us can do this with a simple home camera and computer.

We can “thrash the nations by the power of my Spirit” through small and simple means.

We Are Counter-Culture

We are living in the days of Noah, when wickedness rains and the only means of survival is an ark. We are also living in the days of King Noah, when prophets are bound and tried in the court of law for declaring that people will not be saved in their sins.

But frankly, our church seems to do best when it is the counter-culture.

We all recognize some popular falsehoods, such as gender equality. But do we really know how deep the false narratives have sunk into our brains? Socialism fills us with weeds, deep roots that we must pull out. I find, just when I think I got all of them, another one shows up.

What if you had lived in 1940’s Germany? Would you have had the courage and independent frame to stand up to the evil narratives of the time? Could you be counter-culture with the threat of a concentration camp?

The story of Helmuth Hübener inspires me. Helmuth was a Mormon in Germany who boldly opposed the Nazi ideology. Even when his apostate branch president threatened him with excommunication, he did not back down. Not only did he speak out against Nazism, but he actively fought to subvert it. He was executed for his bravery.

America was one of the greatest cultures in history not too long ago. We can look back to that cultural apogee–around the turn of the century in my opinion–for principles that we can use for today’s circumstances. These positive principles show up time and time again as you study different cultures. Nuclear family, patriarchal structure, the Ten Commandments, etc. There are great resources for us to study, from Greek philosophy to modern ebooks.

But we must know that we cannot go back to the way things were. Times have changed. We need to adapt timeless principles to modern circumstances. We need to be Alma who subverted King Noah and deftly drew away as many people as he could to the waters of Mormon.

This is the important part of creating counter-culture: destroying the corrupt old culture. You do not place new wine in old bottles. You do not plant flowers in ground that is infested with nasty weeds, or young saplings in a dark old forest.

We need to bring a fierce battle to any cultural aspect that opposes the timeless principles. This can be as simple as pointing out unhealthy foods that people commonly eat or calling out ugly modern art for what it is.

Individual, Then Society

One big difference between the gospel and Socialism is that Socialists believe the individual should be defined in terms of the class they belong to. If they were planting a garden, they would grow a carrot that fits in and matches all the rest of the carrots. They do not think a carrot could ever grow bigger than the entire collective of carrots. The individual cannot exceed the class.

The true gospel treats it differently. Each person is considered as their own person, with their own unique qualities. Society is the collective of totally unique individuals. We start with the individual.

This is important because repentance happens at an individual level in order to work. For Socialists, repentance is a collective effort. All members of a class must change to fit the mold–all men must be purged of their toxic nature. Socialists believe imperfections are “original” sins that are fixed on a collective level.

This false understanding and the absence of divine redemption keeps Socialism from producing a healthy culture. They can never reach utopia with this approach, as it denies personal agency and refuses to utilize a divine redeemer.

We in the church develop healthy culture by developing godly virtue in the individual. Education for us reaches the individual, not the overfilled classrooms that we see in the public system. Science for us is improving the life of the homeless man under the overpass, not some mythical concern about rising sea levels threatening the “globe.”

As we build our Mormon online community, it is important to maintain this frame and not give into the sensibility of collective over individual. We are a church of latter day saints. We are unified tribes with our tents neatly arranged around a central temple. I don’t think it is by accident that the scripture talks about tribes of Israel when speaking about our day. We are individuals, then tribes, then a whole society.

We Want Truth Not Religion

Another thing that stands to me in the temple experience is Satan’s eagerness to deliver “religion.”

That would appear on the face of it to clash with our situation today. Organized religion is being widely rejected. Why do we need religion at all, people ask? Satanic Socialists say this more than anyone.

Yet the smug atheists who reject “religion” are all very unhappy. They are angry all the time. Study after study finds that religious people are happier.

As traditional religion is disappearing, our culture is falling. And we all feel it. Home ownership rates are at historic lows, suicide rates are at historic highs, marriage rates are at historic lows, and wages have remained stagnant for almost a century.

Or is religion a mere “security blanket” like the fake scientists in the psychology industry say?

The answer is: do not give in to the popular definition of religion. The fact is, Leftists are just as religious as anyone. They just hate to be called religious because their faith is in chance and death rather than a supreme person. They hate to bring up their faith because it is so obviously faulty and illogical. As soon as we recognize the religious conviction in Socialism, it is obvious to see how their contempt for traditional religion has caused social decline, and that it is our religious virtue that will solve it.

We need to flip the script. We are not the “religious” faction, they are. We merely hold to timeless principles that are tested and true. They are the fanatics who put trust in radical scheme. They are whipping up wars abroad, sowing racial strife, deep social division. We Mormons are imagining a world without their religion.

The first rule is to realize such a world by speaking the words of culture. Next, we will repeal and replace the Satanic ideology of Socialism.

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Diablo Valley College Professor Eric Clanton Indoctrinates Students With Marxism

Diablo Valley College in California is under fire over one of their teachers, Eric Clanton. Internet sleuths claim he attacked peaceful Trump supporters with a bike lock.  Diablo Valley College’s student newspaper reported he is not currently teaching, but confirmed that he indeed “was scheduled to return to work for the summer semester.” The school complained that he is the “subject of 4chan harassment” and that the claims of violence are “based on an unsubstantiated allegation from unknown sources.”

Also, an alleged friend of Clanton’s denied the allegations of violence.

Marxist Agitators

I do not know whether Eric Clanton is the culprit or not, but while investigating I uncovered a lot of disturbing information about schools in this area. It paints a very grim picture of Marxist indoctrination in California schools.

The SFSU academic profile for Clanton listed Marxism and Environmental Virtue Ethics as his interests. An OKCupid dating profile that the sleuths associate with Clanton states: “I spend a lot of time thinking about REVOLUTION”

A video is going around of a lecture about “creative forms of resistance.” It is unconfirmed who is giving this lecture or where.

As a feeder school for UC Berkeley, these allegations fit into a troubling pattern of extreme Marxism that leads to violence and suppression of free speech. A Berkeley teacher got caught instigating violence. A middle school teacher at Berkeley city got caught instigating violence. Berkeley’s school newspaper is supporting violence.

As for what is being taught at DVC, I found only a couple lectures online. But they contain some very disturbing Marxist ideology.

Indoctrination Of Sexual Degeneracy

The title of this lecture by family therapist Grace Pacheco is: “Polyamory and Conscious Non-Monogamy in Couple’s of Color Diablo Valley College DVC.” The giggly woman makes some very racist generalizations that would provoke outrage in other contexts, such as that Baptists grow up in “the hood” while Whites have supportive parents.

“Polyamory is another marginalized culture, because the Untied States was built on Christian values–one man, one woman together, only like that…. It’s really an ethical and responsible way to be.”

Ethical huh?

“Non-monogamy rejects religious rules put in place by Christian slave owners, settlers, and Conquistadors. You know, the theory is that, actually, if we look back, yeah maybe I grew up Christian, you know, in an Evangelical church, maybe in the hood in a Baptist church. It’s basically saying, ‘Wait a second, why am I believing this stuff? But my ancestors–this isn’t really my religion, so I’m going to reject that.’

‘Catholicism–I mean I was always like this in church, but isn’t that like the slave-owners’ religion?’ Okay, so this is where it’s rebellion, it’s revolution, of being polyamorous.

So basically it is a deliberate reflection on how we can actively challenge patriarchy, meaning no longer man owns me. I am not his “chick.” We’re partners on the same playing field.”

Partners? I think a better word would be “comrade.” This is Marxist ideology, after all. Marxism is rebellion against private ownership and removal of personal responsibilities, which are an evil product of Christianity and men. Her narrative about romance portrays traditional marriage somehow as ownership and somehow related to slavery. She portrays relationships as an economic commodity that one person should not be responsible for.

This is sexual Marxism.

“And then also, it rejects the racism able-ism and power and balance in relationships. So, like I said, polyamory is not a fetish.”

As a product of Marxist society, relationships now must conform into its societal rules of class. Relationships are now defined by class.

Diablo Valley College’s Libraray twitter stream

Diablo Valley College’s Newspaper twitter stream

This ideology becomes incredibly convoluted, as everybody wants to be an oppressed class and get away from the undesirable classes, like White and male. Suddenly there are hundreds, thousands, of classes that we have to juggle. Add multiple partners on top of that, and the formula for “privilege” becomes quite complex, like I imagine tax returns will be in another hundred years.

She shows a complex double-wheel graph of class distinctions:

“So, this is areas of privilege, powerlessness, oppression, and internationality… So, in every single area you can be privileged or you can be like totally oppressed and not privileged….

Candice and Mike both identify as Black. JP is a White man. Okay, we’ve got a problem there. We’ve got a power differential, right, to bring in a person with that much power in the world? Now, Mike has no privilege in–I’m going to say no–it’s just what it is–being a Black male. However, as religious, he identified as Christian which is considered an advantageous religion. Okay, he’s not Black Muslim–that would be harder, meaning more oppression.”

So they break up. The end.

Indoctrination Of Racial Marxism

This lecture from the “Diablo Valley College Speaker Series” is titled “Race, Equity, Justice, and Education.”

The logic here is just as simplistic and twisted. He focuses on equity of output for schools according to race classes. People of a certain race don’t graduate college as much, therefore the problem must lie with the schools. There must be some ingrained injustice in the school institution, as race is a class and all classes are equal. He does not even admit the possibility of another reason, such as class culture or parents.

This follows the Marxist tactic of defining the individual in terms of their class. Marxists seek equity of outcome for all classes through cultural institutions such as college. He says the lack of Black graduates is a problem because we need to “increase America’s economic output.” Not because of the individuals, not because of morality, but because of economic output.

This is classic Marxist ideology. It is a zero sum fallacy. If some class performs better, that means another class is oppressed. If some people receive racism, that means other races are unjustly privileged. Although, it seems to be Whites who are privileged even though Asians perform better… because there are a variety of Asian races… and not Whites, apparently? This guy is all over the place.

The lack of women in the federal Senate must be because of sexism. They can play this game all day, cherry-pick inequalities that naturally occur while ignoring others. What about the lack of Whites in the NBA? What about the lack of Mormons in San Francisco? Marxists pick any fragment of evidence they can to push a narrative of class inequality.

By defining people in terms of class instead of individuals, the Marxists destroy a merit-based economy and personal agency. Suddenly we are lowering the standards for certain people to graduate college. Suddenly certain people get free handouts. By coddling the “minorities,” Marxists only enslave them in a cylce of dependency, because they no longer have personal agency.

This racist rhetoric is not confined to the lecture hall. It bleeds out into the college structure itself.

A local CBS News report declares students need teachers of their own race. They interview almost entire Black students, even though the school’s demographics are only 5% Black and 24% Hispanic.

This is the same narrative that leads to racial segregation in some schools. Marxists push racism and divide by race, oppressing Whites in the name of “equity.” Racial representation becomes a much higher representation of faculty than students of that minority class.

Accreditation In Jeopardy Due To Inept Leadership

After the City College of San Franisco lost its accreditation as a college, Diablo Valley college found itself next on the chopping block.

The commission had previously sanctioned Diablo’s accreditation because the school “had not resolved recommendations made by a visiting team, which involved decision making roles, curriculum and college wide planning within a two year time frame.”

The 2009 report pointed out that the college needed a “uniform process of program review which includes direct evidence of student learning and is used to inform and influence planning and resource allocation and leads to improvement in programs and services.” It found the school lacked “a timely, systematic review and efficient procedures for course and program approval with adequate technology and staff support.” It demanded better communication across organizations “by promoting transparent decision making, honest dialogue and widespread dissemination of internal college documents.”

Apparently these issues did get resolved with the accreditation board, but it just goes to show where the school’s priorities lie. It still has a low faculty to student ratio, which is certainly much more important to learning than the race of the instructors.

I am also curious why the school is allowed accreditation and receives federal tax dollars even though it shelters illegal aliens.

Rules For Mormon Bloggers: Basics Of Blogging

The Mormon political Right is the strongest it has been in almost 50 years. All around the world, we are pursuing virtue and healthy culture in the midst of our crumbling Western world.  Mormon bloggers have a major role to play in strengthening the Mormon community and fighting back against SJW fake Mormons trying to infiltrate the church.

Elder Bednar urged us to speak boldly as Mormon bloggers:

“Social media channels are global tools that can personally and positively impact large numbers of individuals and families. And I believe the time has come for us as disciples of Christ to use these inspired tools appropriately and more effectively to testify of God the Eternal Father, His plan of happiness for His children, and His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Savior of the world; to proclaim the reality of the Restoration of the gospel in the latter days; and to accomplish the Lord’s work.”

But so far, no direction has been given how Mormon bloggers can go about this. What do we say? We all know gospel principles, but how do we talk about them on the internet?

Judging by the abysmal quality of advertising by the church’s PR departments, I would guess nobody has really figured it out yet. It’s up to us Mormon bloggers to pioneer this new road.

I believe we need to begin this discussion in earnest and unify as a movement. The Mormon bloggers presence on the internet is filled with fakes and Leftist infiltrators, because the rest of us have real jobs and everyday cares to worry about. How do Mormon bloggers turn our passion for blogging, politics, and hobbies into a world-changing social movement? How do we get more people involved.

This is the first in a series of 16 articles about building the Mormon Right movement.  Part 1 is how to create a blog.

Rules For The Mormon Right
Basics For Blogging
#1 Strengthen Institutions For Traditional Culture
#2 Repeal & Replace Socialism With Constitutional Principles
#3 Convert Hearts, Minds, And Spirits To Divine Justice
#4 Demand Educational Independence
#5 Gather Israel By Crushing Globalism
#6 Escape The Cycle Of Consumerism
#7 Separate Science, Religion & Mythology
#8 Pursue Excellence Through Gender Roles & Personal Health
#9 Join Other Productive Movements That Help Our Cause
#10 Discredit SJW Infiltrators In The Bloggernacle
#11 Talk About Culture Rather Than Race
#12 Repel Media Attacks By Being Anti-Fragile
#13 Never Talk To The Media
#14 Promote Art That Liberates People From Vices
#15 Normalize Constant Prayer In Society

Our Name

Mormon bloggers are a movement without a name. We have no place to gather. What are we going to call ourselves? Are we the “Mormon Alt-Right” as Buzzfeed labeled us? Are we “conservatives Mormons?”

Certainly not the “Bloggernacle.” That space is reserved for Socialist journalists and radical BYU professors. No, we need to be a grassroots bunch–like the teams of ordinary carpenters and stonemasons who built the temples.

Faithful Mormon bloggers are a movement with little direction. We need a set of blueprints and method for organizing our labor. To start this discussion, I am starting to write this set of “rules.”

I have experienced plenty of run-ins with Leftist groups around the world. I have been subjected to the “attack mob.” I have closely studied internet activism and the tactics of the opposition.

This concise set of principles, I believe, will keep Mormon bloggers effective and protected. Hopefully Mormon bloggers can quickly establish materials and proxies for our activities.

Getting Started

There are a variety of media methods on the internet, and each have their advantages.

  • Blog – Websites such as this one chronologically present a series of “blog posts.”
    Advantages: It is easy to set up and write a post at your leisure. Some services offer free blogs, such as Blogger.
    Disadvantages: Unlikely to get an audience. It takes more effort for people to find a blog site and read it than other media options. Blogs are more successful if you include other media devices, such as memes and embedded videos, and write frequently.
  • Video – Free services like Youtube and Periscope allow you to publish video presentations.
    Advantages: Easy to get an audience. Videos don’t take much effort to watch and are more exciting. You can also make a more convincing argument, as people don’t have time to stop and think about what you are saying until the end, and you can use persuasion devices, like background music. There is a wide variety of things you can do, such as slideshows, music videos, dramatic skits, dances, comedy, lectures, and livestreams.
    Disadvantages: Difficult to produce. It takes a lot more effort to write a script, record a presentation, and add production. You need a camera and nice microphone. Many people just livestream from their phone because that is easier. Also, if you are a guy, people prefer to watch attractive women.
  • Meme – Small images with a clever caption are the new form of political cartoons.
    Advantages: Anybody can make a meme in under a minute. You just need to think of something clever. The important thing is that it is quick to understand and funny. People enjoy something that takes less than a second to process. You can meme any kind of media, such as quick video gifs, quick quotes, or mini-books.
    Disadvantages: Memes need to actually be clever to spread.
  • Music – This is an underutilized media device that has great potential.
    Advantages: Good music productions are highly effective because they really get in people’s heads. Michael McClean and Lex de Azevedo have done more for Mormon culture than almost anyone. People who aren’t into music can still come up with funny satire like Weird Al Yankovic. Freeware programs make it easy, and songs can be distributed for free.
    Disadvantages: It takes a lot of time to put together a quality song and you need a quality microphone.
  • Fine Art – Mormon Jon McNaughton pioneered effective modern fine art. Oil paintings will always be hugely influential to culture.
    Advantages: Make money. Free services such as Deviantart allow people to buy prints of your art.
    Disadvantages: You probably will not be successful unless you spread your art effectively and have real talent. Some people combine fine art with memes by producing quick political cartoons online that people can spread.
  • Podcast – Podcasts are basically amateur radio shows that are spread via music files.
    Advantages: It is quick to just record a monologue or discussion and spread it for others to listen to.
    Disadvantages: You need a nice microphone and a way to get people to start listening. People won’t try listening unless you already have an interested audience.
  • Games – If you are a developer, you can try making an interesting video game.
    Advantages: Video games are interactive media that make the audience more involved and likely to receive your message.
    Disadvantages: Any game that people are likely to try require teams of developers and considerable effort. You also need a way to distribute them, such as Steam.
  • Books – Books will always be the only way to create a permanent manifesto. You can deliver a lengthy message in one package.
    Advantages: Make money. Services allow easy self-publishing and distribution on book stores such as Amazon. Once you have a considerable audience through other media, books are a great way to make some money and deliver a comprehensive, permanently packaged message.
    Disadvantages: Nobody will read your book unless you are established as a blogger and promote it heavily. It also takes a lot of time, more than you would think. You probably ought to put some money up for editing and a nice cover.

Social Media -Hopefully, your media spreads on its own through internet searches and word of mouth. But you will get a lot bigger audience if you spread links to it on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Set up profiles on social media sites and start discussions with other people.

Network – Network with members of the Mormon Right and other friendly movements. Provide links and references to other people’s media, and start group discussions.

Anti-Mormon websites pioneered internet networking, and faithful Mormon bloggers are way behind on this. Anti-Mormon sites provide a multitude of links to each other so that they are boosted on Google searches. They are constantly coordinating behind the scenes with each other. Mormon bloggers need to be a lot more freely generous with providing hotlinks to friendly sites, for our collective good.

Guest-Write For Established Sites – I became a popular writer by getting my start on a certain popular conservative website. I emailed their contact email and offered an essay I had written. They were interested and I ended up publishing almost a dozen of my articles with them. They provided a link to my blog on each article, which drove traffic my way.

Popular sites are not likely to publish your material, so it will take a lot of emailing before you get a bite. If you are using name recognition to establish a following, it is important to get a presence by writing for free for multiple sites.

Fame Or Anonymity?

Leftists have the luxury of using their own name freely, because they do not have to worry about bad publicity. They can say pretty much anything not receive any blow-back, as long as it follows the Socialist narrative.

We Mormon bloggers do not have this luxury. If you spread Mormon Right principles and gain any kind of audience, the Left will do everything they can to intimidate you and ruin your life. You will be shocked by the death threats, the slanderous fake news in mainstream journalism, the efforts to get you fired from your job, and the attacks on your family and friends.

Name Recognition – Are you ready for this kind of persecution? If you think you think you have a secure income, a devoted community to back you up, and safety measures for you and your family, there are important advantages to using your real identity.

People are a lot more likely to be emotionally invested and trust you if you use your real name and images of your real face. They can be entertained by your personality.

There are lots of Mormon Mommy bloggers who gain thousands of followers even though they aren’t great writers, simply because they post photos and videos of their happy families. People observe the happy lifestyle and contemplate changing their own life to be likewise happy. These Mommy bloggers are safe as long as they only talk about their daily life and do not attack popular culture. The moment they criticize degenerate Western lifestyles, the Leftist mob goes after them.

Anonymity – If you are worried about the Leftist mob, you probably want to use a pseudonym and try to keep your real identity private.

This means never giving information that leads back to you, such as your location, your school, your mission area, or your occupation. Also be careful about information you use to sign up for services. Always use an email that does not use your real name.

Sock Puppeting – Another option is to use a multitude of online identities for different media channels. The advantage of this is you make it difficult for Leftist thugs to connect the dots and find your identity, and you give an illusion of of a network. The disadvantage is you are less likely to gain a following because people like to follow a single personality rather than a small group of people.

Collective Identity – Conversely, Mormon bloggers can network with a few friends and all publish under a single pseudonym. The risk here is you are on the hook for anything your friend says. But this allows you to gain name recognition and a following with less individual effort.

When To Delete Old Material – When Matt Drudge posts on Twitter, he always deletes the previous post. This way, people can’t go back and look for inconsistent messaging or attack him for politically incorrect things he said a year ago.

I suppose somebody could screen-capture it every time he tweets or try to go through internet archive copies. But even if an aspiring journalist thug finds some outrageous old quote that they can attack him for, people are much less likely to care if it was deleted long ago. It is like the difference between an opinion essay someone published in a newspaper or an off-handed comment someone said on the bus once.

You have to therefore be extra careful with things you write in guest-articles or say on other people’s podcasts, because you don’t have power to delete those things.

Have you changed your mind since that old post on your blog? Can it be easily taken out of context to make you sound racist or sexist? Mormon bloggers need to weigh how frequently people visit the old post (which you can determine with a tracking program like Google Analytics), versus how likely the old quote could get you in trouble. Do not be afraid to change wording or eliminate a few sentences if you get the feeling something can be fodder in a Leftist hit-piece. If somebody does attack you for something you wrote or something you misspelled, don’t be afraid to clarify or correct it.

Your Blog Topic

Nobody will be interested if you are just some guy ranting about stuff, particularly with media that require heavy audience involvement, such as books and blogs. Mormon bloggers need to look internally at the peculiarities that make you an interesting personality and amplify them a thousand percent. If you have an unusual accent, speak with a heavy accent. If you say a weird colloquialism, say it all the time.

Humor always wins on the internet. It could be derisive humor, light-hearted humor, sarcastic humor, ironic humor… the blogger that can make someone laugh will always get the follower.

What are you going to talk about? If Mormon bloggers just talk about politics, people are going to tune out quickly. Everybody’s sick of politics. A good blogger incorporates one or two topics that they are interested in, or uses them as a starting point. Why not make a cooking blog and use that as a vehicle to talk about Mormon Right principles?

Effective topics are things everybody has to deal with, things like dating, eating, and finding jobs. If you dig deep enough on any topic it always leads to culture and religion. A cooking show, for example, could discuss health and turn towards religion with the Word of Wisdom.

One interesting thing Mormon bloggers are all well qualified to talk about is theology. You may not know it, but even if you didn’t take institute classes or pay attention in seminary, you are a goldmine of theological knowledge. You are more qualified to talk about religious concepts than most theological scholars.

Cultivate A Following

Reply to comments and email inquiries until you become so popular that you don’t have time to, or unless they are hostiles or journalists. The internet is such a inhuman space, it makes all the difference the more your audience feels like they get to know you.

Email Groups & Newsletters – We all get annoyed by the “Join our newsletter” screen that pop-ups after you start reading a news article. Most of us just leave the site when we get that. But there is a reason so many media corporations risk half of their audience clicking away. The few visitors who do join the newsletter are likely to become invested followers.

Newsletters and mass email groups are a great way to foster a following. People feel loyal when they get a special message direct from you to their inbox. It is also a great way for Mormon bloggers to connect closer to their most loyal followers.

Connect With Other Voices – One problem that big talk-radio shows haven’t figured out is how to connect with other voices. Once in a while Michael Savage will appear on someone else’s show, but he isn’t nearly as popular as he would be if he were in a group of radio hosts who get together for a weekly podcast.

People want a discussion, not just one guy on a soap box. The Mormon Right has a great opportunity to connect with each other, as we have so much in common. Mormon bloggers aren’t likely to have severe differences that get in the way. Let’s get together for a weekly discussion that we publish. Let’s frequently publish on each other’s platforms.

This is also why you should ask for “guest” articles from your most loyal readers. One important way talk radio connects with voices is through listeners who frequently call in and give their quick opinion. The commenting section at the bottom of the page is a very important part of your site. You should highlight great comments and respond with entire posts to important commentators. Mormon bloggers should seek as much opportunity to give them a voice.

Social media is another important way to foster your following.

Writing Format

Site Logo – Mormon bloggers need a brief and interesting name for their media channel, and a logo or site banner to go with it. It should be simple and quickly convey what you are about. Put the name and logo at the top of the site, along with social media icons that link to your distribution channels.

Title – A very brief statement of what that individual post is about. It should fit into the overall theme of your site, point to information that will help your audience, and be interesting enough that somebody will click on it.

  • Shock – A click-bait title is so bold that people can’t help but click on it. For example, “Feminists Are Out To Get You & Your Family.”
  • Questions – Form your title into a question, or use interrogatives if you want to give the impression that you are bringing up a discussion rather than lecturing about something. For example, “Should Obama Be Jailed For Treason?”
  • Lists – People naturally like lists. Buzzfeed has basically ruined this tactic, but there are still times it is appropriate to title: “5 Reasons…”
  • Headline – If you are talking about a current event, speak in present tense and use specifics: “Obama Appointee Blocks Trump’s Immigration Effort”

Title Image – This is the part I usually don’t think about enough. People like to look at pictures more than they like to read titles. A good image will convey what it is you are talking about and add some humorous or shocking flavor and drive people to read the article more than your title will.

Thesis Statement – Your first paragraph should be only one or two sentences long. Each word should be carefully selected to be as brief, simple, and clear as possible. No passive wording. It should also boldly stand out in some way, to hook your audience to keep reading. “All across America, agents of destruction lurk in the shadows. Feminists lie in wait to indoctrinate your children any way they can.”

If you are writing a short story, video skit, or some other kind of non-persuasive format, the first paragraph is still most important. Readers will quickly decide whether to keep going or click away.

Your next paragraph will be longer but still not too long. It builds your argument and lays out a small handful of things (at most) you are going to talk about. You may also want to include an image or chart that explains where you are going with your idea.

Sub-Topics – People understand better if the topic is broken out into multiple sub-topics. When you get to each part, start with a large header title, header image, and thesis statement just as I did for this article. You want only a handful or sub-topics.

Use sub-topics to make your persuasive arguments. For example, if you are talking about the dangers of feminism, you can divide it up into “public schools” and “popular culture,” and explain how these relate to feminism.

You can bolster your arguments with quotes, images, current events, examples, and sound logic. Provide solid evidence for your position. Provide a logical progression starting with very general common sense.

Make rference to the foundation of the gospel whenever you can, such as a quote from a scripture or general authority, in order to bolster your argument and make it clear that the gospel, not you, are the authority for truth.

Another important element to persuasive writing is to deconstruct the opposing side. Always attack Social Justice Warriors, in every article you write, even if you do it implicitly in a positive way. This will require some amount of generalization, as you defend your subject statement from alternative points of view.

Pepper your article with images, embedded videos, memes, large-format quotes, large-format links to relevant articles in order to get the reader to engage with your site. You want them to click on to other articles, to other Mormon Right sites, or to check out your social media channels.

Call To Action – After you make your case, you should always answer the question: “What can I do about it?” One reason why politics is so frustrating is there is nothing we can do to change the problems. It is a tricky balance to not be too preachy about what they should go out and do, but also to make a persuasive case that actually changes their life.

The call to action should not be complicated, generalized, or difficult. It should be easy, inspiring, and clear. “Spend some time every day before and after school to talk personally with your child and deprogram the feminist indoctrination of school out of them. This will build trust and greatly strengthen your relationship.”

I generally avoid writing “conclusion” paragraphs. A simple call to action is better. However, I am going to do that for this article, as I want to guide people toward further articles for this series “Rules For Mormon Bloggers.”

After the article is concluded, the footer at the bottom of the webpage should give more general calls to action, such as links to read other important posts and links to books you have published.


This is a general outline for effective production, if you want to get involved with blogging or help the Mormon Right with some other kind of internet medium.

As a Mormon blogger, do not get discouraged if nobody visits your site at first. It may take years of publishing and networking before you get any kind of feedback. It takes a lot of patience. But know that you are still making a huge difference.

Just the few readers may change their lives because of what you wrote, and just your very presence is another stone in the great edifice that the Mormon Right will be. Once you do get there, though, once people really start noticing you, you have the potential of reaching thousands or even millions of people.

Now, on to the rules…

6 Ways To Get Girls At Church Dances

It looks like something out of a nature documentary. But church dances can actually be prime ground to get girls’ phone numbers.

A casual observer, if unacquainted with the social norms, will have no clue what is going on. But subtle intricacies flourish in a scene of single people floundering around on a gymnasium dance floor.

The concept is simple. A bunch of single people get together and dance to popular but tasteful music. In the 1950’s, it was simple to show up to such an event and leave with a girl on your arm. But today everything is hugely complicated.

With Mormons, the ritual is so bizarre it takes at least five dances before even a Mormon has any idea what to do. It takes a lot of work to get anything out of it. But if you follow a few concepts, church dances can be a great starting point for meeting and dating women.

Greet Everybody You Know

One of the biggest problems with guys at church is that they are quiet and diffident. In any kind of dance atmosphere it is the loud jock, the exciting tough guy who attracts attention. As far as church goes, this means a guy who storms into the room and hi-fives every guy he knows.

Prior to the dance, I typically make inquiries to find out which of my friends are going. I try to show up with them. When I arrive, I scan the crowd for faces I know and I say hi. Throughout the dance I throw friendly lines to people coming and going: “Hey, how’s it going?” “Have a good night” even if I don’t know them.

Does this mean you chat up every girl you see? Of course not. There are always those guys who asks all the sidelined “sweet spirits” to dance because they think it will impress the hot girl to see how nice he is. This is not the point. I’m talking about appearing dominant of everyone—guy, girl, attractive, ugly. Chances are this does not come naturally. But just work on it.

Church dances typically segregate by local single’s groups because everybody is too shy to mingle outside of the people they know. If people can see that you are friendly with lots of people and easily approachable it will be much easier to talk to girls you never met before.

Show Unrealistic Amounts Of Fun

Girls will notice a guy who is having the time of his life. How do you look like you are having fun? It’s like school. How do you behave in a class you really enjoy? You sit front and center. You speak up all the time. You stay till the end. These are traits that will likewise imply that you enjoy the dance.

Establish a dominant space front and center, right across from the DJ. Whoop and holler and make grand dancing motions, as if you don’t care if anyone ridicules you. Smile and invite others to dance wildly with you. If a girl joins with you, acknowledge that she is in your dance group now—a handshake, a few words—and then continue dancing.

There have been dances where I didn’t know anybody, so I just went in the middle and tried to have lots of fun. People joined me or pulled me into their group and introduced themselves. I find you can’t really pull this off if you are on the edge of the dance floor. You also can’t be glancing around nervously in hopes that you will see someone you recognize and no longer be alone.

Church music is typically played by amateurs at a low volume and under an uncomfortable level of lighting. It is difficult to get into it, but after 15 minutes of feeling ridiculous hopefully it will stop feeling awkward.

It is important to look like you are having a blast, because the girls probably feel a lot more awkward about it than you do. They hate being looked at and ridiculed a lot more than you do. They are only there because a couple friends went. If it were just them, there would be no fun happening at all. They will gladly follow a guy who elevates the spirit of the party, even if it appears a bit clownish.

Dress To Impress

Gauge what the standard level of dress is for people at dances in your area and dress two levels above that. Put on some nice smelling cologne and a good pair of shoes.

Hopefully you are in shape and wearing clothes that fit your muscular arms. It is moments like these when being in shape counts for double, because your entire body will be the focus of girls’ judgement as you dance.

Don’t worry about your skill level of dancing. There is always going to be those guys who act like they are professionals and request swing songs so that the guys who don’t know swing will be at a disadvantage of picking partners. Don’t worry about all that. If you can keep a beat and have a basic idea of what to do, it does no good to appear like some dance star. Your focus is to get girls, not to be a professional dancer.

Make Your Move

I remember dances at BYU university where as soon as a slow song came on, the pretty girls were scooped up within seconds. Guys gravitated toward the pretty girls, like toreros in a bull-leaping competition, and counted every micro-second until the beat slowed down to get the girl.

I thought that was pretty pathetic, because these guys have a mindset that slow dances are the only opportunity to attract a girl.

Unless there is a girl right next to me that I really want to dance with when a slow song comes on, I like to wait a little while to pick someone. It is more poignant for a girl if the clock is ticking, she still isn’t getting a request, and then you show up. That places you in a better position. It makes you a valuable man.

When it comes to getting a girl’s phone number, slow songs are actually a weak opportunity because the girl feels pressure. It is best to approach the whole slow dance thing very casually unless it is a girl you are dating.

A better time to make a move is during normal dance time or as the event is wrapping up. In the midst of conversation, steer the topic toward some other event that is coming up, and simply say “Let me get your phone number. I’ll give you a text beforehand.”

That’s it. Now is not the time to impress the girl or get to know her in some drawn-out discussion. Just collect a phone number and move on.

Simple Conversation

Dances are not the place to discuss philosophy. Music is blaring and people are focused on having fun, not being intelligent. Keep it all very light and short.

“What do you think of that song?” “Nice necklace.” The hardest part, of course, is striking up a chat with a total stranger. Do not make it a big deal.

The first thing to be mindful of is body language and see indicators of interest. Where is her position turned? She needs to be aware you are there before you can approach her. Is she looking at you? If not, is her face at least turned toward you with the eyes looking down? Those are cues to say an opener. Make jokes and turn everything into a joke if you can.

Conversation is only 1% of the game, especially in a dance atmosphere. What matters is your physical touch.

First, you show presence in your hi-fives and handshakes with the other men. Maybe pull them in for a hug if they are within your group. If an invidious guy is moving in on a girl you want, use physical maneuvers to deal with it. Get between him and the girl—but in a playful way. Again, this probably does not come naturally to you, but it is just typically what works.

Rather than chat with the girl right away, use touch. Start by respectfully getting in her personal space. Make eye contact, give a friendly smile, and motion to invite her to match your dance movements. If you are feeling bold, give a light grab on the inside of the arm and then leave her group for a while.

I have a friend who likes to move rapidly from group to group. Rather than stay in one dance group over 5 minutes, he gives a quick word or brush of the arm as he wanders brazenly over to another group where maybe he knows one or two people, and greets them with a quick word or brush of the arm. He circulates through all the groups several times and always greets and departs with a quick word and physical touch.

Focus On Business First

You are there to have fun, and by all appearances you are dancing and having the time of your life with all of your buddies, but don’t forget that the whole purpose is to collect phone numbers.

Even if you are dancing with a girl in your own congregation and you could just look up her number on a list, ask for it anyway. Get as many numbers from desirable girls that you can and try until you get them.

The fun you are having is working to this end. You may get sidetracked with a girl that you aren’t interested in that much, or a buddy who occupies your time with something. Or maybe someone is blocking you from approaching a girl you want. Put on a big smile, dance dominantly, and scheme what your next move will be.

I find dances work best if you don’t go very far getting to know anyone. It is just a brief introduction. So once you get introduced, move on.

If you go to a dance expecting to meet girls and have fun without doing any work, you are going to be disappointed. Expect to stand around and be bored. You have to go out of your comfort zone and boldly throw yourself out there. But if do, it will be a great way to meet new girls and get a good Mormon girlfriend.

Why Is The Media Afraid Of Mormon Mothers?

This week, we witnessed a coordinated strike against a strong Mormon woman, Alya at Nordic Sunrise, who frequently talks about motherhood and women’s issues.  The media loves to attack Mormon mothers who are happy living traditional lives.

A radical extremist male at Buzzeed smeared her as a racist, and then announced to the world that the church had censored her profile.

Censorship of Mormon mothers is okay when the males at Buzzfeed do it.

The feeding frenzy spread to other losers in the media, including News Corp and Daily Mail. The Salt Lake Tribune incorrectly reported that the “church disagrees” with Ayla’s beliefs, which they incorrectly report include: “Mormonism is doomed if it continues to celebrate racial and ethnic diversity, to support refugees and immigrant families, and to debase Western” culture.

Actually, Mormon mothers like Ayla have always celebrated diversity, but the Left’s narrative spins the word completely around. Instead of a world of unique cultures in different locations, the Left’s definition of “diversity” is lawless immigration and globalism, a world where you see the same culture wherever you go.

The Salt Lake Tribune hate-site then warns that a Mormon group on Facebook wants illegal aliens deported.

Enforce our country’s laws? How racist!

Depriving Mormon Mothers Of Their Rights

The phony racism narrative covers up the Left’s real agenda. Think about it. Why did they lock onto Ayla? Why are they smearing Mormon mothers?

One thing that interested me was that media attacked Ayla for creating a picture book for her children (now erased from their articles). Why is that a bad thing? What is racist about that? The thing these trolls fear most is losing control over the children. They fear strong Mormon mothers raising children instead of television, public school teachers, and hip-hop culture.

Ayla provides a road map to empower Mormon mothers to raise successful chlidren. She discusses important family bonding activities like church, camping, and games. She explains how to develop virtues in children, such as talents, appreciation for heritage, and righteous living. Children raised in this kind of traditional environment–insulated from the media’s narrative–can easily debunk fake news.

She shows us how to raise chlidren free from corporate-government control.

One important thing about Ayla is that she does this in a positive, cheerful way. Other well-meaning Mormon mothers warn us about SJW propaganda in Disney movies, but Ayla stands out because she provides a healthy alternative path. She uses elegant logic. Many of us focus on avoiding the media-corporate machine–which is great–but Ayla is out replacing it. This makes her much more dangerous than the typical blogger who complains about gay themes in kid’s movies.

Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, New York Post… these are all sick dinosaurs sinking into the muck, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they viciously lash out at independent, free women.

SJWs Oppress All Women

Looking through Ayla’s twitter feed, I see all kinds of violent threats and lewd attacks from Leftist males. Of course Twitter allows this abuse. Misogyny against Mormon mothers is okay when Leftists do it, after all.

The moment women, or any class, step off the plantation and start questioning our consumer-driven liberal culture, the hipster males with effeminate jeans and smug expressions start to display the most “toxic masculinity” imaginable.

When Ayla promoted diversity and declared “EVERYONE has a place in God’s choir”, a tolerant anti-Mormon SJW gave a sexually graphic response: “You had me eat chocolate laxatives so that I would release the dragon on your face. Call me!”

This is the kind of abuse males on the Left are throwing at Ayla all day, simply because she provides a roadmap for women to be strong Mormon mothers. This is the true face of Democrat males, disgusting abusers.

This kind of bigotry from Left threatens all women and it pervades all facets of our society. If a woman disagrees with compulsory welfare in a college class, the teacher berates her. If Mormon mothers want to put their child in a healthy charter school instead of a Socialist-brainwashing public school, the government persecutes them . If a woman discusses healthy diets and attractive modest clothing, her Leftist friends bully her for “body shaming.” If  the President happens to be conservative, Leftists throw nonstop abuse and harassment at his daughter.

American culture forces women into a consumer-driven culture of victimization, hyper-sexuality, and robotic propagation of their narratives. They are compelled to spend 10 hours per day in a cubicle instead of at home with their families.

The smears and censorship of traditional Mormon mothers like Ayla place all women in a corral and destroys their basic freedoms.

Winter Is Coming For Traditional Mormons

This attack on Mormon mothers serves as a wake up call for all of us. The elitists are cracking down on religoius freedom and independent thought. How can we prepare for further onslaught?

  • Attack The Media

One reason Donald Trump became president was because he did not put up with degrading propaganda in the media. He also did not freak out about it. He correctly recognized that the media was his “opposition party,” and methodically hit them back. He called them failing losers, enemies of the people, haters, and scumbags.

Traditionalists need to be doing this right now on behalf of Ayla and all victims of the Leftist propagandists.

When a journalist emails you for a comment, replay with a calm explanation of how evil they are as people. Immediately set to work with a blockbuster expose of that newspaper so that it is ready when their hit piece is published.  Gather opposition research on the media and quickly hit them back.  Drive them into the ground.

  • Prepare Past Statements

Consider that the propagandists will take anything they can out of context to attack you, so consider everything everything you have said on social media and personal blogs. They will especially go for satire and sarcastic statements because they can twist those easier. Focus on how they might take quotes out of context to fit their narratives, such as portraying racism or feminism.

  • Organize A Tribe

You need to have a community of associates and close friends to help you. No person can go through the crucible of Leftist attacks alone. You need friends to emotionally support you. You may need financial help, if the Leftists send threats to your home and family or try to get you fired from your job.

These attacks are great ways for conservatives to band together, to work through differences in order to achieve a common goal, the expulsion of Socialism and revival of Western Culture.

Finally, do not freak out when they come after you. Things will be fine. Just be ready, and use the experience to help build this community. The attacks are just beginning. We stand with Ayla and refuse to put up with the hateful bullies in the media any longer.