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Redgulls is the best Mormon interest website.  Jeffrey Johnson is the owner and writer.  One of the biggest problems facing the LDS Church is the rise of SJW entryists looking to overthrow the Mormon Church and remake it in their twisted image.  The main goal of Redgulls is to get the word out about the danger that the Latter-Day Saint Community is in because of fake Mormon infiltration and subversion.

Redgulls is sympathetic to the Alt Right as laid out in Vox Day’s 16 Points of the Alt Right.  We believe that separate people are happier when they live in their own nations and homelands.  Historically mass migrations of people into different lands always leads; to massive war and we want to avoid that.  Redgulls opposes NAZI LARPing because it’s 2017 and WWII was 70 years ago.  Our grandfathers fought against the Nazis and we aren’t going to dishonor their memory by being sympathetic to the men they fought.

One of the biggest problems in the Mormon Community is the masculinity crisis.  Unfortunately the LDS Community has 3 generations of men who don’t know how to be men.  They were raised on the mistaken belief that if they just be really “nice” and “considerate” then girls will like them.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case.  Women like assertive confident men.  LDS men are confused by the messages they get.  For example at church Mormon men are taught to be weak minded Beta males who are very considerate of girls and they are taught that this should help them have success in the dating market.  But what happens is girls don’t want men like this and reject the mild mannered “nice guys” who they meet at church.  Redgulls works to correct this problem.  Jeffrey Johnson published the first red pill/Neomasculine book designed to support the needs of LDS men.

Redgulls works to show that The Book of Mormon is a valid document that deals with the issues modern Americans face.  In the “Joseph Smith Was Right” series we show that when Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon he dealt with issues that the United States is going through right now.  Redgulls deals with the dangers of atheism.  In the “Defense Against Atheism” series Regulls readers can learn techniques to inspire young LDS men and women not to want to get messed up with atheism.  Redgulls also teaches what atheists are really like, which is disgusting.

Redgulls supports the True Blue Mormon movement.  We strive to live the commandments and we take the words of Latter-Day prophets seriously.  We believe in the Mormon scriptures.  If you follow the actions of Joseph F. Smith and are willing to declare your LDS faith to the world, then we support you.  Redgulls opposes liberal fake Mormons who work to undermine the Mormon Church and the true and living prophets.



Redgulls supports the Mormon Right.  We want to do our part to Make America Great Again.  Let’s face it most Mormon public figures are leftists dressed up as so-called principled conservatives but all they do is try to undermine people who really are fighting to fix America’s problems.  The list of Mormon public figures who the Mormon Right opposes include: Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck and the worst of the bunch Jeff Flake.  If (((Jason Chaffetz))) were still in congress then he would be on the list too.

Redgulls deals with modern topics that touch on Mormon interests.  If Latter-Day Saints pop up in the news then Redgulls covers it.  We cover current events from a unique (((echo free))) pro Latter-Day Saint and pro Western Civilization perspective.

Where does the name Redgulls come from?  It’s a simple combination of the state bird of Utah, the sea gull and red.  Red represents a red pill perspective and more importantly it is the color of the Utah Utes.


6 thoughts on “All About Redgulls

  1. “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”

    ― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

      1. I like you. You’re headed in the right direction.
        Though I am an atheist and former Mormon I am still pro-life, and pro-freedom. I still support Trump. Yes, some of my views have changed, but you can’t lump all atheists together in one group as ‘disgusting.’

  2. I’m liking the articles on this page. Not sure if I agree with the usage of “alt-right” to describe it, but to each their own.

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