Gays Want Us Out of Their Bedroom but Won’t Get Out of Our Living Room

For years the gay mafia has told us that they want us out of their bedroom.  They said that their private lives are private.  Most normal people agree with the concept that we don’t want to go snooping around each other’s private lives.  The problem with the gays wanting privacy in the bedroom was they didn’t keep their end of the bargain which was to stay out of our living room.

The agreement between gays and normal Americans was normal Americans wouldn’t play morality police and would let gays do what they wanted behind closed doors and gays promised that they would stay out of our living rooms by letting us live in peace.

However as soon as the gays got out from under the boot of the morality police, what did gays do?  They started to create mass propaganda to recruit normal Americans to get interested in the gay lifestyle.  Normal Americans don’t like the homosexual lifestyle because we find their behavior disgusting.  Normal Americans don’t want gays in their living room.

Examples of gays pushing their lifestyle into our living room:

  • TV and media. How often do we have to suffer seeing the gay lifestyle glorified on television?  Every time Mrs. Johnson turns on the TV there is some show on portraying homosexuals as being better than you are.  Americans believe that 30% of all Americans are gay because there are so many gays on TV.
  • TV ads. These days it seems like half of all ads have a gay guy on them who is more sophisticated than you are.  The other half of TV ads feature a cute White girl dating a black man.  Seeing TV ads with homosexuals portrayed as being better than you gets really old.
  • Gay marriage. Now we are told that gay mockery of marriage is more pure and wholesome than a Mormon family with 4 kids where the parents are happy and faithful to each other.
  • Let them bake cake. Normal Americans are angry with homosexuals who have gone out of their way to ruin the lives of Americans who don’t actively support the gay lifestyle.  Hundreds of millions of Americans were angered when the gay mafia and their media allies ruined the lives of the pizza shop owners in Indiana and the Christian bakers in Oregon for their unwillingness to cater gay marriages.
  • Gay invasion of the churches. Church going Americans go to church as a way of getting away from the degeneracy and the culture war they live within their daily lives.  Now even churches are having to deal with the homosexual issue.  Even the LDS Church has to suffer with homosexuals trying to infiltrate the church.
  • Gay pride parades. Every June normal Americans have to suffer the annual humiliation of having their city have a gay pride parade where gays throw their life style in our face.  We have to watch them whip each other while wearing strange leather.  What is even worse is they get a bunch of allied children in the party with them.  (We all know that these kids are pizza, if you know what I mean).  Seeing the media glorify the local gay pride parade makes normal American’s blood boil.

What is even worse is the homosexual movement isn’t satisfied with how much power and influence they have now, they are pushing for more normalization of other deviant lifestyles.

Examples of gays pushing more degeneracy into our living room:

  • Fake women in the women’s bathroom creeping out our 12 year old daughters. As soon as gay marriage was codified into law the homosexual community started pushing for “trans” rights.  Now we have fake women wandering around the women’s bathroom.
  • 31 flavors of gender. Now “science” is saying that there’s something like 70 variations of gender.  Of course this is all nonsense.  How many boys are going to chop their dicks off because the homosexual movement refused to stay out of our living room and refused to continue  to push their ideology into our living room?
  • Ever since the beginning of the gay movement the holy grail for them has been to normalize pedophilia.  After gay mockery of marriage was the law, the homosexual allies in the media started to push to normalize pedophilia.  Normal Americans don’t want their kids raped.  This makes normal Americans very angry because gays are about to try to normalize pedophilia by bringing it into our living room.


The cultural winds have shifted.  Due to the Americans getting tired of having homosexuals refusing to get out of our living room, the wave of the future is normal Americans driving homosexuals out of public life.  Traditional Americans bargained in good faith with homosexuals.  The bargain was normal Americans would stay out of gays’ bedrooms and gays agreed to stay out of our living room.  However the gays were bargaining in bad faith and planned to invade our living room.  Because gays bargained in bad faith traditional Americans have a right to expel homosexuals and their supporters from public life.

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One thought on “Gays Want Us Out of Their Bedroom but Won’t Get Out of Our Living Room

  1. This. A million times. My brother is a homosexual and an apostate. Nevertheless, he is my brother and as such I love and care for him. Therefore, I have warned him repeatedly that the day is coming when Americans will no longer tolerate the blatant degeneracy those like him are attempting to inflict on them. He views history as a ratchet that always turns Left. And it is. Until it isn’t. And when it stops turning homosexuals in the United States will hope that they can flee back to their closets and hide there but for far too many it will be too late and they will be driven out or, more likely, killed for what they have done and what they attempted to do. The sad thing is we have seen this movie play out before and we could have learned from it.

    The Weimar Republic had exactly the same problem set. Filth and porn and degeneracy everywhere. And when they could not take any more the Normies became Nazis and tried to expunge it. Americans should have learned from this. And we did, except we derived exactly the wrong lessons.

    The lesson we believed we were supposed to learn was: if you do not suppport everyone in their perversions you must be a Nazi and you should be shunned and shamed.

    What we should have learned was: a society that allows the open and unapologetic celebration of moral degradation will eventually provoke and equal and opposite backlash. To prevent the backlash you have to tamp down society’s tendency to allow the proliferation of perversion by scrupulously keeping it out of the public square and the living rooms of Normies whose ardent wish is to avoid it.

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