Mormon Right: Repeal & Replace Social Justice

Right now, Republicans are struggling with the health care issue.

Democrats are obstructing them from repealing Obamacare, so instead they are trying to tweak it into something better. Wise conservatives understand that this will never work. It is not enough to change Obamacare. You don’t get good fruit from a bad tree, no matter how much you tweak it.

Republicans have been complaining about Obamacare for almost a decade and people are sick of hearing about it. The only victory will be to repeal and replace.

The same holds true for any Leftist institution. Gone are the days when Kent Clark could make the world better by writing a newspaper column. All news media is Socialist propaganda now. It is fake news, and we will never fix it by complaining about the New York Times or by supporting Fox News. We need to repeal and replace the media entirely.

We need to repeal and replace the public school system. We need to repeal and replace technology corporations such as Facebook and Microsoft. We need expel corrupt SJW institutions and build up a Mormon replacement.

I grew up listening to FHE lessons about the Millennial last days, when all the world would be at war and Mormons would create a refuge that righteous people would flock towards, and which the wicked would be too afraid to battle against.

I imagined a great world war full of bloodshed and invading armies. But why can’t that apply to us now? The world is certainly at war, after all, even if it isn’t a militaristic war.

There is a cold war, of Marxism encroaching on all corners of the globe.

We are the refuge for the twelve tribes, and Marxists are afraid to attack us head on. They softly infiltrate, if possible; but otherwise leave us be.

Ultimately, Western culture is in decline and will soon fail. All the data indicates this. We all feel the cultural decline. I don’t think the fall of Western culture will be a catastrophic war or Russian invasion. It will be like a flame that slowly snuffs out.

This gives Mormons the opportunity to build a righteous culture from the ruins, as prophesied. But I think we should not wait for things to get worse before we build up our apocapyptic refuge. We should start building it now.

Our focus is not on preserving culture, but on replacing it with new culture.

Rules For The Mormon Right
Basics For Blogging
#1 Strengthen Institutions For Traditional Culture
#2 Repeal & Replace Socialism With Constitutional Principles
#3 Convert Hearts, Minds, And Spirits To Divine Justice
#4 Demand Educational Independence
#5 Gather Israel By Crushing Globalism
#6 Escape The Cycle Of Consumerism
#7 Separate Science, Religion & Mythology
#8 Pursue Excellence Through Gender Roles & Personal Health
#9 Join Other Productive Movements That Help Our Cause
#10 Discredit SJW Infiltrators In The Bloggernacle
#11 Talk About Culture Rather Than Race
#12 Repel Media Attacks By Being Anti-Fragile
#13 Never Talk To The Media
#14 Promote Art That Liberates People From Vices
#15 Normalize Constant Prayer In Society

This is something the church is doing, and SJWs are taking notice. The church is building housing developments, shopping malls, agricultural production, colleges, and media empires. These economic and cultural institutions stand on their own, apart from mainstream culture.

Each LDS member can contribute, following the law of consecration, to become part of this parallel economic network.

Anybody who abides by our traditional principles is invited to be part of it. Yes, go to our college. Watch our TV stations. Shop at our malls. The Mormon network needs to grow until we get to the point that Mormon colleges are the world’s best and Mormon cattle are the most healthy. We also need to keep it separate.

Where do we build Zion, and what is the highway that leads to it?

Well, consider what new invention we have that makes it possible, what new thing the world was waiting for before this gathering could possibly happen, that delivers the gospel to the farthest and most cut-off corners of the globe?

The internet.

The internet is the great new platform that both facilitates the gathering and drives division and warfare on a scale not seen since the Tower of Babel. It is a power that we are only beginning to understand, and the Mormon Right are pioneering how to use it to reach the farthest corners of the globe and empower the twelve tribes.

The Satanic ideology of Social Justice is like a field of weeds that we need to pull up in order to find the wheat. Have we even begun to recognize how pugnaciously deep those weeds have grown in our culture? How do we begin to repeal Socialism from our lives?

SJW Ideology Is The Same As Babylon

Unchanging Ideology – Leftists appear to adapt to modern circumstances. They talk about progressiveness and the future, as if they innovating and changing the future. But the truth is they are more backwards than anyone. Their narrative and morality are always changing, but their ideology never changes. They have the same retrograde ideology going back to the Soviet Union, to ancient Babylon, and even to the Pre-existence.

In the chart above, I consider the important points of Satan’s Pre-mortal plan and compare that to evil societies in history.

Rebellion – The key feature is rebellion against God’s plan. Unfortunately, some Mormons teach us that in the Pre-mortal council God the Father asked for plans and chose the best. This is false doctrine. The truth is God always had His plan, and Satan conjured up his own plan, un-asked for.

It strikes me that Babylonian mythology is a lot like Israel’s theology of the Pre-mortal plan, except that in their etiological version of events, Lucifer won and Jehovah lost. Personal agency was conquered and a plan of compassionate slavery was instituted.

There may not be mythology behind 19th century Communism, but this concept of overthrowing the natural order and instituting compassionate slavery is definitely there.

“It is not a question of accepting some kind of preordained plan either related to Divine intervention or some kind of teleology but it is clear that the laws of evolution inherent in nature do in fact determine the development from simple forms of life to more complex forms.”

Today’s version of Communism, known as Social Justice, carries on this strategy of rebellion, which they consider evolution. They label it Progressivism, and rather than bloody revolution, they agitate for social change.

Universal Salvation – Ancient Babylonians prayed for salvation in a manner different than Christians do. Jesus said not to pray “as the heathens do.” Take a look at this Babylonian prayer:

“I gathered the bought people who had become slaves and who had been distributed among the foreign riff-raff, and counted them once again as Babylonians. I returned their looted possessions, provided the naked with clothing, and let them take the road to Babylon. I encouraged them to resettle the city, build houses, plant orchards, and dig canals. I restored their interrupted privileged status. I wrote the tablet of their exemptions.”

Babylonians listed all of the social justice they brought to people as reasons for the gods to bless them. Here, he says he spread Babylonia to foreign lands, which rightfully ought to be Babylonians, much like Tibet rightfully belongs to China. He redistributed wealth to the disenfranchised. He resettled people in cities with urban projects, and gave entitlements to poor classes of people.

I imagine Obama’s prayers at night are not much different.

Another Babylonian prayer:

“May my kingship be sustaining to the people forever like the plant of life so that I may shepherd their populace in truth and justice.”

SJWs consider themselves privileged, and much like super-heroes they feel it is their duty to be shepherds to the dumb public and distribute justice. Saints, on the other hand, do not consider themselves plants of life; Christ is. Saints do not consider themselves shepherds; Christ is the shepherd and we are stewards only. Justice is not ours to create, but belongs to God.

Social Justice is even more apparent in this prayer:

“They were afflicted by thieving and murdering. They were stealing from the poor and giving to the mighty; there was oppression and the taking of bribes in the city. Every day, without ceasing, they stole goods from each other… the lord of the lands plotted evilly to scatter the land and the people.”

The lord of the lands was thieving the people, until Babylon came and stole from the rich to give to the poor? Sounds like the plot of every blockbuster movie from the last five years.

Another prayer:

“I established anew the remission of debts of the wronged citizens of Babylon, people entitled to the privileged status and freedom guaranteed by the gods Anu and Enlil… May he allow my hands to grasp the righteous scepter that enlarges the land and the fierce staff that humbles the unsubmissive.”

Compulsion – We see that the Babylonian concept of salvation and sin was much different than in Christianity, but is much the same as modern Socialism. Much like Socialism, they “believed that only such absolute submission could restore peaceful life and prosperity.” Submission to a totalitarian regime that makes all your decisions for you. When a person sins “he is not sure himself what his sin is… the prayer itself states that there is no human way of knowing what the specific sin against the gods is.”

By the time of Nebuchadnezzar, sin isn’t even mentioned. Why even discuss things in terms of sin? The later Babylonian “does not refer to an absolution of his sin nor to redemption but concerns his long life and the security of his kingship.”

This is the same kind of submission that we see under Communism, and the class consciousness of today’s Social Justice.

The need to submit to universal salvation drove Babylon to invade Israel so that they too can enjoy the rightful “privileges” of their truth and justice.

We see the same underlying ideology for communal ownership. Debase the rich and raise the poor! Class consciousness lives on today as SJWs destroy meritocracy and enforce an intolerant movement that bans and censors anyone who disagrees with them.

Infiltration – President Benson warned of Communist infiltrators in all cultural institutions of America, including the LDS church:

“Yes, within the Church today there are tares among the wheat and wolves within the flock. As President Clark stated, ‘The ravening wolves are amongst us, from our own membership, and they, more than… We should be careful of them.’

The wolves amongst our flock are more numerous and devious today than when President Clark made this statement.

President McKay has said that ‘the Church is little, if at all, injured by persecution and calumnies from ignorant, misinformed or malicious enemies. A greater hindrance to its progress comes from faultfinders, shirkers, commandment-breakers, and apostate cliques within its own ecclesiastical and quorum groups.’

Not only are there apostates within our midst, but there are also apostate doctrines that are sometimes taught in our classes and from our pulpits and that appear in our publications. And these apostate precepts of men cause our people to stumble…

They want us to be in the world and of it. They want us to be popular with the worldly even though a prophet has said that this is impossible, for all hell would then want to join us… They do not feel the Church is progressive enough—they say that it should embrace the social and socialist gospel of apostate Christendom… They attack the Church for not being in the forefront of the so-called ‘civil rights movement.’ They are embarrassed over some Church doctrine, and as Lehi foretold, the scoffing of the world over this and other matters will cause some of them to be ashamed and they shall fall away.”

Unfortunately, we see lots of Socialists infiltrators pouring into Mormon schools and media. The challenge with parallel institutions is infiltration. The Mormon Right needs to champion this parallel network and flush out infiltration. Attack the Socialist infiltrators like you would a war-time spy.

As we look for Socialist infiltrators, it is important not to point fingers at anyone who disagrees with our conservative opinions. It is specifically those who sow shame for being Mormon and who instill SJW politics.

Strength Through Merit

Regarding the law of sacrifice, God explained to Cain that he will be rewarded if he does good, but if he does evil he gets punished. Hatred for this concept is what drove Cain to make a pact with Satan and adopt a Social Justice ideology.

The very concept of class consciousness in Marxism denies meritocracy. They believe that the individual is only as good as the class that he belongs to, and that social politics is the beginning of salvation:

“It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.” -G.V. Plekhanov

Sociology In Lehi’s Dream – We Mormons have a much better understanding from Lehi’s vision of the tree of life. It starts out with an individual, Lehi, picking the holy fruit after wallowing through darkness and depression. Then the fruit is distributed on a family basis, as some of his family decide to join him. Then culture groups struggle on a prescribed path toward the fruit. The struggle for salvation occurs on all social levels: individual, family, and social.

Mette Harrison on Religion News Service incorrectly claims that Laman and Lemuel were lured by the great and spacious building in Lehi’s dream. This is false doctrine.

The mist of darkness and spacious building did not appear until after Laman and Lemuel ditched Lehi’s family. It is important to point out this falsehood because Mette’s version generalizes the struggle of Lehi and his family as the same as the multitudes that struggled through the mist of darkness.

The mist of darkness and rod of iron applies to the social level of struggle to salvation. After they ate of the holy fruit, some turned to the great and spacious building out of shame. These challenges and divine resources appear on a social level.

Laman and Lemuel also had different experiences because they belonged to different generations. Lehi wandered alone in darkness, was abandoned by an angel, and then found the tree after earnest prayer. Laman and Lemuel were invited to the tree by their father but walked away. Future generations were given an iron rod, were seduced by the great and spacious building, and dealt with a mist of darkness. Each experience was different over time.

Then, Mette concludes, “Nothing is a permanent barrier to our own happiness except for our own choices.” Um, what about that dividing gulf? Wasn’t there a huge gulf in Lehi’s dream that divided the righteous from the wicked? Isn’t that what justice is, the permanent barrier to our happiness if we refuse to repent?

Yes, people are always able to repent and continue their path to the tree of life–that option is always available no matter what. But salvation is not universal to those who simply declare themselves saved in the name of Jesus and don’t do the good works. It is not just a matter of deciding you are saved. You have got to do the works, reject the Socialist apostasy spoken of by modern prophets, and accept divine justice and mercy.

Mormon Network: Today’s Rod Of Iron

Zion will “spread herself and become very glorious, very great, and very terrible.” She will enlarge a tent and “strengthen thy stakes.”

The Mormon Right’s internet platform and the parallel cultural institutions that are currently in development will thus serve the function of the iron rod. They will lead the multitudes to the tree of life.

Our parallel network will break the cycle of corruption that flows through institutions of modern culture. As far as science goes, corporations pressure educational institutions to only give out grants to scientists who push narratives that are good for their products. This is why there is a lot of fake science.

They tell us to stop eating butter with saturated fat because science proves it is unhealthy. Instead, eat this cheap cereal filled with sugar and carbs that make you fat.

Public schools indoctrinate the masses to mindlessly believe anyone the media says is a scientist, like Bill Nye. The advertising monopoly in the media further indoctrinates the Socialist ideology to get you to buy their addictive, unhealthy products. After that, you need to buy this supplement to lose weight. You need to watch this TV show that makes you feel good about yourself. The cycle of consumerism continues, and the people wallow in governmental and corporate control.

A parallel network that is totally independent of these mainstream institutions can blow the consumerism cycle wide open. Imagine a local grocery store that sells you fresh, healthy produce and meat. The Mormon Right will make it happen.

Temple – The culture needs to be centered on the holy temple. We have an important media device that no one else has, the temple, to guide our construction of Western culture. This needs to be our symbol and it needs to pervade our culture.

It keeps holiness physical and real. It establishes a hierarchy that supports meritocracy instead of the “equality” of Satan’s ideology. It addresses salvation on the level of the individual, family, and society.

Most importantly, the temple gives us a perfect model to weed out the false worldly ideas of sin, repentance, and redemption. The shame culture melts away and we find true redemption at the temple.

We need to be open-minded about what our new culture will look like. Do not look back to the degenerate Leftist narrative. We need to carefully look at every piece of the old Western culture and rethink elements that we just assumed were positive. What flaw in the system allowed infiltration and corruption? What opportunity is there for a more theocratic, liberating structure?

The virility of the new culture will be judged by our reproduction rate, which is already well above that of various classes in our falling Western culture.

Stop Falling Into Their Narrative – Satan’s plan invades our American culture to a greater degree than ever, thanks to Social Justice. Our very conceptions and perceptions are dominated by Social Justice.

The way we reason–grammar, logic, rhetoric–have become horribly corrupted. Grammar-Nazis, who tore gendered nouns out of our dictionary, who replaced the sexes with “genders,” and who fill our brains will double-speak, prevent us from even thinking in a healthy way. Schools and pervasive media fill us with logical fallacies and punish us for thinking in a truly logical way. Finally, our rhetoric is so contentious, intolerant, and hateful that divine truth is not allowed to shine for what it is.

The Marxist strategy for agitation is all about pointing out contradiction. They look at the LDS church history and point out a contradiction between the racist priesthood ban and the virtue of inclusiveness. But good Marxist propaganda not only spins contradictions as hypocrisies, they also use it to bolster their rebellious ideology as an alternative.

Contradiction works either specific to general or general to specific. For example, the specific issue of the federal marijuana ban is spun by Marxists as a contradiction with people’s personal freedom to do what they want. This contradiction is spun as a class struggle, of the upper class preventing the lower class from enjoying marijuana, and thus pointing to Commmunist class consciousness.

The new-found freedom to smoke marijuana all you want further leads to baked brains and hopeless addictions, which is why North Koreans have marijuana in every home (which the media will never tell you.)

This is how Satanic propaganda operates. Let’s look at one more Babylonian prayer:

“I restored the interrupted privileged status that had fallen into disuse. I wrote anew the tablet of their exemptions. I opened roads for them in all directions so that they could establish an important position by having commercial relations with all countries. I restored order to the disturbances at Kish and made light shine forth for the confused people.”

Globalism. Social justice. Class consciousness. It is all there. The Babylonian saw a contradiction, “interrupted privilege”, and agitated for change. He saw people confused and intervened with his superior philosophies of men.

Divine propaganda is much different, and should never operate with this kind of narrative. Divine propaganda starts with the temple, the shining light on the hill. This is divine light. It teaches plain and simple truths through the mouths of the unlearned and weak, by the power of the Spirit. It is not contentious, divisive, or seeking to remove people’s existing faith, but offers timeless traditional principles as solutions to life’s problems.

Restore The Constitution

In his very important book Republic, Plato describes why pure democracy is destined to fail, because it supports a meritless system and Socialistic anacyclosis, and how a constitutional republic will keep a nation on track.

His description of kyklos, a cycle of revolutions that nations undergo, resemble the pride cycle and cyle of dispensations that we talk about in the church.

He said the cycle of social breakdown can be prevented and peace upheld if a nation’s virtuous constitution remains intact. He said we must:

  • Avoid changing the constitution as much as possible. Every minor change adds up.
  • Shorten term limits for rulers. **cough, Nancy Pelosi**
  • Face up constantly to external threats
  • Combine the best elements of polity, aristocracy, and monarchy
  • Banish any individual who gains too much power **George Soros, cough**
  • Prevent judges & magistrates from getting monetary rewards
  • Large middle class
  • Most important: Improve education & cultural awareness

This applies to individuals, families, and tribes in the church as well as the nation. We must avoid changing our foundational precepts at all cost, even if journalists think our precepts are sexist. We must must remove money interests from our leaders and bolster a large middle class.

This is why church leaders are so urgent about saliently upholding America’s constitution. We should do the same on a local level as we expel Social Justice form our LDS spaces.

We are not at war with any culture, creed, or nation. If they leave us alone we will leave them alone. We simply stand as a refuge for the disaffected and shine the light of our temple as a beacon of truth. We refuse to be corrupted by worldly doctrines and we expel any corruption that enters.

Next time, we will convert Hearts, minds, and spirits To Divine Justice.

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