The James Comey Firing and Boomer Logic

I wasn’t going to talk about President Trump firing James Comey.  You can sum it up by saying, “Trump had a legislative victory last week and used his increased political capital to get rid of a corrupt FBI director who’s been working as a defense lawyer for corrupt Democrats.”  Then I had lunch with my boomer father and the James Comey firing taught me something about the mainstream Republican baby boomer mindset.

My dad and I were grabbing a burger for lunch at the Zoey Quinn burger joint and we got talking about the James Comey firing.  I mentioned that I was happy about it because well it’s just a good thing whenever the God Emperor does something, anything to drain the swamp.  My boomer father who is a good principled conservative, who buys every leftwing narrative while trying to be above it all dropped some of the world’s greatest boomer wisdom of all time.

My father said, “I thought that James Comey was a good FBI director because both the Democrats and the Republicans were mad at him.”  My jaw dropped to the floor.  My father has witnessed the last 60 years of the Cultural Marxist takeover of America.  He has watched the left, push and push and push until it has infiltrated and taken over every institution in America.

My father with good boomer conservative logic immediately decided to play split the middle.  He assumed that Cultural Marxists had some good ideas and traditionalists had some good ideas.  His logic immediately assumed that the Truth was somewhere in the middle of what Cultural Marxists and traditionalists said.

My father trying to split the middle over the James Comey firing shows why the boomer generation is the worst generation and why the boomer generation allowed Cultural Marxists to take over America.  The tacit the Cultural Marxists used to takeover America was to demand for something or criticize traditional America over something.  Traditional America would defend itself to try to tell the Cultural Marxists “NO.”  Then the baby boomers would come in and say, “Well the Cultural Marxists say . . ., and the traditionalists say . . .  How about we do something in the middle because the middle is the best way to go.”  After the boomers cucked to the Cultural Marxists, America would move to the Left.  Then the Cultural Marxists would move on to the next thing.  And the dace to the Left would continue, wash rinse repeat.

America fell to the Cultural Marxists because nice boomers decided to compromise and assume that the best course to take is the middle ground between 2 competing sides.  The James Comey firing was a good thing because he was actively working to undermine President Trump.  There was no middle ground between the Democrats who only care if somebody is helping to advance THEIR agenda and they DON’T CARE if James Comey is corrupt.  Compromising with Cultural Marxists always leads to them making more demands and taking over more of our society.

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2 thoughts on “The James Comey Firing and Boomer Logic

  1. Amen, brother. Father-in-law visiting. Good, kind decent Boomer conservative. Voted Repub his whole adult life…tip this election. Thinks the God Emperor is consummate evil and literally cannot explain why. It is because conservatives are supposed to be “above” winning or something. Boomers may be nice individually but as a cohort are literally politically retarded. Small wonder we have the mess that we do.

  2. Not only in America. I read Le Penn won the majority of young voters, and older voters went for the “moderate” Macaroni. The older generation over there believes the same thing, split from the middle. This is good news for future France as long as young voters aren’t swayed by the incessant propaganda in the media.

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