The Mormon Right Is the LDS People Who Follow the Prophet

My colleague Rick Moser coined a great new term: Mormon right.  Mormon right is an excellent term that replaces the term Mormon alt-right because it establishes that we are the Right.  Sullivan’s law says, “Any organization that isn’t explicitly rightist inevitably becomes leftist over time.”  As Mormons we are blessed that the LDS Church is fundamentally a rightist organization and SJW’s have 0 influence over the Apostles.  Mormon Right means that our church will never cave to SJW fake Mormon infiltrators.

Most Mormons are rightist or conservative.  There are very few Mormons who refer to themselves as moderates and the few LDS people who refer to themselves as liberal are disliked and distrusted.  When we use the term Mormon Right we establish that we are the mainstream of Mormon thought and the vast majority of the members of the church agree with us.  Most importantly when we use Mormon Right we establish that we honor, support and sustain the Apostles who overwhelmingly are confirmed Rightists.

The Mormon Right supports:

  • The authority of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and their exclusive right to receive revelation from Heavenly Father.
  • The nuclear family. SJW fake Mormons want to get rid of the nuclear family and replace it with clown world like SJW’s have done in the rest of western civilization.  We support a mother and a father raising their own children.
  • Separate nations for separate people. All people want to live in nations with people who share their culture and values.  The Mormon Right wants all people to live in their own lands with their own people and being government by their own people in their nation’s best interests.
  • Traditional standards of sexual behavior. Sexual intimacy is for people in committed marriages and for nobody else.  The Mormon Right knows that homosexuality is a difficult lifestyle and that we shouldn’t celebrate it or encourage anybody to practice it.  There are only 2 genders and only degenerate people or people with a hidden agenda try to confuse people in regards to their gender identity.
  • A free market economic system that rejects all forms of Communism and Socialism, especially corporate Socialism.

The best way to grow the Mormon right is to give regular rank and file Mormons permission to follow us and accept our ideas.  The best way to grow our movement is to establish that we are the supporters of the Apostles and that we are the true followers of the scriptures.  The general rule is we never want to establish ourselves outside of mainstream thought unless mainstream thought is the mainstream is wrong and discredited.  The term Alt Right is growing because mainstream American conservative thought is completely discredited.  In the Mormon Church, the Apostles still have their moral authority and they haven’t wasted it playing me too with SJW fake Mormons who are trying to destroy the LDS Church.  No serious Mormon thinks that the Apostles have lost their moral authority and are acting against the interests of the LDS people.  The best way to grow our movement is to show that we are the real mainstream of Mormon thought and the SJW fake Mormons are lost out in left field.

The term Mormon Right is excellent rhetoric because it assumes that we are the majority of the Mormon people which is accurate.  We don’t have to market ourselves as an alternative because saying that we are an alternative assumes that we are outside the Mormon mainstream which is false.  The Mormon right is the Mormon mainstream and the SJW’s trying to infiltrate the LDS Church are fake Mormons.  We are the majority and we are the Mormons who are the most vocal supporters of the Apostles.  Get out there and show that we are the Mormon Right and we are the ones who follow the Prophet.

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