Mormon Right: Build Traditional Culture

As we Mormons blog, we can narrow our focus so it that directs toward Mormon ideas. Cooking recipes could include messages about the Word of Wisdom. A photography site could include photos of idealic families.  Part of our job as Mormon bloggers is to build traditional culture.

In all that I do, whether on blogs or personal social media, I ask myself, how will this build traditional culture?

Build Traditional Culture Categories Of Influences

Family – The biggest influence on culture is the family. The church wisely came down with a hammer on gay marriage, and now we Mormons are known as the world’s biggest defenders of traditional family, which is a good position for us to be in.

In hindsight, I think the church could have focused the narrative more on government control over personal relationships.

“Marriage equality” is nothing more than government control over personal relationships, after all, a practice that began with the government’s crusade against Mormon polygamy.

Our government controls relationships in order to force egalitarianism–what they call equality–rather than promote social health. It is very important to promote moral relationships for the rearing of children, but more important than that is to avoid Socialistic governmental interference over relationships.

Marxists have always understood that family is the number one influence on culture, and that is why they do everything they can to tear it down.

School – Children idolize their teachers. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, except right now the public school system is infested with nasty Socialists.

Children are beaten down with endless indoctrination and worthless busy-work.

Schools pump children with six hours of daily indoctrination, through shaming, peer presure, logical fallacies, appeal to emotion, and appeal to pride.

Rules For The Mormon Right
Basics For Blogging
#1 Strengthen Institutions For Traditional Culture
#2 Repeal & Replace Socialism With Constitutional Principles
#3 Convert Hearts, Minds, And Spirits To Divine Justice
#4 Demand Educational Independence
#5 Gather Israel By Crushing Globalism
#6 Escape The Cycle Of Consumerism
#7 Separate Science, Religion & Mythology
#8 Pursue Excellence Through Gender Roles & Personal Health
#9 Join Other Productive Movements That Help Our Cause
#10 Discredit SJW Infiltrators In The Bloggernacle
#11 Talk About Culture Rather Than Race
#12 Repel Media Attacks By Being Anti-Fragile
#13 Never Talk To The Media
#14 Promote Art That Liberates People From Vices
#15 Normalize Constant Prayer In Society

They are given copious homework that does nothing to teach them useful knowledge, but eats up important time for pondering, bonding, and playing.

By the time they graduate college there is no hope for these children. We need to focus on new educational institutions.

Media – The media is a complicated issue due to rapidly improving technology. But it is safe to say is that the mainstream media is nothing more than poisonous propaganda for Socialist corporations, one hundred percent. We need to focus on literacy of media so that we could avoid Socialist propaganda and use media to promote healthy culture.

Other cultural generators include science, art, social conscience, sports, churches, social media, economics, and politics. Each of us has some talent and interest that fits into these categories which we can use to build traditional culture.

How To Build Traditional Culture

There are six capacities that build  traditional culture. Consider how to approach your talents in these six ways:

  • Create art
  • Ponder creative forces
  • Explain repeated phenomena (science)
  • Judgement based on values
  • Values span generations
  • Idealize love

Art – Even if you aren’t good at things like painting, art could include basically anything; as art is just a means to communicate useful things. Consider where beauty lies in what you do, whether it be politics or parenting tips. Cultural Marxists have totally destroyed popular art (even at BYU), but true art is still abundant to be found.

Creation – In the temple, we pay close attention to the Creation. Why? We are all little creators and in everything we do. We mimic the grand creation. We have a design process. If all of our boats are sailing in the same direction, each individual will have a massive impact. Look at the stars like the ancients of old and ponder how you can be like the grand Creator today.

Science – America is dominated by a cult religion that cloaks itself in a scientist’s garb and insists that it isn’t a religion. It thinks it is above being a religion. Just look at the Bill Nye The Science Guy’s mental breakdown. Remember, science is not a means to truth, but is a means to build a model that is useful for some technology. Science is crucial for building culture, but only in its proper place.

Values – Leftists are always telling us not to judge, and then when it comes to our values, these Leftists are more intolerant than anyone. We know that. The assault on our values gets worse every day. We are at the point, why should we apologize or attempt to defend our values or explain why we are judgmental? Divine justice is a chasm that divides the righteous from the wicked. We call out wickedness for what it is, that’s enough. Never be ashamed of your traditional values. How do your talents fit into your cultural values?

Inter-Generational – There is a weird taboo about old people and young people hanging out. Ever notice that? Old movies show wise elders who mentor the younger generation, like Daddy Warbucks and red-haired Annie. But today that is “creepy.” I think Marxists understand the importance of passing down culture to the younger generation, and they do everything they can to discourage us from doing it.

Idealize Love – Leftist consider compulsory welfare to be “charity.” It is hard for us to fathom just how twisted their sense of love is, but we need to realize that they are nothing like us. Plenty of Leftists are nice and decent, but the fundamental ideology of compulsion destroys any godly justice and compassion. The best way to restore their lost sense of love is to exemplify charity, and then rationally explain how godly justice and mercy is superior.

We all need to instill personal virtue and contribute to a healthy culture. Our contribution does not need to be a huge groundbreaking thing. It could be as simple, a quick blog or Youtube video.

As I was watching Bob Ross the other day, I noticed that he infused positive spiritual messages in his presentations. His charming traditional presentation put him on top above thousands of other art presenters, and makes him still beloved today because his work helped to build traditional culture. Some of his messages were simple but quite profound. Each of us can do this with a simple home camera and computer.

We can “thrash the nations by the power of my Spirit” through small and simple means.

We Are Counter-Culture

We are living in the days of Noah, when wickedness rains and the only means of survival is an ark. We are also living in the days of King Noah, when prophets are bound and tried in the court of law for declaring that people will not be saved in their sins.

But frankly, our church seems to do best when it is the counter-culture.

We all recognize some popular falsehoods, such as gender equality. But do we really know how deep the false narratives have sunk into our brains? Socialism fills us with weeds, deep roots that we must pull out. I find, just when I think I got all of them, another one shows up.

What if you had lived in 1940’s Germany? Would you have had the courage and independent frame to stand up to the evil narratives of the time? Could you be counter-culture with the threat of a concentration camp?

The story of Helmuth Hübener inspires me. Helmuth was a Mormon in Germany who boldly opposed the Nazi ideology. Even when his apostate branch president threatened him with excommunication, he did not back down. Not only did he speak out against Nazism, but he actively fought to subvert it. He was executed for his bravery.

America was one of the greatest cultures in history not too long ago. We can look back to that cultural apogee–around the turn of the century in my opinion–for principles that we can use for today’s circumstances. These positive principles show up time and time again as you study different cultures. Nuclear family, patriarchal structure, the Ten Commandments, etc. There are great resources for us to study, from Greek philosophy to modern ebooks.

But we must know that we cannot go back to the way things were. Times have changed. We need to adapt timeless principles to modern circumstances. We need to be Alma who subverted King Noah and deftly drew away as many people as he could to the waters of Mormon.

This is the important part of creating counter-culture: destroying the corrupt old culture. You do not place new wine in old bottles. You do not plant flowers in ground that is infested with nasty weeds, or young saplings in a dark old forest.

We need to bring a fierce battle to any cultural aspect that opposes the timeless principles. This can be as simple as pointing out unhealthy foods that people commonly eat or calling out ugly modern art for what it is.

Individual, Then Society

One big difference between the gospel and Socialism is that Socialists believe the individual should be defined in terms of the class they belong to. If they were planting a garden, they would grow a carrot that fits in and matches all the rest of the carrots. They do not think a carrot could ever grow bigger than the entire collective of carrots. The individual cannot exceed the class.

The true gospel treats it differently. Each person is considered as their own person, with their own unique qualities. Society is the collective of totally unique individuals. We start with the individual.

This is important because repentance happens at an individual level in order to work. For Socialists, repentance is a collective effort. All members of a class must change to fit the mold–all men must be purged of their toxic nature. Socialists believe imperfections are “original” sins that are fixed on a collective level.

This false understanding and the absence of divine redemption keeps Socialism from producing a healthy culture. They can never reach utopia with this approach, as it denies personal agency and refuses to utilize a divine redeemer.

We in the church develop healthy culture by developing godly virtue in the individual. Education for us reaches the individual, not the overfilled classrooms that we see in the public system. Science for us is improving the life of the homeless man under the overpass, not some mythical concern about rising sea levels threatening the “globe.”

As we build our Mormon online community, it is important to maintain this frame and not give into the sensibility of collective over individual. We are a church of latter day saints. We are unified tribes with our tents neatly arranged around a central temple. I don’t think it is by accident that the scripture talks about tribes of Israel when speaking about our day. We are individuals, then tribes, then a whole society.

We Want Truth Not Religion

Another thing that stands to me in the temple experience is Satan’s eagerness to deliver “religion.”

That would appear on the face of it to clash with our situation today. Organized religion is being widely rejected. Why do we need religion at all, people ask? Satanic Socialists say this more than anyone.

Yet the smug atheists who reject “religion” are all very unhappy. They are angry all the time. Study after study finds that religious people are happier.

As traditional religion is disappearing, our culture is falling. And we all feel it. Home ownership rates are at historic lows, suicide rates are at historic highs, marriage rates are at historic lows, and wages have remained stagnant for almost a century.

Or is religion a mere “security blanket” like the fake scientists in the psychology industry say?

The answer is: do not give in to the popular definition of religion. The fact is, Leftists are just as religious as anyone. They just hate to be called religious because their faith is in chance and death rather than a supreme person. They hate to bring up their faith because it is so obviously faulty and illogical. As soon as we recognize the religious conviction in Socialism, it is obvious to see how their contempt for traditional religion has caused social decline, and that it is our religious virtue that will solve it.

We need to flip the script. We are not the “religious” faction, they are. We merely hold to timeless principles that are tested and true. They are the fanatics who put trust in radical scheme. They are whipping up wars abroad, sowing racial strife, deep social division. We Mormons are imagining a world without their religion.

The first rule is to realize such a world by speaking the words of culture. Next, we will repeal and replace the Satanic ideology of Socialism.

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