Seek Friendship to Improve Your Life and Their Life

In the Current Year friendship is watered down.  In the modern world the modern meaning of friendship has come to mean:

  • Hangout together
  • No expectations
  • “Acceptance”
  • Get together to dull the boredom of daily life

What we see is friendship has come to mean people who we spend time with to dull boredom in our daily lives who don’t expect us to be interesting and provide value; while we don’t expect them to be interesting or to provide value.

In the not so recent past friendship meant a combination of:

  • Mutual support
  • Alliance building
  • Enjoyment of common activities
  • Loyalty

Aristotle defined friendship as the mutual recognition of each other’s excellence and sharing each other’s values.  Historically friendship had a deeper meaning than it has today.  People were bound to their friends and were very loyal to each other.  People tended to keep their friends for their lives.

Modern friendships are very watered down and meaningless for most people.  People aren’t bound to their friends and they tend to move from friends to friends based on whatever is convenient for them.  People drop their friends over minor matters.  If you ever try to help one of your friends to live a better life, you will probably find that your friend suddenly hates you and doesn’t want to “hangout” with you anymore.

One of the best ways to improve your life is by choosing better friends.  Seek out friends who you see excellence in their lives.  When you make friends with people who are excellent and live the kind of life you want to live; you will find that you enjoy them more and you have more in common with them.  You will find that you have a better bond with them and your relationship lasts longer.

Once you identify and make great friends, next it is important to maintain your relationship.  Make sure to help them out whenever they need your support.  This means that you will probably have to help them move furniture.  When your friends are between jobs you will have to help pass their résumés around town to help your friends find a job.  The good news is when you help them out; they will help you out just as much.

The general rule to having good friends is you have to give them value and they have to give you value.  When you keep this rule in mind you will be able to choose great friends and you will know what you have to do to maintain your friendship.  Modern losers want to rope people into modern friendships where people don’t provide value to the relationship.  Never let people rope you into modern pathetic friendships.  As long as you choose friends who you can recognize their value and excellence and as long as you provide them value; you will have great friendships.

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