Virginity Rocks Guy Shows Us that Virtue Signaling Never Makes Your Life Better

(I’m going to rework and republish some of my favorite older Redgulls articles to share them with a wider audience).  One of the things that we often do in Mormon Culture is try to score brownie points and pats on the head for being good little Mormon boys and Mormons girls by virtue signaling in ridiculous ways.  One of the more annoying practices in Mormon Culture is trying to redefine our shortcomings into alternative forms of success.  It is very much a gamma male thing lots of Mormon guys do.  When it comes to using virtue signaling to create alternative forms of success Virginity Rocks guy takes the cake.  Check out the shirt Virginity Rocks guy was wearing:

The conservative version of virtue signaling to show how much of a special snowflake he is.

It’s a sad and depressing shirt for a man to wear around BYU-I.  We all know that the world tries to turn us into sexual degenerates who are obsessed with our cummies.  What makes Virginity Rocks guy’s shirt so tragic is he is playing into the world’s frame of “Hey you need to be out there having lots of promiscuous sex” by saying, “I’m not able to play your game, so I’m better than you.”  It’s a pure gamma male reaction where he tries to take a part of his life where he isn’t living up to how the world expects him to live and tries to redefine it as he’s really better in a secret way because . . ., reasons.

Virginity Rocks guy is trying to look like he’s superior and above it all but in reality he’s just humiliating himself.  I’m not going to show you his face but he has the typical smug look of a self righteous young man who thinks he is getting one over on the world.  However his very sad body language shows that underneath it all, he knows that nobody is buying what he’s selling.  Everything about Virginity Rocks virtue signally guy signals creepy, weird, self righteous chump.

This photo is depressing because Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is showing off that he is a pure gamma male that is playing by the world’s rules not Heavenly Father’s rules.  Heavenly Father wants us to obey the Law of Chastity because it is the best way for us to form happy marriages and live happy families.  The world wants us to be sexually promiscuous because that is the best way for men to get into bad relationships which make them miserable and the world wants women to be sexually promiscuous because promiscuity makes women unable to pair bond with their husbands which makes women miserable.   Wearing this shirt says that this young man plays by the world’s rules instead of playing by Heavenly Father’s rules.

By wearing his Virginity Rocks shirt this young man is acting just like how Jesus taught us to avoid acting in the Sermon on the Mount:

Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men.  Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.  But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.  (Matthew 6:1-4).

By wearing his Virginity Rocks shirt this young man is saying that he wants good boy bonus points for obeying the commandments.  He wants the praise from his fellow students instead of earning praise from Heavenly Father.  Heavenly Father wants us to obey the commandment in our private lives not try to turn living the commandments into an attempt to virtue signal.

This young man’s Virginity Rocks shirt shows that he is the kind of LDS man who we all hate having to spend time with.  He’s the kind of guy who never passes up a chance to virtue signal and show that he is better than you are.  You know the guy, we’ve all had to suffer having guys like him in our ward.  He’s just like the guy who makes you feel guilty for not visiting all the inactive members of the ward on your home teaching list.  Mormon men like him make attending our weekly church meeting into a brutal ordeal instead of a time to be in communion with Heavenly Father and our local LDS community.

Why are virtue signaling men like Virginity Rocks guy worthy of shame and ridicule? One of life’s ugliest truths is double standards exist.  A pretty girl who stays a virgin until she marries is a virtuous young woman.  She has limitless sexual options and chooses to avoid them.  However an unattractive man who women don’t want, don’t get bonus points for obeying the Law of Chastity.  Does anybody think this guy could seduce an attractive girl?  Of course not!  It would be funny to watch the attempt.

The second reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is worthy of shame is because he tries to make his failure in the dating market into an alternative form of victory.  He twists the meaning of the Law of Chastity from a code to keep us from having to deal with bad life consequences to a statement about him.  He tries to hold himself above life’s realities.  All men want to get laid but according to him, not him.   He wants a hot girl to see him in his Virginity Rocks shirt and say, “Wow he is morally superior.  He is different from all the other men that I meet.”  Of course we all know that he is just like the hordes of frustrated men in the world except he is too prideful to admit he struggles in the dating market.

The third reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is worthy of shame and contempt is because he acts just like the hypocrites who announce to the whole world that they are fasting and doing alms.  He wants public adulation for obeying commandments, which he can’t break anyway.  He wants praise for obeying the commandments.  I bet he gets all kinds of praise for his life choices but none of the praise he receives leads to dates with pretty girls.

Fourth we know that Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy would throw all of his supposed virtue away in a New York minute if he had the chance.  If we hired a really innocent looking prostitute to seduce him, and told her that she could take multiple evenings to seduce him but she only gets paid after she seduces him; how long would it take her to seduce him?  I bet she could seduce him on the first night.

The fifth reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling man is worthy of shame and contempt is because he is saying a lie.  Speaking as a recently married man, virginity doesn’t rock.  There’s nothing good and great about it.  Life is much better as a married man with a healthy sex life.  And everybody knows it.  He is trying to pass a lie on everybody else in the world and nobody is buying it.  It’s like those fat women wearing “hands off my pussy shirts.”

The feminist version of Virginity Rocks guy

Nobody is interested in grabbing them by the pussy and nobody wants Virginity Rocks virtue signally guy’s sex life.

The sixth and most important reason why Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy is worthy of shame and contempt is because he broadcasts his biggest sin on his sleeve.  His biggest sin is pride.  He markets himself to the world as if he doesn’t have to conform to life’s realities.  His shirt makes the statement that he is such a special unique snowflake that he doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature.  His shirt indicates that he believes that he deserves added benefits for obeying the Gospel because he is just so special.  More than that, his shirt makes the statement that his obedience is better than other young men’s obedience because he is just so special.  He blatantly displays a major case of special snowflake syndrome.  The pride on display with his shirt is truly sickening.

As a man, never announce to the world your struggles because nobody cares about your struggles.  If you find yourself struggling to get a date don’t tell anybody about it.  When you find yourself struggling with anything don’t make a public demonstration about it.  Don’t try to turn your struggles into an alternative form of success like Virginity Rocks virtue signaling man.  And please don’t brag about it.  It just makes you look like a pathetic loser.

Never behave like Virginity Rocks virtue signaling guy.  If you obey God’s commandments do not go around demanding public rewards for your obedience.  Some people may give you a little bit of public praise but most people will give you private scorn.  Nobody likes a self righteous dolt who wants people to praise him for doing what he is supposed to do.  Virginity Rocks virtue signaling man is doing the religious conservative version of feminist men who wear vagina hats.  It’s just gross pathetic and laughable.

Liberal men doing their version of Virginity Rocks virtue signaling

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3 thoughts on “Virginity Rocks Guy Shows Us that Virtue Signaling Never Makes Your Life Better

  1. This guy, unwittingly or otherwise, is part of perpetuating a whole series of problems in the Church by virtue signally that virginity is awesome and therefore sex is bad.

    One of the most problematic cultural issues in Mormonism is that the folk concepts associated with the issue of sex derive from the culture of the Puritans of New England rather than from revelation and the Plan of Salvation.

    This leads to bishops, parents, teachers, and others teaching young men and women false doctrines, or put another way, “the philosophies of men…mingled with scripture.”

  2. Pringles is correct and your comments on chastity are a profound reminder of what the aim is not virgintiy but actually to replenish the earth. Virginity is just the remarriage aspect of chastity.

    You are possibly over reading it. He is just trying to present an alternative to all the crap on the t-shirts. If he had decided this would get him girls or increase his status – sure that is crazy madness. Not everything is social-sexual despite manosphere fascination.

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