LDS General Conference Danger of Pornography Lectures Show that the Mormon Apostles Are Prophets of God

Do you ever wonder why every LDS General Conference we all have to suffer listening to several talks telling us about the dangers of pornography?  We all hate these talks because frankly we’ve all seen too many dirty images and we hate being reminded about our favorite vice.  However there’s a huge reason why we all have to suffer through talks on pornography every LDS General Conference.  We have to hear the anti-porn chat every LDS General Conference because looking at pornography literally makes men (and women) miserable and unhappy with their relationships.

Particularly among male viewers, pornography was linked to significantly “lower sexual and relational satisfaction.” On the average, the report states, men’s sexual and relational satisfaction are “adversely affected” by consumption of pornography.

This was a massive study with 50,000 participants.  The results of the study boiled down to: men become miserable with all their relationships when they look at porn.  Want to have a crappy sex life?  Look at lots of porn.  Want to have crappy relationships with everybody in your life?  Look at lots of porn.

Porn is so destructive because it shows us something that men are naturally hardwired to want to see and then takes it to an extreme level that is like shooting us up with heroin.  The degenerates in the San Fernando Valley mass produce it and then the degenerates in Silicon Valley create a wide variety of ways to beam it straight into our heads.  Mix in America’s dysfunctional dating market and the obesity epidemic and you have a recipe for millions of men to easily become addicted to this toxic product that is like consuming a highly addictive and powerful drug.

All men have seen way too many pornographic images so let’s not judge each other but have compassion on everybody.  It’s the nature of the modern world and it is so easy to get into porn because all men these days struggle to have good relationships.  It is an absolutely brutal dating market these days for single men and it’s understandable why lots of men would fall into the pornography trap.

In LDS General Conference when the Apostles do the porn lectures, remember that the Apostles are doing it for our good.  They’ve been telling us to get as far away from porn as possible and resist consuming it for at least the last 15 years or so and they’ve been right the whole time.

Mormon Apostles have been alerting all Mormons about the dangers of pornography since at least the turn of the century because they are inspired by God and they were telling us that looking at dirty images and dirty movies would ruin our relationships and make us miserable.  Mormon Apostles were wise to the destructive nature of pornography and their wisdom shows that they are inspired and guided by God.  The LDS Apostles are inspired by God and want to help us live better lives.  When they give us the porn chat next LDS General Conference, remember that they are doing it because they want us to be happy and find satisfaction in life.

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5 thoughts on “LDS General Conference Danger of Pornography Lectures Show that the Mormon Apostles Are Prophets of God

  1. Hooked on porn since 13, which is sadly “late to the party” these days with kids getting hooked in the single digits. Spent the last almost 3 years in a depressive fog. Found this site and bought your book back in January, after personal revelation in December that if left unchecked, my excessive video gaming would make me miserable in two lives. Started hitting the gym in February. As I progress and feel better and more manly about myself, I noticed my desire for porn lessening. Not disappearing entirely of course, but lessening.

    1. We’ve all been there so you aren’t alone. A couple things that helped me kick the habit was learning about how (((certain people))) literally created the porn industry to destroy Christianity and destroy Christian families. After a while every time I watched a dirty movie I had this vision of the Happy Merchant laughing at me while rubbing his hands together as I watched a dirty movie. That helped weaken my desire to watch it. Another thing that is really good is to work on some hobbies. Try to find a sport that you really like to play and that you enjoy practicing a lot. This is really good to eat up your excess time and excess strength. Plus as you get good at a sport your confidence grows and you become more attractive to women. Getting good at a sport is the exact opposite of what happens to you when you look at porn.

      Another really good thing to do is take up an artistic hobby. If you can get good at drawing or at photography then that will eat up a lot of your late nights when you are bored and looking for something to do. Instead of getting on to the Internet to look at porn there’s tons of quality stuff on how to get good at photography or drawing.

      You are going to have a great life and you are way ahead of the game. Keep going and make sure to grab life by the pussy.

  2. Also there is another reason not to watch porn. With the recent disclosure of the spying capabilities from Vault 7 we know that the NSA and CIA are spying on all American citizens through our consumer electronic devices i.e.
    cars, televisions, phones, etc. So if any one of us Mormons are watching porn this is being recorded and stored and will be used against that person and black-mailed into silence by the modern Gadianton powers-that-be if that person in the near future becomes part of a vocal grass-roots opposition movement to save the Constitution.

  3. Matthew, hang in there.

    A few years back, I created a daily schedule for self-improvement. I kept a daily journal where I checked off things like “Didn’t watch porn”, “worked out 1 hour”, “approached a new girl,” “read scriptures and philosophy book.” I had about 10 items that I kept track of. I felt a bit silly doing this but I was stunned by the immediate results. My dating life turned completely around. You have got to set standards for yourself and keep a journal with specific behaviors that you expect of yourself.

    The big problem with porn is that it destroys your perception of women, destroy your confidence, and destroy women’s confidence in you. I think the best way to reverse it is to devote the time and energy instead to working out and cold approaching women on the street. If you are already married, focus your fantasies and energy on your wife. The most important thing, the thing that makes all the difference, is that you be confidence in yourself and love yourself.

  4. Here’s a video that should gross everybody about about porn. It’s very vomit inducing.

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