Milo Showed the Ugly Truths of the Gay Lifestyle in His Press Conference

Milo’s press conference was a great opportunity to look at what life is really like inside the gay community.  (((The media))) has done an excellent job of convincing all of us that the gay lifestyle is just like the straight lifestyle except more fabulous.  One of the big things that Milo did in his press conference was shine a light on how things really happen inside the gay community and allowed all of us a glimpse of the realities of the gay lifestyle.  Let’s watch Milo’s press conference and take a look at the truths that Milo explained about the homosexual community.

:20 Milo immediately refers to himself as a child abuse victim.  He admits that when he was 13 two men molested him and one of them was a priest.  Just how many sexual predators are in Christian churches these days?  Did his child abuse experience change his sexual identity?

:34 He says that his feelings on the experience are complicated because at the time he says that he didn’t consider it abuse.  You can see that when he talks about the incident he has a really hard time admitting that it was horrific abuse.  Looking backward you can see that he’s created a narrative in his head where he’s convinced himself that he wanted it.  This is standard behavior that many abuse victims do to protect themselves after going through a horrific experience.

:50 Milo starts to go through the list of destructive behaviors that he engaged in.  He lists alcohol abuse and “nihilistic partying.”  When he mentions “nihilistic partying” we can safely assumed that he means drug abuse and extreme sexual promiscuity.  His sense of humor was totally warped.  When did he become interested in “gallows humor?”  “Gallows humor” sounds like a sad coping mechanism for the horrors that he was living through.

3:14 He talks about how he shouldn’t have used the word “boy” because he says that in the gay community it refers to young men who are freshly legal.   Then he goes on to talk about how he was talking about how when he was 17 he was involved with a 29 year old.  (Note that in England age of consent is 16 so this was a legal activity, even if it is gross and degenerate).  He then talks about how older gay men can help younger gay men adjust to life as a gay man.

Here we see the internal contradictions in the gay lifestyle.  On one hand Milo admits that his abuse led him to excessive partying, alcohol abuse and probably drug abuse, but later he says that his relationship with an older man helped him.  Did it help him stop the excessive behavior?  Doesn’t seem to have helped him!

3:45 He says that many gay men know that having an older mentor help them get settled into the gay community, it is common and all gays know it.  Again it reeks of the way that many gays must go about justifying pederasty in their community.  There’s a reason why the term “boy toy” exists.

4:38 Talks about how in gay clubs and drag bars the people there make constant jokes (references) about priests sexually abusing young men.

6:31 Milo says that he’s never actually done anything wrong.  This is going to be a big statement from Milo in the future because if he has touched a minor who can’t consent it means either that Milo is a liar or worse he sees nothing wrong with pederasty.  Let’s hope and pray that Milo is telling the truth and that he’s never engaged in sexual contact with those who can’t legally consent to it.

13:25 Milo says that there isn’t much evidence linking pedophilia with the victims later becoming gay.  This is inaccurate.  There’s plenty of evidence that young men who are abused end up becoming gay.  Milo himself is a living example of this because he was abused, he created a narrative in his mind that he wanted it and went on to become a gay man.  You can see in this part that he is struggling with cognitive dissonance about his tragic life experience.

14:10 Milo talks about how he came out in drag for a speech to young Republicans and how he’s introducing Republicans to normal gays.  Not to criticize him but, if what he’s talked about in his press conference is normal for the gay community and the gay lifestyle then the gay community is every bit as messed up as evil rightwing homophobic bigots say it is.

A lot of people on the Alt Right wanted Milo to come out at his big press conference and talk about the ugly truths of the homosexual lifestyle.  The Alt Right hoped that he would come out and go full Common Filth on the media.  This was never going to happen because Milo identifies as a gay man.  Gays are his people and despite all their problems and the struggles he suffered as a gay man he was never going to completely turn his back on his people.

However in spite of being unwilling or unable to discuss the serious problems in the gay community by paying attention closely Milo’s press conference we can learn a lot of important truths about the gay community.

First: Milo’s press conference showed that it is incredibly common for older gay men to hook up with younger gay men; the younger man may or may not be legally able to consent to the relationship.

Second: We can learn that it takes massive amounts of time for young men to recover from being abused.  For example Milo admits that he was abused at age 13 and he didn’t really put his life back together until he was 30.  It took him 17 years to deal with what he went through.  He spent the majority of his youth suffering the consequences of what he went through.

Third: Gays openly talk about how many of them were abused by priests when they are all by themselves.  Is it heavily priests who are abusing these kids or are gays referring to all men who abused them as priests?  It really makes you think.  Are a high percentage of men who want to work with children and young men doing it to gain access to potential victims?  It’s really scary stuff.

Stephan Molyneux has a great discussion on everything Milo has said in many of his statements about the gay lifestyle:

Having Milo in the public sphere has shined a light into the realities of life in the gay community.  There’s a lot of lust in it for young men who can’t consent.  We can see that we really don’t want to encourage anybody to get involved in the gay lifestyle because it starts up a cycle of victim becomes the abuser.  We can see from Milo’s experience that we don’t want to give any known or suspected homosexual men any access to our children because the risks are just too high.

Milo talking about himself showed that when children and young men and women go through sexual trauma it scars them for life.  We must protect all of our children from having to go through what he went through.  Milo’s story shows that we must keep homosexuals away from our children even if it means that we end up rejecting good people who are homosexuals because we just can’t take the risk of letting in bad ones.

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Joseph Smith Was Right When the Law Becomes Corrupt the Nation Dies

One of the most important things that Joseph Smith saw when he translated the Book of Mormon was what happens when a nation corrupts the law.  When a nation becomes very wicked it decides to corrupt the law and becomes ripe to be taken over and destroyed.  The Book of Helaman shows how a nation decides to corrupt the law and the inevitable fallout from having a nation who corrupted the law.

Helaman chapters 3 and 4, deal with a huge contention in Nephite society.  Eventually a group of Nephite dissenters were able to ally with the Lamanites and conquer the main Nephite homelands.

11 Now this great loss of the Nephites, and the great slaughter which was among them, would not have happened had it not been for their wickedness and their abomination which was among them; yea, and it was among those also who professed to belong to the church of God.

12 And it was because of the pride of their hearts, because of their exceeding riches, yea, it was because of their oppression to the poor, withholding their food from the hungry, withholding their clothing from the naked, and smiting their humble brethren upon the cheek, making a mock of that which was sacred, denying the spirit of prophecy and of revelation, murdering, plundering, lying, stealing, committing adultery, rising up in great contentions, and deserting away into the land of Nephi, among the Lamanites

13 And because of this their great wickedness, and their boastings in their own strength, they were left in their own strength; therefore they did not prosper, but were afflicted and smitten, and driven before the Lamanites, until they had lost possession of almost all their lands.  (Helaman 4:11-13)

After trying to retake their lands, the Nephites looked at why they lost their lands and they realized that it was their own fault that led them to suffer such a massive defeat.

21 Yea, they began to remember the prophecies of Alma, and also the  words of Mosiah; and they saw that they had been a stiffnecked people, and that they had set at naught the commandments of God;

22 And that they had altered and trampled under their feet the laws of Mosiah, or that which the Lord commanded him to give unto the people; and they saw that their laws had become corrupted, and that they had become a wicked people, insomuch that they were wicked even like unto the Lamanites.

23 And because of their iniquity the church had begun to dwindle; and they began to disbelieve in the spirit of prophecy and in the spirit of revelation; and the judgments of God did stare them in the face.

24 And they saw that they had become weak, like unto their brethren, the Lamanites, and that the Spirit of the Lord did no more preserve them; yea, it had withdrawn from them because the Spirit of the Lord doth not dwell in unholy temples

25 Therefore the Lord did cease to preserve them by his miraculous and matchless power, for they had fallen into a state of unbelief and awful wickedness; and they saw that the Lamanites were exceedingly more numerous than they, and except they should cleave unto the Lord their God they must unavoidably perish.  (Helaman 4:21-25).

The Nephites saw that it was their own wickedness and their bad behavior that brought their losses on them.  Their corruption of the law was a major element in creating a weakened people who were incapable of defending themselves from outside invaders.  You would think that after doing some soul searching the Nephites would repent of their bad behavior, work to make the law just again and stop sinning.  But that isn’t what happened.  Instead of fixing the law and repenting of their sins, the Nephites doubled down on their degeneracy.

And it came to pass that in this same year, behold, Nephi delivered up the judgment-seat to a man whose name was Cezoram.

2 For as their laws and their governments were established by the voice of the people, and they who chose evil were more numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were ripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted.

3 Yea, and this was not all; they were a stiffnecked people, insomuch that they could not be governed by the law nor justice, save it were to their destruction.  (Helaman 5:1-3).

Corrupt degenerate people want to remake society in their image and there’s nothing that they won’t corrupt including the law.  America has reached the point where the law itself has been corrupted.  For decades Cultural Marxists have placed their supporters in the American legal field and in the United States judiciary.  Cultural Marxists have spent most of the 20th Century corrupting and destroying the law all over western countries.

The purpose of corrupting the law was so that nobody could reestablish the nation.  For example whenever any law that favors the American people is passed, what do the Cultural Marxists do?  They run to the courts and they always find a judge who will overturn the law.  The Left flat out corrupts the law and then spits it back in our faces as a form of lawfare to maintain their rule over us.  And what have the results been for America?  They’ve been a total and complete disaster for America.  America is a crippled nation that can’t even win wars against 3rd World goat herders.

When the 9th Circuit Court struck down President Trump’s ban on Muslim they basically said that the law is whatever they want it to be.  The law was clear that the President has total and complete control over immigration policy but the 9th Circuit Court didn’t care because they wanted the law to be something else.  It’s really just that simple.  Cultural Marxists want Muslims to come to America and that’s that.  The Cultural Marxists want a weak and crippled America and are perfectly happy to corrupt the law to do it.

Joseph Smith lived at a time in American history where the law more or less worked.  People agreed to play by its rules and obey the results.  Joseph Smith never could have imagined what it’s like living in a nation where the laws have been totally corrupted.  Reading through the Book of Mormon and seeing how Nephite law became corrupted shows that the Book of Mormon is valid and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.

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The Attack on Milo Shows that NeverTrump is Part of the Deep State

The guys over at /pol/ found out about the planned attack on Milo a day before it happenedThe attack on Milo was a coordinated attack by cuckservatives in the NeverTrump movement along with leftists over at CNN.  Some Twitter handle named the Reagan Battalion which is NeverTrump and supported Egg McMuffin launched the attack.  Out of nowhere CNN magically picked up the link from the Reagan Battalion and magically decided to follow it.  The coordination of the attack on Milo shouldn’t surprise us because cuckservatives in the NeverTrump movement are Deep State operatives just like CNN.

The Reagan Battalion is made up of pundits from the old NeverTrump movement.  The Reagan Battalion follows leading cuckservatives like Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, (((Bill Kristol))) David French and Redgulls’ favorite CIA operative Evan McMullin.  What is even more shocking is the way that the so-called Reagan Battalion went about getting their attack out there.

The NeverTrump people over at the Reagan Battalion were able to place their attack on Milo immediately on CNN.  Have you ever heard of CNN giving favorable coverage to a conservative?  No of course not.  The only time that CNN gives favorable coverage to conservatives is when they are attacking other conservatives.  But we shouldn’t be surprised by the actions of CNN and NeverTrump because they both work for the Deep State.

One of the ugliest truths about the so-called principled conservative movement is that it is part of the leftwing Cultural Marxist establishment.  All the NeverTrump so-called principled conservatives like Glenn Beck actively worked to elect Hillary Clinton by trying to drive a wedge between Donald Trump and mainstream conservative voters.  They showed that they would rather have had Hillary Clinton as president instead of Donald Trump.

The dirtiest secret of the so-called principled conservative movement is they part of the Deep State like CNN.  Their job is to give fake opposition to the Left and to demoralize the Right from trying to resist the Cultural Marxist takeover of America.  For example let’s look at the example of Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck’s whole routine is to point out all the horrible things that the Cultural Marxists on the Left do and then make the Left seem all powerful and invincible.  His job is to make you believe that we are all doomed and you better buy the end of the world seeds that he is selling while you watch America be flooded by violent Muslims.

Besides being a triggered secret king Gamma male who was envious of Donald Trump, the biggest reason why Glenn Beck hated Donald Trump so much was because that was what the Deep State wanted him to do.  Glenn Beck knows that his job as a Deep State operative is to demoralize regular Americans into believing that we are doomed, the Left is invincible and we might as well just go ahead and buy end of the world seeds.

The NeverTrump operatives were able to coordinate their attack on Milo with CNN so well because they both are not so secretly on the side of the Globalists in the Deep State.  Leading cuckservatives like Glenn Beck and Egg McMuffin are even worse than CNN because their job is to make the Left seem invincible and that we can’t stop them because ‘muh Constitution or something.

Whenever you hear cuckservatives like Glenn Beck or Evan McMullin lament that we can’t push back against the Leftists who have taken over America, remember that they are just Deep State operatives whose job it is to demoralize you and make you believe that we can’t Make America Great Again.  I recommend that you ignore all pundits who were part of the NeverTrump movement because they have shown to be agents of the Deep State and they know that their job is to make you believe that resistance is futile.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is a Case Study in Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner

The media finally decided to launch its big attack on Milo Yiannopoulos by pointing out some of his comments that he made in regards to how most gays get started in the homosexual lifestyle.  Redgulls was aware of these comments a year ago.  Redgulls opposes degeneracy and is aware that most people get mixed up in the homosexual lifestyle because of sexual trauma they experienced as children.  When I first heard Milo Yiannopoulos talk about how gays get started in the gay lifestyle young, I knew that he was describing sexual abuse he experienced.

If you go back and watch him talk about getting started, Milo Yiannopoulos was talking about how he created a narrative pretending that he wasn’t a victim of sexual abuse.  But if you watch carefully you can tell that he was talking about how he was abused even if he tries to pretend that he was into it at the time.  Milo’s lifestyle has been a trainwreck ever since he was a child because he went through a horrific experience that scarred him for life.  Redgulls is anti homosexual behavior because homosexuality is very much a cycle of violence where young children are groomed and victimized into the lifestyle and then they go on to become the abusers who damage children.

Famous Alt Right pundit Ricky Vaughn had a good commentary about the Milo Yiannopoulos situation.

The Milo Yiannopoulos case is why we must protect children from sexual predators because it damages them for life.  When young men get mixed up with the gay lifestyle they quickly believe that older men grooming and sexually exploiting young boys is completely normal.  The dirty secret of Milo’s statement on how it’s normal for gay men to have sex with 13 year old boys is this attitude is a standard belief in the gay community.

Let’s hope and pray that Milo Yiannopoulos has never sexually molested a young boy.  Milo says that he’s exposed pedophiles in the past and he opposes pedophilia.

How should red pill people on the Alt Right view the Milo Yiannopoulos situation?  First of all for a wide variety of reasons he was always going to be a questionable ally and friend.  It was only a matter of time before these statements came out to hurt him.  Milo has had a lot of struggles in his life.  Let’s hope that he can overcome what he’s gone through.  Let’s hope that these attacks on Milo force Milo Yiannopoulos to deal with the abuse that he went through.  Let’s pray hard that he hasn’t perpetuated the gay lifestyle cycle of violence on a new victim.

All of us on the Alt Right want the best and hope for the best for Milo Yiannopoulos.  This is what it means to hate the sin but love the sinner.  Hating the sin means that we are aware of the dangers of the gay lifestyle and want as few people as possible participating in it.  Loving the sinner means that we all want Milo Yiannopoulos to overcome what he has gone through.  Loving the sinner means that we hope and pray that he hasn’t molested a kid.  Let’s keep Milo in our prayers and pray that this attack thrown at him helps Milo to reflect on his life and repent of his sins.

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Joseph Smith Was Right: You Can’t Put the Political Violence Genii Back in the Bottle

Joseph Smith was a visionary man.  One of the things he saw when he translated the Book of Mormon was when a society embraces political violence then it will descend into violence and chaos.  The Book of Helaman describes how the Nephites embraced political violence and it destroyed their civilization.

5 Nevertheless, it came to pass that Pahoran was appointed by the voice of the people to be chief judge and a governor over the people of Nephi.

6 And it came to pass that Pacumeni, when he saw that he could not obtain the judgment-seat, he did unite with the voice of the people.

7 But behold, Paanchi, and that part of the people that were desirous that he should be their governor, was exceedingly wroth; therefore, he was about to flatter away those people to rise up in rebellion against their brethren.

8 And it came to pass as he was about to do this, behold, he was taken, and was tried according to the voice of the people, and condemned unto death; for he had raised up in rebellion and sought to destroy the liberty of the people.

9 Now when those people who were desirous that he should be their governor saw that he was condemned unto death, therefore they were angry, and behold, they sent forth one Kishkumen, even to the judgment-seat of Pahoran, and murdered Pahoran as he sat upon the judgment-seat.

10 And he was pursued by the servants of Pahoran; but behold, so speedy was the flight of Kishkumen that no man could overtake him.

11 And he went unto those that sent him, and they all entered into a covenant, yea, swearing by their everlasting Maker, that they would tell no man that Kishkumen had murdered Pahoran.

12 Therefore, Kishkumen was not known among the people of Nephi, for he was in disguise at the time that he murdered Pahoran. And Kishkumen and his band, who had covenanted with him, did mingle themselves among the people, in a manner that they all could not be found; but as many as were found were condemned unto death. (Helaman 1:5-12).

Helaman chapter 1 tells us the story of a Nephite political election where one party was very unhappy with the results and decided to take action.  They decided to murder the winning politician in an attempt to place their favored politician into power.  They succeeded in killing the politician who they didn’t like but they couldn’t place their man into power.

The secret of political violence is when one faction adopts it then all the other political factions have to adopt political violence as well.  Once all factions adopt political violence the violence only ends either when one faction destroys all the other factions or when all factions destroy each other.

American Leftists, SJW’s and Antifas are starting to experiment with political violence.  They riot and destroy parts of cities whenever something happens that they don’t like.  Since the inauguration we’ve seen leftists, SJW’s and Antifas increase the violence.  They attacked Richard Spencer because they said that he was a Nazi and hitting Nazis is a good thing.

Then they attacked Milo’s speech at Cal Berkeley because gay Jews are Nazis.  Even worse the SJW”s have been making lots of threats against President Trump and saying that they want to kill him.  What if they succeed?  Then Republicans will feel justified in killing Democrat presidents.  Before long both sides in American politics will have no qualms about killing each other and America will have descended into violence and chaos.

Joseph Smith saw that America faces a brutal choice.  Either the American left will stop with their escalating political violence or else regular Americans will be forced to adopt the same tactics out of a pure sense of survival.  When that happens who knows where it will end?

As Mormons we know that the Book of Mormon shows us the pitfall and perils that western civilization is going through.  Joseph Smith seeing where political violence leads shows that the Book of Mormon is valid and an accurate record.  Joseph Smith was a prophet of God because he saw what we are going through today.  Let’s pray the American left stops with their insane political violence before it is too late.

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Evan McMullin has a 1,000 yard stare from years of sketchy activities

Evan McMullin is Helping the Deep State Undermine Donald Trump

During the buildup to the 2016 Presidential Election I opined that Evan McMullin was a CIA operative running to split Trump voters and give Hillary Clinton the win.  Since the election he has continued his attacks on President Trump in an almost laughable manner.  From the CIA leaks on General Flynn and the way Egg McMuffin is helping the CIA to undermine President Trump it is clear that Evan McMullin is working with the Deep State.

The Deep State is the word of the week.  It refers to the United States government bureaucracy, large corporations and the intelligence agencies who quietly run the United States government no matter who is the president.  This #DeepState likes its entrenched power structure and has no interest in sharing power.  From Evan McMullin’s work history on Infogalactic it is clear that he is knee deep in the Deep State based on his time doing: refugee resettlement, the CIA, Goldman Sachs, Wharton School of Business and working for congress.

When I speculated on Evan McMullin’s past I speculated that underneath his cucky appearance and pathetic wardrobe he was a serious guy who really did put in some hard time.  Well as it turns out, it looks like Egg McMuffin really was just a pathetic cubicle jockey hanging out in an office pretending to be James Bond.  (Although if it comes out later that he really did put in real undercover work and really was in some really dangerous situations I reserve the right to say that I was right.)


In spite of being a pathetic cubicle jockey working for the Deep State, Evan McMullin still is doing the will of his CIA masters.  Roosh had a really good video on the nature of the #DeepState and he talks about Evan McMullin a lot.

Roosh makes a great point that these men in the Deep State are just bureaucrats who want to protect their jobs and keep their bad behavior hidden from us.  Dealing with the entrenched government unaccountable bureaucracy is a big part of Donald Trump going about draining the swamp.  The #DeepState doesn’t want anybody shining a light on them, holding them accountable for what they do and taking their power away.  Expect the Deep State to resist President Trump hardest of any group including the Democrat Party.

The Deep State isn’t just groups like the CIA and corrupt large corporations like the media and Facebook.  It also is the cuckservatives who are part of the Deep State.  Here’s #1 cuckservative (((Bill Kristol))) professing his love for the Deep State:

The Deep State is made up of people like (((Bill Kristol))) and Evan McMullin who want to keep America dysfunctional, unaccountable and corrupt.  They want to profit, get rich and become powerful taking advantage of America’s decline and fall.  Let’s all support President Trump in his task of Draining the Swamp and holding the Deep State accountable for its corruption.

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Leftists Always Act in Bad Faith

An important corollary to SJW’s Always Lie is Leftists Always Act in Bad Faith.

Do you remember back in the Bush years?  Remember how leftists always complained that the Bush Administration was trampling on the Constitution and they always praised leftist judges who overturned everything Bush did?  Remember how Camp Gitmo was the most embarrassing thing in America?  Do you remember back to the Obama years when Obama kept corrupt Bush laws like the Patriot Act and Obama never closed Camp Gitmo?  Remember how the courts gave rulings that struck down Obama’s Executive Orders but Obama ignored them and leftists either praised Obama for standing up to rightwing judges or they just remained silent?

Remember how back during the Obama years whenever states tried to use “States Rights” to resist the Obama regime, the left always said, “Federal law trumps state law?”  We are barely 3 weeks into the Trump Administration and what are the leftists back talking about?  They are back talking about how states rights matter and the President has to follow the law because some leftist judge said something.  It’s amazing how they can just jump back and forth between arguments without any care for truth or consistency.  That is because leftists always act in bad faith.  Every debate argument or talking point is in bad faith.

If you ever want to see a great example of how leftists always act in bad faith here’s what to do.  Whenever you catch some leftist ranting about President Trump’s “Muslim ban” point out that the American left has spent the last 8 years oppressing Christians and you really aren’t interesting in hearing their crocodile tears on the subject.  Then leftist will then respond by saying, “When were Christians ever oppressed?”  Then go ahead and give a big long list of things like the Oregon bakers and the Indiana pizza parlor among others whose lives were ruined due to supporting real marriage.  The leftist will just respond by saying something along the lines of, “White Christians aren’t oppressed.”

You will see that they don’t have any interest in a real debate or learning the truth because leftists always act in bad faith.  They just want to push their narrative and they will use the argument of the week to push it.  Whenever leftists debate or do anything it always is in bad faith.  Whenever you are in a business or social setting with leftists never forget that leftists always act in bad faith.  If a leftist gets a chance he will sabotage your relationship with your wife or girlfriend.  In a business setting a leftist will use lawfare to rob you or get out of the agreement.  Never forget this.

Accepting that leftists always act in bad faith is a major part of taking the red pill because it tells you that all interactions with leftists are dangerous.  It doesn’t matter if your relationships with leftists are social, business or religious at any time a leftist can and will turn on you.  He will lie to advance his agenda and you can’t rely on leftists.  Never forget that leftists are manipulative snakes and leftists always act in bad faith.

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5 Reasons Why Leftists Are Trying to Recruit Mormons to their Cause

One of the big narratives from the 2016 presidential election that has carried over into 2017 is the American media’s attempts to recruit the Mormon Church to oppose Donald Trump.  The Globalists have had some success in their attempts to recruit Mormons to their cause.  Jeff Flake never passes up a chance to attack President Trump, Mitt Romney tirelessly worked to undermine President Trump’s campaign.  Egg McMuffin is trying to build a pundit career as the gay Mormon who always attacks Trump while pretending he is a conservative.  So why is the Left trying to recruit Mormons to their cause?  Let’s look at 5 reasons why the left is trying to recruit Mormons to their cause.

  1. The American left is looking to build a new voter coalition. The Democrats lost bigly in the industrial Midwest.  They lost in places where Democrats never lose in national elections.  The Democrats are losing White voters are a record pace.  The Democrats need to find at least some White voters and more importantly find a few new states to win.  The Democrats believe that if they can recruit Mormons to vote with them then they can win Arizona, Utah, Idaho, possibly Montana and lock up Nevada forever.
  2. Leftists mistakenly believe that they can get a huge chunk of the Mormon vote to flip. Leftists believe that they can recruit Mormons to start voting for Democrats because the only LDS people they meet are quasi apostate Mormons living in Virginia, the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.  These Mormons don’t really believe in the Gospel but dare not publicly admit that they are apostate because they want to be able to visit their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Leftists project that the quasi apostate Mormons who they meet in Virginia, New York and the Bay Area are like the real Mormons who live in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and California Mormons outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.
  3. Globalists and leftists are looking for potential allies and foot soldiers in a possible upcoming civil war. Let’s face it, the Left and the Globalists are upping the political violence ante.  (((They))) are trying to overthrow President Trump.  If they continue to ratchet up the violence at some point a civil war will break out.  If/when that happens (pray that it doesn’t) the Globalists will need at least some competent White men who are brave and valiant to fight for them.  If they can recruit Mormons and the LDS Church to fight for them then they will have some highly competent cannon fodder to use in the upcoming civil war.
  4. A lot of Mormon elites are Globalists. Just look at men like Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and Egg McMuffin.  These men very much support the (((Globalist))) agenda.  They want to use their position in the Mormon community to bring the LDS people over to the side of the Globalists.
  5. The FBI is basically a Mormon organization. It was LDS FBI agents who forced James Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton that gave President Trump much needed support in the last week of the election and helped push him over the top.  Its Mormon FBI agents who are leading the Pizza Gate investigation and making major pedophile and trafficking arrests every single day.  It will be the FBI that makes the big arrests that will allow President Trump to Drain the Swamp.  The Left and the Globalists want to convince Mormon FBI agents not to do their job.  The Globalists believe that if Mormon FBI agents join the Coalition of the Fringes then they will be less interested in investigating Pizza Gate.

Prepare for more articles in the Deseret News crying over something mean that President Trump did.  Expect pathetic tear jerking articles like this sob story about a poor oppressed Mormon girl who can’t marry the Moroccan refugee of her dreams.  Expect more articles lecturing us on how we have to take Muslims because a Mormon liked Muslims onceExpect (((the media))) to demand that Mormon Church leaders use their influence to oppose President Trump.   All of these attempts to recruit Mormons to support the Globalist agenda are in bad faith and all Mormons must resist their recruiting efforts.  We are going to have a lot more of these kinds of articles and we are just going to have to roll our eyes at these nonsensical articles and laugh at sell outs like Cuck McFaggot.

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Using 4GW to End Antifa Political Violence

The American Left is in the process of embracing political violence against their enemies.  Leftwing political violence must be stopped ASAP because it is only a matter of time before the right is forced to adopt similar measures and we don’t want to escalate the violence because increasing political violence will destroy all of us eventually.  President Trump and Secretary Sessions need to crack down on the rising 4GW situation beginning to rise in America.

4GW is a response to the collapse of authority of the State.  The State refers to the whole government apparatus all the way from the president down to the police.  For a long time the State has had a monopoly on violence and only the State could legally use violence within its sovereign boundaries.

What we are seeing now is American government starting to lose its monopoly on violence.  It started when the Black Lives Matter group/organization was allowed to burn cities like Ferguson, Mo to the ground and Baltimore.  Then Black Lives Matter started to attack police officers and still the American Government did nothing to stop Black Lives Matter.  Now Antifa groups are running wild in the blue states and attacking all conservatives.  These groups were able to operate and destroy freely because the Obama Administration supported their actions and was able to use the conflict to ramp up black voter turnout.

Even worse the American left is embracing political violence and justifying it.  We can see that the American left has accepted political violence and is willing to use it in a 4GW manner.  This has to stop before everybody begins to use political violence and America descends into a civil war.

The 2 best ways to win a 4GW are for: 1. The State to reassert its authority and monopoly on violence and 2. For one side to decide that it no longer wants to fight.  Right now the American left has no desire to ramp down the political violence so negotiating with them won’t give us a positive response.

From a 4GW perspective the best way for President Trump and Secretary Sessions to defeat the rising 4GW elements on the American left is to aggressively reassert the American Government’s monopoly on violence.  This means that all left wing political violence needs to be stopped ASAP.  Here’s a series of steps that the Trump Administration can take to combat 4GW elements on the American left:

  1. Cut off all federal funds to cities that allow violent riots to happen. If a city like Berkeley allows Antifa to riot, then the city no longer can receive federal funds.  Cutting off the money will harm these cities because they depend on federal funds to operate.  Cutting of the money will make it difficult for these left wing cities to pass out the gibsmedats that their citizens demand.
  2. Cut off all federal funds to states that allow repeated Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence. It’s in the big blue states where these violent left wing groups operate.  Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter know that the governments of the blue states support their actions.  If left wing violence continues in California, New York, Illinois, Oregon or Washington without these states taking serious actions to end Antifa violence, then President Trump must cut off all federal funding to these states.  All of the big blue states are bankrupt and only stay afloat due to massive cash injections from the Federal Government.  If these states won’t crack down on political violence then they have to face life in bankruptcy and their left wing voters have to adjust to a life without government gibsmedats.
  3. President Trump needs to use the National Guard to protect conservatives whenever they want to assemble. We know that Antifa and Black Lives Matter track conservative meetings.  Whenever there is a big political rally or a speech by a famous conservative, then the National Guard needs to protect these meet ups.  Having the National Guard protect conservatives shows that the government is willing to protect all of its citizens.  Right now Antifa attacks conservatives because it knows that nobody will protect conservatives.  Having the government protect conservatives is important because it takes away the need for conservative groups to organize for self defense.  It also works to stop pushing rank and file conservatives farther and farther to the right.  If the American government refuses to protect its conservative citizens, American conservatives will eventually be pushed into the arms of the Nazi types who will fight to defend them.
  4. President Trump and Secretary Sessions need to push for mandatory prison sentences for people who participate in riots and other forms of political violence. These Antifa groups need to see that they will be doing hard time in pound-me-in-the-ass-prison for their violence.  No more of them getting a slap on the wrist from a friendly leftwing judge or leftwing state.  The Trump Administration needs to force them to be in jail with the diversity criminals who they love so much.
  5. The Trump Administration needs to go after the foundations and the big donors who finance Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We know that George Soros finances a lot of Antifa activities and that he finances Black Lives Matter.  The Trump Administration needs to use the law to make it difficult for George Soros and men like him to finance radical leftwing groups.  If possible the Justice Department needs to use the RICO Statutes to arrest and jail the financiers of leftwing 4GW violence.

All of these actions which the Trump Administration can take to protect Americans from increasing leftwing political violence will reestablish the monopoly of violence that the State has.  It reestablishes the authority of the American government by punishing rouge cities and states.  Protecting conservatives who just want to associate with other conservatives will reestablish the moral authority of the US Government by showing that it protects all of its citizens no matter their political values.  Punishing Antifa rioters with hard prison sentences will make them think twice before they decide to attack their political rivals.

The only way to end the rising 4GW in the United States is for the American government to crack down on these violent groups and the states that allow it to go on.  If the Trump Administration doesn’t crack down on Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the violence continues then expect rightwing groups to eventually mirror the actions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  American political violence needs to be stopped ASAP before it spirals out of control.

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Just Be Yourself is Satan’s Prettiest Lie

Possibly Satan’s greatest pretty lie that so many people want to believe is just be yourself.  This is a particularly pernicious lie because it sounds calm, reassuring, good and godly.  Just be yourself sounds like the kind of thing that a really compassionate person would say to somebody who was just struggling a little bit.  It sounds like something that a true friend would tell you to encourage you to keep your spirits elevated.

The truth is just be yourself is the worst thing you can tell someone.  Imagine that a fat girl came to talk to you and asked you in good faith what she needed to do to make you desire her.  If you wanted to tell her the truth what would you tell her?  You would tell her that she needed to lose a lot of weight.  You would tell her that when she got her BMI down to about 19 or 20 then you would possibly be interested in her.  You wouldn’t tell her just be yourself because you don’t want her as a fat girl.  Of course we all know she wouldn’t want to hear your advice because losing all of that weight would require lots of effort and sacrifice.

People in the post modern world don’t want to put in a lot of effort or make real life sacrifices.  Fat girls don’t want to give up soda and cupcakes.  They just want to do Zumba dancing once or twice a week and pray that the occasional Zumba dance will suffice to make them desirable.  If Zumba dancing won’t make the average fat girl attractive (it won’t) then even worse she wants the world to change beauty standards to make her desirable and anybody who doesn’t desire a fat girl into a horrible human being.

At the same tie if a chump guy asks a girl what he can do to make girls like him, he puts her in a very difficult position.  Whenever a dork guy asks a girl what he can do to make girls like him he really is asking the girl, “What little insignificant thing can I do to make you desire me, as long as it doesn’t take too much effort?”  Girls naturally are very savvy with unspoken language.  They know the score and what the guy means by his question.

Women don’t really talk about what things they find attractive in men for a wide variety of reasons, but for the sake of this discussion let’s assume that this girl decides to say the truth about what she finds attractive in men.  She could tell the chump, “You need to learn better social skills.  You need to hire a fashion consultant and throw out all of your clothes and get a new wardrobe.  You need to be more socially dominant.  You need to work out and make yourself physically desirable.”  She could tell the chump these things.  But the chump wouldn’t want to hear it.

He doesn’t want to change how he lives.  He doesn’t really want to put in any real effort to make himself interesting and desirable.  He wants to believe in the pretty lie that he can be a dork and out there a hottie is waiting for a dork just like him.  He doesn’t want to accept the fact that he is not interesting and that no hotties want him.  He wants to believe that all he has to do to get the pretty girl is just be yourself.

This is why Satan’s pretty lie of just be yourself is so powerful.  It allows people not to face any of their shortcomings.  Fat girls don’t have to deal with the fact that they are fugly.  Chump men don’t have to deal with the fact that they are undesirable.  The person saying, just be yourself doesn’t have to deal with being perceived as being “not nice.”  Rampant use of this pretty lie allows most people to believe that they don’t have to change how they live in any way because they already are awesome.  It is the perfect excuse to stay below average and never put in any work to improve.

After hearing just be yourself people never ask, “Well who am I?”  If they asked themselves that question they might get a very unpleasant answer.  Fat girls would see that they were obese and disgusting.  Chump guys would see that they are undesirable and that they need to make wholesale changes on how they live their lives.  The truth is we are what we do.  If we are lazy, obese and have poor social skills, then we are lazy, obese and have poor social skills.  We aren’t unique little snowflakes and our uniqueness doesn’t shine through all of our bad attributes.

Satan knows that just be yourself is the best way for people to avoid making positive changes in their lives.  He knows this ugly truth, and he knows that if he can market the idea that we don’t have to improve ourselves; then people will almost always take the easy way out.  Satan knows that as long as people believe that they aren’t the problem in their own lives, then they will not make the changes necessary to live better lives.

One of the best ways for people to find joy and happiness is through personal progress.  When we take weaknesses and make them strong or at least decent we feel a sense of personal accomplishment.  We also feel good about ourselves because we improved and progressed.  One of the sad truths about just be yourself is just be yourself gives you justification not to improve.  If we don’t improve we stay stagnant.  If we are stagnant then we are unhappy and unfulfilled.  Satan knows that the statement just be yourself really means, “Stay the same and make yourself miserable and unfulfilled.”

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