How To Deal With Parents That Pressure You To Be Gay/ Transexual

Parents sometimes try to live out experiences in their children. They pressure their children to be cheerleaders or star football quarterbacks, glamorous roles that they regret missing out on when they were in school. Parents also sometimes like to signal pride to their buddies, about how progressive and hip they are because of their star son or daughter.  Many parents even go so far as to encourage their children to be homosexual or transexual.

But these days, the trend is for “progressive” parents to pressure their children to change genders, be homosexual, transexual or at the very least become bisexual or genderfluid.

Every day, radical Leftists eat up thousands of blog articles telling them about gender norms, and they dream of the day they can announce to their friends at Starbucks that they are compassionately easing a child through the process of gender reassignment–shielding ze or zer from all the hatred of Christian yokels, and contributing to a more equitable society.

If you are one of these children caught up in the current year’s sick trend, and if you feel like your parents are pressuring you to be homosexual or transexual and make a choice that you are not comfortable with, this article is for you.

Being Homosexual/ Transexual Will Ruin Your Life

It is never a good thing to be pressured into something you don’t feel 100% is right. But when it comes to “gender” identity, the consequences will almost certainly ruin your life.

One of the first attempts at gender reassignment, in 1965, was hailed as a modern marvel of science. A botched circumcision led to a mutilated penis for young David Reimer, and rather than attempt reconstruction, the doctor attempted to turn the boy into a girl. It was a total failure for all involved. Over the years, it completely destroyed the family.

These days, when Leftists want to modify gender, they announce that deep inside they were “always this way.” Socialists treat “gender” as a mere construct of a person’s plumbing. If you don’t like your gender or feel like you were “born wrong,” simply change the plumbing.

But this is a dangerous lie. Reccently, scientists discovered that at least 1/3 of men and women’s genes are different. They uncovered 6,500 genes that manifest differently according to sex. (See study here.)

Men and women are very different. They have evolved on divergent evolutionary paths for millions of years. There is a reason why almost half of transsexuals have attempted suicide. People simply are not made to live contrary to such an intrinsic part of their human identity. Leftists believe a big lie that human identity is like a machine, while the truth is human identity is static and spiritually eternal.

Recognize How Popular Culture Brainwashes You

That is a lot to take in, I understand. Every second, every day, the media, schools, and popular culture teach you that personal identity is programmed. But it turns out those fringe Christians were right. Gender and sexuality are eternal properties created by God.

This is difficult for many to admit because of the pervasive narrative against it in Western culture. Until a mere couple decades ago, the word “sex” referred to man or woman. Nobody said gender. They said the “male sex” or “female sex.” The word “gender” referred to grammatical qualities of nouns.

But the feminists didn’t like that. They changed the definition of sex to refer to sexual intercourse. They changed gender to refer to man and woman, and removed male and female qualities completely from grammatical structure. By doing so, they manipulated our consciousness away from qualities that divide men and women except for our plumbing, the physical devices for copulation which can by changed through surgery.

Thus, the feminists manipulated us into disbelieving that there are any differences except for the parts we use for copulation. Every time you say the words “male,” “female,” or “sex” in today’s popular usage, you are compounding the brainwashing. You are telling yourself that you are a machine, not human.

Karl Marx sought to eliminate traditional relationships in order to turn individuals into economic producers, who identify with their class. So with sex identity finally erased from our language, Marxists went on to demand personal relationships conform to their societal rules. Did you think Prop 8 was about equality? No, it was about government defining marriage, controlling personal relationships.

Now, teachers are now commonly teaching kids that personal relationships must conform to class identity and promote economic production and social justice. The brainwashing is thick and the justifications are convoluted.

Your parents probably started the brainwashing early on. Maybe they taught you that you don’t need a man, or woman. Maybe they encouraged you to try on a dress for silly fun, even though you are a boy. Maybe they censored talk of “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” and only spoke of “partners.” Maybe they talked about attractive physical qualities of people the same sex as you.  No matter how they did it, they encouraged you to be homosexual or transexual.

Embrace Sexist Stereotypes

There is a lot to undo. Just the fact that you are reading this right now shows unbelievable fortitude. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to reject a constant voice that has whispered lies in your ear since birth. What living creature has the courage, the sheer force of will, to take off the rose-colored glasses and confront the cold dark truth?

It will be difficult to delve into classic books that promote traditional sex roles, like the bible and Greek philosophy, but that is the next step. As you read, your super-ego will scream outrage. But it’s not fair that men usually were in charge! Just push through it. Read classic literature. Watch movies and TV shows from before 1968. Try to understand why traditional culture has allowed civilizations to thrive while decadent cultures similar to today’s West quickly toppled.

The pervasive media tells you masculine and feminine qualities are evil and oppressive. But you will recognize the value of of these qualities, and you will gain a new understanding of what “fair” actually means. Maybe it is fair for men to be in charge? Maybe fair doesn’t mean everybody is exactly the same? Maybe it is fair for women to be at home with the kids while her man is out working a job to provide for the family?

If you are a man, lift weights at the gym and play sports. If you are a woman, learn how to sew and cook. You will feel enriched by living such stereotypes, because such behavior is not a social construct, but an artistic manifestation of your human identity. Like brush strokes on a canvas, each traditional masculine or feminine activity will lead to discovery and bring you closer to your inner human ideal.

Your Leftist parents will obviously be disappointed.

Maybe you will need to lift weights or sew in secret. That’s fine. You don’t need to hit them with it until you are ready for the confrontation.

Like the passive-aggressive betas that they probably are, your parents will likely say, “That’s nice, if that’s your choice,” and then take away your phone and car keys. They may withhold affection and stop giving you encouragement for your life goals. Be ready for the consequences of your honesty.

Look For Spiritual Aid

One of the hardest realizations in life is to learn that nobody cares about what is best for you except you. People are nice, and family love each other, but we do not live in a world of gummy bears and ice cream. Your parents only encourage you to be “open-minded” and “free-thinking” because they want to feel progressive and cool, like good 21st century parents that they see in every San Francisco sitcom, not because they actually have your interests in mind.

Same goes for the government. The Supreme Court did not dictate gay marriage because they feel compassion for America’s citizens, but because they want control over societal norms and institutions of relationships.

Everyone must confront this realization. We all must accept this, as it is human nature, and the belief that parents or government is taking care of us is a complete illusion. Ultimately, you need to look out for yourself and not rely on anyone else, or you will just get used and thrown away.

Part of the anxiety of separating from parents is the shame of letting them down, making them disappointed. But this is something we all must confront. We all need to be the rebellious teenager who discovers what is best for himself. Become independent–not just independent of parents, but of our oppressive Western culture.

This does not mean you are alone. Love is still a powerful thing, and you can still receive love and give love to your parents. They are still your parents, even if you disagree about certain things. A mature person is able to disagree with people about fundamental beliefs and still love them.

You probably hate organized religion, like all the good Milenials who have been programmed by the media to hate religion. But there is a very powerful tool for gaining independence in spirituality. Seeking and discovering spiritual truth is a powerful tool to gain confidence and to not feel alone.

Start with simple prayers. Read a little bit of scripture. You will find that it liberates your free will, as free will is usually replaced by popular culture’s values, which are crutches of dependency. Discard that dependency, and reach to an unseen spiritual being who actually does have your best interest in mind. Look for angels.

Hate Social Justice Ideology

Your new spiritual knowledge will help you reach out to your parents compassionately. They are just trying to be parents. Don’t be angry with them. Almost everybody is fooled by our perverse popular culture these days.

Leftists hate people who do not fall in line with their Marxist ideology. They hate Trump for being pro-American, so they destroy anyone associated with him, one by one. But in Christianity, it is the other way around. We are different. We love the sinner but hate the sin.

It is perfectly natural to feel utter disgust for the Marxist ideology that led your parents to ruin your life. It is important to understand how the tentacles of this ideology poison your life in other ways than just this. In what other ways does this unholy doctrine lead you astray, onto broad paths? It is never too late.

Enmity is a gift from God that prevents the angels of the devil from taking over our bodies. It is natural and good for us to be repulsed by perversions and physical vices, and it is good to remove ourselves from anyone who puts us on that path. Remove yourself from media, friends, teachers, family, and anything that is pressuring you away from your divine identity. Do not budge an inch. Do not give in to the shaming and bullying.

But it is not good to harbor personal hatred or resentment for loved ones. Part of believing that humans characteristics are eternal, that we are not machines with interchangeable parts, is respect for the eternal welfare of every person’s soul. You can measure your true acceptance of your divine identity by how you are able to love the SJWs close to you who seek to destroy you. Still love them and embrace them as your family.

I wish you the best on your difficult path. Take joy in the small victories and push yourself through the challenges. Do not hesitate to contact us here at RedGulls and ask for help or words of encouragement. It is a remarkable journey you are on, and I promise it will always be worth it.

The Savannah Coming Out Testimony Shows Fake Mormon and Media Collusion against the Mormon People

The Savannah coming out testimony is going viral in the news and I’ve been asked to comment on it.  El Rojo and I talked about it for 10 minutes in my weekly podcast.  Listen to it here.  Discussion of the Savannah coming out testimony starts at 19:19.  Here are my thoughts on the Savannah coming out testimony situation for our rank and file Mormon friends and non-Mormon friends.

Who started taking Savannah to Pride Parades

The Savannah coming out testimony is a setup.  The setup is fake Mormons and prideful homosexuals are using a 12 year old girl to attempt to undermine  the Mormon Church.  In the LDS Church you are not allowed to take video, audio (with baby blessings being the 1 exception) or photos in sacrament meeting.  Anybody who was taking video of Savannah’s “testimony” was doing it against official Mormon Church policy.  Just having the video and audio shows that Savannah’s parents were acting in violation of Mormon Church policy.  Why were they doing this?

The Savannah coming out testimony violated Mormon Church practice.  Once a month in the Mormon Church we have a church meeting called fast and testimony meeting.  Members of the church are supposed to fast for 24 hours and we have a special sacrament meeting where we share our testimonies of the Gospel.  During fast and testimony meeting Mormons are instructed only to testify of: their belief in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the veracity of the Book of Mormon, the veracity that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the True Church and the current Prophet and Apostles are true and living prophets and Apostles and that’s it.

In fast and testimony meeting Mormons aren’t even supposed to give prepared remarks that were written down.  You are not allowed to say things against official Mormon Church policy in fast and testimony meeting and in the Savannah coming out testimony she violated Mormon Church policy because she advocated for homosexual marriage and homosexual relations which the Mormon Church condemns. The Savannah coming out testimony violates all Mormon Church rules on fast and testimony meeting.  The bishop allowed Savannah to speak for a while but once he realized that it was just political propaganda, he correctly shut down the Savannah coming out testimony.

The Savannah coming out testimony violated official Mormon doctrine.  The Proclamation on the Family is the official Mormon stance on homosexuality and gay marriage.  It explicitly states that marriage is only between a man and a woman and that’s it.  It also explicitly says that there are only 2 genders: man and woman.  Official Mormon Doctrine is the Law of Chastity which says that only men and women who are married are supposed to engage in sexual activity.  Homosexuality violates the Law of Chastity.  In the Savannah coming out testimony this confused girl stated that her personal beliefs and intended actions which were contrary to official Mormon Doctrine which you are not allowed to do.  The bishop was correct to shut off Savannah’s microphone because she was making statements and intents of action in violation of Mormon Doctrine.

The purpose of making video of the Savannah coming out testimony was to create a viral video that (((the media))) would run with in an attempt to make the LDS Church look bad.  The video went semi-viral in the Mormon Community and now it’s been picked up by (((the media))) and SJW’s are running with it.  Personally I don’t know why they think that this video makes the Mormon Church look bad because nobody in their right mind thinks that a 12 year old girl can even decide her sexual orientation.

The Savannah coming out testimony shows that it is absolutely pointless to try to get along with the homosexual community.  Ever since LDS Church members bankrolled Prop 8 in California, the homosexual community has decided to destroy the Mormon Church.  Ever since Prop 8 the Mormon Church has tried to mend bridges with the gay community.  Mormon Church leaders have bent over backwards to get along with the homosexual community by doing lots of outreach to them.  The Mormon Church has created marketing materials towards the gay community saying that we are accepting and tolerant and blah, blah, blah.  And what has the Mormon Church gotten for its outreach?  Just more and more attacks on us and attempts to undermine our religion.  What’s the point of trying to get along with people who want to undermine our religion and way of life?

There’s even more on the rumor mill about the Savannah coming out testimony.  Rumor has it that Savannah’s mother has been a problem Mormon and there’s even word out that she’s been previously excommunicated from the Mormon Church.  It’s really hard to get excommunicated from the LDS Church.  Pretty much the only thing you can do to get excommunicated from the Mormon Church is to declare yourself in rebellion of official Mormon Doctrine and encourage others to rebel against official Mormon practice, so draw your own conclusions.

Let’s be real about the Savannah coming out testimony for a second.  She’s a 12 year old girl.  She doesn’t know what it means to be a lesbian.  She probably still thinks that boys have cooties and since she doesn’t want to marry a boy with cooties, then she’s a lesbian.  Her parents have been taking her to Pride Parades and indoctrinating her with homosexual propaganda.  The ugly truth of the Savannah coming out testimony is that her parents put her up to it and they encouraged her into believing that she’s a lesbian.

How does a 12 year old girl like Savannah even believe that she’s a lesbian?  Of course there’s the constant media propaganda telling kids to adopt homosexuality or lesbianism.  But the reality is her parents are SJW fake Mormons.  It was her fake Mormon parents who talked to her about lesbianism.  It was her SJW fake Mormon parents who took her to “Pride Parades.”  And who knows what other behaviors her SJW fake Mormon parents encouraged her to try, if you know what I mean.


The real villains in the Savannah coming out testimony are her fake Mormon parents.  Who knows what kind of deviant behavior they’ve introduced a 12 year old girl into experimenting with?  We know that they introduced her into supporting the homosexual lifestyle by taking her to “Pride Parades.”  We know that they encouraged her into making that political speech in church and they even wrote it and videoed it.  As Mormons we aren’t supposed to make final judgments about people, but if they don’t seriously change I see fire and brimstone in Savannah’s parents’ future.

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.  (Matthew 18:6).

This is how parents are supposed to treat their children with respect to the gay agenda

The fact of the matter is the Savannah coming out testimony never should have happened.  God ordains families to protect the innocence of children.  Savannah’s fake Mormon parents gave her homosexual propaganda and took her to gay pride parades.  They used their daughter to make a political statement and encouraged her into a lifestyle that at best is very difficult and not the best way to live our lives.  Savannah’s parents failed to protect their daughter and one day will be held accountable for what they did.

Here’s the full audio of the Savanah coming out testimony for you to download and listen to:

12 Year Old Girl Comes Out in Fast and Testimony Meeting

It’s sickening how her parents wrote homosexual propaganda wrapped up in 12 year old girl language.

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Pretty Girls Have to Act Mean to Keep Chumps Away

Do you ever wonder why it seems like all pretty girls are nasty bitches?  Does it seem like every time you try to talk to pretty girls they are kind of low grade mean and hostile to you?  I know that sometimes I feel this way.  However I’ve learned a very important truth that explains why so many pretty girls are forced to act nasty to men they meet.

When kind, sweet girls are really nice to men who they don’t know and don’t have interest in, the same thing always happens.  Every freaking time, the guy she was nice to, decides that she is really interested in him and he decides that he wants to date her.  Most average men don’t know how to run game.  They don’t understand that they must ask a girl out on a date and if she always is unavailable it means that she isn’t interested.  What average men do is they add her on Faceberg.  Then they “like” all of her photos.  Then they try to have never ending text conversations with the girl who was nice to them.  When pretty girls are kind to most of the average men they date, their cell phone literally never stops buzzing with some perma-chode trying to find out about their day and telling them that they look pretty.  After a very short time being kind to average men becomes a huge burden for pretty girls.

Over time lots of girls learn that they need to place big barriers to average men approaching them and trying to give them attention.  Many pretty girls learn that they need to throw an immediate shit test at most men they meet.  The test they choose to use is by being a little bit nasty to them.  They do this because average men will be scared off and give up easily.  This way they are able to use a little bit of bitchiness to keep men they don’t want away.

The biggest tragic side effect of girls having to act mean and hostile to keep undesirable men away is often it turns girls into legitimate mean girls.  Years of girls having to act like bitches eventually turns them into nasty mean girls.

As a man it is important to understand that just because a girl treats you halfway decently, it doesn’t mean that she wants to date you.  Also if a girl doesn’t treat you well right from the get go, it doesn’t mean that she has no interest in you.  You need to make sure to ramble for a while to try to generate interest in you.  If she shows you a little interest, try to set up some sort of a date.  If she isn’t interested in a date with you, then drop her.  Leave her in peace so that she isn’t forced to act like a bitch to keep mean she doesn’t want away.

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Redgulls Radio the Number 1 True Blue Mormon Podcast Episode 6: 12 Year Old’s Cant Come Out of the Closet

This week on Redgulls Radio Jeffrey Johnson and El Rojo discuss the London revenge attack on a mosque.  We talk about how if the British government refuses to get Muslim violence under control right now, then the British people will continue to escalate violence on their end.  Muslims who’ve come to Britain since 2001 need to go back because the Muslim population of Britain has shown that they can’t live alongside the British people.

Next on Redgulls Radio, Jeffrey Johnson and El Rojo discuss the attempted political murder of Republican congressmen who were practicing for a charity baseball game.  America has a rising tide of Leftwing political violence that threatens to continuously escalate until the United States is embroiled in a nasty civil war.  The American government needs to crack down on this political violence right now before things escalate any further.

Then on Redgulls Radio the Premier True Blue Mormon podcast El Rojo and Jeffrey Johnson discuss Robert Mueller and how Jeffrey Johnson predicted last month that the fix was in and the Deep State was committed to removing President Trump from power no matter how laughable the charges.

After that on Redgulls Radio we discuss the 12 year old girl who came out of the closet live in fast and testimony meeting.  We are worried that this girl is being manipulated by SJW fake Mormon parents who just want to cause controversy and attempt to advance their radical SJW fake Mormon agenda.

Then we discuss how Ecuador is suffering from Globalism due to rich American’s moving in and driving up property prices making it harder for regular Ecuadorians to live.  Then we wrap up Redgulls radio with the Clown World Moment of the week, where James the Mormon torpedoed his career on the fireside/ youth conference circuit with his Twitter activity.  The ChiComs won the Zero to Rightwing Hero of the Week Award and we concluded with an interesting reader email.

Genealogy is one of the Strongest Tools Mormons Can Use to Resist Cultural Marxism

I’ve always found church talks about genealogy and taking family names to the temple boring.  They always reeked of Mormon Church leaders not wanting to deal with real issues and using discussion of genealogy as a way of telling rank and file Mormons that they need to be “better.”  However one of the things that I’ve learned is genealogy is one of the best tools for fighting Cultural Marxist infiltration of the LDS community.

The goal of Cultural Marxism is to turn a society against itself and allow the Cultural Marxist to take over.  One of the biggest tools Cultural Marxists use is to make White people hate their past.  They use a combination of erasing all of European American’s glorious achievements in American and in Europe mixed with telling us all about every bad thing White people ever did.  Then Cultural Marxists tell White people that they have so-called White privilege and they need to give more money and let in more foreigners who will demand more and more money because White privilege.

The reason why Cultural Marxists are able to pull off this stunt is because White people don’t know their history.  They don’t know about their glorious achievements.  They also don’t know that their ancestors were just regular people who had a job and worked for a living.

When Mormons study their genealogy what do they find out?  Mormons find out that their ancestors were just regular people who worked for a living, until they joined the church.  Then they sold off their goods, moved to America, bought a handcart, pulled it across a desert, had one of their kids die on the journey and eventually they settled in Utah or Idaho.  Doing genealogy puts a lie to the myth that our ancestors had so called White privilege.

Doing genealogy and finding out about our ancestors also makes us curious about the past.  As we learn about our ancestors we also learn about the great European civilization that our ancestors helped to build.  We learn that we built the greatest civilization that the world has ever seen and that our civilization is worth protecting.

Genealogy is one of the best tools that Mormons can use to protect our civilization from the Cultural Marxists who are trying to attack us.  When the LDS people know of the sacrifices their ancestors made and know about the great things they did then Mormons will ignore the Cultural Marxists who are trying to demoralize us.

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The General Conference Porn Chat Foresaw the Rise of VR Porn and Sex Bots

It seems like every LDS General Conference the Apostles make sure to include one talk that is a big huge lecture about the dangers of pornography.  We all know that the General Conference pornography chat is coming and it’s just a question of who gives it.  What’s interesting is the timing of when the Apostles started to do the General Conference porn chat and what it says about where America is heading culturally.

The General Conference porn chat didn’t start until 2004.  Before 04 the Apostles would mention porn in passing along with other vices like drinking alcohol or gambling.  What was starting to come along in 04?  Well 04 was when everybody was getting high speed internet installed in their homes and file sharing services were getting effective enough to handle larger downloads, making it possible to download large doses of internet pr0n.  So the Apostles certainly saw the danger of putting free internet porn on every computer in the world.

However one of the interesting things about General Conference is the Apostles talk about coming problems.  When you go back and read General Conference talks from 10-15 years ago, they usually deal with what we are going through now.  So when the Apostles started giving the General Conference porn chat in 2004 they were looking ahead to things that would be going on 5 to 15 years down the road.

What’s gone on in the last 15 years that’s made LDS General Conference porn chats so important?  Now the videos are in full HD which makes them even more enticing.  Now there are massive sites where everything is available to download for free.  Internet download speeds now are fast enough where people can download an unlimited amount in a very short time.  And now there is virtual reality porn which people, who’ve seen it says is 100x more enticing than the stuff that already is out.

And even worse things are on the horizon.  Sex bots are in development that are linking to a virtual reality machine where men and women will be able to believe that they are having sex with whoever they desire.  From the damage that we’ve seen with just HD porn we can easily conclude that when sex bot technology is mixed with VR porn we will have 10’s (100’s?) of millions of people who do nothing besides hook themselves up to their VR sex machines and waste their lives away having fake sex to their sexual fantasies.  The consequences for our society are going to be incredibly destructive.

President Joseph B. Wirthlin said:

The plague of pornography is swirling about us as never before. Pornography brings a vicious wake of immorality, broken homes, and broken lives. Pornography will sap spiritual strength to endure. Pornography is much like quicksand. You can become so easily trapped and overcome as soon as you step into it that you do not realize the severe danger.

The consequences for young men and women from consuming pr0n have been massive.  Consuming porn is literally ruining men’s and women’s abilities to form real relationships and making men and women miserable.  Even worse men and women are starting to identify their porn addiction as a form of sexual identity.  Yes, you read that right.  The General Conference porn chat was built to keep men and women from becoming “pornosexuals.”

President Richard G. Scott said this:

Satan has become a master at using the addictive power of pornography to limit individual capacity to be led by the Spirit. The onslaught of pornography in all of its vicious, corroding, destructive forms has caused great grief, suffering, heartache, and destroyed marriages. It is one of the most damning influences on earth. Whether it be through the printed page, movies, television, obscene lyrics, vulgarities on the telephone, or flickering personal computer screen, pornography is overpoweringly addictive and severely damaging. This potent tool of Lucifer degrades the mind and the heart and the soul of any who use it. All who are caught in its seductive, tantalizing web and remain so will become addicted to its immoral, destructive influence.

When the Apostles were giving us the General Conference porn chat, they weren’t just telling us about a major problem that members were already suffering but they were also telling us that even worse things were on the way.

Pornography– Dallin H. Oaks

He Heals the Heavy Laden – Dallin H. Oaks

Rise Up, O Men of God – Gordon B. Hinckley

Blessed Are All the Pure in Heart – L. Whitney Clayton

A Tragic Evil among Us – Gordon B. Hinckley

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Homosexuality Awareness Month: Gay Pride Parades Exist to Recruit Your Kids into the Homosexual Lifestyle

It’s June which means that it’s homosexual lifestyle awareness month at Redgulls.  June is the month where gays dress up in their most disgusting leather and march in gay pride parades simulating what goes on in their bathhouses for the rest of the world to see.  One of the lies that we always hear about the gay lifestyle is they are just like us.  This is false because their lifestyle is completely opposite of how the vast majority of people live.  One of the biggest ways that homosexuals are different than normal people is in their sexual desire for children.

Homosexuals are not even 3% of the population but they account for nearly 40% of all cases of sexual molestation in America.

That means that you child is at least 10x more likely to be sexually molested by a homosexual than he is to be molested by a straight.  When you stop and think about it, that statistic is absolutely staggering.

One of the more degenerate things in modern America is the way that Cultural Marxists believe that children should attend gay pride parades.  The fake Mormons over at ByCommonConsent even believe that taking a kid to a gay pride parade is an appropriate Sunday activity.

If you think that screen cap of that tweet is “fake news” here’s the archive of the tweet.

So what do kids see when they go to gay pride parades?  They see graphic images of men dressed sexually acting in sexually degrading ways.  Homosexual men in gay pride parades go around in weird leather with whips and act out sexually degrading acts.

And the fake Mormons in the ByCommonConsent crowd think this is a good place to take children.  After seeing images of what goes on at gay pride parades would you live your kid alone with anybody who supports the ByCommonConsent crowd?  I know that I certainly wouldn’t.

The ugly truth about life is Cultural Marxists want our kids miserable and confused.  They know that kids who’ve been victimized are far more prone to struggle in life and make other bad decisions.  Cultural Marxists know that young men and women who grow up victims of sexual molestation are more likely to depend on the government in one way or another.  Cultural Marxists want your kid at the local gay pride parade because it exponentially increases the chance that your child will end up having early sexual activity which leads to a whole mess of problems later on in his life.

In Mormon doctrine we learn that protecting children is one of the most important things we can do.  Elder W. Douglas Shumway said, “Loving, protecting, and nurturing our children are among the most sacred and eternally important things we will do.”  The fake Mormons at ByCommonConsent want to put your kid at risk.  Does that sound like something that Jesus Christ would want you to do?

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Leftwing Media Propaganda Radicalized James T. Hodgkinson and Encouraged Him to Commit Political Violence

Alexandria shooter James T. Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter who decided to buy a gun and attempt to massacre Republican congressmen and staffers during softball practice.  James T. Hodgkinson was a major consumer of leftwing media propaganda and was radicalized by the leftwing media.

James T. Hodgkinson believed in media likes lies like the Trump Russia false conspiracy that the leftwing media pushes in an attempt to radicalize American leftists.  American leftists like James T. Hodgkinson have been radicalized by leftwing media propaganda that glorifies in the murder of Republicans, like the Kathy Griffin incident.  James T. Hodgkinson was a member of radicalized leftwing Facebook groups that encouraged its members to commit political violence.

Leftwing advocates like the media have worked to radicalize American leftists and encouraged them to commit political violence.  Shakespeare in the Park featured a play that depicted the murder of President Trump.  Even radicalized leftwing politicians like Barak Obama have encouraged their followers to commit political violence.

All over the American political left we see Americans who have been radicalized by leftwing media propaganda that encourages their radical behavior.  We see the media give a pass to terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter.  The media gave favorable coverage to radical leftwing group Antifa when they started a riot in Berkeley because Antifa didn’t want moderate gay man Milo Yiannopoulos speaking in their city.  We’ve seen the media minimize the bad actions of radicalized left-wingers when they attack peaceful conservative political assemblies.  The media stood by Kathy Griffin when she held up a severed head representing a beheaded President Trump.

America is in a pre civil war already.  The American left has been radicalized by the media and now believes that they are justified in killing Americans who support President Trump.  Sadly this is the wave of the future because the left is now radicalized and believes that committing political violence against normal Americans is acceptable.

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Would Western Women Support Mass 3rd World Immigration if Hot Girls Were Arriving?

Seeing western women standing at train stations with their “Refugees Welcome” signs has to be one of the most triggering images on Earth.

so effing triggering

These women are rolling out the red carpet for foreign men who practice a violent religion that allows for the rape of non-Muslim women but would they be out there welcoming hot girls from Russia and Colombia?

This has to be one of the best tweets I’ve seen:

One of the reasons why so many western women roll out the red carpet for the refugees is because they want to increase their potential dating options.  These girls are raised on Cultural Marxist propaganda that says that we are all the same and these girls believe that the foreign invaders will be just like the nice guy beta males who shower them with attention and favors.  Welcoming refugees is a way for many western women to increase their supply of potential dating options.

European men struggle under the foreign invasion because: more poor people means more taxes working White men have to pay, more violence which means that eventually European men are going to have to fight the invaders and having more men chasing the same number of single women makes it that much harder for European men to get dates and to marry.

What would happen if the shoe was on the other foot?  How would western women respond if instead of the invaders being single men from the Middle East and Africa they were hot sexy girls from Russia and Colombia?  Would western women be waiting at the train station with their “Refugees Welcome” signs for hot sexy women who would instantly become their competition in the dating market?  No of course not.  Western women would be demanding a big wall with Russia and would be demanding that European governments sink the ships bringing over the pretty girls from Colombia.

Western women are women and they do things that they feel are in their best interest.  If they feel like bringing in a lot of violent men from the Middle East gives them better dating options then European women will welcome the invaders.  If the invaders were hot sexy women from Russia and Colombia then European women would demand measures that even the most extreme elements of the Alt Right wouldn’t want to do.

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The Cultural Marxist Left is Preparing to Declare Christianity a Hate Group

Do you ever wonder why Mormon Church leaders are starting to talk a lot about religious freedom?  Why did the LDS Church make a video about religious freedom in the workforce?  Well because the Left is preparing to declare Christianity a hate group.  Don’t believe me?  Last week Bernie Sanders said that Christians shouldn’t be able to be in public life because Christianity is discriminatory towards Islam.  Yes you read that right.  The Left has thrown in with Islam, feminism and every other form of anti-Christians sentiment.

In another example of the Left preparing to declare Christianity a hate group, the SPLC declared that the Family Research Council is a hate group.  The Family Research Council is just a traditionalist group that believes hateful things like marriage is between a man and a woman and believes that there are only 2 genders.  In the Current Year saying that marriage is only between a man and a woman is hate, just like saying that there are only 2 genders is hate.  Declaring groups like the Family Research Council hate groups helps to set the stage for the left to declare all Christianity a hate group.

When the Left gets back into power, they are going to purge all Christians from public life.  The left is going to declare Christianity a hate group.  After they declare Christianity a hate group then employers will be incentivized to fire all of the Christian workers and only hire people who openly say that they either aren’t Christian or practice some other religion.  The left believes that Christians are responsible for blocking progress toward their Cultural Marxist utopia and when they get back into power, they plan to once and for all destroy their main enemy.

(((Bernie Sanders))) saying that Christians shouldn’t be allowed to work in the American government shows the plan of the Left.  The Left has passed hate speech laws all over America.  They’ve declared that supporting traditional Christian beliefs is hate.  The Left telegraphs what they plan to do next and their plan for when they get back into power is once and for all declare Christianity a hate group.

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