Hillary Clinton’s Speech Attacking the Alt Right Will Blow Up in Her Face

2016 is the most interesting Current Year since the Soviet Union fell and we still have 4 months to go.  Hillary Clinton is falling in the polls in large part due to men like Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux who’ve broken huge stories like #HillarysHealth.  In the last Current Year the Alt Right has fought harder against leftist narratives than any other group.  The Alt-Right is a big factor in Donald Trump’s rise in the polls and the fact that he is in good shape to win the presidency.  Hillary plans to attack the Alt Right in her big speech in Nevada

What Hillary will say in her Alt Right speech

Hillary Clinton’s Alt Right speech is very predictable.  She will say that political rhetoric has become very nasty.  She will talk about how we don’t debate the issues and have an honest conversation.  Then she will talk about how she recently found out about a new group of evil White males.  She will then say that they support Donald Trump because Trump they want a literally Hitler.  She will then say that Donald Trump supports these evil Neo-Nazis.  She will then imply that because the Altright likes Donald Trump, he is literally Hitler.  She will then talk about how these guys are a bunch of losers nobody likes and how they are destroying civil political debate.  She will wrap up her speech by telling blacks, Mexicans, gays, etc that if they don’t vote for Hillary it is off to the gas chamber for them.

How the media will respond to Hillary’s Alt Right speech

(((The media))) and the Clinton campaign have been coordinating their response to her speech for several days.  After Hillary’s Alt Right speech the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and CUX NEWS will do a collective “Wow just wow.”  They will talk about how horrible it is that all of these racist sexist bigots are in the political sphere and how awful it is that Donald Trump supports them.  They will say that the Alt-Right is proof that Donald Trump is a racist and is literally Hitler.  The worst will be the idiots on Fox News or CUX NEWS as I like to call it.  They will talk about how sad it is that the Conservative movement has these evil racist, sexist homophobic bigots in the movement and that the GOP should have nominated somebody respectful like Jeb Bush.

The fallout of Hillary’s Alt Right speech

(((The media))) will use Hillary’s Alt Right speech to attack Donald Trump.  They will play the “Do you disavow” game with Trump.  He will disavow the Altright but (((the media))) won’t let it drop.  However after a day or two it will fade into the background and it will become like the David Duke thing.  It will be something (((the media))) brings up from time to time but nobody takes it seriously.

Hillary’s Alt Right speech is going to be huge for the Alt-Right.  The Altright is going mainstream after this.  Search traffic for the Alt-Right will grow exponentially.  Everybody associated with the Altright and even the Manosphere will receive a huge bump in web traffic.  Alt-Right memes will become public knowledge and it will be massive for the movement.  Expect people like Mike Cernovich and Ricky Vaughn to have huge bumps in their Twitter following.


Hillary’s Alt Right speech and (((the media’s))) collective “Wow just wow” is going to blow up in their faces.  It isn’t going to harm Donald Trump’s candidacy and it isn’t going to slow the growth of the Altright.  The Alt Right is growing because it is effective resistance to the left.  The Alt-Right has already done more to push back against the left in 1 year than the whole “Conservative” movement accomplished in 60 years.  After Hillary’s big speech more and more people will wonder, “What is the Altright?”  And then they will head over to Alt-Right websites and become fans. The resistance to the left will grow by leaps and bounds.  Thanks Hillary for helping us grow.

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Navigating a Mormon Ward’s Social Clique

One of the big struggles we have as Mormons is dealing with our ward’s social clique.  It seems like every middle class and upper middle class ward has an annoying clique that dominates the social scene.  They market themselves as the in crowd and label their kids as the outstanding kids in the ward, no matter how degenerate and pathetic they really are.  Often these cliques are multigenerational going from grandparents all the way to bratty kids who bully and abuse the ward’s youth.  Every Mormon family needs to know how to navigate their local ward’s social clique.

Why do many Mormon families form a clique?

Social cliques allow families to increase their power and influence without having real power and influence.  They are able to have status without accomplishments and influence without achievements.

Mike Cernovich’s Tweet perfectly captures why Mormon social cliques exist.  People love status but very few people are willing to put in the hard work to earn it.  It is much easier to join the clique, declare yourself one of the cool people and be hostile to everybody else.  It is much easier than doing fun things, having real achievements and gaining respect from the whole community.

Joining cliques allows their members protection from outside competition.  Many of these people live boring lives and don’t have much going on.  If you ever end up in a situation where you are stuck with these people without their group, you will find that they are boring.  They don’t have much going on and nobody in their right minds would actually want to spend time around them.  Being in the clique allows them never to have to do anything interesting with their life or force them to earn respect.

Being part of the ward’s in-crowd allows parents to protect their children from bullying and other abuse.  Let’s face it, often times the children of your local ward’s in-crowd are real monsters.  They go around bullying and generally making the lives miserable for all youth outside of their circle of friends.  One of the easiest ways for parents to protect their children without having to truly protect them is by joining the clique.  It’s the whole, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Being part of the ward’s in-crowd allows parents to give their children a place where they can be the cool kids.  Let’s face it most kids, boys in particular struggle to fit in.  They often feel like they don’t fit in at all.  If they are able to be in the clique at church at least they have one place where they have status and get to be on the inside of things.  It’s tragic to think about but this point brings these kids real benefits.  Of course there are better ways to give young men confidence and status.

Joining their ward’s in-crowd allows parents to provide a social group.  Being on the inside of the clique allows young men and women to have a group of friends.  By joining the in-crowd at least young men and women have people they can spend Friday and Saturday night with.  They won’t feel lonely and isolated on their weekends.  Having people to spend their weekends with is a big deal for young men and women.  By joining the in-crowd they don’t feel left out.

Some parents want to join the in-crowd because they engage in degenerate behavior and want people to participate with them in their degeneracy.  There are social groups that exist for the purpose of partner swapping.  There are Mormons who like to get drunk on the weekend and they feel better about their lifestyle if they have other LDS people getting drunk with them.  Remember just because somebody is Mormon on Sunday morning doesn’t mean they are on Saturday night.

It’s important to understand that being part of the in-crowd provides real life benefits to many Mormon families.  Their kids get protected from abuse and even get to join the so-called cool kids group.  Parents might even join the group to engage in sketchy behavior while still claiming to be members of the church.

How to deal with your ward’s clique

First of all knowledge is power.  When we see that most people in our ward hate the clique as much as we do, it helps us keep prospective.  These are not universally beloved people.  They have their power because everybody else is in fear of them.  The truth about your ward’s in-crowd is they are a bunch of people who nobody likes, whose kids are rotten and they may very well be up to sketchy behavior.  Also remember that these people may very well be doing things against the commandments.  For Heaven’s sakes the fathers may very well be into cuckoldry.  Seeing them for what they are helps us not to fear them.

The second way to overcome your ward’s in-crowd is to make your life better.  Just because you aren’t invited to your ward’s “game night” doesn’t mean that you must suffer a bad weekend.  The world is full of great things to do.  If you are single, get out there and do some fun stuff.  If you are a parent, go do fun things with your kids.  Once you live a better life you and your kids won’t even remember that they aren’t invited to hang out with the ward stars.

If you are a parent and are worried about your kids getting bullied and abused by the clique, get your kids self defense classes.  When your children are able to defend themselves from bullies, their confidence grows  They no longer live in fear and feel better about themselves and feel better about life.

If you are a parent and you are worried that your children won’t have a group of friends because they are ostracized by the clique, then get your kids into more hobbies and have them play sports.  If your kid plays lacrosse 3 nights a week and has a big game on the weekend, he will be too busy with his team to worry about not getting invited to the movies with the kids in the ward.  If your kids are doing fun activities they enjoy, they won’t worry about not being invited to “game night.”

All of the ways to overcome you ward’s in-crowd boil down to making your life better and the lives of your loved one’s better.  It’s really just that simple.  As you and your family live better lives soon you won’t even be able to remember why you used to feel left out by the clique.  As you strengthen your kids, they will no longer feel fear of the in-crowd and just see them as a bunch of dorks nobody likes.  Once your life is better the in-crowd will have no power over you and you can attend your local LDS ward in peace.

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Only Hangout with Winners

One of life’s most important lessons is we are who we associate with.  If we hangout with winners then we are winners.  If we hangout with losers we are losers.  In Robert Greene’s legendary book The 48 Laws of Power the 10th Law of Power is: Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky.  The reason why we don’t want to associate with the unhappy and the unlucky is because if people consistently fail in their lives, they almost always brought it on themselves.

We want to hangout with winners and never hangout with losers because if we spend too much time around the unhappy and the unlucky they eventually will drag us down in their failure.  It’s a brutal truth about life but if we spend too much time around unsuccessful people we will pick up their unsuccessful habits.  If you hang out with people who always say negative things about people, we will start to say negative things about people.  If we hangout with annoying gossips, eventually we will become gossips.

Who we hangout with tells us what we are.  Spending time around successful people will rub off on you because their habits will rub off on you.  If you associate with people who are up early in the morning, who work hard on their jobs, then you will become an early riser who busts his hump in the office.  If we associate with people who have great hobbies and interests, then their hobbies and interests will rub off on us and we become more interesting.

The general rule about life is you are a combination of the 5 men you spend the most time with.  The 5 men I spend the most time with are:

  • A bodybuilder womanizer
  • A married successful real estate developer
  • A successful entrepreneur who is a right wing gun nut
  • A man who built a $100 Million company with his brains
  • An insurance broker who is the master of finding new places and angles to find new avenues for his business. He also has great hobbies

The things about my friends that rub off on me are my womanizer friend and I talk about great ways to meet new women.  He and I share skills and experiences together.  With my real estate investor friend, he is a master of passing red pill truth.  If you want to be successful in real estate then you better know all about HBD.  With my right wing gun nut friend I pick up my interest in freedom and self defense.  I also get his attitude about I have to take care of my financial interests.  With my friend who is an insurance broker, I learn that I always need to open up new streams of income.  I also picked up the attitude that I always want to get out there and have fun and do new things.

After so much time hanging out with winners I no longer feel comfortable around people who aren’t successful and I don’t like to hangout with people who haven’t taken the red pill.  I feel like they are uninteresting without anything good going on in their lives.  Being around them makes me feel weird and anxious.  I want to be around people who have more going on with their lives.

Only hang out with winners because by hanging out with them you will pick up their good traits and want to be better with your life.

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I Feel Mormon Girls Pain When They Attend Their YSA Ward

Pretty Mormons girls have it rough.  When they go and visit their local YSA ward they have to suffer a lot.  When they go to church they are confronted by the fact that none of the men are trying to be good at being men.  The men overwhelmingly are weak and unmotivated to be anything more than a weak and uninteresting man.

If you don’t want to be like the vast majority of men in the YSA program and you want to be the kind of man who pretty Mormon girls want to date then you need to learn how to be good at being a man.  Pretty Mormon girls want a man who is confident, attractive, assertive and who can protect her and make her feel safe.  Does that guy in the ill fitting Dockers who still is wearing his shirt from the mission going to be able to protect her?  No he can’t.

Sadly lots of Mormon young men feel that the best way to get dates is by being plain and uninteresting.  They have been taught that if they are just magically nice enough to pretty Mormon girls, cute girls will magically want to date them.  It’s sad that we have so many confused LDS young men these days who don’t know how to attract girls because they are living lives of dating failure and will struggle to date and marry.

If you want to be one of the men who escapes from the grind of being a cookie cutter uninteresting man then I recommend you read Everything Your Father Never Taught You.  In it you will learn the kind of men that cute Mormon girls want to date, what girls are really like and what you can do to be one of the men who gets to date  cute Mormon girls.  Its easier than ever to be one of the men who pretty girls want to date because so few men know what girls want and how to give it to them.

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Leftists Create Weirdos to Isolate People Make them Miserable and Turn them into Rabid Leftists

When you go to heavily leftist places like Northern California after spending lots of time in normal places one big thing jumps out at you. . ., the people there look awful.  They look terrible because leftists create weirdos to ruin their lives and make them into losers.  Making them into losers makes them reliable Democrat voters and rabid leftists.

One of life’s most important truths is we like to associate with people who are like us.  You notice this in high school where the football players all hang out together, the cheerleaders all hang out together, the stoners all hang out together and the hipsters form their own group.  Regular life is just high school on a much larger scale.  Everybody hangs out with people just like them.  This is a big reason why many families spend so much time together.

Look at your life.  You probably socialize most with people who are members of your church, who earn about as much money as you, who share similar  political opinions as you and who enjoy the same things on TV as you.  It’s the way of the world and everybody is like this.  There’s nothing wrong with it and more or less it’s a good thing.

Rabid leftists encourage people to disfigure themselves with things like weird body piercings, strange tattoos, unnatural haircuts and unnatural hair colors, etc because it makes the people who do it different from everybody else.  When a girl gets a weird hair color suddenly her friends and family look at her different.  She is less like them and it puts a barrier between her and her family and friends.  As she becomes more and more isolated she feels lonely and unhappy.  As she feels distance between her and her family and friends there is a void in her life.  Suddenly things like Tumblr become more and more important to her.  Leftists fill the gap in her life and she becomes a rabid leftist.

This is the great secret why rabid leftists push people to disfigure themselves because it drives them away from normal people and into the hands of SJW’s.  By disfiguring themselves they alienate themselves from the rest of society.  Leftism thrives with alienated people who don’t fit in with the rest of society.  As people become more and more “unique” they become more alienated and become rabid leftists.

It is important to work to keep young men and women from disfiguring themselves before they turn into rabid leftists and start hanging out on Tumblr.  It is for their own long term good and will help them stay happy and safe.

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Does it Seem Like Mormon Leadership Embraces Cultural Marxism?

One of the big questions on my mind has been why does it seem like Mormon Church leaders always embrace Cultural Marxism?  In the last few years we’ve seen the church embrace gay boy scouts.  We’ve seen the church embrace violent Syrian refugees who rape 5 year old girls.  We see the church allowing feminists to create a laughable narrative about how BYU is a rape center, with the goal of eliminating the BYU Honor Code for girls.

Note: This is a thought experiment

It got me thinking if I was crazy or not.  Then recently I saw this:

And I knew that the Church has embraced soft Cultural Marxism.  Then I started to think about why is this the case?  Here’s my thoughts so far on this.  The following is very much a though experiment and I’m sure my thinking on this is going to change a lot.  Here’s my reasoning why the Church is embracing Cultural Marxism.

After getting rid of polygamy the Mormon Church decided to be typical standard Americans.  Not just any old Americans but the best examples of American culture.  As a culture we decided to perfectly follow American culture.  We’ve tried to perfectly mirror American cultural ideals.  For a long time this has been a good thing.  For example when you go to Provo, Utah it is like going into a time machine.  If you spend time in Provo you feel like it is 1963, JFK hasn’t been murdered, the Sexual Revolution hasn’t happened, mass immigration hasn’t turned America into a ghetto and life feels great.

In 2012 Mitt Romney ran as the personification of 1950’s America.  This was supposed to be the time when the LDS Church was going to come to the forefront, show off our great American values and restore the republic.  Only it didn’t happen.  American’s demographics have changed to the point where it is impossible to win an election using Romney’s 1950’s America strategy.  For example when you look at voter demographic breakdown, if in 2012 America had the same voter demographics as in 1984 Romney would have won as big as Ronald Reagan.  That’s how much America has changed.

After watching Mitt Romney lose, Mormon Church power players saw that America changed.  Acting like it is 1963 isn’t going to work anymore.  Mormon Church leadership saw that the new dominant cultural narrative is Cultural Marxism.  Traditionally the plan for Mormon Church survival and growth has been to follow American culture.  If the Church wanted to follow American culture it would have to embrace the Current Year philosophy.  LDS Church leadership decided to try to softly mirror the Cultural Marxist narrative without going off the deep end.

This is why you saw the Mormon Church cuck and allow gay scout leaders to molest Boy Scouts.  This is why you see things like the church letting feminists rant against the BYU Honor Code.  This is why you see the church shilling for dangerous Muslim immigrants who rape 5 year old girls.  This is why you see the church letting gay activists invent the so-called Utah gay teenager suicide crisis.  This is why you see Mormon Church marketing materials doing the whole cute White girls with a black guy thing.

The reason why the Church is doing this is because Church leadership believes that America is totally controlled by the left and it isn’t going to change.  They want to be the approved token religion the left allows to live.  It’s kind of like how Glenn Beck went to that stupid meeting at Facebook to kiss up to Mark Zuckerberg.  Beck wanted his media company to be the approved conservative website.  Of course Cuckersperg didn’t give Beck anything except a photo op.  It will be the same with the Mormon Church.  The Cultural Marxists won’t let us be the approved Christian church.  All we will get is more claims of homophobia, sexism and racism until we are a totally diluted and useless church just like mainline Protestant churches.

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The Purity Spiral

Let me tell you a disgusting story from when I was a young freshman in college just getting into my first student ward.  It was the start of the year and the bishop called all the men and women together for the start of the year morality chat.  It was a standard boilerplate chat from one of the counselors saying don’t fool around and then the bishop spoke up and the discussion got really “interesting.”  He talked about how when he was single, in his ward a bunch of girls made a pact that they would have sex for “pro-creation purposes only.”  He then mentioned that he was so impressed by the girls that he married one of them.  It was a creepy statement to say the least.  So why did the bishop double down on his counselor’s boilerplate morality chat?  It was because the bishop was engaging in a purity spiral.

What is a purity spiral?

A purity spiral is when people work harder and harder to virtue signal and eventually become ridiculous.  For example let’s look at the story of my bishop butting in on a standard boilerplate morality chat.  He saw his counselor giving a standard lecture that was making all the kids roll their eyes.  He wanted to virtue signal that he was the most righteous man in the room.  Then he talked about how a bunch of Mormon girls made some crazy purity vow.  Then he talked about how he was so inspired by their crazy purity vow that he married one of those girls.  And he ended up implying that he’s gotten laid maybe 15 times in his marriage and implied that his wife is a self righteous prude.

Looking back it’s easy to see that the bishop was just being ridiculous.  There’s no way a bunch of cute Mormon girls would make that kind of purity vow, there’s no way the girls would broadcast it to the world, there’s no way a young man with a functioning libido would sign up to get laid 15 times in his whole married life and there’s no way his wife would allow him to mention it in-front of a couple hundred kids.  It was all B.S.  You could file his whole story under #ShitThatDidntHappen.  So why did he say it?

Well he got caught up in a purity spiral and he had to virtue signal his righteousness harder than his counselor giving the talk.  A purity spiral is when people have to virtue signal harder and harder than the rest of the group.  A great example of purity spirals is with women in Relief Society.  If they get on the topic of service what happens every time is many women start to virtue signal their acts of service.  First a woman will talk about taking soup to a sick friend.  Next a woman talks about a service project she did for her local schools.  Then a woman talks about giving books to poor kids in the ghetto.  Finally a woman talks about doing a huge service adventure in Africa helping poor black kids.  It is the same every time.

We see purity spirals all the time in the Mormon Community.  You can see them in fast and testimony meeting or you can see it during Sunday School or Priesthood meeting or Relief Society.

What makes purity spirals a problem in the LDS community?

The problem with purity spirals is they tend to spiral out of control and damage group unity.  For example let’s look at the example of the bishop from early in this article.  What did he accomplish by his extreme virtue signaling?  Were the majority of the kids more likely or less likely to follow his example?  Less likely.  Most 18 year old kids have raging hormones.  They want to have fun with the opposite sex.  Hearing the bishop say he never gets laid and imply that nobody should get laid, even after marriage, just makes fewer kids have confidence in him and have less desire to learn from him.  The kids who were questioning their testimonies after hearing the bishop’s talk became more likely to lose their faith.  The end result of the bishop’s virtue signaling was more promiscuity.  The result of his purity spiral was the opposite of what he intended.

Purity spirals always end with people either feeling dispirited or by rebelling.  When women engage in a service purity spiral the result is fewer women serving the community because women either, feel demoralized and don’t feel like their service is good enough; or they rebel against service and stop performing service.  Purity spirals like my former bishop engaged in either drive young LDS men and LDS women to fear dating because they don’t want to disobey the commandments or they drive more young men and women to sexual sin because they figure that they better get their money’s worth.  Purity spirals destroy the moral authority of people virtue signaling them.  Purity spirals drive people away from the community and make it harder to bring more people into the community.

Women struggle to deal with purity spirals.  They demoralize women because they tend to believe the propaganda.  Women often feel that everybody else is more righteous than they are.  She feels like she isn’t good enough and loses interest in the group and community.  The Mormon Church loses lots of women because purity spirals make them feel isolated and disconnected from the community.

 How to deal with a Purity Spiral

The best way to deal with a purity spiral is to recognize it for what it is.  It is just a bunch of people trying to out virtue signal each other.  They aren’t actually doing all the wonderful things they say they do.

Second recognize it for everybody trying to one up each other.  They are trying to show that they are the best person in the group.  It is like everybody bringing their tax returns to church and using them to find out who is the richest family in the ward.  When you think about what it really is, it is easy to see that it is mostly ridiculous.

Third it is important to point it out to your loved ones that it is ridiculous.  When your wife talks about some purity spiral she suffered through in Relief Society, point out to her what it is and show her that nobody actually does the stuff they say they do.  It helps women a lot when they see that purity spirals are just ridiculous virtue signaling.


The purity spiral is an annoying feature we see a lot in the LDS community.  It isn’t going away.  As long as people gather together in groups and talk about life people will virtue signal.  When people engage in obnoxious virtue signaling purity spirals will happen. This is just the way of the world and we have to learn to recognize it and deal with it. The best way to deal with purity spirals is to recognize them for what they are and learning to see how ridiculous they really are.

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Book Review: Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding

Recently I read the book Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding.  This was a difficult book to do a review on and I battled back and forth whether or not to discuss it because Joseph Smith’s polygamy is a subject many if not most Mormons can’t handle.  If you’ve taken the red pill Joseph Smith’s Polygamy will be very interesting to you.  The author is a member of the LDS Church and writes on Joseph Smith’s marriages.

Joseph Smith’s polygamy starts by giving a doctrinal explanation of polygamy.  It is mostly basic stuff you hear all the time in seminary class and Institute class.  After the author gets through going over the doctrine of polygamy the book gets into dealing with the history of Joseph Smith’s polygamy.

The first interesting story is the story of the Angel with a Sword.  Joseph Smith said that he was commanded by an angel on multiple occasions to enter into plural marriages.  Joseph said that first he didn’t want to but eventually the angel returned and in the vision he was holding a sword, implying that Joseph would die if he didn’t take on more wives.

In his life Joseph Smith engaged in 3 kinds of plural marriages.  The first kind was marriage for Time Only.  These were marriages to women that would only last for this life but not be valid in the life to come.  The second type of plural marriages Joseph Smith entered was marriages for All Eternity Only.  These were marriages only in the life to come and not valid in this life.  The third kind of plural marriages he engaged in are marriages for Time and All Eternity These were marriages for this life and the life to come.

One of the questions and accusations about Joseph Smith is that he engaged in polyandry.  Polyandry is a woman having more than 1 husband.  This accusation comes from the fact that Joseph Smith engaged in marriages with married women who were legally married to non-Mormon men.  In these marriages they were only for Eternity and not for this life.  He never sexually consummated these marriages.  So did he engage in polyandry?  Not really but, it looks weird to outsiders for sure.

After the Mormon Church moved from New York to Kirtland, Ohio one of the big accusations non members made against the church was that Mormons were engaging in polygamy.  Joseph Smith and other church leaders denied these accusations.  Anti-Mormons even claimed that Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon being tarred and feathered in 1832 were over polygamy.  It seems that the United Order was a part of the accusations of polygamy against the church.  The early Saint’s were commanded to “have all things in common” and it appears that some of them took it to mean that they were even to share each other’s sex partners.

However it seems that this accusation against the United Order wasn’t a unique criticism against the church.  The author talks about how there many groups were experimenting with “having all things in common” and that included partner swapping for them.  The “interesting” things going on during the Second Great Awakening sounds like an interesting thing for me to read about for future study.

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding then gets into the interesting part of the book: Joseph’s wives.  The first of his wives who get talked about is a girl named Fanny Alger.  Joseph married her in 1835 or 1836 when she was 18 or 19 years old.  Fanny and her family were faithful members of the church and she was a housekeeper in the Smith home. Oh and by the way, she was really cute.  Joseph asked for her parents’ permission to marry her and they agreed to it.

Where the Fanny Alger story gets really interesting is the barn incident.  One night Emma Smith heard some sounds in the barn and went out to investigate.  She looked through a hole in the wall and saw Joseph and Fanny together.  The author says that Emma didn’t say what she saw and that it could have been the ceremony, but then he goes on to admit that most likely Emma saw Joseph nailing Fanny.  After the barn incident Emma went into a rage and kicked Fanny out of the house.  Joseph and Fanny never had a child together, her family stayed faithful to the church and she eventually married a guy who wasn’t a member and had a big family.

The barn incident was a big story in Kirtland.  Oliver Cowdery thought that it was adultery and lots of people talked about it.  All throughout the 1830’s there were stories and rumors of Joseph Smith’s polygamy and sexual practices.  They overwhelmingly come from anti-Mormon sources but there seems to be enough smoke to conclude that there was something to them.  After the church moved to Nauvoo, Joseph Smith taught the Quorum of the 12 about polygamy.  Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball were the first to get polygamous wives.

One of the interesting things in Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding was how Joseph Smith learned how to run game on women he married.  He developed a set routine where first he would go over to a woman’s house and while there he would teach the doctrine of Eternal Marriage.  After teaching Eternal Marriage he would teach about Plural Marriage.  Then he would ask the girl to marry him due to Heavenly Father’s commandment.  I think of Joseph’s actions as Religious Leader Game.

One of the things about Joseph Smith’s polygamy was that it was responsible for driving away many of his closest allies.  Oliver Cowdery did not follow the rest of the church to Missouri and Nauvoo after the Fanny Alger incident.  Joseph Smith tried to marry Sidney Rigdon’s 19 year old daughter Nancy and soon after that incident Sidney Rigdon moved away from Nauvoo.

Emma Smith was not a fan of Joseph’s polygamy.  She was livid over the Fanny Alger incident and drove her away.  Over the years she came to some sort of an understanding about polygamy but she still didn’t like it.  Emma Smith participated in several polygamous sealings.  However a nasty pattern emerged where she would accept a plural wife, have her move in, abuse her, drive her away and repeat the pattern.  It seems like it was some sort of nasty game Joseph and Emma played together.  It goes a long way toward explaining why after Joseph’s death nobody cared for Emma and just abandoned her in Nauvoo.

So how do we reconcile Joseph Smith’s questionable sexual actions with the fact that he was a prophet of God called to restore the true and living church?  The first thing to understand is Joseph Smith was an apex alpha male.  In terms of personality and mental strength he was like this guy:


It takes a man with incredibly high amounts of testosterone and self confidence to say that he was called by God, release a new book of scripture, create a whole new religion and be willing to die over what he knows to be true.  A man like that will have incredibly high personal confidence and will be nearly irresistible to women.  It’s no surprise that many of the women he married were considered highly attractive.  An apex alpha male like Joseph Smith will have an incredibly high sex drive AND the ability to fulfill his sexual needs.  When you think about Joseph Smith and the kind of man he had to be in order to restore the Gospel it makes sense that Heavenly Father would allow polygamy because it was the only way to thread the eye of the needle on an apex alpha male and his sexual desires.

Who would I recommend Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding to?  If you have a strong testimony of the Gospel and a red pill mindset it is a great book.  It allows you to gain a nuanced view of Joseph Smith and a greater understanding of our history, even the not pleasant parts.  It gives us a good understanding that Joseph Smith brought some of the early persecutions of the church on himself and our church.  I wouldn’t recommend Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding to Mormons who got on the internet and found out that Joseph Smith had many wives and are now questioning their testimony.  It will only makes their questions worse and damage their faith.  Overall Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Toward a Better Understanding is a good book and adds to our knowledge of Mormon history.

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Here’s a Great Test to See How Red Pill You Are

Ever wonder how red pill you are?  If you’ve ever wondered how red pill you are take a look at this image working its way around the internet

I ranked between 9 and 10. It’s a source of personal pride for sure.

If you ever wonder why conservatives always lose just take a look at the rankings.  Most so called conservatives rank at most 4 or 5 on the red pill rankings list.  Many so-called moderate Republicans even rank as a 3 which is basically a college socialist who thinks he’s really smart.

A hard core conservative who is out on the extreme of the conservative movement ranks a 6 on the red pill spectrum.  Anybody who ranks higher than a 6 is considered too extreme for conservatives and is promptly booted from the movement.

Conservatives always lose because they rank far closer to Total Degenerates (1) than they do to Preservers of Freedom and Mankind (10) on the red pill scale.  Since they are closer to 1 they always feel pulled toward total degeneracy and are more sympathetic to total degenerates than they are toward people who want to save western civilization.

When we think about why the left always wins it is because the vast majority of normal Americans who think they are conservative are similar to total degenerates.  For us the defenders of civilization we must understand that we have to work on the rank and file so-called conservatives and get them a lot closer to being defenders of civilization than they are now.

For all of us who’ve taken the red pill we must understand that we have a lot of work to do.  We have to work very hard to get all the Conflicted Normies (4) and Growing Conservatives (5) to move to being 6 and 7 on the red pilled scale.  The good news is that we are just at the very beginning of restoring western civilization.  As things get worse and worse (and they will) more and more normies will be pulled toward the red pill.  We have to have a place where they can come and learn the Truth about the modern world.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, it didn’t fall in a day and we won’t restore western civilization in a day either.  We are in for a long ride so we might as well get comfortable.  So get out there and pass around the red pill.

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My Interview with EuropeanCivilWar.com

Recently Julian Langness interviewed me on his website EuropeanCivilWar.com.  We talked about a wide variety of subjects.

As some readers of the site may know, I have a particular ‘thing’ for Mormonism. I grew up around Mormons, have had many very close Mormon friends, have at times wished I was Mormon, and have read thousands upon thousands of pages about the Mormon religion and its history.

I also feel Mormonism is very relevant to this website and the situation in Europe. Mormons represent basically the only group of ethnic-Europeans on the planet who currently have above-replacement rate fertility. They also have a small but robust presence in Europe. Finally, they are facing many of the same perilous questions about identity and about the future that our people as a whole are facing today.

Therefore when I stumbled upon the Mormon Alt-Right website Red Gulls a few months ago, my interest was immediately piqued. Its articles were on topics highly germaine to our struggle, and the perspective of its editor- Jeffrey Johnson- was challenging and original. As a result, Jeffrey and I decided to each interview the other and post the results on our respective websites.

I think the interview with Jeffrey turned out exceptionally well and highly interesting and I encourage all our readers to check it out in its entirety below.

ECW: Why did you decide to start redgulls.com?

Jeffrey: When it comes to Mormon interest websites there are 3 types. The biggest Mormon interest websites are the mommy bloggers. They spend their time swapping food recipes and hot chocolate techniques. These are great websites and places for women to hang out, but I’m not a woman so they don’t appeal to me. The second kind of Mormon interest websites are the soon to be apostate Mormon sites. These sites are full of millenials who talk about how they are losing their faith because the Mormon Church doesn’t embrace their preferred form of degeneracy. It is annoying to read these people emoting about how they aren’t sure if they believe in the Church anymore because it doesn’t support gay marriage.

The third type of Mormon interest website is sites writing about how Mormon Church leaders are awesome and inspired. They are overwhelmingly “True Believer” propaganda. These sites are boring because they are just a repeat of anything you can read on the Church’s website. This kind of site doesn’t really offer anything new and interesting for readers who want to read LDS interest topics.

I decided to start Redgulls for 2 reasons. First of all I like to think out loud. When I am talking with friends, we talk about the things I write about. Normal people feel very uncomfortable when they hear these things. I’ve learned that I can’t talk about what I write about in public because people don’t want to hear about what they need to do to live a good life. You get labeled “mean.” If you talk about how Islam is evil you get labeled an ignorant racist. So, I decided to write about it to express myself without getting weird looks in public. The second reason I started Redgulls is because I see a niche for alt-right and neo-masculine supporting websites in the Mormon community that are loyal to the LDS Church. Hopefully my writing will help to grow a new Mormon sub culture and do my part to move the Overton Window back toward sanity.

Read the whole thing there.  It’s a great interview and I’m grateful to Julian for interviewing me.

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