High Energy Utah Utes Comeback and Beat USC

It’s time to start feeling high energy about the Utah Utes.  The Utes were able to put up 3 touchdowns in the second half and staged a major comeback victory over USC.  It wasn’t the pathetic USC that played against Alabama and Stanford.  This USC team would have beaten Stanford and given Alabama everything they could handle.  It was a season defining comeback and shows that Utah is going to have a really good season.

So what the Hell happened?

In the first half it was clear that the Utes planned to run the ball and keep USC off the field.  The plan was working.  The offensive line was pushing back USC’s d-line and giving running lanes for the running backs.  On the first few drives of the game Utah was getting 7 or 8 yards on every freaking run.  Even after USC adjusted to stop the run and jammed the box, the Utah running backs were never getting stopped for losses.

However there was a big problem with the plan.  USC’s offense was running wild over the Utah Utes defense.  Utah couldn’t get a stop.  However Utah was able to force 3 fumbles that kept USC from establishing a lead.  Still USC had a kickoff return for a touchdown, kicked a field goal and on their last drive of the first half scored a touchdown to take a 17 to 10 lead at half time.  Coming out of halftime, USC quickly stopped Utah and came down and got another touchdown.  It was 24-10 and things were looking very low energy.

At this point, the Utah Utes weren’t going to be able to rely on their run game.  The Utes had to throw if they were going to come back and make a game of it.  As it turns out Troy Williams can throw.  Troy Williams immediately led the Utes on a touchdown drive where he made a lot of really good throws into tight windows.  After Utah got their touchdown to cut USC’s lead to 7 points, USC immediately came down the field and kicked a field goal to restore their 2 score lead going into the 4th quarter.

Things were looking bad because the Utah Utes had to score twice and give up nothing to a USC offense that was running wild all game long.  Well as it turns out Troy Williams was able to lead Utah on back to back touchdown drives and the defense was able to cook up a 4th quarter stop and the Utes had a great 4th quarter comeback led by the offense.  This is a huge game where the team came a long way and is starting to look like an elite team in all aspects of the game.  Let’s look at what the Utes showed us against USC

Things we learned about the Utah Utes

Troy Williams is the best Utah Utes quarterback since at least Brian Johnson if not the man himself Alex Smith.  That’s not really hard to do, but it’s nice to know that the Utes can rely on their passing game on demand.  He made throw after throw into tight windows without risking interceptions.  He was precise and knew exactly where he wanted to throw.  He didn’t take any sacks.  From the time that he had to take charge of the game in the second half Troy Williams was a dominant star.

The second big thing from this game was the offensive line was great.  USC’s d-line isn’t what it once was but Utah absolutely manhandled them all game long.  In the first half they were opening up big holes in the running game.  USC had to collapse the box to stop the run.  After USC jammed the box and the Utah Utes had to pass, the o-line gave up no sacks and gave Troy Williams tons of time to throw.  They didn’t have any holding penalties and only a couple of false starts.  They were every bit as good as we hoped coming into the season.

The Utah Utes have wide receivers.  Tim Patrick chewed up Adore Jackson the USC star defensive back.  But it wasn’t just him.  All the receivers were getting open and holding onto the ball.  They were able to make plays down in the Red Zone allowing Utah to get touchdowns instead of field goals.  Tim Patrick looked like an NFL wide receiver.  If he continues to produce like tonight and he runs a sub 4.55 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine expect him to get drafted in the first 3 rounds.  The young receivers look like if they continue to develop they can have NFL futures.

Utah’s running game was really good.  The running backs converted 4 4th and 1’s in the game.  They converted a bunch of 3rd and 2 and 3rd and 3’s.  They allowed the Utah Utes to hold the ball all first half and allowed Troy Williams to stay on the field in the second half because they converted every must make short yardage play.  Yes, they had 2 fumbles and lost one but that was mostly due to the rainy weather.  Zack Moss and Armand Shyne were excellent and deserve a lot of cccccrrrrreeeeeeeeeedddiiiittt.

In spite of the two fumbles, I think we should go ahead and call this a clean game.  It was a cold wet and rainy evening.  The Utes only lost one of them.  The offense didn’t have a bunch of holding penalties and only had a couple of false starts.   This is the kind of offensive performance that will get the Utah Utes to the Pac12 Championship Game and maybe beyond.

In spite of Utah’s great offensive performance there were some problems with the defense.  The biggest problem is injuries are piling up on the D-line.  Lowell Lotulelei got injured early in the game and didn’t come back.  The announcers said it was a shoulder problem.  He is a future NFL First Round Draft pick and losing him hurt big time.

The defense looked shaky all game long, but in their defense, after USC got their early 3rd quarter touchdown they held USC to 1 field goal and got a stop on a must stop series.  They forced 3 turnovers, but again that mostly had to do with the weather, but still they forced the turnovers.  A big part of the reason why the Utah Utes defense struggled against USC was because USC’s star players came to play tonight and put on their best performance of the year.  Still the Utes defense got the stops when they needed to.

A quick word about USC

That was a really good USC performance tonight.  Their new quarterback Sam Darnold is a star.  If he had been the quarterback last week against Stanford, USC would have won.  If he started against Alabama, USC would have given them a competitive game.  He’s an NFL quarterback.  I don’t know what USC’s coach was thinking but Sam Darnold needed to be the starter from day 1 for this USC team.  USC’s offensive line was really good and did a great job all game.  I wouldn’t be shocked if USC runs the table from here.

If USC loses more games it is going to be because of their defense.  That d-line is weak.  They can’t get any pressure on the quarterback.  The linebackers had to play super close to the line of scrimmage to stop the Utah Utes from getting 6 or 7 yards on every carry.  USC’s d-line didn’t put any pressure on Troy Williams and the linebackers played so close to the line that there were huge gaps between them and the safeties.  Troy Williams could throw slants on every play due to that gap.  Still with USC’s improved offense and their star power they are going to do well for the rest of the year.


It’s time to get high energy about this year’s Utah Utes team.  They’ve beaten the teams they need to beat.  The Utes grinded out a tough battle against BYU; where they survived a bunch of mistakes.  The Utes offense came together, played a clean game in nasty weather and made big play after big play to come back and beat a desperate USC team.

The Utah offense looks like it has future NFL players at multiple positions.  The o-line has several guys who are going to earn a very good living playing football.  There are NFL players in the receiving corp.  Troy Williams even has a chance to make an NFL roster as a backup, which is what you need if you are going to do well in a Power 5 Conference.  Zack Moss looks like a future NFL running back.  This is the kind of offense that it takes to be a legitimate contender in a Power 5 conference.  So let’s enjoy this week’s victory and feel high energy about what we just witnessed against USC.

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Week 4 Utah Utes vs. USC Football Preview

Pac12 football is here!  The Utah Utes got through their non-conference schedule without a loss.  The Utes survived a 6 turnover near catastrophe vs. BYU and beat 2 weak teams to get to 3-0.  Now the quality of Utah’s opponents goes up exponentially.  No longer will Utah have any semi bye weeks against overmatched competition.  The USC Trojans are coming to Salt Lake City this Friday night and its going to be a season defining game for the Utah Utes.

USC so far

USC is coming into Friday night’s game in a big mess.  USC opened against Alabama and got totally and completely beaten down.  After playing Alabama, USC got an easy win against Utah State.  After playing Utah State, USC had to play against Stanford and got beaten down again.

It isn’t just that USC took bad defeats against Alabama and Stanford because losing to two top 5 level teams is understandable.  What really makes USC look bad is the way they lost.  USC started the season with Max Browne as their starting quarterback.  He was completely useless against Alabama and Stanford and slightly below average against Utah State.  He’s already lost his starting job to red shirt freshman Sam Darnold.  Due to their early losses, there’s been major rumors of dissent on the team and with the coaching staff.

USC’s coaching staff is lead by a promoted assistant coach who took over last year’s team when their previous head coach was too drunk to come to practice and was coaching games piss drunk.  At first USC rallied around their sober coach, but now it seems like the players are less excited about him.  It looks like he isn’t able to run a tactically sophisticated offense and his defense makes major unforced errors.  Both of these are leading indicators of a coach in over his head.

Looking at this USC team and all their problems, USC is there for the taking.  Between the over promoted and overmatched assistant coach LARPing as a head coach, the quarterback problems and the disunity; USC looks like a train wreck right now.  This is a game that looks to favor the Utah Utes and is a game they really need to win.

However things aren’t as good as they seem. First of all USC played 2 teams ranked in the top 10.  Top 10 teams win a lot and beat up on good teams like USC.  It was a very reasonable expectation that USC would be 1-2 coming into this week’s game.  USC always recruits really talented players.  It is very easy to believe that Sam Darnold is a total phenom who should’ve been the starter from Day 1.  He very easily can walk into Salt Lake and have a great game.  All the players on USC know that if they don’t win this week their season can go downhill quickly.  They are all going to rally and put on their best performance against the Utah Utes. USC has a lot of future NFL players and NFL stars.  When they get in the mood to really do their best, they can beat anybody.  This is an absolute must win game for USC and they are going to leave it all on the field.  This game is far from the ready to win game that it looks like on paper.

Utah Utes coming into their Pac12 opener

For a 3-0 Utah Utes team it’s been a really rough start to the season.  They lost their second best defensive lineman to a season ending injury.  Their second best wide receiver got injured against BYU and who knows when he will play again (hopefully on Friday night but who knows)?  Their starting running back decided that he didn’t want to play football anymore but only after he spent 2 weeks running like a girl and fumbling the ball.  Oh and turnovers have been a major problem.  We all know about the 6 turnover disaster against BYU which the Utes somehow survived but even against lowly San Jose State the Utes had 2 more turnovers.  Turnovers are going to kill the Utes.

Kyle Whittingham builds his team around playing a clean game by minimizing turnovers and penalties.  The Utah Utes don’t have the horses on offense to overcome more than 1 turnover per game against front line teams.  From here on out every team Utah plays is a front line team.  The Utes can’t afford a 2 turnover game against USC or else they will lose.

In many aspects of the team the Utah Utes are looking really good.  The Utes have a stronger group of receivers than they ever had before.  These guys move and look like Power 5 conference level receivers.  The Utes have successfully replaced Joe Williams with a group of 3 running backs who all can produce really well.  None of them are Devontae Booker, but they don’t have to be.  In particular Zack Moss looks like he can convert 3rd and 2 every time.  Troy Williams makes a lot of good throws.  He can move the offense far better than Travis Wilson did.  The only question is can he game manage as well as Travis Wilson did?  By the end of his time at Utah, Travis Wilson did a good job managing games and putting the Utes in position for Devontae Booker to win the game.  Troy Williams will need to channel his inner Travis Wilson for the Utes to survive against USC.

Utah Utes projected tactical plan for USC

Kyle Whittingham is a really good coach.  Frankly he doesn’t get nearly enough credit around the state of Utah for how good he has the Utah Utes play.  He has built one of the elite defenses in the country.  He has a very strong offensive line.  He is playing against a freshman quarterback, who even if he is a phenom is going to have some growing pains.  He knows that this USC team is in a combination of disarray and in a backs-to-the wall must win situation.  He knows that Utah should win this game if they just can play a clean game.

For the Utah Utes to beat USC, they must play a clean game.  This means that you can expect Kyle Whittingham to prepare to play a really boring game.  He knows that USC is going to need big plays out of their star players to steal this game.  If Utah can just play a really boring game and minimize USC’s big plays then USC is in rough shape.  Expect Kyle Whittingham to bring back his really boring Travis Wilson game plan.

If Troy Williams doesn’t throw, he can’t throw any interceptions so expect Utah to try to run about 65% of the time.  What the Utah Utes will do is run their best passing plays on their first 2 drives.  These will be the plays that Troy Williams does best.  The goal of these first 2 drives will be to open up some kind of lead.  Hopefully the Utes will get a touchdown or at least a couple of field goals.  Then after USC sees Utah’s best plays and gears up for them, Kyle Whittingham will go really conservative.  As long as the Utes are less than 8 points behind, expect the Utah Utes to run on pretty much every First Down, either run again on Second Down or run a safe pass play and on Third Down do a safe pass or run on every 3rd and 3 or less.  Kyle Whittingham is going to do everything possible to avoid turnovers.

Kyle Whittingham figures that his defense will stop USC.  USC has a couple of really good running backs, a future first round draft pick at wide receiver and some good offensive linemen.  Still USC has a coach with limited tactical sophistication and a freshman quarterback.  What the Utah Utes will do is jam the box on First and Second down.  Their safety will shade to help cover Ju-Ju Smith, USC’s star receiver on early downs.  On all passing situations expect Utah’s defense to play cover.  The plan will be to take away Sam Darnold’s first read and force him into mistakes by throwing into coverage due to his inexperience.  The Utes should be able to get enough pressure on him just by rushing 4.  The plan is to minimize Utah turnovers and force USC into some turnovers.

Conclusion and prediction

Kyle Whittingham’s plan for victory Friday night is to win something like 16 to 7 where the Utah Utes get a touchdown off of a USC turnover and then kick some field goals while the defense does its thing and gets some sacks and interceptions.  It’s a good plan, it’s the right plan and it needs to work.  The biggest problems with this plan are: the weather and USC’s star power.  It’s going to be cold, wet and rainy in Salt Lake City on Friday.  Everybody is going to struggle to hold onto the football Friday night.  The Utah Utes have been having fumbling problems and interception problems all season long so why would Friday be any different?  The second problem is USC has a lot of star power.  Last year it was that freshman middle linebacker who had those 3 interceptions that won the game for USC.  USC has 5 or 6 elite players who can win a game all by themselves.  It only takes one of them getting into a big groove to upset Utah’s plans.

This is going to be a big season defining game for the Utah Utes.  If the Utes can eliminate the turnovers and win a boring game management type game, then it indicates that they will be able to win 9 or more games.  Utah’s offense is making a lot of progress and the most important thing is to eliminate the turnovers.  After the Utes eliminate the turnovers, they can focus on making more plays, which they have shown they can do.  If the Utah Utes can’t get their turnover problem under control then they are looking at only winning 6 or 7 games.

I really want to be high energy and upbeat about this year’s Utah Utes team.  I can see that the talent level on offense is better than in the past.  The defense is Alabama level good.  The o-line is looking strong.  This can be a 10 wins or more level Utah Utes team.  The problem is those damn turnovers.  I can’t declare the Utes an elite team until after they show that they can get them under control.  If Utah plays a clean game Friday night, I’m going to get really high energy about this Utes team.  Unfortunately USC has too much star power and the weather is going to force the Utes to struggle to hold onto the ball.  I can’t pick Utah to beat a desperate USC team until after they show that they can play a boring game management type game.  It pains me to say it but I have to predict that USC wins this game.  Let’s call it 24 to 16 for USC because of Utah turnovers killing them like last year.

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The Reason Why We Are Commanded to Serve Others

One of the things that I’ve had to work out in my mind is why are we commanded to serve others?  Objectively service is a total waste of time.  We know that people don’t feel grateful for it.  We also know that it doesn’t positively help people.  People who receive the most service are almost always highly dysfunctional and won’t overcome their problems.  Yet at the same time we know that we are commanded to perform service.

And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.  (Mosiah 2:17).

I’ve come up with 2 main reasons why we are commanded to serve.  The first reason is that it makes us understand what Heavenly Father is like.  Heavenly Father does everything for us and very few of us bother to thank him and they don’t use his blessings and help to live better lives.  Still Heavenly Father loves us anyway.

The second reason why we are commanded to serve is because it draws us closer to those we give service to.  One of the interesting things about service is how it affects us.  When we serve others our service draws us closer to them.  At the same time people who receive service feel contempt for those who serve them.  It is why husbands and wives are commanded to serve each other because it is one of the most effective ways to bond husbands and wives together.  Parents serving their children is one of the best ways to make sure that they always love their kids.

We are commanded to perform service because it is the most effective way to make us feel connected and feel like we care for the people we serve.  Service has little or nothing to do with the people we serve but it has everything to do with us.

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The Male Sexual Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet and it is Terrifying

Everybody knows that the 1960’s sexual revolution freed men and women from traditional sex roles, except that isn’t what happened.  The male sexual revolution didn’t happen in the 1960’s.  The 1960’s sexual revolution freed women from traditional sex roles but it didn’t free men from traditional sex roles.  It was marketed to beta males with a promise that they would get to nail lots of hotties, but does anybody know a beta male these days who’s nailing lots of hotties?  Beta males were promised lots of sex with hot girls in a hedonistic paradise but that didn’t happen.  The male sexual revolution hasn’t happened yet but it is coming soon and the projections of its consequences are scary to even think about.

The 1960’s sexual revolution benefitted women by:

  1. Creating a birth control pill that allowed women to disconnect sex from reproduction, allowing women to pursue sex purely for pleasure.
  2. Giving women a sexually permissive culture and allowed women to pursue the men they want. All women could get their 5 minutes of alpha without having to suffer a lifetime of beta.
  3. Women were allowed the freedom to have abortions and propaganda celebrated it. This allowed women to face no negative consequences for murdering their own children and allowed them to feel good about murdering their own children
  4. No fault divorce laws gave women the freedom not to suffer a lifetime of beta but allowed them to dump their husbands for another round of alpha chasing.
  5. Alimony and child support laws removed women’s fear of poverty in the event of divorce giving women greater incentive to divorce.

The whole sexual revolution removed all constraints on female sexuality and removed the need for women to rely on men.  No restraints on men’s sexual behavior were removed in the 1960’s sexual revolution.

The results of the 1960’s sexual revolution:

  1. Women are unhappier than ever
  2. 25% of all women are on anti-depression medication
  3. Women are alone.

For men, the 1960’s sexual revolution only benefited the top 15 to 20% of all men who got to participate in it.  Between 80 to 85% of all men didn’t get to get in on the hedonistic depravity of the 1960’s sexual revolution.  The men who didn’t get to get in on the depravity felt doubly beaten down because they felt that everybody else got to get in on the hedonism.

What a male sexual revolution would look like

A male sexual revolution would be a man having unlimited sexual access on demand with a wide variety of highly attractive women without any consequences.  Very few men have ever had the opportunity to live anything close to a male sexual revolution.  The only men who had this kind of a life were Muslim sultans and Chinese emperors who had massive harems of women available for their sexual pleasure.

Internet porn is a free preview to the male sexual revolution

High quality internet pornography is a free preview of what the male sexual revolution looks like and the consequences are horrific.  All men having access to high quality internet pornography has caused massive damage to all men.  The consequences for men are:

  1. Less ambition. Why go talk to an average looking girl when you can jerk off at home?  Why work hard in your job to earn enough money to support a wife when you can just jerk off at home.
  2. Increased male obesity. Why go and look good when the girls you jerk off to will never see you?  You don’t even have to leave the house to indulge in internet porn.
  3. Less dating. Why ask a girl out when you can stay home and jerk off to girls cuter than she is?  Why take a girl out on a date when you can stay home and jerk off to girls cuter than she is?  Why even bother taking the risk when you can just jerk off at home.
  4. More men staying at home and becoming shut ins. Men don’t need a lot to get by in life.  If men have food to eat and a roof over their heads then they are pretty much content.  Give them internet porn and they don’t even feel the need to get out there in life and take on the world.

The consequences from internet porn for men and women have been a huge disaster.  Men have less ambition to get out there and build civilization.  Women need men to get out there and build the world.  If men aren’t building the world then women are in big trouble.  If men are dropping out now in large part due to internet pornography even worse things are on the horizon.

The next wave of technology giving men the feeling of a sexual revolution

The next wave of technology is coming down the pipeline that will be even more powerful and corrupting than internet pornography.  The first bit of new technology is almost here: high quality virtual reality pornography.

We’ve seen the results that high quality internet porn lowers men’s ambition and lowers their interest in women.  VR porn is going to give men an all encompassing internet porn experience.  If men really enjoy high quality internet porn then when they get an all encompassing experience they will enjoy it even more.  VR porn will addict men even more than internet porn because VR porn will amplify the porn experience.  When men feel like they are actually in the movie they will have even less ambition to go out and meet real actual girls and have less ambition to go out and make their place in the world.

Even worse than VR porn is the coming sexbot revolution.  Heartiste has written a great deal about the rise of the sexbot revolution and how it will damage relations between men and women.  With sexbots men literally will be plugged into high quality VR porn while actually having sex with a machine that performs better in bed than any real life woman.  As more and more men use sex bots they will have even less interest in women and personal advancement than they had with internet porn.  Through technology men will have unlimited sexual access on demand in an environment where their “partners” will perform better than a real woman.

The rise of VR porn and eventually sexbots will create the male sexual revolution and it will be terrifying.  Through technology men will have created an environment where they feel like they have unlimited sexual access and no responsibility for their actions.  Men will be able to plug into a machine or grab a robot and feel like they are having great sex and their brain literally will tell them that they are having real sex.  Men will disappear into the world of VR porn and sexbots to an extreme level.  Average run of the mill men will lose interest in women because real life women won’t be nearly as interesting to them as VR girls.  This will put huge pressure on women to chase after the few men who don’t get wrapped up in VR porn and sexbots.  Many men will have massive rotations of women they casually date that they will feel like some kind of sultan with his own personal harem.

The consequences of the male sexual revolution will be

The male sexual revolution will be even more destructive than the female sexual revolution of the 1960’s.  The main consequences of the male sexual revolution will be:

  1. Vastly decreased male interest in women. The general rule already is men don’t take interest in women they don’t want to hook up with.  When most men already are having VR porn sexbot sex with lots of women, they won’t have any interest in women at all.  This means that men won’t talk to girls, won’t help girls and just plain won’t care about them at all.  Women need men and if men aren’t interested in women, then women will struggle to get the real support they need to get through life.  Women will feel rejected and feel even more bitter and upset than they do now.
  2. Male ambition will crater. There’s the saying that says that men created civilization to have a better place to bang their woman.  If men don’t need to go out in the world and produce to get a woman to bang, then they won’t go out into the world.  Can modern infrastructure even survive without huge groups of men keeping it running?  With most men getting their jollies hooked up to a machine, men won’t have the ambition to go out there and achieve.  They literally will stay in their mom’s basement wrapped up in their VR headsets with their favorite robot having world class sex.  They won’t want to leave their dream world.
  3. Most men will completely give up on proper diet and exercise. Why look good for a real life girl when the girls in their VR sexbot world won’t care what they look like?  Men will be free to indulge in their other vices because it won’t negatively affect their sex life.  Expect to see male obesity to go through the roof.  It will become common to see that most men weigh more than 300 pounds, look horrible and don’t care about it at all.
  4. The small minority of men who shun VR porn and sexbots will have a wide variety of women competing for their sexual attention. As more and more men completely drop out from dating and life, the competition for the few remaining men will become fierce.  Women will become willing to share the few men who are still on the dating market.  Men who stay in the dating market will have harems of women sexually satisfying them and also economically supporting them.  These men will literally live like sultans and spend all of their time with their harems and women will just accept it.


The male sexual revolution is on its way here and it is going to be terrifying.  Through modern technology men will be able to live their wildest sexual fantasies and not have to suffer and consequences of it.  Men won’t need to go out into the world and make something of themselves and they won’t.  Relations between men and women will become even more strained and women legitimately will suffer.  The male sexual revolution has the potential to completely destroy civilization and the human race.  Let’s hope that the male sexual revolution doesn’t destroy all of us.

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Progressives Love to Create Narratives to Advance their Agenda

One of the big things that “Progressives” do is they create narratives about the world.  They try to create a subjective truth where the way to determine truth is by whether or not the narrative advances the “Progressives” agenda.  Objective truth has no bearing on whether or not the story is truth relative to the narrative.  For example all throughout my years studying history, I learned that China and Asia were far more advanced than the West.  I learned that the West only took Chinese knowledge, reengineered it and made minor advances to the technology.  The West then used this to advance ahead of China.  Every history student learns this in high school and college.

There’s only one problem with this narrative.  The narrative is completely false.  In fact it is laughably false.  In January 2011 I went on a cruise that stopped in Rome.  I always wanted to visit Rome and I got to see the Vatican, the Coliseum, the Forum, etc.  They were awesome.  The same year I visited China.  China was great.  I visited the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors, etc.  They were really cool.  The Forbidden City was built around the same time as the current Vatican.  There is just no comparison between the 2 buildings.  The Forbidden City looks like the work of children compared to the Vatican.  The development gap is even bigger between the Terracotta Warriors and ancient Rome.

After seeing the two countries side by side, there is just no doubt that the West was always more advanced than the East.  It is just obvious that the West always was more advanced.  You would think that these supposed intellectuals would be able to discern the truth.  But they don’t want too, because the objective truth does not fit with their narrative.

The narrative that the “Progressives” push is that the West is evil and has no value.  “Progressives” want to denigrate and humiliate the West.  They push a narrative that we stole everything from everybody else and that now we should have to pay to the rest of the world for what we stole from them.  This is the “Progressives” historical narrative that they push.

Your YSA Ward is a Celibacy Club Designed to Ruin Your Dating Life

I recently started dating a really cute girl.  She wanted to make our relationship Facebook official so we changed our relationship statuses.  After she changed her Facebook relationship status suddenly a bunch of girls from her YSA ward messaged her.  They told her that the relationship wouldn’t last and that she should dump me now.  My girlfriend asked me why girls in her YSA ward would attack her relationship.  I told her that the girls in her ward were members of a celibacy club, looking to torpedo her relationship.

A celibacy club is a social group designed to keep all members of the group from building successful relationships.  When a member of the celibacy club starts to form a real relationship, the rest of the group works to destroy the relationship and keep her in the group.  Most YSA social groups act as celibacy clubs.

Do you ever wonder why it seems like nobody is dating in your local single adult ward?  It is because many people in the ward work to undermine everybody else’s dating experience.  When the celibacy club hears that a girl and a man in the ward went on a successful date and she liked him, the group goes into action.  The girls tell the girl that she can do better than the man she went out with.  The dorky guys tell the girl that he is a jerk who will hurt her, so she better get rid of him.

YSA ward celibacy clubs exist because dorky guys in the ward want to date the few pretty girls without risking rejection.  They figure that if they can keep girls in the ward from dating, then eventually they will have to settle with one of the dorky guys.  Average girls in the YSA celibacy club want to keep the pretty girls from dating because they know that the only reason guys pay them any attention is to get access to the pretty girls.  The average girls know that if the pretty girls get into relationships, then the average girls won’t get invited to group activities on Friday night and have to spend the night alone all by themselves.

You must remember that your local YSA ward usually operates as a celibacy club trying to keep you from having a good dating life.  You must understand that the people in your single adult ward are trying to undermine your dating prospects.  You must accept that when you start dating a great girl, her frenemies will work to ruin your relationship.

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Utah Utes Week 3 Preview vs. San Jose State

The Utah Utes survived their 6 turnover debacle against BYU and moved to 2-0 for the 2016 season.  The Utes have their first road game of the season against San Jose State this weekend when they travel out to the Bay Area to take on the Spartans.  Let’s take a look at what the Utes need to do to get ready for USC.

San Jose State isn’t going to beat the Utah Utes.  If Utah beat BYU while turning the ball over 6 times, then they aren’t going to lose to San Jose State.  I’m not really interested in looking at San Jose State’s lineup because they are just a lower level FBS team and they probably aren’t much better than Southern Utah University.  However this is an important game for the Utes because they have to get ready to play USC 6 days later.  For the Utes they need to accomplish several important things to get ready for USC.  Let’s look at what the Utes need to do to get ready for USC.

Objectives for the Utah Utes against San Jose State

Objective 1: Play a clean game.  This means no turnovers and penalties.  The Utah Utes had 6 turnovers against BYU and the Utes need to clean this up ASAP.  Let’s face it, Utah isn’t going to win any other game when they have 6 freaking turnovers.  The second thing Utah needs to do to play a clean game is minimize penalties.  The Utes had too many penalties against BYU.  Removing Garrett Bolles from the lineup helped Utah play a clean 4th quarter against BYU.  Against San Jose State the Utes need to minimize turnovers and penalties.

Objective 2: Avoid injuries.  The Utes had a massive loss when Kylie Fitts was declared out for the season this week.  He is an incredibly important player and his loss is massive.  The Utes really can’t afford to lose any more players before the USC game.  This is one of those things that the Utah Utes don’t have a lot of control over.  Really the only thing Utah can do to minimize injuries is to get out to a big early lead and rotate in a lot backups and young players.  It is important for the Utes to open up a big early lead and stomp on San Jose State.  If this game is competitive in the 4th quarter then it opens Utes players up to getting injured.

Objective 3: Offense comes together.  Despite having 6 freaking turnovers against BYU, there were major improvements in the Utah Utes offense from Week 1 to Week 2.  The offensive line opened big holes against BYU and the offense moved the ball very well, except when they fumbled the ball.  The receivers didn’t drop the ball and they did a good job of getting open.  For Week 3 the Utes offense needs to keep up their improvements and eliminate the turnovers and penalties.

Objective 4: Get new players up to speed.  Everybody says that Garrett Bolles is a talented player.  He is having a hard time getting adjusted to playing at the FBS level.  The Utah Utes need to work to get him up to speed.  Zak Moss looked really good with his carries against BYU.  From here on out he’s probably going to be the feature running back now that Joe Williams retired.  Zak Moss needs more carries.

Conclusion and prediction

The Utah Utes game against San Jose State needs to be a comfortable warm up stroll to get ready for USC.  Utah needs to eliminate turnovers and penalties.  The Utes need to eliminate injures by opening a big lead and being able to play lots of backups and young players.  The Utes also need to get players like Zak Moss and Garret Bolles playing well so that they can perform against USC.  Everything about this game indicates that Utah should have a good game and a comfortable victory.  The offense seems better than in past seasons and should continue to improve.  There are 0 worries about the defense outside of the loss of Kylie Fitts.  Utah should dominate this game and it should serve as a good non-conference schedule cap stone game before getting into Pac12 Conference play.  Let’s call this game 42 to 10 for the Utah Utes.

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obese degenerate

America’s Biggest Obese Degenerate Shows America’s Obsession with Food and Sex

I’ve found America’s most obese sexual degenerate.  The American people are obsessed about making sure to indulge in all their vices.  “If it feels good do it” is the founding belief of the vast majority of modern Americans.  America’s two main vices are gluttony and an obsession with sex.  Check out this image of a degenerate who is obsessed with sex and gluttony in the worst way possible.

America’s biggest sexual degenerate

Check out how this obese degenerate talks about how he is able to have sex with himself now that he weighs 700 pounds.  This obese degenerate is literally able to fuck himself due to his massive obesity.  What is even more disturbing is this obese monster has the nerve to post pictures of his obesity on the internet for the whole world to see.  He has no same and thinks that he is worthy of praise for eating massive amounts of food and having sex with himself.

America is the most sinful nation in the world today.  Americans are obsessed with sexual pleasure and are obsessed with eating.  Americans love to stuff their faces full of food.  The Center for Disease Control says that 70% of all American women below the age of 35 are overweight or obese.  Think about how staggering those numbers are?  The vast majority of Americans have no control over how much food they put into their mouths.

America is a nation obsessed with sexual pleasure.  Americans are obsessed with the way that they get off.  For example look at homosexuals.  They broadcast the way that they like to get sexual pleasure to the whole world and they expect the world to praise them for the way they get off.  This obese degenerate isn’t only satisfied with showing off how fat he is, but he even makes sure to point out that he is literally able to have sex with himself.  What’s worse is he expects people to praise him for having sex with his fat pad.  This obese degenerate publicly talks about how he sits around his house and has sex with his fat pad while eating.

Normal people must control their urges.  America’s sin is  no self control and unlimited self indulgence.  Americans believe that if it feels good do it.  Very few Americans believe that they have to show any restraint at all.  Just look at the obesity statistics because they show that most Americans can’t even control their food intake.

As Mormons we must understand that we have to show self control in our lives.  We have to limit our food intake to proper amounts.  We must never go around bragging about our other vices and demand that the general population accept our sins.  Look at the degenerate lead singer of Neon Trees.  He’s become an apostate Mormon because the LDS Church won’t celebrate the way that he gets his cummies.

Degenerates demand that we celebrate the way that they get pleasure.  Homosexual Mormons demand that the rest of the Mormon Community celebrate the way that they get their cummies.  Their obsession with their cummies shows that they are total degenerates.  As Mormons we must reject degenerates who want us to celebrate their sins.  If we accept their sins, eventually they will demand that we celebrate 700 pound degenerates who literally fuck themselves.

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Tolerance is a Manipulation Word Enemies of Western Civilization Use When Weak

The biggest lie that enemies of Mormons tell us is that we have to tolerate all kinds of diversity of opinion.  We hear that we have to give so-called gay Mormons a voice.  Mormons don’t hear why we are supposed to give a voice to people to speak against the LDS Church.  What Mormons and supporters of civilization in general don’t understand is tolerance is a manipulation word enemies of civilization use when they are weak.

Let’s take Islam for a good example.  When the first Muslims show up, they integrate well.  They get on well with their neighbors.  They talk about how they love the West but they want us to tolerate Islam and listen to its virtues.  As more and more Muslims move in, they form their own neighborhood.  They exclude non Muslims while demanding tolerance.  Eventually they get so many Muslims they take over the neighborhood and make everybody confirm to Muslim standards.  The pattern is demand for tolerance when weak and they demand conformity when strong.

We see this pattern repeated constantly.  Let’s look at the homosexual movement.  At first as gays came out of the closet, they just wanted tolerance.  As they gained more power, they demanded acceptance.  And now that the gay lobby is all powerful, they demand that civilization conform to their lifestyle or else you lose your business as many Christian bakers have learned.

We see ridiculous narratives wanting tolerance in the Mormon community today.  For example we hear all about a supposed gay teenage Mormon suicide crisis all the time in the SJW Salt Lake Tribune.  After reporting some suicide by a gay teenager Mormon we then have to hear a lecture about how we have to tolerate gay Mormons.  We know that so-called gay Mormons are weak and don’t have control over Mormon culture because they want tolerance.  If they had power they would demand conformity with their lifestyle.  The lesson is if we give so-called gay Mormons tolerance and understanding as soon as they gain power they will want acceptance and eventually conformity.

Tolerance is the camel’s nose under the door of the tent.  We must understand that tolerating those who are against our beliefs is just their attempt to corrupt our religion and beliefs.  We must never allow them to have a “dialog” with us because they just want to destroy the Mormon Church.

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In Defense of Anime Nazis

Matt Forney is doing excellent work showing that America is becoming a decayed Empire obsessed with its cummies.  One of the important things he has done is show how the various anime Nazis on Twitter are a bunch of disgusting depraved sexual degenerates who a sane society would shun and put in a place where we wouldn’t ever have to see them, hear from them or think about them.  Matt Forney challenged anybody to make a defense of disgusting anime Nazis.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided to take up the defense of these disgusting creatures.

Anime Nazis are disgusting degenerate creatures

Before I get into my defense of anime Nazis, I want to point out that I agree with Matt 100% on everything he has said about them.  Check out this disgusting teenage anime Nazi:

Also look at Matt Forney’s work deconstructing America’s sexual obsession and how it is affecting anime Nazis:

Now that we have established that anime Nazis are disgusting creatures and a sane society would shun them and America won’t heal, until it shuns everybody like them.  Let’s look at some reasons why the anime Nazis are valuable to the alt-right for the time being.

7 Reasons why anime Nazis are useful and valuable to the alt-right

  1. The anime Nazis move the Overton Window to the right. Every time they get on Twitter and make an image of Pepe the Frog in a SS uniform go viral they push the national dialog farther to the right.  Instead of talking about building a wall and ending H1B visas, they talk about gassing non Whites.  They help do their part to making things like “Build a wall, deport them all” seem moderate and reasonable because they push the narrative extremely far right.
  2. They make people like Matt Forney, Davis Aurini and me into the moderate option. If it weren’t for the anime Nazis, basic nationalism would be too extreme to handle.  However by the anime Nazis pushing the Overton Window so far to the right, we become the moderate option.  We can go to the leftists and cucks and say, “Hey we are nothing like those disgusting anime Nazis.  If you don’t want their style of nation then you better give me what I want.  I’m the only one standing between you and the anime Nazis.”  It is the same tactic the gay mafia uses to push their agenda.  There’s the weirdos in the Pride parades having group sex in public.  Then the “just like us” looking homosexual get up and says, “Hey those guys are gross.  We need gay marriage so that those guys don’t take over America and make the whole country one big sex orgy.”  Then after he gets what he wants the moderate gay pushes for the next thing he wants.  The anime Nazis allow us to do the same thing only in the direction of saving civilization.
  3. Anime Nazis are mean, nasty creatures. Politics is a nasty game.  Leftists have advanced their agenda because their hostility to normal people has made normal people afraid to speak out against the advance of Cultural Marxism.  Sane people are afraid to speak out against Cultural Marxism because they will face all kinds of negative consequences at work, at their university and in their community.  Anime Nazis perform the same task for the right.  On Twitter the few non college intern leftists are afraid to have too big of a footprint because they know that the anime Nazis can show up and bullycide them at any time.  This helps the alt-right have a strong presence on Twitter without too much leftist interference.
  4. Anime Nazis strike fear into Jewish members of (((the media))). Every time a Jew tries to do some tweets about White privilege and how he as a (((white man))) hates his privilege, he can expect to get a flood of Happy Merchant images and images of him in a gas chamber.  Jews have multiple generations of being raised to be absolutely paranoid of the goyim starting annouda Shoah.  After getting a bunch of anti Jew images for a few days, most of the lower mid level members of (((the media))) stop talking about White privilege.  All the anti-Semitism they receive makes them slither off to talk about something else.  This is a big deal because it keeps the amount of Jews masquerading as Whites to appropriate minimums and they quickly get marked as infiltrators and the anime Nazis make it harder for the White privilege narrative to get established.
  5. They create a barrier to entry into the alt-right. Right now entryists are looking to infiltrate the alt-right and subvert it.  Vox Day said that the 14 Words are a good litmus test for determining who is sympathetic to the alt-right and who isn’t.  The anime Nazis take the whole thing 3 steps farther by advocating for the whole gas the Jews thing and calling for “race war now” even though they would be the first people to run if a real race war actually happened.  They make the standard 14 Words moderate and show that if somebody isn’t sympathetic to the 14 Words, then they are an infiltrator.
  6. The anime Nazis are a magic mirror into the darkness in our souls. Common Filth has done the Lord’s work in showing that these people are disgusting degenerates.  At the same time Common Filth pointing out their sins helps us see our bad behavior and demonstrates that we have to cut out sin from our lives.  I’ve benefitted from Common Filth’s work and I know that Matt Forney has as well.
  7. If we restore America the anime Nazis aren’t going to be in the public sphere. During the rise of the Nazis, Hitler created a group called the SA.  These were his Stormtroopers.  They brawled on the streets of Germany against the Communists who were trying to take over Germany in the early 1930’s.  One of the interesting things about the leadership and membership of the SA was that it was full of homosexuals, transsexuals and other degenerates.  After Hitler consolidated power, the first thing he did was arrest the leaders of the SA who he knew were sexual degenerates and sent them off to labor camps.  If the anime Nazis create their AnimeNaziReich they will be the first ones sent to the gas chamber.  If people like Matt Forney and me get our way and we restore America to a traditional, sane and civilized nation, then the anime Nazis will be shunned from polite society and they will slither off to wherever weirdos like them hide.


The anime Nazis are disgusting creatures.  They are the mirror image of the degenerate leftist SJW’s who make everybody’s lives miserable.  Yes their sexual habits are gross and in a sane world we wouldn’t have to know about the disgusting bedroom behavior they broadcast to the world.  Yes they are a sign of a decaying society obsessed with cummies.  However they are OUR disgusting, nasty creatures who make leftists and cucks lives miserable.

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