Donald Trump at the Al Smith Dinner and the Return of Disgust

Last night I saw a clip of Donald Trump at the Al Smith dinner.  It was supposed to be one of those hahahah moments where the globalist elites and leading politicians tell some corny jokes and the Republican candidate acts mild mannered and shows that he is willing to be the nice loser candidate.  However Donald Trump didn’t go up there and play by their rules.  He showed disgust and contempt for the disgusting degenerates who run America.

Donald Trump uses slight amounts of humor in his roast but his whole routine is pure disgust with the degenerates propping up Hillary Clinton.  The absolute best line was when he showed disgust at the pathetic cuckold Catholics who allowed Hillary into the room and gave her a forum.  He said that Hillary was doing a good job of pretending that she didn’t hate Catholics.  He absolutely ripped the mask of the organizer of the dinner, a Catholic and the Arch-Bishop who had Hillary sitting next to him.  He laid their weakness and degeneracy bare.  We all know that both of those men are voting for Crooked Hillary and Trump was showing disgust at how they are going to vote for a woman WHO HATES THEM.

Over the last year and a half I’ve learned so much from Donald Trump.  He has taught me and so many other Americans important lessons.  He has showed us what true bravery looks like.  It is continuing forward when everyday you are attacked, reviled and ridiculed by disgusting degenerates.  One of the biggest things that Donald Trump has taught all of us is that it’s good to show disgust for degenerates and their enablers.  At the Republican Convention Donald Trump showed disgust on his face when Ted Cruz gave that obnoxious stab-in-the-back speech.

The Trump family showing disgust for a slimy rat trying to stab them in the back

One of the most powerful tools all of us right thinking warm blooded Americans can do to start to take our country back and rebuild our civilization is show disgust for the corrupt and the degenerate.  For example my article on Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn is showing disgust for his lifestyle and how he values HIS cummies over obeying God.  Showing disgust toward them is a powerful tool because it shows that we aren’t fooled by them.  It shows that we know what they are and we know what they do.  Showing that we are disgusted by degeneracy is an act of bravery.  Right now American culture celebrates anything wicked and disgusting.  American culture puts down anything wholesome and good.  Showing that we are disgusted by degeneracy is bravery because we show that we are willing to make a stand against wickedness and stand up against every institution in America.

As Mormons one of the most important things we can do to protect our church is to show disgust at degeneracy and the people who enable it.  Show disgust at quasi out of the closet degenerates that infect so many of the local single adult wards.  Show disgust at the single moms who kicked their husbands out of their family’s life and then went on to slander their ex-husbands.  Show disgust at the weak cuck members who tell us that we have to be nice and understanding of all the degenerates who are undermining the LDS Church and Mormon culture.  When we show that we are disgusted by these people and their enablers we show bravery and we inspire others to stand up against degeneracy and their enablers.  By showing disgust at degenerates and their cuckold enablers we can take back the Mormon Church and free Mormon culture from the degenerates undermining it.

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Utah Utes Week 8 Preview vs. UCLA

The Utah Utes are 6-1 and going into their season defining 2 game Hell run vs. UCLA and Washington.  It’s been a real struggle all year for the Utes and outside of the back half of the 3rd quarter and 4th quarter against USC, they Utes haven’t looked good at all this year.  But hey, who cares.  The Utes are 6-1.  This week the Utah Utes take on UCLA at the Rose Bowl and it promises to be a real slug fest.

What’s up with UCLA?

It’s been a brutal year for UCLA.  They’ve struggled in Pac12 play and to compound things their superstar soon to be first player selected in the NFL draft quarterback Josh Rosen is injured.  Last Week Josh Rosen warmed up in an attempt to play but he couldn’t go.  Most people think that he is going to play this week.  The thought process is this week’s game is an absolute must win game for UCLA.  If UCLA loses this week they will struggle to get to 6 wins, so Rosen has to play.

Las Vegas seems to think that Rosen is going to play because they have UCLA as a 7 point favorite to win.  Winning by a full touchdown in a Pac12 game is a total beat down and there’s no way that UCLA is beating the Utah Utes by a full touchdown without Rosen, so Vegas thinks that Rosen is going to play and play like he is 100%.  I watched the UCLA vs. ASU game and even before he hurt is shoulder, Josh Rosen looked beat up.  His legs were hurt and he couldn’t avoid the pass rush at all.  He was a sitting duck in the pocket.  I really don’t see how he’s magically going to be better 2 weeks from all of that.

Besides Josh Rosen struggling with injuries, the biggest problem UCLA has is the O-line is a total sieve.  They are letting all teams get tons of pressure and they can’t open up run lanes for their running backs.  Having a poor offensive line is death for any offense and UCLA’s offense has been a total mess behind their poor O-line.

Still in spite of having a poor record the season hasn’t been a complete mess.  UCLA’s defense has played well and kept UCLA competitive.  UCLA was able to defeat BYU on the strength of their defense and stayed competitive against Stanford back when Stanford was still playing well.  UCLA has a lot of NFL talent on their defense so they can get the job done.

Utah Utes tactics against UCLA

Last year the Utah Utes were able to stop UCLA’s offense but still lost the game because the Utes couldn’t punch in the Red Zone.  Expect Utah to be able to stop UCLA’s offense again.  Utah’s defense is having a good season and forcing a lot of turnovers.  Expect the Utah defense to have another great game and hold UCLA to about 16 points.

The question facing the Utah Utes is can they get more than 16 points against a very good UCLA defense?  I think so.  Utah is getting their backup center back this week who should be a big upgrade over the walk on center who has played the last 2 games.  He did a good job of helping Utah grind out 2 games, but Utah needs a better player in there to beat better teams.  Getting Utah’s offensive line upgraded will be a big help against UCLA.

The next thing that will help the Utah Utes get more than 16 points is Utah’s stronger passing game over last year.  Yes, last week’s passing game was a total train wreck.  Nobody is denying that.  However it was a one off mess in horrible weather.  Let’s pretend that Troy Williams’ week of only completing 4 passes didn’t happen and just ignore it.  For their game against UCLA Tim Patrick is back from injury.  He played last week against Oregon State and now should be healthy for the UCLA game.  All year Troy Williams has played a lot better than Travis Wilson played last year.  Last year Travis Wilson couldn’t get the job done in the Red Zone against UCLA.  Having Tim Patrick in the Red Zone is going to be a major upgrade for the Utah Utes.

At the running back position Joe Williams will shoulder the load again.  Let’s hope that Zack Moss is back this week and can do the hard 3rd and 2 running that Joe Williams doesn’t do well.  Last year Joe Williams rushed for a lot of yards against UCLA but couldn’t punch-in in the Red Zone.

A lot of people have been talking about the Utah Utes going for it on 4th and 1 this year.  Utah has been converting at a good clip but it cost them some points last week.  I think that this week you will see Utah kick on all the 4th and 1 situations where they are in relatively comfortable field goal range.  This game promises to be a low scoring game and those extra 3 points are going to add up quickly.

The game plan for the UCLA game is to try to pass early in the game.  The weather is going to be good unlike the monsoon last week against Oregon State.  Expect the Utah Utes to try to get Troy Williams and Tim Patrick going early.  Once Utah has a decent passing game going, expect them to rely on the running game.  Expect Joe Williams to get a lot of carries.

Conclusion and prediction

Last week I was wrong on the score line of my prediction.  I didn’t factor in the bad weather but I was right that the Utah Utes would spend most of the game up by 2 scores.  This week I see a real grind it out type game.  Las Vegas thinks that Josh Rosen is close to 100% healthy and that he will lead UCLA to victory.  If he is healthy I agree with Vegas.  I don’t like to bet against NFL starting quarterbacks playing college football.  However I don’t think that he is healthy and even if he plays his injuries are going to greatly limit what he can do.  I think that Utah is going to win this game but I think that it is going to be a nasty grind with a low score.  Let’s call this 19-16 for Utah.

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Your Local YSA Single Adult Ward is the Mormon Bar

When my brother and I attended our local YSA ward together one of the things we always noticed was the way everybody congregated at the end of sacrament meeting.  They gathered at the back of the chapel in the walkway and mingled together.  The last row of the pews functioned to provide a barrier to how much people could spread out.  The end of the pews functioned exactly like how a bar limits how people socialize at night.  My brother and I started to joke that our local YSA ward was the Mormon bar.

We would talk about what we should do was start to serve non alcoholic drinks to the people congregating around the back of the pews.  Then we talked about how we needed to put on some soft trendy music to create an ambiance and we also needed to serve simple snacks to keep everybody satisfied.  After joking around about setting up a bar at our local YSA single adult ward we realized a very important truth.

The function of the LDS YSA single adult program is to facilitate young men meeting each other for the purpose of dating and marriage.  The point of our local single adult ward was to help young men and women date and marry.  The whole reason why everybody was there was because we were supposed to use our time together to date and marry.  The tragedy was that hardly anybody used their YSA ward to date and marry.

Mormon single adults need to understand that the purpose of attending YSA wards is to help them meet people for the purpose of dating and marriage.  That’s it.  Everything that goes on at a single adult ward is just background noise.  If you currently attend a YSA ward and there aren’t girls who you want to date or there aren’t girls there who want to date you, then you need to find a different ward.  You either must move, or just decide to attend different wards until you find a ward where you are able to find girls to date and potentially marry.  If your single adult ward isn’t functioning as a proper Mormon bar, then you get to get to a YSA ward that works well as your Mormon bar.

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Joseph Smith Was Right Laman and Lemuel Represent Jewish Victimology and Self Entitlement

One of the subtle things going on in The Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith nails on the head is the victimology that Jews always use.  Laman and Lemuel are perfect examples of TJB and how they mess things up and their hateful nature.

And it came to pass that the Jews did mock him because of the things which he testified of them; for he truly testified of their wickedness and their abominations; and he testified that the things which he saw and heard, and also the things which he read in the book, manifested plainly of the coming of a Messiah, and also the redemption of the world.  (1 Nephi 1:19).

When the Jews get told the truth the first thing that they rely on is mock the people who call out their bad behavior.  The Book of Mormon makes it clear in many places that when confronted with the truth the first thing Jews always do is mock the people telling them the truth.  We see this all the time with (((the media))) where they always look to destroy people who they don’t support and their preferred tool is mockery and humiliation.

Now this he spake because of the  stiffneckedness of Laman and Lemuel; for behold they did murmur in many things against their father, because he was a visionary man, and had led them out of the land of Jerusalem, to leave the land of their inheritance, and their gold, and their silver, and their precious things, to perish in the wilderness.  And this they said he had done because of the foolish imaginations of his heart.  (1Nephi 2:11).

Laman and Lemuel were angry with their father because he abandoned all the family’s wealth.  For the Jews it’s always about wealth and power.  Laman and Lemuel were like the Jews because they didn’t want to give up their wealth and their easy soft life.  Jews hate having to abandon their wealth and give it up.  They will always complain when their economic bottom line gets hurt.

And thus Laman and Lemuel, being the eldest, did murmur against their father. And they did murmur because they knew not the dealings of that God who had created them.

Neither did they believe that Jerusalem, that great city, could be destroyed according to the words of the prophets. And they were like unto the Jews who were at Jerusalem, who sought to take away the life of my father.  (2 Nephi 2:12-13)

Laman and Lemuel were just like the Jews.  The Jews did not believe that anything bad could happen to them.  It’s just like always with the Jews where they lust after power and seek more and more of it until they get slapped around by their victims.

And it came to pass that as we journeyed in the wilderness, behold Laman and Lemuel, and two of the daughters of Ishmael, and the two sons of Ishmael and their families, did rebel against us; yea, against me, Nephi, and Sam, and their father, Ishmael, and his wife, and his three other daughters.

And it came to pass in the which rebellion, they were desirous to return unto the land of Jerusalem.  (1 Nephi 7:6-7).

Laman and Lemuel still wanted to return home.  They couldn’t stay the course just like the Jews who always want to change the plan.  What also is interesting is they never actually followed through on their threats.  They just made lots of threats and vows.

And when my brethren saw that I was about to build a ship, they began to murmur against me, saying: Our brother is a fool, for he thinketh that he can build a ship; yea, and he also thinketh that he can cross these great waters.

And thus my brethren did complain against me, and were desirous that they might not labor, for they did not believe that I could build a ship; neither would they believe that I was instructed of the Lord.

And now it came to pass that I, Nephi, was exceedingly sorrowful because of the hardness of their hearts; and now when they saw that I began to be sorrowful they were glad in their hearts, insomuch that they did rejoice over me, saying: We knew that ye could not construct a ship, for we knew that ye were lacking in judgment; wherefore, thou canst not accomplish so great a work.  (1 Nephi 17:17-19

These verses show that Laman and Lemuel didn’t want to perform manual labor.  They were happy to let Nephi fail.  They made sure to complain a lot against Nephi.  Their complaints were an attempt to get out of helping to construct the boat.  They thought that they were too good to do physical labor.  They wanted to sit, watch Nephi work and get the benefit of their labors.

In the whole record that Nephi makes about his travels change murmur to kvetch or “oye vey.”  It is amazing if you just do a simple word swap then murmur is the exact same thing as kvetch or “oye vey.”

It is interesting to note that Jews don’t like physical labor.  Do you even know a Jew who does any kind of physical labor?  No.  Is it a coincidence that Laman and Lemuel didn’t want to do work with their hands?  No it isn’t.

And notwithstanding they being led, the Lord their God, their Redeemer, going before them, leading them by day and giving light unto them by night, and doing all things for them which were expedient for man to receive, they hardened their hearts and blinded their minds, and reviled against Moses and against the true and living God.  (1 Nephi 17: 30).

Here Nephi talks about how as soon as they were lead from Egypt by Moses himself the Jews rebelled against God while God was supporting them.  Laman and Lemuel were always rebelling against God, Nephi and Lehi.  The Jews following Moses and Laman and Lemuel both had repeated signs from God and yet they constantly rebelled.

And they did harden their hearts from time to time, and they did revile against Moses, and also against God; nevertheless, ye know that they were led forth by his matchless power into the land of promise.  (1 Nephi 17:42).

The Jews always rebelled against God and the prophets.  They even reviled them.  The dictionary says that reviled means: to criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner.  In other words reviling someone means telling them to eff off.  What kind of people tell God himself to eff off?  Very wicked and degenerate people tell God to eff off.

And after we had been driven forth before the wind for the space of many days, behold, my brethren and the sons of Ishmael and also their wives began to make themselves merry, insomuch that they began to dance, and to sing, and to speak with much rudeness, yea, even that they did forget by what power they had been brought thither; yea, they were lifted up unto exceeding rudeness.  (1 Nephi 18:9).

Look at the undignified and disgusting way that Laman and Lemuel partied.  It was just like the way the degenerate homosexual Jews in Hollywood party.  Check out this image of a gay Hollywood wedding.  Pretty freaking disgusting.  Look at the family members watching the disgusting spectical.

Laman and Lemuel’s party was probably as degenerate and gross as this one

And as for those who are at Jerusalem, saith the prophet, they shall be scourged by all people, because they crucify the God of Israel, and turn their hearts aside, rejecting signs and wonders, and the power and glory of the God of Israel.

And because they turn their hearts aside, saith the prophet, and have despised the Holy One of Israel, they shall wander in the flesh, and perish, and become a hiss and a byword, and be hated among all nations.  (1 Nephi 19:13-14).

Due to their rejection of Christ the Jews are cursed to be hated by all nations.  Because they were the only people evil enough to kill their own God they are the kind of people who can’t get along with anybody.  Is it any wonder that they have been expelled from over 100 nations throughout their history?

And I exceedingly fear and tremble because of you, lest he shall suffer again; for behold, ye have accused him that he sought power and authority over you; but I know that he hath not sought for power nor authority over you, but he hath sought the glory of God, and your own eternal welfare.  (2 Nephi 1:25)

Laman and Lemuel were obsessed with gaining power and authority over others but they didn’t want to lead and serve to earn it.  They were just like how the Jews lust after power but don’t lead and serve to earn it.  If you want to earn power and authority you have to earn it by provided service and leadership.  Jews just prefer to manipulate for power without providing anything in return.

But behold, their anger did increase against me, insomuch that they did seek to take away my life.

Yea, they did murmur against me, saying: Our younger brother thinks to rule over us; and we have had much trial because of him; wherefore, now let us slay him, that we may not be afflicted more because of his words. For behold, we will  not have him to be our ruler; for it belongs unto us, who are the elder brethren, to rule over this people.  (2 Nephi 5:2-3).

Laman and Lemuel were willing to let Nephi do all the work to build their civilization and then they wanted to kill him to take all the profit reward and glory for themselves.  The Jews are notorious for doing the same thing.  Jews love to let others build a society and then subvert it for their benefit.  George Soros is a perfect example of this.

And I, Nephi, did take the sword of Laban, and after the manner of it did make many swords, lest by any means the people who were now called Lamanites should come upon us and destroy us; for I knew their hatred towards me and my children and those who were called my people.  (2 Nephi 5:14).

Laman and Lemuel wanted to kill their enemies and enslave them.  Jews will never leave anybody who they declare and enemy in peace.  They used to say that an anti-Semite was somebody who hated Jews, now an anti-Semite is somebody who Jews hate.

Now I, Nephi, do speak somewhat concerning the words which I have written, which have been spoken by the mouth of Isaiah. For behold, Isaiah spake many things which were hard for many of my people to understand; for they know not concerning the manner of prophesying among the Jews.

For I, Nephi, have not taught them many things concerning the manner of the Jews; for their works were works of darkness, and their doings were doings of abominations.  (2 Nephi 25:1-2)

The Jews’ works were the works of darkness and they committed many great sins.  It is a perfect description of how the Jews are today.  Just look at George Soros, he is literally the modern day Gadianton who always works to overthrow Western Civilization while profiting off of the decline.

Laman and Lemuel engaged in all of the worst behaviors that modern Jews engage in.  Now let’s take a look at what they taught their children and followers.

Now it was the cunning and the craftiness of king Laman, to bring my people into bondage, that he yielded up the land that we might possess it.

Therefore it came to pass, that after we had dwelt in the land for the space of twelve years that king Laman began to grow uneasy, lest by any means my people should wax strong in the land, and that they could not overpower them and bring them into bondage.

Now they were a lazy and an idolatrous people; therefore they were desirous to bring us into bondage, that they might glut themselves with the labors of our hands; yea, that they might feast themselves upon the flocks of our fields.

Therefore it came to pass that king Laman began to stir up his people that they should contend with my people; therefore there began to be wars and contentions in the land.  (Mosiah 9:10-13).

It was the plan of the Lamanites to manipulate the Nephites to settle in the land so that they could subjugate them and live off of their labor.  Jews love to use all kinds of scams to put people into debt and force them to work to support Jews.  In an attempt to enslave them they started a war they hoped to win.  Let’s face it there are lots of war profiteers out there and many of them are Jews.

They were a wild, and ferocious, and a blood-thirsty people, believing in the tradition of their fathers, which is thisBelieving that they were driven out of the land of Jerusalem because of the iniquities of their fathers, and that they were wronged in the wilderness by their brethren, and they were also wronged while crossing the sea;

And again, that they were wronged while in the land of their first inheritance, after they had crossed the sea, and all this because that Nephi was more faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lordtherefore he was favored of the Lord, for the Lord heard his prayers and answered them, and he took the lead of their journey in the wilderness.

And his brethren were wroth with him because they understood not the dealings of the Lord; they were also wroth with him upon the waters because they hardened their hearts against the Lord.

And again, they were wroth with him when they had arrived in the promised land, because they said that he had taken the ruling of the people out of their hands; and they sought to kill him.

And again, they were wroth with him because he departed into the wilderness as the Lord had commanded him, and took the records which were engraven on the plates of brass, for they said that he robbed them.

And thus they have taught their children that they should hate them, and that they should murder them, and that they should rob and plunder them, and do all they could to destroy them; therefore they have an eternal hatred towards the children of Nephi.

For this very cause has king Laman, by his cunning, and lying craftiness, and his fair promises, deceived me, that I have brought this my people up into this land, that they may destroy them; yea, and we have suffered these many years in the land.  (Mosiah 10:12-18).

Laman and Lemuel rewrote history and taught their children and followers that they were victims of the Nephites and that they had a right to live off of the Nephites because they were victims.  It is just like how Jews always find a way to make themselves victims.  Karl Marx who was from a rabbinical family taught that all human relations were of an oppressor victim nature.  It is pure Jewish teaching that somebody is always a victim, usually themselves.

In The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith accurately displayed the most common examples of bad Jewish behavior demonstrated by Laman and Lemuel.  How could Joseph Smith so perfectly written about bad Jewish behavior?  He didn’t meet any Jewish people until later in life after The Book of Mormon was published.  The fact the Joseph Smith accurately predicted TJB shows that The Book of Mormon is valid and Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.

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Tyler Glenn likes to give blow jobs and wants you to know it

Neon Trees Tyler Glenn Is Obsessed with Cummies and Apostasies from the Mormon Church

Tyler Glenn is the lead singer for the popular band Neon Tress.  He grew up Mormon and served a mission.  After gaining success in the rock and roll industry he decided that he always was a homosexual and decided to apostatize from his LDS faith.  Like all apostates Tyler Glenn couldn’t resist bashing his former faith.

So why did Tyler Glenn apostatize from the Mormon Church?  Well it is simple really.  He is a flaming homosexual.  According to him all throughout his youth he was attracted to men but didn’t act on it (yeah right).  Then one day he decided that he no longer wanted to control his behavior and he decided to start sleeping with men.  He says that he can’t believe in the LDS Church anymore because they don’t accept him for “who he is.”

I have a simple question for Tyler Glenn, “Who are you?”  All I see is a man who is obsessed with cummies.  It is amazing to see with people who get involved in the homosexual lifestyle that everything becomes about the orgasm.  All he wants to do is force everybody to celebrate the fact that he likes to stick his dick in shit or have men stick their dicks in his asshole.  Is it the sign of an emotionally healthy man who feels that it is the most important thing in the world that the whole world celebrate him for the way he likes to get his cummies?

This is the issue with homosexuals; they demand that the world celebrate them for the way they get sexual release.  Homosexuals like Tyler Glenn never ask themselves if it is a good thing demanding that the whole world celebrate them for their lifestyle.  They never talk about the reality that under the best circumstances the homosexual lifestyle is a very difficult life that limits your ability to fully experience joy in this life.  At its worst the homosexual lifestyle is a degenerate death cult where people go around trying to infect each other with HIV.

Tyler Glenn never considers for a minute that maybe it is a bad thing to indoctrinate children into a lifestyle that celebrates things like Chemsex parties or Russian roulette parties where homosexual men invite a bunch of men over for a sex party but one of the men has HIV and somebody is going to have sex with him.  Tyler Glenn never wonders if keeping homosexual propaganda away from children is a good way of protecting them from getting involved in a lifestyle that makes them far more likely to abuse hard drugs.

It’s interesting to see how angry and bitter Tyler Glenn is with his Mormon faith.  You can see that he is furious with his former faith and the reason is because Mormonism has standards for behavior.  He hates the fact that the Mormon Church says that it is wrong to go to Chemsex parties.  He is furious that the LDS Church has the nerve to tell him that his behavior is disgusting.  He hates the fact that he knows that one day he will be held accountable for his actions in this life by an upset God.  Tyler Glenn hates the Mormon faith because it is a daily reminder that what he is doing is wrong.

Tyler Glenn is unwilling to make sacrifices in his life.  He is unwilling to accept that there are limits on his behavior.  He is unwilling to sacrifice his sexual desire to get pounded out by a train of men.  He is unwilling to accept that in order to live in obedience to God’s commandments he has to sacrifice his sexual desires.

Tyler Glenn demanding that Mormons celebrate him for his sexual degeneracy shows that he is a degenerate who only cares about having other people celebrate him for his cummies.  He is angry, bitter and upset that he can’t have the whole world celebrate him for his deviancy.  He is angry and upset because he knows that he will be held accountable for what he does.  Deep down in his heart he knows that what he does is wrong and the Mormon Church is a daily reminder of it.  No wonder he hates his former faith.

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Utah Utes Win a Boring Low Energy Game in a Monsoon

Well the Utah Utes survived against Oregon State.  It was a boring game and frankly it was a poor game.  But oh well, it’s another win.  Utah moved to 6-1 on the season.  No matter what happens from here, at a bare minimum the Utes are having another non-losing season.

Joe Williams runs a lot

It was a rainy day and the weather was nasty.  Joe Williams hadn’t played a down of football in over a month.  He came into the game as the Utah Utes only health running back.  He had a ton of carries and got lots of yards.  It was a great game by Joe Williams and he seemed to have lots more energy than he did in the first two games of the season.

Why couldn’t the Utah Utes pass

It was a brutal weather game.  Neither team could pass the ball at all.  Yes Troy Williams completed less than half of his passes again, but so what, he was better than all of the players who Oregon State had in the game.  No quarterback would have played well in that weather.  Also for all of Troy Williams struggles in that game, Utah was never behind and Oregon State was never in a position to win the game.  The Utah Utes spent huge chunks of the game up by 2 scores.


I don’t get all the criticism that Utah is getting for their performance.  It was a brutal weather game and both offenses couldn’t do much of anything.  However Utah was always ahead and never in danger of losing the game.  Utah got the job done with a skeleton cast, the week before a huge game against UCLA.  In the Pac12 all the teams are good, even Oregon State.  Pac12 football is a nasty grind.  The way most teams end up dropping games is they get wired up to play good teams and then have a let down game either the week before the big game or after the big game.  This Oregon State game was set up to be a huge trap game.  Throw in the nasty weather and this game was set up to be a big struggle.  Remember the last time that Utah had a trap game the Utah Utes lost.  Football is all about surviving and the Utes survived.

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A Model for a Mormon School System

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that public schools are destructive to all Mormon kids.  From Common Core which is blatant dumbing down of smart Whites kids all the way to California schools being forced to glorify homosexuality to 2nd graders; all Mormons need to pull their kids from public schools.  This is going to be the first article in a series on the need for a Mormon school system.

Lenin spoke about public schools and said that as long as he had access to children everyday in their childhood, he would be able to turn them into good Marxists.  These days public schools have gone full Marxist and don’t even pretend to hide their Marxism.  Giving our kids away for 12 years straight to Cultural Marxists is a recipe for disaster and we are seeing the consequences of it.  We need a Mormon school system because we must deny the Cultural Marxists access to our kids for 12 years straight.

In California the need to get Mormon kids out of public schools is the most desperate.  The Mormon Church loses thousands of young men and women every year because of the school system.  What happens is that most middle class and working class Mormon kids end up going to schools where there are only a few other LDS kids.  What happens is these kids universally have non-member friends.  They get mixed up in teenage bad behavior and fall away from the church.  Also their teachers never pass up a chance to attack Christianity so these kids end up demoralized in their faith.  If we want to keep these kids in the church, then we need to get them out of public schools ASAP.  A Mormon school system will improve the quality of friends most middle class LDS kids have.

The Mormon Church could set up their own Mormon school system in a very short time.  Here’s how to do it.  First of all use 1 ward building from a centrally located church building as an elementary school.  Church leaders could call some of the moms in the stake to be school teachers, teaching for 3 or 4 hours a day.  We don’t have to keep kids locked up in school all day long because most schooling is just Cultural Marxist propaganda.  The little education that goes on is a very small amount of time that kids spend in school.  For the moms who are called to teach, the church could pay them a stipend for their service.

For middle school then the LDS Church could use a centrally located stake center as part of the Mormon school system.  After the kids from the various church based elementary schools finish up 5th or 6th grade they are ready to move over to the stake center for middle school.  This would expose the kids to more Mormon kids who they haven’t met yet at church.  Kids would have a bigger social circle of potential LDS friends than if they were left on their own at the local public schools.

For Mormon school system high school the LDS Church would have to open up a full high school for the larger area.  In places like the Bay Area the church would have to set up one centrally located Mormon high school where LDS kids from all over the Bay Area would be able to get to fairly easily.  It would need to be close to public transportation.  Families would have to work together to organize group transportation to the school.  It would be a large sacrifice many Mormons would have to make but it would be a huge advance for all the LDS kids.

The Mormon Church could use this pattern in lots of places where there is still the remnant of a strong Mormon Community.  Places where it would make sense for the church to apply a similar pattern would be: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Albuquerque, Washington DC and Denver.  The Mormon Church would be able to retain more and more youth than we currently retain in these areas.

These schools would be a huge benefit to local Mormon communities.  The kids would grow up with Mormon friends and they wouldn’t have to suffer from teachers giving them atheist propaganda every day.  Lower middle class Mormon kids would be exposed to middle and upper middle class Mormon kids and pick up on their better lifestyle choices.  Right now these kids learn social dysfunction from being around lower class kids.  Instead of learning dysfunction they would learn a positive lifestyle.

Creating a school system for Mormons will be a huge advantage for our kids.  First of all public schools literally teach kids to be dumb.  In the not too distant future there will be such a shortage of functional people to fill jobs that anybody who has halfway decent job skills will have a very easy time getting ahead.  Getting our kids out of public schools sets them up to get ahead in life.

We will be able to use our Mormon school system to grow the church.  As public schools get worse and worse families will have a bigger need to get their kids out of public schools.  They will see our schools and our well functioning kids and want a part of it.  We will have these kids coming to our schools for 12 years.  They will have mostly Mormon friends and they will learn our lifestyle.  When they finish high school all their friends will be going on missions and they will feel the need to go on missions too.  Having a well functional Mormon school system will be the best missionary tool we could possibly have.

It will be a huge sacrifice for all Mormons to get a functional Mormon school system working.  However we already have most of the facilities ready to go.  We have lots of well educated men and women who can perform the duties as school teachers.  It will take a fair amount of money to get the high schools up and running but it is a sacrifice that will serve the Mormon Church well in the near future.  It will be a major missionary tool that will allow us to bring lots of new people with our values into the church.

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Week 7 Utah Utes vs. Oregon State Preview

The Utah Utes had another very high energy victory over Arizona last weekend and they finally got the Arizona monkey off their back.  Now it is on to Corvallis to take on Oregon State.

Welcome Back Joe Williams

Let’s all give a big thank you to Joe Williams for returning to the Utah Utes at a time when they really need a running back.  While Joe Williams probably prefers to get on with his life he is making a major sacrifice to come back to the Utes when they desperately need a running back with experience.

I don’t expect him to get a lot of carries against Oregon State because he hasn’t played in a month and isn’t up to speed.  However I still expect that he will play a lot.  I think what the Utah Utes will do with Joe Williams is have him do a lot of inside pass protection against blitzing linebackers.  Due to having their 3rd string center in, Utah gave up a lot of inside pass pressure and put Troy Williams into a lot of bad situations.  Utah doesn’t think that Marcel Manolo can handle picking up these inside blitzes so they will play Joe Williams in most of the obvious passing situations.  Thank you Joe Williams for taking on this crucial duty.

Utah Utes offensive strategy

The Utah Utes now are a passing team.  Troy Williams and Garrett Bolles are their 2 best remaining playmakers on offense.  Tim Patrick should be back this week and he will help out the offense.  Right now the way the Utes are structured, this is a passing team.  The Utes can’t play the game of grind the ball from the 1st Quarter.  First of all the defense hasn’t been quite good enough for Utah to do that and second they just don’t have the running back depth to pull it off.  This week and for the rest of the season the plan is to throw the ball to get the lead and run the ball to keep it.  Having Tim Patrick back and having Joe Williams helping on inside pass protection should improve Troy Williams’ passing efficiency.

This game will be Utah’s first road game since having to put their 3rd string center it.  Can he handle the crowd and road environment or will we see the train wreck that was the offensive line in the first half last week against Arizona?  I think that he should be able to get the job done.  Just having another week of practice and playing a real game together should make a big difference.  Hopefully he also figures out how to get inside pass protection organized properly.  Utah is good about correcting their mistakes so I’m optimistic that it will work out just fine.

About Oregon State

Oregon State is coming off their first Pac12 victory in nearly 2 years when they beat Cal.  Cal beat Utah so we can say that Oregon State is going to be a bit of a challenge for the Utes.  Mike Andersen is Oregon State’s coach.  He is a long time Ute assistant coach who worked for Kyle Whittingham.  He had a lot of success at Utah State and at Wisconsin.  I don’t know why he left Wisconsin for Oregon State because Wisconsin is a consistent Top-15 program and Oregon State struggles to get more than 6 wins, even when they are good.  Maybe he just likes the weather there.  Corvallis is a really nice place.  Back to the Utah Utes vs. Oregon State game; this is a game that Utah should win and needs to win.  This isn’t a good Oregon State team and Utah needs to come out of this game with a 2 score victory.

Conclusion and prediction

The Utah Utes are starting to get some guys back from injury.  Tim Patrick should play this week.  Joe Williams is back and should help the team out.  This Oregon State team beat a team that beat Utah so Utah needs to take them very seriously.  That said this is a game that Utah should win and win by 2 scores.  Let’s go ahead and call this a 31 to 20 victory for the Utes.

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How to Respond When a Leftist Asks You to Cite Your Source

One of the things that frustrates normal right thinking Americans is when you are debating a leftist and a leftist says, cite your source or “Where did you get THAT?”  Normal Americans then feel like they have to immediately cite a source.  When it comes to exposing leftist corruption, theft and degeneracy these sources almost always come from Breitbart, Twitter or somewhere else.

What then always happens is the leftist says, “That is a biased source.  I won’t accept that source.”  The normal American then feels baffled and confused because the leftist just discarded everything he had to say and with a wave of their hand ignored every point that the normal American had to say.

Here’s the thing when leftists tell you to cite your source, they aren’t arguing in good faith.  You hear that they want you to cite something that will make them agree with you.  But that isn’t what the leftist is doing.  Cite your source is stuff people say in college classes when they try to act smart.  It is like trying to say a magic code word of intelligence.  Leftists think that saying, cite your source makes them sound smart and more importantly, smarter than you.  It is just a rhetorical code word saying, “You’re not smart” wrapped up sounding smart and intellectual.

When a leftist says, cite your source you must understand that no matter what source you cite the leftist is going to reject whatever you have to say because that’s the plan.  Remember that leftists aren’t arguing in good faith.  For example they make any number of whacky assertions about the world and they don’t go around citing their sources.  If you call them out on it, they will just mention either Carlos Slim’s blog or Jeff Bezos’ blog i.e. the New York Times or the Washington Post and pretend that they are legitimate sources.  If they don’t cite them they will cite their college professor or something else they read on the Internet.

Here’s how you respond when a leftist says, cite your source.  Say this exact line, “Do your own research!”  This line works because it says that you know the game.  You are saying that you know that the leftist is going to reject your sources.  At the same time you are telling the leftist that they are on the outside looking in.  Leftists hate the feeling that they aren’t included in the group.  They hate being reminded that they are members of the out-group and that nobody likes them.

When you say “Do your own research” you are destroying the myth that the leftist is really smart and well informed.  Leftists love to pretend that they are really smart and on the inside of things.  Saying, “Do your own research destroys this myth.  You are using power talk that tells leftists that they are stupid, ill informed and you know it.  This triggers them and pains them in their soul.

And that’s how easy it is to respond when a leftist says, cite your source.  Just say, “Do your own research.”  It lets them know that you are wise to their manipulation game, that they aren’t one of the included cool kids but another loser who nobody likes and that they aren’t nearly as smart as they want to think they are.  When you reject the faux intelligence of leftists they usually go cry in the corner which is where we want them to be.

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Do Mormon Church Leaders Know or Care What Elite Mormons Are Doing?

Elite Mormons in political life are becoming some of the worst backstabbing, lying, scheming criminals out there.  These wicked evil men are destroying the reputations of Mormons all over the world.  Let’s take a look at what elite Mormons are doing.

Mitt Romney and #NeverTrump

Mitt Romney has been scheming all political season long.  He has constantly been organizing against Donald Trump the man who raised money for him and worked to get him elected in 2012.  Mitt Romney is one of the men involved in the Trump potty mouth scandal and was one of the first men to advocate for Trump to step down and be replaced by: Mitt Romney.  How convenient.  It’s amazing to see how Mitt Romney schemes to attempt to advance his power.  What is even sadder is every one of his schemes backfires.  Every time Mitt Romney pulls one of his stunts it always backfires and he looks like a scheming fool

Glenn Beck and Evan McMullin take money from the Clinton Foundation

You know the nice guy who can’t get a date but has really good principles, Evan McMullin?  Well he isn’t so principled after all.  He took $12,000 from the Clinton Foundation which was in their books under “Voter Suppression.”  That’s right the whole Evan McMullin run for president is nothing more than an attempt to demoralize Mormons and drive a wedge between them and Donald Trump.  He isn’t some principled guy trying to do the right thing.  He is a CIA operative who is trying to work to defeat Donald Trump and install Hillary Clinton as president.

You know who else takes money from the Clinton Foundation in their “Voter Suppression” efforts?  That’s right Mr. Principled Conservative Who Loves the Constitution himself Glenn Beck.  He took $120,000 from the Clinton Foundation.  So every time that he gets on his radio show and laments about how his principles won’t allow him to support somebody so filthy and vile like Donald Trump and how Trump is “literally Hitler,” remember that Glenn Beck is getting a nice wad of cash to say it.

Temple Taggart gets in on the slander and forgets to cover her tracks

Now that the Clinton campaign and the media are pushing their latest narrative that Donald Trump is a sexual predator former Miss Utah, Temple Taggart came out today and accused Trump of kissing her inappropriately.  It was tear jerking and sad.  But there’s only one problem.  It isn’t true.  Here she is in the Deseret News talking about how much she loved it when Donald Trump flirted with her.  Reading from her account, they definitely hooked up later that night and fooled around.  I swear that every single one of these people attacking Trump has massive skeletons in their closet.

Did Elite Mormons condemn Mike Crapo for drunk driving?

3 years ago Idaho senator Mike Crapo who is LDS got caught drunk driving.  That’s right a fellow member of the church got caught disobeying the commandments.  But here’s the thing, did you hear Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, the Deseret News, Evan McMullin or Temple Taggart condemn him?  No you didn’t.  They swept it under the rug and pretended that it never happened.

How convenient.  When Donald Trump talks dirty all of these elite Mormons attack him in an attempt to destroy him but when a LDS senator drives drunk and puts people’s lives in danger we don’t hear a word about it.

I don’t want to get Shoah’d and I don’t want the millions of great Mormons Shoah’d on account of corrupt elite Mormons

Do elite Mormons understand that playing scheming manipulation games in the public eye hurts all Mormons?  Everybody sees the lies, the scheming, the manipulation, etc and assume that all Mormons are just like these criminal scum.  A backlash is brewing against all the enemies of the American people.  The American people are sick of the manipulation and attempts to destroy America.  They very likely are going to conclude that all Mormons are a big part of the problem in America and will punish us accordingly.

A word for the Apostles about the actions of elite Mormons

Do you wonder why people are leaving the Mormon Church in droves?  It is because of you apostles letting nonsense that Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, Evan McMullin, Mike Crapo, etc constantly do go on.  You need to get out there and make a stand against these men.  Mormons all throughout Utah and America see your silence on this ridiculous behavior and wonder why won’t you stop it?  All you have to do is say that you disapprove of lies and are sickened by how these men are scheming and lying in an attempt to advance their power.

When you refuse to condemn evil and wickedness people assume that you don’t care about it.  But when you beat up young men in Priesthood Session for having struggles in life, they feel confused.  On one hand you don’t care that elite Mormons are behaving badly all over the place but you never pass up a chance to shame young men for playing too many video games.  It’s this kind of hypocrisy that makes thousands of young men and women decide that they don’t want to believe in the Gospel.  The sins of the elite Mormons and your unwillingness to condemn it is a major factor as to why our church is decaying.  Make a freaking stand against it.

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