Most Hispanic Mormons Are Loyal to their Race & Aren’t Proto-WASPS

As Mormons we all want to believe that as we baptize and convert more and more Hispanic Mormons they will become just like White Mormon WASPS from Utah.  This just isn’t the case.  Hispanics and Latinos have their own race, culture and society.  First and foremost Hispanic Mormons are loyal to their own people and aren’t loyal to WASP Mormon culture.

One of the things that many Hispanic Mormons believe is they have a right to occupy all of North America because they believe that the Book of Mormon says that God ordained all of North America to the descendents of the Lamanites, i.e., themselves.  Mormon Hispanics believe this and believe that they are the chosen people ordained to occupy and possess the United States.  You will notice that this belief of many Hispanic Mormons perfectly dovetails with the beliefs of La Raza.

La Raza is short for La Raza Cosmica which translates to the Cosmic Race.  Basically La Raza believes that Hispanics are a perfect mixture of all the races and because they are the perfect mix of races then they are the best race and have a right to occupy and re-conquer the United States.  Of course this is total nonsense.  When you travel in Mexico one of the things that jumps out is just how racially segregated it is.  The upper class is 100% White.  The middle classes are people who are mostly White and can pass for White people who have great suntans.  The lower classes always have really dark skin and Native American facial features.  The vast majority of the Mexicans who come to the United States come from the lower class in Mexico because basically the upper class people there are kicking out their lower class.

Many Hispanic Mormons look at the Book of Mormon as justification for the ideology of La Raza Cosmica.  The dirty secret of what we’ve done in the Mormon Church is we’ve converted a huge population of people who have a different political ideology with a completely different worldview than WASP Mormons have.  As long as Hispanic Mormons are willing to stay in their homelands and improve them then there isn’t a problem.  However as more and more Latinos move to America and join the Mormon Church what happens next?  They aren’t going to become good WASPS because they have their own culture and nation.  Hispanic Mormons are going to stay Hispanic.  Are we going to change Mormon culture, LDS policy and Mormon practice to accommodate them?

There is a group of Hispanics in the United States who want to live like American WASPS.  About 1/3 of Hispanics voted for President Trump.  About 2/3’s of Hispanics are on government assistance.  From these 2 facts it is easy to see that Hispanics who aren’t on welfare want to be part of White America.  Realistically, we should expect that 1/3 of Hispanic Mormons support traditional White American values and want to be like us.

As Mormons it is crucial to understand that most Hispanic Mormons have different values than we do.  It’s fine that they have their own values and desires.  That’s what separate nations are for.  However it is insane to assume that Hispanic Mormons are going to become like the WASP Mormons in Utah just because they are members of the LDS Church.

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Worshipping Nice is Fake Mormonism

One of the biggest problems we have in the Mormon Church is many Mormons worship nice.  They consider being nice the highest virtue in the world and the most important universal goal that we need to strive for.  The problem with Mormons who consider being nice the highest virtue in the world is worshipping nice is fake Mormonism.

Why is worshipping nice fake Mormonism?  Let’s take a look at a simple example why being nice isn’t a virtue.  Last week Mrs. Johnson and I had to babysit our 4 year old nephew for a few hours during the day while his mom went to a doctor’s appointment near our house.  When it was lunch time Mrs. Johnson asked our 4 year old nephew what he wanted for lunch.  Happily our 4 year old nephew shouted out, “I want cookies.”  Mrs. Johnson had a choice to make did she give our 4 year old nephew the cookies that he wanted or would she make him a real lunch and make him eat it?  Mrs. Johnson decided to make him a real lunch consisting of a sandwich, some fruit slices and water to drink.  Our 4 year old nephew was upset and angry.  For a while he refused to eat and insisted on getting cookies for lunch.

If Mrs. Johnson considered being nice the highest virtue in the world then what would she have done?  She would have given our 4 year old nephew the cookies that he wanted.  After all it would have been much nicer just to give him what he wants instead of being the not nice auntie who made him eat a sandwich and fruit slices.

Worshipping nice is fake Mormonism because real life adults have to make hard decisions that often force us to upset somebody.  If Mormons spend all their time working to make everybody feel good then we will end up diluting the Gospel of Christ to the point that it no longer has any meaning or worth.  Worshipping nice is fake Mormonism because sinners consider it not nice when we call them to repent.  Jesus commanded all of us to repent and he called his followers to call the world to repentance.  If we can’t call people to repentance because we are afraid that we will be called not nice then we aren’t spreading the Gospel.

Worshipping nice is fake Mormonism because trying to be perfectly nice is a never ending purity spiral.  If we focus on trying to be perfectly nice all the time then people will always make us compromise more and more on our beliefs.  People wanting to corrupt the Gospel will always tell us that having any standards at all is not nice.  We will always be expected to give more and more in the hopes of being labeled as nice and it never will be good enough.

Worshipping nice is fake Mormonism because it is a tool manipulators can use to hit us over the head.  No matter what we do we will be not nice.  If you don’t want a bunch of Somali refugees to rape your daughters then you are not nice.  If you want to maintain control over your nation then you are not nice because according to the Zeroth Amendment there are 7 Billion Americans out there who evil, racist, sexist, homophobic President Trump won’t let come to America.  If you think that we would be better off helping “Syrian” refugees in Syria then you are not nice because according to the Zeroth Amendment they are Americans too and have a right to come to America.  Fake Mormonism is letting nice set the narrative and the dialog of any debate because it sets up a heads I win, tails you lose situation where we always are not nice.  It’s just that simple.

As Mormons we need to grow up and get over the nonstop fake Mormonism worship of being nice.  Adults have to do things that are not nice because that’s the way of the real world.  Most Americans want to live in a childish playground where the most important thing is to be nice because their teacher told them that it is important to be nice, whatever that means.  Worshipping nice is fake Mormonism because having even minimal standards means that our standards will upset somebody who will accuse us of being not nice.  Fake Mormonism will remove all standards of behavior because that is the only way to be perfectly nice.  Worshipping nice is fake Mormonism because if nice is the highest virtue then we end up in a never ending purity spiral where we have to compromise more and more of our values to show that we are nice and it is a never ending stick to beat us over the head with.  All Mormons must reject the fake Mormonism song of niceness and focus on being good and just instead.

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LDS General Conference Danger of Pornography Lectures Show that the Mormon Apostles Are Prophets of God

Do you ever wonder why every LDS General Conference we all have to suffer listening to several talks telling us about the dangers of pornography?  We all hate these talks because frankly we’ve all seen too many dirty images and we hate being reminded about our favorite vice.  However there’s a huge reason why we all have to suffer through talks on pornography every LDS General Conference.  We have to hear the anti-porn chat every LDS General Conference because looking at pornography literally makes men (and women) miserable and unhappy with their relationships.

Particularly among male viewers, pornography was linked to significantly “lower sexual and relational satisfaction.” On the average, the report states, men’s sexual and relational satisfaction are “adversely affected” by consumption of pornography.

This was a massive study with 50,000 participants.  The results of the study boiled down to: men become miserable with all their relationships when they look at porn.  Want to have a crappy sex life?  Look at lots of porn.  Want to have crappy relationships with everybody in your life?  Look at lots of porn.

Porn is so destructive because it shows us something that men are naturally hardwired to want to see and then takes it to an extreme level that is like shooting us up with heroin.  The degenerates in the San Fernando Valley mass produce it and then the degenerates in Silicon Valley create a wide variety of ways to beam it straight into our heads.  Mix in America’s dysfunctional dating market and the obesity epidemic and you have a recipe for millions of men to easily become addicted to this toxic product that is like consuming a highly addictive and powerful drug.

All men have seen way too many pornographic images so let’s not judge each other but have compassion on everybody.  It’s the nature of the modern world and it is so easy to get into porn because all men these days struggle to have good relationships.  It is an absolutely brutal dating market these days for single men and it’s understandable why lots of men would fall into the pornography trap.

In LDS General Conference when the Apostles do the porn lectures, remember that the Apostles are doing it for our good.  They’ve been telling us to get as far away from porn as possible and resist consuming it for at least the last 15 years or so and they’ve been right the whole time.

Mormon Apostles have been alerting all Mormons about the dangers of pornography since at least the turn of the century because they are inspired by God and they were telling us that looking at dirty images and dirty movies would ruin our relationships and make us miserable.  Mormon Apostles were wise to the destructive nature of pornography and their wisdom shows that they are inspired and guided by God.  The LDS Apostles are inspired by God and want to help us live better lives.  When they give us the porn chat next LDS General Conference, remember that they are doing it because they want us to be happy and find satisfaction in life.

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Mormon Leaks Shows that the Quorum of the 12 Apostles Is Based

I’m not going to lie.  I’m actually a big fan of Mormon Leaks.   I’m probably one of a very small number of reasonably faithful Mormons who likes Mormon Leaks because it shows us that Mormon Church leaders are being responsible with the money and more importantly behind closed doors the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is very based.

Recently Mormon Leaks leaked a document that showed this slide:

This slide deals with why Mormons leave the LDS Church and shows us that the Quorum of the 12 Apostles know exactly why most people leave the LDS Church.  It shows that people with differing political views leave the LDS Church for differing reasons based on their personal politics.  Let’s take a look at why people leave Mormonism according to the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.

Leftists leave the LDS Church because:

  • Ordain Women. These are radical feminists who either are lesbians, closeted lesbians or feminists with pathetic cuck husbands.  No loss there.
  • John Dehlin. I’ve got no idea who he is and I’m not interested enough in him to do a 30 second Google search to find his blog.  He’s probably some leftist who spends his time chastising the church on its lack of inclusivity and unwillingness to turn the Temple into a gay bathhouse.  We should all be grateful when his followers leave the church because they are the ones giving us horrible lectures on Sunday about how we need to be more inclusive and other nonsense.
  • Secular. Secular is postmodern leftwing code for people who no longer believe in God or that it has a place in society.  These are the godless.  The cultural winds have been blowing left for a long time and pushing people away from God and religion in general.
  • Disagree with current policies. These are the leftists who leave the church because women can’t have the priesthood, gays can’t marry in the temple, people can’t sleep around, etc.  This all boils down to the fact the leftist Mormons hate having to be in a non SJW converged church.  This is another group of people who the rest of us are happy to see go.
  • Incredulity over Church history. This is an excuse that leftist leaning Mormons use to justify their leaving the Mormon Church.  For example in a few years when James the Mormon apostatizes he will spend his time tweeting about how angry he is that blacks couldn’t hold the priesthood and that he is angry over polygamy, even though at the time he will be rapping about how he loves fucking White Mormon girls.  He will do this without noticing the irony of his actions either about him sleeping with multiple women or about living up to every anti-black stereotype.  This also explains why Cultural Marxist websites are always publishing attacks on Mormon history.  They are doing it because they know that it is a great way to get their leftist Mormon readers to feel demoralized with their faith and encourage them to leave the church.

Looking at the Mormon Leaks chart on why leftist Mormons leave the church it all boils down to these people convert to the Church of Cultural Marxism.  These are the SJW’s in the Mormon community who want to destroy Mormon Culture and remake it in their Cultural Marxist image.  The leftist Mormons who stay in the Mormon Church are the ones who want to infiltrate it and attempt to take it over and turn the LDS Church into just another converged Cultural Marxist institution.  The way things are going politically in America I can’t see any leftists still being Mormon in 15 years unless they are able to take over the LDS Church and SJW converge it.

According to Mormon Leaks Rightists leave the LDS Church because of:

  • False prophets. These are the people who no longer believe that the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is guided by Heavenly Father.  I’d suspect that these people are those who join fundamentalist LDS splinter groups.
  • Denver Snuffer. I looked him up.  Blogger guy who got ex-ed.  He wrote books that say that the LDS Church has been compromising to fit in with American culture since the days of Brigham Young.  That isn’t what got him in trouble (good because if he got in trouble for that then there are things on Redgulls that could get us in trouble).  What got him in trouble and excommunicated was he wrote a book that said that he’d personally had a visitation from Jesus Christ and outlined how all Mormons could get a literal personal visitation from Christ.  Too bad that he went all-in on that Christ visitation thing.
  • Robert Norman. I looked him up.  Former teacher at the Salt Lake Institute of religion.  He’s a pretty well respected guy.  What’s gotten him in trouble is that he’s gotten into the whole get your own literal personal visitation from Jesus Christ thing.  I might have taken an Institute class from him back in the day and he was a good teacher.  There are some rumors that he might have done something kind of polygamous and the details are complicated and tragic.  It’s really too bad about him.
  • Last days/ end of world predictions. There have been a lot of early members of the church including Apostles speculating about the end of the world.  There are also lots of people today who talk about the end of the world and end times prophesy.  I guess people follow this stuff a lot and either joins end times splinter groups or when a speculation from an early Mormon Church leader doesn’t happen these people leave the church.  It’s too bad about these people because they sound like they are genuinely interested in the Gospel but they just end up taking things too far.
  • Need “something more.” This could be 2 types of people.  The first type could be the people who’s “something more” means that they need another wife.  The second type is people who leave the church and go on some sort of a spiritual journey and experiment with more traditional religions.  I’ve met a few of these guys and they seem reasonable.  People have to make their way in life so the Mormon Church is always going to lose a certain percentage of people who just want to go a different way with their spiritual journey.
  • Church has lost its way or is deficient. This is the one that can affect red pill Mormons the most because let’s face it Mormon Church leadership comes across as really cucky sometimes.  We all know where cucky actions lead so it is easy to believe that the Mormon Church is going to become a SJW converged organization.  If I ever go apostate it will be because of this one.

Non-political reasons why people leave Mormonism:

  • Pornography. Breitbart recently released a study that showed that looking at porn ruins sex drives and ruins relationships.  I often wonder if the pornography problem is a chicken or an egg situation.  Do people start looking at porn (I’m including emotional porn for women AKA romance novels in the porn discussion) and then their relationships blow up or do people start to have relationship problems, they start looking at porn and then the problems blow up even worse?  Whatever it is getting mixed up in pornography ruins people’s lives and of course consuming it would drive people away from the LDS Church.
  • Sabbath. We all have to work so hard now, we all have to struggle to make ends meet and free time is one of the things that many people have to give up.  For a lot of people now, Sunday is the only day when they have time and they often are unwilling to give up half of it to attend church.
  • Chastity. This can be two things.  The first is singles start being sexually promiscuous and this drives them away from the church.  We’ve all seen this.  The second way that chastity issues drive people away from the Mormon Church is adultery.  Let’s face it, when people cheat in their marriage they are going to lose interest in the church.
  • Lack of commitment. Lots of former Mormons just aren’t interested in being part of the community.
  • Lack of righteousness. Of all the bullet points this is the one that doesn’t make sense.  What does this mean?  I suspect at that it has to do with the Word of Wisdom.  Lots of normal people like their coffee and wine.  Also many people these days struggle with drug abuse.  People addicted to drugs or who are recreational consumers of drugs don’t like to be in our church because we look down on their lifestyle.  This could also be homosexuals for obvious reasons.
  • Language and cultural problems “-ites.” These are the people who just don’t fit in and struggle to be part of the group.  These are the Asians who get baptized and then live with a bunch of WASP’s and feel uncomfortable.  These are the kids who just don’t fit in.  These are the tragic misfits who end up leaving the church.

Good news about the ways people leave Mormonism:

There’s quite a bit of good news that this Mormon Leaks document shows.  The first thing is people aren’t leaving the LDS Church for a specific other church and they aren’t leaving our church for any specific church (besides the Church of Cultural Marxism) in large enough numbers to being worth being mentioned by name.  From a marketing perspective this means that Mormonism is still the best in brand church out there and honest ex-Mormons aren’t leaving us for a church (besides the Church of Cultural Marxism) they consider better in large numbers.

We can deal with a lot of the reasons why people leave the LDS Church.  About 20% of all Mormons are leftists to some degree or another.  How do most people become leftists?  They get non stop Cultural Marxism indoctrination at school and on television.  The best way to cut down on this problem is to create our own school system to give our kids a Cultural Marxism free education.  The other really important thing the Mormon Church can do to prevent this problem is by creating “echo free entertainment” for our children.  Vastly expanding and growing BYUTV and other LDS media operations and making sure that it is really good content will repel the ability of Cultural Marxists to use television to indoctrinate our kids.

On the pornography issue lots of good information is coming out that is demonstrating the destructive nature of porn plus most porn has gotten so gross and disgusting that its crossed a line where normal people with a vice really just don’t want to see it anymore.  Telling Mormon young men that looking at pornography will make them unable to enjoy their sex life will help a lot of them resist the pr0n temptation.

The Quorum of the 12 Apostles can inspire red pill Mormons who could fall into the “Church has lost its way or is deficient” crowd by getting over being cucky and by refusing to compromise anymore with the Cultural Marxists.  Also telling leftist Mormons that the Quorum of the 12 Apostles isn’t going to let SJW’s converge the Mormon Church and telling leftist Mormons to cut out the crap will go a long way to keeping the “Church has lost its way or is deficient” crowd a part of the Mormon Church.

The best way to inspire the “Sabbath” and “Lack of commitment” crowd to want to stay in the Mormon Church is to work to provide them with more value for their time.  This is an area where sadly the Mormon Church is letting its members down.  Working to give people in this crowd a better feeling that they are receiving real value that positively affects their daily lives will inspire this crowd to stay more involved in the LDS Church.  A big part of what Redgulls does is try to reach out to this crowd and also get the word out that Mormon Church leadership needs to do a lot more for this crowd.  This is probably the #1 place where the Mormon Church can reach out and inspire a group of people who leave the Mormon faith to want to be involved in the Mormon community.


The Mormon leaks documents show us that the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is aware of the real reasons why people leave the Mormon Church.  You can see that they are aware of these very serious issues and are working to guide members of the LDS Church away from these problems.  To a large extent most of these problems can be dealt with and we can all take heart that the Apostles are working on ways to deal with these problems.  It will be interesting to watch LDS General Conference in April and see which of these subjects our Mormon Church leaders cover in their talks.

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James the Mormon Shows that LDS Culture is Marked for Destruction

Ayla over at discovered that popular LDS rapper James the Mormon is teaching LDS youth Cultural Marxism.

Later I decided to look this guy up. Did his influence go beyond rap music to promotion of bad ideas? Oh my, yes! A quick peak at his Twitter feed showed a man, whom while I believe him to be sincere in his faith, is a horrific influence for the Mormon community and youth.  He promotes Beyoncé to the youth saying she “runs the world” and “thank you for all that you do.” And what is it that Beyoncé does for our culture?  He regularly retweets an account called Jack the Jew which takes cheap shots at the President, calling him dumb and incompetent.  He is pro refugee (actually, economic migrants) and regularly tweets in support of bringing more refugees into our country despite the increase in terrorism, crime, rape, murder and disease.  He regularly tweets about his support of lowering modesty standards for women in the church urging them to show more skin and for other people not to judge this even though Mormon modesty standards are specifically tied to what the Lord has directly asked of us and not to Mormon culture.  He regularly shows himself and his friends going after and targeting white women for dates, using white women as status symbols and one of his fellow rappers is married to a white woman.  He promotes liberal sites like NPR who in turn promote illegal immigration and the changing of America’s  demographics.  Here I think he was trying to say the right thing but his emotional, anti white, blind spot shows. He features a news story of a white man who was driving down the street, being pulled from his car by black people and beaten severely while they yelled racist, anti white remarks at him. James’ reaction to this story is “no side is innocent.” Really? What exactly did this man who was beaten do? I would honestly like to know how he was NOT innocent.   In addition he promotes Shaun King, shown in the tweet above. Shaun King is a white man who pretends to be black, who promotes the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter who are responsible for multiple attacks on whites around the country, for rioting, theft, and vandalism and for actually killing police officers. After a Mormon rap concert do you want your child going on James’ Twitter and being exposed to Shaun King tweets and ideologies that promote the killing of police?

Basically James the Mormon promotes lowering Mormon standards while encouraging your daughter to date black men.  James the Mormon supports Black Lives Matter (of course).  Ayla didn’t mention it but James the Mormon also supports LGBT causes:

Ever since Prop 8 leftists have worked overtime to destroy the Mormon Church.  The best tool to destroy the Mormon Church is by demoralizing and destroying the youth.  If Mormon youth participate in post modern degeneracy then they will reject the Gospel.  Do you ever wonder why (((the music industry))) promotes degenerate rap music?  (((They))) do it because rap music makes being a degenerate loser seem cool.  Isn’t it amazing how this James the Mormon guy came out of nowhere over the last year and now is the most popular LDS performer?  (((Somebody))) is promoting him and helping him grow.  The goal is to encourage Mormon youth to lose interest in actually obeying the Gospel and to make the Mormon Church into just another ineffective and useless Protestant Church.

Mormons need to get a lot savvier quickly.  Whenever a Mormon artist who is unorthodox and different suddenly appears out of nowhere and becomes super popular we all need to treat him with extreme caution.  (((Somebody))) is promoting him and their agenda will almost always be to undermine Mormon Culture and Mormon standards.  The curious case of James the Mormon shows that leftists are working hard to undermine, demoralize and destroy Mormon youth.

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Mormon Leaders Are Spiritual Leaders who Can’t Help You Get a Date

One of the things many of us struggle with as Mormons is when LDS Church leaders give us advice or when they give us the will of the Lord.  Mormon Church leaders are spiritual leaders who know how to help us live the commandments.  It’s hard to know the line when it is acceptable to treat their words as advice and when they are giving us the will of the Lord.   It’s a really hard line and we can’t ignore the Apostles when they give us the word of the Lord.  However sometimes even the Apostles use General Conference to give advice on subject that they don’t understand and don’t have good council.  For example when it comes to helping LDS youth learn how to get dates Mormon Church leaders can’t help the vast majority of young men.  A few years ago President Ballard gave the men in Priesthood Session a big long lecture where he got everything wrong.  Let’s look at the list of things he got wrong:

  • He chastised LDS men for looking at too much porn. Studies have confirmed that in Utah the people watch less porn than the national average.  Yes everybody needs to watch less porn, but Mormons are trying harder to view less pr0n than non-Mormons.
  • He implies that only losers play video games. Reality is that all men like to play video games.  It’s just something men enjoy, even successful men.
  • Implied that LDS men place little interest in spiritual growth to hundreds of thousands of men who were sacrificing their Saturday night to hear the word of the Lord.
  • Says Mormon men shouldn’t use Tinder. The problem is Tinder is the most effective tool for LDS men to get dates in Utah and Idaho.  In Utah and Idaho if you want to get dates then you better be on Tinder.
  • Claims Institute class is the most effective place to meet girls. The problem is men go where the girls are.  It’s a fundamental truth of being a man.  If the girls were at Institute class, then men would be swarming Institute.
  • He implies that LDS men don’t want to date and marry. The truth is Mormon men are the men who want to date and marry most.  They don’t want to date or marry fat girls.
  • He tells men not to text girls but say that men should call girls instead. The problem is dating is a brutal crucible.  Men learn over the years what women respond positively to and what they don’t respond to positively.  If women wanted men to call instead of text, then girls would date men who called.  Men who called would get more dates than men who texted, thereby forcing all men to call.  If calling worked men would do it.
  • He says that LDS men are fearful of marriage for no reason. He doesn’t factor in the ugly truth that most Mormon men have seen or lived through horrific marriages.  LDS men are justifiably fearful of entering a bad marriage.

When we look at his talk he President Ballard got everything wrong.  When we take a step back from our religious beliefs it makes sense that he gets everything wrong because he is an old man who hasn’t lived through decayed American society.  He still acts like it is still 1964 and we hadn’t lost the Cultural Revolution.  He doesn’t understand that LDS men are the salt of the Earth working hard to live the Gospel in our corrupt age.  He doesn’t understand women.  He doesn’t know that when girls say, “Men don’t ask me out”, translates to, “Men who match my thousand point checklist don’t ask me out.”

While I’ve put President Ballard’s talk under a lot of scrutiny the purpose isn’t to imply that he isn’t an apostle of the Church isn’t true.  The purpose is to show what happens when Mormon Church leaders stray from being spiritual leaders who can help us obey the commandments but when they talk about things like modern dating they are far beyond their core competency.  If he wasn’t an apostle and a spiritual leader but just our grandfather we wouldn’t take what he has to say about the modern world and modern dating seriously.

Mormon Church leaders are spiritual leaders.  They know the scriptures well.  They know what it takes to help us to save our souls.  They know how to teach us about spiritual growth and the scriptures.  However when they go beyond dealing with being spiritual leaders we need to hold their advice to the same standard that we hold everybody else’s advice to: is it effective and does it hold up in the real world?

Read the first neomasculine book written for Mormons today Tells Men to Do Choreplay: Red Pill Mormons Roll  their Eyes

Sometimes as red pill Mormons we have to suffer from Mormon Church leaders promoting things that we know are incorrect.  For example on there was this article that told men that they have to engage in more Choreplay and that it will help them have a happy marriage:

“Partner involvement in housework and joint decision-making were predictive of greater [family] satisfaction,” Sister Forste said. “Family satisfaction depended on both partners contributing to decision-making and housework. In particular, we found that satisfaction was highest among men that reported greater involvement in childcare and household chores.”

Sounds really good, right?  If men do lots of choreplay around the house then marital happiness will go up.  Sounds like it makes sense.  After we always hear that women want men who make their lives easier.  So you would assume that men who do lots of choreplay would make for happier marriages.  Except the Scientific American says this:

Conventional wisdom suggests that women are drawn to men who help out around the house. Yet new research indicates that some divisions of labor may be sexier than others. A February paper in the American Sociological Review reported that married couples in which men take on a greater share of the dishes, laundry and other traditionally female chores had sex less often than average, which in this study was about five times a month. Yet couples in which men confined themselves largely to traditionally male chores such as yard work enjoyed sex more frequently than average. Taken to the extreme, men who performed all the traditionally female chores would have had sex 1.6 times less often than men who did none of them. is saying that if men do lots of choreplay then marital happiness will be higher.  The Scientific American says that if men do tons of choreplay then they won’t get laid.  Can men be happy in a marriage if they don’t get laid?  No of course not.  Who are we to believe the BYU: professor who is officially sanctioned by the church or the study that isn’t sanctioned by the LDS Church that says that men who do lots of household chores don’t get laid?

When we go to the experts like Rollo Tomassi who have a much deeper understanding of women and relationships than the BYU professor what does he say?  He says that doing lots of household chores won’t help improve men’s happiness in marriage.  When we weigh all the evidence it is safe to conclude that’s article telling men to do lots of choreplay is out of line with what the real experts have to say.

One of the hardest things that all Mormons have to deal with is where is the line between advice that Mormon Church leaders give and commandments that we have to obey.’s article telling men to do lots of household chores is the popular feminist thing to say but it won’t help any men or women have happier marriages.  Our Mormon Church leaders are grappling with the same struggles to understand the world just like we are and are struggling to understand how the world really is.  Most of them believe the various Cultural Marxist narratives that were planted into our heads too.

For red pill Mormons we have to understand that in many ways we are more woke than our leaders.  This means that sometimes we have to accept that we are occasionally going to see nonsense like choreplay being promoted on  Sometimes we will even have to suffer through general conference talks that promote blue pill ideas that we know are false.  What we have to focus on is they are doing their best to help to guide us to live better lives even if they sell a blue pill view of the world.

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Making Mormonism Great Again Never Allow Shaming Language to Manipulate You

Shaming language is a tactic manipulative people use when they want you to follow them and do things against your personal interest.  Shaming language is a powerful tool that most people struggle to resist.  Shaming language is not only a power tool that corrupt politicians use, but is very powerful in daily life.  As Mormons we have to confront shaming language at church.

As Mormons we often have to put up with shaming language whenever we are expected to do things that aren’t in our interest.  Sadly often church leaders use it  to shame men.  For example one of the common statements LDS church leaders say is, “If you are not happy, then you need to focus more on living the gospel.”  Statements like this are very common.  Let’s look closely at why a statement like, “If you are not happy, then you need to focus more on living the gospel,” is so awful.  The first thing implied in this statement is if you are unhappy then you must be doing something wrong.  The shaming language in this statement is if you are struggling then there must be something wrong with you.  The statement, “If you are not happy, then you need to focus more on living the gospel,” implies that your struggles are your fault and if you were just “better” than your problems would disappear.

We know that this statement is wrong.  There are lots of reasons why men may be unhappy and struggling that have nothing to do with how they live the Gospel.  Single adult men in California could be unhappy because the Mormon girls in their area are mostly unattractive and the few cute girls have egos the size of the moon.  Other men could be unhappy because their wife gained 50 pounds last year for no reason at all.  Another man could be unhappy because he lost his job because the HR department at his company just found out that he donated $50 to support Prop 8 and now he’s unemployed.  Being more obedient to the Gospel doesn’t help good decent people’s problems go away.

Another place where you see shaming language is in dealing with women.  At church women often will use shaming language in an attempt to get what they want while making you feel bad for not rushing to support her plans.  For example these days we have to suffer and hear all about the poor oppressed “Syrian” refugees.  Let’s say that the virtue signaling Relief Society president wants to encourage everybody to go do a service project for some refugees who just moved into town.  Now everybody knows that these so-called refugees are the scum of the Earth and an invading army.  However virtue signaling women will tell you some sob story they heard or made up in an attempt to make you feel bad for wanting to protect your nation from an invading army of feral Muslims.  After telling her sob story that she just made up the woman in Relief Society will then try to recruit people to go do service for the poor oppressed refugees.  If you have the nerve to point out that they are a bunch of violent rapers then she will use some sob story to make you look like the bad guy and shame you for your crime think.

Shaming language is the tool that people use who don’t want to negotiate with you in good faith.  Whenever (((the media))) or corrupt politicians want Americans to do something that isn’t in the interests of the American people they go and find some sob story that makes people feel bad for opposing what (((the media))) and corrupt politicians want us to do.  When they want to push for some new Socialist program they will go and find a cute little girl who is sick and push her story in an attempt to make you feel bad for not wanting your taxes raised even higher.

It is very important to recognize shaming language.  Whenever you see that somebody is using shaming language against you ignore it.  Anybody who uses shaming language against you is not sympathetic to you and your problems.

When people use shaming language against you the best way to deal with it is to do 3 things.  First of all point out that shaming language is a cheap trick used by disingenuous people.   People hate it when you expose their manipulation game.  When you say something like, “Nobody wants to hear your shaming language.”  Hearing their manipulation technique exposed will shocker the manipulator and show them that nobody is falling for their game.  Second do not let  Shaming language control the narrative about you and your situation.  Point out that the holes, lies and mis-directions in the pathetic narrative the shamer is trying to create.  Third when people use shaming language on you, never do what they want you to do.  Since users of shaming language will not negotiate with you in good faith, you have no obligation to obey their demands.  Recognize shaming language for what it is and ignore it.

Utah State Legislators Pass Utah S.B. 185 to Project Utah Youth from Dangerous Pornographers

Let’s give some serious ccccrrrrreeeeeeeedddddddiiiitttt to Utah State legislators who are working hard to defend Utah youth from dangerous (((pornographers))) by passing Utah S.B. 185.  Utah S.B. 185 grants a legal cause of action for minors who are injured by pornography.  Let’s praise Keven Stratton of Orem who sponsored this bill for working hard to defend young men and women in Utah from vile pornographers who poison the minds of millions of young men and women every year.  Utah state legislators have passed a very important bill.  Here’s some of what Utah S.B. 185 does:

The bill creates a civil action against pornography distributors and others for mental or physical damage to minors.

But SB185 would also offer immunity to those distributors who make a good-faith effort to verify a viewer’s age and prominently display a content warning about the dangers of pornographic material.

The bill is a sequel to a resolution last year that declared pornography to be a “public health crisis.”

Some of the negative side effects of pornography consumption include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of confidence for young men
  • Erectile dysfunction for men as young as 15
  • Normalization of extreme sexual acts like anal sex
  • Expectation that normal women perform like porn stars
  • Rewiring of brain chemistry to view women exclusively as objects of sexual pleasure
  • Creating an artificial feeling of sexual satisfaction due to watching women perform sex acts
  • Loss of ability to enjoy normal sexual activity due to frequent masturbation while watching porn

Looking at pornography is like taking heroin and is every bit as destructive and harmful to young men.  Utah state legislators are doing a great job of recognizing the damage that (((pornography))) causes young men and women and is taking the first step in protecting Utah’s youth from this horrific disease.  Over the coming years millions of young men and women are going to have to go through therapy and other treatments for the damage they suffered due to the actions of (((pornographers))) and their helpers in Silicon Valley and Utah S.B. 185 gives men the first legal cause of action to hold (((pornographers))) accountable for their destructive acts.  Let’s praise Utah state legislators for passing Utah S.B. 185 and taking this first step in holding the men who are destroying our youth accountable for their actions.

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My Body My Choice is Mockery of The Last Supper

Redgulls commenter Pringles writes: When a feminist says “It’s my body” to justify infanticide, she is (perhaps unconsciously) mocking Christ’s words at the Last Supper.  Feminism is Satan’s imitation of the Relief Society.  Let’s look at what Jesus said during The Last Supper where he instituted the sacrament.

13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his  friends.  (John 15:13).

19 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

20 Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.  (Luke 22:19-20).

26 And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.

27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;

28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.  (Matthew 26:26-28).

At The Last Supper Jesus talked about how he planned to sacrifice himself for others.  Jesus talked about how he planned to give his life for the salvation of the whole world and for his friends in particular.  Jesus’ actions were completely selfless.  At The Last Supper, Jesus established the sacrament to remind all of his followers of what Jesus did for them.

When we flip the Last Supper around and put it into Feminist terms we can see that my body my choice is the feminist sacramental creed of faith.  My body my choice boils down to “I’m going to kill my kid because raising it would be inconvenient for me.”  Feminism is an ideology based on pure selfishness.  Every tenant of Feminism boils down to women wanting benefits and privileges at the expense of children and men.

Feminists want to have unrestrained abortion rights because they don’t want to face the consequences of their sexual promiscuity.  Feminism loves abortion because unlimited abortion allows women to have as much promiscuous sex as they want without having to live with any negative consequences of their lifestyle.

My body my choice is the Feminist holy sacramental creed because it is pure unadulterated selfishness.  If there were a Feminist Jesus, when she established her selfish Gospel it would sound like my body my choice.  Here’s a redone verse from The Last Supper only in selfish feminist terms.

6 Greater self-love hath no Feminist than this, that a Feminist exterminate her own unborn child’s life for her convenience. (Feminism 3:16).

My body, my choice is mockery of The Last Supper.  During The Last Supper, Jesus said that he was going to sacrifice his life for his disciples.  When a Feminist talks about her body it always is in a selfish manner.  When a Feminist praises abortion she always praises her abortion privileges because it means that she can sacrifice her own child’s life so that she doesn’t have to be bothered to nurture anybody else.

Jesus gave his life so that we all might live.  My body my choice literally sucks the life out of unborn children so that Feminists can continue to sleep around with sketchy men.  My body my choice is the mirror opposite of Christ’s statements during The Last Supper.  (((Certain people))) hate Christianity and Christians in general.  (((They))) never pass up a chance to make a mockery of Christ and his teachings.  My body my choice is a slogan that was created with the purpose of being the exact opposite of what Jesus taught during The Last Supper.

Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists in general love abortion because it literally sucks the life out of the innocent.  Nothing is as innocent as a baby and abortion literally is infanticide.  Feminists love abortion because killing a baby is the most unholy thing you can do.  Murdering your unborn child literally initiates women into the feminist club.  It is almost like a religious ritual for them.  Abortion literally is the unholy sacrament to Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists.  My body my choice literally is the slogan feminists shout to show their loyalty to their death cult

Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists are evil people.  Their ideology is against everything that the Gospel of Jesus Christ stands for.  All followers of Christ must accept that we never can make a deal with Feminists, Leftists and Cultural Marxists because they believe in the exact opposite of everything that we hold dear.  Either they will destroy us or we will remove their influence from our society.  If Feminists are willing to make sacrilege of The Last Supper then there is nothing that they won’t destroy.

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